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Mascagni Relativepaul, Tue Sep 29 2:40pm

translationron kritz, Sat Sep 26 12:32pm

Lori and Lappa FamiliesMary Lorrie, Sat Sep 26 2:07am

Federico Faiella Born 6/21/1834CJ Faiella, Thu Sep 3 3:13pm

  • Looking for Polo family informationM Graves, Mon Aug 31 3:19pm

    FALSO family historyFalsoGenealogy, Sun Aug 30 1:23am

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Mon Aug 24 10:26am

    ForlinaAnonymous, Sun Aug 16 3:51pm
    • FarlinaCompotaro, Tue Sep 22 8:41pm
      • ForlinaAnonymous, Wed Sep 23 10:51am

  • Pace or Pesce familiesSandra, Sun Aug 16 12:50pm

  • teresa tarroedouard bohlock, Sat Aug 15 5:34pm

    DeLucaLinda Leathers, Wed Aug 12 12:42pm

    Borca di CadoreLinda Leathers, Wed Aug 12 12:17pm

    fare from Italy to England 1939Tobias, Wed Aug 12 4:55am

    Donati / Lelli / Bergonzoni / Fini of BolognaJessie, Sat Aug 8 12:12am

    my mothers familyDonnabarajas , Mon Jul 13 10:36pm

    Scaffidi from Sicilyjulie.trone, Tue May 26 11:59am

  • Tufarolo FamilyJRV, Sun May 24 7:56am

    Brick Wall: Help researching Alessandro Testamusicislife22334, Fri May 22 1:35pm

  • RuisiRenata, Wed May 20 2:26pm

    street namesRenata, Wed May 20 2:12pm

  • Bonaventura/Ventre/Gatta/SabattaAnonymous, Tue May 12 7:49pm


    Barberis surnameKathy Morris , Sat May 9 11:23am

  • Lavacchini in 19th c. Borgo San Lorenzo, Mugello, Mon May 4 10:13am

    Iraci family from Trapanitdebella, Fri May 1 10:07am

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