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LaPaglia Linda Kozlowski, Sun May 14 1:15pm

NicolosiTerry, Sat May 13 11:20am

.Rose Maria Antonia (Agonito) Calabrese Ron Kritz, Tue May 2 3:04pm

BelliniBrian, Sat Apr 29 3:55pm

Emilio BruschiKathy Hanford, Wed Apr 26 3:55pm

Legal Genealogist on DNA Testingmoderator, Sat Apr 22 7:27am

Biancalani familyDoris, Fri Apr 21 8:15pm

TronnoloneLinda Kozlowski, Fri Apr 21 11:08am

  • birthcertificateilariomauch, Tue Apr 11 12:49pm

    PAOLILLO FamgliaDaniel, Tue Apr 4 2:55pm

    FEDLA ROMANO married LORENZO PAOLILLOdaniel, Tue Apr 4 2:53pm

    Raffaella AMATRUDA-- CampaniaDaniel, Tue Apr 4 2:50pm

    CRISCUOLO family in UKDaniel, Tue Apr 4 2:48pm

    Where in London is my Grandfarher BuriedDaniel, Tue Apr 4 2:45pm

  • PAOLILLO INFORMATIONDaniel, Tue Apr 4 2:40pm

    Searching for ancestor without having the city infoCarl Savard, Thu Mar 30 7:58am

  • GIORDANO A Giordano, Mon Mar 27 8:43am

    Ripi/Santi/CavalliAnna, Wed Mar 15 3:19pm

    sources for History of Sulmona, L'Aquila, AbruzzoCJ Faiella, Sun Mar 12 1:37pm

    Italian Genealogy Online - update infoPaula Nigro, Thu Mar 9 7:05pm

    Maria Regina IantomasiD Martin, Tue Feb 28 5:06am

  • Information/VinciCathryn Vinci Woods, Mon Feb 27 7:11pm
    • Vinci Ceil23, Tue Feb 28 7:36am

  • Information/ priscoCathryn Vinci Woods, Mon Feb 27 7:09pm

    Looking for ancestrial homeCathryn Vinci Woods, Mon Feb 27 7:06pm

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