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Emigration recordsSteve Ruvolo, Mon Dec 11 5:26am

MonacosKaren monaco, Sat Dec 9 4:43pm

Giovanni BucciEldred Bucci, Mon Dec 4 5:50pm

DiLallo FamilyNancy DiLallo Brady, Sat Dec 2 4:43pm

LombardiFred Ciarla, Sun Nov 5 7:22am

Giacomo ViolaLisa Plumb (Meccariello), Mon Oct 16 6:45pm

Need help finding Anna Rondina parentsBonnie Headley, Tue Oct 3 3:15am

PANTALONEgvmorton46, Fri Sep 22 11:28am

Rossi from San Biagio, Italy Anonymous, Mon Sep 18 9:34am

  • Family in Sannicondro de Bari ItalyLinda Stark, Sun Sep 10 8:25pm

    Looking for any history on Polese from SicilyGrace Marie Fortuna, Sat Aug 19 9:18am

  • La Banca/ GradoWahkontah LittleCrow, Mon Jul 24 12:29pm

    Child emigrating to US in 1890Jan, Sat Jul 22 3:43pm

    Ambrosino, Cella, Iovine cognomeMaria Cella, Wed Jul 19 3:09am

    Romano Family RavelloRemo, Tue Jul 18 1:48am

  • Henry canizioCanizio, Mon Jul 17 8:22am

    relativesron kritz, Sat Jul 8 6:24pm

  • AncestorsCarol ciccarelli, Fri Jul 7 5:11pm
    • familysvenditto1027, Sat Jul 8 12:52pm

  • Help/GuidanceDiCarluccio, Mon Jul 3 6:11am

  • Orphanage at Monte Cassinobendaco, Fri Jun 23 4:02pm

    LUCCHESILBishop, Fri Jun 16 10:57pm

    CasatiDoris , Tue Jun 13 10:18am

    Squilloni Doris, Tue Jun 13 10:17am

    ArfieroDoris, Tue Jun 13 10:16am

    CINTI FAMILY/ GENOAMichelle Van Zyl, Mon Jun 12 5:10am

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