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D'Allesantro/D'AlessandroAnonymous, Mon Jan 14 5:36pm

  • busco antepasado Nycerena, Sun Jan 13 7:38pm

    SCAGGIARIMonica Dye, Sat Jan 12 3:39pm

    spammers please noteModerator, Thu Jan 3 9:20pm

    Acquisto and SorieroSandra Forman, Mon Dec 31 4:39pm

    Rota Family SearchRobert Rot, Sat Dec 29 11:41am

    sicilian military recordsGregory Lieto, Fri Nov 16 6:37am

  • BucciEldred Bucci, Sun Oct 14 4:31pm

    VIOLAJohan van Breda, Sun Sep 23 2:23am

    My Grandfather and his citizenshipPeter Capozza, Tue Sep 18 1:54pm

  • Accili Family in AccianoJOHN A CLOWES, Tue Aug 14 8:59pm

    MullinoBallyn, Sat Aug 11 12:17am

    surnames - CECCHI, DI VITAMichelle Sullivan, Tue Aug 7 11:17pm

  • CaltavuturoCatherine Ferrara-Hazell, Sat Aug 4 11:53pm

    message postingsmoderator, Fri Aug 3 10:41pm

    Della PennaJan Stroh, Sat Jul 21 9:43am

    Bucci familyEldred Bucci, Tue Jul 10 6:45am

    San Martino in Pensilis, ItalyJan Marie Stroh, Mon Jul 9 7:31am

    Nunzio Mullino, Messina SicilyBallyn, Thu Jun 28 3:40pm

    D'AlessandroAnonymous, Fri Apr 20 10:00pm

  • Alonzi /valente. (Picinisco)Terry, Tue Apr 10 12:57pm

    Family Member, BarberinaJRich53924, Mon Mar 26 5:29pm

  • Surname FalangaCharstar, Fri Mar 23 8:54am

    Looking for Iaquinta Bill Eaquinto, Thu Mar 22 5:13pm

    great great grandfatherPatsy_V_Gianzero, Wed Mar 21 7:08pm

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