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Guiseppe or Joseph Saia- Cefalu 1900 ishc saia, Mon May 16 9:00pm


  • GilibertiDebra Duncan, Sat May 7 12:23am

    Esilda ChicciRobert Donnelly, Sat Apr 30 6:07pm

    Giovanni ContessoPatty Maloy, Sun Apr 24 9:00pm

  • FANTOZZI surnameAnonymous, Sat Apr 23 4:40pm

    SperanzaCarol, Sat Apr 23 11:40am

    Discrepancies about Great Grandmother's birth datemusicislife22334, Tue Apr 19 4:04pm

  • Vernezze surnameABS, Fri Apr 15 4:16pm

    Bartoli/Maglio/ParagoneKen Maglio, Fri Apr 15 1:15pm

  • Searching relatives in Sicily John C. Zappia, Thu Apr 14 9:04am

    Is there an italian equivalent to Legacy.comPaula Miller, Thu Apr 7 8:01am

    Lucca Records after 1920'sPaula Miller, Thu Apr 7 8:00am
    • PalagiRobert Donnelly, Sat Apr 30 3:31pm

  • ROMOLI, Giuseppe J. (1874-1955)Robert Donnelly, Tue Apr 5 10:03am

    Pasquarella surname/Basilicata, ItalyDonna Luzzi, Thu Mar 31 10:03am

    Suriano, Soriano/AsquinoDonna Luzzi, Thu Mar 31 9:10am

    LoForte surnameDonna Luzzi, Thu Mar 31 8:38am

    Luzzi surname from Acri, CalabriaDonna Luzzi, Thu Mar 31 8:36am

    Salzano family membersLisa, Tue Mar 29 11:45am

    Cambrea Family (Scido RC)Adriano Cambrea, Mon Mar 28 7:04am

    Pedriali familygabrielredmersk, Wed Feb 10 11:20am
    • E-mailgabrielredmersk, Wed Feb 10 11:23am

  • Marchi FamilyMarla Agler, Sun Feb 7 2:00pm

  • Family Info BaranelloJerry Colagiovanni, Tue Feb 2 9:02am

    Where is he BuriedDaniel, Mon Feb 1 1:13pm

    WHERE are they Buried?Daniel, Mon Feb 1 1:06pm

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