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Conti family from Spoltore (Italy) to United StatesGiovanni Secchiati, Thu Oct 30 5:54am

Looking for Conti/ArcuragiMichelle Holdway, Wed Oct 22 7:56pm

PAOLILLO FAMILYAnonymous, Tue Oct 14 2:09pm

GigliRomola Graf, Mon Oct 13 10:38am

Mucci/Muccio familyMary Champlin, Mon Oct 6 10:24am

  • Desalvoredheadedwitch6969, Fri Oct 3 5:14am
    • DesalvoTony Di Nobile, Fri Oct 17 12:35am

  • Castelvetranonysun1, Sun Sep 21 11:33am

  • DISTASIO, ALTRUI, SQUEGLIA, NATALEDistasio, Wed Sep 17 1:34pm
    • Search HelpJeannette Woodsy Woods, Thu Sep 18 1:26am

  • birth marriage Doc'sRon Kritz, Tue Sep 16 3:12pm

  • Italian GenealogyPatricia Butcher, Mon Sep 15 10:13am

    birth certRon Kritz, Sat Sep 6 9:05pm

  • D'Aquino HistorySonia D'Aquino, Thu Sep 4 8:24pm
    • RESEARCH INFOJeannette Woodsy Woods, Thu Sep 4 11:19pm
      • researchSonia D'Aquino, Fri Sep 5 4:23pm
      • research infoSonia D'Aquino, Fri Sep 5 12:46am
        • NATIONALITYJeannette Woodsy Woods, Fri Sep 5 1:15am
          • ResearchSonia D'Aquino, Fri Sep 5 1:25am
            • DOAJeannette Woodsy Woods, Fri Sep 5 3:01am

  • birth certron Kritz, Wed Sep 3 8:35pm

  • LookingAnonymous, Sun Aug 31 10:49am

    Keeping Internet Genealogy Freepn, Fri Aug 22 11:56pm

    Mandala familyreauxzlee, Mon Aug 11 9:05pm

    ship manifest 1903Ron Kritz, Thu Aug 7 10:41am

  • Filippo GaglianoGagliano Family, Wed Jul 23 12:37pm

    BoccaccioFred, Mon Jul 21 5:13pm

    Finding FamilyCiarla, Sat Jul 19 12:22pm

  • Italian portsToni, Sat Jul 19 7:43am

  • Genealogia della famiglia Zaccaria di CremonaA. Zaccaria, Mon Jul 14 8:50am

    VanacoreJeanette Bergoff, Mon Jul 14 4:57am

    Vito(William) CaggianoRosemary DeGennaro, Mon Jun 30 3:46pm

    CRISCUOLO FamilyPAOLILLO, Sun Jun 22 4:08am

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