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What you have suffered is wrong.  It is wrong for anyone to hurt you or harass you, or to make you hate yourself for being different.  As difficult as it is to cope with the widely accepted stereotypes and misconceptions, it is wrong for you to have to live in fear of physical violence or any form of harassment.  You are not crazy for being in pain, and you do not deserve to be treated like this.  There is help.  You are not alone!

Welcome to ((Name To Be Announced)) Board .
This board is for donors / bloodsharing partners to support each other and discuss topics relevant to being a donor to vampires.  Do you have questions?  Do you want to meet others in your area or online?  How do you feel about giving of yourself?  What do you expect in return?  What do you look for?  What makes you feel safe about giving?  Care to share some of your experiences?

This forum is NOT SUPPOSED to be used as a pick up service to find donors.  It's SUPPOSED to be a place for DONORS to share their experiences, thoughts, etc.  Sure, ok, vamps can come and look and discuss things, too, but it's is NOT intended as a board to find donors.  :(  To locate donors, please go to The Real Vampire Directory: Vampiric Community: Personals and Classifieds in order to find sites where it is appropriate to locate donors/bloodsharing partners.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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*** Under New Management - Changes coming soon ***
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