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Julius Yego (KEN) Massive Throw 92.72 World Championships 2015 Beijing

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Recent Messages Throwing Zone Athletics - Free Javelin online Training

I'm relatively new to the sport - been throwing for about a year and a half - and have competed in a half-dozen meets, including recently medalling at my state meet (Texas). My goal as an M60 athlete is to hit the All-American mark which is 39 meters. I'm throwing in the mid-30s right now and seem to be stuck in a... more

javelin rated distances christhesweep, Mon Apr 17 03:44
Can someone please explain the effect of the rated distance on javelins? FOr example, one of my athletes throws 34m with a 55m rated jav. Would she throw longer with a 40m rated jav or with a 65m rated jav?

forum registration chris, Fri Apr 14 03:44
how do I regiter for this forum? I am a new throw coach and am needing some major information input!

Throwing at the 66th TSU relays. I told the USATF official that the protection wall inside the left sector was too close and that I would hit it. He said he would bet me $1,000 that I couldn't... I should have taken him up on the bet! The wall was 56 meters from the throw line and it was about 8 feet high. 1st Throw - ... more

Sam Crouser Retires berghorn80, Tue Mar 14 21:31

Sam Crouser retires Andrew Berghorn, Tue Mar 14 19:40

Zelezny Training jv, Tue Feb 7 08:46
Železný loved training on the south of the equator. He loved the balmy climate of South Africa when he and his coach made a visit to the country in search of a good exercise climate. Despite working with Jan Pospisil, his coach since 1990, Železný preferred to retain his individualistic streak which saw him training... more

2 DAY REGISTRATION FORM 25th Annual DeStefano Javelin Technique Clinic Cheshire Academy March 18th & 19th, 2017 CLINIC APPLICATION (Please print and fill out all sections) NAME​ ADDRESS​ CITY​STATE______ ZIP​PHONE# (h) ​ EMERGENCY PHONE #​ SCHOOL/CLUB​ AGE____ BEST... more

World Record Attempt? Roald Bradstock, Sat Jan 28 13:48
So fellow spear chucker I am trying to decide whether to go after Mike Brown's M55 World Age Group Record of 66.11m or not? Thoughts from the peanut gallery? cheers :)

  • Amber Athletic Gear javelin jawarner 723, Sat Jan 21 23:33
    ISO 500 gr (masters 70+) javelin. Anyone have any experience with Amber Athletic Gear equipment? Specifically the Conqueror 300 model? Thanks

  • suitable cars for javelins Jack, Wed Jan 18 17:26
    i am turning 17 in mid march and am therefore nearly legal to take my driving test and am looking at cars if any of you guys/girls know of good first car standard cars that could fit my javelins let me know plurz

  • Finnish throw calculator anon, Mon Jan 9 23:57
    Hi, I'm chasing the finnish javelin calculator/estimator that used to be on here ?? Does anyone have the links or info on where it is? Thanks

    Throw Help Jav123, Fri Jan 6 00:27
    Hello all. I am new to this site. I stumbled upon it recently and am thankful that I did. It's great to see this many javelin throwers discussing the event. After working through several non-javelin related sports injuries I am back throwing more than ever and eager to improve my distances. A low to mid 60s thrower in ... more

  • Cyrus Hostetler 6 weeks off 6 weeks on chostetler15, Mon Dec 19 13:00
    New blog update on my time off and my last 6 weeks of training. Also some big news I am excited to announce. Read it below!

    Andreas Thorkildsen Coach Video Christian Pavlovich, Thu Nov 10 23:15 Just came across this... What is everyone's thoughts on a soft landing of the non plant foot to avoid the upper body getting to far ahead?

    throwing the 400 gm Dr. Who, Fri Oct 7 14:06
    Just entered the 80 age group and trying to adjust to 400gm over the 500 gm thrown for the last several years. Cannot come within 2 meters of my 500 throws although with a much lighter javelin. Must I change my approach and form with this very light and thin instrument?

  • ideal javelin shaft lcbarry225, Mon Oct 3 22:12
    What is the ideal javelin shape? Sharp or dull point, thicker before grip and thinner after, thick tail, maximun length? Where does the info reside? LBarry,San Diego

  • Finished up my season with another 80m meet in Berlin Germany. I had a great time and now I am finally back in the states.

    I haven't been home in a while. I have been busy traveling, training, and competing. Read about my last couple of competitions and see whats next for me! In the events we’ve seen so far – as in nearly all sports – world records keep improving over time. The one exception is the javelin. Steve appears on a field where javelins are set into the ground a few metres apart, representing the distances of world record throws. He tells us that the... more

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