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Johannes Vetter threw 94,44m and 4 throws over the 90m mark! YouTube restrictions don't allow new video links,,

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Happy New Year... (nm) ., Sun Dec 31 12:31

Javelin World JV, Fri Nov 10 07:24

Asían Championships Javelin JV, Sat Aug 26 20:18

Watch “World Championships - Men’s Javelin Throw” on Vimeo:

Nemeth Standard vs Club Ryan, Thu Aug 3 15:18
Is there any reason the 80m Nemeth Club is almost double the price of the 70m standard? I know there are differences in aerodynamics and other things like that, but are the build qualities comparable (materials, durability, etc)?

7 Reasons the Weight Room Isn’t Transferring to Your Sport Filed Under: Blog By Carl Valle The weight room is a near-magical place, figuratively turning iron into gold with Olympic athletes and sweat into tears of joy with team sport. Yet most of the mistakes I have made in the weight room were the result of not... more

My Masters World Javelin Record throw of 66.76m from Saturday is up on YouTube. I can't believe I actually called the World Record as I an on the run-up about to throw. Is that confidence or arrogance? :)

Florida/ Southeast Championship DOC, Fri May 12 14:42
We look forward to ya'll at University of North Florida on May 20. Javelin Geezers and associated disreputables are encouraged to contact Mike Brown regarding a Friday 5/19 barbecue. As you know, Mike would have posted this himself if it did not require a computer to do so.

No Subject doc, Thu May 11 21:26
Florida Track and Field Masters ( which is apparently also doubling as Southeast US champioships) May 20 at University of North Florida, Jax. Ya'll come throw. Javelin Geezers and other scoundrels contact Mike Brown re Friday night get togeather at his place. He would post this himself, but as you may recall, he... more

After a little 5 year break - I'm Back!!! Roald Bradstock, Mon May 8 14:06
I turned 55 2 weeks ago so decided to out for a little chuck on Saturday: Result? 3 New British M55 Javelin Records: 59.61m, 61,99m and 62.88m!!!! Where this came from I do not know?? The video is now up on YouTube:

  • Thomas Rohler 93.90 in Doha JV, Fri May 5 14:05
    Thomas Rohler 93.90 in Doha

    Any suggestions on how to ship a javelin to a competition that requires an airline flight? Some the airlines do not allow anything over 80", and the airlines that do allow a javelin to be checked are charging $150+ for one way! Thanks!

  • I'm relatively new to the sport - been throwing for about a year and a half - and have competed in a half-dozen meets, including recently medalling at my state meet (Texas). My goal as an M60 athlete is to hit the All-American mark which is 39 meters. I'm throwing in the mid-30s right now and seem to be stuck in a... more

    javelin rated distances christhesweep, Mon Apr 17 03:44
    Can someone please explain the effect of the rated distance on javelins? FOr example, one of my athletes throws 34m with a 55m rated jav. Would she throw longer with a 40m rated jav or with a 65m rated jav?

  • forum registration chris, Fri Apr 14 03:44
    how do I regiter for this forum? I am a new throw coach and am needing some major information input!

    Throwing at the 66th TSU relays. I told the USATF official that the protection wall inside the left sector was too close and that I would hit it. He said he would bet me $1,000 that I couldn't... I should have taken him up on the bet! The wall was 56 meters from the throw line and it was about 8 feet high. 1st Throw - ... more

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