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* The stars twinkle brightly over the house*~*~*~, Thu Jan 12 11:26pm

  • Merry Christmas friends.Jasmine*, Mon Dec 26 1:20pm
    • =^.^=/Art, Fri Dec 30 10:00pm

  • *hangs Christmas lights around the house*Jasmine*, Sun Dec 4 10:35pm

  • *scrambles around clean and baking goodies*Jasmine*, Sat Oct 22 8:29pm

  • ....*dumps all the leaves*Tree, Tue Oct 4 12:08am

    *a birthday cake appears in the Kitchen*a rather fancy commemorative confection, Sun Sep 11 6:06pm

  • *building a reading nook*Jasmine*, Sun Jul 31 12:12am

  • *walking in the rain*Jasmine*, Sun Jul 17 10:36pm

    * ears flicker as she sits high *Art, Wed Jun 29 12:12am

  • *the old man chuckles softly at the memory*Wanderer, Thu Jun 23 12:15am

  • *scribblings notes to the history*Jasmine*, Sun Jun 19 11:52pm

    There's another one!Z, Mon May 23 3:02am

  • *he stops mid wander to pat at the trunk of a#Wanderer, Sun May 22 12:07am

    *wanders down to the lake*Jasmine*, Thu May 12 9:56pm

  • *a soft but audible "toot"#Wandererer, Thu May 12 1:59am

  • *appears in the forest*Umi, Tue May 10 8:28am

  • *wandering between a chant and humming*#Wandererer, Thu Apr 28 3:58pm

    *appears in a tree*Umi, Mon Apr 25 5:49am

    *snoozing underneath the cherry blossoms#Great Destroyer, Mon Apr 25 1:31am

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    AIM: Sandi212