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Jura Levy finds highest gear at season's endherbertmcfarlane, Wed Aug 23 08:57
Does she have a higher gear?Can we expect more?Could she be a worthy replacement for our ageing Divas? I am somewhat optimistic about her potential.

I have finally figured out Franno's grand scheme for CWherbertmcfarlane, Wed Aug 23 08:09
Here it is:run as fast(hard) as you can for as far as you can as often as you can until you either drop dead or take it all the way. In a word,it is California or bust;death by suicide;or Glory Alleleuia.Genius at its apogee is always very simple.

  • With the change in the Diamond League formatt-shark, Tue Aug 22 20:40
    will they revise the wild card system? Is it still fair that the winner earns a wild card to the world champs by winning a single diamond league race?

  • Were Boswana, Trinidad, Jamaica and Bahamas. Three out of four teams self destruct. The only remaining team left that can challenge the USA was Trinidad and Tobago and to them I say thank you. I haven't screamed and cheer that much for the ENTIRE championship. Once again, thank you T&T !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jura Levy 3rd in B'Ham in 11.08!Infama, Sun Aug 20 11:16
    10.93 ET fromhting a fig TaLou 10.97. Shauenae last. Slippas down the track in 11.22s.

  • Happy birthday Uncle BDentyCracker, Mon Aug 21 11:48
    Fulljoy as only you can

  • Savor This:Chanta, Sat Aug 19 02:55

  • who would anchor ? what you guys think the order should be ? I say Mcleod,Forte,Campbell, Blake

    Off Topic: Cricinfo on West Indies Cricket originalchoko, Sun Aug 20 15:09

    For those who think the BIG man faked an injury.

  • Sherwayne Allen is now a sophomore at Auburnherbertmcfarlane, Wed Aug 16 17:51
    They gave him a very gentle introduction in this his freshman season. Watch this former KC 400m hurdler improve dramatically in the ensuing season. If I were a young local athlete looking to go overseas,Auburn would definitely be my first choice

  • Caribbean athlete at the recently concluded world championships. After winning the Bronze in the 200m, he came back to run a superb 2nd leg that propelled Trinidad and Tobago to the gold medal. Coming into the world championships and don't think anyone having him with multiple medals. The expectations were for more... more

  • how the hell he's gonna handle football training. Smart Manager.

  • Placing this here quietly...Infama, Mon Aug 14 19:25

  • Puts down and runs away......t-shark, Mon Aug 14 20:48

  • Senator gives up first class seat for Richards!originalchoko, Tue Aug 15 11:42

  • Blake is there...Omar tooInfama, Sat Aug 12 16:50
    Forte, and Bolt.

  • Jermaine Image Forrester 1 hr BREAKING: MVP Teamates Shericka Jackson and Stephenie-Ann McPherson had a major fight. As a result, a last minute decision was made in which McPherson was replaced by McLaughlin-Whilby, who pulled up on the second leg. #4x400Relay #WorldChamps Source: TVJ reporters in London.

  • i hold no brief for the leadership and management of JAAAherbertmcfarlane, Mon Aug 14 11:48
    Let the record show that,over the years,I have been one the severest critics of JAAA leadership and incompetence.I have issued,time and time again,the most scathing criticisms of their singular lack of vision. Nevertheless,in recent times,the JAAA have made somewhat of an about face.They are showing greater... more