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    Chikungunya 25% of cases of chikungunya additional Despite a dry period, cases of people infected with chikungunya increase in Martinique. 25% increase compared to the previous week. more

    HELP HELP HELPnwbrownsr, Thu Apr 17 14:18
    Cant believe there is no live streaming for CARIFTA. BIG JOKE

  • Judges must be cleanbrandy6649, Fri Apr 18 09:46
    Judge not for the judgement with which you judge ye shall be judged.How can a person with unclean hands judge others?FREE SHERONE AND ASSAFA....they were judged by unclean hands.

  • oh my story come to bumpObi-Wan, Fri Apr 18 13:31

  • No likkle ntn bout CARIFTA? (nm)Next Big Thing, Fri Apr 18 12:49

  • 46.2 in the 400m at intercol.. where was he ,weh him come from ,what was his pr before ?? All those who talk about how Franno make all of the star dem gone to racers don't follow Jamaica track and field .. BTW Faedian repped Green Island ..

  • Revisit SS...AP banbrandy6649, Fri Apr 18 09:56
    Panel should reconvene and reduce ban to 10 months and hope they get less than 18months.

    TrackalertsObi-Wan, Tue Apr 15 11:59
    Jamaican high jumper Damar Robinson has been handed a one-year ban for doping in the latest blow to the country's athletics program. The sanction was handed down by the chairman of the Jamaica Anti-doping Disciplinary Panel Kent Pantry following an in-camera hearing at the Jamaica Conference Centre. Robinson's... more

  • bahamas wants to beat jamaica at carfita gameajamaicacowblack, Tue Apr 15 07:34

  • Events I have never seen in JamaicaShango, Thu Apr 17 03:36
    Just looking at the times and distances and heights list for 2014 on the IAAF site and knew there certain areas I would never look at for a Jamaican performance. Hammer throw, pole vault - women and race walking.

  • Andre Lowe, Senior Staff Reporter Celebrated Jamaican athletics coach Glen Mills has called for increased effectiveness in the education system and greater sensitivity towards student athletes, who struggle academically, noting that their troubles are also the result of an education system that is not best suited to... more

  • Nike pen with old freak johnny and ole nastiness Carla hanging round it. Downside... No QSAFP... No obligations.

  • Greetings from Martinique!!!choko, Thu Apr 17 13:13
    Just arrived to be met by 2 Trinis incuding an elderly gentleman waving a flag and claiming to be "Trini to the Bone." Met a Bajan and a Kittitian already. Will catch up with Scorp eventually. Gone to look for bier.

  • 50yrs of pennsObi-Wan, Thu Apr 17 08:29