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How can Eugene host WCcarlosmith, Thu Apr 16 19:20
In that little uncomfortable stadium

  • remona burchellBling St Paul, Wed Apr 15 23:35
    Ningma you know i just stumbled upon an article about remona,s 11.04 run the other day into a -2.5m headwind and the article states that that was scary because using all calculations possible she would have ran at least 10.84 seconds WOW!!!! that is indeed scary, imagine a coup at trials with burchell ET,natty... more

  • IAAF Fantasy Diamond RaceShango, Sun Apr 19 05:38
    If anyone is interested in participating in the fantasy race I have set up a league of my own. You can join if you like. I usually play this every year since it come out a couple years ago. I actually won a bag and a shirt once. Sprinters' Paradise League Pin : 1457679

    was Michael Matheiu in 45.33 Simone Facey and Samantha Henry Robinson ran the heats of the 100 (finals to come) in 11.17 (+2.2w) and 11.23 (+2.4w). Torrie Bowie, Shalanda Solomon and Dafnie Schippers ran the top fastest times in the heats thus far with 10.94 (+2.2w), 10.97 (+3.8w) and 11.03 (+2.2w) Shaunae Miller ran... more

  • ST jago to claim 4x400, can anyone challenge?trackblogger, Sat Apr 18 18:42

  • The American 400m wheel turns again.....Aviator, Sat Apr 18 16:20
    B. Moore Track & C. Maddox Field House - Site License 2015 Alumni Gold - 4/18/2015 Bernie Moore Track Stadium Event 44 Men 400 Meter Dash =============================================================== FINAL STADIUM: S 44.13 1987 Butch Reynolds, Ohio State LSU: L 44.29 1999 Derrick Brew, LSU Name Year School Finals... more

  • I was doing some research and this is the only conclusion I could form . Before Bloomfield's sub 45 run it was 2 years since a sub 45 was run, you had to go back half a decade to 2010 to find two quarter milers running sub. You had to go even further to 2006 almost a decade to find at least 3 quarter milers running... more

    Shaunae Miller Of bahamas WL 200m 22.50 (nm)UnderCover Cop, Sat Apr 18 17:08

  • Saw this on FB- Ja senior team to PennYardman/Orlando, Sat Apr 18 20:56
    THE PENN RELAYS TEAM We welcome back the 4X200 at Penn Relays. The event has not been contested in almost 10 years. Will the Jamaicans dominate? MEN'S 4X100: Oshane Bailey, Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Jason Livermore, and Asafa Powell. MEN'S 4X200: Nickel Ashmeade, Jermaine Brown, Rasheed Dwyer and Livermore. MEN'S... more

  • Re: Jenna prandiniBling St Paul, Sat Apr 18 18:48
    Hey prezi dis girl is a bad girl pon de collegiate circuit only burchell me see cool har couple time well last year and dis year too. But he'll soon roll out me get fi understand she har coach a peek har fe we trials and me hear she she baad!!!! in a training bwoy. and to note mount sac time dem always fast.

    KAB hurdling? (nm)DentyCracker, Sat Apr 18 19:08

    Jason youngcarlosmith, Sat Apr 18 19:27
    Where is Jason young?

    ANY results for simoya in 800 at Georgia Tech Inv? (nm)herbertmcfarlane, Sat Apr 18 18:47

  • Insight, where is that squadron of foreign 1/4 milersherbertmcfarlane, Sat Apr 18 08:49
    that you are always so ecstatic about? Haven't heard a peep from any of them. I am beginning to think they are just a ghost squad or shadow boxers at best. I notice that they seldom do well at trials. Honestly,I don't think any of them is any damn good,at least, when compared to the local unit.

    It Has Been ComingTrackfan4life, Fri Apr 17 10:45
    Gentlemen and ladies I think what is happening with the sponsorship of our champs athletes is really the climax of a list of champs drop outs. We saw it happening one by one but it is now happening more frequently along with consequences so we bawl. But it has been coming. And brand champs may never be the same as... more

  • I demand an explanation!!!!

  • Bolt effect - World relays almost sold outYardman/Orlando, Sat Apr 18 15:42

    Yes again!!!....LOL (nm)wayajol, Sat Apr 18 12:36

    Watch the 2015 IAAF World Relays Bahamas Live Stream For Free