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Grenada seems set to become a 4x400 powerhouseyoungster, Wed Mar 4 11:01
I have been doing some checks and they have 2 young guys coming through one who has already gone 45.18 outdoors and this year has improved to 45.39 indoors expect him to go sub 45 this year Bralon Taping their is a second guy ran 46.18 in 2013 as a 19 year old got injuried in 2014 but still managed 46.12 2014 has so... more

  • manly, bann and matherson youngster, Wed Mar 4 18:45
    All suffered hamstring injuries recently. Manly seems to be the mostly likely to recover for champs as he is back in training but will miss carifta trials. Matherson is not training but is expected to recover for champs Banned is still to get is injury full checked up and will likely miss champs Banned. Btw it seems... more

  • That is very impressive ..a standing start = what? wow! That is an interesting space .. I remember some here writing him off based on last years performance. Excellent work by Harrison. But is he preparing for 400 or 100/200M? Ricardo Chambers split an impressive 45 on... more

  • I am wondering if Devaughn Baker is back. He looks good on his leg but without a split I cannot say if it were the opponents or he is back. It would be great if he is back because this will add one more to Jamaica developing youth 400m group.... more

    Boys Champs - What ifTrackstar, Tue Mar 3 13:38
    What if KC finish 3rd or 4th will coach Harrison be looking for a new job?

  • KC 2015 track team captain Shaquille Shaw who is also the Deputy Head Boy, received four (4) distinctions in CAPE Unit One and look set to join his six (6)schoolmates from 2014 who were accepted directly into UWI Faculty of Medical Sciences. Now I understand why so many student athletes from all over the country want... more


    Stephen Francis turn down Usain BoltDERM123, Wed Mar 4 17:12
    Stephen Francis labels Usain Bolt a 'nice person', but says he doesn't fit into his philosophy..Share this Story:Published:Wednesday | March 4, 2015Shayne Fairman PhotoVideo APUsain Bolt..bananabanana..... . Stephen Francis, head coach of Maximising Velocity and Power (MVP) track club, has revealed he turned down the... more

    and Bailey Cole is nowhere near top shape but the way he got handled by Forte was crazy.

  • At first glance, I thought she was Michelle from Destiny Child.

  • I am impressed with the Quality i am seeing On the boys side 1. STATHS 2. Herbert Morrison 3. Excelsior 4. Dint hill 5. St Catherine 6. PetersFieeld 6. Green island On the Girls 1. Hydel 2. * St Catherine ** 3. Alpha 4. Pateresfield

  • Utech will sub 43 this year....I am thinking Penns...

  • at Champs last year nuh have nutten fi seh bout Bann dis year..... I'll be patient and wait until after Champs and call oonuh out 1 x 1 Dunno whether she would've been a factor at nationals, but either way that's one less candidate for Beijing.

    Not so long ago, Jam Nat record was 38.20sInfama, Tue Mar 3 12:38
    and now College side ah run dat at Gibson! WOW!!!! I am almost sure in Edmonton WCs 2001 we still had that old mark as Nat record.

  • why is this board so anti KC?... (nm)Blackom X, Tue Mar 3 15:15

  • Will Tailor attempt the 2-4 doublemorbious, Wed Mar 4 07:21
    and because he seems to be exceptionally talented does he have a chance of winning the 200 with everyone at their best.

    THis is a very telling interview .. Note he never Would love to hear from Techy , Wayne and Roachy

  • Girls Champs- What ifTrackstar, Tue Mar 3 13:40
    What if Edwin Allen dominate Central Champs only to lose Champs again.

  • big chatfudd, Tue Mar 3 21:04
    Meet you at the finish line ---------- we reach yet? High school track and field nice.