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Boys and Girls Champs 2015 ricomytime, Wed Sep 24 16:13
Next season is going to be mind blogging...we are going to see even faster time than 2013 & 2014 especially in CL 1 Boys 4x100m will we see a sub 39 4 first time in history!! CBAR=O'Hara,Hewitt,Clarke.jr,S.Selvin,X.Blake n Walker..they are the defending champions St.jago=Rattray,Chambers,C.Walker,N.Allen,Manley,n... more

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    Rusea's 2014 DCup song...TDowl, Mon Sep 29 21:55

    Holmwood T&F shake uptracknfieldster, Sat Sep 20 08:11

  • Reality check.MACKY_, Mon Sep 22 14:38
    Can't win every time. Boorrriiiing. Let nature take its course. We will be competitive and continue to win our fair share, but I need to see a US youngster giving us a headache. That is compelling theatre. KBC & Ashmeade vs Marvin Bracy & Adam Gemili wi seh. Diamond & Christania vs the Yanks & Brits! New Blood! Uncle... more

  • Dis Yute Yah Brite Like Stadium BulbDERM123, Sun Sep 28 20:49
    Asian Games: Qatar Speedster Sets Sights on Usain Bolt Nigerian-born Qatar runner Femi Ogunode took the gold medal in the 100m race with an Asian record of 9.93 seconds at the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, on Sunday. Reported by: Agence France-PresseLast updated on Sunday, 28 September, 2014 21:15 ISTTotal... more

    Most Facebook likes...Enigma, Sun Sep 28 10:04
    From what I've seen, Jackie Chan gets about half a million hits in hours. Just saw Uncle B get 50,000 likes and it ain't one hour as yet. Saw our very own big head Prezi struggle to get 10 likes in 10 days... Fella needs to bleach and join hair club for men. QSAFP is wracking up a nice likkle following. I think she... more

    This post is for Waggi and Xprezi...TDowl, Thu Sep 25 13:21
    Sorry about that T&F fans....


  • Drummond VS GayDERM123, Fri Sep 26 00:23
    Judge stays suit against Tyson†Gay Updated: September 25, 2014, 4:06 PM ET Associated Press 4911COMMENTS1EMAILPRINT FORT WORTH, Texas -- A judge has stayed a lawsuit filed by track coach Jon Drummond against former sprint champion Tyson Gay and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, saying it must be settled for now in... more

    I was reading this articleWolmasman, Mon Sep 22 13:24
    about a house purchase by Blake. I am wondering if this was a smart investment on his part. Since, he may have to spend a lot to repair it. I think our athletes need to be careful how they spend their money. Also I am wondering if ... more

  • All-Time Menís 100/200/400 Combined ScoringYardman/Orlando, Mon Sep 15 22:30
    as of September 15, 2014 (Updated by Jim Rorick from an original compilation by Justin Clouder) The three sprint events, scored on the IAAF Tables. Times marked by * are hand times (0.14 added to the 400, 0.24 to the 100 and 200) for those athletes from the era where hand and auto were both in use. Altitude-aided... more

  • 200m field CROWDED ....DERM123, Thu Sep 25 11:05

    Line of fireEnigma, Thu Sep 25 07:55

    Off Topic !!! -Tablets or toilets?elmo, Fri Sep 19 10:32 When i read the article on Cavalier all age school students receiving their tablet computers from Minister Paulwell, I was reminded of an article that someone wrote asking the question Tablets or toilets. The article... more

  • coming up?? I say Hyde n Ohara..

  • Wallace Spearmon suspended for failing drug testJolly Vibes, Fri Sep 19 22:37

  • Show me the money!!Jolly Vibes, Sat Sep 20 11:10

    The Wallace Spearmon Mystery The veteran U.S. sprinter tweeted this on Thursday: In about a week I'll make a statement that will disappoint quite a few people. I apologize in advance. Irresponsible moments>> A couple of minutes later he followed up with > And an hour after that came some idea of what was up: >