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is Bertland being disingenuous????trackblogger, Fri Jan 30 07:16

  • Javaun Mattheson 400mTrackfan4life, Tue Jan 27 14:47
    Mattheson did 51 over 400m. Is that good for a class 2 100m runner?

  • WELCOME BACK KELLY ANN BAPTISEproblemjaydeess, Thu Jan 29 20:54
    Sprinter Kelly-Ann Baptiste is eligible to compete again.

  • 4x1500 to be replaced by medleycarlosmith, Thu Jan 29 20:47
    At world relays I would love to see a juniors section added


  • Kaci Fennell - Not that attractivejohnbeecher2014, Tue Jan 27 21:48
    Am I the only one here who thinks that Kaci Fennell is just okay and not deserving of the Ms.Universe title. Among all the ladies in the competition this year, I think she was just average looking. She did horrible in the interview section of the competition and that alone would have knocked her out of the top... more

  • Yohan Blake on 2015Yardman/Orlando, Wed Jan 28 20:30

    Jeter is back....Fraser better what outjohnbeecher2014, Tue Jan 27 21:35

  • I see where he did a brisk 60m dash and came right back and anchored the 4x400 in a pedestrian 3.23 for 2nd place. Wouldn't it be ironic if he opted for a lowly Division 2 program to avoid the donkey work and ended up in a gulag by another name? Just saying.

    Unlike Trackstar i have to share........Sportstechnocrat, Tue Jan 27 11:25
    with fellow forumite the power of what Jamaican on any level can do to the rest of the world..... Check this out...... well last seen here .. Jamaica National Championship Meet Milo Central Athletics Championship - 3/7/2012 to 3/8/2012 G. C. Foster College Event 54 Girls Under 13 200 Meter Dash ... more

  • Profound statementfudd, Tue Jan 27 17:02
    This post was made by Trackstar in response to a thread on an athletes injury. "Whether we like it or not representing the school is more important than Carifta. The school pay for their trainin and their medical bills etc. In fact it is the school that fund their preparation for Carifta and World Juniors and not... more

    No Subjecttrackblogger, Tue Jan 27 09:16

  • Raymond Graham, Gleaner Writer AFTER an absence of several years, Vere Technical and St Jago High Schools' girls made a triumphant return to the Howard Jackson Relays - the meet's 28th staging - by capturing 11 of 12 events at Morant Bay High School on... more

    Grenada, St Kitts $ Guyana are havingTDowl, Tue Jan 27 07:34
    early success indoors, Kirani maybe getting help for a 4x4.

    this deserves a whole thread by itself....DrummerRoach, Tue Jan 27 08:46
    ....... i dont want it to get lost under "other comments" hat tip to INSIGHT for somehow finding this video. great find again INSIGHT. my comment from last night follows below the link. DrummerRoach dwfl.....the commentary, from 1991 tells the whole entire .. Mon Jan 26, 2015... more

  • any link to the Morant bay relays ? (nm)sincereplust, Mon Jan 26 18:23

  • Big Shot ResultsFranklin Rodgers, Mon Jan 26 16:57