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2016 JA Snr OLY Trials Poll Results  

1. Men-100 * 2016 Insight Poll Men-100 2. Women-100 * Women-100 3. Men-200 * Men-200 4. Women-200 * Women-200 5. Men-400 * Men-400 6. Women-400 * Women-400 7. Men-110H * Men-110H 8. Women-100H * Women-100H 9. Men-400H * Men-400H 10. Women-400H * Women-400H 11. Women-800 * Women-800 12. Men-Discuss * Men-Discuss
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Ruselle Burton, love this kid!! WarriorTime2machine, Sun Jul 24 10:03
from long time!! Only injury did slow her down, but happy to see she is on right path again!!!

  • Day 5 morning session. W 4x400m JAM 3:33.18 WU20LTime2machine, Sat Jul 23 08:18
    The line up was: Stacy-Ann Williams > Tiffany James > Roneisha McGregor > Junelle Bromfield. Never did see the races them though, because... woke up 3:16 am, then turn alarm off, then next thing I know I woke up at 7:15 am. LOL!! From the looks of things though, the races was an easy one. I think JAM was behind after... more

  • silver. Raffin 23.48 France got Bronze. Girl from Barbados pull up, the other athlete weh come in wid 22.70's wasn't even in the picture. At first the clock showed 21.85, I almost pissed my pants!! She really tear up the track enuh!! Bright future dat!! Bahrain a step up to the plate. Whole heap of them athletes did... more

  • four of the five female sprint races in Rio, Oly's. The billz, the deuce, the quarter and the 400 sticks. He'll also get gold medals in the two relays. All hail the King of T&F sprints, Franno!

  • Boys 4by 1Donmanj, Fri Jul 22 12:46
    Who anchored the relay for Jamaica WTF!!! Slow like a camel mek the german bwoy beat him. Mattheson run like him a run 800m. Hope they are not disqualified.

    Aisha Praught 9.31.75 PB in LondonNP, Sun Jul 24 08:58
    Our 1500m/ 3000m steeplechaser posted a steeplechase PB at the London Diamond league on the weekend in placing 4th. I guess that puts to rest questions about her fitness. I always thought it was unfortunate that the young lady who is qualified to race in two events at the Olys was drawn into the Jason Morgan debate... more

    The season is too longShango, Sat Jul 23 12:30
    Seriously now, we have to reevaluate the priorities here. Caribbean athletes are absolutely wasted at the Junior and Youth when it comes to time of their competition. Sada Williams would have won that 200m, but I am sure she had been made a bit worse for wear based on the length of her season. There are so many others ... more

  • Have two standbys to fill the lanes of the false startees... bet that will end all false startings.

    (1) Taylor likely out for the rest of the meet. His legs are dead (2) Confirmation that Mr. Matherson is indeed not happy. KC people please address his issues when he is back....or find someone who can. (3) There was no protest lodged against the 4x1 women's DQ. Kimone Shaw was the transgressor (Insight) and the... more

  • USA chants audible in the stadiumJack F, Wed Jul 20 15:42
    See America, this is why no one likes you.

  • JA GOLD Hyde time 400H Up next (nm)Insight, Sat Jul 23 13:16

  • Jaheel HYDE 49.03 400m Hurdles World Junior Championships Bydgoszcz 2016

    Yes Missa Hyde!!!...S/O to Chris Harley!!!!wayajol, Sat Jul 23 13:22
    Thanks gentlemen

    WJ Livestream on...Insight, Sat Jul 23 11:56

    correct ...

  • Insight..please check your email (nm)wayajol, Fri Jul 22 20:30

  • Gutsy Kalawan!!Donmanj, Fri Jul 22 14:55
    Gutsy run for Silver by Kalawan!! Congrats.

  • No SubjectDonmanj, Fri Jul 22 16:24
    Kendra Harrison just broke the, Drugs induced, 1988 100mh world record!!!