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2016 JA Snr OLY Trials Poll Results  

1. Men-100 * 2016 Insight Poll Men-100 2. Women-100 * Women-100 3. Men-200 * Men-200 4. Women-200 * Women-200 5. Men-400 * Men-400 6. Women-400 * Women-400 7. Men-110H * Men-110H 8. Women-100H * Women-100H 9. Men-400H * Men-400H 10. Women-400H * Women-400H 11. Women-800 * Women-800 12. Men-Discuss * Men-Discuss
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One of the wickedest hammy pulls hereInfama, Thu Aug 25 05:04
Gemili Ouch...very painful. Reminds me of Cary Johnson at Champs vs Thomas Mason in the late 1980s.

yesterday in Lausanne. Asafa and I reasoned for like 5 minutes. He said he had not run any races in a month so he is unsure of his shape. However, dem waznt gonna let that relay gold get away. They had a job to do and made sure of it. We laughed reminiscing on how dismankled Gatlin on the backstretch last year. Hehe.... more

retirement by Shaunae can go bite Grace. Tell her I sent you. Just show a little respect and bite her when her mic is turned off, trust me you don't want to hear that ecstatic moan, it can launch a thousand ships.

  • Ato's comment?ITOslim, Thu Aug 25 03:00

    Thanks all Jamaica athletes.well done (nm)lionheart, Sat Aug 20 21:52

  • These were the splits I heard on the post show discussion on TVJ Women ------ McPherson - 50.6 McLaughlin - 49.8 Sherika - 49.5 Novlene 50.6 Men ---- Matthews - 45.8 Allen - 44.00 Dunkley - 44.7 Francis - 43.9 Again, please note that these are not official splits.

  • Seeking information about Fitzroy Dunkleyherbertmcfarlane, Tue Aug 23 19:49
    Is he done at Lsu? Will he be coming home to train?This young man has great potential as demonstrated by his success after only one full year of a very difficult and challenging event(400m). How many of you are aware that this young man ran 78 400m for LSU coming into the heats of the 400m at National trials? This,... more

  • Blake wants Bolt to hang around for Tokyo.Should he?herbertmcfarlane, Mon Aug 22 18:01
    Mills says Bolt should not rush to retirement.I believe he could still win the 200m then;not certain about the bills. One thing we know is that over the years he has not run a ton of races and there is still plenty left in them there legs. What do you think,peeps?

  • We nuh come fi tek ova, we just deh on ya to do what we can do best and bring a vibes.......SELECTA! Play the tune....

  • Nerd stuff...Bolt's 100m in Riowayajol, Tue Aug 23 05:17

    Rio Olympic Highlight Videoslinkupvideos, Tue Aug 23 17:59
    Rio Olympic Highlight Videos

    USA owns men's and women's 4x400 again (nm)jaib aka jay, Sat Aug 20 21:42

  • A First per ESPN: Jamaica's 100m/200m sweepTreyJo, Mon Aug 22 18:54
    Jamaica is first country to have a man and a woman sweep the 100m and 200m in the Olympics in the same year:

  • saviour of athletics, but had also been given the job of being the moral compass of the world. Who would've thought it possible just a few years ago?

    The Sun causing Bolt headachesNemesis, Mon Aug 22 09:47 Strap up my yute that's Brasil!

  • Respec Herb. Nuhbaddy can chat to you now.Infama, Mon Aug 22 12:11
    I thought you were crazy but I am now convinced of your vision. The M mile relay was there for the taking. The US was weak and just one more decent leg and we nyam them. If Bolt was willing to start the relay...him woulda win Gold number 10. A high 43 leg was all it would take and the Transporter would take it home in ... more

  • CLegs smokes ET and Blessing and US win from lane 1jaib aka jay, Fri Aug 19 21:31
    Greatest women's 4x100 run ever....

  • IAAF chopping changing and deletingwayajol, Sun Aug 21 11:58

  • Its only the top six for the 100 and 400 are used. Its very rare that we will use a athlete who never made the individual event suited for that specific relay.