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2016 JA Snr OLY Trials Poll Results  

1. Men-100 * 2016 Insight Poll Men-100 2. Women-100 * Women-100 3. Men-200 * Men-200 4. Women-200 * Women-200 5. Men-400 * Men-400 6. Women-400 * Women-400 7. Men-110H * Men-110H 8. Women-100H * Women-100H 9. Men-400H * Men-400H 10. Women-400H * Women-400H 11. Women-800 * Women-800 12. Men-Discuss * Men-Discuss
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Champs Preview Online OnlyNikon, Tue Mar 28 13:38

you would think champs is 12 months away...baddaz1, Sat Mar 25 21:54
a when since calarats get suh quiet like church mouse

  • Marshevet Hooker stripping?Nemesis, Sat Mar 18 09:26

  • "Champs"Wagonist135, Mon Mar 27 11:47
    Season pass = check TV = check Laptop = check Juice = check MI READY

  • Gold on ice againYardman/Orlando, Sat Mar 25 16:08

  • Champs 2017 Live results.wayajol, Mon Mar 27 18:54

  • A wheddi?Infama, Tue Mar 28 09:17

  • like KC gone clear. The pundits are averaging a 30point win for the Purples and have JC at only 4th!

  • UWI invitational results t-shark, Sun Mar 26 10:00*/0B0HG9yrCEh-OdFJWMlkxV0pSdXM?e=download

  • ISSA Boy's & Girl's Championship Recordsbaddaz1, Mon Mar 27 21:10

    Saw Matherson this morning... Is he out with injury (nm)Sportstechnocrat, Sun Mar 26 18:10

  • MathersonChanta, Wed Mar 22 22:53

  • got mail (nm)wayajol, Sun Mar 26 08:33

  • Youngster, weh yuh deh? CountingTDowl, Thu Mar 23 12:00
    your pre Champs money? Again I like what I see in Ackeem Colley, I am going to have him down for a low 1:49 at Champs.

  • World Cross Contry liveITOslim, Sun Mar 26 07:15

    Natoya Goule Q for Londonreggaeirie1234, Sat Mar 25 23:56 2:00.75

    Emmanuel Onyia Yardman/Orlando, Fri Mar 24 18:27
    Former Munro College(Jamaica) and current Florida State seminole Emmanuel Onyia (56.86m/186-6) win men’s Discus at the 2017 FSU Relays. 1. Emmanuel Onyia Florida State 56.86 186-6

  • Jamaica's Carifta TeamWilo, Fri Mar 24 08:51

  • Thinking out loud t-shark, Thu Mar 23 18:17
    So ISSA has put limits on how many events each athlete can compete in. I wonder what percentage of athletes does this actually apply to. Apart from the odd time when sprinters attempt the hurdles, most of the affected athletes take part in events which are straight finals like long distances. What affects many... more