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Remember that little 9 year old girl drivingSportstechnocrat, Sun Nov 23 01:19
that stick shift car ...Here she is again but this time drifting one....

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S English from Hydel is now at Holmwood.. (nm)Sportstechnocrat, Sat Nov 22 23:31

Music lovers...Is this possible..Is this for real...Sportstechnocrat, Tue Nov 11 17:50
Here is something to think about..... Come to me softly...1968 by Jimmy James and the Vagabonds Did anyone here knew Jimmy James was Jamaican I am so amazed at time what people in such a small nation can and will accomplish...

  • Avi big up my Yute! (nm)Enigma, Fri Nov 21 20:31

    Florida State University shootings.....DrummerRoach, Thu Nov 20 08:59
    .......sad day in seminole land today after last nights shootings. i spoke to coach Dorian Scott briefly this morning via instagram and was happy to hear that none of the "track" kids were directlly affected. my condolences to coach Scott, the FSU athletes i met in Oregon (Michael Cherry, Trent Friday, Kendal... more

    Hello carol I am depending on you and many more hits. Beautiful empress with a soulful voice.she is a daughter of the soil Nuff Nuff blessings

  • IAAF Qualifying Rules - Beijing 2015wayajol, Wed Nov 19 17:23

    IAAF all I have to say is..... A major world championship in October.... KMRT!

  • Jamaica v Trinidad & Tobago LiveNikon, Tue Nov 18 19:21

  • Interesting pic.wayajol, Wed Nov 12 08:27

  • to the CAC games in Veracruz Mexico?

  • Caribbean Cup final. Who will win?problemjaydeess, Mon Nov 17 15:32
    My money on T&T.

  • Jamaica v HaitiNikon, Mon Nov 17 21:08

    Football Results- CongratulationsTrackfan4life, Mon Nov 17 10:55
    How often do we see our sport teams face a must win situation and win. And they could have lost to Haiti. Haiti beat Martinique who we drew with. I have heard interviews from Austin and an English import and I think there is a growing pride. I pray it grow.Big up to the Reggae Boyz.

    Caribbean cup linkSprinter, Sun Nov 16 20:17
    Any link for Jamaica match......

    never eat grass... It's not my pride, it's just who I am. Who am I?

  • Manning Cup Semi-finaltiffanysimple, Fri Nov 14 23:57
    Can one of you gentleman please post the link for the manning cup semifinal tomorrow please. Guys please I am begging you please to post the link if you have it. Best regards tiffany

  • Sorry Nigma, Blessing got married yesterday (nm)DentyCracker, Mon Nov 10 22:16

  • Ram Goat Run 2014 highlightKar'N, Fri Nov 14 19:58