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200 finalists?

  • A don't want to let the puss out of the bag...Not just yet..expect great things on it way..

  • Ja WC Men 4X100 orderjahleonx, Fri Jul 31 17:25
    This is a tough order to setup. (we still do not know the team) Do we use Nesta =>Ashie =>Bolt=>Asafa or Asafa=>KBC=>Ashie=>Bolt What you all think?

  • in the HJ to clear 1.80m for 4th...but I have to wonder if it was worth it

  • bold prediction... jamaica women will break 4x100 wr...original_baddaz, Mon Aug 3 19:26
    sherone, et, vcb, safp will destroy that record...

  • by leaked IAAF documents

  • Khalifa in de place!!Party done! lolproblemjaydeess, Sat Aug 1 22:26
    From Ato Boldon page

  • Rio Seweage problems...TDowl, Mon Aug 3 08:36

    2015 iaaf world championships Beijing china Live Stream

    Great work Ms. Champagnie (nm)wayajol, Sun Aug 2 19:15

    3 38.14 NR ANT 1h1 PAG Toronto 24 Jul Chevaughn Walsh, Daniel Bailey, Cejhae Greene, Miguel Francis

  • at Champs. Was that a fairy tale/fantasy. ISSA promised to investigate and nothing. Coach still works at school and was subsequently selected for duty on the World Youth team. JAAA's obviously gonna say dem nevah know nutten. Seems it was really a figment of someone's overactive imagination

  • Greenfield Media Productions Limitedoriginalchoko, Fri Jul 31 13:24
    "(Gracekennedy) entered into an agreement with ISSA that allows Greenfield to manage the media rights to all of ISSA's sporting events for the next 15 years. Greenfield will manage the sale and distribution of television, radio and internet locally and internationally." Taken from the Grace 6 month shareholders report

  • Track Alert Post..CommentsDonmanj, Mon Jul 27 12:56
    Love to read feedbacks and or comments, re: Relay line up for Worlds. SAFP-->ET-->SImpson-->VCB

    Who said that Bailey Cole isn't a good relay runner?johnbeecher2014, Thu Jul 30 22:34
    Mens 4 x 100m semi London 2012 Olympics


  • Stockholm DL Results (nm)t_monk2005, Thu Jul 30 13:52