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2016 JA Snr OLY Trials Poll Results  

1. Men-100 * 2016 Insight Poll Men-100 2. Women-100 * Women-100 3. Men-200 * Men-200 4. Women-200 * Women-200 5. Men-400 * Men-400 6. Women-400 * Women-400 7. Men-110H * Men-110H 8. Women-100H * Women-100H 9. Men-400H * Men-400H 10. Women-400H * Women-400H 11. Women-800 * Women-800 12. Men-Discuss * Men-Discuss
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Champs 2018carlosmith, Fri Oct 13 21:34
Anybody knows the date for champs 2018

Off topic...Infama Chanta, Sat Oct 14 11:33

  • Vincent Stephen Francis OJDentyCracker, Tue Oct 17 08:00
    Theodore Eccliston Whitmore OD (Officer Class) Also Don Wehby CD (Former StGC 400m hurdler) I see the man who called me the Scarlet Pimpernell Dr. Kenneth Vaughn got a CD too (Fortis man)

    Taking you back Chanta....TDowl, Sat Oct 7 22:58

  • Asafa Powell returns to MVP (nm)TDowl, Fri Oct 13 07:39

  • in the 4x400 relay, now you kicked them out of the world cup. Be careful though, they might ban carib bear as a revenge. That 4 by 4 sweet me more !!!!

  • A joke I read!ewartf80, Wed Oct 11 13:40
    I was in a public toilet and just sat down, a voice from the next cubicle said "Hi, how are you ?" Embarrassed. I said "I'm Doing fine" The voice said "So what are you up to"? I said "Just doing the same as you , sitting here" . From the next, "Can I come over?" Annoyed, I said "Rather busy right now" The Voice said... more

  • Nathan Allen says "thats just the beginning"DERM123, Sun Sep 24 22:26
    AUBURN, Ala. - When Nathon Allen arrived at Auburn, he resembled a typical freshman on move-in day, unloading boxes of clothes and college essentials. But Allen's backpack contained an item unlike any his peers were unpacking. An Olympic silver medal. A member of Jamaica's 4 x 400-meter relay, Allen's team finished... more

  • The prodigal son blinga, Thu Oct 12 10:09
    Well lion king as returned to MVP who next will follow ? Kaliese sherone day ? Franno up and running again. I think these returnees will spring new life into the club while also enticing new blood.

  • Wayde vows never to 'do the double' again 2017-08-17 14:43 SHARE THIS Van Niekerk had a 2017 world championship to remember after successfully defending his 400m world title. It looked as if the South African... more

    OFF Season move and transfer boys champs 2018sincereplust, Sat Sep 30 19:11
    Which have the top boys teams have gotten stronger for champs 2018

    !10H will be entertaining in 2018 JA vs WorldInsight, Wed Oct 11 13:25
    1. Omar Mcleod 12.90 - I am still amazed that a 5'11'' Jamaican (former KC#1 lol) rule the world AND that behind him are also several other world-class talents 2. Ronald Levy 13.05 - Amazing 2017 almost a rookie 3. Hansle Parchment PB is 12.94 and is in the mix 4. Andrew Riley 13.14 pb no slouch 5. De'Jour... more

  • destroyed Yohan Blake in 2016. Like I've said before, the biggest difference between Blake and Bolt over the years is that Blake allows any fast talking salesman to get inside his head and disrupt his training, in Bolt's case it's "talk to my coach". Blake had it all, stats unknown to the average fan, Stadium Meet... more

    he is all but set to make the transition based on 2017 program and performances

    Bloomfield is the only person who can threaten 19.19. What Bloomfield does between 50 and 150 meters around the bend defies logic, that's why he'll be able to surpass Uncle B in the deuce. Bloomy will never conquer the last 50 meters in the quarter but Nathon Allen will. Julian Forte shall be so dominant in the billz... more

  • and may you live and live and live on and on... in good health and strength.

  • Training next month.

    Relay Predictionsnolenjm1, Mon Oct 2 14:55
    American fan here, doing a preview on Penn Relays - Women's and Men's 4x100s/4x200s/4x400s for 2017/2018 season. It's really hard to find relay orders and rosters from previous seasons for UTech and G.C. Foster. I was wondering if someone could help a guy out and name some runners who ran for these teams last year,... more