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The Calabar Fiasco XRBSC, Sat Mar 23 18:23
Peception is a hell of a thing, so we see a teacher holding a press conference and releasing a video of an incident between him and students, yet he calls for two to be suspended. 1) He admitted he had a verbal disrespectful interaction with the coach (in charge of these students) over cots. 2)He admits he didnt bring ... more

  • Boardkeepers need some clean up here (nm)Chanta, Thu Mar 21 14:56

  • No Subjectwayajol, Sun Mar 24 08:27
    Facts are stubborn and inconvenient things sometimes, but why let facts get in the way of good story....LOL..LOL..LOL...LOL

  • No Subjectwayajol, Sun Mar 24 13:02
    Samer you missed this? or you did not comprehend it...which one? the two students involved strongly denied assaulting Mr. Shaw and testified instead to the contrary;

  • No Subjectwayajol, Sat Mar 23 12:26
    More people talking about Calabar (including the sponsor) while ISSA'S main concern is whether the damage the track sustained during the concert will be properly repaired in time..........

  • India T&F M/W AssentTDowl, Sat Mar 23 21:17
    Indian athletes are numerous in just about all events.

    Wayne PinnockTDowl, Sat Mar 23 13:42

    Kemoy Campbell Chanta, Thu Mar 21 14:27

  • Jeremy Bembridge - Tarrant Highrickyb, Fri Mar 22 15:41
    Watch this space, I have a lot of time for this kid Jeremey Bembridge from Tarrant High, raw talent in the 400m at champs this year. Smooth running Arthur Wint style, with good training he should be a world beater.

  • Shanice Love 61.54m PR (nm)reggaeirie1234, Fri Mar 22 21:59

  • Kimone ShawTrackfan4life, Thu Mar 21 21:54
    What happened to Kimone Shaw

  • Who will win the Men's 100 Meter DashCosundayco, Fri Mar 22 11:12

    Natalliah Whyte 11.17 (0.6) (nm)reggaeirie1234, Sat Mar 16 20:31

  • GC Foster Classic 2019 Men 100m DashChanta, Thu Mar 21 14:16

  • High qualityChampionships in the making.herbertmcfarlane, Sun Mar 17 17:56
    I can't wait for this spectacle to begin.

  • Been away for a minute...Jamasutra, Fri Mar 15 16:21
    What's the word on D.Russell and S.Dennis?

  • GC Foster StartlistsChanta, Fri Mar 15 13:09

  • Rest In Power Dr. Thompson. First Female WR First female on scholarship

  • Tyrice Taylor 1:48.85! (nm)reggaeirie1234, Sat Mar 16 19:11

  • ClubsSamer, Sat Mar 16 22:18
    "Roneisha McGregor of Athletics Academy" "Ricardo Cunningham of Vision Track Club." Who is in charge of Athletics Accademy, and Vision Track Club?