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Zurich diamond leagueBling St Paul, Mon Aug 31 10:28
Have you guys seen the provisional entry list for the Zurich diamond league women's 100m if all turn up it will be a cracker. VCB. Shelly.Elaine.Natty diamond, Schippers. Bowie. Baptist. Ayhe. Wow nice line up if all starts. I wish this was the Brussells line up.

  • of the prize money handed out? I specifically ask this with regards to Tyquendo Tracey...

  • Based on a previous post, a statement has been made that most athletes run 1 second faster than their PB in a mile relay. So here are the PB's and potential splits Jamaica's mile relay team would run. McDonald 43.9 = 42.9 split Chambers 44.5 = 43.5 split Francis 44.5 = 43.5 split (At least, this split is real) Mathews ... more

  • What the rass is this? Shango, Mon Aug 31 12:57

  • The juice ism loose!Shango, Mon Aug 31 13:16

    some good pacing right now you think? With 21.6x speed and with her built, think she can go sub-50?

  • TnT!!!!! Silver!!!originalchoko, Sun Aug 30 08:37
    Sorry Jamaica! I feel it for you but otherwise I feel GREAT!!!

  • We did quite well as Jamaica, not so well as a region, but we held our own. Now we all know it's Rio and the Mericans have revenge on their minds. That is how they think. Do not expect any mercy next year and after. They ain't so Meri now...see what I did there. Anyway after the vacation time the JAAA got in Beijing... more

  • Women 4x400 WC Final 2015 (video)original_baddaz, Sun Aug 30 12:05
    gold medal performance...


    Swings of those arms ..after her Nov did well ..get out fo way ....pheew. ;)

  • Any video of NBC's coverage of the W 4 x 4? (nm)Yardman/Orlando, Sun Aug 30 20:57

  • Loser?wayajol, Sun Aug 30 22:21

    from here on out....Some unimaginable performances that have captured the heart of many supporting fan from across the globe....As the athletes that represent this nation with pride and joy...and obstacles the meet along the way....For a tiny nation of less than 3 million inhabitants you have raise and set the bar... more

  • .. We continue to the weather storm after 53 years. Our diverse and vibrant culture that has anchored our relay through many trials and tribulations continue to succeed. "Forged from the love of liberty.."

  • protection, guidance and showers of blessings as usual on team Jamaica, while they continue training for the 2015 World Championship Games in beautiful Beijing China Bird Nest stadium. Guide the coaching staff and managers. Give the physiotherapists and masseurs anointing blessings with healing hands. SELAH Heavenly... more

  • Donks - 43.5 !!! elmo, Sun Aug 30 10:35
    Do not change thing Donx !!! Do not change a thing You ran the fastest split. You ran half a second faster than all the anchors. Only Borlee ran close to your time. If it means running like a high schooler to run those splits, then so be it. When you did the same thing and won silver, it was all praises. Now we were... more

  • Van-Niekerk's coachYardman/Orlando, Sun Aug 30 20:39