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so morrison, and day of mvp removed from club (nm)UnderCover Cop, Tue Sep 29 00:37

  • Off Topic - The Reparation debateelmo, Thu Oct 1 18:43
    Now I don't know where this debate will end,but the debate concerning reparations to the descendants of slaves continue to get more and more heated and interest groups continue to push their agenda. Now this post is not concerned with the rights and wrongs on the various points of the debate and whether or not... more


  • steth vs munro football matchCountless, Sat Oct 3 16:16
    Do any one know how to watch STETHS vs MUNRO football match on the computer

    Anyone here would have a problem if Mr Bolt....Sportstechnocrat, Wed Sep 30 19:10
    was seen in a night club slapping on a dancers ass and shelling out money...We know he as an image to protect...But he was just having a little fun....

  • THE Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) has moved to defend its decision to assign 19 officials to the 53-member senior team to the IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China in August. The association came under scrutiny for the 19-member... more

  • Bolt Scorned, This is going too far...TDowl, Sun Sep 27 09:53

  • who understand track and field are now needed. With the "redistribution" of talent, it will be folly to proceed without strengthening "infrastructure". Will these expansions be backed by solid business plans, or will a willy nilly approach be adopted. Innovative marketing backed by performances when it really counts,... more

  • what is the status of the GC FOster track? (nm)trackblogger, Mon Sep 28 22:20

  • Spencer also out of MVP it seemstracknfieldster, Wed Sep 30 17:29

  • Finally?Infama, Mon Sep 28 05:05

    Exciting Pre-season Part 1Chez, Wed Sep 30 14:54
    Not since the off season of 2011 have we had this level of "development". Mind you, I am not by no means saying this spells well for any of the parties involved and as will impact us come next year. But there's a little person inside of me that is just bubbling with excitement. Here's why; The Racers experiment was... more

    Where is Melanie Walkerme118, Wed Sep 30 00:14
    In all the excitement we fail it seems to note that Melanie has left Racers and has taken a plane ride to rediscover those beautiful college days

  • Associated PressSep 28, 2015, 2:00 PM EDT Leaders of the U.S. track team designed a formula to distribute an extra $9 million in cash to top athletes and also took steps to clarify language in a much-debated form that runner Nick... more

  • Kaliese on her way out?................. (nm)wajolly, Wed Sep 30 10:46

  • As preparations begin to hit high-gear ahead of the 2016 track and field season, word of more shifting and changing among some of the island’s more notable athletes continue to make the rounds, with Kerron Stewart’s return to the United States highlighting the latest moves. Stewart, has ended her short stint with the... more

  • Something to make you smile Insight....Aviator, Sun Aug 23 22:19

    SALUTE Olympic Medalist 'Richard Thompson'!problemjaydeess, Tue Sep 29 20:44
    Well done!