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How things change Francis and McDonald IAAF tops lists .... I will stick my head out that we will get a wonderful performance from Ricardo Chambers at Pan American games .. No Cedenio, Lendore, Chris Brown for individual event at WC -... more

Off topicBling St Paul, Fri Jul 3 23:07
Nigma Serena mek me head turn grey dis morning she was given a parachute at the last minute for real after jumping out of that crashing plane DWL!!!!! One thing with her when she is let off the hook there is no stopping her she always take home the trophy.

Women's sprintingBling St Paul, Fri Jul 3 22:59
Wow !!! I just came across the ages of the young female sprinters across the globe and there are a lot of clashes between them to take place over the the next 5 years with more to emerge there name and DOB as follows. Gardner: 92. Thompson; 92. Bowie: 90. Prandini : 92. Todd: 93. Schippers: 92 Ahye: 92. Morrison : 92. ... more

Is there a new JAAA's website? (nm)wayajol, Fri Jul 3 15:39

  • Pan American Team SelectedMatrix, Fri Jul 3 11:12
    I like the fact that Dexter Lee, Chambers, Jonia, Bobby, Ryker etc were selected. Jamaica named Pan Am Games team July 3rd, 2015 9:09am Sponsored links Jamaica's team for the 2015 Pan American Games has be relased by the Jamaica Olympic... more

  • Jamaican defeat Nadal at Wimbledon!!!!!ewartf80, Thu Jul 2 14:59
    Boy Sportstechnocrat must be on cloud 90 when he sees this. Brown beat Nadal ! That is a big scalp, as big as they come.

  • Fraser drop the 200mDERM123, Fri Jul 3 10:39
    PARIS, France: Days after suggesting her coach Stephen Francis will make the call, Jamaican sprinting superstar Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce confirmed today that she will not be attempting to defend her 200m title at the World Championships and will instead focus on the 100m. Fraser-Pryce, who left the 2013 World... more

  • Usain Bolt's Jamaica teammate Asafa Powell believes the world record holder's struggle with injury and poor form is ''just a phase'' and not the beginning of the end for the sprinter. However, Powell also suggests it might be wiser for Bolt not to try to defend his 100-meter crown at the world championships next... more

    Mark my wordsandrewsmediacorp, Thu Jul 2 19:04
    Gatlin will win the 100m at Worlds, once he shows up fit - whether we like it or not. Bolt will either compete and pull out injured or not run at all in the 100m. Gatlin will also win the 200m. Gatlin's only threat in the 100m at this time is Asafa Powell. Powell can beat Gatlin if he gets over his final-race jitters... more

  • Bahamas drops Chris Brown for Worlds 400m!originalchoko, Fri Jul 3 15:04

    20.55 for Zharnel Hughes at British ChampsJack F, Fri Jul 3 14:59
    Easing up in the last 40. The final is tomorrow and it's clearly his race to lose. Delano's not at the champs, but has the qualifying time and is currently #2 in the country so he'll probably be picked for Beijing.

    Donkz pulled from Paris Diamond leagueDERM123, Fri Jul 3 14:41
    PARIS, France: National 400m champion Javon Francis has been pulled from the 400m at tomorrow's IAAF Diamond League meet in Paris as a precaution against injury. Francis, who this year registered a personal best 44.50 was originally listed to compete against Olympic champion Kirani James in an impressive line-up that... more

    Welcome to the big league.DONKZDERM123, Wed Jul 1 23:04
    Paris July 4 Diamond League USA BERRY, Michael 45.1344.75 BEL BORLÉE, Jonathan 44.9144.43 JAM FRANCIS, Javon 44.5044.50 GRN JAMES, Kirani 43.9543.74 CZE MASLÁK, Pavel 45.3944.79 JAM MCDONALD, Rusheen 44.6044.60 RSA VAN NIEKERK, Wayde 44.2444.24 USA VERBURG, David 44.4144.41


    Cathy Freeman stole. Why did Cathy spend six months with John Smith right before Sydney and why did she retire immediately after? ala Flo Jo. Was that the IAAF's gift to Australia for some fabulous living before, during and after Sydney?

    By BRENT STUBBS #Senior Sports Reporter #Quarter-miler Shaunae Miller and her management team will have a major decision to make in the weeks leading up to the IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China in August - whether she will compete in the 200 or the 400 metres. #Miller, fresh off her... more

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