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Princess jogging and got pass at the line.TDowl, Wed Jul 30 07:22
Sportie ever since you took her from Prezie and me she is going backwards.

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    Mr.stunna day 7 link ...memba yu a help out...... (nm)Sportstechnocrat, Wed Jul 30 08:08

    On a brighter note CUTTVB, Sat Jul 26 18:52
    Event 58 Boys Under 15 4x100 Meter Relay ======================================================================= CR: @ 42.26 7/26/2014 JAMAICA, JAMAICA M STEPHENS, T WILSON, B HEATH, D RUSSELL Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Jamaica 42.26@ 20 1)... more

  • that if you come 6th and last in an event, those position dont qualify you to go on a victory lap. Sit yu ass down.

  • that the gold medal could come a Yaad. Novey stayed pan that dragon as it thrashed and wailed away at her for 300m till it died a ugly death. Pun int. Then Stephie and Chrisy tiptoed in pass the slayed beast, onto the podium. Great team work. It took a village to kill dat beast... Still think Prezi should present her... more

  • 400m up... Kirani cruisingNemesis, Tue Jul 29 15:18
    Jamaica's 400m ....well they ran

  • Jah know star.....**sighs**Jolly Vibes, Tue Jul 29 14:54

  • You have been missing for years and every now and again someone sighted what looked like you. We held out believing you weren't gone and hoped, you would return. So it saddens us to announce your passing. Missing since 2005, last spotted in 2010. Leaving behind a legion of faithful track supporters. Service will be... more

  • Kimberly GOLDKar'N, Tue Jul 29 15:05

    SWEEEEEEEP MCPHERSON WINS (nm)Nemesis, Tue Jul 29 15:38

    WHo says the Commonwealth is a weak games?Shango, Tue Jul 29 17:25
    The completion and competitors have been fierce in every way. I do find the image of two women wrestling quite intriguing as well.

  • Livemore, Ashmeade, Forte, Bolt Interesting the pick for the finals ..depends on Bailey-Cole health ..someone got to go ..may be Forte

  • GOLD RUSH - Riley (nm)Kar'N, Tue Jul 29 15:49

    Riley ...Gold 13.32 -0.3 (nm)Nemesis, Tue Jul 29 15:50

    And everybody did ah jump up and down bout dis Jolly Vibes, Tue Jul 29 15:30
    yute from Botswana....moving right along..wunning a 1 race is not the same as doing rounds

    Youtube link commonwealth gamesNemesis, Tue Jul 29 14:15

  • Gold and Bronze for Jamaica, Trini in Women Triple Jump!problemjaydeess, Tue Jul 29 15:04
    K Williams, A Alexander! Congrats to both women, especially my Trini girl

    Have to repost this from baddaz..JAAA read upXprezib, Mon Jul 28 22:22
    baddaz dont get me started on the jaaa/bolt/saaf/powell... Mon Jul 28, 2014 18:25 (XFF: it is called leverage... we have the leverage... it is like negotiation skills are lost with the jamaicans at home in positions of influence... administrators at all levels, whenever they've come up... more

  • Netballantoye, Tue Jul 29 10:45
    Wlwhat was the result.of Jamaica's last game?