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so you can get Mr. Lawrence's number...he has been patiently awaiting your call....but I haven't gotten your email. ALSO PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE I STATED THAT ST. JAGO WAS DISPLEASED WITH THEIR COACH!!! C'mon not be shy!!

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Online track and field game...MaxithlonChez, Mon Dec 22 00:44
I'm probably trying in vain but if anyone interested in trying, now is the best a new season is about to start. Hey, just give it a try.

Wesley Powell Meetricomytime, Sat Dec 13 21:38
any update from the meet

  • does anyone kno if gc fosters old surfacetrackblogger, Sat Dec 20 08:12
    has even been removed? and when is the 1st meet of next yr, and which schools normally compete there

  • from track and field... we need a update on her situation... if it was rest she desired, she had couple years to rest and recuperate... it is clear that the short sprint hurdles is not going to happen... suh what gives... what is the next move... somebody wid de knowledge, please provide an update... 2015 is wc, 2016... more

  • Off topic...JFF has crowdfunding wayajol, Sun Dec 21 09:23
    financial support for the Reggae Girls.

    "Advancing" JADCOwayajol, Sun Dec 21 09:00

    World Champ Jehue Gordon brings the house downproblemjaydeess, Fri Dec 19 19:08

  • T&T Deon Lendore wins Bowerman award! CONGRATSproblemjaydeess, Sat Dec 20 13:57

    Bye Mr. Drummond.wayajol, Wed Dec 17 17:35

  • Jason Dadz Morganwayajol, Tue Dec 16 05:06

  • I had stated from day one, when the complex was being built that the location of the complex would ensure it became a 'white elephant' and so far I have not been proven wrong. But now GC Foster has acquired the Sligoville sports complex and has big plans for it.... more

    Ms. Baptiste has negotiated a settlement wayajol, Thu Dec 18 21:28
    with the IAAF. Heard on Leighton Levy's show Sports Nation Live. Trinidad AAA to issue statement. WADA to decide if they will appeal

  • S English from Hydel is now at Holmwood.. (nm)Sportstechnocrat, Sat Nov 22 23:31

  • wesley powell track meetknow a lot, Thu Dec 18 16:18
    positive signs

    Drummond banned for 8 yearsITOslim, Thu Dec 18 02:30 more

  • ........ where there is life there is hope....wat neva happen in a thousand years, happens in a day......hope springs eternal......fortune favours the brave.....whey nuh dead, nuh dash e whey.....look wat mi live fi si..... today.....IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!! trust mi. more anon.

  • We all must proud we are.......Sportstechnocrat, Fri Dec 12 14:46