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at Pre in the 400mH against the top international field. He's the only Jamaican running going up against Jackson, Tinsley, Culson, J Gordon.... Any prediction on plating or time?

  • Christiana Cheetahbaby Williams...Class a class...Sportstechnocrat, Fri May 29 13:03

  • Justin Gatlin Talks Usain Bolt Wolmasman, Fri May 29 22:44
    and His Drug Suspension Before 2015 Pre Classic

  • NCAA West Regionals - Live Feedwayajol, Fri May 29 18:03

  • Jack Warner on the attack!ewartf80, Fri May 29 10:19

  • sherwood content lol... dem need to show respect for the neighbours though

  • in Eugene. WTF. After being listed in the A race earlier the week, the latest start list has her listed in the B race even though she has the fastest time in the world.

  • Prefontaine Classic first day just startedWolmasman, Fri May 29 23:04

  • RE ETBling St Paul, Thu May 28 21:23
    Nigma mi boss my apologies I mixed up the race with ET it was not she and natty diamond but instead sherica Jackson, you see the race down in the post? yeah I think she can run 21.s she baaaad!!! no ra$$ her running mechanics or solid and me know seh Franno nuh finish mold har yet. Mmmmm!!

    The beast return? Bling St Paul, Wed May 27 13:58
    I have learned that the beast is doing exceptionally well in training and is now doing speed work and may appear at the all comers this weekend. I really miss de Beast him a one man Nuh fraid fe buss fatlin ra$$ and keep him honest, I remember after London Olympics when him see how de beast rakle tyty teeth dem him... more

  • ET 200m all comers, she can run 21!!!!!trackblogger, Thu May 28 19:28

    Parchments drops out of Preclassic 110m hurdles racejohnbeecher2014, Thu May 28 20:08
    He has not been looking good at all this season.

    NCAA East regionals startlistswayajol, Tue May 26 18:57

  • Jack warner in troubleBling St Paul, Wed May 27 22:31
    A Wanda if jack want a rope sah dem mount a charge dem Feds have line up fi him and each charge bring a fine and a prison term of about 20 years and dem seh at least 3 serious solid charge gainst him totaling 60 years in all if convicted.

    Why is..adamsstag, Thu May 28 15:50
    Sparkle McKnight in Trinidad? The Ncaa prelims is going on and I see where she ran there last week or before. Unless I missed something.

    Local interests will be tuned in tommorow to watch the Bolt and Asafa blowouts in the 200m and 100m respectively. On the womens side though students of the sport would be well advised to watch keenly the 400mh which features the return of defending world champ Hejnova CZE coming back from an enforced injury break in... more

  • Did Glen Mills Retired?Matrix, Tue May 26 15:06
    I just watched Keron Stewart ran the deuce and Glen can't be coaching her. Then I think about Blake, Weir, Jason Young, Frater and everybody else and It seems like Coach Mills has retired without an announcement. Something is just off this year!

  • SAFP in London...Enigma, Thu May 28 13:49