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2016 JA Snr OLY Trials Poll Results  

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Ding DongTDowl, Mon Sep 17 20:30


  • Former C-Bar athlete shot and killedDERM123, Tue Sep 18 23:33
    Former Jamaican Kavon Nelson was shot dead at his St Andrew home on Tuesday morning (19 Sept). Reports from the Corporate Communication Unit (CCU), the police information arm, are that about 12:30 am, Nelson was at his home when gunmen went to the premises and opened fire, hitting the athlete several times before... more

    2018 Track & Field World Best ListCosundayco, Tue Sep 18 09:03

    Marathon World Record!ITOslim, Sun Sep 16 07:55

  • Non Track event, then again..TDowl, Sat Sep 15 21:44

  • New event for BoltTDowl, Fri Sep 14 21:46

    Will USTAF drop Nike?samer, Thu Sep 6 14:33

  • 5 Star Performers(Shaunae Miller-Uibo)Cosundayco, Wed Sep 12 08:39

    No W Relays for JamInfama, Tue Sep 11 03:58 Ironic that we bid for it when we no longer have Bolt and Blake is past his best form. Talk about poor timing!

  • Michael Johnson had a strokeDERM123, Mon Sep 10 22:37
    Four-time Olympic champion Michael Johnson is recovering well after suffering a "mini stroke" last week. The former sprinter, who previously held the 200 and 400 meters world record, revealed on Twitter Saturday that he had suffered a transient ischemic attack. However, Johnson added that he is making "great progress" ... more

    Chant 1ITOslim, Sun Sep 2 11:15

  • Story of John Barnes 10:32 I've seen himChanta, Wed Sep 5 22:26
    run through the whole field like this:

  • Very TouchingTrackfan4life, Sat Sep 8 16:12
    Lyles commented: “Today when I was taking my gear out of the bag I thought to myself, ‘man, I would have never thought I could be in one team with Yohan Blake.’ We had good chemistry in the team; taking the baton from Mike and then pushing myself was a blast.”

    IAAF Continental Cup Predictions Track Star, Fri Sep 7 10:22

  • Rickets UpsetChanta, Wed Sep 5 11:41

  • Su 9.92 Asian Games 100m rec. Chanta, Mon Aug 27 09:25

  • Discuss the DiscusChanta, Fri Aug 31 19:02
    Speed and might of the throwa got the powa. Implement heava get devour, no matter the minute, time or the hour, Fedrick Dacres bound fe get stronga.