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DEAR FORUM ADMINTrackstar, Sat Feb 13 17:37
So if the admin Of this forum does not agree with your opinion it gets deleted especially if that opinion does not glorify a jamaican or a KC athlete. When I state my opinion I give reasons. But it seems as if we dont agree with the cheerleaders admin gets a headache LOL. RE ASAFA I repeat nothing that Asaf does... more

  • Asafa World Leading time of 6.49 in Men's 60M in HoustonSportstechnocrat, Fri Feb 12 17:40
    today..If you want the video for this race say please..

  • Chris Taylor 10.44 . National stadium erupts (nm)800Man_Formerly_Fan2, Sat Feb 13 14:55

  • Alfreda Steele vs Khalifa St Fort -55Mproblemjaydeess, Sat Feb 13 15:40
    Bright future ahead for the young T&T star!

  • Gatlin confident of beating boltDERM123, Fri Feb 12 22:47
    You heard it here first ... Team USA sprinter Justin Gatlin guaranteeing OLYMPIC VICTORY over Usain Bolt at the 2016 Olympics!!! Gatlin joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" show on FS1 -- when he told us he's not afraid of the Zika scare in Brazil ... and NOTHING can keep him from competing against his rival at the... more

  • Camperdown Classic live streaming on TVJjohnbeecher2014, Sat Feb 13 15:59

    Dafne Schippers 7.00 reggae irie 1234, Sat Feb 13 14:01

    Ewa Swoboda 7.07 in the 60m new WJRreggae irie 1234, Fri Feb 12 15:42

    others .. Blake, Weir, O'Hara, Hughes to open season at Camperdown Classic February 13th, 2016 10:32am Sponsored links Yohan Blake and Warren Weir will open their 2016 season today at the Camperdown Classic. Blake,... more

  • Camp. ClassicChanta, Sat Feb 13 09:45

  • for future performance said the great Franno.

  • Check out this article....yaudie, Fri Feb 12 13:05

  • Sheri-Ann BrooksTrackfan4life, Fri Feb 12 16:49
    Did this athlete retire?

  • Ondirun live link

    Nigel Ellis 10.20 vid hereWonderjournal, Sun Feb 7 10:12

  • 2 persons assassinated at JLP rally in Mobayjohnbeecher2014, Sun Feb 7 23:00
    tonight(Sunday 2/7) Crowds scatter. Opposition leader bodyguards rush to protect him.

  • This is the rendition some of us remember Chanta, Thu Feb 11 17:51
    discoing to HaHaHa:

    Digicel Grand Prix SeriesNikon, Sun Feb 7 14:58
    Don't know how many of you know this, but the Digicel Grand Prix is the brainchild of me and my brethren who put on the Corporate Area Dev Meet. It is hard work, and the original plan was to have 4 regionals (East/West/Central/Corporate) with the big finale at the GC Foster Classics. That didn't quite work out as we... more