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All-Time Menís 100/200/400 Combined ScoringYardman/Orlando, Mon Sep 15 22:30
as of September 15, 2014 (Updated by Jim Rorick from an original compilation by Justin Clouder) The three sprint events, scored on the IAAF Tables. Times marked by * are hand times (0.14 added to the 400, 0.24 to the 100 and 200) for those athletes from the era where hand and auto were both in use. Altitude-aided... more

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will the boys class 1 100m record be shattered 2015 ?UnderCover Cop, Sun Sep 7 15:28
Who has the best chances of breaking this class 1 record of 10.12 ? Raheem Chambers St.Jago, Michael Ohara Calabar, Kevaughn Ratray St. Jago, Akheem Bloomfield KC, Waseem JC, Raheem Robinson Wolmers. Who can't it be, or have the best chance if the person is healthy

  • 200M crowd for 2015Insight, Sun Sep 14 16:35
    1. Bolt 19.19 PR 2. Blake 19.26 PR 3. Weir 19.79 PR 4. Ashmeade 19.85 PR 5. Young 19.86 PR 6. Dwyer 19.98 PR 7. Jason Livemore 20.13 PR 8. Sheldon Mitchell 20.14 PR 9. Jermaine Brown 20.28 PR 10. Javon Minzie 20.37 PR 11. Julian Forte 20.38 PR 12. Kimarley Brown 20.38 PR 13. Michael Ohara 20.45 PR 14. Ramone Mckenzie... more

    YES.... it reach a stage where is either or enuh...DrummerRoach, Mon Sep 15 20:33
    ...... either or effing or. ready!!!! bring it on. because a swear to GOD, mi nah back down!!!!!

    Manley now focused on 400mDERM123, Sun Sep 7 10:13
    When Martin Manley settled down in the blocks for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games boysí 400m final inside a steaming hot Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre Stadium, he did so with the thought that it could be the last one-lap race of his life. If this seems an unlikely thought for an athlete who only last year stormed to the... more

  • IAAF Continental Cup in Morocco ...some Nice pay out below ------------------------------- Bohdan Bondarenko, Russian Olympic champion Ivan Ukhov and Qatar's world indoor champion Mutaz Essa Barshim This is... more

  • never see smoke without fire Xprezib, Sun Sep 14 17:14

    i dont care who wanna vex but i dont believe in that youth .. Good luck to his athletes who he coaches

  • Mothers and fathers listen to Jaheel Hyde!!!Jolly Vibes, Sun Sep 14 09:53
    It is your responsibility to PARENT your child!!! "I would like to thank my parents for shaping me into the young man that I am today and I will continue doing you guys proud"

    Jamaican sonLovJam, Sun Sep 14 13:19

    Government before Jamaica's independence? Tick, tock, tick, tock...



    Do enjoy.....Stress kills.....Sportstechnocrat, Sat Sep 13 20:38
    Michael Abrahams - What A Gwaan Inna Jamaica (Official Video)

  • My memory is fading..did Bionicmorbious, Sat Sep 6 06:57
    compete in 4 individual events in class 1.Did he have a really weird running style or is the years clouding mi lickle brain?

    The Wallace Spearmon Mystery The veteran U.S. sprinter tweeted this on Thursday: In about a week I'll make a statement that will disappoint quite a few people. I apologize in advance. Irresponsible moments>> A couple of minutes later he followed up with > And an hour after that came some idea of what was up: >

  • Jevaughn Minzie where is he going ? (nm)UnderCover Cop, Sun Sep 7 14:46

  • McPherson wins 400m in 50.38t-shark, Sun Sep 7 12:11
    Christine Day 2nd in 51.08 in Rieti


  • Spotted! Nikon, Mon Sep 8 23:39
    Big Phat F Series in the house on what are looking like 22's or 24's. It is not a Beast it is a Monster! I have a pic but doan know how to post same.