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2016 JA Snr OLY Trials Poll Results  

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NASHVILLE, USA Ė Jamaican Akeem Bloomfield won the menís 400m at the Commodore Invitational here on Saturday. Bloomfield, representing Auburn University, posted 46.68 to take the event. Ari Cogdell of Tennessee was second in 46.89 and Randall Ceneus, also of Auburn, third in 46.98. Jamaicans representing Auburn... more

  • JOY JOY JOY!!!originalchoko, Sun Jan 15 13:38,238426.html

    Guess Who's BackNikon, Sat Jan 14 20:36
    Videos from the Douglas Forrest Invitational Jan 14, 2017 at GC Foster College. Of course, because it is a shitty meet with no proper organization and or commentary, I have to depend on you guys to say who were the competition. Regards

  • No Subjectoriginalchoko, Sun Jan 15 13:44
    This is just the start! There is a great deal of work to be done on both sides to overcome the history of misunderstanding and distrust. I see this agreement bearing fruit over the next 3 or 4 years with the benefit of the deeper pool of athletes to explore. An issue for the STFA is how to leverage the availability of ... more

  • at the Arkansas Invitational meet

    Wipe The Books Clean of Records? No Sah!!Chanta, Fri Jan 13 13:30

    Eaton 400m hurdles?Chanta, Fri Jan 13 13:24

    Bolts ReplacementBling St Paul, Fri Jan 6 21:33
    Hey guys I was watching sports commentary with oral Tracy and he pointed out something I overlooked last season. I did not realize that usain was the only male Jamaican individual medalist in the sprints. He went on to say that after bolt retires we are not sure of a medal in the sprints especially a gold medal unless ... more

  • I am still trying to understand how Chris Taylor's mile relay run is considered one of the best track and field performances of 2016. The two local stations show the last 20 meters of the race with Chris getting by Bloomfield and winning the relay. We do not see the beginning of the race where Taylor gets a 20M lead.... more

    The annual recruiting debatetracknfieldster, Tue Jan 10 11:10

    talent who is Wayde Van Niekerk, but when Macky brought it to my attention recently that he can be unbeatable in the deuce with the looming departure of Uncle B I started to worry. As you see, I'm stubbornly expecting The Blessed to fill the shoes of Bolt from as early as this year and I'm also thinking its time to... more

  • How things have changedChez, Thu Dec 29 13:04
    Most of us don't post as much these days but I remember when we use to. September to January were the speculative months; who changed camp, which school bought who, who were the injured soldiers and so on. Where are our spies, statiscians and analysts? Let's get the spikes on! We aren't the deadzone! I don't have as... more

  • Super Class 3Kebebasan, Mon Jan 2 11:26
    Word on the streets is that Calabar and KC have super class teams. It seems they have gone far and wide to acquire their new recruits, are we going to see a revival of the super Calabar class 3 team that is now in class 1 and a resemblance of Mattison, Ban, Wellinton type of class 3 team from KC? How will this class... more

    Truth Here:Chanta, Sun Jan 8 21:07

    The long-awaited installation of a running track at Kingston College (KC) is well under way and principal Dave Myrie is expecting the Regupol synthetic surface to be ready by the end of February. The groundwork for the track, which is set to cost just over US$400,000, has begun at KCís Melbourne Campus on Elletson... more

  • Assuming Bolt only decide to do the 100M (most likely) in London 9.98 2016 19.94 2015 31.03 2016 43.03 2016 31.03 means on average he is running 10.34 per 100m..and he was not at peak then So lets say he gets his 100m down to 9.90 ...using speed endurance of Michael Johnson ... then as of 2016 Niekerk can run faster... more

  • After a fabulous season in his first year after leaving high school where he was member of Jamaica's silver medal-winning Men's 4x400m relay team at this year's Olympic Games, former St Jago high quarter-miler Nathon Allen will... more

    Jamaica meets CubaChanta, Thu Jan 5 15:20

  • wow, that would truly be a out of this world, first class, state of the art stadium.

    Game colt pon yuh.......