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2016 JA Snr OLY Trials Poll Results  

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as she was never caught and all athletes are deemed to be innocent until proven guilty for cheating, should we ALL lobby for the current Women's 100m record held by Flo-Jo to be corrected from that 10.49 that she ran in dubious conditions in Indianapolis on 16 July 1988 to the 10.61 that she ran at 1988 US Trials in... more

Devil went to Jamaica to sell some weed....DERM123, Thu Sep 22 15:14

  • ....Its 2.0 now...So who actually owns the woman world record now....barring drugs cheat confessee...because there was a real big hurricane wind behind Griffiths when she did 10.49...we never got the reading for that particular race ran that day....yet the mechanism was in if there was any foul play at... more


    Hurricane Matthew now cat 5jaib aka jay, Sat Oct 1 00:39
    Heed the warnings and stay safe my brethen

    Did the Kenyan really broke Usain 9,58 or is the just....Sportstechnocrat, Thu Sep 29 14:05

  • This is from a good source.

  • Manning cup!ewartf80, Mon Sep 26 14:17
    So far it seems like JC is the team to beat. Wolmers with its troop of transfers is playing well, Georges as usual should be in thick of things despite the sadness of the passing of their captain and KC with the transition of their former Colts and Pepsi champion look good so far. It is early to say but I see JC as... more

  • Condolences to the entire STGC fraternitywayajol, Tue Sep 20 18:08
    and the family and friends of STGC soccer captain Dominic James who collapsed and died 2 minutes into their Manning Cup match just now This one bitter. R.I.P. Baller

  • There are other songs in the beginning. The song you requested start at about 7.00 of the video.

  • The Fastest men on Earth The story of 100m Dashlinkupvideos, Sun Sep 25 20:22
    The Fastest men on Earth The story of 100m Dash

  • Fastest....TDowl, Fri Sep 23 21:14

    was possible? The urine sample of banned Italian race walker Alex Schwazer has reportedly been seized after prosecutors said they wanted to carry out DNA tests. Schwazer, the Beijing 2008 Olympic 50 kilometres champion, is currently serving an eight-year ban for a second doping violation but has insisted that he is... more

    Miguel Frances switching to Britain ?DERM123, Thu Sep 22 13:28 Miguel Francis, according to reports, wants to switch allegiance to the United Kingdom. The 21-year-old sprinter, who trains with Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake in Kingston, represented Antigua and Barbuda at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.... more


    I just had a horrible thought.morbious, Fri Sep 9 19:56
    What if there are other Caster Semanys out there who sprints and are just now inspired to leave the woodworks, dog nyam poor ET supper.

    I do not see a Nathan Allen on Auburn's s rosterherbertmcfarlane, Fri Sep 16 16:13
    I see Bloomfield,Chambers and one Sherwayne Allen listed as a 400mh from KC. Is there some mix up, or was Sherwayne the Allen originally intended for Auburn?

  • sits at the piano and sing or when he stands? I'm always of the belief that a singer needs to be standing in order to pull the high ones. What says ye fellows? And why is a patient ordered to stay off of vitamin E before eye surgery? Is vitamin E a blood thinner Denty? And last but not least, why do women take Joe... more

  • Forte: I love the way you are thinking..DERM123, Sat Sep 17 18:12
    With much hope riding on Julian Forte's shoulders to be the next top male sprinter from his MVP Track and Field club, the University of Technology student remains confident of success and tips himself to be among the best sprinters in the world in the next few years. The 23-year-old won the 200 metres in a personal... more