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Lionheart Jaheel.deljik, Fri May 27 21:00 Interesting. Video seems all about the 110s. Very little about 400hs.

  • Shelly toe the boat ashoreChanta, Sat May 28 03:25

    ncaa wast on nowstunna, Fri May 27 11:00

  • Insight, Vere Boys are in Atlanta for thisTDowl, Fri May 27 19:59
    weekend games, they are been fete by "Night Train".

    Program 2016 & Results back 28.05.2016 14:04 200 Meters Women ENTRY LIST SBPB USA ATKINS, Joanna 22.4022.27 USA BOWIE, Tori 22.2622.18 USA DUNCAN, Kimberlyn 23.0122.19 USA MCGRONE, Candyce 23.5022.01 USA PRANDINI, Jenna 22.6322.20 NED SCHIPPERS, Dafne 22.0221.63 JAM THOMPSON, Elaine 21.66 USA WHITNEY, Kaylin 22.8422.47

  • This was submitted to my website via i have the option of editing since it hailed from my site. you can add to this whether you agree or disagree,you can also expound on this i have the option of editing thing to this article. By the way it was not submitted with a topic. may be i could have ... more

  • Racers Grand Prix to reach 100millionherbertmcfarlane, Thu May 26 14:48
    Recently I asked why Jamaica Invitational was not being broadcast in USA while other World challenge events were. If the JAAA does not begin to exercise greater imagination then JII will, sure as night follows day,play second fiddle to Racers Grand Prix before too long.... more

  • Fraser vs Jeter over 100m in Eugene on Saturdayjohnbeecher2014, Fri May 27 16:34
    Carmelita Jeter (USA) Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Jamaica) English Gardner (USA) Blessing Okagbare (Nigeria) Murielle Ahoure (Cote d’Ivoire) Tianna Bartoletta (USA) Barbara Pierre (USA) 1 Simone Facey (Jamaica)

  • Off topic. Valerie Adams' brother plays for OKCDentyCracker, Fri May 27 13:22
    7'0" tall. Ave height of brothers 6'9". Ave. height of sisters 6'0"

  • Whistles tunelessly..... (nm)wayajol, Fri May 27 11:17

    So ah who really pregnant?D'G, Fri May 27 00:05
    just come off me Facebook page and see something and mi seh, 'rahtid'.

    She's reported to have a vagina, no womb and no ovaries.... Throw in more than her fair share of testos and minimal estrogen and she ends up with an unfair advantage over her female counterparts... She's also the love of Prezi's life... But yu know what, I want her to break that effing drugged up 800m WR so badly, I... more

  • whatever happened with jason young...baddaz1, Thu May 26 14:10
    it dawned on me that it has been a few years since he was showing big promise after that 19.86 200m... did he suffer a career ending injury... did he give up T&F to pursue other interests... can anyone with info on him share with us...

  • Blooms Bling St Paul, Thu May 26 14:24
    A few track and field big wigs are saying that they feel Bloomfield coach should go for the Olympics instead of world juniors what say you guys I say yes agreed.

  • Female 800Mwonoudong, Mon May 23 18:44
    So far Kenia has run 2:02. What of Goule? James, Samantha Cameron Blaz 2:03.95 Campbell, Simoya University o 2:06.94 ??????

  • Eleven Russian track and field athletes reportedly tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs when their samples from the 2008 Olympics were retested, according to the Associated Press. The most prominent among them is 2012 Olympic high jump gold medalist Anna Chicherova , who took bronze at the Beijing Olympics. ... more

  • in oregon DL... didn't see that coming... the big man looking to take on all comers this year from early... simply means the big man is healthy and serious... not waiting to put the rush on fitness like last year...

  • Be Careful When Drawing...Chanta, Thu May 26 12:06

    Venicha Baker...TDowl, Tue May 24 17:47

  • US$700. short. Dowl? K? D'G? Herbie?