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win?? that 44 must mean a pretty fast 200 especially it seems he ran with mostly speed and not much endurance

  • I know this is a track and field forum but this is a matter of "natioinal importance" DWL Is what really going on? Central High beat Calabar? It look like you guys will have to start recruiting again for Quiz. I hear Dintill and Fairprospect High have some good talent. Charlemont High said never again will they will... more

  • A Jamaica Junior 4x400m team consist of ......Sportstechnocrat, Sun Mar 29 01:47
    1. Bloomfield 2. O'Hara 3. Hyde 4. Allen would definitely dip way under 3.00.xx guess would be 2.58.xx...or am i pushing it...

  • Michael Ohara due to sign contract with PUMA (nm)UnderCover Cop, Sun Mar 29 22:01

  • hear dah reason yah...Sprinter, Mon Mar 30 07:25
    Neil Harrison along with many others as explicitly stated that if matterson and bann were fit they would have won CHAMPS. But my question to him and others is "what if Matterson had gone to the school he had passsed for".... The thing is no championship side has ever had a perfect chsmps. The difference is that... more

    Tek yuh licks and stop yuh whiningwayajol, Mon Mar 30 07:24
    memba dat sentence Skilla....your time now...yuh and yuh bredren dem tek yuh licks and stop the whining....tired ah it now!!!!!

    Mista's your Calabar injured wayajol, Sun Mar 29 07:54
    List. Tajay Jackson, Dejour Russell, Anthony Carpenter and Michael Stephens Warren Barrett. Add up the points and tell mi how much Bann and Matherson gi yuh!!! Propaganda spreader fix yuh ownah ting first before yuh run yuh @#$%@^ mouth Run yuh mouth and run from di bet. All talk and no @#$%^&* substance.

    how come bar nevwr win by 70pts (nm)trackblogger, Sat Mar 28 22:23

  • Bloomfield is eligible for World Youths...Sportstechnocrat, Mon Mar 30 04:28
    DATE OF BIRTH 11 OCT 1997

  • So Championship 2015 as come and gone.....Sportstechnocrat, Sat Mar 28 23:23
    Are we ready for champs 2016....I am bringing Calabar again for 5 in a row But first Mr Clarky have to go out and purchase a good class three team...else they will be cry like the babies at K.C next year....He will retain half of his class one and the same class 2 team for 2016... Edwin Allen is safe for now...

  • The girls did well, not only top schools, but non traditional schools as well. Throughout the season in the papers most times only a paragraph, and it is usually at the bottom covers female action unless written by KC Graham. Congrats to Hydel! They have been rising steadily. Big up to St. Catherine High as well, they ... more

  • The Real Elmo Awardselmo, Sun Mar 29 20:10
    Spoiled brat award – Tahj- Rojay Scott -------------------------------------- This award goes to Tahj-Rojay Scott of KC who put on a disgraceful tantrum in front of the grandstand after falling to the ground in the 100m semifinal race. A KC coach/supporter tried to hug and console the youth, but he flashed off the... more

  • Javier Johnson of G.IslandNext Big Thing, Sun Mar 29 22:06
    i would believe that is there first ever gold medal at champs. I doubt if Todd has ever won at champs, i know he has a world of silver medals. But this kid really reminds me of Todd, slow acceleration, but and even slower deceleration. A beast at 200, i would think if he really focuses on that event. He is young... more

    The Elmo CTFF Track and Field Awardselmo, Sun Mar 29 17:06
    ELMO’s PERFORMANCE AWARDS Performance of the meet - Akeem Bloomfield ------------------------------------------- It is hard to believe that it was only last year that Bloomfield was introduced to high school sprinting. He showed his prodigious talent on champs Saturday when he became the first school boy to run sub 45 ... more

    Wallace Spearmon views on Bloomfield Xprezib, Sun Mar 29 21:58
    Retweeted wallace spearmon jr (@PrinceSpearmon): 17 year old Akeem Bloomfield just ran 44.93 in Jamaica Jesus Christ
    • dwl (nm)Blackom X, Sun Mar 29 22:09

  • Calabar 4x4Franklin Rodgers, Sun Mar 29 21:29
    So no big ups, commendation for that record run by Calabar in the 4x4 ?

    Boy 4x400 splits Tracklife, Sun Mar 29 18:41
    Calabar : Carpenter 46.70, 2nd leg 47.74, Renado 46.02, taylor 46.30 = 3:06:76 KC: 1st leg 46.25, Crooks 46.74, 3rd leg 48.13, Chad 47.28 = 3:08:40 Jaheel : 45.2

    This is the 2nd year i notice this. When Wolmers or KC or JC wins there is nice Bragging celebratory Vibes ..that can evoke much humor and Historical reference Instead what i see is like deep resentment ..that conveys that it more important to beat the North street Giant KC ..than it is to just CELEBRATE and be Happy... more

    Where is the mass hysteria and condemnation of the 400 800 1500 triple attempted by James in Class 2?

  • Congrats Jagolandob35, Sun Mar 29 17:41
    Congrats to the boys and girls teams at Jago.. you all did good.. Natalliah Whyte showed them who is the boss 4 Gold medals, also Kimone Shaw, Joanne Reid, Peta Gay Williams, Genekee Leith,Tissana Hickling,Shanice Reid & all the other girls..Big up Lushane Wilson,Keenan Lawrence,Garriques,Manley .Allen,Raheem,Leon... more