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Mi have nuff tings weh mi cah seh enuhJolly Vibes, Fri Jul 25 16:56
because of da same retribution sumpen deh...1 of my 5 is especially vulnerable...but trust me..I'm going to be patient...because once she's safe...I'm going to expose some of these coaches for the filth that they are...AND I DARE THEM TO CONFRONT ME AND SEH IS LIE MI AH TELL!!

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    800m? just curious!!!

    2014 Commonwealth games Glasgow Live Streamlinkupvideos 693, Fri Jul 25 09:09
    2014 Commonwealth games Glasgow Live Stream

  • Congrats Coaches!, often overlookedtracknfieldster, Sun Aug 4 19:22

    reporting... 1. USA... Friday. 2. Jam... O'Hara. 3. White Bwoy... Can't remember weh him from. 4. Zharnel .... Anguilla.

    Never trade respect for attention. (nm)Enigma, Fri Jul 25 10:18

  • bolt jr pr and the board quite800Man_Formerly_Fan2, Thu Jul 24 21:58

  • Mi really disappointed now

  • @Drumma Questions on WJs in EugeneInsight, Fri Jul 25 13:16
    1. Are you getting a chance to get close to any athlete or Admin official from time to time? 2. Can you say if the JA Camp team spirit up after Tyler performance? 3. Is Okeem Williams injured? 4. Do have any idea on possible 4x1 relay lineup for heats later (Boys and Girls)? 5. Is Minzie hurt? will he be ok for relays ... more

  • for our high school student athletes... we've got to raise the standard if we want to say we are for the youths and their future... NOT every child athlete who display superior athletic prowess will become world beaters and make a sustained living after their careers are over... watching this WJC and observing the... more

  • Enigma due to the stress of WJCXprezib, Fri Jul 25 11:16
    caused partially by the disgraceful administrators of Jamaica track teams i am asking you to ease up the only relief some of the posters get ..Drumma have kept us enlightened and is our on the ground reporter .. Just ease him up little even for the duration of the championship asking not really for his sake but... more

  • linkkkkkkkksssssssssss????????? (nm)Xprezib, Fri Jul 25 14:03

  • Money pan Margret .1.47 over the cuban (nm)Xprezib, Thu Jul 24 23:05

  • We done Tyler.Thanks. yu start the ball rolling.lionheart, Thu Jul 24 23:49
    big up all,lose,or draw.JAMAICA WI SEY.

  • Showers of Blessings....Thank you Tyler for flying the the POWERFUL VIBRANT Black Green and Gold FLAG high. Jamaicans are proud of you.

  • to the ladies and gentlemen of ctff...DrummerRoach, Fri Jul 25 12:39
    .....i would like to sincerely apologize to ALL, if you found my posts the morning offending. but ive had to send a clear message to Enigma. on to track business. all 2014, and previously selected time before, ive tipped mason to do extremely well. many have doubted me, many have laughed at my prediction. ppl, this is ... more

    predictions for hoim in the final? Link to Machel Cedenio after semi-final race interview: Said he has something left in the tank for the final and will go all out for the gold. Any predictions on the time he is likely to run in the final seeing that he ran 45.90 in... more

  • In reply to Drummer Censorshipjahleonx, Fri Jul 25 10:04
    Question- Was it Offensive, without merit or malicious? Are you sure it was nigma who took it down? This happens from time to time if the 'moderator' is not in agreement with you views. I guess they need to stick to the guidelines posted at the top of the page. If you followed the guidelines then the boss man -Infama... more

  • Mek mi ask much medal contenders Jolly Vibes, Fri Jul 25 00:22
    in that 200 final have doubled?