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2016 JA Snr OLY Trials Poll Results  

1. Men-100 * 2016 Insight Poll Men-100 2. Women-100 * Women-100 3. Men-200 * Men-200 4. Women-200 * Women-200 5. Men-400 * Men-400 6. Women-400 * Women-400 7. Men-110H * Men-110H 8. Women-100H * Women-100H 9. Men-400H * Men-400H 10. Women-400H * Women-400H 11. Women-800 * Women-800 12. Men-Discuss * Men-Discuss
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starting to wonder about Chris Taylor. (nm)youngster, Mon Feb 20 10:16

  • Record throw of 18.32???

    Western Champs VidzNikon, Sun Feb 19 16:34

  • Elaine net worthnwbrownsr, Mon Feb 20 06:17
    I was reading celebrity net worth last night and Elaine name came up and they listed her net worth at 4 million could this be correct. Hi insight my girl is in great form expecting great things from her this year 400 field will be hot but she will be in London in top 3

    & Anderson. Already one of the battles to look forward to at Champs.

  • Birmingham Indoor Results (nm)t-shark, Sat Feb 18 09:46

  • Congratulaion Rusea's on winning WesternTDowl, Sun Feb 19 09:04
    Girls Champs for the first Time, and the Boys account for themselves, much to come going forward.

  • Gibson McCook RelaysWilo, Sun Feb 19 11:02
    Does anyone know if Tvj got the rights to do live broadcasting?

  • Champs 2017 Predictionericamhn1, Sun Feb 12 21:09
    Saw an interview where CoacH Dyke said this is the best team he ever had, that is commendable and really want to congratulate him for putting these teams together for the past three years, going for #5, is it premature to plan the party! KC was in real good form at Westerm relay but am a little concern at the quality... more

    Any results site for Western Champs? (nm)Yardman/Orlando, Sat Feb 18 15:09

  • but wah kind a track meet this that Sportsmax ah show?

    What would you do?D'G, Sat Feb 18 12:52
    Its the final of a particular 100m race. There is a false start, the starter and his assistant confers and discussed the situation. They then determine that athlete A is to be disqualified for the false start. The meet continues without any queries to the event and results. Everyone goes home and log into their... more

  • Natoya Goule has set an indoor Area Best wayajol, Fri Feb 17 16:19
    of 1:25:35 over 600m at the Clemson Last Chance Invitational

  • Pioneering in Health:Chanta, Fri Feb 17 01:04

    5 the Hard way **...High School 4x400 ..Insight, Wed Feb 15 12:58 THE 41st staging of the Gibson-McCook Relays will be held next Saturday inside the National Stadium. This is a crucial meet leading to the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships and often times,... more

  • Based on early results, the boys competition will be fierce this year and schools like Russea, Petersfield and Munro will make things tough for STETHS. Even Rhodes Hall and Erwin will be getting a decent share of the points and this will help to maintain a high standard of competition. Things are really heating up in... more

  • On di Run-All Comers Meet 4 - Organization License Milo Western Relays - 2/11/2017 Catherine Hall, Montego Bay. Data On di Run Event 34 Women 4x100 Meter Relay clubs Clubs =======================================================================... more

  • Peek @Raheem Chambers 60MInsight, Tue Feb 14 11:10
    Raheem Chambers 60M

  • Likkle but We Talawah Chanta, Mon Feb 13 23:06