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2016 JA Snr OLY Trials Poll Results  

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Track and Field RomanceTrackfan4life, Sat Sep 14 21:55
Track and Field have quite a few couples. VCB & Brown, Queen Harrison and Clay,The USA decathlete and UK high jumper,just to name 3. But my favorite is Obadele Thompson and Marion Jones. I understand he liked her from he was in college. Seem he was a nice guy. We know the adage " nice guys finish last". After all she... more

  • Guidance Chanta, Sat Sep 7 23:09



    for BriBri, although I think itís highly unlikely.

  • Typo or what? t-shark, Thu Sep 12 16:59
    I notice the IAAF has Janieve Russell in the 400mH team and Shian Salmon as reserve.....hmm

  • Brittany Anderson's world records ratified by IAAF (nm)Sportstechnocrat, Fri Sep 13 20:57

    Ahye bwoyDentyCracker, Thu Sep 12 13:17
    Michelle-Lee Ahye whereabouts violation reported on FAME news just now

  • No Subjectnigma 101, Thu Sep 12 12:22
    Ato is skating on thin ice, has lots to loose, but this is what he wants. Say it aint true Ato, U talking shit about Kevona Davis on facebook, but u very well know, she is a way better athlete than Briana. These comments about Ato is light work, compared to his "dear Arnold" letter to John Smith, and his criticisms... more


    Scientists close in on new genetic test Chanta, Thu Sep 12 14:58

    Briannaalbertini, Tue Sep 10 19:27
    Tell me if I am wrong. I remember a similar incident happened to Ato as a junior. I can be wrong. I tried to search the net but those stories were not on the net in those days.Anyone else can recall.

  • JAAA Press Conference 11.30AM Jam time.herbertmcfarlane, Wed Sep 11 11:47
    Please guys, as soon as the team is published today,please post it here. Thanks.

  • 2019 Pro SigningsAnonymous, Tue Sep 10 12:43

    Guy Vs Jam Showing ONyawdyb, Mon Sep 9 19:14
    Ubivision Deportes Ch 229 in NY

    Jamaica 8 - 0 over Brazil..40 minutes agoSportstechnocrat, Sat Sep 7 16:58
    Jamaica won against defending champion Columbia yesterday morning 5 - 0.... Jamaica won against Argentina 7 -0 this morning ICE HOCKEY...can someone please explain what is the meaning of this....We can run and skate...this good...

  • Sifan Hassan.....Ah Bwoy!herbertmcfarlane, Sat Sep 7 20:33
    Maybe donmanj has a point about Europeans...yes Hassan runs for Europe.

  • GATLIN pulled up (hamstring)in ZagrebDERM123, Tue Sep 3 23:31

  • It took a while before Bolt beat Gay and morbious, Fri Sep 6 16:58
    Spearmon but when he did it was over . I see the same thing happening with Bloomfield and his two adversaries .

  • Good win Daniellerickyb, Fri Sep 6 18:08
    Good expected victory for Danielle,Let dem stop her on the plane to Doha. Admittedly I was nervous for her as she almost got caught in the false start only 0.006 of a second off.