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Work Has Begun!!!James Patton, Sat Aug 24 1:16am
The first photos of David Gordon Green and crew blocking out the next two "Halloween" films have made their way online. They have also put out a casting call for extras. Be sure to do a good job if you get a part... it looks like David Gordon Green did some working out since the making of H2018 and can put a hurtin'... more

  • Sheriff Bracket returns! The Thorn, Fri Aug 23 7:46pm
    Hi everyone. So according to tjis link: https://www.joblo.com/horror-movies/news/charles-cyphers-returns-as-sheriff-leigh-brackett-in-halloween-kills Charles Cyphers will be returning to reprise his role as Sheriff Bracket in next year's 'Halloween Kills'. Always nice seeing returning characters in these movies. ~The... more

  • Mr. Elrod, you doing ok??James Patton, Fri Aug 16 8:44pm
    Hey Mr. E, Matt Facebooked me and said he hasn't been able to contact you. You doing ok? To all of our Brochachos (and to the man who coined that term), Happy Fall to All!!! Jim (Please let us know you are ok David!!).

  • The St Pattys Myers Marathon....James Patton, Sat Mar 23 9:07pm
    I didn't see it was on. Like finding a song on the radio, there is something special about finding a Halloween on tv, even though you own 17 unedited versions of it. Great to hear from you and thanks for the heads up!! It's the St. Patty's Myers Marathon!!! Take care, Jim
    • Go Jim!Mr. Elrod, Sun Mar 24 9:46am

  • Question for Jim PattonMr. Elrod, Sun Jan 13 2:01pm
    Jimbo, in your travels with Haunted Enthusiasts, did you meet a Steve Shippy who's doing Haunting episodes on Prime Video right now? Been watching some of his work and am wondering if he's legit? He's had a couple of the old Ghosthunters on 2 different episodes in different hauntings, Steve Gonsalves and Brian _____,... more

  • Anyone.................Matt (M.W.), Fri Mar 15 4:25pm
    watching any Halloween this weekend? M.W.

    So....................Matt Russell (M.W.), Fri Mar 8 3:40pm
    how is everyone doing in Haddonfield today? Hope all is well with everyone. M.W.

  • I'm baaaaack!!Matt (thornmemner), Mon Jan 14 11:35pm
    Hello all!! Glad to see some old faces around here!! I will be here more often now and get wait to get back to talking to everyone!!!

  • Merry Christmas!Mark -, Tue Dec 25 1:19am
    It's been great to see Brandon, Matt, Jim and Mr. E, all of us back together this year. Like Mr. E said in another post, there aren't movies and news to talk about on a daily basis like there used to be, but it's nice that we can all still come together here on occasion and discuss this movie series that we all love.... more

  • Glad to be back! Been a long time!The Thorn, Tue Oct 30 1:27pm
    I haven't posted here in years, but I wanted to touch base and say Happy Halloween! Hope Mr. Elrod and Mark are doing well! Brandon- AKA -The Thorn-

  • Everyone in Hollywood keeps trying to compare Halloween to Venom, as they both came out in October and are neck and neck as far as ticket sales. But Venom cost $ 100 million to make and is at around $ 120 million has been out longer. Halloween cost $ 10 million to make and is already over $ 110 million in ticket... more

  • Like Michael, you can't kill the message board...Mark -, Thu Jul 5, 2018 10:53pm
    Had a little issue where the image server I use updated their .org extension to something else which killed all of the images on here including the Post A Message buttons. Also, I updated the email address on here which then blocked my access to making any changes to the message board to update the image server... more

  • Which HalloweeN DVD??Mark -, Fri Oct 26 7:31pm
    I have probably a dumb question but I never bought any of the DVD's with special features that came out the past few years or so and since I'm home for a while I'm thinking of finally buying one but don't know which one to buy with the most new features and booklets and all. I don't think I want to spend the money on... more

  • We have an interesting situation!!!!....James Patton, Fri Oct 19 3:11am
    I am not giving spoilers but there is a situation with different versions of audio in the movie!!! So, I am a member of Michael-Myers.net on Facebook and a lot of people are commenting on the new film. Here is what is interesting: Some are not hearing hardly any Carpenter music, some are hearing a lot. The H40 I saw... more

  • I love the new mask!!!!James Patton, Fri Sep 21, 2018 2:45am
    Obviously, we have suffered through some really bad masks. It is amazing that the companies spent what they did on production with total disregard for the main character's appearance. But with this one, they got an Academy Award-winning special effects artist to do the mask, and it is my favorite since the original. I ... more

  • I HAVE COME HOME!!!! James Patton, Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:33am
    Hello to all our listeners and to all you trick or treaters out there. This year marks the return of JC, JLC, NC and you and me to the original, the classic, HALLOWEEN!!! It is a little over a month out and I cannot wait!!! I watched the first trailer but felt the other 2 newer ones looked like they gave too much... more

    It's almost time...Mark -, Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:52pm
    I saw Jim posted that the original HalloweeN is going to be shown in theaters again soon and then what is most likely the most anticipated HalloweeN movie since the release of H2 and probably H4 also. Looking forward to this one!

  • I HAVE COME HOME!!!! James Patton, Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:31am
    Hello to all our listeners and to all you trick or treaters out there. This year marks the return of JC, JLC, NC and you and me to the original, the classic, HALLOWEEN!!! It is a little over a month out and I cannot wait!!! I watched the first trailer but felt the other 2 newer ones looked like they gave too much... more

    Filming recently started on the new movie...Mark -, Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:56pm
    Also just a post to keep the message board alive.

  • HalloweeN Theme Live 11/19/17...Mark -, Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:14am
    A snippet from Facebook and John Carpenter performing the Halloween Theme Live in Syracuse. John Carpenter Live 11/19/17 HalloweeN Theme

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