This page serves as an on-line tribute to the late Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker, the Father of American Kenpo. This is a place to share firsthand stories and fond memories of Mr. Parker. Many of us younger kenpoists never had the chance to meet or know Mr. Parker, and many of the younger generation truly don't understand the man's spirit or his dream. So this page has been created so that the younger generations might, through the help of those who knew Mr. Parker, have some positive insight into his life.

Please take note, though, that flames, insults, and trash-talking will be deleted. This is a place where kenpoists from all generations can converge and be united in Mr. Parker's dream. I am in no way affiliated with the International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA); this page does not endorse any organization, so please leave the politics at home. Any problems or questions should be addressed to Jay Creel.

Please note, this is NOT a discussion forum.
(General rule of thumb regarding posting replies, make sure it correlates to the story being told [as in, having something to add to the particular event or story]. Also, no anonymous posts, please. Thanks.)

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