Welcome to the Stalag VIII-B discussion board. My father was imprisoned in this camp and passed away on 4 July 2017 at the age of 95. After surviving an air crash in a Wellington bomber on a mountain during a blizzard, see www.buckdenpike.co.uk, he was then shot out of his plane some months later on a bombing raid over Germany and ended up as a PoW at Stalag VIII-B. He nearly died on the appalling Lamsdorf Death March. These events have inspired me to set this board up.

Posting tips are at the foot of this page. If you have problems or need postings corrected, email me: fusniakr@hotmail.com

Regards, Richard Fusniak (Fuzzy) .... 11 Nov 2000

  Laminowice - Opole

Central POW Museum
  Lamsdorf Reunited

Stalag 8B PoW's
Stalag VIII-B POW information

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Pamela Anderson's site

Memoirs of Harry Sanders
Don Bruce's site

Smuggled pictures!

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