Histamine, LDN, CCSVI & Lyme Dx – MS Therapies

Giving and Sharing Information is finding a Cause and Cure for Multiple Sclerosis faster than Financial Greed.

Since 2000, this Message Board has shared successful experiences and therapies from MS patients and people who love them. We are starting to believe that MS could originate from Lyme Disease and later is the result of restricted cranial circulation often resulting in iron deposits from ruptured hemoglobin cells at the site of plaques – a condition that could over activate the Immune System. Some of us have found blood flow relief from compounded meds, supplements, diet, surgery, various devices and exercise and have corrected the Immune System response with Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).

Sadly, the Twenty Billion Dollar Business of MS has encouraged Neurologists, Drug Companies and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to delay finding a Cause and a Cure for MS in the past and foreseeable future, but here is some Hope.

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