The Prokarin® Patch/No Longer a "New" MS Treatment

This discussion board replaces Dawn and David's original board, "Procarin® Patch/New MS Treatment".

The Prokarin® Patch, a transdermal gel used by many MS patients today to control the symptoms of MS, has been available by prescription at compounding pharmacies across the USA and later in Canada and Australia since August, 1999. David and I started the Prokarin® discussion board back then so that MS patients could get together and share knowledge and experiences regarding Prokarin® usage. As time went by, the conversations opened up to many other topics of interest to MS patients. While our board continues to mainly be a discussion forum and support group for Prokarin users, we remain open to topics of interest to MS patients as the previous board became such a special gathering place to so many and we want you to continue to have that "place" to meet, share and learn.

Prokarin® requires a doctor's prescription and then is obtained from a compounding pharmacy. For the number of the nearest compounding pharmacy in your area, call the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists at 1-800-927-4227.

****Other Prokarin Sites****

MS Treatment Discovered

The transcript of the July, 1999, KOMO TV NEWS (Tacoma,WA) broadcast introducing Prokarin®. For those of you who would like more specific information regarding Prokarin®, there is a phone number and email address of the nurse, Elaine DeLack, who discovered Prokarin®.

Prokarin research, list of Compounding Pharmacies, insurance information, articles of interest about Prokarin users

Prokarin Resources
This site contains a wealth of information on Prokarin®, articles, FAQ, etc, etc.

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