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She is with Kaiser Med I know she is entitled to second opinion how do we get one? Kaiser has bailed she has six tumors on her head meningiomas how do we get things started?

  • Just checking I Bea mcclure, Tue Apr 15, 2014 03:39
    Was so struck by the statement that thelast get together in ca was about a decade ago! I remember attending with my sweetheart. Glad to see the 'oldies' (figuratively) are still posting and doing well. I miss my hubby everyday and the m took only his dignity away...none of his bravery, character, or love . Stay strong ... more

  • Dizzy SpellsKathleen, Tue Apr 15, 2014 03:30
    Hi, I am back after a long absence. I do read the posts and have referred lots of people to this site. I have a small B. Meningioma that was diagnosed in 2000 it is near my optic nerve and is the size of the bottom of a pencil eraser. I have suddenly started having dizzy spells not a lot but enough to worry me. I... more

  • Left Temporal LobeRon McKnight, Sun Feb 9, 2014 11:37
    Hi everyone. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that had surgery on a left temporal lobe meningioma. Were there any complications? etc.

  • Im backRon McKnight, Fri Jan 17, 2014 07:52
    Well here I am again. 10 years after my Meningioma surgery with no problems I was diagnosed with another. I will be seeing the Neurosurgeon soon and more than likely getting another Surgery. I want to give encouragement to everyone on this board with each of your stories. This board helped me 10 years ago and I would... more

  • My frustration is growingAnne McGinnis Breen, Wed May 2, 2012 13:28
    My dear Meningimates, It has happened again, I'm still waiting for my Mifeprex (mifepristone) refills after ordering my next 3 month supply several weeks ago. If it wasn't for all the political issues and US government trade restrictions I could get it faster and much cheaper from India or China where it is only $6 or ... more

    pain and numbnessChristine, Tue May 1, 2012 17:01
    Hi guys- In the past week I have been waking up in the morning and as I sit up I feel this pressure shift in my head it turns into shooting pain up thru the middle of my head and across my forehead- today I felt half my arm from the elbow to my hand go slightly numb and that's lasted all day- any thoughts? I'm getting ... more

  • Keppra VS Lamictal ?Christine, Sun Apr 15, 2012 15:57
    Hi there- Since my last 2 seizures and bad reactions to the drowsy and dizzy side effects from the Keppra the neurologist is weaning me off that and onto Lamictal -anyone have any experience with Lamictal? I just want off these meds for good but right now need to just stop the seizures and be able to function! Thanks... more

  • Need dvise on post op seizuresChristine , Tue Apr 10, 2012 16:59
    Hi guys, Since my 2nd surgery on March 6th I've now had 2 seizures in the past 2 weeks which my NS called focal right arm and leg have gone completely numb for about 2- 3 minutes both times it happened and the 2nd seizure i had yesterday started off with some flashes of light in my vision and slight... more

  • Pain management for headachesAnne McGinnis Breen, Fri Apr 6, 2012 02:56
    My dear Meningimates, This STOMP Booklet is an excellent guide to alternative and medical pain management techniques and self empowerment behavior modification with simple checklists and detailed charts to learn more about your own pain triggers. Using breathing patterns to expel stale air are critical for me to... more

  • Happy Easter and please avoid Cat scansAnne McGinnis Breen, Fri Apr 6, 2012 01:47
    My dear Meningimates and our beloved significant others, Wow I just saw this new meningioma research report by Dr Elizabeth Claus!!! YOU remember my frequently shared anecdotal personal medical history about having multiple full mouth dental xrays by three different dentists as a child before I was 19 for regular... more

  • Cliffbea.mcclure, Sun Mar 18, 2012 07:07
    Cliff had his third craniotomy and Dr. Day, who is now in Houston but from Boston area, did his second and third craniotomy within 5 months of each other. Cliff's cognizance is there but he is trapped in a motionless body. My heart breaks for him. The doctor said the tumor has probably turned anaplastic, and we should ... more

  • I made it !Christine, Thu Mar 8, 2012 04:09
    Hi guys! Angio with emblem happened on Monday, sugery was on Tuesday and he got most of it out so went better than we all expected- I feel great considering its only been a day, still a bit sleepy from the meds ans swollen from the steroids but really do feel so relieved and have been walking around and about which is ... more

  • Hair loss?Christine, Wed Feb 29, 2012 18:38
    Hi guys, My surgery is on Tuesday and even though I feel there's not much I can do to prepare because I know even having gone through this before this probably will be a different experience- I am wondering, having said that, the last time I had surgery I lost a lot of the hair on top of my head, pretty much the area... more

  • Saying HelloRenee from Ky, Wed Feb 15, 2012 20:34
    It has been so long since I have been on here and was catching up and oh my goodness Berta I am SO sorry to read of P.K.'s passing. I'm sorry I haven't checked in sooner to be aware of it. I know you had the most special relationship of anyone I ever 'knew' and you were (and are) the inspiration for me in my marriage... more

  • MRIJesse In Los Angeles, Tue Feb 14, 2012 21:31
    Had my yearly MRI this past Friday. Will see the NeuroSurg next week to see results. I still feel verdigo and nausea at times?

  • Feels like groundhog's day....Christine, Sun Feb 12, 2012 16:48
    Hi there, It's been so long since I've posted here, when I found out I had a large M (well I had 2 of them) and needed surgery to have it removed I was 26yrs old so ironically approaching my 10yr anniversary it's back with a vengeance - I'm schedule to go in on March 5th and scheduled surgery for the 6th- it's strange ... more

  • Genetic links to meningioma, long from AMBAnne Breen, Sat Feb 11, 2012 01:55
    MY dear Meningimates, I'm sharing links to information I wanted to find for my own health and future wellness for me, my siblings and especially my three kids and grandson. I hope I can also help educate you and perhaps we can alert more of our doctors too. I'm worried these long reports below might be too much... more

  • connectingBerta, Thu Jan 19, 2012 07:11
    We of all people recognize that life always moves forward in spite of changes...thus it is up to each of us to touch the Power within to adjust! It is One year and five months since PK moved on....feels like only moments ago as well as eternity....adjustments are On going for me as well ...adjustments into an... more

  • Fluid Filled Cyst w/ meningiomaSheri, Sun Jan 8, 2012 14:18
    My Meningioma is in the sagital sinus. It was gamma knifed 4.5 years ago and has been slowly shrinking. I have yearly MRI checkups each December. This December they said I have a fluid filled cyst on or next to the meningioma. I can't remember if it was on or next to. I was kinda freaking out. They showed me that it... more
    • SheriAnne Breen, Sat Feb 11 02:08
    • SheriCindy in SLC, Wed Feb 1 07:05
      • cystSheri, Wed Feb 1 11:09

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