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US Currently Considering Who To Kill Next William Mount, Mon Mar 30 16:37
As you read this under your feet in South Central Nebraska there is a committee meeting trying to decide who to kill next - what terrorist attack they should conduct. Picture this - a bunch of Fat Old Men sitting around sipping Scotch and smoking Cigars discussing what terrorist attack they should fund next. Well -... more
Flight 9525 - Dead Men Tell No TalesWilliam Mount, Mon Mar 30 15:43
In Intelligence you paint a picture to describe what is happening in the real world. The ability to pull real information out of Thin Air is rare and one I enjoy today - but most analysts must pool data and look at the entire picture before they can draw any conclusions. (Please Pray - Visualize - that those at the... more
THE RICH AND POWERFUL...butlincat2012, Sun Mar 29 15:15
Why The US Corporation Shot Down Flight 9525William Mount, Sun Mar 29 15:05
There is no question that the United States Corporation shot down Flight 9525. The evidence was released just after it was shot down. The Debris field is huge and Lufthansa announced that they have complete control of every jet they fly. For it to go down it had to be shot down. Further - the Pilot has the key to the... more
VIDEO: Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Illuminati Symbol on the Inside of his Hoodie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGssbaktT1I
S.R.A.: "Illuminati Family Member Speaks Out, Ritual Child Abuse & Deprogramming Techniques! Jay Parker" AND RAS BEN Presentation, "Free Your Minds 2" April 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM9igpDb3l0 Illuminati Family Member Speaks Out, Ritual Child Abuse & Deprogramming Techniques! Jay Parker [86 mins.] Vincent... more
  • The Cure for AlzheimersWilliam Mount, Sat Mar 28 15:32
    This is the worst disease I have ever seen as you watch your relatives slip away before your eyes. I would rather die then have Alzheimers - and we have know the cure for this disease since 1951. Following is a video stating what I have found reverses Alzheimers. The Nutrient Base and Surfactant Immusist combine to... more
    The Cure For Morgellons DiseaseWilliam Mount, Thu Mar 26 15:44
    If you read The Cure For Morgellons Disease story we wrote last year then here is an Update. First of all - if you have Morgellons Disease you are not crazy. If a Doctor treats you he will more than likes be arrested by some US Zeig Heil Department so he must send you to the Psych Ward and back out of it. We all know... more
    Putin - This One's for YouWilliam Mount, Wed Mar 25 17:27
    President Putin - this one is for you and your handlers. Putin - This One's For You - YouTube Dr William B. Mount https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYDtxyavWrU&feature=youtu.be
    while Bush Sr. sodomizes and tortures the kid to death...David Howard 924, Wed Mar 25 11:18
    http://www.gailallen.com/theo/Secrets-of-the-CIA-Global-Sex-Slave-Industry-by-Dr-Sue-Arrigo.html The FBI polygraphers will clean-up this mess.
    Kitty Alzheimerrs ReversedWilliam Mount, Tue Mar 24 17:10
    Our 13 year Cat "Dixie" came to me whne I got married. He has always had stomach problems but also therw up allot. In the last two years he started throwing up 2-3 times a day - all over the place. Poor guy - yes, Dixie is a boy that looked like a girl for his first 4 weeks. About 5 weeks ago Dixie began meowing and... more
    US Carrier Disabled By Russian SubmarineWilliam Mount, Mon Mar 23 18:51
    We are currently checking out a story stating that the US Carrier Roosevely (CVA 71) was disabled by the Russian Navy. During Wargames the Carrier and most of her fleet, wer "Knocked Out Of action" by a French Submarine during Wargames on 15 March. Apparently she headed with her Fleet up into the Baltic Sea sn the... more
    Will Funnie Mae the next going bankrupt?katsung47, Mon Mar 23 11:59
    Expert Says: “Look who’s going bankrupt next in America” 03.12.2015 BY Mike Palmer, Stansberry Research No one believed Porter Stansberry six years ago. As head of one of America’s largest independent financial research firms, Mr. Stansberry’s work back in 2008 led him to a bold, but worrisome, conclusion: That the... more
    “Cheney gives the orders here now, not Obama, and you assholes better get used to it!” Tuesday, 10 March 2015 A shocking report published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) today states that the Kremlin was “stunned” yesterday after Minister Sergey Lavrov endured a nearly one-hour tirade from US Assistant... more
    The first payment for the drug case katsung47, Mon Mar 23 11:55
    888. The first payment for the drug case (3/18/2015) It took two months (4/11 to 6/11) for the Feds and Chinese secret police to arrange a drug case – to smuggle heroine from south west China to US. 6/9/2001 I received warnings from the Feds. [quote] Author:FBI ( Subject:Your Time Is UP, Kat Hak Sung !Sat,... more
    The website That Kills All Other WebitesWilliam Mount, Mon Mar 23 07:52
    Who has been attacking the internet - here is an Email form Sorcha describing just who. Please pray that the Web Master and his minions collapse forever immediately. Here is the E-Mail: Well Folks, It's been a very trying week for us, but we're back up and online so let me take a few minutes to tell you everything we... more
    We May Be Hours Away Form Nuclear WarWilliam Mount, Sun Mar 22 15:09
    Folks - we may be hours away form a Nuclear War. The Rothchild's Elites are under orders to get this started by 3 April 2015. (((Please pray that those who are trying to start this war become so violently sick they can neither talk nor speak for the rest of their lives))) As you recall - Eight years ago the First... more
    Open Powerpc9323, Sat Mar 21 15:26
    Revolution begins... your chance to take part StartJOIN Open Power Electoral Reform campaign https://www.startjoin.com/OpenElections
    Why Russian Presence In The American Civil WarWilliam Mount, Sat Mar 21 14:05
    To fully understand the presence we must understand the past. Only then can we move forward. DEFINITIONS (hopefully in alphabetical order): “Alexander II, Czar of Russia” (Per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of ETI & TTT): “Alexander II was born in 1818, and was assassinated in 1881 by agents of the Jesuits, who threw... more
    Operation Jade Helm - It Is Only The BeginningWilliam Mount, Sat Mar 21 13:59
    Please pray that those ordering this are destroyed immediately. What does "Mastering the human domain" mean? What does “Master the human domain” mean? Is it a euphemism for the complete subjugation of the civilian population of the United States? From July 15th to September 15th, 2015, the U.S. Army Special Operations ... more


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