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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. —Albert Einstein

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May 21, 2015 We can change this matrix. apfn visual prayer - https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=apfn+visual+prayer And thus, we can open the gateways to the many opportunities, for the many future generations to be, who will be the ones who will participate in this Living Universe's future living sequence. And, for... more
Walmart's anti-union propaganda videoed63, Thu May 21 04:25
Remember, loyal employees... Walmart corporation = good, unions = bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eQuIWmi9h8 http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/05/20/1386283/-Walmart-s-leaked-anti-union-video-is-crazy?detail=email
  • America's Dumbest Congressman:ed63, Thu May 21 03:50
    America's Dumbest Congressman: Bush would have never invaded Iraq if he knew Obama would screw it up Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert: “Everybody else wants to ask that question of, ‘Gee, would you have gone into Iraq if you’d known what you know now?’” Gohmert complained to Virginia talk radio host John... more
    • Yesjchorak7441, Thu May 21 22:28
  • The operator of an underground pipeline that ruptured and released up to 105,000 gallons of crude oil in Santa Barbara County -- and tens of thousands of gallons into the ocean -- said Wednesday that the spill happened after a series of mechanical problems caused the line to be shut down. The problems began about... more
    You may have seen a new ad from the American Petroleum Institute, telling us that oil and gas companies cannot afford to--and don't want to--spend money to clean up their pollution. Using outright lies to bolster their position, they claim that strong smog protections are expensive, and unnecessary. But here's what... more
    Correspondence Sent to Veterans for Medical Marijuana, willpwilson 908, Tue May 19 12:12
    May 19, 2015 - http://www.veteransformedicalmarijuana.org/ - http://www.veteransformedicalmarijuana.org/contact News Report and Reply was originally posted here - 908 Dr. Mount, Thank You For Your Selfless Concern & Warnings. Mon May 18, 2015 -... more
  • Why pineal gland and mental health are most important in these times Clean pineal gland and strong mental health are most important to tell the truth from the lies and take control of your life back to your own hands. While we spend our days being manipulated slaves, science and spirituality are joining up and... more
    Congress - There Is No Place To HideWilliam Mount, Mon May 18 13:44
    Congress, Parliaments - there is no place to hide. THERE'S NO PLACE TO HIDE - YouTube The News You Need Dr William B. Mount
    Jade Helm - US Intelligence BriefingWilliam Mount, Sun May 17 16:14
    The video you are about to see is a summary of this Ambassador's latest Intel Briefing on Jade Helm. It follows pretty closely to what Benjamin Fulford is now stating and appears to be much worse that we initially thought. Please pray (Visualize) that those in charge of Jade Helm are immediately and completely... more
    THE CURE FOR DIABETES - VIDEOWilliam Mount, Sun May 17 09:35
    The Video: The Cure For Diabetes You Have A Right To Know And I have lost 80+ pounds, and my wife has lost 23+ pounds. THE CURE FOR DIABETES - YouTube You Tube: THE CURE FOR DIABETES The News You Need Dr William B. Mount
    WA Govenor Declares Drought Emergency During RainWilliam Mount, Sat May 16 15:44
    Why would the Washington State Governor declare a State of Emergency over drought while it is sprinkling? Is not the Columbia and Green Rivers full and are not they expected to be full all summer? Is there not enough water that is we pump the rivers into the fields we have plenty of water for irrigation? Are not the... more
    MUST LISTEN!! VICTIMS OFTHE STATE PATRICK CULLINANE + MAURICE KIRK ON FREEDOM TALK RADIO 16/05/15 In the foreground: Patrick Cullinane, background: Maurice Kirk: see PC’s demo at the RCJ, London, October 2013: https://www.butlincat.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/paul-cullinane-protest-at-the-rcj-london-2-sept-2013/ PATRICK... more
    BLATANT VOTE FRAUD IN DALLAS MAY ELECTION!!!Richard P. Sheridan, Sat May 16 06:36
    So much has happened since I last posted on APFN. I was arrested on March 27 by 6 Dallas Police officers, and spent 2 days in jail. When I got out on Sunday, palm Sunday at 7 am its been a whirlwind in my campaign for mayor of Dallas. My no. 1 campaign issue was, and still is RACISM. THEY DID ALL THEY COULD DO TO SHUT ... more
  • Jade Helm - We Can WinWilliam Mount, Thu May 14 15:11
    In the recent news the media has us all in a "Frenzie" about Jade Helm Yes - under Operation Devolution the plan here is to exchange the Federal Reserve Dollar for the US Treasury Dollar, then devalue that to the point where we need to bring in the New World Order Gold Backed Currency and then kill off 300 Million... more
  • Some of corporate America's biggest climate-change deniers – from Exxon Mobil to the Koch Brothers – are in dread of a potent storm that's gaining strength and headed right at them. It's the category-5 "Hurricane Francis," which threatens to overwhelm their flimsy ideological castles. This threat is not literally a... more
  • Be “the wave” that sweeps away TPPed63, Thu May 14 03:58
    Listen to this Commentary http://www.jimhightower.com/sites/jimhightower.civicactions.net/files/15-23_f_show.mp3 Suddenly, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is in the news! After years of negotiating the TPP behind closed doors, the corporate and governmental elites who’ve drafted this Declaration of Corporate Dependence... more
    Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept SatanismDavid Howard 924, Wed May 13 05:46
  • Why Large Earthquakes and Train Derailments World WideWilliam Mount, Wed May 13 01:32
    Following is why we are seeing the large number of Earthquakes and Train Wrecks world wide. 1) On 14 July 1944 the United States Corporation was set up under the Bretton Woods Agreement by the Signatures of the treaty to control world wide populations, maintain the World Currency under the Gold Standard, and dozens of ... more
    You Have Been Found WantingWilliam Mount, Tue May 12 09:28
    Over the last year GOD has had me file certain financial forms with different corporations around the world. These were done as a Test from the Living GOD for the people in these Corporations and Governments. These forms were filed as an Ambassador and member of Foreign Royalty and thus from someone who is... more
  • Tell Congress: It’s Time to Stop Mass Surveillance Dear Member of Congress, It's been nearly two years since the revelations of the U.S. government's mass surveillance practices began, and in that time Congress has failed to pass any meaningful surveillance reform. Now, Congress is about to consider re-authorizing... more

    "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." - Edward Everett Hale">


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