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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. —Albert Einstein

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"They Took Out My Son of a Bitch Psychology. It's the End of My Strategy, end of My Force. H----- Right Pushed Me. My Stupid Reserve Stalled Me. All the People I light on Fire Push Ahead. My Hostile is Sewered Good. I raped so many with My Dungeons," Judee say. Might we not consider that Father is so perfect and... more
Heat Wave Causes Roads To Melt Across The GlobeWilliam Mount, Sun May 29 07:06
HEAT WAVE CAUSES ROADS TO MELT IN INDIA, England, Russia, Etc ------------------------------------------------------------------- Video: Heat Wave Cause Roads To Melt - The Sun Has Gone Nuts - YouTube A Heat wave caused roads to melt in India and the United Kingdom last May? So what is going on with the sun? Remember... more
Cell Phones Cause Cancer - It's OfficialWilliam Mount, Sat May 28 06:50
IT’S OFFICIAL - CELL PHONES CAUSE CANCER Video:Cell Phones Cause Cancer - It's Officlal - YouTube About 6 years ago we did a TV story on Channels 23 and 77 in Seattle on study conducted by the Department of Transportation of India. The Indian Department of Transportation released a 110 page report linking Electronic... more
Thirty One Different Gender Identities - By By AmericaWilliam Mount, Fri May 27 06:15
NYC - 31 DIFFERENT GENDER IDENTITIES - COMING TO YOUR CITY SOON Video: NYC Has 32 Different Gender Identities - YouTube If you are wondering where president Obama is taking America look No further than his recent quote: The End of The Republic Never Looked So Good New York City has just passed an ordinance as a test... more
Why Obama Is Making Crossdressers "Heroes"William Mount, Thu May 26 05:42
WHY OBAMA IS PUSHING FOR CROSSDRESSERS TO BE SUPERHEROES Video: Why Obama Is Making Cross Dressers Heroes - YouTube (((Before we begin with this story keep in mind Pres Putin, PM Medvedev, Pres Chi of China - if Tsunami hits the with enough force, or a nuke hits the wrong place and one of the now 138 Doomsday Bombs... more
Intel report - Just Get ReadyWilliam Mount, Wed May 25 04:49
INTEL REPORT - JUST GET READY Video: Intel Report - It Does Not Look Good - YouTube I have had severe pressure put on me to get this briefing out 1) Putin believes the US Dollar will crash in 3 days, but what does he know, right? 2) A member of our Intel Community believes the entire US System will crash 1 June -... more
Huge Object Moving Across Ocean FloorWilliam Mount, Tue May 24 04:11
HUGE OBJECT FOUND MOVING ACROSS OCEAN FLOOR Video: Huge Objsct Found Moving Across Ocean Floor - YouTube What we are being allowed to see now will lead us to the understanding that there may be much more to this planet than meets the eye We have recently been allowed to see several things: 1) Admiral Bird’s Expedition ... more
VW XL-1 Boasts 280MPGWilliam Mount, Mon May 23 05:44
VW Xl-1 Boasts of 280 MPG Car Boasts 280MPG - Not For Sale In US - YouTube What more can you say??? We have seen all kinds of alternate energy things - but this one - is in Full Production in Germany - Not Allowed in USA Pray the Rothchilds Empire crumbles immediately The News You Need Dr William B. Mount
Ship Leaves Tacoma Loaded - Dollar RejectedWilliam Mount, Sun May 22 03:13
SHIP LEAVES PORT TACOMA FULLY LOADED - THEY REFUSED TO ACCEPT THE DOLLAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcjf9HE7vPc It is one thing to talk about, it is another to actually see it happen Most of Europe and several south American Nations - like Brazil that recently had a US Sponsored Coup - are still accepting the US... more
Carl Klangstrawdog79, Sun May 22 00:49
Does anyone have the current postal or e-mail address to folksinger Carl Klang? I desperately need to get in touch with him. I wish to order multiply copies of his releases. Or if anyone could pass him this message, that would work fine too. Any help appreciated. My address is: strawdog79@yahoo.no
Obama Hires Satin As Faith AdvisorWilliam Mount, Sat May 21 06:09
OBAMA HIRES SATIN AS A FAITH ADVISOR Obama Hires Satin As Faith Advisor - YouTube This is not a joke. Obama has hired 3 people for his FAITH ADVSORY BOARD 1) Barbara Satin (Satan) - a cross dressing switch hitter -and a member of the United Church of Christ 2) Naseem Kourosh - US Bahai Office of Public Affairs and... more
Room vacated for yearskatsung47, Fri May 20 15:16
903. Room vacated for years (5/15/2016) Feng L. Sung is my young sister. She lives in San Francisco. The ground floor of her house was reformed to a two bed room in law for rent. The tenant is Mr. Jin. Mr. Jin's grandmother had worked as a maid with my family for decades. She had no children. She adopted a son. That's ... more
Birds of a feather flock together (katsung47, Fri May 20 15:15
904. Birds of a feather flock together (5/19/2016) In "901. Donald Trump is a candidate of the Feds." I said Trump is a S.S.G., that this election campaign is full of S.S.G. rally comic show. Two weeks ago, Trump revealed something. [quote] Trump accuses Cruz's father of helping JFK's assassin By NOLAN D. MCCASKILL... more
  • "Though They Accomplished You's the Accomplish was Refused." That is a Tele receive from 3.11 AM today. "Though they accomplished you's the accomplish was refused." Using merely one Jewish nuclear electricity power plant and burning it for over 5 years now they have accomplished us. Judah still has 435 more Jewish... more
    Strange Orbs Surround The SunWilliam Mount, Fri May 20 04:59
    STRANGE ORBS SURROUNDING THE SUN Video:Strange Orbs Surround The Sun and Hillary On Trial - YouTube Rather than discussing the current WAR CRIME TRIALS against Hillary in Russia for killing 2 Ambassadors, killing hundreds of innocent people, conspiring to create 9/11 and selling Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Weapons to... more
    FPL Bills Customers for Unbuilt Nuclear Plants But Wants Out of Justifying Need FLAGLERLIVE | MAY 18, 2016 nuclear fpl Consumers don;t want to get hosed by FPL’s hazy nuclear plans. (Jonas Bengtsson ) Attorneys for consumers, the city of Miami and business and environmental groups are fighting Florida Power & Light’s... more
  • Footage Shows Gold Light Flying Over Alaska: Is This A UFO Splitting Into Three? Posted on May 18, 2016 by LUFOS in Latest posts, N. America // 1 Comment ufo Many people have done it – looked up in the sky, seen an object, and has taken a second look. Even though some archaeologists firmly believe that Unidentified... more
    "Do Not Be Fierce." Just finished saying a prayer to Father to help find the right words to write that will bring Labor to act and take the concession to issue our money away from international weap Judah. Just after finishing the prayer to Father "B" said, "Do not be fierce." That was at 3.50 AM. "Do not be fierce."... more
    This Is Why America Is FallingWilliam Mount, Wed May 18 01:32
    Today on Facebook we noticed that the Number One Story is about the First Penis Transplant in America. This Is Why America Is Falling Apart - YouTube While the world is falling apart and riots are happening around the world While the US Dollar is being rejected around the world While Putin is rebuilding his nuclear... more
    Be Ready - Food and WaterWilliam Mount, Tue May 17 10:14
    Just get ready for what is coming - Video: Be Ready - Food And Water - YouTube The News You Must Have Dr William B. Mount


    "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." - Edward Everett Hale">


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