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It's Coming Here Folks - Cuss And DiscussWilliam Mount, Fri Jul 29 03:55
IT’S COMING HERE - CUSS AND DISCUSS A WOMAN HAS A RIGHT TO BE HEARD Women have as much right to speak out as men so we created Cuss And Discuss so you can hear this perspective. Video: It's Coming Here -- Cuss And Discuss - YouTube What we have seen over the last few days is absolutely shocking 1) The Hillary... more
Germany Under Siege - It's Coming HereWilliam Mount, Thu Jul 28 09:34
GERMANY UNDER SIEGE - ITS COMING HERE Video: Germany Under Siege - It's Coming here - YouTube Within the last few days, and without permission of Angela Merkel (Mother of Terror) the German Police raided one Mosque in Westfalen (Northern Rhine) region of Germany What they found was a Huge “War Grade Arsenal” of... more
Crisis Actors Needed $1,000/Day CorrectedWilliam Mount, Wed Jul 27 07:12
CRISIS ACTORS NEEDED - $1,000/DAY CORRECTED Video: Crisis Actors Needed $1,000/Day Corrected - YouTube A few days ago we did a story showing Craig’s List Ads for crisis actors. The all the ads led the E-9 Corporation in Virginia All the ads were wrong and I was wrong in publishing these Advertisements The E-9... more
March Towards War As DNC Provides ReliefWilliam Mount, Tue Jul 26 06:14
MARCH TOWARDS WAR AS DNC PROVIDES COMEDY RELIEF Video: March Towards War As DNC Provides Comedy Relief - YouTube …..A) The World is marching towards war, led by the US Military The war must begin by 1 October 2016 or all is lost - this the last day of the Year of Jubilee and there is no sign in sight that the Bankers... more
2 hr. video:  123rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop Tuesday July 26 2016 2,845 views       http://livestream.com/KFSSI/events/5758705/videos/130987763 ----------------------------------------------------------------  The Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute will release information about a... more
Background: https://butlincat.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/may-appleton-urgent-update-solicitor-needed-asap-archive/         .entry-meta -->      Above: May Appleton, R.I.P . 25 JULY – URGENT UPDATE – PLEASE READ – WE NEED YOUR HELP! If there are ANY solicitors out... more
German Plans To Invade Russia And DNC UnwindsWilliam Mount, Mon Jul 25 06:19
GERMANY MOVES TO INVADE RUSSIA WHILE DNC UNWINDS Video: German Plans to Invade Russia While DNC Wnwinds - YouTube This is correct - and allot to swallow this morning German plans to Invade Russia in August were leaked last month to the Russia Security Services and the Russian Leadership is very upset After World War 2 ... more
Crisis Actors Needed - $1,000/Day PayWilliam Mount, Sun Jul 24 06:59
CRISIS ACTORS NEEDED Video:Crisis Actors Needed - $1,000/Day+ - YouTube The Sunday Montage Crisis Actors are in High Demand Pay is commensurate with performance Free Medical for families Employee 401K available for retirement All races and all ages are needed, both men and women Willing to travel and work with others... more
attempt murderkatsung47, Sun Jul 24 06:16
914.Attempt murder (7/23/2016) Out of massive murder plots the Feds planned, this "falling death" of roofing incident has years' long history. My wife signed the roofing contract on 7/17. That day she suggested to cut off a tree in front house. I remembered the broken apple tree. see #909. Resonance to damage (2). The ... more
Roof deal and acoustic weaponkatsung47, Sun Jul 24 06:13
913. Deal of roof repair (7/18/2016) The Feds try to frame me in a falling death case of roofer by breaking off the beam with resonance wave. Five weeks ago, I felt a strong, long lasting vibration on ground. I wrote #908. Quote: "I put those events together and alleged they were done by the Feds. I knew there was... more
Trump’s ‘Spiritual Advisor’ Is Just Another Con Artist And She Stole Her Con From Harry Potter By Wendy Gittleson on July 11, 2016 1:52 pm · http://www.addictinginfo.org/2016/07/11/trumps-spiritual-advisor-is-just-another-con-artist-and-she-stole-her-con-from-harry-potter/
Munich Fake Shooting, Hillary Having SiezuresWilliam Mount, Sat Jul 23 06:15
MUNICH SHOOTING - ASSAULTING TERRORIST WITH SAFETY VESTS? AND HILLARY HAS SEIZURES? Video: Munich Fake Shooting , Hillary Has Seizures - YouTube The New World Order is getting sloppier and sloppier Aren’t you getting tired of the New World Order’s attempt to harass us???? Pray they stop --- and watch GOD act... They... more
Trump Disses Cruz and Smokin ChiliWilliam Mount, Fri Jul 22 15:09
TRUMP DISSES CRUZ AND SMOKIN HOT CHILI Video: Trump Disses Cruz And Spicy Hot Chili - YouTube Today Donald Trump stated in a speech that he Likes Ted Cruz personally but he does not need his endorsement nor would he accept it. He never actually criticized Cruz but he spoke the Truth, stating that Cruz’s Endorsement... more
Cuss And Discuss - Intel Report - 7.22.16William Mount, Fri Jul 22 06:59
CUSS AND DISCUSS - INTEL REPORT - 7.22.16 Video: Cuss And Discuss - Intel Report - 7.22.16 - YouTube Here we sit down and spend about 15 minutes discussing the news that is important to you. 1ST - Republican National Convention a. Naked Women b. Paid Protesters Burning an flag Authorized by the Governor c. WIFI... more
"YOU HELPED ME GET THEM OUT!"Patrick Sullivan, Thu Jul 21 11:19
"YOU HELPED ME GET THEM OUT!" Father said that to Bitch at 2.35 PM, "you helped me get them out." Thank you Father for your kindness. Will Labor not step in and help to close them out right? The next is how this post started early today. The title was just changed now at 2.52 PM after hearing Father's words.... more
Ohio Governor Kasich Pays For Riot At RNCWilliam Mount, Thu Jul 21 05:49
CRISIS ACTORS RIOT AT RNC Video: Governor Kasich Authorizes Riots At RNC - YouTube Yes - you heard that correctly Ohio National Guard Crisis Actors tried to create a riot at the Republican National Convention Yup - Governor John Kasich’s State So before these riots occurred we 1) Called the Governor and Lt Governor’s... more
UN Implements War PlanWilliam Mount, Wed Jul 20 06:45
UN IMPLEMENTS WAR PLAN Video: UN Implements War Plan - YouTube AA) What does that mean? For the last 3 or 4 years I have been listening to the internal broadcasts of both the United Nations and the Lucis Trust - those who run the UN agenda We never criticize but listen with an openly so as to understand exactly what... more
THE WORLD HAS HAD IT Video: The World Has Had It - YouTube As the White House orders the death of Trump, Erdogan, Putin and Medvedev all on the same day and fails at all 4 attempts The world has had it with these Evil little trolls obeying their Masters in London destroying the planet So what are we seeing? 1) We see... more
Baton Rouge - Another False FlagWilliam Mount, Mon Jul 18 06:17
BATON ROUGE SHOOTING - ANOTHER FALSE FLAG Video: Baton Rouge False Flag - Another One - YouTube So - we are being pummeled by the recent rash of Fake Stories being flashed across the Mani Stream News Media Throw out your TV and get rid of your News Papers and begin looking for real news In fact - for $30 you can put... more
THE CURE FOR CATARACTSWilliam Mount, Sun Jul 17 07:03
THE CURE FOR CATARACTS Per your request we are doing this Video - the the smartest, most active audience in the world: The Video: THE CURE FOR CATARACTS - YouTube By The Cure we mean helps eliminate the problem to the point where you can live a normal life a) First - what is a Cataract? A Cataract occurs when the... more


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