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Bomb Threat At White HouseWilliam Mount, Wed Mar 29 06:13
EMERGENCY AT THE WHITE HOUSE BOMB THREAT INVESTIGATED ON WHITE HOUSE NORTH LAWN Apparently a man through a Package over the White House Fence yesterday and claiming it was a bomb and it landed on the North Lawn. Despite the Secret Service being warned about this they did not catch him until he reached 15th and... more
Deep State Panics - All Is Exp[osedWilliam Mount, Tue Mar 28 06:29
DEEP STATE DESPERATE - EVERYTHING BEING EXPOSED Those in the Deep State - the world Leaders in the council of 45 +1 - who are trying to create Chaos world Wide in an attempt to start a Economic Melt Down, Nuclear War and kill 6.5 Billion People are in utter Panic. Agenda 21 - now Agenda 30 - is still alive and well.... more
  • Federal prosecutors fired for not evil enough katsung47, Mon Mar 27 11:22
    953. Federal prosecutors fired for not evil enough (3/24/2017) In #902, I said "The main job of Trump is to cover up the murder case - to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story. That is the core interest of the Feds". On 3/10 Trump Abruptly Ordered 46 Federal Prosecutors to Resign. I think it was... more
    Nuke attack planed on New York on 3/15katsung47, Mon Mar 27 11:21
    952. A big terror attack planed on 3/15 (3/19/2017) I think the Feds(D.O.D. and D.O.J.) planed a nuclear attack at New York on 3/15 to distract the elimination case of Kat Sung. The similar attempts played several times in previous time. See #683. The rare seen natural disasters aim at New York (8/26/2011) and #763.... more
    Fake media fightkatsung47, Mon Mar 27 11:18
    When the truth is approaching that the FBI puppet - Trump stole the president seat with the help of Russians, they push out a scapegoat -CIA. Wikileaks is a false flag of the FBI. It works to confuse public. In 2016 election, it helped Trump with email gate propaganda. Now when people investigate Russian's role, it... more
    ORGANISED ORGAN HARVESTING - JAMAICA + WORLDWIDE [VIDEO] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S6LK-sKxbk Jamaican Speaks on Organ Trafficking of Young Black Women in Jamaica Today Irritated Genie Speaks Published on 10 Feb 2017
    DARK WEB THREATENS CONGRESSMAN, GOVERNORS, ....William Mount, Mon Mar 27 05:16
    DARK WEBB THREATENS CONGRESSMAN, GOVERNORS, LOCAL OFFICIALS The Dark Net is currently filled with Rage towards our Left Wing NAZI Congress, many Governors, and many local officials and filled with threats to both them and their families even to the point of publishing all of the Private Home Addresses of all of the US ... more
    Another Obama Elite Goes To JailWilliam Mount, Sun Mar 26 07:01
    ANOTHER ELITE ARRESTED AND JAILED And yet another major Obama Supporter has been put in jail for a very, very long time. This time attorney Eric ‘CONN” has admitted to committing Fraud against the Social security Department to the tune of around $600 Million Dollars. That’s allot of chump change. Apparently Eric Conn... more
  • President "O" - About To Go Down For TreasonWilliam Mount, Sat Mar 25 06:36
    THE LAST PRESIDENT, AND HIS CRONIES, ARE IN BIG TROUBLE As the last President remains in a foreign nation far, far away from the United States evidence is building that he and his staff are guilty of Treason on so many levels. First - let’s discuss why YOU are here. We went to a friend’s house for dinner last night... more
    5 MORE ELITES TAGGED, 3 ARRESTEDWilliam Mount, Fri Mar 24 05:15
    5 MORE ELITES TAGGED, 3 ARRESTED Over the last 2 months the Swamp has not only been drained but these Elite Alligators are now being arrested worldwide. Thanks to a concerted Effort by President’s Trump and Putin (Actually, their handlers) 5 more Elites are going away permanently. First - in Russia - these men were... more
    OCCULT GREENS - DOCUMENTARY by Thomas Sheridan Leticia A. Martinez, Wed Mar 22 19:26
    OCCULT GREENS - DOCUMENTARY by Thomas Sheridan From Child Sex to Carbon Tax How a collective of Hardcore Marxists, Child Molesters and Terrorists ended up controlling Global Politics https://youtu.be/-GIsGu7pNKw
    HANG ON - ELITES ARE IN UTTER PANICWilliam Mount, Wed Mar 22 06:53
    HANG ON - IT’S GONNA GET ROUGH AS ELITES PANIC The world’s elites are in total panic as their infrastructure begins to break down. First - the story we produced yesterday must have contained allot of information YOU were not supposed to see as the hits were held at under 3,000 on You Tube. Actual hits topped 300,000.... more
  • Prepare For Huge Economic ChangesWilliam Mount, Tue Mar 21 04:45
    PREPARE FOR HUGE ECONOMIC CHANGES WE all need to be prepared for hat is coming. Last night, for example, Benjamin Fuldford stated the New US Republic has been reformed and there is a huge monetary change coming as the US Dollar - the Federal Reserve Note - is about to go bust, be eliminated. He clearly stated that the ... more
    TRIPE: "Julian Assange & Wikileaks is owned, invented and controlled by TPTB..." Editor of the "TOPICAL DIGEST" - Honestly, can't you think of anything WORTHWHILE TO PUBLISH other than "Julian Assange & Wikileaks is owned, invented and controlled by TPTB..."? This article is too stupid for words. Explain how you... more
  • "The Cat Wiped Us Off. Patrick Sullivan, Mon Mar 20 10:24
    "The Cat Wiped Us Off." That's a Tele receive from over night. Is there not yet some acceptance that the cat indeed wiped us off? By advising Americans into a permanent state of war, have we not figured yet that they have advised us off? America the beautiful being destroyed in the eternal sport war of weap Judah. The ... more
    Elites Attack Planet Earth - Trump Fights BackWilliam Mount, Mon Mar 20 06:40
    ELITES ATTACKING PLANET, TRUMP FIRES BACK There has been all all out attack upon Planet Earth by the elites and President Trump is firing back. Sit back and hear what is really going on and what YOU can do about it to stop it. 1) First, and foremost, there have been 2 bomb threats within the last 3 days on the Subway... more
    ANOTHER ATTEMPT ON TRUMP - JUST LIKE WE WARNED LAST WEEK ==================================== (((Dr Will Wilson - how many TV shows did we do together to protect President's Bush and Obama??? President Bush Jr Survived only to be found 2 weeks after leaving the Presidency on a Honda 90 at a local hardware store... more
    Watch Viral Video Of Diamond UFO Hovering Over Sea March 18, 2017 LUFOS daytime UFO, Europe, Latest posts, UFO videos 3 danish-ufo An amazing video of an apparent diamond-shaped UFO has gone viral. It shows the UFO hovering above the sea before vanishing through an alleged portal. Section 51 2, which uploaded the... more
  • Obama On The Run As Drug Busts Have BegunWilliam Mount, Fri Mar 17 07:20
    PRESIDENT OBAMA IS ON THE RUN AFTER THE DRUG BUSTS HAVE BEGUN??? It is over for these “Left Wing Nut Case Satanic NAZIs Who’s Elevators Do Not Go Up All The Way.” (((((Before we begin please note that as a matter of fact - most of the agents in the FBI and CIA are not in favor of being part a Huge Illegal Drug... more
    Elites Are Killing Us - Fight BackWilliam Mount, Thu Mar 16 03:53
    THE ELITES ARE KILLING US - FIGHT BACK We do these videos to help us fight back. Video: (((You will have to go to You Tube to see the video as links do not post here))) One if by land, two if by sea, three if by both land and sea? We will need to put out about 100 Lanterns. They are hitting us with: 1) Con Trails 2)... more


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