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Munich Fake Shooting, Hillary Having SiezuresWilliam Mount, Sat Jul 23 06:15
MUNICH SHOOTING - ASSAULTING TERRORIST WITH SAFETY VESTS? AND HILLARY HAS SEIZURES? Video: Munich Fake Shooting , Hillary Has Seizures - YouTube The New World Order is getting sloppier and sloppier Aren’t you getting tired of the New World Order’s attempt to harass us???? Pray they stop --- and watch GOD act... They... more
Trump Disses Cruz and Smokin ChiliWilliam Mount, Fri Jul 22 15:09
TRUMP DISSES CRUZ AND SMOKIN HOT CHILI Video: Trump Disses Cruz And Spicy Hot Chili - YouTube Today Donald Trump stated in a speech that he Likes Ted Cruz personally but he does not need his endorsement nor would he accept it. He never actually criticized Cruz but he spoke the Truth, stating that Cruz’s Endorsement... more
Cuss And Discuss - Intel Report - 7.22.16William Mount, Fri Jul 22 06:59
CUSS AND DISCUSS - INTEL REPORT - 7.22.16 Video: Cuss And Discuss - Intel Report - 7.22.16 - YouTube Here we sit down and spend about 15 minutes discussing the news that is important to you. 1ST - Republican National Convention a. Naked Women b. Paid Protesters Burning an flag Authorized by the Governor c. WIFI... more
"YOU HELPED ME GET THEM OUT!"Patrick Sullivan, Thu Jul 21 11:19
"YOU HELPED ME GET THEM OUT!" Father said that to Bitch at 2.35 PM, "you helped me get them out." Thank you Father for your kindness. Will Labor not step in and help to close them out right? The next is how this post started early today. The title was just changed now at 2.52 PM after hearing Father's words.... more
Ohio Governor Kasich Pays For Riot At RNCWilliam Mount, Thu Jul 21 05:49
CRISIS ACTORS RIOT AT RNC Video: Governor Kasich Authorizes Riots At RNC - YouTube Yes - you heard that correctly Ohio National Guard Crisis Actors tried to create a riot at the Republican National Convention Yup - Governor John Kasich’s State So before these riots occurred we 1) Called the Governor and Lt Governor’s... more
UN Implements War PlanWilliam Mount, Wed Jul 20 06:45
UN IMPLEMENTS WAR PLAN Video: UN Implements War Plan - YouTube AA) What does that mean? For the last 3 or 4 years I have been listening to the internal broadcasts of both the United Nations and the Lucis Trust - those who run the UN agenda We never criticize but listen with an openly so as to understand exactly what... more
THE WORLD HAS HAD IT Video: The World Has Had It - YouTube As the White House orders the death of Trump, Erdogan, Putin and Medvedev all on the same day and fails at all 4 attempts The world has had it with these Evil little trolls obeying their Masters in London destroying the planet So what are we seeing? 1) We see... more
Baton Rouge - Another False FlagWilliam Mount, Mon Jul 18 06:17
BATON ROUGE SHOOTING - ANOTHER FALSE FLAG Video: Baton Rouge False Flag - Another One - YouTube So - we are being pummeled by the recent rash of Fake Stories being flashed across the Mani Stream News Media Throw out your TV and get rid of your News Papers and begin looking for real news In fact - for $30 you can put... more
THE CURE FOR CATARACTSWilliam Mount, Sun Jul 17 07:03
THE CURE FOR CATARACTS Per your request we are doing this Video - the the smartest, most active audience in the world: The Video: THE CURE FOR CATARACTS - YouTube By The Cure we mean helps eliminate the problem to the point where you can live a normal life a) First - what is a Cataract? A Cataract occurs when the... more
Riots Every Where So Be ReadyWilliam Mount, Sat Jul 16 16:18
Riots everywhere mom and I'm hungry!!!! Video: Riots Everywhere And Billy Needs A Snack - YouTube Sounds like the late 70's and early 80's again, right??? In this video we make fun of the fact that ""Billy Wants A Snack"" In reality - as things begin to unwind you need to not only be prepared but try and make life go... more
Friday Cuss And Discuss, 15 July 2016William Mount, Fri Jul 15 06:56
FRIDAY CUSS AND DISCUSS 15 JULY 2016 Video: Friday Cuss And Discuss 15 July 2016 - YouTube The news seems to be going from bad to worse Please keep in mind that we posted a video where Obama states he supports ISIS 1) A Muslim Truck Driver tried to blow up the Eifel Tower yesterday, killing over 80 people and the... more
UFO caught on tape over ECEti Ranch, Washington – July 2016 Posted on July 15, 2016 by LUFOS in Latest posts, N. America, UFO videos // 0 Comments ecenti-ufo Nestled within the Mount Adams Wilderness north of the Columbia River Gorge in south-central Washington State, ECETI Ranch is a legendary Cascadian UFO and ET... more
"You Strike, Jews Out Of Bourse" That is a reverse speech from weap Judah. "You STRIKE, Jews out of bourse." Pretty simple isn’t it? What could be simpler? If it is so simple, then why didn't we try it? The STRIKE Labor, our good God Almighty of heaven and earth asked us about the STRIKE, "Why didn’t you try it?"... more
Obama's Reign Of Terror Begins TodayWilliam Mount, Thu Jul 14 06:06
OBAMA’S REIGN OF TERROR BEGINS TODAY The Smack Down Begins Video: Obama's Reign Of Terror Begins Today - YouTube Yesterday the White House began using the Corporation of “Black Lives Matter” to begin conducting Brake Checks What is a Brake Check? That is when a Paid Black Lives Matter Employee pulls in front of a... more
  • Amazing UFO sighting caught on tape over Cumberland, Maine 4-Jul-2016 Posted on July 13, 2016 by LUFOS in Latest posts, N. America, Triangle UFO, UFO videos // 17 Comments maine-ufo Here’s one interesting footage of an unknown craft hovering in the sky above Cumberland in Maine. This was taken on 4th July 2016. What... more
    Radiation Pummeling AmericaWilliam Mount, Tue Jul 12 04:29
    RADIATION PUMMELING AMERICA Video: America Pummeled With Radiation - Review - YouTube Radiation is currently pummeling American Cities. As we sit and drink our Coffee and Tea in the morning massive amounts of Radiation are hitting our cities in America Speculation about where this Radiation come form are: 1) Leaking... more
    Will Tony Blair to be prosecuted?katsung47, Mon Jul 11 14:24
    The Iraq war inquiry has left the door open for Tony Blair to be prosecuted Joshua Rozenberg 6 July 2016 Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry has not, in his words, “expressed a view on whether military action [in Iraq] was legal”. That question, he said, could be resolved only by a court. Still less does his report deal with... more
    In U.S. the terror power overrules the moneykatsung47, Mon Jul 11 14:21
    In U.S. terror power overrules the money (7/11/2016) U.S. is a money dominated country. The principle is broken in this campaign. It was found by a Trump supporter. [quote] Is Money no longer king of the Presidential election? Look at this, Hillary has spent 60 million dollars in ad buys so far against Trump. Trump... more
    Trump would do whatever he wanted.katsung47, Mon Jul 11 14:19
    He would do whatever he wanted.(7/4/2016) On 7/3, I saw a message in internet, "Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should not be ignored http://countercurrentnews.com/2016/06/trump-federal-lawsuit/ " I went to that source, was going to copy the news to share with other readers. I failed to do so.... more
    Hillary Legally Ineligible To Be President William Mount, Mon Jul 11 02:26
    HILLARY INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT Video: Hillary Legally Ineligible To Be President - YouTube First - the ads on You Tube We are being hit very hard with advertisements by Google and You Tube to try and keep you from seeing the truth The channel makes some revenue from the initial 15 second ad and it is set so you... more


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