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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. —Albert Einstein

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Why Walmarts Are Closing World WideWilliam Mount, Sun Apr 19 08:45
Here is why Walmarts are closing world wide Video: MOUNT WHY WALMARTS ARE CLOSING WORLD WIDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS7Jl1dMIOY Dr William B. Mount Retired Captain
  • And So The Destruction Of America BeginsWilliam Mount, Sat Apr 18 17:10
    While most of America is nestled down in front of the Television bringing these Perverted Movie Stars into their homes the SS (Homeland Security) is busy destroying the Land of the free. (Please pray the living GOD protect you and your family) Seventy Years ago the forced of America stomped on the Third Reich - and... more
  • Have you seen this yet?? -Scary site.Hoerl Ivander, Sat Apr 18 03:18
    Have you seen this yet? http://rikijo.blogspot.com Wake up, People!
    Proof: The world is actually preparing to actively ditch the U.S. dollar April 9, 2015 Bill’s recent article TRIGGERS shows how the pieces of the anti-Dollar puzzle are rapidly falling into place: The AIIB is only one piece of the De-Dollarization puzzle, another is the new clearing system set to directly compete with ... more
    NewMexico Gov Signs Anti Forfiture Bill (Good News) 11th hour A few hours ago, Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico signed groundbreaking legislation to strengthen the protection of individual rights in her state. The bill, H.B. 560, requires a criminal conviction in order for law enforcement to be able to use civil ... more
    The purchase of a painting katsung47, Tue Apr 14 10:31
    892. The purchase of a painting (4/9/2015) My grandfather, Sung HanZhang, had been the CEO of Bank of China for decades. (At that time, there was no term of CEO, his post was General Manager or Director of Border at that time) Mr. Mei LanFang was a famous artist of Peking Opera then. In 1930, he had a tour to North... more
    Sign the petition: Stop Congress from privatizing America’s public lands Republicans didn’t campaign on getting rid of America’s public lands and national monuments in the last election, but they sure are acting like it. First they attempted to pass a bill that would abolish the Antiquities Act, a hundred year old... more
  • Message For The Langley Fudge Factory William Mount, Mon Apr 13 11:31
    I received a call from a very interesting group of people. They are very polite, nice and very influential in international politics. Who they are and what they do is not important - but here is the answer for these folks. Eons ago the Planets of Adama and Murduke were blown into little tiny pieces by Lucifer. Later... more
    How To Perpetuate A Lie NAZI StyleWilliam Mount, Mon Apr 13 10:31
    When Adolf Hitler took power in Germany he and his cohorts of the NAZI Party mastered how to perpetuate a lie. Following in information provided by the American Advertising industry the NAZI regime learned techniques to literally Brain Wash 60 million (Minus 6 Million Jews) people into thinking they could rule the... more
  • Russia's Coming DestructionWilliam Mount, Sun Apr 12 14:24
    Recently revealed documents on 'The Saker" clearly exposed what we wrote about way back in Early January of 2014 on APFN and here. (Please pray - Visualize - that those planning more wars are immediately immobilized for life) The documents clearly show that the Take Down of Russia will be done just like it was done... more
    Any day news in AmericaLauri Nevanpah, Sun Apr 12 11:36
    I had a serious talk with a woman about the same age as myself, I am 74 and I am hip to most all the lies fed to us through the Jew media. We got on the subject of viable news services and she stated seriously that Fox News was the only truthful news service in America. I tried to respond but she would hear none of... more
    Hacker Exposes 'Alien Deception' -The Real X-FilesHoerl Ivander, Fri Apr 10 23:49
    Have you seen this yet? http://rikijo.blogspot.com Wake up, People!
    Have you seen this yet? -Scary site.Hoerl Ivander, Fri Apr 10 06:56
    Have you seen this yet? http://rikijo.blogspot.com Wake up, People!
  • Tell Lawmakers to Respect Your Privacy and Reform the Patriot Act http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/876/439/225/?z00m=22850111&redirectID=1646041569 Our privacy and constitutional rights have eroded since Congress first passed the Patriot Act. Now is our chance to get them back. Congress is planning to renew... more
  • Hacker Exposes 'Alien Deception' -The Real X-FilesHoerl Ivander, Fri Apr 10 00:59
    Have you seen this yet? http://rikijo.blogspot.com Wake up, People!
    UN Broadcasts, Red Dragons, And YouWilliam Mount, Wed Apr 8 15:10
    The real question about these broadcasts is how do they effect you, either directly or indirectly? Is it worth your precious time to try and read some UN broadcast by a bunch of Nuts near the top of the worlds economic and political pyramid? How will these broadcast summaries help YOU with better relationships with... more
    Red Dragons Brief White House As DC Power Is BlownWilliam Mount, Tue Apr 7 08:03
    At 9:50 AM DC Time (6:50 AM My Time) an small explosion (Mini-Nuke) knocked out the DC Power Plant in Maryland. We warned you about an attack - 3 April (+- 3 Days) what - 90 days ago, in January? We even tracked 3 nukes for a while. No help from the FBI or Secret Service or FBI or any US agency. Nothing. No help from... more
    Mormon Leadership Withdrawal Requested By Mormon Community. - Five at LDS Conference yell "Opposed" during sustaining of Church leadership - http://news.hjnews.com/news/five-at-lds-conference-yell-opposed-during-sustaining-of-church/article_8a78b5e4-db1e-11e4-824a-fb32eaa3d84b.html - - - - - The Mormon Church and... more
  • Governor Brown's recent water restrictions take an important step toward water conservation for the state. But the restrictions have one glaring omission: corporate farms, which use a whopping 80% of the state's water, according to Bloomberg. While none of us wants to see California's agriculture suffer, the truth is... more
    American and Israeli military advisors were arrested while aiding Islamic State terrorists in Iraq. Iraqi counter-terrorism forces arrested four foreign military advisors from the United States and Israel who were aiding the Islamic State, Iranian Tasnim News Agency reports. 07.03.2015 ISIL is Secret American Army in... more


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