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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. —Albert Einstein

The War for Truth - That turned into a CyberWar



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Did you see BBCs ISIS logo??? Its so blatant... Check this.. https://youtu.be/1FFfG0N8w-c Regards www.sevengate.info Date: 15/11/2015 8:24 AM (GMT+00:00) RED ALERT - MAJOR LONDON FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACK BEING PLOTTED BY SATANIC RING INSIDE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, BBC CHILDRENS TV SHOW OPENLY DISPLAYING ISIS LOGO... more
  • The Structure Of The UniverseWilliam Mount, Thu Nov 19 11:32
    Who and what is Ashtar Command? In order to understand what is going on around you - you must fully understand the structure of the Universe. This video explains the Structure Of The Universe: The Structure Of The Universe - YouTube The News You Need Dr William B. Mount This morning Ashtar Command Ship Commander near... more
    How To Prevent A Mud SlideWilliam Mount, Tue Nov 17 15:04
    This video shows you various techniques for stabilizing a hillside. With the weather coming this is absolutely essential for those living near, or on, a hill - especially in areas that experience high rains or live on hills that are prone to sliding. When I was a child I watched hill side after hillside slide in the... more
    Thrive#6 - How To Join & Making A Fat Free PizzaWilliam Mount, Mon Nov 16 08:58
    We also have Black Friday coming up and we plan to buy lots on that day. Our commissions goes to products to reverse Cancer. See THE CURE FOR CANCER video. The News We All Need Dr William B. Mount I Love Thrive Life Because I loose Weight Eating It.
    Paris Shootings - Who Done It And WhyWilliam Mount, Mon Nov 16 08:57
    The following video will tell all. Who put the False Flag Together What was the name of the Operation Why these Generals did this What does it mean to you How can you stop the next one - and yes - they have several more planned: 1) 23 Dec 2015: Nuclear Take Out If US Command Structure And Invasion 2) 17 January: Next... more
    Paris event was totally staged!! butlincat2012, Sun Nov 15 17:33
    Paris event was totally staged!! A staged, preorganised psyops - like 911, 7/7, the Woolwich Beheading, Sandy Hook, etc etc etc video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_QH0WkBeP0 "Paris France "Terrorist Attack" Psyop Hoax - Cafe Suicide Bombing Scene "Forensic Experts" Exposed" by: Russianvids: The Matrix Exposed >>> ... more
    Paris Shooting - Why?William Mount, Sun Nov 15 08:30
    A Carbon Conference in Paris, six shooting attacks, Special Forces on scene during the shootings and an Ashtar Command Ship appears over LA International Airport all at the same time? Are they connected? Find out: Paris Shooting - Why? - YouTube The News You Need Dr William B. Mount
    Ashtar Command Ship Appears Over FresnoWilliam Mount, Sun Nov 15 04:03
    A few days ago an Ashtar Command Ship appeared over Fresno and shown a green light on the city. It had been there for days and LA International Airport has had planes diverted now for over a week. The US response was to fire missiles and lasers at this race that is over 15 Billion years old. They are here and ready to ... more
    Social Security Changes 2016-17William Mount, Thu Nov 12 03:03
    You will be stunned, shocked, and very angry at the coming changes. Per Your Request: This time we wrote them out so you can read them. Social Security Changes 2016 - YouTube Tell Everyone Sandwich Generation: Be Ready For Mom, Dad, And your children to come home to roost. Pray they fail at destroying Social Security... more
    Who Is The Barach Hussien Obama?William Mount, Tue Nov 10 05:50
    Exactly who is he and where did he come from? This video tries to explain the Mystery of Barack Hussein Obama. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMBigpLyo5k The News You Need Dr William B. Mount By the way Dr Wilson - I fully agree. What right does a Corporate President Barack Hussein Obama have to outlaw Marijuana for... more
    Pigs Get Their Teeth TrimmedWilliam Mount, Tue Nov 10 05:04
    Lets take a Spine Chillings walk on the wild side and see how pigs actually get their trimmed out on the farm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o-s7fUsdxQ You Tube: How To Trim Pigs Teeth Some Really Odd News Dr William B. Mount
    US Mind Control PatentsWilliam Mount, Mon Nov 9 12:24
    You Are Not Crazy - They Do Mess With Your Mind. Even NESARA Just Had A Video Explaining The Mind Control Techniques They Use - Such As Controlling The Number Of Hits You Get On You Tube By Decreasing Or Increasing The Real Number Of Hits To Frequencies On Cell Phones Making You Go Crazy. Watch This Short Video And... more
  • This is a MUST WATCH video if you, or your parents, are on Social Security. This video will show you some very scary changes planned for Social Security over the next 2 years. Social Security Changes For 2016/2017 Must Watch - YouTube The News You Need Dr William B. Mount
    "Revolution is fielded, STRIKE THEM OUT!" Tele receive 1.09 AM "You've failed to save yourself. 1.11 AM Dying you's fugitively. Cat degrade us. It is established we're dying wastefully. They're falling us and our families. 1.02 AM Sheeny fall you useless. 1.04 AM Mercy dies. 1.04 AM It's perish. 1.05 AM You're quite... more
    Petro Dollar AIn't Dead YetWilliam Mount, Sat Nov 7 03:45
    The Petro Dollar is not dead yet. We hear about the devaluation of the US Dollar and the death of the Petro Dollar. we hear about the Alternate Energy Machines coming on line like the Water Powered Motor (P51 Aircraft WW2), the Tacheon Generator (Powered a Limo in 1930), the N-1 Generator (In India) being mass... more
    What Happens To You If The Dollar FallsWilliam Mount, Fri Nov 6 05:46
    So - What happens to YOU if the US Dollar devalues by 90%? What happens to you? How does it effect YOUR family, your income, your life style? Find out - watch the video: Dollar Devalues - What Happens To You - YouTube The News You Need Dr William B. Mount Be Ready: BE READY - YouTube
    Proof Obama's Economy Is A FolpWilliam Mount, Thu Nov 5 03:40
    Here Is A Video Showing Physical Proof That The Obama Economy Is A Flop. This Is Happening All Over The Nation - Except In DC Where Th Shows Are Filled With Departements Using You r Money To Prop Up Their Economy. Only 40% Of A Moneys Going Into DC Leave DC. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: The Video: Obama... more
    The Truth About Gun lawsWilliam Mount, Thu Nov 5 03:32
    Tougher Gun Laws Mean Higher Murder Rates Find out the truth - watch this short video. Be informed. Tougher Gun Laws Mean Higher Murder Rates - YouTube Remember Congress - tougher gun laws make you a target, there is no one to protect you once the public finds out what you are really doing. The News You Need Dr... more
    Thrive Cooking For Fun #5 - Easy ShmeasyWilliam Mount, Wed Nov 4 14:33
    The world is falling apart and we are showing people how to eat with food that lasts 25 years. Survival Food does not have to be flavorless or loaded with chemicals and salt. Learn how to cook foods that store for 25 years, taste fresh and is nutritious. Rice and beans after 3 meals gets really old. Hear we show how... more
    leaksanondkctf, Wed Nov 4 12:32


    "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." - Edward Everett Hale">


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