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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. —Albert Einstein

The War for Truth - That turned into a CyberWar



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This Is The Dying Time, This Is Now The End Of Our Existence. Could that Tele receive be saying the truth? The attack upon the refinery in Saudi Arabia that was done to begin the destruction of the United States of America in an all-out war with the Jewish controlled Soviet Union. The Jews who are finished for their... more
https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/14/politics/hamza-bin-laden-al-qaeda-dead/index.html Trump confirms Osama bin Laden's son Hamza killed in US counterterrorism operation By Sarah Westwood, Evan Perez and Ryan Browne, CNN Updated 2:21 PM ET, Sat September 14, 2019 (CNN)President Donald Trump in a statement on Saturday said... more
"Just Wink These Guys Out And They're Gone." So if it is oPatrick Sullivan, Sat Sep 14 07:06
"Just Wink These Guys Out And They're Gone." So if it is only a wink and they're out and they're gone, how is it that they hold us to destruction that will harm our futures and disable our society for an extended period of time? How about this Judah Tele receive to try and help explain why they are holding on still?... more
Message From Elder From Mercury "Come Join Us, Leave The Patrick Sullivan, Sat Sep 14 06:46
Message From Elder From Mercury "Come Join Us, Leave The Kids Sporting True." That telepathic message was received precisely at 1.44 pm Saturday, September 14, 2019. Elder spoke to Bitch through one of their telepathic transmitters that sends their voice into an otherworldly reverberation type of sound. Bitch feels... more
Trump Has Dems Running Around In CirclesWilliam Mount, Sat Sep 14 05:58
President Trump has the Demon Possesses Demon-Rats runnig in circles ABC just announced that the Horowitz report is about to be released In a letter sent to top Demon-Rat Congressman he stated he is "Preparing To Release is Report" Firs t- it must be reviewed by the FBI, Comments must be made, and then Horowitz must... more
"Hustler Wash You Frightening. Jew leave Us Right Failed, Please Try To Save Us Patrick." Those a couple of Tele receives. If only workers will strike them out and take the organizing principle of society away from them and issue our abstract receipts of Labor as our good God wills do we see we will have a chance to... more
[ new asylum policy, and options for asylum seekers ]FRIEND OF GOD, Fri Sep 13 09:42
ANOTHER GOOD DAY WITH GOD ===================================== [ why are asylum seekers really going to usa ? ] ===================================== [ why are asylum seekers really going to usa ? ] If asylum seekers are applying for "emergency asylum relief", then why did the asylum seekers pass through several... more
Brazilian Official Who Fought to Protect the Amazon ‘Assassinated’ in Front of His Family September 11, 2019 at 10:07 am Written by The Mind Unleashed (TMU) — Maxciel Pereira dos Santos, a Brazilian government official who has been working with indigenous people to preserve the Amazon rainforest for over a decade, was ... more
"We Freeze You Muscle, We Muscle Your State Well. Bitch Has Opped Out My core-a-Plex," Judee say. Might we read from those reverse facial speech statements that while Judah has put the freeze on our state well by using his muscle, the revelation by Bitch that they attacked us with thermonuclear missiles to extinct our ... more
trump Now Taking On The Homeless CrisisWilliam Mount, Wed Sep 11 07:12
President Trump now realizes this Homeless Crisis threaten all of us Within the Homeless Areas the New CDC Vaccines and Illegal Aliens are bringing in 1) Leprosy 2) Uncurable TB 3) Hoof & Mouth Disease 4) Trench Foot 5) And a host of other disease not seen in America for over 100 years except in isolated cases So... more
  • Ford Leads The Way Into - Junk BondWilliam Mount, Tue Sep 10 07:08
    Moody's Credit Rating service has just downgraded Ford Motor COmpany Bonds to Junk Ford, like most other Hugs Companies subsidized by our Federal Government, has Willy Nilly spent money and the EO's have pocketed so much money that they needed more Bonds (Loans) just to stay afloat. Now the piper comes a calling and... more
    MSM Calls For Mass GenocideWilliam Mount, Mon Sep 9 06:34
    Both the Economy and the Lunatic Left DEmon-Rats went Whackadoodle this month simultaneously. The Economy showed an 80% decrease in both Truck Orders and Trucking Orders Contracts as shipping world wide plummeted The Luntic Left Media on CNN began calli the U Government to: 1) Kill All Cows World Wide 2) Pass A $90... more
    "I Opped You Refugee and Cleared the West out," Judee say. The West with our wondrous values that included having a wealthy middle class because we had civil rights, now washed out. The rightless rules of the East put in by the Jews after holding the West into war permanently. Though to think about it, in only a few... more
    'It's a tip of an iceberg': Bulgarian journo reveals how US-purchased arms end up with ISIS in Yemen Published time: 5 Sep, 2019 06:53 Edited time: 6 Sep, 2019 12:24 'It's a tip of an iceberg': Bulgarian journo reveals how US-purchased arms end up with ISIS in Yemen Mortar shells shown in an Islamic State propaganda... more
    "Righteous Saved us, Lead Us Here Patrick." Our good God Almighty who sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to save us, to show us the right way to live. Who died for our sins. Are we seeing that is the true leader here? Will American workers not respond to the saving grace and sweet love of our good God Almighty... more
    US Navy Now Attempting to Destroy The Human RaceWilliam Mount, Fri Sep 6 03:29
    The US Navy Is Now Creating Earthquakes and Bursting Methane Pockets In An Attempt To Kill Of The Human Race So - if the US Naval Submarines are in full cooperation with Lucifer why the "HE#@" are they fully funded? Either President Trump has never heard of this or he has approved this. I suppose it does not matter as ... more
    Why Is Wall Street Panicking?William Mount, Thu Sep 5 04:02
    Why are the boys on Wall Street In Total Panic? Why are most people selling their stocks at record levels? Why did $10 Billion Dollars on Insider Trading occur in the last 5 months? Why is record Trading of $600 Million occur every day in August 0 record numbers we have not seen since the crash of 2008? Learn Why:... more
    Why Is The IMF Now Trying to Kill Putin & TrumpWilliam Mount, Wed Sep 4 05:50
    Why is Thee International Monetary Fund (IMF) now trying to destroy President Trump? What s President Trump doing that upsets the International Bankstas? Would you not say funding Rogues Nukes headed to DC, Moscow, Paris & Other Cites amounts to Attempted Murder? The IMF goes in tow with the Fallen Angels at the UN... more
    [ News Flash: web access to usa "congressional record", of each session, is a low priority for usa freak "congress" ] A portion of the page from the link below indicates that the usa "congressional record" is STILL not available from 1876-1989 ... quote[[ The Congressional Record began publication in 1873; there are... more
    IMF - It's The End Of The Sovereign BondsWilliam Mount, Tue Sep 3 05:53
    The IMF International Monetary Fund) just put out a prelude to it's October World Economic Status Report. The IMF has concluded that Sovereign Bonds that are Systemic across all economies - US/German/Chinese/Euro Nations/ India/ Etc - are nearing collapse. "The End of the Cycle is in sight" In April the IMF concluded... more


    "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." - Edward Everett Hale">


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