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Dollar Doomsday Looms As Refineries Go BoomWilliam Mount, Sun Jun 23 06:26
What you are about to hear on this video should be a n immediate call to prayer. US Army Operation Order: 1-1 - Know The Enemy Situation 1-2 - Know The Friendly Situation As President Trump prepares to put the Federal Reserve to bed the US /Iran/Israeli/ Canada/ Australia and New Zealand Intelligence moves to destroy... more
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Scientific Healing - Break The ChainsWilliam Mount, Sat Jun 22 02:16
Jesus - Yeshua - said there would be those who come after HIM that do grater things. As the Earth's Vibrational Frequency increases it is becoming easier and easier to access information previously unavailable Ronnie McMullen is now teaching us not only how to use his products to break the chains of Medical Slavery... more
Govt Health Care Is About To Implode - Be ReadyWilliam Mount, Fri Jun 21 06:00
The next 2 You Tube Shows constitute the best interviews we have ever had. ........................................................................................................................... As we move deeper into this period of Inflationary Depression where wages remain the same but prices continue to rise... more
Layoffs Accelerate As Croplands Obliterated World WideWilliam Mount, Thu Jun 20 06:37
Across the planet Layofffs are beginning to Accelerate as we enter thie period of: "INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION" This means wages are stagnant as prices begin to rise every where that counts and the local Governments increase their taxes as these Lunatic Liberals Gouge the public and stash money in their Bank Accounts.... more
[ NEW 9/11 EVIDENCE ; NEW 9/11 EXHIBIT ]FRIEND OF GOD, Wed Jun 19 10:28
[ NEW 9/11 EVIDENCE ; NEW 9/11 EXHIBIT ] The following is another exhibit to support the witnesses that heard the "secondary explosion(s)" (to the core columns?) before wtc 1 and wtc 2 collapsed ... The following video clip, beginning at 1:54:00 (hh:mm:ss), shows that while wtc 1 was smoking, wtc 1 experienced... more
  • Sobering - Russia Puts US On Time OutWilliam Mount, Wed Jun 19 05:54
    Russia has just sent a Worship to the East Coast that is capable of destroying Life in America - One Ship containing over 78 Thermo Nuclear Devices In Addition - the 85KT Nuke sitting under Yellow Stone installed by AMEC is ready to detonate - terminating most of life in America and Europe at a moment's Notice.... more
    UN Openly Declares Satan - Lucifer - Lord & MasterWilliam Mount, Tue Jun 18 05:53
    In a recent broadcast the United Nations Leaders have declared Lucifer (Satan) (Man God) As their lord and master and openly declared they love him. Creative Destruction is the call of the day as they are now throwing as much Destructive Energy at Planet Earth they can as the Energies have Culminated at the Full Moon... more
    Reset Coming Very SoonWilliam Mount, Mon Jun 17 04:34
    The RESET to a Gold Backed US Dollar is coming much sooner than expected. Originally set for June 2021 the time table must now be sped up because 1) The attempts to kill President Trump have accelerated 2) The Elite Attempts to start WW3 are accelerating - as evidenced by the Treasonous Article in the New York Times... more
    We Are So Banned From Telling The TruthWilliam Mount, Fri Jun 14 06:43
    In a most recent threat by Facebook they have threatened to sue everyone who tells the truth abputi anything Everything - According toe the CIA (I Mean Social Media) MUST be a lie The Truth must be eliminated We can't talk about the fact that the Mark Zuckeberg, Jeff Bazos, Elon Must, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Hillary ... more
    US Entering Inflationary DepressionWilliam Mount, Thu Jun 13 08:48
    The US is now entering a very dangerous time as we enter this Inflationary Depression What does that really mean? We are working harder and harder and earning less and less as Taxes continue to sky rocket. Removing the real cost of Electricity and water - our taxes alone on a $300,000 house here in Tacoma tops $8,500... more
    XIC - CERN Gone Utterly MadWilliam Mount, Wed Jun 12 06:40
    In a recent move PM Medvedev went to visit the CERN Hadron Collider and left fully understanding exactly what we have been saying here for the last 6 months The Fallen Angels plan to obliterate Humanity in exactly 6 months - but before that they play try crack the Hadron down to it's basic Element, inject it into the... more
    Mass Robots Deployed As Mass Layoffs BeginWilliam Mount, Tue Jun 11 06:40
    All across the world - Thanks to grants provided by our Federal Government - Robots are now being deployed. From Manufacturing to Warehouse activities these Mechanical Miracles are doing mundane tasks humans used to do. Many of these Major companies not employing these robots are ow considering using them for... more
    America Being Destroyed By It's LeadersWilliam Mount, Mon Jun 10 05:08
    It has been said by many politicians that no outside force will destroy America - it will be destroyed from within. In 1861 we saw foreign powers Foster, and Created a Civil War that almost destroyed this bnation In hte 1960's the Communist Party tore this nation apart with riots from one coast to another. Today we... more
    THE CURE FOR CANCER - UPDATE 1William Mount, Sun Jun 9 10:36
    WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS PROHIBITED TO REDO ON ANY VIDEO CHANNEL In 1946 we published THE CURE FOR CANCER in the US Army. It guided our policies on Nuclear Tests in the US Navy for years to come. We learned at Hiroshima that when a Patient ate Bitter Wormwood grown by the sea not only did their radiation burns... more
    Job Numbers Down, Massive Crop FailureWilliam Mount, Sat Jun 8 06:55
    The new jobs numbers are out and just like GOD stated on the program in June we will see declining jobs. We will see mass layoffs begin in Mid to late June just like GOD said here in January. If those in the White House actually listened they would have been able to stop this Job Loss and Crop Failure. They did not -... more
    In the video below we expose exactly what the US and Russian Space Programs use to help heal their Astronauts Russia went the way of the Electronic Device - Direct Contact The US went the way of a Magnetic Pulse Machine Both may be used in conjunction with each other, both are used fr different things. Bow - they are... more
    The New American Crisis That Effects Us AllWilliam Mount, Fri Jun 7 04:55
    There Is A New American Crisis Created years ago by our Illustrious CIA and FBI Only now it is sprouting up in every city that has illegally elected Lunatic Liberal The Helpless Homeless There are the Druggies and those who had a Job and are still willing to work. The Money is collected by the City Councils - $40,000... more
    Secret To Nations Dumping The DollarWilliam Mount, Thu Jun 6 06:37
    There Is A Secret To Why India/China/Russia.Iran. UAE/North Korea.. etc Are Dumping The Dollar If you read the Jim Willie New Letter you will remember that an agreement was made to eliminate the Federal Reserve Dollar The actual Secret Has To Do With ---- Watch The Video: VIDEO: (717) Secret To Why India/China/Russia... more
    Fed Chairman Slips & Tells The Truth - OMG!!William Mount, Wed Jun 5 00:48
    The Federal Reserve Chairman Tells The Truth At A Speech In Chicago On Monday. Why he would tell the truth is beyond me because the things he stated were over the top - and very scary. The US is entering a stage where they are about to design, and issue, bonds with Zero Interest Rates and Negative Interest Rates. What ... more


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