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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. —Albert Einstein

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Markets Panic World Wide, Liquidity Dries UpWilliam Mount, Thu Aug 15 08:06
As we hear more and more about fake DEEP STATE CIA/FBI/NSA PIG Shootings and Epstein Stories out markets are in a Panic Mode World Wide Liquidity Is Drying Up IT'S THE END OF SOCIALISM WORLD WIDE The Welfare based Economies are falling hard 1) In Iran, India, Argentina, and many other Welfare Based Economies are... more
  • Whistle Blower Confirms Our Worst FearsWilliam Mount, Wed Aug 14 14:24
    The Whistle Blower Form Google Named Zachary went to Project Veritas and confirmed the Suppression of the Freedom of Speech. We have now lost our 1) Freedom Of Religion 2) Freedom Of Speach 3) Freedom To Keep & Bear Arms 4) Freedom Of Privacy We are now officially a BANANA REPUBLIC Now the Dollar will go down hard.... more
    Epstein Judge & Cop Died As Dow PlummetsWilliam Mount, Wed Aug 14 05:20
    The Epstein Distraction is working Rather than focusing on the coming Depression we are all looking at the latest "Tid Bits" surrounding Jeffery Epstein Consider that the evidence has been in the hands of the DOJ of over 10 years - or 2,0000 Working Days - Yet NO Arrests NONE ZERO GOOSE EGGS And There is another... more
    Yep - Once again Epstein Island was again raided by the FBI. Despite overwhelming evidence and videos showing thousands raping little girls and murdering them no one has been prosecuted yet. US attorney's General William Barr implicated himself in Treason, Rape and Murder when he stated Epstein was dead - knowing he... more
    Latest Ben Fulford "ROYAL FUNERAL IMMINENT"?butlincat2012, Mon Aug 12 16:07
    Latest Ben Fulford = "Will there be a sudden, earth-shattering “event” like so many predict?" 12 August 2019 - https://benjaminfulford.net/2019/08/12/will-there-be-a-sudden-earth-shattering-event-like-so-many-predict/ "Royal funeral imminent"? --- "Rumor: Royal funeral imminent From 4ch, unsubstantiated at this... more
    Are We Living In The last Days - Really?William Mount, Mon Aug 12 04:15
    Are we really living in THE LAST DAYS Will the messiah return in just a matter of days or Weeks? well - According to the newspapers in Israel we surely are living in those day. The Prophesies of hte Ancient Jewish Profits are now coming true in Rapid Succession - Or Is it a form of Control Orchestrates by the Jewish... more
    Flying Pigs & A Full PantryWilliam Mount, Sun Aug 11 04:03
    If you have lots of food and a Water Water it is very hard to control you. Lucifer looses control if you have Food, Water, Water Filters and Herbs to take care of yourself. He mainly controls your Food, Income and Health Take those away and Lucifer looses control.... So - Stock up while you can and food rationing has... more
    Epstein Dead - Really - Which Double????William Mount, Sat Aug 10 04:24
    The news is all reporting that Jefferey Epstein is dead Right Tell Me Another Lie Wanna buy the Golden Gate Bridge for $10? Epstein was moved to a departure point and will be sent to Granada for processing by the CIA and retired on a Carribean Island Yes - he had a minor stroke - but he should live a few more years in ... more
    Epstein Data Dump as Markets CrashWilliam Mount, Fri Aug 9 04:33
    The courts just released over 2,000 pages of data from a closed out Court Case form 2017 dealing with Epstein Most of it was Gobbledygook - Garbage Data. The Data was released in 21 parts and included pages of numbers an d letters and pages of documents worth all the data taken out - Garbage However - for his... more
    Did We Just Find Heaven Or Hell???William Mount, Thu Aug 8 06:18
    In 2015 US Astronomers working with an Infra-Red Long Range Telescope received a clear data signal for a Galaxy Far Far away. Heaven Or Hell? The Home Of Yeshua and GOD or Draconia and Lucifer? This New Discover Of This Galaxy sending us signals looks allot like the Muslim Symbol of a Smiley Face with a star above it... more
    God chose what is low and despised in the world, things that are not, to reduce to nothing things that are. 1 Corinthians 1:28 The powers of planet earth that have been reduced by the lowly Bitch to where they have now wrapped up their nuclear missiles and have taken refuge in their underground tunnels to die out as... more
    "Settle on God, Push Them Out!. 4.53 pm   Our planet full of war, disease, genocide. Must the American workers not push them out before we too are gone out of our world? The industrial destruction of human Beings that America has done massively ever since the organizing principle of society was given to international... more
    Gold And Silver Rise As Markets TumbleWilliam Mount, Wed Aug 7 05:24
    Be Ready As Farm Production Falls As Corn Is Rationed As Our Weather Goes Insane As Our Markets Fall Apart As Social Disorder Arises As Earthquakes Devastate Entire Areas As Our medical System Falls Apart Gold And Silver Stand The Test Of Time Video: (1730) Gold Stability Amid Tumbling Markets - YouTube The Wall Of... more
     "I Have No Choice But To Release Some Life Forms For Holding Out, Not Folding Them Out." 9.26 pm   That Tele receive in yesterday's post. The 12 million years we have been together wandering the surface of this beautiful planet searching for resources so that we and our children need for our survival here. Now... more
    The 4th Turning & Destruction Of Man KindWilliam Mount, Tue Aug 6 05:27
    What we we are watching is something the Demons whop run the UN openly discuss at the highest levels as the FOURTH TURNING this is all well planned out and orchestrated through the Demon-Rat Socialist (NAZI) Party around the world. The Four Turnings are: 1) America Revolution 2) American Civil War 3) The Great... more
    "Bitch has Seen My Whole Barbecue Force and My Asssemblege is passed here."   That reverse facial speech from weap Judah revealing what is in their subconscious thoughts. The whole barbecue force of Judah that includes not only their nuclear blast great balls of fire force that they tried to extinct us with but their... more
    Good Bye 2nd AmendmentWilliam Mount, Mon Aug 5 05:00
    In the wake of the FBI/CIA Orchestrated Mass Shootings over the weekend in El Paso and Ohio we must assume that even the President will begin to implement Gun Control Laws Rather than arming The public and preparing them for the Demon Possessed Intel Agencies we are disarming Americans in full violation of our... more
    "You Have To Believe They Are Taking Us Away Shipwreck. Strike Will Get Them Out."   Those overnight Tele receives that tell us what it is and how to fix it. The STRIKE that in 4 hours will let them off of issuing our money and after thousands of years of molesting and abusing us will free the simian children of God... more
    Trump Catches More Swamp Creatures & Evicts ThemWilliam Mount, Sat Aug 3 04:35
    Not that President Trump has all those Epstein Videos covering almost every Swamp Creature in DC it is easy to get rid of them once they show their ugly heads.. This week - in a stroke of genius - President Trump appointed Congressman John Rattcliff as the new Director of National Intelligence. Suddenly dozens of... more
    "Combat Means Nature is Failed. They Bend You Out Jail." Those a couple of overnight Tele receives. Americans, the most jailed people on planet earth. Might it have something to do with Americans are also the most war-making people on planet earth? How did such a thing ever come about? Might we find if we look beneath ... more


    "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." - Edward Everett Hale">


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