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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. —Albert Einstein

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Regards to the at best half truths of "M. F. Abernathy" told on this site about me. I Reference (M. F. Abernathy, 'Schizophrenic' Claims Foreknowledge Of 9/11 Attacks - Pt.1, Mon Feb 9 18:32:25 2004, and M. F. Abernathy, 'Schizophrenic' ....Foreknowledge -- Pt.2, Mon Feb 9 18:34:56 2004, more
How to Clean Up FukushimaWilliam Mount, Mon Jul 27 15:24
Following are effective methods to clean up Fukushima and the cost would be minimal and it would take only several weeks to complete. Please pray (Visualize) that those standing in the way of the Immediate Clean Up are themselves immediately and completely immobilized. The Video: HOW TO: CLEAN UP FUKUSHIMA - YouTube... more
VA Meds Ain't What They Are Supposed To Be William Mount, Mon Jul 27 14:14
Do to certain telephone calls received I have been compelled by our Intel Agencies to file the following form with the VA IG and follow up with a Treasury 211 form. ----------------------------------------------------- Thank You Your form has been submitted to the OIG Hotline. You may wish to print a copy of this page ... more
Take a look at all of the Dr of Proctology's Mounts posts!Richard P. Sheridan, Sun Jul 26 16:06
Its like APFN is his web site!!! Ok, I ll go away for a while again.
The world should be celebrating the European legalization of Gods medicine, marijuana. And the United States is soon to follow. But HIS MAJESTY SIR WILLIAM MOUNT STATES THAT THIS IS PART OF EUROPES PLAN TO DOPE UP THE PEOPLE SO THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH MORE OF THEIR DIRTY WORK. Dr Mount has condrmned marijuana a few... more
Statue Of Satan To Be Unveiled In DetroitWilliam Mount, Sun Jul 26 14:48
The Detroit Church of Satan is about to unveil an 8 foot Bronze Statue of Satan in Detroit in a few days. (((Please pray that those doing this immediately become violently sick for life))) The event will be attended by all who pay $25 and they should be ready for a night of: "Chaos, Noise and Debauchery as they Dance... more
John McCain's True Military HistoryWilliam Mount, Sun Jul 26 14:34
Following is a true history of John McCain's Military History. (((Please pray that those plotting to destroy America are destroyed themselves immediately))) Before I take a shot over the bow please not that Senator McCain does as he is told, his staff is very helpful, and after the Supposed Currency Exchange he may be ... more
  • Queen Elizabeth Is Dead?William Mount, Fri Jul 24 16:13
    I have been hearing reports from England that Queen Elizabeth - the real one not the doubles - is dead. and that Lord Lyons of Scotland cannot Certify Prince William Mount as "King" because the Windsor Family is made up of Pretenders. (Please pray that those who wish to destroy America and Freedom are themselves... more
  • Social Security Disability To Be Cut 19% Next YearWilliam Mount, Thu Jul 23 06:57
    The Trustees of the Social Security Corporation have just stated in the New York Times that the 11 Million people on Social Security Disability will have their benefits cut by 19% next year unless Congress raises taxes. This means that since the average Disability Income is $1,017/Mo their incomes will be cut by... more
    Frankin Food Bill - HR 1599William Mount, Thu Jul 23 06:08
    As you read this the US Congress is about to bypass the 2nd Court of Appeals and pass the Safe Food Act. (((Please Pray (Visualize) that those who are about to vote for this bill are severely disciplined for their actions against American's.))) The Safe Food Act is written in such a way that if you sell Genetically... more
    Planned Parenthood Caught Selling Body Parts - AgainWilliam Mount, Tue Jul 21 13:18
    And you wonder why America is going down? (((Pray (Visualize) these evil people bringing America down are immediately and completely immobilized))) Second Planned Parenthood Senior Executive Haggles Over Baby Parts Prices, Changes Abortion Methods - YouTube The News You Need Dr William B. Mount Just go to You Tube and ... more
    UN Stated Today It Will Now Turn Up The HeatWilliam Mount, Mon Jul 20 16:10
    Over the last two weeks the United Nations has had a series of Very Private Meetings to which I have had the opportunity to listen to at in the comfort of my own home. As one following the Living GOD I find myself in a very unique position of being able to listen to and, to some small point, participate in meetings... more
    Speech That Got Judge Nepalitano FiredWilliam Mount, Mon Jul 20 03:48
    Following is a 5 minute speech that got Judge Nepalitano fired form FOX News. 5 Minute Speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News - YouTube The News You Need Dr William B. Mount 5 Minute Speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News - YouTube Can we Zeig Heil Yet? You Tube: The 5 minute Speech That... more
    HOW TO Extend The Life Of Your RoofWilliam Mount, Sun Jul 19 08:57
    The following shows you how to extend the life of your roof. With the coming dollar devaluation this technique will become more important than ever for home owners. My House Roof is 15 Year Tab and the back roof is over 30 years old and the front roof about 25 years old. Every year I spray my roof with Polyacrylic.... more
    Jim Willie - The Fall Of The DollarWilliam Mount, Fri Jul 17 08:57
    If you are not familiar with Jim Willie and the Golden Jackass and you are a news reporter or have any money invested perhaps you should become familiar with him - in fact - perhaps you should subscribe to his newsletter. (((Pray that those destroying america are immediately and completely immobilized starting at the... more
    Benjamin Fulford 13 July 2015William Mount, Fri Jul 17 08:56
    We are going to try and post his article here ... For those of you who do not know Benjamin Fulford he is a guy who is trying his best to help stabilize this planet so we do not have a Nuclear WW3. He is in the arena fighting for a Free America and a stabilized world economy. (((Please pray that those who stole... more
  • Writers - Never Give UpWilliam Mount, Wed Jul 15 17:24
    Writers - Never give up. Pray (Visualize if you will) that all the forces coming against the truth are cast into the Lake of Fire with no delay and with full prejudice immediately. It is hard for those who are truly writing to expose the truth. You are attacked by US Army Cyber Command, the CIA and a host of other US... more
    Stop This LooziferWilliam Mount, Tue Jul 14 16:31
    The Sun Today God warned the Chilean people before their Big Earthquake, the Japanese 48 hours before Fukushima, Chinese 48 hours before their market crash, the Greek Prime Minister before he was "Replaced," we warned Putin 48 hours before he was shot a few weeks ago --- right here and on APFN and Beforeitsnews When... more
  • Complete Financial ConfusionWilliam Mount, Tue Jul 14 16:04
    The following video will explain why we now have complete financial confusion world wide. Be Ready. Complete Financial Confusion - YouTube Or type int Google: You Tube William Mount Complete Financial Confusion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The News You... more
    The following are messages mean for the readership of the leaders of Greece, Germany, Russia and Spain. For those who ware not familiar with these stories my roll has been to stop this coming Nuclear War through PRIOR notification of Nuclear False Flags, Presidential Assassinations and other key points. So far, so... more

    "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." - Edward Everett Hale">


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