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Sunday- Ask A Writer A Question/from Show to Show/First-name Game
Monday- Whatever Has Happened to ...
Tuesday- Daytime Television's Greatest Mysteries/Ask An Actor A Question
Wednesday- One-Role Wonders/Ask An Actress A Question
Thursday- True Love of Long-Running Characters
Friday-Ask a Writer a Question
Saturday- Ask A Producer A Question
First Day of Each Month- The Casting Game
Fifteenth Day of Each Month- It's the Fifteenth of the Month Again!

This weekend's personality for discussion is actor PHILIP CAREY (One Life to Live).

Please e-mail the founder of this messageboard (danfling) to submit the name of a personality for this weekend's discussion! Thank you!

This is a messageboard for fans of the soap operas which are no longer on the air.

The founder of this messageboard is danfling. He may be contacted via electronic mail at the following address: terryj1@bellsouth.net

Online biography of danfling:
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  • This is a messageboard for the fans of the soap operas and serials which are no longer on the air with new episodes due to cancellations by the networks/sponsors/producers.
    A list of these programs includes:
    The Edge of Night/Edge of Night, Dark Shadows, Hidden Faces, Somerset/Another World: Somerset, A World Apart, Another Life, Another World/Another World: Bay City, As the World Turns, Ben Jarrod, The Bennetts, The Best of Everything, The Brighter Day, Bright Promise, Capitol, The Catlins, The Clear Horizon, Concerning Miss Marlowe, The Doctors, First Love, Flame in the Wind/A Time for Us, Follow Your Heart, From These Roots, Full Circle, Generations, Golden Windows, The Greatest Gift, The Guiding Light/Guiding Light, Hawkins Falls, High Hopes, Hotel Cosmopolitan, How to Survive a Marriage, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, Love of Life, Lovers and Friends/For Richer, For Poorer, Loving/The City, Miss Susan/Martinsville, U. S. A., Moment of Truth, Morning Star, Never Too Young, The Nurses, One Man's Family, Our Five Daughters, Paradise Bay, Passions, Port Charles, Portia Faces Life/The Inner Flame, Return to Peyton Place, The Road of Life, Ryan's Hope, Santa Barbara, Search for Tomorrow, The Secret Storm, The Seeking Heart, Sunset Beach, Swan's Crossing, Texas, These Are My Children, Three Steps to Heaven A Time to Live, Today Is Ours/Young Doctor Malone, Tribes, Valliant Lady, Where the Heart Is, A Woman to Remember, A Woman with A Past, and The Young Marrieds.

    The location of the poll is:
    (It is best to bookmark the location. Voters may cast five votes per day.)