Welcome to the home base of the Freelance Reploids. This place, affectionately called the "Stompin' Grounds" (SG), is where all the action takes place. Missions are held here, as well as everyday posting. But be warned! This is no kindergarten. In here, violence is welcome. Don't expect to get out of this place unscathed. However, killing is forbidden. If you kill a fellow merc you'll get a nasty pay-cut. Just obey all the rules, don't shoot your mouth off, and you'll be fine.

Oh, one more thing. Unaccepted characters are not welcome in the Stomping Grounds. If you post here before being accepted, your application will be denied. Also, no non-roleplaying (NRP) posts are allowed here either. Save that chit-chat for Wade's Bar unless you want it to get deleted.

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  • Thanks goes to Damien and Wade for bringing Freelance Reploids into being in the first place.
    Thanks also to LJ Bob for saving the original texts, and Neutron and Akira for putting this place back up.

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