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School Awards for Jacob SirokmanDon, Thu Jun 22 3:14pm

  • More About Jewish DNA LinksDon, Mon Jun 12 4:03pm

    DNA ResultsJoanne, Sat Jun 3 4:00pm

  • Comedian - Kathy GriffinAndie, Thu Jun 1 11:54am

  • Shazia Ruybal is Now a "Published" AuthorDon, Tue May 23 10:37am

  • Grandpa's 1957 Chevrolet Bel-AirDon, Mon May 22 3:24pm

  • The Artisan ProjectDon, Fri May 19 10:27am

  • WOW...ha, ha - FEELING GOOD & HAPPY....!!!ANDIE, Tue May 9 12:58am

    Intersex and Genetics for our informationLorri, Sat May 6 11:47am

    FAQs DNA resultsLorri Chapman, Sat May 6 9:52am

  • CowardAndie, Tue May 2 11:33am

  • CowardMx. Anunnaki Ray , Tue May 2 3:19am

  • DNA Results for Lucy RuybalDon Ruybal, Mon May 1 3:25pm

  • Jewish Traditions from the San Luis ValleyDon Ruybal, Wed Apr 26 1:37pm

  • DNA Test Results for MeDon Ruybal, Wed Apr 26 1:05pm

  • St. Patrick's Day in MexicoBruce, Fri Mar 17 10:19am

    ADKINS/NEWMAN recital livestreamEddie Newman, Sun Mar 5 6:36pm

    Livestream Wednesday, March 1, 7:00CSTEddie Newman, Tue Feb 28 9:41pm

    Reunion--Time is a wasting...Marlene, Tue Jan 3 7:10pm
    • DONEJoe Marquez, Fri Jan 6 3:40pm

  • Epic violin failEddie Newman, Sun Nov 27 3:33pm

  • move LynchMary Kay, Sun Nov 20 1:07pm

  • 2017 Family Reunion!!!Marlene & Joanne, Thu Oct 27 6:21pm
    • AirportsMarlene, Thu Oct 27 6:26pm

  • Walking Down Memory LaneDon, Thu Oct 27 1:53pm

  • STAY TUNED!Marlene, Thu Oct 27 12:27pm

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