4S Authors' Corner

This is a place for students in Mrs. Slater's fourth grade class to share their creative writing and respond to the poems and stories of their classmates. We invite you to respond to our efforts as well. We look forward to reading your comments.
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HEYxianyu, Thu Nov 24 10:22am

  • My First Plane RideCharles, Fri Oct 28 3:02pm

  • The Toy Story RideSabina, Fri Oct 28 2:10pm

  • My PoolGeorge, Fri Oct 28 1:29pm

  • Mickey's HeadJack, Fri Oct 28 12:48pm

  • Pearl HarborDaniel, Wed Oct 26 2:21pm

  • First Time I Saw a ClownRahmel, Wed Oct 26 9:48am

  • Great Wolf LodgeTeesha, Tue Oct 25 2:47pm

  • First Time Touching a Shark at Summer CampMarvin, Mon Oct 24 2:03pm

  • The First Time CampingNathaniel, Mon Oct 24 1:48pm

  • The Destroyer of the OceanLogan, Tue Oct 11 1:47pm

  • My DogThomas, Tue Oct 11 1:41pm

  • Great White SharkAiden, Tue Oct 11 1:34pm

  • The SharkSam, Tue Oct 11 1:27pm

  • My Little DogAlex, Tue Oct 11 1:10pm

  • The Slobber MachineWill, Tue Oct 11 12:57pm

  • My Little Hermit CrabJayda , Tue Oct 4 2:40pm

  • My DogsKatherine, Tue Oct 4 2:33pm

  • My Cat BlitzMckenzie, Tue Oct 4 2:28pm

  • Fall is Coming TodayBrenna, Tue Oct 4 2:22pm

  • I Love My CatShayla, Tue Oct 4 1:56pm

  • Winter is ComingDulcie, Tue Oct 4 1:45pm

  • The LionAllison, Tue Oct 4 1:28pm

  • Tic TocCharlotte, Tue Oct 4 1:18pm

  • EarthJazmine, Fri Apr 1, 2016 3:02pm

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