4S Authors' Corner

This is a place for students in Mrs. Slater's fourth grade class to share their creative writing and respond to the poems and stories of their classmates. We invite you to respond to our efforts as well. We look forward to reading your comments.
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EarthJazmine, Fri Apr 1 3:02pm

  • The Day I Last My Soccer GameGillian, Tue Oct 20 3:13pm

  • My FriendJason, Mon Oct 19 3:01pm

  • My First Time on a PlaneSiena, Mon Oct 19 11:37am

  • Being the Worst!Serene, Mon Oct 19 9:51am

  • The Time I Broke My CollarboneJosie, Mon Oct 19 9:42am

  • The Three Run HomerGavin, Fri Oct 16 11:13am

  • Dog AttackSpencer, Thu Oct 15 2:38pm

  • Haunted HouseJordan, Thu Oct 15 1:54pm

  • The First Time I Went in an AmbulanceValentina, Thu Oct 15 1:00pm

  • When I Got My 3DSEvan, Wed Oct 14 2:58pm

  • Living in New JerseyWilliam, Wed Oct 14 2:20pm

  • Moving DayJack, Wed Oct 14 2:08pm
    • SurviveJack, Wed May 18 1:45pm
    • Our EarthJack, Fri Apr 1 2:15pm
    • MomJack, Mon Feb 1 1:13pm
    • My DadJack, Fri Dec 11 9:03am
    • LegosJack, Thu Nov 19 11:15am
    • My CatJack, Fri Oct 23 1:01pm
      • My CatGillian, Fri Dec 11 10:57am
    • Moving DayAnoosha, Thu Oct 15 7:16pm

  • MovingKayla, Wed Oct 14 1:33pm

  • The Day I Broke My ArmErin, Wed Oct 14 11:26am

  • The Day I Said GoodbyeSierra, Tue Oct 13 11:32am

  • My First Eagles GameLauren, Tue Oct 13 10:01am

  • When the Crack HappenedP. J., Tue Oct 13 9:39am

  • My baby SisterEthan, Tue Oct 13 9:32am

  • The Day I Met Mrs. SlaterKai, Mon Oct 12 2:46pm

  • The Big GameMichael, Mon Oct 12 2:43pm

  • My Marker AccidentAnoosha, Fri Oct 9 11:25am

  • The Hammerhead SharksJulia, Fri Oct 9 11:23am

  • My First AerialAvi, Thu Oct 8 3:04pm

  • Earth DayVishal, Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:32am

  • Thank you for participating in our Authors' Corner.