The Stomping Ground
No rules. Anything goes.

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I am a ga with a gut...B.A. Dass (dedicated to Roy), Sun Feb 18 3:27pm
  • Happy Chinese New Year Everyonemegaterio, Fri Feb 16 7:21pm
  • Russian fag with a gut??!!!!B.A. Dass, Sun Feb 11 11:15pm

    BUTTOCKS MALFEASANCE???!!!B.A. Dass, Mon Feb 5 10:23pm

    Fagott & Kontrafagott, Bassoon & Contrabassoonmegaterio, Sun Feb 4 1:22am
  • The Matt Abbott School of Fighting???!!!B.A. Dass, Sat Feb 3 1:26pm

    This is how upset David Horner...B.A. Dass, Thu Feb 1 3:48am

    The Matt Abbott Bicycling School???!!! B.A. Dass, Wed Jan 31 9:25pm

    Guts for Wednesday???!!!B.A. Dass, Wed Jan 31 10:35am

    Matt Abbott vs. Fatbody???!!!B.A. Dass, Wed Jan 31 12:12am

    Fatody planning his funeral???!!!!B.A. Dass, Tue Jan 30 10:58pm

    Evil Yoshida and Matt Abbott TOGETHER AT LAST???!!!Roy(formerly of Fightsport), Tue Jan 30 10:48pm
  • The sign warning Fatbody to stay out???!!!B.A. Dass, Sun Jan 28 8:41am

    Dave once recommended this biopicel megaterio, Sun Jan 28 1:25am
  • David Horner's 2nd favorite movie???!!!B.A. Dass, Sun Jan 28 12:33am

    David Horner's favorite movie???!!!!B.A. Dass, Fri Jan 26 4:07pm

    STILL...B.A. Dass (dedicated to Roy), Fri Jan 26 12:20am

    Matt Abbott supporters...B.A. Dass, Tue Jan 23 4:09pm

    David Horner trained boxer???!!!B.A. Dass, Tue Jan 23 10:41am

    F A Y G O T ???!!!B.A. Dass, Sun Jan 21 1:47pm

    The David Horner Effect???!!!B.A. Dass, Sun Jan 21 1:34pm

    MATT ABBOTTB.A. Dass (dedicated to Roy), Sun Jan 21 1:04pm

    The Stomping Grounds