The Stomping Ground
No rules. Anything goes.

FIGHTING FORUMS: gf tree ug sherdog fs uw shimaou tman
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Come clean, WTF have you done with Roy?Roy Fan from wayback, Tue Sep 19 3:17am
  • BISON would be proud???!!!B.A. Dass, Mon Sep 18 9:20pm

    Vintage British fags???!!!B.A. Dass, Sun Sep 17 5:32pm

    BISON's bacon & chicken burger???!!!B.A. Dass, Sun Sep 17 2:50pm

    Matt Abbott cat hears "B.A. Dass" shouted???!!!B.A. Dass, Sun Sep 17 2:35pm

    BISON's tex-mex snack???!!!B.A. Dass, Sat Sep 16 6:16pm

    This guy is on Fatbody's side???!!!B.A. Dass, Sat Sep 16 6:00pm

    The guy on the left has a BISON-like gut???!!!B.A. Dass, Sat Sep 16 5:51pm

    Penvx & Fatbody take a picture???!!!B.A. Dass, Sat Sep 16 3:42pm

    BISON's sphaghetti???!!!!B.A. Dass, Sat Sep 16 3:20pm

    Ryan Lankford's girlfriend???!!!B.A. Dass, Sat Sep 16 2:41pm

    Obviously Fatbody is a "10"???!!!B.A. Dass, Sat Sep 16 2:10am

    Very SIMILAR to how fear-shit...B.A. Dass, Sat Sep 16 2:02am

    BISON fightin'???!!!B.A. Dass, Fri Sep 15 6:10pm

    Fatbody's cat???!!!B.A. Dass, Fri Sep 15 1:09pm

    Matt Abbott takes the escalator...B.A. Dass, Fri Sep 15 8:49am

    Secret Matt Abbott sparring session???!!!B.A. Dass, Fri Sep 15 8:43am

    BISON's oreo???!!!B.A. Dass, Fri Sep 15 3:55am

    BISON's cockroach???!!!B.A. Dass, Fri Sep 15 3:44am

    Fatbody's therapist???!!!B.A. Dass, Thu Sep 14 7:12pm

    There's hope for Ryan Lankford???!!!B.A. Dass, Thu Sep 14 6:56pm

    The Stomping Grounds