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JK live material / video ?Roger Morse, Fri Apr 5 18:22
Hi Everyone, Been very quiet on here for a long time !. Anyone found anything new of JK recently ?

  • Frank FarleyJohnny Spence, Sun Apr 29 10:23
    It is with great sadness to let you know that my good friend and fellow Pirate Frank Farley passed away yesterday. I have known Frank for over 60 years and he will be sadly missed. A great natural talent and a one off. RIP Frank

  • Johnny Kidd and The PiratesCarl "The Gresh" Gresham, Mon Sep 11, 2017 14:30
    Where are you Roger? Did you really enjoy the programme? Don't forget it'll be repeated tomorrow morning between 9-00am and 10-00am..Love to know more about you. Is Johnny still around?

  • Spoltlight on Johnny Kidd & The PiratesCarl "The Gresh" Gresham, Mon Sep 4, 2017 12:36
    The "Spotlight on Johnny Kidd and The Pirates" will be broadcast world wide from our radio stations WebSite.. On Monday Lunchtime, 11th September 2017 between 1-00pm and 2-00pm: Then it will be repeated on Tuesday Morning, 12th September 2017 between 9-00am and 10-00am..Our Radio Station Website is: ... more

  • "Spotlight On Johnny Kid & The Pirates!"Carl "The Gresh" Gresham, Fri Sep 1, 2017 13:57
    I'm trying to find out if I can get a couple of press copies of "Johnny at the BBC" and the 22 Track recently released EMI double CD. I've sent a couple of Emails to Ade Barrett but both have been returned undelivered! Can anyone provide me with an up to date Biography? If you can please send it to my XD Email address ... more

    videoRobert Moucheboeuf, Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:07
    Hello, I have a picture of Johnny takes off a video with num run !

    Early Pirates Photossmashley, Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:08
    Apart from Frank Rouledge and Brian Gregg's photos in Keith Hunt's book, does anyone have or know of any pictures of the Caddy/Gregg/Cattini Pirates with Johnny ? Seems very hard to find good quality pics. I've checked dozens if not a couple hundred music papers, magazines etc. and found only pics of JK. Anyone have... more

  • Robby Hood Mike West Tell Me Whenashley wood, Wed Mar 16, 2016 14:38
    Hi everyone. I have searched high and low but have never found a copy of Robby Hood's (Mike West) single release of Tell Me When which was composed by JK. I am beginning to doubt the record was ever released. Does anyone have any firm information on this ? I know it's been mentioned many times but has anyone ever... more

    Johnny Irving, JK's roadieRoger Morse, Wed Mar 16, 2016 00:05
    Can anyone help in getting in touch with Johnny Irving's family. Johnny it seems was Johnny Kidd and The Pirates roadie way back then. I believe Johnny died a couple of years ago (or does anyone know different ?) Any help no matter how small, area he lived etc, would be appreciated.

  • replyCyril Blake, Sun Feb 21, 2016 14:50
    Your wait for more JK BBC recordings will soon be over. It's been a while. 13 years to be precise. We put out the 'At The BBC' CD back in 2003, just for fans of the Pirates but unfortunately the German bootlegger Sedranka got hold of our CD and put it out as a double along with known studio recordings. there's no... more

  • radio recordingspaul robinson, Sat Jan 30, 2016 14:23
    Hello Everyone Does anybody have any radio recordings of johnny and the pirates to either lend or sell, especially from after 1962.i have the radio recordings on the Blakey label that came out a few years ago cheers paul

  • 23 April 1966 gigNick Warburton, Wed Dec 23, 2015 07:49
    I was looking through the Leicester Mercury and found a gig for 23 April 1966. Not sure who was backing Johnny Kidd for this one. Shortly after, he played a few gigs with Jeff Curtis & The Flames featuring Ray Soper.

    Found it thanksLouie, Wed Nov 25, 2015 14:03
    Hi Ian Found it thanks , fantastic to look at even if a little short .hope theres more about somewhere Regards Louie

  • Johnny Kidd on BBC1Roger Morse, Tue Nov 24, 2015 23:43
    How many of you have just seen Johnny Kidd on BBC1 tv ? The new Wilco Johnson film shown Tuesday evening has the black and white film that Ashley found plus a bit more. Great to see.

  • Vive Le Pirates........Ian Burns, Mon Nov 16, 2015 22:09
    "Vive Le Rock",probably the only magazine in the world that will feature articles on the likes of Eddie Cochran,The Cramps and Motorhead side by side,has just gone up another notch in my estimation with it's current issue.Inside is a six page appreciation,and a new interview with Johnny Spence,of The Pirates.Although... more

  • Verse for Johnny and the PiratesDachlan Cartwright, Sun Oct 25, 2015 10:14
    I'm a big fan, and was privileged to hear Please Don't Touch/Growl when first broadcast on Saturday Club. My thing is writing verse (I have a collection available on Amazon, Ours is a God Given Peace: Verse from the Mersey Beat Era.). Anyway, here's one for Davy Jones' Rocker and his Crew. Btw, could you post if... more

    Casti my spell pirate partyLouie, Sun Oct 11, 2015 09:33
    Anyone going to The Castin my spell Halloween pirate party at The Nambucca , London on the 31st of this month ?

    Shakin' but which version ?Roger Morse, Fri Sep 18, 2015 20:30
    Anyone watch BBC "Only Connect" quiz show last Monday 14th Sept. I just watched it on BBC i player. When they get to the music questions you hear JK singing Shakin' All Over but what is this version ?. Certainly not the original and doesn't sound like Shakin' 65 as that had keyboards. Anyone with any idea's ?

  • The Peoples History Of PopRoger Morse, Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:02
    Just to add to the previous post. They have asked if I know anyone that has any interesting memorabilia from the past, ticket stubs, programmes etc. I suppose even if you played on the same bill as JK ? etc. Contact me through my website and I will put you in touch.

    the peoples history of rockpaul robinson, Mon Sep 14, 2015 16:18
    Apparently bbc 4 are to commission a new series for 2016 called the peoples history of rock.they are looking for memorabilia , audio and visual clips of rock artists from the 1950s to the present time, wouldn,t this be an ideal time for someone to have a nudge in the right direction and get permission for the only... more