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This forum has been set up for people interested in breeding Labradoodles or Goldendoodles. Breeders of any of the Retrievers crossed with poodles would be welcome to participate.*

The aim of this forum is to provide a place where breeding issues can be discussed openly and honestly without fear of condemnation for ignorance, improper motives, or incorrect breeding practices. It is hoped that this forum can open communication channels between breeders so that perhaps the pitfalls that have beset other breeds can be avoided.

Perhaps the most useful thing this forum can offer to breeders is the opportunity to make breeding stock available to each other in order to keep the gene pool of these dogs open and viable. New breeders are particularly welcome although it is hoped that established breeders will contribute when they can.

Discussion is encouraged and it is expected that people may disagree. All posters are expected to treat each other with respect and any abusive or hostile postings will be deleted immediately.

Before posting read the rules of decorum posted at the bottom of this page.

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    Breeders' Forum Decorum

    Posts should be about each personís own ideas and programs, research articles and references. Breeders should be posting for example, here is what I found about early spay neuter and why I will never do it. Someone posts, here is my research and why I find it useful and will use it in my program.

    No one posts specifically targeting another's words or posts. For example, the second person does NOT write, YOU stated, "early spay neuter is wrong" and I find that to be false.

    No one comments about another's ideas or opinions. After all everyone is entitled to those ideas and opinions. You can post YOUR ideas and opinions but you should not comment directly about or use another's words to prove your point.

    You should not ask questions unrelated to the topic within that topic. Start a new post if you find an idea in someone's post you wish to discuss with the group and post that idea as a general idea, NOT a targeted question to one individual. Everyone will learn if it is a general idea, no one needs to follow the drilling of one individuals view point on a topic. The question, "why did you state X", should never be asked. Instead, start a new post with, I do not believe in X, what have you all found in your programs?

    If you need to pass your words past legal to verify libel, you should not be writing the words.

    If you feel someone needs to know your opinion about someone else, pick up the phone and call them. The forum is not the place to hurt others. Words hurt, programs suffer and you suffer by stating those words about others. Leaving hurtful statements open ended only leaves others guessing who that statement is about, and they might guess it is you. First, you should not be making the statement, and second unless you have a specific case and you can state it knowing it will stand up in court AND you want to stand up in court, stick to issues about breeding. This is a breeders' forum, meant to inform breeders on topics they need to know about in the daily operation of their program.

    If breeders are found to be rude, hurtful and disrespectful to others even once they will be privately asked to stop posting for a number of days. If they can contain themselves on their own for those number of days they may return.

    Let's get the forum back for the breeders who want this to be a safe place to discuss breeding dogs.

    *some breeders have been requested not to post.

    According to Title 47 of the United States Code, Section 230, "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider."