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Feedee looking for feederDawiser, Wed Feb 20 2:47pm

Male Seeking assertive feeder (Norwich UK)NorwichEater, Sun Feb 10 6:15am

Feeder cherche une feedeessbbw_maker, Sat Jan 26 12:02am

M20 Looking for Femalebabbit09, Wed Jan 9 7:24am

Looking for a feederKevyn, Fri Jan 4 4:58pm

Bi Male feedee looking to become immobileAnonymous, Sat Dec 29 8:10pm

Looking for feedee/feederDBandyZ, Sun Dec 23 11:12am

22y m feedee looking for female feeders in COCuriousFeedee, Sun Dec 23 9:23am

22yr old m looking for female feeder in COCuriousFeedee, Sun Dec 23 9:20am

No SubjectAnonymous, Wed Dec 5 5:47pm

One last big feeding before quittingAnon, Mon Dec 3 5:50pm

  • Im desperate for a male FeederAnonymous, Mon Nov 26 4:08pm

    ISO female feedee near San Antonio, TX John Doe, Sat Nov 17 4:42pm

    Female feedee looking for feederFatt, Thu Nov 15 11:08pm

    Fattening experimentAnonymous, Wed Nov 14 9:28am

    Fattening testAnonymous, Wed Nov 14 8:00am

    UPDATE, feedee looking for feederCookie, Tue Nov 13 10:39pm

    In search of female feeder to make me immobileHalftonwannabe, Tue Nov 13 9:16pm

    Looking for a female feedeeFatfeeder, Tue Nov 13 4:52am

    male feedee wanting to be teased and bulliedAnonymous, Sun Nov 4 4:44pm

    An experimentAnonymous, Sun Nov 4 6:25am

    Male feedee looking for feeder.Quasar, Sat Oct 27 10:30pm

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