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Pretty feedee looking for male feederbiggerisalwaysbetter1l93, Fri Jan 12 10:17pm

Looking to become immobile immobiledreamer, Sat Jan 6 2:22am

  • Male feederAnon, Wed Jan 3 11:18am

    UK feeder seeking long term feederAnonymous, Tue Jan 2 3:22pm

    18 y/o f trying to get as fat as possiblesoft chub, Mon Dec 25 11:13pm

  • Bring fed to immobilityRachel, Thu Dec 14 12:18am

  • Trying to gain!Jezebel, Sat Dec 9 8:23am

  • I want to be ImmobileTheTallOne, Wed Nov 29 10:54pm

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Sun Nov 26 10:14am

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Sat Nov 25 9:00am

  • Immobile by 30 immobiledreamer, Thu Nov 23 10:23am

    M Feedee needing F Feeder (no size is too big)TheTallOne, Sat Nov 18 11:56pm

    27 M feedee from Staffordshire looking for F FeederAnonymous, Sat Oct 28 11:01pm

    Wanting feedee FFrankie, Wed Oct 11 7:06am

    Thicc 19 femboy gaining 15-25lbs a monthAnonymous, Wed Oct 11 3:10am

    30yr M 332 lbs wants to be bigger.BuiltUpBelly, Mon Oct 9 11:15pm

  • Eating myself to DeathAnonymous, Thu Sep 21 8:07pm

  • HelloAnonymous, Fri Sep 15 3:44pm

    27 M Feedee looking for Ruthless F Feeder.ruinmybody, Mon Sep 11 9:23pm

    No SubjectAnonymous, Sat Sep 2 1:24am

    No such thing as too chubby.Jim, Sun Aug 20 6:17pm

    27yr old male looking for help getting bigEnix, Sun Aug 13 6:17pm

    ref feeding linda, Sun Aug 13 4:58am

  • transmale feedee looking for LOCAL friend feeder in SCfinallygettingsuperfat, Sun Aug 13 2:01am

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