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Feed meBrett Keel, Tue Mar 28 12:52am

Looking for a female feeder kevyn hetrick, Wed Mar 22 2:32pm

Male feedee gaining to immobilityAnonymous, Sat Mar 18 3:48pm

Tx male feeder looking for female feedeeyoungcraftsman3, Tue Mar 14 3:42pm

Male Feedee, 27 in the UK looking to get hugeAnonymous, Tue Mar 14 1:11pm

LookingLagoran, Mon Mar 13 11:51am

Will be immobile for youimmobiledreamer, Tue Mar 7 11:15am

LOOKING FOR A FEEDEE (WOMAN)Scott , Sat Mar 4 11:51am

21 yearold fat boy looking for a feedergreedyfatpigboy, Wed Feb 22 5:03am

  • San Diego Feedee looking for Female FeederBrandon Rodriguez, Wed Feb 1 11:03pm

    Looking for a female feeder/feedeejb.bryce, Sun Jan 29 12:56am

    Looking to get fatNick Brown , Tue Jan 24 12:49am

  • Male Feedee in Nebraska looking for immobilityKevin Hetrick, Fri Jan 20 3:26pm

    male feedee in Londonroly, Sun Jan 8 11:33am

  • Bi feedee wanting to get huge Axl, Fri Jan 6 6:41pm

    I am Looking for a female feeder in NCAnonymous, Sun Dec 25 1:14am

    London based male feeder 20, looking for female feedeeRagnarLothbrok, Wed Dec 7 3:57am

  • Mature lady feedeeAussie Feeder, Fri Dec 2 9:50pm

    Fat pig seeking irl feederAnonymous, Sun Oct 9 11:23pm

    Gay chub looking to be fattened to immobilityAnonymous, Sun Oct 9 2:36am

  • I want to be very thick and immobile.vvv, Tue Oct 4 2:09am

  • feedee looking for south east UK feederP, Thu Sep 22 11:52am

  • Male feedeeAnonymous , Tue Sep 13 2:46pm

    Looking for Female Feeder SC or VAAnonymous, Mon Sep 12 1:15pm

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