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Serious about ImmobilityAnonymous, Thu Apr 19 6:18pm

Looking for huge weight gain mfeedeeimmobiledreamer, Wed Apr 18 12:51am

Looking for southern f feedeeAnonymous, Tue Apr 10 12:34pm

MfeedeeAnonymous, Tue Apr 10 8:37am

Dark-immobility-DeathSubmissive male feedee, Wed Apr 4 8:51am

willing to give up everything to be immobileTheTallOne, Tue Mar 27 8:13pm

  • 24 male feedee. KikAnonymous, Tue Mar 27 4:49am

    make me immobilevvv, Tue Mar 27 1:37am

    19 y/old M wants to be a super fat piggy!!Fat steve, Sat Mar 24 2:24am

    Male feedee looking for female feederAxl, Sat Mar 24 1:10am

    22M feedee seeking F feederphish14, Fri Mar 23 1:57pm

    Male Feedee looking for Female Feedergutberlet1030, Tue Mar 20 7:05pm

    feedee looking for feederfeedee ashley, Sat Mar 17 2:32pm

  • Looking for a female feederBiggerinTexas, Fri Mar 16 11:51pm

    No SubjectSmith, Fri Mar 9 12:57pm

    Feed me to immobility!Feedthispiggy, Mon Feb 26 6:05pm

    Fatboy looking to fulfill dark fantasiesAnonymous, Mon Feb 26 3:42am

  • feedee_weightgainAnonymous, Fri Feb 16 9:24am

  • Male Feeder Wanted Knoxville ChubbyTennessee1984, Mon Feb 5 5:51pm

  • Feeder WantedChubbyTennessee1984, Mon Feb 5 5:48pm

    Pretty feedee looking for male feederbiggerisalwaysbetter1l93, Fri Jan 12 10:17pm

  • Looking to become immobile immobiledreamer, Sat Jan 6 2:22am

  • Male feederAnon, Wed Jan 3 11:18am

    UK feeder seeking long term feederAnonymous, Tue Jan 2 3:22pm

    18 y/o f trying to get as fat as possiblesoft chub, Mon Dec 25 11:13pm

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