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feedee looking for south east UK feederP, Thu Sep 22 11:52am

  • Male feedeeAnonymous , Tue Sep 13 2:46pm

    Looking for Female Feeder SC or VAAnonymous, Mon Sep 12 1:15pm

    ref weight gain shazne, Fri Sep 9 2:47am

    over 700lbs woman wantedAnonymous, Sat Aug 27 4:10am

  • feedersonny, Thu Aug 11 10:14am

    Looking for a feeder5chair, Thu Jul 21 3:08pm

    Need a feeder growingthickasf, Thu Jul 21 8:45am

  • Slim 17 year old boy Feedee, Craving Obesity!ChaosWaffle, Wed Jul 20 5:32am

    Onine Feeder wantedRuby, Thu Jun 23 5:48am
    • To RubyBootylover221, Thu Jul 7 12:07pm
    • Hi RubyDavey, Sat Jun 25 11:50am

  • Looking to gain to immobilityAnonymous, Thu May 26 1:20pm
    • ref ad shazne, Fri May 27 12:29am

  • Weight Gain Poll!changes1986, Sat May 21 4:19am

    Female feeder and or mutual gainerTudor, Fri May 20 11:57am

    Looking For A Female Feeder.NeverStopGrowing, Fri Apr 29 2:48pm

    UK Male Feeder Looking For UK Female FeedeeDavey, Thu Apr 28 9:40am

    need feederslinda, Sat Apr 9 2:22am

  • looking for a feedernickallison12, Fri Apr 8 4:52am
    • hishazne, Sat Apr 9 2:19am

  • Fem Feedee looking for Financial HelpZeta, Tue Mar 29 9:43pm

    UK Feedee seeking feederAnonymous, Fri Mar 11 6:17am
    • ref feedershazne, Mon Mar 14 7:23am
      • feedeegunnharry80, Mon Jun 6 6:40pm

  • seeking feeders bernie , Sun Mar 6 3:04am

    Seeking a ss immobile lady, michigansplicermac, Sat Mar 5 7:38pm

    Feedee seeking feederAnonymous, Sun Feb 28 9:02pm

  • Indulging in your favourite food! Ineedahungrywoman, Thu Feb 25 2:37pm

    Looking to feed a hungry woman! Ineedahungrywoman, Thu Feb 25 2:33pm

    • Feedergunnharry80, Tue May 31 8:43am

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