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Falaka/Bastinado in DubaiFalakalover, Wed Sep 10 19:34

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    iron on my feetJoe, Wed Sep 10 09:15

    foot whippingsub for feet, Tue Sep 9 09:07

  • San Diego foot torture Footplay78, Mon Sep 8 11:27

    Southern Ontario injection needle playAnonymous, Sat Sep 6 15:11

    foot torturehtfootcub, Fri Sep 5 21:17

  • Boy feet for tortureAnon, Thu Sep 4 13:28

  • No SubjectAnon, Thu Sep 4 13:27

    beat my feet till they bleedthe punished, Wed Sep 3 15:37

  • any young guy in Los angeles or closebilly, Tue Sep 2 22:34

    slave looking for falaka and bastinadothe punished, Tue Sep 2 11:03

    traditional falaka and etc. - TurkeyAnonymous, Sun Aug 31 04:18

  • my toesfeetmeat, Sat Aug 30 17:41

    extreme toe torturebfootluver, Wed Aug 27 14:43

  • My toesfeetmeat, Tue Aug 26 21:01

  • teen slave foot tortureTeenslaveboy, Sun Aug 24 10:00

  • Teen FeetAnon, Fri Aug 22 23:57

  • Need foot torture modelMike, Thu Aug 21 22:13

  • Falaka in melbourne Tony, Thu Aug 21 02:12

    No Subjectneed feet to torture., Tue Aug 19 14:50

  • Bastinado in North Carolina Jack, Thu Aug 14 23:30

  • Aberdeen...young soft solesAnonymous, Thu Aug 14 22:13

  • Virginia torture my feetthe punished, Thu Aug 7 06:11

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