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The Emergency Community Message Board

Well, the OAG Message Board is down again.

I had been using this Message Board as my "Double Hip Spica Discussion Board," but I can easily change it over to this purpose.

This Board will only be up until JD gets something going. In no way am I competing with JD's stewardship. In fact, I'll give him the keys to this Board and ask him to administer it.

I have expressed opinions in the past about some of the rules the Community should adopt for the Message Board. But it is the Community's Message Board, so I shall have a complete hands-off approach to all but the most appalling posts, usually after community complaints.

Again I ask that someone find us a php-coded Message Board which we can own as our own. I would even pay a few dozen dollars to own it.

This Board is a little different from the most recent OAG board, although we've used this brand in the past. I can alter these options if the community desires, but for now I've turned off the need for registration, and in every message thread, several lines of the initial message will be displayed.


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mrcast&pinkcast are back casting (nm)mrcast007, Sun Apr 8, 2012 15:57

Been a very long time...Chucky, Fri Jan 9, 2009 12:49
Use to come to the boards and the chat quite a while ago. Haven't found them til now. If someone still uses them please let me know. Thanks. Chucky

Well ain't this a bitch.Abbacor, Tue Apr 1, 2008 17:57
Copied directly from the message board URL, which has been completely pulled down. RecOrtho has been sold Hey everyone, Mustang Here. I have accepted an offer to buy Recortho from Please don't be mad at me, I needed the money. I hope the new owners will run it well. Thanks for the ride Mustang GT

  • Anybody know how to get a hold of Umasscast-paul?patchcast, Wed Aug 1, 2007 06:51
    Hey there, I am trying to get a hold of Paul but I seem to have an old email address for him. If anyone can help me out that would be great. Thanks!

    twin shoulder spica cast wanted in usacd jolene, Wed Jul 18, 2007 04:43
    Greetings, I'm a new male to female trans that would love to be in a twin arm spica for a long time and left to myself to find a way out of it. I live in ventura county an hour north of los angeles in the usa. i'd love it in pink. thanks and please reply. sincerely, jolene

    Contact request for AbbacorCastineer, Sun Dec 24, 2006 23:35
    Abbacor, I'd like to get in touch with you. My contact address for you is out of date (by four years). Bob can give you my email address if you contact him. Thanks.

  • Where is JD?Bob Caster, Sat Dec 23, 2006 20:42
    JD, please get in touch with me and let me know what your intentions are regarding this Message Board. I can handle the responsibility (basically I do no censoring unless there are personal attacks), but you have a veneer of fairness which is important to our Community's most important meeting place. Please come back, ... more

  • Is there anyone even visiting this forum?Bob Caster, Fri Dec 22, 2006 11:34
    Or should I just give it up? Is there some other forum that everyone has started using?

  • i needdj, Wed Dec 20, 2006 15:15
    any one have any good site to see cast with socks on them???

    i want picturesdj, Mon Dec 18, 2006 20:48
    just looking for some pictures of girls in cast with socks on them...can any one help...

  • i want picturesdj, Mon Dec 18, 2006 17:12
    hey can some one send me some pictures of girls with socks on there cast??? at

  • Looking for a webfindoccast19, Mon Dec 18, 2006 07:20
    With all of the confusion, I lost a group of fairly recent webfinds. I'm looking for one in particular of a girl in a pink SAC in an adult toy store with some friends. ANy idea?

    KM Could you e-mail meTommy, Thu Dec 14, 2006 23:07
    KM Could you e-mail me at thanks Tommy

    cam (nm)camcam, Thu Dec 14, 2006 12:35

    Recent webfind postskm, Thu Dec 14, 2006 11:41 blue slc more

  • couldn't log on the old forum, some of you may remember me from aaaaages ago

  • testtestcast, Wed Dec 13, 2006 08:02

  • Anybody from central EU who want to make spica casting ?CzechCaster, Mon Nov 28, 2005 00:12
    Im tring to find someone who wants to do some casting .... I prefer big casts like shoulder or hip spica...

  • Any dutchies here to put me in my first cast?CrazyGuy, Sun Mar 13, 2005 23:06
    Looking for someone or a group of people with experience to put me in my first cast. I am mainly attracted to big casts such as DHS, 2LLC+2LAC or even a full body. I live in The Netherlands. I am a straight guy in my mid twenties in case this info is needed.