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  • Al Capone owed less taxes the Trump doesBlack Magic, Wed Oct 12 3:40pm

  • The liar or the foolccc, Mon Oct 17 11:20am

  • help us O God. yome, Fri Oct 21 1:28am

  • EviscerationPikes, Wed Oct 19 10:36pm

  • And yes, the media talking heads are just that...Barry Soetoro, Thu Oct 20 10:28am

  • Explosion...just a few blocks from my place!Poppet, Wed Oct 19 1:26pm

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  • Excellent speech by Michelle ObamaSia☺giah, Sat Oct 15 12:58pm

  • Trump Stalks Hillary score by Danny ElfmanPikes, Fri Oct 14 11:39pm

  • LOVE voting by mail!Truthteller, Mon Oct 17 7:05pm

  • folks' i was just joking with ya belowyome, Sun Oct 16 4:59am

  • Bob Dylan???????????????SJW, Thu Oct 13 3:40pm

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