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Rudy Giuliani:'So what' if Trump and Michael Cohen discussedtestimony ??... Sia☺giah, Tue Jan 22 1:32am

  • Yes, but some people say they believewondering, Fri Jan 18 5:45pm

  • Trump wasn't electedgreenman, Thu Jan 17 6:46pm

  • Retreat from Syria is a secret dealkatsung47, Mon Jan 14 6:32pm

  • Govt Workers Idle Or Working Without Pay. Congress and WhiteHouse Idle and Getting Paid. Simple Solution. - Me, Fri Jan 18 5:28pm

  • So, where do you draw the lineDeplorable Pheoma, Thu Jan 17 6:32pm

  • Truewondering, Fri Jan 18 1:01pm

  • Oh, and BTW, SESgreenman, Tue Jan 15 6:24pm

  • Just tweet us the State of the Union, Donniegreenman, Sat Jan 19 4:11pm

  • and the snow has begun in earnest... Sia☺giah, Sat Jan 19 9:51pm

  • Trump also signaled that he has moved from his insistence of2000-mile border wall along entire U.S.-Mex Border, Sat Jan 19 5:49pm

  • "Civil Discussions About Difficult Topics" should be taught in schools.... Sia☺giah, Thu Jan 17 2:13am

  • Deport Melania now.HeavyHemi, Thu Jan 17 1:40pm

  • For the record.SIR, Thu Jan 10 1:21pm

  • Chinese man who sold kidney for iPhone has suffered kidneyfailure ... Sia☺giah, Thu Jan 17 12:53am

  • Trump - OMG, there's a new caravan coming!greenman, Wed Jan 16 4:08pm

  • Conservatismgreenman, Wed Jan 16 8:04pm

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