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Greetings from DZ's house in LEHTAnonymous (the original), Sat Aug 19 20:30

  • Wolf cookout tomorrow!PaulDZ, Fri Aug 18 18:00

    Greetings from HazletAnonymous (the original), Thu Aug 17 20:26

    Greetings from the Brooklyn BridgeAnonymous (the original), Sun Aug 13 08:28

    Greetings from Penn StationAnonymous (the original), Fri Aug 11 21:32

    Will PaulDZ do well in prison?The York New Times, Wed Aug 2 20:04

  • Greetings from the Walt Whitman BridgeAnonymous (the original), Tue Aug 1 05:22

    Greetings from the Vince LombardiAnonymous (the original), Sun Jul 30 21:46

    Attn: PaulDZJimmie Legg, Sat Jul 29 11:54

    Attn: Jimmie LeggPaulDZ, Sat Jul 29 09:48

  • Truckers cause accidents A leg for Jimmie, Fri Jul 28 21:16

    A message to all NJ truckersJimmie Legg, Thu Jul 27 07:52

    Greetings from the Motel 6 in GallowayAnonymous (the original), Thu Jul 27 05:58

    Trucks are harmful to the environment Jimmie Legg, Tue Jul 25 21:52

    Greetings from the Tuckerton Dunkin DionutsAnonymous (the original), Sun Jul 23 17:36

    There is nothing wrong with tollsBig Boy, Sat Jul 22 07:38

    Greetings from the Tuckerton WawaAnonymous (the original), Sat Jul 22 07:28

    Greetings from the men's room at the John FenwickAnonymous (the original), Wed Jul 19 20:30

    An article I found helpfulPaulDZ, Wed Jul 19 20:24

  • Greetings from the LEHT underground Anonymous (the original), Wed Jul 19 04:43

    Greetings from the Hampton Mental Hospital in Cherry HillAnonymous (the original), Sat Jul 15 19:48

    Greetings from the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter Anonymous (the original), Sat Jul 15 08:18

    Greetings from Exit 16W of the TurnpikeAnonymous (the original), Fri Jul 14 14:55

    Greetings from Doyle's Pour HouseAnonymous (the original), Fri Jul 14 06:06

    My entire life has been a complete wastePaulDZ, Thu Jul 13 18:53