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Welcome to the message board. Feel free to use this board to post messages on any Redcatcher related topics. Political posts, personal attacks, or profanity will not be tolerated. All messages will be reviewed by the moderators before they are posted to the Message Board This message board was created to help Redcatchers find old friends, make new friends, and to share information to help other Redcatchers. Welcome home, brothers.
To view the old message board (You will not be able to post or reply to messages), click the link below.
Old Message Board

Myths and Ages of the Vietnam VeteranRobert J. Gouge, Tue Apr 15 17:53

2014 Southern California Redcatcher LuncheonJim Rothblatt, Thu Apr 10 16:09

  • Absent friends....A.B, Sun Apr 13 16:03

  • SPecial Monthly Compensation: "Housebound"James Knudsen, Thu Apr 10 14:03
    • benefitsJoe Tchinski, Thu Apr 10 23:53

  • HypothyroidismJames Knudsen, Fri Feb 28 20:36

  • Widow's Aid and AttendanceJames Knudsen, Mon Mar 24 14:30

  • Ed Coreydan aragaki, Mon Feb 17 18:45
    • Ed Coreydan aragaki, Fri Mar 7 07:41
    • Ed CoreyDonna Wylde Schautz, Mon Mar 3 17:20
    • Ed Coreyyogi199lib, Tue Feb 18 10:56

  • Ddisability claim for ArthritisJames Knudsen, Mon Mar 31 09:01

  • 4/1/70Slim, Tue Apr 1 08:03

  • 4/1/70Slim , Mon Mar 31 21:36

    Tell a short story John 87th Eng., Sat Mar 29 16:37

    vietman vetrans daydavid handlos, Sat Mar 29 15:43

    SHAKE -n-BAKE!!Paul Frank@Fishnet'68, Tue Jul 29 15:57

  • Redcatchers in Cambodia "Raiding the Sanctuary"Robert J. Gouge, Sun Jan 27 12:20

  • Redcatcher Requests HelpGunther , Sat Mar 15 16:05

    Reunion in New Orleans and San DiegoAnonymous, Fri Feb 28 20:06

  • Ronald StewartJordann Stewart, Sat Mar 8 19:37

  • Alpine Valley, CA Wall of HonorGunther Bahlaj, Wed Mar 5 09:05

    VFW Magazine is looking fordan aragaki, Sun Feb 23 07:28

  • Redcatcher in Local NewsJim Rothblatt, Mon Feb 17 12:29

  • Breaking into a Garage in 6 secondsdan aragaki, Thu Feb 20 15:52

  • Where are you. ?John W Hart, Sat Jul 6 13:52

  • DC Area ResidentJim Rothblatt, C 4/12, 66-67, Thu Feb 6 16:06

    New Video of C/4-12 November 27th, 1969Robert J. Gouge, Wed Feb 5 07:30

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