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Welcome to the message board. Feel free to use this board to post messages on any Redcatcher related topics. Political posts, personal attacks, or profanity will not be tolerated. All messages will be reviewed by the moderators before they are posted to the Message Board This message board was created to help Redcatchers find old friends, make new friends, and to share information to help other Redcatchers. Welcome home, brothers.
To view the old message board (You will not be able to post or reply to messages), click the link below.
Old Message Board

Vietnam Vet CruiseKristen Calhoun, Tue Jan 27 16:25

  • New Vietnam BookBruce Taneski, Sun Mar 29 10:59
    • booklarry merryman, Mon Mar 30 01:19

  • New BMB Website PagesRobert J. Gouge, Thu Mar 26 08:07

    picturesJohn R Gillette 4-12 inf 66-67, Sat Jun 28 02:52

  • Inducted Into the ArmyJim Rothblatt, Tue Dec 23 18:10

  • Laid To RestEcho's Echoes, Sun Mar 8 16:53

  • 50 yearsMichael Gross, Sun Mar 8 22:12

    just saying hi and how u all doing? (nm)John 87th Eng., Wed Mar 4 20:35
    • john 87thlarry merryman, Thu Mar 5 00:10

  • a Redcatcher rock 'n roll bandlarry merryman, Thu Feb 26 00:03

  • John Henery DixonCraig Blackman, Mon Feb 16 21:25

  • david s. casalinosteve kaiser, Wed Feb 25 16:23

    FSB Mace 69-70Bob Sietstra, Tue Feb 17 13:25

  • New Book About RedcatchersKen Welch, Mon Apr 19 14:57

  • Anyone have contacts at Vanderbilt University?Robert J. Gouge, Thu Feb 5 17:37

  • Laid To Rest:Echo's Echoes, Tue Feb 17 13:23

  • Laid To Rest:Echo's Echoes, Tue Feb 17 13:07

  • "Redcatcher Relics"Robert J. Gouge, Tue Feb 17 10:58

    General Frederic E. DavisonRobert J. Gouge, Thu Feb 5 16:50

  • 10 JAN 1970Wayne Nicholls, Sat Jan 10 10:27

  • FSB Mace 69-70Rick Jones, Thu Jan 29 16:58

  • Redcatchers reporting in to HQ!Robert J. Gouge, Sun Jan 25 14:56

  • Vietnam Vet CruiseKCalhoun, Tue Jan 27 16:38

    Randall E. PerryTim Carroll, Fri Jan 23 22:31

    Sgt. BrewerJim Rothblatt, Sat Aug 23 12:15

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