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Welcome to the message board. Feel free to use this board to post messages on any Redcatcher related topics. Political posts, personal attacks, or profanity will not be tolerated. All messages will be reviewed by the moderators before they are posted to the Message Board This message board was created to help Redcatchers find old friends, make new friends, and to share information to help other Redcatchers. Welcome home, brothers.
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Do You Suck the Poison?Jim Rothblatt, Thu Sep 18 18:57

  • Army memories......steve kaiser, Mon Sep 1 14:03

  • Ft. Benning to BMBJim Rothblatt, Wed Sep 24 13:25

  • Lesson Learned on a Parade FieldJim Rothblatt, Tue Sep 23 22:24

  • 12th Infantry at GettysburgRobert Tonsetic, Sat Sep 27 21:19

    The Old Guard, 1863Robert J. Gouge, Fri Sep 26 16:56

  • Help Request for C/5-12 Cambodian Incursion PersonnelRobert J. Gouge, Sat Sep 13 08:34

  • RA or US?Jim Rothblatt, Tue Aug 19 14:59

  • Stationed at Ft. Devens, MAJim Rothblatt, Wed Sep 17 20:20

    SSGT Shilo HarrisWayne Nicholls, Wed Sep 17 08:39

    Saving LivesJim Rothblatt, Fri Sep 12 14:13

  • Good Duty Station Turned BadJim Rothblatt, Mon Sep 8 14:43

  • Pop DoyleRobby Gouge, Tue Sep 9 09:27

    No SubjectAnonymous, Mon Sep 8 14:42

    Best Moments in Basic TrainingJim Rothblatt, Thu Sep 4 15:31

  • Got Change for a Nickel?Jim Rothblatt, Sat Sep 6 13:31

    Bad Hair Day at Ft. BenningJim Rothblatt, Fri Sep 5 15:13

    Basic training momentMichael Yancy, Fri Sep 5 15:01

    DEROSTim Carroll, Tue Sep 2 05:56

  • Conversation on a BeachJim Rothblatt, Sat Aug 30 17:07

  • 2nd Day in the Army: 1st Big LessonJim Rothblatt, Mon Sep 1 16:39

    Sgt. Brewer times ThreeJim Rothblatt, Sun Aug 31 15:07

    Building a CastleJim Rothblatt, Tue Aug 26 07:26

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