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Welcome to the message board. Feel free to use this board to post messages on any Redcatcher related topics. Political posts, personal attacks, or profanity will not be tolerated. All messages will be reviewed by the moderators before they are posted to the Message Board This message board was created to help Redcatchers find old friends, make new friends, and to share information to help other Redcatchers. Welcome home, brothers.
To view the old message board (You will not be able to post or reply to messages), click the link below.
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Happy New YearJerry D. Kelley, Sun Dec 30, 2007 15:03

  • new 199th siteAnonymous, Fri Nov 20 00:01

  • new siteron hill, Wed Nov 25 09:36

    email not posting ???Anonymous, Tue Nov 24 16:05

    Help Is On The Way!Johnnie H. Williams Jr. , Mon Nov 23 06:36

    VA PTSD plan to shut down group sessionsJay Voorhees, Thu Nov 19 10:34

    Many ThanksMike Voorhees, Sun Nov 15 15:07

    My friend Rick JonesBob martin, Sat Oct 10 17:44

  • THANK YOU MR JONESwesley ford, Sat Oct 31 07:50

    REDCATCHERS WEB SITEAnonymous, Wed Oct 14 17:13

  • Thanks Rick John conway , Thu Oct 15 06:23

    THANKSjoseph miles B 4/12 67-68, Sun Oct 11 19:06

    thanks rickron hill, Fri Oct 9 20:01
    • ThanksRam Chavez, Fri Oct 9 23:49
      • farewellGabe michael, Sun Oct 11 17:12

  • Redcatcher capEd Bojorquez, Sun Oct 11 12:09

    Thanks RickRich Hearell, Sat Oct 10 10:27

    RickJohnny Velasquez, Tue Oct 6 20:15

  • RickJimmy C. Phillips, Sat Oct 10 03:18


    ThanksJim E 2/3 199th, Fri Oct 9 09:52

    thanksMyron Kindrick, Fri Oct 9 06:57

    ThanksPancho Ramirez, Thu Oct 8 16:13

    Redcatchers - The MovieJim Tighe, C/4/12, 1966-67, Sun Jan 2, 2011 07:20

  • Tet 1968 and 1969Paul Mooney, Wed Sep 9 22:33

    BURY ME WITH SOLDIERSR. Jones, Mon Aug 31 08:57

  • ReunionRayg0024, Fri Sep 4 09:28

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