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Begun March 10, 2004--Welcome fellow professional, hobbyist or beginning chair caner, seatweaver and/or wicker repair person! Glad you are joining our FREE chair caning discussion forum located here in the United States. All healthy discussions, comments, opinions and exchanges are welcome!

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Coloring Cane gm.hefley, Tue Mar 20 12:21pm
I keep getting requests to add color to new cane. No matter how much I try to talk folks out of staining the cane, they keep insisting. Are there any recommendation for best type of stain to use? I have tried MinWax oil based stains with little success. Help!
Finishing Fiber Rush Seat tag1023, Sun Mar 18 6:51pm
I am working on several fiber rush seats. After completing the weaving, I applied a "sealer coat" of shellac and denatured alcohol ( 1 shellac to 3 denatured alcohol). The final coating was a coat of semi gloss polyurethane. "The nap on the completed seat is rough and scratchy"...so says my customer. How do I remove... more
  • 5 step Strand Caning gm.hefley, Mon Mar 19 4:44am
    Was wondering if anyone does the 5 step caning where there is only one horizontal strand for chair seats? If so, are there any tips out there. Such as minimum cane size, seat width and depth maximums, etc. Read about in Ricky Holdstock’s book, but there is not much more said about it than just to describe the pattern.
  • Blind caning instruction tag1023, Mon Nov 8, 2010 10:09am
    I am interested in detail instructions about blind caning. Help!
  • Blind caned seat David W. Dick, Tue Feb 26, 2008 6:32am
    Would someone please define and explain a blind caned seat? I've used a knot that I call a blind knot that joins strand cane ends together within the width of the seat frame. I'm unsure if the terminology is "blind caning". I've caned for 33 years and I just love this forum. You have all helped me immemsely. Reading... more
  • Great pegs for super fine cane Mindy King, Sun Jun 17, 2007 7:06pm
    I just found the perfect pegs for super fine and finer cane when weaving traditional 7 step: wooden Cribbage pegs! Looked all over the web and found the best in price and quality at: http://www.profhdwr.com/woodpart.htm Cribagge pegs also come in plastic and I wonder {because I haven't yet had the pleasure} of doing... more
  • Blind Caning nantaylor56, Sat Mar 3 7:51am
    Hello to all! I'm new to the forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is Nan Taylor from the Kansas City, Mo area. I'm a retired Art Instructor and have been caning/weaving for several years. I just became aware of this forum and excited to join. There are always a few glitches that I run into that I could... more
    1.5, 1.6mm cane. russheb, Wed Feb 14 4:23am
    I'm in need of some very fine 1.5mm cane and am finding it impossible to find it over here (UK) apart from old stock which just snaps! Does anybody know of somewhere I could buy some good quality cane over there, that would ship over this side of the pond? Russell Cane & Rush Workshop.
  • Recaning back to Stendig Chair b_haro, Tue Feb 20 7:16pm
    I’ve seen tutorials on how to do the seat but none on how to do the back. Any ideas? There looks to be only holes for caning and no back on the round chair frame.
  • diagonal as step 3 jlcor1, Thu Feb 8 9:28am
    If I use step 3 for my first diagonal, would step 4 be my second diagonal ? Thank you for any suggestions.
  • chair caning burr removal dlertinney, Sat Dec 16 11:35am
    how to remove small burrs from new caning job.
  • Provenance gm.hefley, Thu Feb 15 8:33am
    Looking for some help in determining age and manufacturer of two caned barrel chairs and matching settee. Cant seem to figure out how to post a picture on here though.
  • The SeatWeavers' Journal Bonnie Rashleigh - Rick's Wood &, Thu Feb 15 11:08am
    Check your email for the latest edition of The SeatWeavers' Guild Inc. newsletter. Bonnie Rashleigh Newsletter Editor rfrashle@gmail.com
    wavy diagonals jlcor1, Thu Feb 1 12:31pm
    Sometimes I have wavy diagonals.....today it is on a large seat with fine cane, many holes that are close together
  • loose chair joints lasallecraft, Mon Jan 22 1:21pm
    Greetings Caners! Assuming that most caners occasionally encounter a chair that has a loose glued joint, how do you deal with it? I've been taught that new glue won't adhere to old glue so you need to knock the joint apart. In doing that, you end up with even more loose joints. Curious how others deal with this... more
  • Ash vs. Hickory Splints mrdirectorsir57, Tue Jan 23 9:32pm
    I'm redoing a rocker for my wife that appears to have done originally in New England porchweave. The chair belonged to her grandfather, and is probably somewhere around 100 years old. There are two of them, one in oak, one in cherry. The questions are, 1) does the type of weave affect the authenticity of the chair (NE ... more
    No Subject gmingram4, Mon Jan 22 10:46am
    I have a Hans Wegner style PP512 folding chair and several outdoor metal chairs which do not allow for weaving across the underside of the seat. I cannot figure out the pattern that allows you to weave across the top, around the rail, and then back over the top of the seat. Any referral to where I can find how to... more
    chair caning a curved back Anonymous, Tue Dec 12 11:06pm
    I am used to caning chairs which have a flat seat. Now I have a rocking chair with a caned, curved back; meaning both vertical and horizontal members of the chair back are curved. For a flat seat I am used to tightening the cane tension as I do it. But how do I get the right tension on the chair back that has the two... more
  • Thanksgiving Donald Robins, Thu Nov 23 8:43am
    We wish to express to all on this forum that are celebrating Thanksgiving to enjoy the occasion with family and friends and arrive home safely. Donald Robins
    Hello my names Merlin merlin.north, Fri Nov 17 1:54pm
    Hi there, I have come to this forum after some desperate struggles with weaving in Danish cord. I make chairs and stools and have rewoven 4 old danish designer chairs. I'm a young man from England living in Denmark with my girlfriend. I've run some courses in making stools and found teaching to be great fun. I'm just... more


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