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Begun March 10, 2004--Welcome fellow professional, hobbyist or beginning chair caner, seatweaver and/or wicker repair person! Glad you are joining our FREE chair caning discussion forum located here in the United States. All healthy discussions, comments, opinions and exchanges are welcome!

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Raw Hide Pricing norgarbe, Sun Sep 25 2:37pm
What is the going price for restoring a standard Mule Ear chair Longest side 15" and short side 12". Do you use longest rail x $6.00. ( $90.00 ) plus material to arrive at cost? This is not the best price for time I spend. Any suggestions> Thank you Kathleen Garbe
  • Metal framed rocker janie.greenwald, Wed Sep 21 7:04pm
    Hi all, So happy to be a part of this community. I found this chair at a junk shop. This is just how I found it. The whole frame is metal including the rockers. Anyone know anything about this type of chair and what the pattern might have been? I have not yet done any wicker work. I have been caning for 1.5 yrs. All... more
  • restoring old varnish finish skip7083, Sat Aug 27 1:14pm
    Greetings! Wondering what the best way would be to restore the old varnish finish on a chair frame prior to re-caning. I could strip and refinish but I don't want to lose the aged patina. Thanks for any advice. Skip
  • Splint weave - stuffing Robin Starr, Mon Aug 22 3:01pm
    Seems that the old timers stuffed splint weave chairs with straw or other similar material. I assume it was done for extra cushion. Does anyone out there attempt to stuff these seats? Is it even necessary?
  • The SeatWeavers' Journal Bonnie Rashleigh - Rick's Wood &, Fri Aug 19 8:59pm
    The latest edition of The SeatWeavers' Journal should be in your email. It's 26 pages of news and pictures. Lots of Tips, Tricks & Tools from the Gathering. That is my favorite part! Be sure to read the special "Members in the News" section to see Cathryn Peters' article from Country Woman Magazine. Bonnie Rashleigh... more
    Child's bentwood J&J Kohn chair ABQLaurie, Mon Aug 8 9:34pm
    Well, I haven't found this version of my topic covered here yet, so I'm turning to the thousands of years of collective experience for some insights. Basically, the question is "does bentwood rocker arms need to be fastened to the seat for stability? Background Customer brought over a child's bentwood rocker. I... more
  • 9th Annual Gathering of TSWG The Wicker Woman, Mon Jul 25 7:03pm
    Well, I hope everyone traveling to Asheville, NC this week for the 9th Annual Gathering of The SeatWeavers' Guild has a safe and enjoyable trip. I'm sorry to report that I will not be able to go this year however. And I was so looking forward to seeing Brandy and Dave's new seatweaving school and museum, meeting the... more
    • Gathering jwoods.enterprises, Tue Jul 26 7:13pm
  • Lashing, rattan wrapping how-to hannahbardinfurniture, Mon Jul 25 9:20am
    Hi, Does anyone know the technique for wrapping a joint at a right angle using either rattan or rawhide? Such as this one here (at the ends of the arms): https://www.google.com/search?q=mcguire+chair&espv=2&biw=1155&bih=598&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwitlviN447OAhXKXBQKHQoVBxoQ_AUIBygC#imgrc=LUDlje-BAdknlM%3A ... more
  • Price increase for over 100 holes Janet Noall, Sun Jun 26 9:07am
    Hello All, I have a 235 hole chair/recliner that is a real bear to work on. How do you all calculate an increase of over 100 holes. I have not done that before, as the chairs were "normal" and easy to do. This one has the "skirts" all around, has a curved top and bottom that you can't even see the holes, as they... more
  • repairing cane johnk15, Wed Jun 29 8:35pm
    Very old chair. 500+ holes, finefine cane,double sided panels, all blind caned. Customer wanted holes patched. Unfortunately, cane was so brittle that as I tried to weave new cane the old cane strands broke so the holes grew. Trying to post some pics. Might have to try more than once to get it right. Sorry for poor... more
  • Need your input Donald Robins, Wed Jun 29 9:48am
    HI I have a rocker chair seat to be caned/rushed, the sides are 1 /2 high and 1 inch thick rounded at the top with lines of previous rushing? but the bottom of the sides are square edged. I will try to get a photo posted. regards, Donald Robins drobins@sympatico.ca Newtonville, ON Canada
  • narrow gauge rush + 5 questions ABQLaurie, Thu Jun 23 10:08pm
    Hello friends, First many thanks to Brandy Clements for referring a delightful Santa Fe lady to me for her rush needs. She brought her lovely chair over today, and I've started researching materials. In the pic below, I attempted to estimate the size of the original (hand-twisted) and I consistently measured about 9... more
  • No Subject paata_abramishvili, Fri Jun 17 5:10am
    Hello, I'm Paata from Georgia. I have a very old Cane chairs and want restoration. The problem is that the back side does not have an outgoing side holes. What method can I use to knit?
  • What am I missing? reba.sue, Thu Jun 9 6:53am
    I want to reserve a baby chair that was my brother's. I have done rush weaving before, but the side rungs on this chair are about 1 inch higher than the front/back rungs. How do I go about weaving this when the rings are level? Perhaps there was a frame sitting on top of the side rungs? Any suggestions or help would... more
  • what's that weave ? Deb Kinghan, Sat Jun 4 1:21am
    Hi fellow weavers, A shout out to anyone that can name this weave so that I might find a pattern. Or you basket weavers is this a common plate pattern ? I have not started to replace the back yet and will learn from taking that apart but there is not much left of the edging and more info would be very much... more
  • Customer thinks chair valuable johnk15, Sun May 29 8:34pm
    I have chair from a customer. He says he paid $1000 for it ten years ago. It is a barrel back chair. Cane seat, cane back, double cane on both side panels. It is clearly an older chair and all the cane is fine fine, blind caned. Carved vines and flowers on quarter sawn oak frame. The dealer told the customer it is an... more
  • Small hole in chair back Robin Starr, Fri May 27 3:34pm
    I am recaning a pre-woven seat of a bentwood chair. The back is also pre-woven but still intact with the exception of a small hole affecting 3 or 4 worn out strands. The customer thinks the back will be fine as is (and I tend to agree) but was wondering if it might be worth suggesting that she could coat those open... more
  • Rush weave on a wrought iron frame IngridSpies, Wed Apr 20 3:30pm
    I have a customer who needs some patio chairs re-done. They are wrought iron with a removable seat, so the rush is woven on a frame, then screwed down to the chair. They have a U-shaped seat and the wrought iron is about 1/2" in diameter. My question is how to weave the rush without 4 solid corners? I have two corners ... more
  • Danish cord colotka, Sun May 15 9:06am
    Hi Weavers, Can anyone tell me how many years a Danish cord seat should last? Thanks, Cindy Rush to Cane
  • Rushing with seagrass Laurenschaircaning, Wed May 11 6:31pm
    Hello, I am having a terrible time rushing with seagrass. My 90 degree turns in the center look great when I put them in, but a couple of rows later some previous rows are spacey and others slip over previous rows.I've been rushing for 30+ years but never with seagrass. Any ideas on what I am doing incorrectly? Your... more


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