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Begun March 10, 2004--Welcome fellow professional, hobbyist or beginning chair caner, seatweaver and/or wicker repair person! Glad you are joining our FREE chair caning discussion forum located here in the United States. All healthy discussions, comments, opinions and exchanges are welcome!

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Staining and matching cane Jared Chafin, Tue May 7, 2013 9:48am
I realize staining cane has been discussed on previous threads but my inquiry has more to do with matching. I really dislike staining cane but, more often than not, customers either want their seat stained or it is necessary to match a set. I've had some success with matching, more so with certain colors than others.... more
  • Help! 3 Lincoln Rockers, curved back Patti Erickson, Fri Mar 17 4:15pm
    Hello, I have three Lincoln rocker curved backs to do. I have done a couple of these but it has been a very long time since I did them. I am having trouble with the curve. I am using a piece of wood at the curve and doing the front to back (behind the piece of wood not too tight, not too loose), side to side (loose,... more
  • Gathering Corn Shucks for seats Mindy King, Sat Sep 1, 2007 8:29pm
    Many of you have expressed interest in the Corn Shuck woven seat I learned from Claudia Mullins this past July. She is planning to teach the seat at the SeatWeaver's Guild Meeting next July. I am finding commercially available shucks inappropriate so I encourage anyone interested in taking the class to start... more
  • Cutting a new groove in a cane seat DKR.SeatCaning, Mon Feb 20 1:50pm
    Hello, again. I've received my next project---a 125 year old rocker. Originally it had a square area in the seat with pressed cane. Over the years, the cane failed (actually due to the rear groove cracking--then a poor glue job--then some nails) and someone installed a flat, black leather seat which was tacked down... more
  • Additional work needed when replacing cane or rush DKR.SeatCaning, Tue Feb 14 6:21pm
    Darlene, here, again. As I mentioned earlier, I just started my business last Fall. On my Facebook business page, I say that I will only replace seats in chairs that are sound (not wiggly or loose) and already finished---basically ready to get the seat installed. I did get a chair that needed some of the rungs glued... more
  • Fibre-rush seats DKR.SeatCaning, Sun Feb 12 1:59pm
    I'm just learning how to do fibre-rush seats and have just finished my first one. I've considered whether or not to "finish" the fibre and have decided to use marine-grade varnish, satin finish. My question is: Do I coat the top of the seat AND the underside? ALSO: Usually, how many coats should be used? Thanks.
  • TSWG Newsletter Bonnie Rashleigh - Rick's Wood &, Mon Feb 13 7:16pm
    All members of The SeatWeavers' Guild Inc - check your email for the latest edition of The SeatWeavers' Journal. Lots of great reading! Bonnie Rashleigh Newsletter Editor
  • Blind Caning tag1023, Thu Feb 2 7:58pm
    Jim Thank you for the suggestions. The short ends on the loops are easier to place in the new shallow holes either side of the pegs. I am giving the loops ends with a touch of glue as I install them. I really appreciate your response. Thomas Gamblin Madison, MS 39110 TAG1023@aol.com
    Blind Caning tag1023, Tue Jan 31 9:45am
    I am repairing a "blind caned" chair back. The holes in the chair frame are 3/8" deep. I am using super carriage cane for the field weaving and loops....1.5 mm. The cane field has been completed. I am having trouble installing the trim cane and loops around the frame covering the holes and cane ends. The trim cane... more
  • Help reweaving old Star of David cstw, Tue Jan 24 9:27am
    A client brought in an old family chair that had at one time had the Star of David (Snowflake?) pattern for the back. I have been doing cane for about 5 years but have only worked on the standard wooden frame of chairs and rockers. I have few concerns - questions. 1) Even adjusting for the tension caused as cane... more
  • Medallion goodwincaning, Wed Nov 9 3:06pm
    and here are the pictures. [url=https://postimg.org/image/tv3g3ip2j/][img] https://s17.postimg.org/tv3g3ip2j/Settee.jpg [/img][/url]
  • Caner's List Robin Starr, Sat Jan 21 8:50pm
    About 8 years ago, Carolyn asked us to post a message that contained such information as who we are, location, caning skills, telephone number, etc. about our business/avocation. Believe it or not, this post has sustained my caning work for that entire time. It's been just the right amount of work I am interested in... more
  • February Newsletter coming soon Bonnie Rashleigh - Rick's Wood &, Mon Jan 2 7:38pm
    Happy New Year to All - Before we settle in for our winter doldrums - think about something you might contribute to The SeatWeavers' Journal's February Edition! I know there are folks out there that have been featured in their local media. Did you recently find a new great tool to use with your weaving? Did you think... more
    Medallion goodwincaning, Sun Nov 20 7:57am
    I have a tip and a question. To see the back of the medallion while working on the front, I put a mirror(salvaged from a medicine cabinet) under the chair back. I could see the back while working on the front! In the image below, will the diagonals help to compact the other strands or do I have to finalize them first? ... more
  • Nov SeatWeavers' Journal Bonnie Rashleigh - Rick's Wood &, Sun Nov 20 2:41pm
    Happy November to all the seat weavers. There is a special treat in your inbox if you are a member of The SeatWeavers' Guild Inc. The issue is a tad late but you should enjoy it before the holiday rush. Bonnie Rashleigh Newsletter Editor
  • Medallion goodwincaning, Wed Nov 9 3:13pm
    Third time's the charm https://s17.postimg.org/3zjpkbn8v/Settee.jpg https://s17.postimg.org/b41itcui7/Settee_Back.jpg
  • Medallion goodwincaning, Wed Nov 9 3:03pm
    Hello, fellow chair nerds! I'm starting my first chair (a settee, actually) with a medallion back. I understand the caning process and have read excellent instructions (thank you Jim Widess and Kay Johnson) but cannot figure out how I'm going to fit all the cane through the holes. The spacing on the frame is 5/8 inch. ... more
    paper rush finish janie.greenwald, Sat Oct 29 12:21pm
    HI, Do you have to put a finish on the paper rush? Thank you, Janie
  • Seatweaving Techniques Question The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Mon Oct 24 2:02pm
    Seatweaving Techniques Questions: How do you handle these problem issues? 1. What material do you use to stuff the gussets/pockets when weaving a pretwisted natural rush seat? 2. What finish treatment do you use on a pretwisted natural rush seat? 3. When weaving paper rush, what final finish treatment do you use,... more
  • Close weave seat colotka, Wed Oct 12 8:30am
    Hi weavers, I have a British colonial chair which has one continuous piece of medium close weave cane for seat and back, it is 45 inches long. And 26 wide. The top has pulled out and there is not enough cane left to reattach it. The cane is stapled and covered with a 1/2 inch flat oval reed all along the perimeter..... more


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