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Begun March 10, 2004--Welcome fellow professional, hobbyist or beginning chair caner, seatweaver and/or wicker repair person! Glad you are joining our FREE chair caning discussion forum located here in the United States. All healthy discussions, comments, opinions and exchanges are welcome!

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The SeatWeavers' Journal Bonnie Rashleigh - Rick's Wood &, Thu Nov 15 8:13pm
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Contribute to the TSWG Journal Nov. Issue Cathryn Peters, Sun Nov 11 7:17am
All members of The SeatWeavers' Guild, Inc.® are encouraged to submit articles to the newsletter throughout the year. The next quarterly digital newsletter will be sent out on November 15th by editor Bonnie Rashleigh. Send your articles or information to For example, we'd like to hear about... more
Forum Suggestion Mr. Stafford, Mon Sep 24 12:55am
I find this forum extremely helpful and useful, but, I must admit, it is a bit difficult for me to follow. I belong to several online forums and they all use a very friendly format (here is one example: ). The forums are usually divided up into numerous sections, that can... more
  • New Computer mcw1961, Fri Mar 1, 2013 7:41am
    Good Morning to Everyone, All I have to say is that I now have a new laptop, as the old one died. Unfortunately this one has Windows 8 on it, either it is a nightmare to learn or the worst operating system they have come up with, takes so many more clicks just to get the same job done. I guess I will get used to it... more
  • Hurricane Michael Cathryn Peters, Thu Oct 11 8:33am
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those caught in the path of Hurricane Michael over the last couple days, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and also those of you still in its path. This storm is one of the most devastating in recent times. We hope your homes, businesses and most importantly your lives are... more
    Corn Husk Weavers gm.hefley, Sat Sep 22 9:23am
    Hi there! From time to time I get inquiries to replace corn husk seatS. I have yet to attempt it. Though I see that The Caning Shop in California sells 2 pound coil of pre-twisted material. So, does anyone have any contacts in South Carolina for this? I heard of a weaver in the Columbia, Sc area, cannot for the life... more
  • 6.0 mm White Plastic Strand Cane gm.hefley, Tue Oct 9 12:45pm
    Hi y’all! A customer brought me two white plastic wicker chairs she bought from Pier One and the 6.0 mm wrapping is cracking and falling apart. I have searched high and low for the material with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas where I might look for it? Thanks y’all, George Hefley Murrells Inlet, SC
  • May be impossible, but looking for someone who could layer wicker, cane, jute, etc. on top of leather watch band for apple watch. Do not have the leather band but could provide. Do not like the printed look of Zazzle watch bands. Thank you, Sheila
  • Re Plastic encapsulated cane brigittegraham48, Wed Sep 26 4:01pm
    I have an interesting commission ~ a metal framed lounger and rocking chair. The unusual thing about these is that the center cane and lapping cane has been encapsulated in a plastic tube. Why would that have been done, and can you get the plastic coated cane any where? Does any one have information about the history... more
    Weaving on folding aluminum frames Mr. Stafford, Sat Sep 15 2:15pm
    Hello all, Has anyone had any experience using natural materials on folding aluminum frames? I was thinking of trying to use rush, shaker tape or even cane to weave on such frames, but I was wondering if the shrinkage when drying would bend the aluminum frames inward. Any thoughts?
  • The SeatWeavers' Journal Bonnie Rashleigh - Rick's Wood &, Thu Aug 16 6:04pm
    Members of The SeatWeavers' Guild Inc. - check your email for the latest issue of The SeatWeavers' Journal. Lots of photos from the 2018 Guild Gathering. Bonnie Rashleigh TSWG Newsletter Editor
    How to store materials JAY HIRSCH, Tue Aug 7 12:12pm
    Was wondering how people store their cane strands, cane webbing and natural and fiber rush. I have read in "The Caner's Handbook" that they should be stored in a cool, moist environment. How are these products stored before they are shipped to customers and does anyone store them in a garage with vast fluctuations in... more
  • Binder Cane gm.hefley, Thu Aug 2 11:05am
    Hello Caners! Am wondering if anyone has used binder cane to weave chair seats with the 7 step method? 4,5 or 6 mm cane. Mike Hefley Murrells Inlet, SC
  • rush nantaylor56, Sun Jul 29 9:09am
    I have been asked to repair 2 of 5 rush chairs from Pier One. The rush is a honey color and straw like. I have contacted Pier One and several other suppliers and can not find the material any where. Can anyone help me out please?
  • pressed cane patches J2DOC1, Fri Jul 13 12:47pm
    The owner of a curved back Chaise Lounge pressed cane chair does not want to spend the money to replace the entire cane back. Since there is only a small tear(from a table leg) measuring about 2" X 1", I was considering patching the tear. Has anyone had any luck patching small areas of pressed cane? Jay Hirsch
  • Curved back pressed cane chairs J2DOC1, Tue Jul 10 10:59am
    Anyone have any “tricks “ for repairing curved back chairs with pressed cane. How do you obtain the tightness that is “easy” with uncurved/flat surfaces.? I would appreciate any assistance.
  • Pre-woven star of david? russheb, Mon Jul 9 12:32pm
    Hi all, I'm looking for some pre-woven star of David, snowflake pattern panels. There's nobody over here in the UK that sells it, so just wondering if you guys know of anybody. Many thanks, Russell Theaker.
  • Wegner chairs! Louise 989, Wed Jul 4 9:06am
    Agghhh I've got to reweave 4 Wegner style chair panels but I just can't get it right. The old cane was already removed or I would have been able to work it out! Its the wrapped method in thick 5 mm cane, a double warp and single weft. Any tips?
  • Half Medallion Caning gm.hefley, Sun Jun 24 12:52pm
    Hi y’all! I am in the process of caning two barrel chairs that have double caned arms, caned seat and half medallion backs. They are very ornate with hand painted artwork on them. As I am capable of eventually figuring out how to do the half medallions, it would probably still be very helpful if there were any written ... more
    Damage Repair gm.hefley, Sat Jun 16 10:38am
    Good morning! Attached are a couple pics of a blind caned chair that has damage that the owner would like repaired. O am at a loss as to how I might proceed. Owner doesn’t want to spend alot and I’m not interested in recaning the whole back of the chair. Any ideas or insight will be greatly appreciated! George M. Mike ... more


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