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This Forum has been set up for members of the West Gallery Music Association and any others who are interested in the music, the literature (starting with Thomas Hardy!) and the social life and times during which musicians played and sang in the galleries - usually at the west end - of our country churches. It is hoped that, in time, this may become the forum for debate on scholarly and not-so-scholarly matters. Please use this space wisely, and within the accepted bounds required for such a discussion group.

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Francis Roads, Wed Sep 9 5:23pm
A correspondent active in Dorset is trying to trace a tune known as Martinstown, known to have been in use in Winterbourne St Martins and Winterbourne Abbas as a setting of While Shepherds ... She believes that there may be a copy in the Dorset museum. Any information, please?

  • Cambridge New - a new version or bad error?
    David Welch, Thu Aug 20 3:08pm
    Cambridge New is a CM tune often with just 4 lines of melody but sometimes extended to 5. But we have recently encountered an 8-line version on a barrel organ built in Edinburgh around 1815. This organ, once in Wymondham, Rutland/Leicestershire, has been brought back to Scotland by the Scottish Historic Organs Trust.... more

    West Gallery Favorites
    Sylvia Daly, Wed May 27 3:37pm
    Hello - I am new to WG Music. I have purchased a disk "West Gallery Favorites" and would like to obtain the sheet music, in parts, so that I can learn my part. Can you let me know how I can obtain this please. Thankyou

  • WG Caribbean connection
    Willie Israel, Mon Apr 6 4:06pm
    Hello all - A couple of years ago I received some very helpful information from you folks about an anthem/hymn that our Moravian congregation in Longwood, Florida, USA received via some of our Caribbean members. We know it as "Trumpet", but you identified it for us as a hymn by W. Dixon from the Rowland Hill's... more

    Primitive Methodist Hymns
    Jonathan Stanyon, Sun Feb 22 1:23pm
    I am currently doing some work on early Primitive Methodist tunes (particularly Camp Meetings). I wondered if anyone had come across the Primitive Methodist Mission Hymnal. The date I have is 1898, but it supposedly contains tunes and words (smartened up for Victorian tastes) from the early camp meetings, and from... more

  • Metronome speeds in early C19 psalmodies
    David Welch, Fri Dec 19 4:58pm
    I have been assessing the metronome markings in James Davie`s 1822 Aberdeen psalmody. Several years ago Nicholas Temperley told me it was one of the earliest psalmodies to have metronome markings, but not having The Chorister to hand, I didn`t explore. Now it has been put on the internet by NLS.... more

  • Joseph nicholds
    stuart hunt, Wed Nov 12 12:10am
    Hi chris . Cannot help you onfinding the music but I am a living relative of this man .my grandmas family were Nicholls of hurst hill coseley originally Nicholds .My family wre much involved in the running and founding of Sodom methodist Church, Ebenezer baptist and the providence chapel .the Sodom Chapel was actually ... more

  • Scottish paraphrases
    Edwin Macadam, Thu Nov 6 1:10pm
    I have had little luck in tracing words for the tune HTI 4701, the three part minor version of which was set to 'While Shepherds Watched' in Laurence Ding's collection called 'The Beauties of Psalmody', Edinburgh 1792. He had already printed an earlier version of the tune in 'The Scholars Assistant'. Ed.2. Edinburgh:... more

  • print runs of music
    Anne Willis, Thu Nov 6 3:45am
    In response to the query about print runs of West Gallery Music I attach an extract from the latest newsletter of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society I would also like to know more about the 1730's controversy, as this was when an organ was built for our churh News from the Archive & Library Will... more

  • Test message - please disregard
    WGMA Chairman, Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:53pm
    A problem has been reported so I am testing our ability to post messages. As you are able to read this, I must have succeeded!

    Print Runs
    tonysing, Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:55pm
    Does anyone know if there was a standard print run for a collection of psalms and/or anthems composed by a WG composer? There must have been a mininmum number to break even and cover the engraving and printing costs. Would it have been in the low hundreds, high hundreds, ...?

    PhD thesis on Scottish RC music 1789-1829
    David Welch, Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:51pm
    I have just read the 350-page thesis that gained Shelagh Noden a well-deserved PhD. To see an electronic version use the link below and search on Noden: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/library/collections/ The thesis extends to lowland Scotland the work of Thomas Muir on RC music in England - a 2004 Durham PhD and a 2008 book... more

    Worthwhile exposure on Radio 3
    David Welch, Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:42pm
    Folk with 20 minutes to spare and use of iPlayer would enjoy listening to the first part of 18th Century Music: The Choir, broadcast on Radio 3 at 4 pm Sunday 20th April. Sally Drage deftly guided the programme`s host around 4 recordings of WG music, and told some basics about the WGMA. There was a fine start to the... more

  • William Kethe's Psalm 91 OV
    Edwin Macadam, Wed Mar 5, 2014 2:32am
    Can anyone please confirm the wording of William Kethe's Psalm 91 OV, as in the Scottish Psalter of 1635? The Church Of God's website at www.cgmusic.org has a query in verse 3, thus: 3 He surely will thee freely set Far from the crafty hunter's snare, So that thou needst not fear his net, Nor yet for plagues no white... more

  • Lined-out psalmody.
    WGMA Chairman, Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:47pm
    I have been corresponding recently with Charles Olegar of Vermont, USA, regarding the practice of lining-out psalms. His most recent question deserves wider attention so I post it here, verbatim, on his behalf ... One 19th c. written account of, I believe, New England precented psalmody seems to suggest that rather... more

    Funeral hymn "Aries"
    Francis Roads, Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:08am
    Folks: I have received this message by email. Can anyone help this guy? "I heard the funeral Hymn Aries by Joseph Williams on U Tube, and would like to purchase the sheet music, could you give me any advise. Jonathan Bekenn jonathanjbekenn@gmail.com "

  • Cookes canon
    roger davies, Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:04pm
    I have an mp3 of Cookes canon, which is clearly West Gallery, but I can find no more about it. It seems not even to be mentioned on the internet, though there is a version on Spotify, labelled University College Chapel, but with no further details. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks

  • West Galleries in the East Indies
    Francis Roads, Tue Jan 7, 2014 10:47am
    I have received an email from Andrew Yong (andrew_at_yong.org.my). He writes: "We are currently looking into reconstructing the west gallery of St George’s Church, Penang (consecrated 1819), which was destroyed by Japanese bombing in WWII, in order to house a new pipe organ. We know that in the 1830s the gallery... more

  • Thomas Clark Quire
    David Le Breton, Sat Dec 21, 2013 7:25pm
    Having been a member of the Thomas Clark Quire for a few years and having been saddened by its closure about two years ago because of lack of support I am sorry to see it is still listed on your website. The entry mentions a "recruitment drive" in 2012, but it did not succeed. Its own website implies that it is still... more

  • Radio 4 Carol Series
    David Welch, Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:28pm
    Just in case anybody on this forum hasn`t been aware, there is a daily 15-minute programme about carols at 1.45 pm on R4 all this week and next week. The presenter is Jeremy Summerley, and from the trails at least one familiar WG voice will be contributing. JS is packing a lot of material into a short time, giving... more

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