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West Gallery Forum

This Forum has been set up for members of the West Gallery Music Association and any others who are interested in the music, the literature (starting with Thomas Hardy!) and the social life and times during which musicians played and sang in the galleries - usually at the west end - of our country churches. It is hoped that, in time, this may become the forum for debate on scholarly and not-so-scholarly matters. Please use this space wisely, and within the accepted bounds required for such a discussion group.

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Psalmody website
Edwin Macadam, Tue Apr 16 2:09am
It came to my notice recently that www.psalmody.co.uk no longer can be found on the web, and is up for sale, as presumably its owner is no longer able to maintain it. Modern technology has moved on considerably, and anyone using Windows 7 is soon going to have problems when it comes to the software used, such as... more

  • Music booklets
    Francis Roads, Wed Apr 10 5:17pm
    I am decluttering my house, and have decided to pass on or recycle my collection of music booklets from WGMA weekend gatherings, Three Quires Day, and Halsway Manor weekends. They would be a useful resource for anyone wanting to chronicle these events, or who needs more repertoire. If you are interested, I can email... more

    Oh What Unbounded Goodness
    Eve Higgs, Mon Apr 1 10:40am
    Hi Am hoping to source the original ms for 'Oh What Unbounded Goodness'. Any suggestions? Thanks, Eve

    WG Thomas Hardy Connection
    Eve Higgs, Tue Jan 29 4:57pm
    Has anyone done any research into the Thomas Hardy West Gallery Music connection and in a position to write it up for publication with full academic references? The Hardy Society Journal Editor has invited an appropriate submission to which details of the forthcoming residential autumn sing at Sidmouth can be appended ... more

    Martin Madan's Denmark
    Francis Roads, Tue Jan 22 10:53am
    LGQ has a version of Denmark setting the text "O God, who by thy start didst lead"; an anonymous hymn based on the collect for Epiphany Sunday. Our version is musically substantially different from the original, which sets the text" Before Jehovah's awful throne". It has a complete new movement in the minor key, and... more

  • Bb parts for some Red Book pieces
    Pete John, Tue Jan 8 11:03am
    Amongst Bristol Harmony's rehearsal list for this term are three Red Book pieces for which I do not have Bb parts, namely 40 [Gilgal] and 114 [Saratoga] in D, and 130 [Wrestling Jacob] in A. While I'm willing to transpose as I play if I have to, granted the number of accidentals I'd be relieved, and very pleased, to... more

  • Videos
    Francis Roads, Wed Aug 29 9:27am
    I've nee asked to find a vido of a quire singing a tenor-led piece, and if possible a score of the same piece. Any help, please?

    Trafalgar Day
    Francis Roads, Thu Jul 12 9:34am
    Thanks for all the suggestions for Rogationtide music. Now I need something for Trafalgar Day. Any ideas, please?

    Music for Rogationtide
    Francis Roads, Tue Jul 3 10:54am
    Has anyone any suggestions for WG music for Rogationtide? This is when the church prays for a good harvest. The usual harvest psalms of 65, 104 and 136 spring to mind, but has anyone any other ideas?

  • No Subject
    Anonymous, Fri Jun 22 12:54pm
    A setting of Ps 143 OV appears as a MS addendum opposite p. 43 of William East's The Voice of Melody (1748)in the library of the Royal College of Music, London. "James Coles his book 1750" appears on the front cover. Wigtoft is a village in Lincolnshire, near Boston. The HTI does not list the piece. Does anyone know... more

    Serpent c.1830 to be auctioned
    Anonymous, Fri Jun 8 10:35pm
    A keyless English serpent c1830 associated with St Mary's Luxborough, Somerset, is being auctioned by Gardiner Houlgate on 15th June. It formed part of the instrument collection of my late husband, Maurice Byrne and he bought it in 1962. His notes indicate that it had been lent to the church by the Vicary family who... more

  • Charlotte Tune
    Francis Roads, Mon Mar 5, 2018 12:07pm
    I am trying to identify a tune whose Temperley code is 13167 11232 17655. In the HTI this refers me to Tune #4713, which is Edward Harwood's tune Liverpool, and has a totally different Tune Code. Charlotte tune is SM, in C, and in Common Time, and sets James Montgomery's hymn "Sow in the morn thy seed". It is on page... more

  • Trying to contact Mike & Charlotte Bailey
    SUE ALLCOCK, Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:40pm
    I am trying to contact Mike/Charlotte Bailey to enquire about ordering a copy of Good Singing Still The email link on the publications page doesn't work for me. I have tried the listed phone number (01962 7133992) but a female voice informed me this was a wrong number. I hesitate to write to their address in case they ... more

  • Hark the Glad Sound in Castleton Cavern
    David Welch, Fri Dec 8, 2017 9:29pm
    Carol singing in the Derbyshire village of Castleton has had a long history of documentation. Even Vaughan Williams visited. In Ian Russell`s text, The Bells of Paradise (1990) there`s a reference of 1772 to the miners singing in the mine cavern for money. But what I hadn`t connected with until this Christmas is that... more

  • Samuel Alcock
    Chris Brown, Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:15pm
    Has anyone come across a composer called Samuel Alcock? Any biographical or music information would be appreciated.

    William Matthews Tune Books
    Jonathan Stanyon, Sat Nov 4, 2017 2:02pm
    Back in January last year there was some discussion about William Matthews. I have managed to see a copy of The Cherub but three tunes, listed in the index are missing from the book (Alma, Sherwood, and Risley). Alma and Sherwood I have picked up from other sources, but Risley is the most important one as I live only... more

  • Origin of the CM tune Effingham
    David Welch, Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:15am
    Does anyone know how and when the CM tune Effingham got its name? This 3-time tune is clearly related to Winchester New, aka Crasselius (HTI 1664d) but that tune is LM 8888. Modern hymnbooks are little help: “adapted from a tune in Musikalsiches Handbuch, 1690, Hamburg”. And they say the same for Winchester New. HTI... more

    Jonathan Stanyon, Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:48pm
    Thank you everyone for the feedback. I thought the Review of the Tune Book was interesting, and as one of you said I should like to have a look at it. Thanks again. Jonathan

    Jonathan Stanyon, Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:42pm
    I just wondered if anyone had come across a chap called Tymperly. I came across two pieces, one called 'Tymperly' and the other 'Tymperly's Farewell' These are included in 'The Wesleyan Psalmist' (held at Epworth Old Rectory), with arrangements by Edward Booth of Leeds and printed in London. No date is given but... more

  • West Gallery singers and players in Chobham, Surrey
    Christine Shirley, Tue Apr 4, 2017 5:06pm
    Dear Ros Thank you so much for all the information. A lot of it, as regards the beer, is new to me. I am in the process of cataloging a distant cousin's large collection, with the important aid of a computer-whizz cousin. This is very time- consuming. I admit I was delighted to find the 1770 psalm book. It is very... more

    Thank you for contributing to these discussions. We look forward to your next visit !

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