Welcome to the Hi Standard Information discussion forum. This forum of provided interested parties for discussing the guns, memorabilia, and history of High Standard, Hartford Arms and Equipment Co. which High Standard bought before becoming a gun manufacturer, and Fiala Arms and Equipment Co. which is distantly related to High Standard through the Hartford's designer.


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When inquiring about a specific gun, the full serial number since it is required for researching the answer. Serial numbers with XX's preclude accurate answers.

When inquiring about a specific serial number, please provide the series if marked, barrel length, finish, grip material and color(if plastic), and logo if present. This is some of the data I need for my research. I may ask for additional information.

Serial number research requests are limited to one serial number per post with a limit of two serial numbers per week and a maximum of four per month. Please only one serial number per thread.

I will not offer opinions of value for guns which I have not seen in person. I refer you to The Blue Book of Gun Values.

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