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Happy BirthdayJoanne( Taffy and Cassidy), Mon Aug 7 11:48am
Happy Birthday to Taffy and her siblings from the Lucy/Simon litter born on 8/7/2011.

  • BirthdayEllen (Molly) , Wed Aug 2 1:06pm
    Today Molly (Hunter/Hiedi) is 4 years old. Molly is healthy, intelligent, sensitive, and so sweet. She is still as playful as she was as a puppy. We are so happy having her as a family member. Thank you Moss Creek! Molly has 9 siblings. Happy Birthday to all of them. Norman, Finn, Feona and all the others.

  • Change in Bark Tone Update On AustinGrace (Austin), Wed Aug 2 9:19am
    Just a quick update on Austin.. I posted earlier that I was taking him to the vet regarding his sudden change in bark tone. The vet doesn't think its Laryngeal Paralysis as Austin doesn't present any of the other classic symptoms other than the change in bark but maybe a simple case of Laryngitis. We agreed it wasn't... more

  • Happy Birthday to Duke & his siblings!!Donna/Myka, Mon Jul 31 2:13pm
    I hope you get everything your little Doodle heart wants!!! Myka sends birthday licks!!

  • Happy BirthdayCristyc66@att.net, Mon Jul 31 8:34am
    Happy Birthday to Duke and all of his litter mates from Zury and Abraham's 7/31/2014 litter. Duke has been a blessing to our family. We hope all his litter mates are doing well.

    Change In Bark ToneGrace (Austin), Wed Jul 5 5:22pm
    Hi everyone, just a quick question. Austin, who is now 11, has had a sudden change in the tone of his bark. Over the past couple of days its become a deep, almost throaty bark. Does anyone have an older doodle whose bark has changed, is it even a thing? I'm going to be calling the vet tomorrow but am just curious. I'd ... more

  • Happy Father's Day & a Video! :)Moss Creek Goldendoodles, Fri Jun 16 11:52pm
    Wishing all of the fathers of human and fur-kids a very happy Father's Day from your Moss Creek Family! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxCHucqkK_o&feature=youtu.be

  • Happy Birthday Myka!!!Donna/Myka, Sat May 27 7:28am
    Happy 7th birthday to Myka, Java and Kallie!!!! It is hard to believe that she is my baby girl, whom I love very, very much!!! Donna

  • MollyMolly Kelly, Fri May 26 6:26pm
    Hi everyone! Molly came from Carter and Hunter! I was wondering if anyone is a sibling to Molly! It would be so much fun to exchange pictures! Also our vet said Molly should only be about 30-40lbs moss creek said about 65. Has anyone had or know anything about how big a hunter pup will get? Thanks! Hope everyone has a ... more

  • Dog Toys and AccessoriesGrace ( Austin), Tue May 23 7:54pm
    Not sure if anyone has heard of it, but Sierra Trading Post.com has dog toys and accessories really cheap as well as life jackets for &20 and $30 🐾

  • Austin's 11th Birthday!Grace (Austin), Sat Apr 29 2:06pm
    Thank you everyone so much for Austin's Birthday wishes! I tried posting some pictures but for some reason they wouldn't load. I do however have some pictures posted on Imgur under the name gagaionet. He is doing well considering he has some health issues. Vertigo, Arthritis of the spine, and he is on anti-seizure... more

  • Austin Is 11 Today!Grace (Austin), Wed Apr 26 6:40am
    It's the big guy's 11th Birthday today! He is a Jordan/Abraham pup. I do not use Facebook, but if anyone is still on the forum and has one of his litter mates I would love to hear how they are doing! The only one I can think of is maybe Star, is his sister??

  • Another report of pentobarbital in dog foodPhyllis/Shalom, Thu Apr 20 12:43pm
    Heads Up everyone. My article appeared this morning in Food Safety News. The company whose products appear to contain pentobarbital used Evangers to manufacture their products.... more

    Polly/Adam SiblingsKelly Perry, Thu Apr 20 11:52am
    Was hoping to connect on social media with any of Polly/Adam's litter born on January 23, 2017. You can find our puppy at Roxy.the.rockstar on Instagram.

    Becoming a two doodle family!LindaBurke2, Wed Apr 12 8:19am
    We have a beautiful Goldendoodle named Jake who is five years old and was a Maise/Hunter pup in 2012. We are considering getting a brother for Jake and was wondering how it would be to add a new pup to the family. We live on Long Island and Jake gets lots of love and attention. We walk two miles every day to the local ... more

  • Carter/Hunter PupsMolly Kelly, Wed Apr 5 4:04pm
    Hey everyone! We are soon to get a new member of the family Molly! She is currently at her 3rd week of boot camp. We pick her up next week! We have Charaun as a trainer and he has been wonderful so far! Is there any tips anyone could give us for the first week home? Or if you had a Carter/Hunter puppy? Everyone in our ... more
    • Blue boySunjoyous, Wed Apr 12 10:29pm
    • MollyGrace (Austin), Fri Apr 7 2:30pm
    • You babyScooter's dad, Thu Apr 6 7:06am
      • PuppyMolly Kelly, Thu Apr 6 2:32pm

  • Groomer in Sarasotaaceglerski, Sat Apr 1 1:23am
    Hi all, Bo-Doodle's groomer informed me today that she is not going to groom doodles anymore because they take too much time! Could anyone recommend a good doodle groomer here in Sarasota. Thanks for helping, my girl needs a groom asap. Arlene

  • How Is Asher??Grace (Austin), Mon Mar 13 1:21pm
    I was just checking to see how Asher is doing. Did you figure out what was going on with his knees? Hope he's ok

  • Back knee problems??? Ashershelly 351, Wed Feb 22 7:03pm
    Hello all, Long time no post. I am the mom to Asher (who will be 7 soon - Caleb/Azriel puppy) and I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with their dogs having knee problems. Asher was having trouble getting up from lying down and jumping into cars, etc. But once up and moving around he seems fine, runs after... more

  • ROMP INFO LINK ;-)Crystal/Ollie&Harriet, Tue Feb 21 10:47am


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