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Doodles in Dallas?Michael, Sun Sep 25 1:31am
I'm interested in getting a medium sized doodle and wanted to see their approximate size in person. Does anyone in the Dallas area have a medium that'd be willing to show me? Thanks in advance! Michael 214-675-7476 Mjbagg@sbcglobal.net

FL vaccineslinda, Thu Sep 15 8:49am
We currently live in Nh, however beginning this year, we will become snowbirds. What, if any, additional vaccines should Hazelle have, while we're living in Florida?

  • Vestibular SyndromeGrace (Austin), Tue Sep 13 8:30pm
    Does anyone out there have a doodle who suffers or has suffered from vestibular syndrome? Austin developed a horrible case of it today. If you've never seen a pup with it it's awful! if you've ever had a horrible case of vertigo than you will know exactly how it feels! :(

  • Doodle Romp or Visit in No CaliforniaKiersten, Sun Sep 11 11:30am
    Hi everyone, My family and I would like to join the doodle parent club, but before we do I would like to meet and play with a few doodles. Is there a romp schedule in Northern California soon or are there any families out there that would let us visit them? Best, Kiersten

  • Miami Groomerkerri (Molly), Thu Sep 8 3:08pm
    Hi all, Miss Molly is arriving back in Miami from her summer vacation in Michigan. We could not find a good groomer up North. So...though she is clean, cute and very fluffy - she is in desperate need of a good groom Any suggestions would be great. We are in Coconut Grove. Thank you so much.

  • Doodle RompKarin Vickers, Fri Sep 2 11:48pm
    When is the next Doodle Romp? Carly would love to come Romp with her doodle family!
    • Hi KarinKelli, Tue Sep 13 8:50pm
    • Hi KarinPam (Dasher &Teddy), Thu Sep 8 12:05pm

  • This is how we take our pictureShalom, Thu Sep 1 11:16pm
    Hi Everyone & Everydoodle, I turned NINE MONTHS OLD today (Sept 1st) and Momsy said that we needed to 'mark' the occasion. I don't understand what she means - I thought that only boy dogs 'mark'. Anyway, this morning, she trimming my bangs 'cause she wanted Popsy to take my picture sitting beside her on the sofa. This ... more

  • Carseat Harnessmccue002@gmail.com, Tue Aug 23 5:55pm
    We've arrived at that time when--Cooper no longer fits in the car crate, and just hates it! Looking for recommendations for carseat harnesses. Thanks! Sarah

  • Remembering QuintzyPhyllis/Shalom, Tue Aug 23 3:58pm
    Today would have been Quintzy's 14th birthday. I've been browsing my Shutterfly account and thought I'd share some random memories with my Doodle friends. These are not in any particular order. Thanks for looking.

  • Would like to meet a doodleDrew , Fri Aug 19 6:55pm
    Hello! My name is Drew and my family and I are excited about the prospect of getting a doodle puppy. This will be our families first dog and I am trying to gage the size of the small doodle and the medium doodle. If there is a family out there that would be so kind to let my son and I visit with you and your doodle I... more

  • OT - Solve the mysteryPhyllis/Shalom, Mon Aug 15 2:38pm
    August 23rd would have been Quintzy's 14th birthday - a fitting day to reveal the title of my third novel, which I have been referring to as 'TCLC'. I am challenging everyone to guess the full title before the 23rd. Send me your best guess by email to phyllisentis(at)gmail(dot)com. I will be giving away a free copy of ... more

    New 4 Year Old BehaviorRobert Angelo, Thu Aug 11 3:57pm
    Cooper turned 4 years old a couple of months ago and about that time his once good car behavior took a negative turn. He now barks at runners, people just standing near the street and oncoming cars. The cars particularly seem to make him anxious. As they get near he starts barking looking through the windshield and... more

  • Happy BirthdayJoanne(Taffy and Cassidy), Sun Aug 7 10:47am
    Happy 5th birthday to our Taffy and her siblings from the Lucy/Simon litter born on 8/7/2011.

  • OT and Shalom picturesPhyllis/Shalom, Sat Aug 6 1:48pm
    Hi everyone, Please indulge me while I jump up and down to announce the release yesterday on Audible, Amazon and iTunes of the audio edition of The White Russian Caper. You can listen to the first few minutes here:... more

  • Asheville Veterinarian?Maria (Holly), Mon Aug 1 10:02am
    We are vacationing in Asheville with our Doodle and she seems to have developed a bad allergy. Does anyone know of a good vet in this area? Thanks!

  • Any Moss Creek F1B's near Denver?Sue, Mon Aug 1 1:24am
    Hi - We are on a waiting list for a Moss Creek F1B puppy to be born in a week. So excited we can hardly stand it! Our son is very, very, allergic to dogs. Hives and asthma within 20 minutes of contact. He met a multi-generational labradoodle this weekend that the owners firmly believed was hypoallergenic and he broke... more

  • HELP our puppy won't come when calledFred McPherson, Mon Jul 25 1:42pm
    Our little Tilley is 3 1/2 months old. Her parents, Molly and Troy gave us a a beautiful puppy. She has been a treat and adored by everyone she meets. Like all "Doodles", she is sweet, energetic and very smart. Here is our dilemma; Tilley trains very easily. She learned "sit", "down" and "Stay' (well kind of) with no... more

  • dog friendly vacation in AshevilleSusan Masterson, Fri Jul 15 1:26pm
    We have been taking our Zoe to Barkwells in Asheville for several years and were looking forward to another trip but she has torn a cruciate ligament and will be having surgery instead :( Just wanted to let you know there is an adorable cabin available in the cooler mountains beginning July 30th if anyone is longing... more

  • Happy 9th Birthday, Mariner, Daisy & MayaAndy&Sharon(BoomerMarinerShayna), Tue Jul 12 6:24am
    Its amazing that nine years ago we got Mariner! This little puppy has brought so much LOVE & JOY into our lives & so to many others! Mariner is still losing weight, he has lost over 25 pounds! The Vet is so Happy with his progress! Happy Birthday, Daisy & Maya! Hope you get some special treats for your Birthday!!... more

  • Having new puppy shipped!mmshag50, Wed Jul 6 4:07am
    Can folks fill me in as to how the pups take being put into travel crate and put on plane without known people with it, for a flight across country - where we will pick it up? Hoping to find some extra re-assurance. Anyone bring crate into cabin of plane with them? Anything would be most helpful. Best

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