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Another report of pentobarbital in dog foodPhyllis/Shalom, Thu Apr 20 12:43pm
Heads Up everyone. My article appeared this morning in Food Safety News. The company whose products appear to contain pentobarbital used Evangers to manufacture their products.... more

Polly/Adam SiblingsKelly Perry, Thu Apr 20 11:52am
Was hoping to connect on social media with any of Polly/Adam's litter born on January 23, 2017. You can find our puppy at Roxy.the.rockstar on Instagram.

Becoming a two doodle family!LindaBurke2, Wed Apr 12 8:19am
We have a beautiful Goldendoodle named Jake who is five years old and was a Maise/Hunter pup in 2012. We are considering getting a brother for Jake and was wondering how it would be to add a new pup to the family. We live on Long Island and Jake gets lots of love and attention. We walk two miles every day to the local ... more

  • Carter/Hunter PupsMolly Kelly, Wed Apr 5 4:04pm
    Hey everyone! We are soon to get a new member of the family Molly! She is currently at her 3rd week of boot camp. We pick her up next week! We have Charaun as a trainer and he has been wonderful so far! Is there any tips anyone could give us for the first week home? Or if you had a Carter/Hunter puppy? Everyone in our ... more
    • Blue boySunjoyous, Wed Apr 12 10:29pm
    • MollyGrace (Austin), Fri Apr 7 2:30pm
    • You babyScooter's dad, Thu Apr 6 7:06am
      • PuppyMolly Kelly, Thu Apr 6 2:32pm

  • Groomer in Sarasotaaceglerski, Sat Apr 1 1:23am
    Hi all, Bo-Doodle's groomer informed me today that she is not going to groom doodles anymore because they take too much time! Could anyone recommend a good doodle groomer here in Sarasota. Thanks for helping, my girl needs a groom asap. Arlene

  • How Is Asher??Grace (Austin), Mon Mar 13 1:21pm
    I was just checking to see how Asher is doing. Did you figure out what was going on with his knees? Hope he's ok

  • Back knee problems??? Ashershelly 351, Wed Feb 22 7:03pm
    Hello all, Long time no post. I am the mom to Asher (who will be 7 soon - Caleb/Azriel puppy) and I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with their dogs having knee problems. Asher was having trouble getting up from lying down and jumping into cars, etc. But once up and moving around he seems fine, runs after... more

  • ROMP INFO LINK ;-)Crystal/Ollie&Harriet, Tue Feb 21 10:47am

    Evanger's pet food recall - please share widelyPhyllis/Shalom, Sun Feb 19 5:52pm
    Hi everyone, FDA released its summary inspection reports on Evanger's last Friday and they are dynamite. 1. FDA confirmed pentobarbital in cans of Evanger's and Against the Grain dog food 2. Birds flying around, resting in the rafters and feeding on food on the floor in one of the production areas 3. Condensate... more

    Zoey's PupsRosie Michel/DaisyZ, Thu Feb 16 10:50am
    HiPam! Yes ! We have met Pam at several reunions!! We live in Tampa and we rehomed Daisy when she was 7 months old back in 2007!!!! She's just the sweetest girl and she was definitely meant to be with us! Hoping that you and your family are doing well and thank you to whoever posted the reunion info for me! Love to... more

    Annual March Romp 2017Rosie Michel, Wed Feb 8 4:41pm
    Hello Anyone! I have searched thru Facebook Moss Creek and the Forum and ther's no announcement about the Annual March Romp that's hosted by Moss Creek...usually it's posted on the home page of the forum....but this year....nothing! Our Daisy will be 10 in July and hasn't missed the annual romp a single year! She is a ... more

  • URGENT!!! - PET FOOD RECALLPhyllis/Shalom, Fri Feb 3 5:08pm
    Phyllis/Shalom URGENT!!! - DOG FOOD RECALL Please read and share Evangers has just announced a recall of dog food distributed to 15 states after pentobarbitol (a euthanasia agent) was found in its product. Here is the text of the recall notice, which has not yet been posted on FDA's website: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE... more

    My 2nd BirthdayShirley Silverman, Thu Feb 2 8:42pm
    Hi fellow doodles! Today, February 2nd, is my birthday. I an turning 2 years old. I'd like to wish my brother and three sisters from the Marley/Hunter 2015 litter a big happy birthday! Life in NYC is just swell. There are so many "paw"some dog runs and lots of furry friends. Love, Shirley (aka "The Big Shirl!")

  • obedienceHeather, Sun Jan 29 3:31pm
    Hi, We are picking up our puppy around end of Feb. We are so excited! We are getting an F1B from JoHannah and Bear. Does anyone know any obedience classes or boot camp in the Plantation/Ft. Laud area? Thank you!!

  • IntroductionTeresa Hamilton, Sat Jan 28 5:23pm
    Hello! I am very pleased to be joining The McDoodles Family of Doodle owners. I put my deposit down on the 5th of Jan. toward an F1b Goldendoodle Standard. I can hardly wait to hear the good news that our future baby's mommy is expecting. If any of you have any advice for me please feel free to post it.

  • Dental ShockerSarah McCuen, Sun Jan 22 6:16am
    Cooper, 2yrs. (Mindi and Sammy) had to have dental cleaning and x-rays. This procedure is done under anethesia. We were quite surprised that at his young age, and one that chews on favorite bones and toys, that he would need this. His gums were red and there was plaque on his incisors--no doubt that he was headed for... more

  • March RompRobert Angelo, Sun Jan 22 12:08am
    We are coming to the romp in March for the first time, all the way from Mississippi. Cooper will be 5 this year and his parents were Hunter and Camelot. Please let me know if any of you will be bringing one of his siblings, we would love to meet them. Also we would like to spend a couple of extra days in Orlando and... more
    • Fun!Hope (Abby and Boomer), Wed Jan 25 4:30pm
    • March RompJeremy, Mon Jan 23 9:19am

  • New to the Moss Creek FamilyAndrea, Sun Jan 8 10:10am
    We are so excited about joining the Moss Creek family! We just sent in our deposit for a cream F1 doodle, hopefully from Lynndie's recent litter. We can't wait to see pictures of them! I also know I'll be reading all the helpful posts once our new baby comes home!
    • Welcome!Hope (Abby and Boomer), Wed Jan 11 3:24pm
    • Welcome, Andrea! Kelli, Sun Jan 8 1:21pm
      • FBAndrea, Sun Jan 8 6:34pm
    • New DudeGrace (Austin), Sun Jan 8 1:08pm

  • Busted!!Shalom, Mon Jan 2 11:50pm
    Hi Everyone, Momsy is off doing something boring and I sneaked onto her 'puter to make sure you hear my side of the story before she tells on me. Y'see, I've been trying to train her not to leave things ('specially towels an' underwear and stuff) laying around. So, the other day, when she was being careless again, I... more

  • black F1B doodlesTory , Sat Dec 31 1:06pm
    Hi WE are so excited about our new pup that was born just days ago!! She's a black F1B cutie! I have noticed there aren't many pics of black doodles on the Moss Creek site....maye you all could share some with us! We are so excited!!

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