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Name change alert!!!Phyllis/Shalom, Mon Nov 28 2:15pm
Shalom has added a new name. You have our permission to call her 'Pebbles' She had a friend over for some vigorous playtime yesterday afternoon, and had a great time. Shalom woke us this morning at 5am with..... you guessed it.... an 'upchuck.' And, at the center of the pool of, um, stuff, was a piece of flagstone... more

  • Remmy and Camel litter whereaboutsRenae, Sun Nov 27 3:46pm
    Hello all, I'm the fur mommy of our handsome boy Spike from the Remy/Carmel litter born earlier this year. Just wondering if any of Spike's brothers and sisters were close to us in Fort Myers Fl. If so we would love to get together for a play date!

    OT-Thanks for trying :(Phyllis/Shalom, Tue Nov 15 12:56pm
    Hi everyone, Well, I found out this morning that my book did not win the Mystery/Thriller category of the McGrath House 2016 Independent Book Award competition. I was happy to have made the final four, and I want to thank everyone here who showed their support by voting for The White Russian Caper. Maybe next year... more

    Myka's New LookDonna/Myka, Sun Nov 13 8:57pm
    Good Evening Everyone!! I know it's been a while. I hope everyone is doing well! Myka is doing great! Although,she had to have another surgery in June to remove cysts. Do her sisters have this issue of cysts? Here's a photo of her after her new groom!! Love to all! http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/24746132 I ... more

  • Dasher celebrates his 11th Birthday!Pam (Dasher &Teddy), Sat Nov 5 9:19am
    Wish I could share a pic of our handsome guy, but am clueless on my I Pad. Dasher, our lover boy, had a great Birthday! He can be seen on Facebook!!

  • My life as a hostessShalom, Tue Nov 1 11:46pm
    Hi Everyone and Everydoodle, It's Shalom again, with another story about life as a puppy. 'Specially about living with visitors. You might remember that Momsy's sister (my Auntie Barbara) visited us in September. She was lots of fun and played ball with me. Last week, we had a visit from Popsy's brother (my Uncle... more

  • Multi-gen questionLeslie, Mon Oct 24 3:43pm
    Hello, my family is ready to put down a deposit on a goldendoodle, we are just narrowing it down. I did run across someone who is advertising puppies (not yet born)where the mom is an F1B and the dad is an F3 or multi-gen. Does anyone have info on what the puppies would look like or if they would be non-shedding? I... more

  • OT - My new websitePhyllis/Shalom, Sun Oct 23 11:12pm
    Hi everyone, Well, I've finally done it. Gone Writing, my new website is now alive and kicking at phyllisentis.wordpress.com. It's pretty basic now - just a welcome page, a short bio, and a page with purchase links for my books. I'll be adding more content over the coming weeks and months, so please drop by from time... more

  • And here's one morePhyllis/Shalom, Thu Oct 20 7:56pm
    It seems that we can't walk the bluff without someone wanting to take Shalom's picture. This was taken by a fellow Carmel resident two days ago.

  • Looking to meet a Goldendoodle! (Sarasota area)Izel Moctezuma, Wed Oct 19 7:17pm
    Hi everyone! I'm hoping to get a Goldendoodle very soon and have been looking at Moss Creek as my best option but I'm still not sure if the Small size is too big for me in which case I might go for the Mini instead. I'm interested in meeting adult Goldendoodles of these two sizes if anyone is willing, just to get a... more

  • Picture overload!!Shalom, Sun Oct 9 12:08am
    Hi everyone!! I finally managed to kick Momsy off her computer. I told her she needed to take a break from the book stuff and let me post some pictures. I offered her one of my raw beef rib bones as extra incentive, but she turned that down. Wonder why? Guess she doesn't know what's good. Anyway, Momsy's sister - my... more

  • OT-Exciting news!!!!Phyllis/Shalom, Thu Oct 6 3:34pm
    The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper is ALIVE on Smashwords (Amazon and other ebook retailers to follow shortly) You can read the first 20% for free (and buy the ebook in any format) at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/670692 More pictures of Shalom coming soon - I promise!!!!!!!

    MatthewJoanne(Taffy and Cassidy), Wed Oct 5 8:21am
    Hoping all the Fla. doodle families remain safe during this impending storm. Be careful out there!

  • L'shana tova!Shalom, Sun Oct 2 10:18pm
    Hi Everybody & Everypuppy Wishing all of my 4-legged and 2-legged friends who celebrate Rosh Hashanah a healthy, peaceful and joyous new year. Momsy has been very busy, and will have some news to share soon, but she was nice enough to let me have a few minutes on her 'puter to send this message.

  • Doodles in Dallas?Michael, Sun Sep 25 1:31am
    I'm interested in getting a medium sized doodle and wanted to see their approximate size in person. Does anyone in the Dallas area have a medium that'd be willing to show me? Thanks in advance! Michael 214-675-7476 Mjbagg@sbcglobal.net

  • FL vaccineslinda, Thu Sep 15 8:49am
    We currently live in Nh, however beginning this year, we will become snowbirds. What, if any, additional vaccines should Hazelle have, while we're living in Florida?

  • Vestibular SyndromeGrace (Austin), Tue Sep 13 8:30pm
    Does anyone out there have a doodle who suffers or has suffered from vestibular syndrome? Austin developed a horrible case of it today. If you've never seen a pup with it it's awful! if you've ever had a horrible case of vertigo than you will know exactly how it feels! :(

  • Doodle Romp or Visit in No CaliforniaKiersten, Sun Sep 11 11:30am
    Hi everyone, My family and I would like to join the doodle parent club, but before we do I would like to meet and play with a few doodles. Is there a romp schedule in Northern California soon or are there any families out there that would let us visit them? Best, Kiersten

  • Miami Groomerkerri (Molly), Thu Sep 8 3:08pm
    Hi all, Miss Molly is arriving back in Miami from her summer vacation in Michigan. We could not find a good groomer up North. So...though she is clean, cute and very fluffy - she is in desperate need of a good groom Any suggestions would be great. We are in Coconut Grove. Thank you so much.

  • Doodle RompKarin Vickers, Fri Sep 2 11:48pm
    When is the next Doodle Romp? Carly would love to come Romp with her doodle family!

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