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Deb's Frosty, sitting so pretty in the fall foliage!

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Thank you dear Soogee...Ruth , Fri Dec 14 6:40pm

SooGee...I'm in Kentucky and my grandsonKate and her "Y" Girls, Fri Dec 14 9:32am

Soogee you have made the holidays brighter.Ellen and Remy, Thu Dec 13 3:50pm

Soogee strikes again!Susan, Milo & Sloan, Wed Dec 12 6:45am

  • Merry Christmas from JoeyVera, Wed Dec 12 6:12am

  • Echoing Kate's post - our Soogee does it yet again!sher (MadMacMar), Tue Dec 11 11:50am

  • Doodle cards came todayKit and Max, Mon Dec 10 10:20pm

  • Our SooGee does the thing that she does so well.Kate and her "Y" Girls, Mon Dec 10 11:15am

  • Soogee strikes againKelly, Mac and Roni, Sun Dec 9 2:11am

  • Frosty Fetching!SD&B, Thu Dec 6 11:33pm

  • What a mess!Kit and Max, Thu Dec 6 8:03pm

  • SooGee Claus Kit and Max, Thu Dec 6 7:30pm

  • Rocky is already for Christmas !!!!Peggy(Rocky), Sun Dec 2 12:08pm

  • Snow Pictures!SD&B, Fri Nov 30 6:12pm

  • Got my first Doodle card today!Karan and Holly, Fri Nov 30 12:14am

  • Okay, card orderedKit and Max, Wed Nov 28 1:26am

  • Another Video Just for KicksSD&B, Sat Nov 24 9:28pm

  • Living High on the HogSD&B, Sat Nov 24 9:18pm

  • Soogee, our Birthday Fairy, struck again! This time inMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sat Nov 24 12:51am

  • Happy Thanksgiving from us, too! (nm)Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Fri Nov 23 5:26pm

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Rocky !!!!Peggy(Rocky), Wed Nov 21 9:13am

  • Hear the Thunder!SD&B, Tue Nov 20 12:12am

  • Joey is learning how to poseVera, Mon Nov 19 2:27am

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