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Sue's loss of her much beloved Doc is felt by us all ...

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Good Morning !!Wishing you blessings todayPeggy(NJ), Fri Apr 18 6:39am

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doodle pose picture :-)Vera, Fri Apr 18 5:56am

  • Why I need the picturesKay, Thu Apr 17 11:13pm

    SoogeeCyn, Snickers, Mocha, Thu Apr 17 10:45pm

    Ozzie isn't the only doodle thatMarcia, Penny and Kelso, Thu Apr 17 5:15pm

  • Lilly and KramerSue(Kramer&Chip), Thu Apr 17 2:40pm

  • For Book Need Bandaged Doodles, etc.Kay, Thu Apr 17 2:37pm

  • My California poppy boy!LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Thu Apr 17 2:27pm

  • BFF!!Carol (Bruno, Chico, Rocco), Thu Apr 17 2:10pm

  • A very late Bday to my puppiesgale T and G, Thu Apr 17 11:00am

  • I found a saved Doc's Pearls of Wisdom...I just knew I had PJ, Blue and Casey, Thu Apr 17 10:53am

  • hey Carol, how did the boys like Grandma Lucy's?sher (MadMacMar), Thu Apr 17 7:33am

  • Good Morning all !!!Peggy(NJ), Thu Apr 17 6:04am

  • MY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU...Soogee and Doc, Wed Apr 16 11:05pm

  • CT Scan, Wed Apr 16 10:31pm

  • PLEASE, I NEED A FAVOR....Soogee and Doc, Wed Apr 16 8:41pm

  • Look who loved the Easter Bunny !!!!Peggy(NJ), Wed Apr 16 7:17pm

  • Those of you asking about Grandma Lucy'sCarol (Bruno, Chico, Rocco), Wed Apr 16 1:50pm

  • Carol.....would you mind emailing me when you have a moment?Lori & the Two Hound Train, Wed Apr 16 12:37pm

  • pictures for ptsd bookKay, Wed Apr 16 12:21pm

  • Holly just went for a check up.Karina, Holly and Colby, Tue Apr 15 11:15pm

  • Sher, it doesn't matter if it is, Tue Apr 15 10:47pm

  • Susan, are you back from MRI??? Please post! (nm)LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Tue Apr 15 8:45pm

  • To everyone....I will be postingSoogee and Doc, Tue Apr 15 8:25pm

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