Please note, recently there has been a few messages that are inappropriate to this board. Much as we dont want to moderate the board we feel we need to have a couple of rules for using the board

1. Insults to other board users and Quest Swingers members is not allowed
2. No swearing
3. No posting of mobile phone numbers or email addresses in the message text. There has been instances recently of people posting someone elses mobile number. If you wish to include an email address then please use the email field and tick the box to show it
4. Requests for access to the members only area of the site will be removed without reply. The ONLY way of getting access is to ask at the club next time you come down. We will not give out access via emails or telephone calls. This is to ensure that the only people with access are club members
5. Any postings made from "anonymous" will be removed as soon as we see them.
Sorry for having to introduce these simple rules but we will not tolerate a very small minority ruining it for other members
Jo & Dave
Quest Swingers

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TodayNikki, Thu Dec 14 8:36am
Hi, Are there many going to the club today or is the weather restricting numbers willing to travel?? Iíve not been to the club in its new location so really want to get there today for a few hours. Nikki

New comer!BBWXX2017, Thu Nov 30 10:32pm
Hey all! Just wondering if it would be odd for a BBW girl such as myself to come on her lonesome? I'm too sexually frustrated to be hanging out waiting for my friends to come along! Haha x

  • Visiting FridayStewart, Tue Dec 5 10:02am
    Hi All - my lady friend and I will be visiting Friday. We each hold 'single' membership, but would we be able to enter as a couple - i.e. for £10? Answers gratefully received! Stewart.

    XE and l, Tue Dec 5 9:34am
    Hi we are a young couple both attending on the 9th any couples or women want to meet up to play xx

    First timeDavelauren, Tue Dec 5 2:41am
    We've been talking about a threesome for some time now, my girlfriend's a little bit shy and it would be our first time, what's the best way to go about it. Also is the any single females that would be willing to help my girlfriend through her first time

    No SubjectMike , Fri Dec 1 11:43am
    hi im single male going Tuesday 5th Dec should be there about 12noon, any couples going ?

    1st visitTodger, Thu Nov 30 9:02pm
    Hi thinking of visiting with a lady friend 2 questions, I note seperate male and female changing areas dose that mean a couple needs 2 lockers or is locker area communal? What is lower age limit as I thinking of bringing a female friend who is only 19 is this a problem ?

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