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Sorry for having to introduce these simple rules but we will not tolerate a very small minority ruining it for other members
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Tue NightTony, Tue Aug 22 6:14pm
Are Tue nights usually busy? Any one attending tonight?

Today. Lunchtime or late afternoon David, Tue Aug 22 7:20am
Would love to join a kinky bi couple for some fun today. Any takers. I am mid 40s male. 6ft. Clean and very very horny. Can only do 12 noon for about an hour or around 3.30 onwards. Will try absolutely anything. 😀

TomorrowBi curious, Mon Aug 14 10:54pm
Is there many people that go to the club Tuesday afternoons for the bi event?

  • She wants to tryGentlemanlyman, Sun Aug 20 2:05pm
    Hi, My friend and I have visited the club a couple of times on a Friday afternoon. It's very relaxed. She has enjoyed the dungeon, glory holes and other fruity activities. We are very friendly, relaxed and filthy. One of the things she would like to do is play with another woman, she's never done it. Shes very... more

    SundaysMichael, Fri Aug 18 3:43pm
    What's it like Sunday evenings and is there a good mix of people

    NewNick Orange , Thu Aug 17 10:25pm
    I've been looking into coming and looking into this forum. Basically I'd love to attend because I'm a very sexual person but I'm married. Unfortunately my wife has become the exact opposite to me sexually. I don't want to miss out in life. I'm 29 and in good shape and good looking. I'm interested in sex with people my ... more

    Oh my malaysian lady, where for art thou?Chris H, Sun Jul 30 3:06pm
    I met a beautiful and intelligent Malaysian lady at Quest on Saturday just gone the 29th but had to leave the club quite abrubtly and so wasn't able to get her details... I don't know if I misread the situation but if my thoughts were right, we really clicked and I would absolutely love to see you again and hopefully... more

  • glory holelucy, Tue Aug 15 4:06pm
    Post Message gloryhole room Anonymous, Tue Aug 15 3:27pm Hi , me and my husband want to use the glory hole room .i want 3 cocks one after the other how would we organise it ?who would supply or organise the cocks and do we pay for them ? or do we just come to the venue on a certain night . hope to here from someone... more

  • gloryhole room Anonymous, Tue Aug 15 3:27pm
    Hi , me and my husband want to use the glory hole room .i want 3 cocks one after the other how would we organise it ?who would supply or organise the cocks and do we pay for them ? or do we just come to the venue on a certain night . hope to here from someone soon . Thankyou Lucy

    This WedsRespectful69, Mon Aug 14 5:17pm
    Hi, Looking forward to my first visit to the new club. Love MMF and group fun-actually. Any single women or couples going on Weds. All the best, Simon-Mid 40's in good condition but with some mileage.

    Sunday 13thDave, Sat Aug 12 1:14pm
    Visiting tomorrow evening and was hoping to meet a couple with orally bi male for three some💋

    Nervous Kimmyjo, Fri Aug 11 1:21am
    I'm 27yo single female first timer to anything like this. Considering coming to the club one afternoon but really nervous. Is there anyone else who hasn't been before wanting to go but a bit unsure like me and going anytime soon so I can latch on to you lol? Also people who have been before is there any pressure to... more

  • Question for DaveJohn, Mon Aug 7 11:52pm
    A new event being held here at Quest - BMFC To be added to the guest list and for further details, please contact Helen on 07790 439839. Members not interested in attending this event are still welcome at the club Hello... From the above can we attend and pay as normal if we are member of quest without having to... more

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Tue Aug 8 9:17am
    Who's going today?

    First timeUnsure_s, Mon Aug 7 5:02pm
    Hi there I'm a 28 year old guy. Married but Bi curious and wanting to explore. Wife doesn't understand and has no interest I'm thinking about coming but very nervous

    Blue hairSantiago5uk, Mon Aug 7 10:07am
    Hello, There was a woman in the bar area in Quest on Saturday night with blue hair getting whipped and spanked. Would love to get in touch with you. Find us on fab under the same user name. J & R

    TonightNick, Fri Aug 4 4:25pm
    Hi is there any bisexual couples going tonight that want to meet up before hand or just in the club?

    Greedy girlsLouise, Sat Jul 29 8:48am
    Hi I want to have a few guys cum on me whilst my hubby has sex with me, I want to play with a few cocks sucking and wanking off but not have sex with anyone other than my hubby is a greedy girls night best for this and are we likely to find willing volunteers?

  • First timeTimmy, Sun Jul 30 6:02pm
    Hello, I thinking about to visit the Club on some friday afternoon. How is Look like there Is there any couple or female who wants to have a fun with 24 y old straight male ??

    Last Tuesday David, Fri Jul 28 10:49pm
    Had some lovely fun with couple around 3pm last Tuesday. Would love to continue next Tuesday if you are on here. I am mid 40s male. Dark hair and glasses. I had just arrived and didn't want to cum just yet but can't get the idea of filling you up out of my head. Didn't ask if your hubby was bi. Really hope you are on... more

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