Please note, recently there has been a few messages that are inappropriate to this board. Much as we dont want to moderate the board we feel we need to have a couple of rules for using the board

1. Insults to other board users and Quest Swingers members is not allowed
2. No swearing
3. No posting of mobile phone numbers or email addresses in the message text. There has been instances recently of people posting someone elses mobile number. If you wish to include an email address then please use the email field and tick the box to show it
4. Requests for access to the members only area of the site will be removed without reply. The ONLY way of getting access is to ask at the club next time you come down. We will not give out access via emails or telephone calls. This is to ensure that the only people with access are club members
5. Any postings made from "anonymous" will be removed as soon as we see them.
Sorry for having to introduce these simple rules but we will not tolerate a very small minority ruining it for other members
Jo & Dave
Quest Swingers
MembershipBeth, Sat Jun 23 5:40pm
Iím not a member yet. If I were to go tonight would t j be able to get a membership card and enter the same night? Or do you need to wait a bit?

  • Party @Quest Tonight EbonyPipes, Sat Jun 23 11:22am
    I'm looking forward to tonight's party at Quest since I've not been for a while now. Are there some single ladies or couple seeking to meet a young black male for fun? How is it really like on such occasions (parties)? Hit back and see you there. Love and respect. Ebony Xxx

    NewbieRosie, Fri Jun 22 6:23pm
    Hi, Iím a 24 year old single girl thinking of coming down tonight. Obviously excited but a bit nervous, hoping to join in with some older couples. What would be the best time to go? And do people dress up on the Friday nights?
    • heyvjrichiep, Sat Jun 23 9:39am

  • Friday daytimes 6th julyDurham2 , Mon Jun 18 7:01am
    We are planning visiting on friday the 6th. Predominantly looking for multiple hung guys for fun. How much is it to enter for us and do we need a membership(we were members last year bur its a long way for us)

  • leeds 7th july afternoonvjrichiep, Sat Jun 23 9:30am
    hi im back in leeds on sat july 7th and meeting my fuck buddy for some kinky fun, looking for a few guys to maybe do a glory hole for here. i know quest isnt open, but if they are willing to open and i pay a fee i can do that, if not a hotel room. also potential looking for a couple to dominate us both, including... more

    SundayRuff, Fri Jun 22 5:21pm
    Think we might come down on Sunday after the football. Is the evening well attended?

    NewbieBig D, Fri Jun 22 12:19am
    Hi, I'm a single guy thinking about coming to the club. When would be the best time to visit?
    • NewbieJo & Dave, Fri Jun 22 12:24pm

  • Friday BMFC Linda C , Thu Jun 21 11:11am
    Hi Has anyone been to this event and is it well stacked :)
    • BMFCJo & Dave, Fri Jun 22 12:16pm

  • NewbiesAnonymous, Tue Jun 19 1:53pm
    Hi, Me and my partner are thinking of visiting soon. We both like group sex but only with me (female) being shared with guys/girls. My partner joins in with me but doesn't with others. Is this acceptable? We don't want to visit if its not ok.

  • Tuesday nite Dale, Tue Jun 19 10:08am
    Hi any couples going down tnite i will be there with my girl looking to share

    No SubjectR and m, Mon Jun 18 2:56pm
    Went to the club on Friday me and the wife met a couple local to us a guy with tattoos and heís partner was New Zealand does anyone know then didnít get there number can Nyone help please

    New experience Kirby 76, Sat Jun 16 3:15am
    I really want to come tomorrow night for anew experience. I want to have sex with multiple people male and female. Preferably older men and wiomen
    • OlderStewart, Mon Jun 18 9:01am

  • NewKirby 75, Sat Jun 16 3:18am
    Sorry and Iím a curvaceous attractive 42 year if anyone is interested
    • histeve clarke, Sun Jun 17 5:04pm
    • histeve clarke, Sun Jun 17 5:04pm

  • nervous first timesissy4ubaby, Sun Jun 17 4:19am
    any advise on changing clothes make up etc? cant drive there dressed like a whore ;) so nervous about going and getting dressed up for the first time xxx

    First timeHannah, Mon Jun 4 8:23pm
    i'm a 26yr old single female, wanting to come down saturday. I'm abit shy and don't know what to expect. Would probs feel more comfortable if it was busy, when the best time to come? what should i wear? best to come on my own or bring a man along?

  • Best day to goBeth, Fri Jun 15 2:07am
    Iím very curious, and this looks like a fun place to go. What are the best days / times to go in everyoneís opinion?

    WedHyundai, Thu Jun 7 10:15am
    We're planning on visiting Wed daytime and "herladyship" is up for a little group action if any of you guys are interested (don't forget the condom !!).
    • Horny fun ?Anonymous, Tue Jun 12 10:30am
    • Wed 13Dave, Sun Jun 10 6:02pm
    • histeve clarke, Sun Jun 10 5:12pm

  • Tuesday evening Bi male , Mon Jun 11 3:19pm
    Hi all I am hoping to visit on Tuesday evening and just wondering if there is any male bi action on a Tuesday evening.

    Who is attending today ?EbonyPipes, Sun Jun 10 1:20pm
    This is EbonyPipes from Fab.Sw. just want to no if some single ladies and couple (MF) might want us to meet and play? Get in touch

    Hiya I've attended the club before with an x partner I'm a ABIT shy of coming alone can anyone offer me any advice

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