Please note, recently there has been a few messages that are inappropriate to this board. Much as we dont want to moderate the board we feel we need to have a couple of rules for using the board

1. Insults to other board users and Quest Swingers members is not allowed
2. No swearing
3. No posting of mobile phone numbers or email addresses in the message text. There has been instances recently of people posting someone elses mobile number. If you wish to include an email address then please use the email field and tick the box to show it
4. Requests for access to the members only area of the site will be removed without reply. The ONLY way of getting access is to ask at the club next time you come down. We will not give out access via emails or telephone calls. This is to ensure that the only people with access are club members
5. Any postings made from "anonymous" will be removed as soon as we see them.
Sorry for having to introduce these simple rules but we will not tolerate a very small minority ruining it for other members
Jo & Dave
Quest Swingers

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Bi cornerHorny guy, Thu May 25 6:14pm
Hi, quest At quest on Tuesday day time a few if us was saying it would be great if you had a bi corner so we could have fun what ever the day The second glory hole has a great little room next to it, near the fire exit. Dave,Jo it would be great if that was advertised as the bi corner, One other thing, on bi day could ... more
    • Re: Bi cornerAnonymous, Fri May 26 8:52am
      • RegularJohn, Fri May 26 3:50pm
    • BiJohn, Thu May 25 10:37pm

  • No SubjectJc , Tue May 23 7:25pm
    In early March, I think if was the 8th, I visited Quest and had such a. Horny time. I sat in the Jacuzzi across from a couple, the girl began flaunting her assets. She then started rubbing on my already excited buddy downstairs, !before me, the couple and another fella headed to a private room. The girl had short... more
    • ShyJohn, Wed May 24 7:24pm

  • swinging club etiquette Anonymous, Thu May 18 10:19pm
    Going to have a little rant about swinging etiquette within the club, not sure if this includes evenings but it is getting out of hand during the day time. In the old club guys would stand at the side of the beds and wait to be invited to play but for some reason the new male members seem to think that a couple... more

  • We are looking for a couple we met on Friday night. He was tall & dark & she was tall with long blonde curly hair, they seemed to know people there and we can't find them on fab, do they attend a lot. Thanks Matt & Cara.

    Tuesday Evening Bi male , Mon May 22 12:42pm
    Hi will there be any couples attending on Tuesday eve that will be interested in a Young bi male

    No SubjectAnonymous, Sun May 14 2:19pm
    Hi We are a mf couple looking for mmf fun an sex Looking for a young male to join us Do many attend the bi events

  • BusyJohn, Wed May 17 4:55pm
    So many poster's asking.... Am coming along on a certain date... Will it be busy... Maybe... Who knows. Pop along and see. If it is great..if not make the best of it.. Friday and Saturday nights are busy. The rest of the time varies!!!
    • Re: BusyAnonymous, Wed May 17 10:15pm
    • busybob, Wed May 17 9:35pm
      • JohnJohn, Wed May 17 10:35pm

  • Friday afternoonBeardedeagle, Wed May 17 3:08pm
    I am going to quest after along time away on Friday afternoon and was wondering if it would be busy, will be there 2.30 onwards

    wed afternoonRob, Tue May 16 11:51am
    Hi looking to come to Quest on a Wednesday afternoon I am a single male this would be my first time will it be busy Rob

    Tuesday Evening Young Bi Male , Tue May 16 6:11am
    Hello. I am planning on visiting tonight are there many bi couples who will be interested in some fun. Xxx

    First Time FemaleSarahs2017, Wed May 3 7:37am
    Hello, First time swinging female 26, very nervous. Thinking about popping along either Friday afternoon or next Wednesday afternoon. Will the club be busy then? Will I be welcome as a women on my own?

  • Baztez Anonymous, Mon May 8 7:28pm
    Evening any couples or women x

    Is any one attenting on 12th may Baztez, Mon May 8 9:29am
    Young couple

  • Last WedsWolf, Mon May 8 2:15pm
    Hi. Just wondered if anyone was lucky enough to watch me and my friend in the cinema room on Wednesday night. I was the guy with short brown hair, she had long blonde hair and a lot of tattoos.

    Anyone going tomorrow? Brendon Sullivan, Mon May 8 11:55am
    Hi newbie single guy looking at going tomorrow evening to check club out , any advice ?

    Saturday night.. First Timers BNP , Sat May 6 7:58am
    Hi all, we are coming tonight for the first time.. what it like? Is it friendly? We are a straight male and bi curious fem.. f- is a bbw , bubbly n fun.. m- slim, can be shy at first but fun too.. hope to met n chat to people tonight and maybe play..

    First timeAnthony, Fri May 5 6:00pm
    Hello I want to try to come in this afternoon\evening but i want to see if it's quite busy or not for this Time? Cheers

  • First VisitAngelica, Fri May 5 6:32am
    Finally got the courage to take it to the next level today with a visit to the Quest club. What a fantastic place and everyone friendly. My thanks especially to Steph (sexonlegs4u at TV Chix) for making the visit very easy. Sucked 3 cocks today (2 to completion, yummy). A great guy who I will call 'James Bond' for now ... more

    SaturdaysAnonymousCouple, Wed May 3 9:35pm
    Hey. Thinking of coming down as a new experience this Saturday. We are looking for other couples and girls to play with. What is the split usually like on a Saturday evening? Is there a busy time?

    Greedy girl nightGarry, Sat Apr 29 7:12am
    Does it get busy when it's a greedy girl night.
    • GgJohn, Wed May 3 9:45am

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