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1. Insults to other board users and Quest Swingers members is not allowed
2. No swearing
3. No posting of mobile phone numbers or email addresses in the message text. There has been instances recently of people posting someone elses mobile number. If you wish to include an email address then please use the email field and tick the box to show it
4. Requests for access to the members only area of the site will be removed without reply. The ONLY way of getting access is to ask at the club next time you come down. We will not give out access via emails or telephone calls. This is to ensure that the only people with access are club members
5. Any postings made from "anonymous" will be removed as soon as we see them.
Sorry for having to introduce these simple rules but we will not tolerate a very small minority ruining it for other members
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First timer Anonymous, Thu Feb 21 12:15am
Hi single male looking to come down this weekend for the first time, what would be the better night Friday or Saturday?

Saturday Danny, Mon Feb 18 8:18pm
Hi Saturday are probably a good mixture of couples and single males always plenty to choose from hopefully see you there
    • SaturdayLindsey, Wed Feb 20 3:14pm

  • 2 single femalesLindsey, Mon Feb 18 3:56pm
    Hey we are 2 single females 38yr old looking for some fun, excitement and new experiences. This will be our 1st time on Saturday. What can we expect? Will it be mainly couples or do you get single men too? Thankyou.

    Weekend FunYoungcouple, Fri Feb 15 9:37am
    Me and my boyfriend are looking to try out the club. However we are new to the lifestyle and are a little nervous. Iím 21 and heís 22, is Quest more popular with older people or will we manage to find people who are 20-30? Weíre looking for a single man! Many thanks xx
    • sundayAnonymous, Sat Feb 16 4:55pm
    • sundayAnonymous, Sat Feb 16 4:55pm

  • SundayJacko320, Sat Feb 16 3:13am
    Single male looking to go for first time Sunday will many people be there?

    Wednesday Ktttn, Sun Feb 10 10:06pm
    Does anyone go on a Wednesday afternoon? I'm looking to go at the end of the month but don't want to travel to an enforcement club lol xx

    Crossdress BDSMnewexperience, Wed Feb 6 10:30pm
    Are there any crossdresser or trans?

    No SubjectAnonymous, Tue Feb 5 10:02pm
    Hi Newbie couple here . Definitely coming to quest this week but wondering what night would be best ? We are thinking of coming Saturday but itís BBW / greedy girls night Iím about a size 14 and 6ft tall is that too big/ not big enough lol? I could definitely qualify as a greedy girl and my man likes to watch a while... more

    Tuesday afternoon IDNewbie , Tue Feb 5 6:55am
    Hi. Thinking of coming down this afternoon for the first time. Realise don't need to join but id must be shown. What sort of id is acceptable, I like to be totally discrete in this area of my life and don't want any record of my visit to be recorded Is photo id without and address OK, a work id card for example. I'm... more

    Visiting Quest Leeds tomorrow for first timeTimAndNancy, Tue Jan 29 11:51am
    Not my first time at the club - some of you may know me :-) But first time with the lovely Nancy. It's her first time, so looking to ease her in perhaps with a pre-arrange visit rather than just rocking up and seeing what's what. She likes being used - rough, verbally abused and spanked hard-and I like to please and... more

    tues evening alan shaw, Mon Jan 28 4:18pm
    Tuesday evening do you get many in

    Saturday 26th?Anonymous, Fri Jan 25 8:01pm
    Any couples going to this event on Saturday night mr&mis?? Me and my partner and looking at attending and wonder what the night life is like

    Bi tuesdayAnonymous, Mon Jan 21 4:57pm
    I know thursday is cd/ tv day but do many men dress up on the Tuesday afternoom
    • TuesdayPaul, Mon Jan 21 6:41pm

  • TuesdayPaul, Fri Jan 4 9:48pm
    Looking forward to going Tuesday day time, any one else going x
    • TuesdayPete, Mon Jan 21 4:53pm
      • TuesdayPaul, Mon Jan 21 6:39pm

  • BiPaul, Sun Jan 20 10:37pm
    Hi quest, love this place on a Tuesday, but is they any chance we can have bi video on the TV as it is bi Tuesday x

    Thursday 10th jan first time visitD, Wed Jan 9 3:53pm
    Hi, I have been very curious for a long time to try this place out on a Thursday. Is it expected to be busy tomorrow 10th jan between 3-6pm. Iím quite nervous about this though something Iíve wanted to do for so long. Also when signing up as a member obviously personal details will all be given do quest ever send... more

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Thu Jan 3 5:58pm
    Hi, I have been to other clubs but not this one.I will be visiting very soon.

    Coulpe tniteDale, Thu Jan 3 10:13am
    Hi me and my girl are going tnite lookin to share with another couple

    Thursday 27/12Steph, Sat Dec 22 9:18am
    Hi Iíll be at quest this Thursday dressed as a little slut is anyone going that would like to play with me please xxxx

  • New Years EveLou1968, Mon Dec 31 2:38pm
    Do we have to wear fancy dress tonight ? Will just glam dressing do ?

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