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  • Take care ZoAnn

Volunteers wanted for weed pull April 29thbowsertrailrestoration, Sun Apr 16 20:14

weed pull good fridaymymaplewoodca, Thu Apr 13 19:10

Volunteers wanted for Earth Day April 22, 2017 karen munro, Wed Apr 12 23:07

April 22 - Earth Day event - Mahon ParkBarbara, Mon Apr 10 20:18

Mosquito Creek Juvenile Trapping Resultskeegan, Mon Apr 10 14:21

  • Maplewood Plant Pull Apri1 14Karen, Sun Apr 9 20:07

    Join us for fry release Lynn CreekMorten Creek SEP, Sun Apr 9 08:59

  • Hunter Park Lynn Valley weed pullJanet, Tue Mar 28 11:27

    Spring planting and Nest Box Event Tara Matthews, Fri Mar 17 19:44

    May 19-21 SEP Community WorkshopBarbara, Wed Mar 8 21:36

    March 15 - NSSK Meetingbarbara, Tue Mar 7 07:41

    North Shore Community Bear Forum - March 27Janet Zhu, Mon Mar 6 20:03

    Wild salmon Policy Vancouver public meetingSent via ZoAnn, Thu Mar 2 15:59

    Mackay Creek Series Book Launch March 22, 7pm CNVPLRon den Daas, Wed Mar 1 20:45

    The salmon are back!Barbara, Wed Mar 1 19:39

    2nd Biennial Lynn Canyon Weed PullLisa Jensen, Fri Feb 3 23:05

  • May 19-21 - SEP Community WorkshopBarbara, Mon Jan 30 19:53

    Feb 4 - Clean-up in MacKay MarshBarbara, Thu Jan 26 20:12

  • Salmon GirlJanet Dysart, Thu Jan 26 17:25