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Stripping and Humiliation

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Looking for an old story herewspa, Fri Apr 29 10:47pm
It was something to do with a couple who had magic powers. There was a swimming pool in the scene and a man who was made to walk around naked under hypnosis. Some girls were giggling at the bar when they saw him. Any idea? Much appreciated.
What A Week ( Volume 2 )Inhibitionless, Thu Apr 14 2:31pm
Link to Previous Chapters : "Day One through Night Two" or Chapters 1-44;article=3159;title=Stripping%20and%20Humiliation
  • Gym Class Part 1- ArrivalUMLB, Sat Oct 10 1:27am
    Gym Class Part 1- Arrival The small, blonde, blue-eyed girl shuffles into the gym with her eyes on the floor, clutching her bag tight against her chest. She can feel all of her new classmates staring at her. The teacher frowns. "You must be Jane. You're late! And on the very first day of school, no less. Damn kids... more
  • Matt 1: Matt's Lessonnicholas.peresso, Fri Mar 4 12:04pm
    15 year old Matt’s real name is Mathieu but people call him Matthew or just Matt. He just got a girlfriend, her name is Lindy, and she was almost as tall as Matt, has brown wavy hair, small breasts and a naturally thin body, but that’s just how Matt likes her. Lindy has a bad habit of complementing weird things about... more
  • Roger Morrison: New Threadstonejulius54, Wed Apr 20 12:50pm
    Per Blondie's request, this is a new thread about the humiliation of Roger Morrison. The previous thread, "Roger", is still on this site, if you want to catch up with his "predicament." Below is the last installment of the previous thread. I'm adding nothing new today. But I will soon. HERE IS THE LAST INSTALLMENT OF... more
    UK middle school mixed changing for PE (True)SDS, Sun Feb 9, 2014 12:27pm
    UK middle school mixed changing for PE. Personally I was in the two tier system (Jr school aged 4-11 -> high school 11-16) but my partner was in an old style 3 tier school system: (first school 4-9 -> middle school 9-13 -> highschool 13-16) anyway I remember being in JR school and getting changed with girl up to being ... more
  • Rogerstonejulius54, Sat Jan 3, 2015 8:48pm
    A few years ago, I taught art at a small midwestern college in a fairly progressive small town. The college itself was also somewhat laid back. It was pretty much a party school. But we had some truly brilliant students. One of them was Roger Morrison. Roger played soccer, and he was an effortless star, but he was... more
  • A Test of LoyaltyBritguy, Sat Mar 26 3:32pm
    This story was inspired by Flagship37’s excellent story Step Sisters . That story didn’t go quite how I thought it might, which gave me the idea for this one, so thanks Flagship. I didn’t want to write a copy of Flagship’s story and I hope no-one will think I have, but I have ‘borrowed’ a couple of his ideas.
  • The Mouse Part 1flagship37, Fri Apr 8 11:09pm
    All through elementary school I was always the smallest boy in my class. I guess this was to be expected as both my parents were of small stature so it was genetic. In all other aspects my development was normal. My overall physical development, including entering puberty were within the normal window of time. This... more
  • True Storiesnicholas.peresso, Tue Mar 22 12:31pm
    These are all going to be true stories of me accidentally ending up naked. For those of you who like to imagine the situation while reading, here is a bunch of information on how I look like: Head- Hair: Medium-Dark brown Eyes: Blue Facial hair: sideburns by 13 and a half but 95% of the time shaved, goatee by 16 but... more
  • What A WeekInhibitionless, Wed Oct 22, 2014 2:07pm
    Day One : You know those funky security gates that stores in the mall use to close-up shop ? Have you ever found yourself zip-tied to one naked ? How about zip-tied naked to one with two of your best friends just before the mall is about to open ? Well, that’s exactly what has happened to my friends Aaron, Matt and I. ... more
  • story rulesflint44us, Sat Apr 9 9:43am
    My Lawn Boy story is gone I hope I did not violate rules The story was to have no sex nor privates contacted between adult and child May I post others?
  • Just a little fishyashcan91, Fri Apr 1 10:04am
    Amy Fisher was surprised and delighted Thursday afternoon when her boss, Ms Avril Prankhurst, called a short staff meeting to inform the seven members of the accounting department that they all have the next day off as a paid holiday and, as department head, she would be treating them all to a celebratory dinner to... more
    • NiceBritguy, Sat Apr 2 4:06pm
    • Excellenttech.mann, Sat Apr 2 4:24am
    • Clever!Hooked6, Sat Apr 2 3:32am
      • Ta muchashcan91, Sun Apr 3 8:30am
    • Very Niceflagship37, Fri Apr 1 3:53pm
  • Max and his Aunt Tiffany perkinsjohnson2505, Mon Mar 7 3:21pm
    Max's first day staying with the family of his mom's sister was the worst of his life. Knowing that he would be staying for two months, with a family he hates, in a town where he has no friends, made him feel like the world was ending. Max's mom hadn't meant this to be a fun trip. Her sister's kids -- both girls, 12... more
  • Targeted - Chapter OneThe Controverser, Thu Mar 3 5:58pm
    I posted this story on another board but since this is one of my favorite sites and it fits the theme, I decided to post it here as well. As I said on the other board, I am a little rusty so bear with me. Hope everyone enjoys it. Targeted Chapter One Okay, so maybe I created a monster. Well, to be honest with you, I... more
  • Jeremy’s long dayadamski19, Sat Mar 19 12:17pm
    i'm not a writter, and im not very good at spelling or grammer, but ive been reading stories on here for a while, and wanted to try my hand at creative writting, i dont know if this is any good, but here is my first short story part 1 Jeremy a moderately shy 16 year old boy, who tends to keep to him self, he had few... more
  • Angela's Party Part 1Little Joe, Tue Mar 15 5:00pm
    "It's Angela's birthday tonight," said Marie, looking at me in that bossy authoritative manner she had and carrying a large envelope. "Oh," I replied, a bit meekly as I always did to Marie, and indeed to all bossy girls, "do you want me to sign her card then?" "What? Oh, you mean this," she said, looking at the... more
  • Kelly Slimspank storiesdavschm, Fri Mar 11 10:53am
    There have been a few requests for her works. I was lucky to talk with her a few times and get copies of her works before she vanished. I have what i believe is the most complete collection available, including some unpublished chapters of "The Gang". Here they are for this group to enjoy. The Perth Punishment Pilot - ... more
  • EXPOSEDsteam_t2007, Mon Jul 7, 2008 2:23am
    ‘A series of mostly unrelated short stories capturing the humiliation and embarrassment suffered by the stories character when their late or early development is exposed upon being made naked in public’. This series of stories is relatively new but has been posted elsewhere but it fits nicely within the guidelines.... more
  • The Korean exchangeSaony, Mon Sep 28 8:32am
    Aaron was 17 years old and had just arrived in Seoul, Korea for an exchange program at a Korean partner school. Here he stood in the arrival hall at the airport waiting for his luggage, in Asia for the first time in his life. He hadn’t slept a wink the whole flight and he was absolutely knocked but so excited! He... more
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