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Stripping and Humiliation

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Jeannie Grants Wishes 6 - Jeannie's Wishseeerva, Wed Oct 22 5:08pm
Chris tossed and turned all that night. Could they really be serious about bringing three more girls to witness his humiliation? He decided that under no circumstances would he allow that to happen. He eventually drifted off to sleep. He was awakened abruptly by his blanket being pulled off. He opened his eyes to find ... more

Jeannie Grants Wishes 5 - Chris's Dilemmaseeerva, Wed Oct 22 5:06pm
Leaving Jeannie in the living room with Jerry and Stella, Tanisha chased up the stairs after Chris. He ran into the bathroom, slammed the door shut and turned the lock. Tanisha raced to Stella’s room and grabbed a lolipop from her desk, then returned to the bathroom to pop the safety lock. The bathroom door was... more
What A WeekInhibitionless, Wed Oct 22 2:07pm
Day One : You know those funky security gates that stores in the mall use to close-up shop ? Have you ever found yourself zip-tied to one naked ? How about zip-tied naked to one with two of your best friends just before the mall is about to open ? Well, that’s exactly what has happened to my friends Aaron, Matt and I. ... more
  • What A WeekInhibitionless, Wed Oct 22 2:16pm
    Night One : What a night it had been. My friends, Aaron, Matt and I were working at the mall, I had to wait to close up because of some stragglers who turned out to be the streaking frat brothers from the previous night who in turn ganged up on us as we left the store. They proceeded to zip-tie us to a security gate,... more
  • Calendar Boy - Part 1Little Joe, Tue Oct 21 3:31pm
    It was my first vacation job while I was at Uni, working in the call centre office. I was very much the Newbie, the Baby of the workforce. I'd led a sheltered life, even at University, and wasn't really used to the more adult world of work. There were fourteen of us in the office handling customer queries over the... more
  • Nude Awakening - Part 1Little Joe, Thu Oct 16 11:01pm
    Sorry to be posting so many stories at once but I seemed to have several I had never got round to finishing so I thought I would make the effort to finish them and get them posted. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one. **************** I could hear the sound of birds twittering in the trees. A song thrush perhaps or a... more
  • Jerry Carter let the warm water cascade over him and wash away the soap. What was he doing? he asked himself. He was taking a shower and preparing himself as if for a date. But this wasn’t a date. This was going to be a grueling session of humiliation at the hands of a girl who was blackmailing into it. So why did he... more
  • Humiliating My Stepbrother Part 1rgoodwin99_99, Mon Aug 19 11:47am
    I've enjoyed this board greatly over the years, so I thought I'd finally contribute. Themes of Teasing & Denial, Manipulation, Orgasm Control, Mindf**kery, light Femdom, and especially Small/Average Penis Humiliation. If you don't enjoy those themes (again, most of all SPH), you probably won't enjoy this. If you enjoy ... more
  • UK middle school mixed changing for PE. Personally I was in the two tier system (Jr school aged 4-11 -> high school 11-16) but my partner was in an old style 3 tier school system: (first school 4-9 -> middle school 9-13 -> highschool 13-16) anyway I remember being in JR school and getting changed with girl up to being ... more
  • Strip or Treat - The pumpkin queenSDS, Thu Oct 24 6:40am
    Strip or Treat - The pumpkin queen Kizzie knew she was probably too old to go trick or treating, she was almost 16 after all. However what she knew even more was that she loved candy. Her parents were dentists and so naturally there was never sweets in the house. Instead of pocket money her parents generally bought... more
  • Charity Walk - Part 1Little Joe, Sun Oct 12 10:44pm
    "Walk from here to Banbridge wearing a towel." "What!" "You heard me. Walk from here to Banbridge wearing a towel." "But we agreed. No nudity." "Wearing a towel isn't nudity. It's wearing something." "But I'd be nude underneath." "Everybody's nude under their clothes. I can't see why you're nude wearing a towel... more
  • You Show Me Yours - Part 1Little Joe, Fri Oct 10 3:27pm
    "Can't follow us in here" Beryl Tompkins stuck out her tongue as the three fourth form girls escaped into the girls changing room. When I was a prefect at the Grammar School, the bane of my life were the fourth form girls; they were cheeky, they were naughty, and they got away with it. This time they had escaped into... more
  • Little Joe’s 7 Dwarf Revenge part 1Shyboy, Sun Oct 12 3:50am
    There was Little Joe, this time with his friend, heading into to the midtown Holiday Inn and Pub, sure enough, they spotted Lucy and Louise the 2 ladies tricksters who had gotten Little Joe naked some time ago. "Louise, Lucy" "Hi there Joe! Been doing any more singing?" asked Lucy who had started it all "and those... more
  • Exposing naughty husbandAuntie Tina, Sat Oct 4 10:56pm
    Hello, I ran across this forum, and thought this might be a good place to ask about something. My sister caught my husband trying to spy on her, and wants me to expose his little penis, and his panties. I wondered if anyone here would be interested in seeing? If so, email me at Thanks!
  • Off to work we go - Part 1Little Joe, Wed Oct 1 3:05pm
    "Why can't you just shut up!" That was what I wanted to say. Of course I didn't say it. I'm far to self-conscious to shout something like that at people, especially not at a group of girls like they were. But it was exasperating. I was staying at what I thought would be a quiet country house hotel and here I was, in... more
  • Jeannie Grants Wishes 3 - aftermath - part 1seeerva, Thu Oct 2 6:12pm
    No one gets stripped in this chapter. There is some humiliation and it's all to set up the explosive next chapters. --------------------------------------------- The buzzing of his alarm clock woke Chris up. He shut it off and sat up in bed. What a dream! It had been both embarrassing and thrilling but now that it was ... more
  • Jeannie Grants Wishes 2 - Chris - part 1seeerva, Mon Sep 29 10:12am
    This is the next chapter of Jeannie Grants Wishes, where the girls tackle Stella's obnoxious brother, Chris. Thanks for all the positive comments on the first part. -------------------- “Chris, I’m off to do some shopping!” his mother called out. “You’ve got an assignment to finish so get to it and don’t give your... more
  • Liquid SatinTrinaLeigh, Sat Aug 16 5:22am
    Prologue I have extremely vivid memories of being undressed in public. My folks originally came from Eastern Europe (former Soviet Union) and saw nothing wrong with young children running around half-naked in the warm weather. My sisters and I wore very little around the house (undies or less) and frequently played... more
  • Unmanning Manleyashcan91, Thu Sep 25 9:01pm
    Harry Manley was proud, delighted but a little unsure of himself when he was posted as student teacher at Gael's O'Glee Academy, an all-girl boarding school for the elite in Suffolk, England. Just like his uncle Joe, affectionately known as 'Little Joe', Harry suffered from British pluck and English deference. On the... more
  • Jeannie Grants Wishes - Jerry - part 1seeerva, Mon Sep 15 6:49pm
    Jerry Carter looked down at the floor as he walked to his first class, afraid to make eye contact with anyone. Surely everyone knew what had happened yesterday and those who didn’t would soon find out just by looking at him. He couldn’t believe it! The experience had been so devastating, he had prayed for a heart... more
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