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Stripping and Humiliation

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Revenge at the pool part 1Dizorian87, Sun Dec 14 4:20pm
Tony was a 12 year old boy who liked to prank girls at school. One day at lunch he though it would be funny to pull up his classmate Fayes skirt not knowing she was wearing a thong, Not only did everyone in the lunch line get to see her underwear they got to see her bare ass. Faye quickly held her skirt down and... more
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    Bully for you, AlistairBritguy, Sat Nov 29 2:37pm
    It was a hot day near the end of the long summer holiday and Alistair Higgins was at his friend Matthew Porter’s house. There were half a dozen of Matthew’s seventeen year old friends sitting around on the chairs and sofas in the large open plan living area. Matthew’s fifteen year old sister Louise and four of her... more
  • Tommy's Debasement - RevisitedBlondie., Mon Dec 15 5:21pm
    Well, I finally found a chance to sit down and do some writing. My plan was to try to accomplish the finishing chapters of this long-unfinished saga. But then I started thinking how I wanted to involve the volleyball players a little more prominently, and before I knew it I had gone on for hours and hours on that... more
  • The Commercialkbmontrose, Mon May 21 4:50pm
    The Commercial One Week Ago “Okay, Cody, are you ready?” the director asked. Cody shook his head yes. “Alright, as soon as I give the signal, take off running and you know what to do then, right?” Again, the blond-haired 12-year-old shook his head yes. Cody was a bit small for his age, somewhat thin and the cutest boy ... more
  • Tommy's Debasement: The Forbidden Chapterpecs4, Mon Dec 8 9:01am
    What Blondie didn't tell you about Tommy's debasement is choice, and also quite raw. Remember the "fifteen minutes" before the dance class, after Tommy ran the spanking gauntlet? Well, there were actually thirty minutes left. Thirty minutes where Tommy remained naked. And worse. I am the principal of that school and I ... more
  • What A WeekInhibitionless, Wed Oct 22 2:07pm
    Day One : You know those funky security gates that stores in the mall use to close-up shop ? Have you ever found yourself zip-tied to one naked ? How about zip-tied naked to one with two of your best friends just before the mall is about to open ? Well, that’s exactly what has happened to my friends Aaron, Matt and I. ... more
  • Prep School Strippingmandy44fun, Tue Feb 3 1:48pm
    This is a work of fiction. If you had every attended a boarding school, then you might be able to identify with this story. Jason attended St. Johns. This school was located in the same city as their arch-rival St. Benedicts. The rivalry between the two schools was intense. They competed for students and competed in... more
  • Board GuidelinesBlondie, Wed Jan 30 8:51am
    As always, some moderation will be in order, though we have a pretty good group that (fortunately) keeps my moderation at a minimum. I’ll try to keep the guidelines as simple as possible. This is a humiliation board, and I would prefer to keep it focused on that topic only. Note: There is a difference between... more
  • Essex Girls 1Little Joe, Thu Dec 4 11:31pm
    I don't pick up birds in hotel bars. Not even hotel bars in Dagenham. I don't eye up the tottie and chat them up. I don't even call girls 'birds' or 'tottie'. I am very respectful of girls. Which was why I was sitting in the hotel lounge, at a table in the corner, alone, like I always was; even though there was tottie ... more
  • volley ball bet gone wrongDaniel Manely, Fri Dec 5 9:47am
    Rival strip volleyball gone wrong Tom and his team of college volleyball players was enjoying the sun and getting a little practice in. When Bill and his team came over and challenged Tom's team to a game. bill was from the rival neighboring team. After a few minutes someone suggested that they up the stakes and it... more
    The new girl part 1MrChicken, Fri Nov 14 7:31am
    Hey folks, heres a new one. Hope you enjoy! Jenna was 16 years old, but quite underdeveloped for her age. She had a slim figure but no real curves yet. Her breasts had something beyond A size so she mostly wore vest tops instead of bras. She was not that popular but had quite many friends and no real enemies. She was... more
  • A Summer To Remember Final Chaptersflagship37, Wed Nov 26 9:50pm
    Due to technical difficulties the final two chapters would not fit on the original thread. I am posting them separately. Hope this in not too confusing I'll shorten future postings. Flagship
  • My Name is JakeNathaniel Keam, Wed Aug 20 9:14pm
    My name is Jake, I’m 16, and I just left high school in the UK this past summer. I will leave the name of the school out of this, but let’s just say it was one of the schools on the bad side of the city. Anyway, it had a mix of people. You had the wasters who would almost never turn up and cause all the trouble in... more
  • A Summer To Remember Part 1 flagship37, Thu Nov 13 9:39pm
    Summertime rolled around and once again, my mom, my sister Amy and I were spending the summer with my Uncle Joe, Aunt Sally; and my cousins Tyler, Marsha and Annette. Tyler and I, had both just turned 15, Marsha was 17 and Annette and Amy were both 13. I really enjoy spending our summers with them. They live in a... more
  • Dogsbody - part 1Little Joe, Wed Nov 19 11:55pm
    Working for Caroline wasn't easy. You see in the past she had been my PA. She was one of those women who thought they should be boss, and was rather cheeky, but in the end she left to join a rival company and I was left with Mrs Murgatroyd who walked around with a long face all day and never said a word. It was a bit... more
  • When EUF dreams become visible funtoes, Mon Nov 10 9:23pm
    In the 2000s scientists along with neuroscientists were working on placing images from the visual cortex to computers. The beginning was just letters and shapes, and eventually detailed images would send codes to the computers for words related to the image. The image of a boat might bring up words like water, calm,... more
    The Contest - Introductiontwelve o two, Mon Nov 10 3:01pm
    In two years, The Xavier Cage School for Prestigious Boys and Girls made headline news three times. First when the man himself, Xavier Nicholas Cage III, died at the age of 95, then again when the school was then purchased by Arthur J. Murphey, and lastly when Murphey announced that the school would be closed for a... more
    Happy Birthday Part 1flagship37, Fri Nov 7 10:49pm
    My most memorable birthday occurred when I turned 16. Four friends had arranged a Saturday night sleepover at Steve's house. We planned to celebrate my birthday with video games and maybe even a little beer drinking. As you can probably guess, Steve's parents were not home. His older sister Sally was in charge but at... more
  • Reprimand Gone Wrong! [Fiction]FLP00, Sun Feb 9 2:59am
    Hello, this is my first story here. It is 'soft' compared to other stories here, but I guess some people will like this style of story. In any case, enjoy; --------------- The kids were smoking and drinking in the main park of the town under the last lights of the dusk and the recently lit on lights of the street.... more
  • Freeze Tagseeerva, Tue Nov 4 6:11pm
    Joey has the nasty habit of cheating at games and insulting girls. Then he goes too far and is taught an embarrassing lesson. He decides to get revenge and drags his friend David into an escalating battle of ultimate humiliation.
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