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Stripping and Humiliation

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Confessions of a Chambermaid - Room 347 - Part 1Little Joe, Thu May 21 2:47pm
It was my first summer job out of Uni, working in the... Well I'd better not name the hotel, bit it was a well known spa hotel out in the country, much beloved of business conferences. It wasn't well paid, but there were the tips and there were the perks. What perks you ask? Well you get to see the strangest things.... more
  • Curiosity + White Lie = Disasterflagship37, Sat May 16 10:45pm
    My name is Justin Brown. This is the story of my encounter with a group of girls during the summer immediately following my 17th birthday. An encounter that set into motion a series of embarrassing consequences, not only for me but for my brother Simon as well.
  • Compromising Situation - Introductioncaughtoflore, Thu Apr 23 11:25pm
    Hey everyone. Figured I'd get started on the ol' difficult second album. This story is going to be less planned out in advance, and I probably won't get each subsequent part written as quickly as I did with my last story. Here's hoping it turns out okay! Enjoy!
  • Team work - humiliated at the office (Part 1)fullypantsed, Sat Jul 12 12:55am
    Nathan and Tony are both software developers in a big computer company, working for the same team. Both in their early thirties, and had been with that company for almost 3 years. Nathan is obviously the talented one of the two. While Nathan always strives for excellence and is highly appreciated by his managers and... more
  • Brad: Strip searched and humiliated (Part I)athens1066, Mon Feb 23 5:36pm
    Brad was the manager of a restaurant in town. He was pretty proud of himself, because it was a successful restaurant and Brad was only thirty-two. He had put a lot of hours into his work and it had paid off. He was glad it had, because he had given up a lot for it. He had never been married, didn't even have a steady... more
  • hypnotize the bossmed_res, Mon May 11 9:24pm
    This man of authority was hot. The kind of guy everyone envies. Strikingly handsome and very fit. As much as I hate him I can't stop being attracted to him. I would love the chance to even see him naked. But he is totally straight and looks down on effeminate guys like me. He has a beautiful wife and 3 children. But... more
  • The portly weathermanstonejulius54, Tue May 19 8:20am
    Bill Weatherly was a New York weatherman on Channel 7. Weather-man looks, weather-man smile, weather-man personae. Red-haired, smooth, used to be a gym rat. Hot stuff, except for one or two flaws. Bill liked ice cream. He was very good-looking, but in the last year, he had put on a bit of weight. The weight made Bill... more
  • Humiliating My Stepbrother Part 1rgoodwin99_99, Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:47am
    I've enjoyed this board greatly over the years, so I thought I'd finally contribute. Themes of Teasing & Denial, Manipulation, Orgasm Control, Mindf**kery, light Femdom, and especially Small/Average Penis Humiliation. If you don't enjoy those themes (again, most of all SPH), you probably won't enjoy this. If you enjoy ... more
  • Umm...Plague, Thu Sep 6, 2012 3:33pm
    I just ended up in here, and there is something I'd like to ask. For what reason do you write and collect these stories? Do they sexually arouse you? Please answer honestly.
  • Veronica in charge Part 1Little Joe, Sat May 9 10:55pm
    "You what!" "I've booked a training session at the Grand Hotel." "Why on earth? Don't you know we've got proper work to do?" "Actually you told me to." This was Veronica, my secretary, or as she preferred to be known, business support executive. "Did I? I don't remember." "Because of the instruction from Head Office.... more
  • #1 Best Selling Mural, pt 1Muksheah, Fri May 15 9:25pm
    Sergio was in a good mood when the auction started. He'd been saving up for weeks now, working every weekend and most weekdays, and he'd finally saved up enough to pay his favorite "art supply" store a visit. He sat on a folding chair in the back room in front of the "stage" among other people from his town, a fair... more
    I’m not a little girl, chapter 1: Stripped at the pool. Jessica was always small for her age at 16 she looked more like a 13 year old. She was short just under 5 foot tall, slim and only had small breasts which was one of the main reasons she was often mistaken for a girl who was lot younger than she actually was. At... more
  • Liquid SatinTrinaLeigh, Sat Aug 16 5:22am
    Prologue I have extremely vivid memories of being undressed in public. My folks originally came from Eastern Europe (former Soviet Union) and saw nothing wrong with young children running around half-naked in the warm weather. My sisters and I wore very little around the house (undies or less) and frequently played... more
  • Monkton Lads & LassesBritguy, Sat Apr 4 1:06pm
    Chapter One – The New Prefect In the summer of 1981 Peter Henderson was forced to change schools just before his last year in the sixth form when his father was faced with the choice of moving over 200 miles from Cornwall to the Midlands or facing redundancy. Jobs for aeronautical engineers were hard to come by in the ... more
  • The Collaborators' Comeuppancemed_res, Sun Apr 19 3:26pm
    I wrote this story originally for a spanking site but I believe it belongs here. Let me know if its ok. I have more... Collaborators comeuppance After five years of war, the occupation forces were finally repelled from our country. Today was the day of reckoning for the collaborators who profited in someway from that... more
  • The Humiliation of the Lexus LadyBlondie., Tue May 5 6:44pm
    I noticed below a reference to utilizing time-stop as a means of inflicting humiliation. Though obviously impossible, it does lend itself to many delicious possibilities, if one can dismiss the implausibility and use the imagination. Many years ago I wrote a series entitled "Tommy's Retribution." It is a sequel to... more
  • Dad spanked at a Partymed_res, Mon May 4 6:47am
    Dad Spanked at a party by His 13 Year-old After that difficult spanking, things were great. I saw a significant change in the boys behaviour and I couldn't have been happier. Billy was answering back a lot less, he was helping around the house, and actually following instructions. Ethan was his old self but also... more
  • One Good TurnBritguy, Sat Apr 18 3:24pm
    Some people may think that this one gets off to quite a slow start. It’s taken me quite a lot of words to set up the situation I wanted but I think it was worth it. I hope others will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. P.S. British readers should be aware that the character’s name is purely coincidental ... more
  • James - Chapter 1 Baltic Custompatrick 778, Sat Apr 4 5:10am
    He understood his prospective father-in-law’s instructions and went to the guest bedroom where he took off his shirt and the customary shorts that he preferred to wear during the Baltic summer. His language skills had developed well and he’d followed without any problem what he had been told of the local custom that... more
  • any way to edit?med_res, Fri May 1 11:01am
    is there anyway to edit a story once it has been posted? I just noticed that the last bit of a story I posted is missing.
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