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Stripping and Humiliation

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The Breeze's Daughters, part 1kbmontrose, Sat Mar 3 2:16pm
The following is posted with full permission from Captain Quixote, author of the original Mischievous Breeze stories which inspired my story. Thank you Captain Quixote! Twin breezes were born of the famous Mischievous Breeze. The Breeze took a brief look at his offspring and swelled with pride. His offspring seemed to ... more
  • Rogerstonejulius54, Sat Jan 3 8:48pm
    A few years ago, I taught art at a small midwestern college in a fairly progressive small town. The college itself was also somewhat laid back. It was pretty much a party school. But we had some truly brilliant students. One of them was Roger Morrison. Roger played soccer, and he was an effortless star, but he was... more
  • Shy Boy's "Play"ful StrippingPat0421, Sat Nov 1 8:46am
    On the surface, Ian was not your typical nerd. He was very skinny, but somehow managed to pull it off as sexy instead of weak, possibly because of his years of lacrosse before the school cut that team due to budget; he had light shaggy hair, a sharp pretty face and long neck, bony hands, stylish jeans custom ordered... more
  • Romeo & JulietBritguy, Sat Jan 17 3:02pm
    Chapter One – Romeo Paul Romeo was a fairly popular fifth year (15/16 year old) boy who got along well with almost everyone and had no real problems with the school’s few bullies, who tended to pick on the weak and the unpopular. In fact, the previous day he had rescued a borderline retarded kid from them. An... more
  • I See It All, pt 1DioD_33, Tue Jan 13 10:39pm
    Henry sat back and crossed his arms over his chest, smirking. Hannah stood in front of him, blushing, her arms also crossed over her chest, but instead of gloating she was doing it to cover her bra. It was white, as Henry had claimed it was only a moment before. Her shirt and tank-top were on the floor, close to the... more
    "Little Tommy Big Dick" gets PunishedTriana1616, Mon Feb 10 12:07am
    I come here and read the stories but I haven't ever posted here before. I have posted under diff names on the teen girl pantsing site but it looks like its down now. Anyway... here's my story. Funny I saw the debate over stripping stories with big dicks or little ones. Guess you know my preference :P "Little Tommy Big ... more
  • Why Me College 1oopsydaisy16, Sat Dec 13 1:46pm
    ONE******************************************************* For those of you who have read my past tales of unexpected nudity in middle school and high school you no doubt understand that I was a bit nervous about heading off to college, where unintended nudity is even more frequent. After my freshmen year of high... more
  • Tommy's Debasement: The Forbidden Chapterpecs4, Mon Dec 8 9:01am
    What Blondie didn't tell you about Tommy's debasement is choice, and also quite raw. Remember the "fifteen minutes" before the dance class, after Tommy ran the spanking gauntlet? Well, there were actually thirty minutes left. Thirty minutes where Tommy remained naked. And worse. I am the principal of that school and I ... more
  • Split Trousersskirtboy, Thu Mar 1 4:12pm
    The bell rang for the end of the lesson and, more importantly, the end of the school day. Josh was 13 years old and glad the day was over. He was small for his age and rather puny so was always being picked on, even by the 11 year olds who were sometimes bigger than him. They would trip him up, push him over or grab... more
  • The Office Party - Part OneBritguy, Tue Dec 23 12:28pm
    I left school at the age of eighteen and got a job as a trainee sales negotiator with a local [real] estate agent. The money was frankly a joke and the hours were quite long and often included evenings and weekends but if I was any good the rewards would come and I was promised a car if I completed my training... more
  • The Commercialkbmontrose, Mon May 21 4:50pm
    The Commercial One Week Ago “Okay, Cody, are you ready?” the director asked. Cody shook his head yes. “Alright, as soon as I give the signal, take off running and you know what to do then, right?” Again, the blond-haired 12-year-old shook his head yes. Cody was a bit small for his age, somewhat thin and the cutest boy ... more
  • Exam results Little Joe, Fri Jan 2 2:47pm
    Being boss of an office full of girls had its drawbacks. I mean it had its advantages as well. They numbered among them some very sexy young ladies whose legs went up to their bum and whose short skirts showed them to full advantage. Be that as it may there were drawbacks, absenteeism was high. They were always off... more
    • Magda Little Joe, Fri Jan 2 2:47pm
      • Greatqwertpoint1232, Sat Jan 3 4:38am
  • I’m not a little girl, chapter 1: Stripped at the pool. Jessica was always small for her age at 16 she looked more like a 13 year old. She was short just under 5 foot tall, slim and only had small breasts which was one of the main reasons she was often mistaken for a girl who was lot younger than she actually was. At... more
  • Mother's Worse NightmareThe Controverser, Sun Mar 30 3:02pm
    Note: I am no Hooked or Blondie, but they are my favorite writers on this board and I wanted to contribute. I caught an episode of Grounded For Life last night that inspired this story. I hope everyone enjoys it. Chapter One Hell Hath No Fury Emma pulled in to the motel parking lot and glanced over at her daughter who ... more
  • Mistaken Identity Part 1flagship37, Mon May 26 9:51pm
    Brad, a 17 year old high school senior, was standing on the street corner Friday night waiting for a friend who was to give him a ride to a party. I dark van pulled up to the curb and three large tough looking guys got out. They grabbed Brad, who stood 5'6 and weighed at most 120 pounds soaking wet, and literally... more
  • Team work - humiliated at the office (Part 1)fullypantsed, Sat Jul 12 12:55am
    Nathan and Tony are both software developers in a big computer company, working for the same team. Both in their early thirties, and had been with that company for almost 3 years. Nathan is obviously the talented one of the two. While Nathan always strives for excellence and is highly appreciated by his managers and... more
  • Bully for you, AlistairBritguy, Sat Nov 29 2:37pm
    It was a hot day near the end of the long summer holiday and Alistair Higgins was at his friend Matthew Porter’s house. There were half a dozen of Matthew’s seventeen year old friends sitting around on the chairs and sofas in the large open plan living area. Matthew’s fifteen year old sister Louise and four of her... more
  • I'd like to write a story on a boy stripped by girls but its hard for me to get started and I think it might be easier if it were written collaboratively. Some ideas I have are a boy superhero, adventurer, detective captured by a villainess. A boy forced to marry an older girl who constantly humiliates him. Boy... more
  • The Happiest Days of My Life - 1Little Joe, Sat Oct 25 10:16am
    Well, I hope people are enjoying my stories because I've got another brand new one here. School stories always seem popular so here is one from me. ****************** Jacky's Fault It was all Jacky’s fault. I mean if he hadn’t egged me on to do it I’d never have got into the mess. And I’m not even sure he didn’t mean... more
  • Humiliating My Stepbrother Part 1rgoodwin99_99, Mon Aug 19 11:47am
    I've enjoyed this board greatly over the years, so I thought I'd finally contribute. Themes of Teasing & Denial, Manipulation, Orgasm Control, Mindf**kery, light Femdom, and especially Small/Average Penis Humiliation. If you don't enjoy those themes (again, most of all SPH), you probably won't enjoy this. If you enjoy ... more
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