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Stripping and Humiliation

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James - Chapter 1 Baltic Custompatrick 778, Sat Apr 4 5:10am
He understood his prospective father-in-law’s instructions and went to the guest bedroom where he took off his shirt and the customary shorts that he preferred to wear during the Baltic summer. His language skills had developed well and he’d followed without any problem what he had been told of the local custom that... more
  • The Collaborators' Comeuppancemed_res, Sun Apr 19 3:26pm
    I wrote this story originally for a spanking site but I believe it belongs here. Let me know if its ok. I have more... Collaborators comeuppance After five years of war, the occupation forces were finally repelled from our country. Today was the day of reckoning for the collaborators who profited in someway from that... more
    Brad: Strip searched and humiliated (Part I)athens1066, Mon Feb 23 5:36pm
    Brad was the manager of a restaurant in town. He was pretty proud of himself, because it was a successful restaurant and Brad was only thirty-two. He had put a lot of hours into his work and it had paid off. He was glad it had, because he had given up a lot for it. He had never been married, didn't even have a steady... more
  • Miriam Part 1Little Joe, Thu Mar 12 1:32am
    Eighteen years old, a school prefect, and there I was stuck for the evening with Miriam. Miriam, fifteen year old daughter of the MacTavishes, friends of my parents at the golf club and I had been lumbered with supposedly looking after her. Why did a fifteen year old need looking after? I had no idea. I'm sure I... more
  • One Good TurnBritguy, Sat Apr 18 3:24pm
    Some people may think that this one gets off to quite a slow start. It’s taken me quite a lot of words to set up the situation I wanted but I think it was worth it. I hope others will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. P.S. British readers should be aware that the character’s name is purely coincidental ... more
  • Board StatsBlondie., Sat Apr 11 10:19am
    Every one in awhile I like to pass on the statistics I receive weekly regarding the amount of visitors we have here. This week we averaged 1468 visitors per day. Those are visitors with unique IP addresses, so that does not include readers who come back multiple times per day. The average pages per visit is about... more
  • Boyd vs Girls - Preface/Introductioncaughtoflore, Tue Mar 10 1:31am
    Hi Blondie and board members. I’ve been a long-time reader of this board, since it first surfaced as a result of the demise of the old sexboard (if I remember correctly?). Blondie, if you’re reading this, you're amazing for creating this board, and I'm a big fan of your writings, the “Tommy’s Debasement” series in... more
  • Jeannie Grants Wishes - Jerry - part 1seeerva, Mon Sep 15 6:49pm
    Jerry Carter looked down at the floor as he walked to his first class, afraid to make eye contact with anyone. Surely everyone knew what had happened yesterday and those who didn’t would soon find out just by looking at him. He couldn’t believe it! The experience had been so devastating, he had prayed for a heart... more
  • Sister To The Rescue - Part 1Hooked6, Tue Sep 9 3:03pm
    Sister to the Rescue By: Hooked6 Copyright September 2014 by Hooked6 ( all rights reserved. Reproduction, redistribution, reposting on another Internet site whether or not a charge or profit is made is forbidden without the expressed written consent of the author. Copyright ownership does not... more
  • Little Tommy Big Dick: Playground Playtime - Part 1Bitter_Arron, Fri Jan 30 6:06pm
    Hello everyone. Just finally putting the story that I wanted to write on here, it's taken me a whole lot longer than I thought it would. All the credit for this character and her very gracious permission goes to Triana1616. Here's hoping that this little fan work does her proud. And please be kind gentlefolk, this is... more
  • Board GuidelinesBlondie., Wed Apr 8 6:26pm
    There have been a couple of stories of late that have gone against the long-standing board guidelines, so I thought it was worth re-posting. Please note that there will be no exceptions to the rule of not allowing posts containing sexual contact between adults and minors. Here is the full text of the board guidelines, ... more
    Hello, is there anyone out there?, Wed Apr 8 12:01pm
    Does anyone read these stories anymore. I use to write about my exploits quite often, but all i seem to get is pop ups, and pop ups galore, please tell me if i am wasting my time, because i think my last story "The Wrong Word", is as good as anything else on this site. It has been a while, and i would like to get back ... more
  • The Neighbour’s Fence Part Ipatrick 778, Mon Mar 30 8:37am
    It was early July, around the mid fifties. I was nearly fifteen and was returning home from school on my bike. In my school uniform, with cap and blazer, I cycled the three miles to school each morning, returning in the evening at about half past four. It was great in the summer, unless too hot, but in the winter my... more
  • Monkton Lads & LassesBritguy, Sat Apr 4 1:06pm
    Chapter One – The New Prefect In the summer of 1981 Peter Henderson was forced to change schools just before his last year in the sixth form when his father was faced with the choice of moving over 200 miles from Cornwall to the Midlands or facing redundancy. Jobs for aeronautical engineers were hard to come by in the ... more
  • Bonding weekendLittle Joe, Fri Mar 27 11:57pm
    I don't know about you but I hate those bonding weekends. They used to be all the rage. The whole department away for the weekend playing silly games. I was in the employee benefits office. A nice safe role you might think. Not the sort of place where you'd have to go in for bonding. Except that is that I got lumped... more
  • Tommy's Debasement: The Forbidden Chapterpecs4, Mon Dec 8 9:01am
    What Blondie didn't tell you about Tommy's debasement is choice, and also quite raw. Remember the "fifteen minutes" before the dance class, after Tommy ran the spanking gauntlet? Well, there were actually thirty minutes left. Thirty minutes where Tommy remained naked. And worse. I am the principal of that school and I ... more
  • Unwanted PleasureEzSz, Mon Mar 30 5:37pm
    "Well what do we have here!" I was scared yet happy "A perverted little kid" well I was 15 but small for my age. Anyway you're probably wondering how I got into this mess. Well my family and I moved to a different place for a better job. Our new house is by a forest, unlike our old house by a refinery. Anyway my mom... more
  • Joey Soapy's naked strip club adventure Part 1joeysoapy, Tue Jan 27 8:17pm
    It has always been a fetish of mine to be humiliated. Ever since I was a kid, I would wrestle with the younger kids and let them beat me. As an adult, I found it hard to find girls who were into the dom and submission you find on the internet. Porn was my only outlet. That is until I found out about Strip Clubs. In... more
  • The Lady In The White Coatpatrick 778, Mon Mar 23 2:37pm
    Yes I am comfortable with you seeing me naked now. However when I was much younger and in my thirties, while away from home at a seaside resort working on a panel marking examination results we occasionally took a break from marking. Several of us used the break to visit local hotel swimming pools. One morning with a... more
    Embarrassed Schoolboypatrick 778, Mon Mar 23 2:28pm
    Embarrassed Schoolboy While I'd probably be comfortable with you seeing me naked now there was a time when that would have been the most embarrassing thing to happen to me. One early such experience happened in my schooldays. In the last year at infants’ school, the children in my class had a routine medical check,... more

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