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Stripping and Humiliation

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Jeannie Grants Wishes - Jerry - part 1seeerva, Mon Sep 15 6:49pm
Jerry Carter looked down at the floor as he walked to his first class, afraid to make eye contact with anyone. Surely everyone knew what had happened yesterday and those who didnít would soon find out just by looking at him. He couldnít believe it! The experience had been so devastating, he had prayed for a heart... more

  • I'll wait for you.Tsupandurwei Raewrednu, Sun Sep 7 10:42am
    I woke up at the crack of dawn and fear coursing through my veins. "Sure, for a boy of nine years is normal getting into trouble, but this is really too much! How did I end up in this mess!" That was my first thought when I woke up. The misfortune that awaited me was far out of my possibility! I had slept blissfully... more
  • Sister To The Rescue - Part 1Hooked6, Tue Sep 9 3:03pm
    Sister to the Rescue By: Hooked6 Copyright September 2014 by Hooked6 ( all rights reserved. Reproduction, redistribution, reposting on another Internet site whether or not a charge or profit is made is forbidden without the expressed written consent of the author. Copyright ownership does not... more
  • I'd like to write a story on a boy stripped by girls but its hard for me to get started and I think it might be easier if it were written collaboratively. Some ideas I have are a boy superhero, adventurer, detective captured by a villainess. A boy forced to marry an older girl who constantly humiliates him. Boy... more
  • Work ExperienceBritguy, Sat Aug 30 1:58pm
    In this story the victim is given a choice to make, thus forcing him to victimise himself. I decided to let the reader make that choice on his behalf so there are two alternative endings to choose from. Personally I prefer the first one, where he keeps at least some dignity.
  • I shouldn't be so vain - 1Little Joe, Mon Aug 25 7:45pm
    I shouldn't be vain. That's my trouble. If I hadn't been showing off it would never have happened to me. I shouldn't volunteer. That's another weakness; that and the tendency to be bullied by Miss Peabody. Miss Peabody was the headmistress of the school where I had been sent as a student teacher. Miss Peabody was one... more
  • Naked in the elevatorLittle Joe, Mon May 5 4:03am
    Somebody was suggesting a naked in the elevator story. So here's mine. Rather embarrassingly this story is actually true so it is perhaps a bit tamer than most stories, but of course those things don't happen so much in real life, well not to me anyway. Well, it's grown in the telling a bit, as they say, but what... more
  • Liquid SatinTrinaLeigh, Sat Aug 16 5:22am
    Prologue I have extremely vivid memories of being undressed in public. My folks originally came from Eastern Europe (former Soviet Union) and saw nothing wrong with young children running around half-naked in the warm weather. My sisters and I wore very little around the house (undies or less) and frequently played... more
  • My Name is JakeNathaniel Keam, Wed Aug 20 9:14pm
    My name is Jake, Iím 16, and I just left high school in the UK this past summer. I will leave the name of the school out of this, but letís just say it was one of the schools on the bad side of the city. Anyway, it had a mix of people. You had the wasters who would almost never turn up and cause all the trouble in... more
  • "Little Tommy Big Dick" gets PunishedTriana1616, Mon Feb 10 12:07am
    I come here and read the stories but I haven't ever posted here before. I have posted under diff names on the teen girl pantsing site but it looks like its down now. Anyway... here's my story. Funny I saw the debate over stripping stories with big dicks or little ones. Guess you know my preference :P "Little Tommy Big ... more
  • Iím not a little girl, chapter 1: Stripped at the pool. Jessica was always small for her age at 16 she looked more like a 13 year old. She was short just under 5 foot tall, slim and only had small breasts which was one of the main reasons she was often mistaken for a girl who was lot younger than she actually was. At... more
  • Reprimand Gone Wrong! [Fiction]FLP00, Sun Feb 9 2:59am
    Hello, this is my first story here. It is 'soft' compared to other stories here, but I guess some people will like this style of story. In any case, enjoy; --------------- The kids were smoking and drinking in the main park of the town under the last lights of the dusk and the recently lit on lights of the street.... more
  • Stripping the Student Teacher - 1Little Joe, Sat Aug 9 10:47pm
    Gosh, you are lucky," said everyone as the placements for our first teaching practice were announced. And indeed I was. There were some pretty rough schools around who made it tough for student teachers, but St Mungos High School was not one of them. Until this year it had been a private all girls school and only girl ... more
  • anyone writing stories like this?wspa, Tue Dec 10 3:50pm
    not sure if i can post the other site, but this is the story: "Back in high school, there was a total jerk named steve that would pick on everyone smaller than him and showed very little mercy. He would even embarrass girls, there was nobody he wouldn't bully. Along with the bullying he would often bother my girls and ... more
  • Naughty Dares Part 1Little Joe, Fri Aug 1 9:24pm
    "Run down to the bottom of the garden, sorry I mean the yard, and back with no clothes on." I was chatting on-line with Donna and the linguistic alteration was because Donna lived in California where they call gardens 'yards'. I had met Donna on a naughty dare website. Indeed it was called The... more
  • Fan arts for BlondieTsupandurwei Raewrednu, Sat Jul 26 1:19pm;article=212 ;
    Team work - humiliated at the office (Part 1)fullypantsed, Sat Jul 12 12:55am
    Nathan and Tony are both software developers in a big computer company, working for the same team. Both in their early thirties, and had been with that company for almost 3 years. Nathan is obviously the talented one of the two. While Nathan always strives for excellence and is highly appreciated by his managers and... more
  • The Lesson - Part OneBritguy, Sat Jul 5 2:48pm
    Alex Bagley would come to regret his actions, his friend John Stapleton decided with cold implacable fury. Alex and John had gone swimming in the public pool in the nearest town with a couple of other friends from their village, Sam Cooper and Tony Branning. As John climbed out of the pool Alex had thought it clever... more
  • I'll Do Anything Part 1flagship37, Tue Jun 24 10:59pm
    My name is Casey, I had just turned 16 when, due to my father's job, we moved to a new town. It was mid July and school would not start for weeks, I missed all my old friends who were now hundreds of miles away. I was feeling lonely and somewhat sorry for myself. One day, I saw four boys about my age tossing around a... more
  • Sizeczar.donic1, Thu Jun 26 10:05am
    Is 16k the maximum size for a single post, or just comments? I have several I'd like to post.
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