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Stripping and Humiliation

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Tennis ExhibitionBritguy, Sat Apr 19 12:27pm
I walked away from my tennis lesson feeling tired and sweaty but happy. I’d only taken up the sport a year or so ago and now, at age 16, my coach thought I had real potential and asked me to consider entering a regional under 17 contest. We used the tennis courts provided by the local authority in a public park near... more

  • Mother's Worse NightmareThe Controverser, Sun Mar 30 3:02pm
    Note: I am no Hooked or Blondie, but they are my favorite writers on this board and I wanted to contribute. I caught an episode of Grounded For Life last night that inspired this story. I hope everyone enjoys it. Chapter One Hell Hath No Fury Emma pulled in to the motel parking lot and glanced over at her daughter who ... more
  • Setting the secretaryLittle Joe, Mon Apr 7 8:43pm
    I gulped hard. I couldn't believe the evidence of my own eyes but there it was in front of me. On my mobile phone. Andrea had sent me a picture of herself. Stark naked. Oh heck! What on earth was I going to do. Andrea had been my secretary for over a year. She was perhaps thirty something which was somewhat older than ... more
  • "How big is yours?" Joe looked across the office at Angela, his new temp secretary. What was she on about? "How big is my what?" "You know. Your thing?" "I'm sorry. What thing" "Your willy! How big is it?" Joe felt his face go red. What a question. Mrs Frobisher, his old secretary would never have been so impolite.... more
  • Kelly Ann's Dilemma - Part 1Hooked6, Sun Mar 9 5:19am
    Kelly Ann’s Dilemma By: Hooked6 Copyright February 2014 by Hooked6 ( all rights reserved. Reproduction, redistribution, reposting on another Internet site whether or not a charge or profit is made is forbidden without the expressed written consent of the author. Copyright ownership does not... more
  • Blog postKona145, Sat Apr 5 1:06am
    I've been following this site for a bit. My blog has a short entry about stripping and being naked in the presence of others. I can't believe I didn't link it sooner, but only thought I should have done it today.
    Notice: This is one of several small penis humiliation (SPH) stripping stories I will put up on the board here. Someone recently wrote that there hasn't been one of these in a while. In this case, THIS WAS SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED TO ME where I asked my girlfriend to humiliate me and she agreed to. It turned out to be... more
  • The Snitchflagship37, Thu Mar 13 1:31pm
    This is the story of Robbie, a high school senior who made the mistake of snitching on two girls in his class. He was to find there was a price to pay.
  • Peggy the Terrible Chapter 3raspberrypeel, Sat Feb 2 3:48pm
    CHAPTER THREE The next day, sitting at my desk was awfully painful - I was still sore from the spanking. And, believe it or not, I still had no IDEA just how wicked Peggy could be. After school, I thought she was going to be "lenient" on me when she called me up to her room and said "don't worry about my chores today. ... more
  • Shangri-LaLittle Joe, Wed Jul 18 3:49pm
    "We're going to the Watson-Smiths for lunch tomorrow." It was the sort of bald announcement my father liked to make. Never "Would you like to come to the Watson-Smiths for lunch?" or anything like that. My father decided what the family would do and that was that. I groaned. Inwardly of course, it would never do to... more
  • A young girl living with her step family is framed, blackmailed and bullied into receiving a series of increasingly embarrassing spanking and put through other embarrassing situations by her step brother and sister.
  • Stripped and tied up in the night SDS, Mon Feb 24 2:22pm
    Found this on my google drive thought it was one of the stories I lost when my old computer broke. Full story of boy stripped by girls hope you enjoy. I lay in bed struggling for sleep, my nightmares were real, I dare not sleep as it would mean waking to more torment. My brute of a foster sister (Kate)had found it... more
  • The Dominator's BetBritguy, Sat Mar 8 2:16pm
    This story is inspired by a real event that was very amusing for everyone present, with one exception. The challenge and its outcome really happened, but the S&H part is fiction and each of the protagonists has been blended with people he never met to create fictional characters.
  • A Request of BlondieThe Controverser, Wed Feb 26 7:35pm
    Blondie, I have been a fan of your writing for a long time and I was wondering if I could have the honor of reposting both of your "Tommy" series on this board. I am sure everyone here would love to read and/or reread them.
  • I am into Small Penis Humiliation, but was not always so. In fact, I never thought of it as a fetish others would share until about 3 years ago. There was in my life only one, actual humiliation I had to live through based upon my not being hung. When it happened to me it was awful, and caused me to both be humiliated ... more
    Big Penis or Little Penis?Blondie., Sat Sep 7 4:45pm
    Jeepman89 posted in the "Humiliating My Stepbrother" thread that he prefers it when the victim has a big penis. Fair enough. My preference would be for the stripping victim to have a less-than-average sized penis, one that he would be ashamed to let anyone see. I would think that would only add to the humiliation. But ... more
  • UK middle school mixed changing for PE. Personally I was in the two tier system (Jr school aged 4-11 -> high school 11-16) but my partner was in an old style 3 tier school system: (first school 4-9 -> middle school 9-13 -> highschool 13-16) anyway I remember being in JR school and getting changed with girl up to being ... more
  • Charles's worst day. Part 1Tsupandurwei Raewrednu, Thu Feb 20 4:37pm
    Hi I'm Tsupandurwei, usually i draw, in fact i had an account on DA But for the first time i tried to make a written. Sorry for any grammatical errors, i'm not very good with english language. By the way...enjoy! :3 Charles was raiding with his bike the usual route to get home... more
  • Robert's FantasyBritguy, Sat Feb 15 1:15pm
    This story is written as a sequel to skirtboy’s story ‘Robert’s Underwear’ and posted here with his permission. You can find the first part of that story at:;article=1505;title=Stripping%20and%20Humiliation;pagemark=160 Or type “Robert” into the search box above... more
  • The Final Forfeit Part 1flagship37, Sat Jan 11 10:40pm
    Recent high school graduates, Kyle and Jake, had been neighbors and best friends since the first grade. As they were following different career paths and attending separate colleges in the fall they were determined to make this, possible their last summer together, a memorable one. Next to fishing, off road dirt bike... more
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