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Stripping and Humiliation

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Sph by friends parentjohnmitchell12121212, Sun Jun 26 10:34pm
I just thought that I would share this quick 1 part story. So anyways when I was 15 I began to grow my first pubic hairs. By the time I was 16 the process still slow, so I decided to shave my pubic hair off, because I read about how it can grow back even bushier. Less than a week after I did this, I was at the... more
Amy's Party - Part 1Little Joe, Tue Jun 21 10:45pm
You remember Amy. Beautiful, sexy, brilliant Amy. Amy with the long legs and the curvy figure. Amy who always got her own way. Only fifteen, but the girl next door of every sixteen year old boy's dream. True, all my adventures with Amy seemed to end with my abject humiliation and a spanked bottom, but it was worth it. ... more
  • Team work - humiliated at the office, reposted (Part 1)fullypantsed, Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:31am
    This is a repost of my story with the same name, with paragraphs added per audience requests :) Nathan and Tony are both software developers in a big computer company, working for the same team. Both in their early thirties, and had been with that company for almost 3 years. Nathan is obviously the talented one of the ... more
  • Babysitting- Part Onelexiandrews12121212, Sat Jun 25 12:06pm
    I was a 28 year old girl, and after playing my cards right my whole life, I had my own house at such a young age. It was a great place to live, a small street, but walk just a minute and you were in one of the cities busiest streets. The houses around were generally owned by older people, though the house right beside ... more
  • Manipulating Tami Lynn - ch 41Hooked6, Sun Feb 21 2:24am
    Chapters 1 - 14 can be found here:;article=4402;title=Stripping%20and%20Humiliation Chapters 15-27 can be found here:;article=4423;title=Stripping%20and%20Humiliation Chapters 28 – 40 can be found here:... more
  • Soar Like An Eagle Part 1flagship37, Mon Jun 6 2:14pm
    After my grandparents passed away my dad inherited a nice house, a remote mountain cabin and a thriving hardware business. Unable to pass up such an opportunity he quit his job and moved our family back to his home town. All of this occurred just one week before the start of the school year. Even though we had visited ... more
  • April Fool - Part 1Little Joe, Sun Jun 19 3:07pm
    Starting like a story I posted some time ago, but this time it takes a totally new direction! *************************** There it was. At last! And what a journey to get there. Why on earth had that stupid woman booked me in this place. 'That stupid woman' being Mrs Treadworthy the redoubtable travel administrator... more
  • Lily's sleepover nightmare SDS, Sat Jun 18 4:49pm
    “No please, I don’t want to play anymore” cried Lily as the giggling group of teens forced the dice into her hands again. “You know the rules” laughed Amber who sounded more than slightly tipsy. “The first person to wuss out or pass out gets stripped and thrown into my brothers room, naked!” Amber and the other three... more
  • Roger Morrison: New Threadstonejulius54, Wed Apr 20 12:50pm
    Per Blondie's request, this is a new thread about the humiliation of Roger Morrison. The previous thread, "Roger", is still on this site, if you want to catch up with his "predicament." Below is the last installment of the previous thread. I'm adding nothing new today. But I will soon. HERE IS THE LAST INSTALLMENT OF... more
  • Getting Scott Naked - part 1Sportguyny66, Sat Aug 1 9:17am
    Hopefully there's a new audience out there, but if you've read it before, you'll notice a few changes to it that hopefully make it more interesting. Bernardo. Scott - Episode 1: The Naked Beginning At 32, Scott Johnson hated having to move back into his parents house but it had been increasingly unbearable to continue ... more
  • The Game - chapter 1shay_edwards, Sat May 14 12:31pm
    The four high school boys were friends since grade school. They were obsessed with sex and approaching the age where they wanted to do something about it. Owen and his girlfriend Maddie went out pretty regularly, but so far only kissed. Maddie was receptive to a little more, maybe grinding or petting, but didn't want... more
  • Looking UpLittle Joe, Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:54pm
    Looking up. There's not much to do on a business trip in the evening. It might seem exciting, but stuck on your own in a hotel is really pretty boring. You could of course chat up the girls in the bar. There are always girls in the hotel bar, just girls, chatting and laughing. You could chat them up if you weren't me. ... more
  • No Subjectstokesy.koh, Sat Jun 11 9:03am
    Hi I have a story about my small penis that happened today. I will try and update this at a later date probably in about a week of so. Hi I'm Alex and I'm 16 and attend high school in England. This means I'm in my final year and I'm taking my final high school exams at the moment. So today I was messing round outside... more
  • Off to work we go - Part 1Little Joe, Wed Oct 1, 2014 3:05pm
    "Why can't you just shut up!" That was what I wanted to say. Of course I didn't say it. I'm far to self-conscious to shout something like that at people, especially not at a group of girls like they were. But it was exasperating. I was staying at what I thought would be a quiet country house hotel and here I was, in... more
  • Sheep ShaggersBritguy, Sat May 28 9:30am
    I don’t know if the term ‘shagging’ is in common use in the US. Just in case it isn’t, shagging is a crude term for sex, about equivalent to screwing. There are a lot of sheep in Wales, and some English people enjoy pretending to believe that all Welsh men like to molest them, and refer to the Welsh as sheep shaggers.
  • What A Week ( Volume 2 )Inhibitionless, Thu Apr 14 2:31pm
    Link to Previous Chapters : "Day One through Night Two" or Chapters 1-44;article=3159;title=Stripping%20and%20Humiliation
  • I was asked recently what other stories I've got “In the vaults” or in progress / hidden away to speak plainly. I’ve looked through my on-line drive and USBs and have put together a list of nearly everything I've stated long ago or the things I'm currently working on. This ranges from barely started ideas to almost... more
  • The New Model - Part 1Little Joe, Sun May 22 10:55pm
    "Helło, my name's Erika and I'm looking for a new model." The phone had rung in my hotel room. I didn't know anybody called Erika. "I think you have the wrong number." "No, I'm just ringing people at random. I'm an art student and I have to do a conceptual art project. My project, and I think it's rather a good... more
  • Being a Nudist- Part 1johnmitchell12121212, Sun May 8 6:39pm
    When I was a 15 year old(female) I got a rush out of being naked. At first I did it in my room when nobody was home, but then I wanted to step it up a bit. One day while my family(mom, 3 brothers aged 10, 12, and 14) were eating breakfast, I came downstairs wearing the longest t-shirt I owned, although nothing else.... more
  • Judith's Party - Part 1Little Joe, Fri May 20 7:32pm
    Yes, I know it's another party story - but I do like them so please enjoy! Joe *****************************************************+* "Mind control. A load of bullocks if you'll pardon my French," I told it to them straight. The girls in the office that is. They hadn't a clue. Well they were possibly weak minded... more
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