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Stripping and Humiliation

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3 Days, part 1HitchingARide, Fri Feb 20 11:39am
“So what’s there to do around here?” Pete asked the two boys he had just met. His family had just moved here and he was learning his way around but so far he had been bored out of his mind. It was hot and humid outside and he didn’t see many kids around. He hoping to make at least a few friends because his fifteenth... more
  • Depantsed and Let This Be a Lesson- New Year 2015 Comp by Shyboy Ah 8th grade, 13 years old middle 1960’s JFK, LBJ, Astronauts, James Bond 007,Madmen, knee length skirts and dresses, first dates, first kisses, for guys Playboy magazines, yes the sixties. Like many guys I had a schoolboy crush, and had it bad. Her name ... more
    anyone writing stories like this?wspa, Tue Dec 10 3:50pm
    not sure if i can post the other site, but this is the story: "Back in high school, there was a total jerk named steve that would pick on everyone smaller than him and showed very little mercy. He would even embarrass girls, there was nobody he wouldn't bully. Along with the bullying he would often bother my girls and ... more
  • Brad: Strip searched and humiliated (Part I)athens1066, Mon Feb 23 5:36pm
    Brad was the manager of a restaurant in town. He was pretty proud of himself, because it was a successful restaurant and Brad was only thirty-two. He had put a lot of hours into his work and it had paid off. He was glad it had, because he had given up a lot for it. He had never been married, didn't even have a steady... more
  • ENFebruary 2015 Story CompetitionSDS, Tue Feb 10 2:36pm
    Happy New Year Everyone! I’ve noticed a bit of a slump in the amount great stories many of us used to write on here and other websites (myself definitely included as my output has bene very low the last year or two) compared to years gone past we’re barely producing the scale. (Note: there are still some absolutely... more
  • Angelo Part 1flagship37, Thu Feb 5 11:18am
    My name is Angelo. Several months ago, my parents and I moved back to the United States, the land of my birth. For 12 of my last 16 years we lived in a village on the island of Sicily, the ancestral home of both of my parent's families. We returned to the States when my father, honoring a request from our family... more
  • Unusually Punishment, pt 1Pat0421, Sat Feb 28 12:07pm
    Timothy Black was a bit nervous. He was being led down an empty hall by his teacher, Mr. Johnson, and had been being led for about ten minutes. Mr. Johnson has pulled him aside just before the last bell of the day had rung, simply telling him to “come along”. Templeton All Boys High School was a pretty big place, Tim... more
    Tommy's Debasement: The Forbidden Chapterpecs4, Mon Dec 8 9:01am
    What Blondie didn't tell you about Tommy's debasement is choice, and also quite raw. Remember the "fifteen minutes" before the dance class, after Tommy ran the spanking gauntlet? Well, there were actually thirty minutes left. Thirty minutes where Tommy remained naked. And worse. I am the principal of that school and I ... more
  • What A WeekInhibitionless, Wed Oct 22 2:07pm
    Day One : You know those funky security gates that stores in the mall use to close-up shop ? Have you ever found yourself zip-tied to one naked ? How about zip-tied naked to one with two of your best friends just before the mall is about to open ? Well, that’s exactly what has happened to my friends Aaron, Matt and I. ... more
  • True StoryHitchingARide, Sun Feb 8 6:38am
    I know that it is common for authors to declare, “This really happened” in stories they wrote. Well, disbelieve if you wish, it won’t matter to me, but what follows really is true. You see, in the 60s, when this occurred, junior high was for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. There was 7th grade gym, and this meant changing... more
  • The Breeze's Daughters, part 1kbmontrose, Sat Mar 3 2:16pm
    The following is posted with full permission from Captain Quixote, author of the original Mischievous Breeze stories which inspired my story. Thank you Captain Quixote! Twin breezes were born of the famous Mischievous Breeze. The Breeze took a brief look at his offspring and swelled with pride. His offspring seemed to ... more
  • No Subject Misadventures part 5HitchingARide, Tue Jan 27 3:41pm
    “What do we do?” Lance said, his voice breaking with fear. “We can’t run all the way and it’s already light. This is far more than what we did to Ryan.” “We could go around the back way,” Andy said. Lance thought about for a second. The back way meant going to the end of the street they were on and then going around a ... more
  • Little Tommy Big Dick: Playground Playtime - Part 1Bitter_Arron, Fri Jan 30 6:06pm
    Hello everyone. Just finally putting the story that I wanted to write on here, it's taken me a whole lot longer than I thought it would. All the credit for this character and her very gracious permission goes to Triana1616. Here's hoping that this little fan work does her proud. And please be kind gentlefolk, this is... more
  • First Day at New School part 1HitchingARide, Fri Jan 30 7:45am
    Eddie Garner was not having a good first day at school. First off, because his father had taken a new job they had moved in the middle of the school year, so everything was new and he had no friends to help out. Then in his second class the teacher ignored the note attached to his assignment sheet that showed he was... more
  • Joey Soapy's naked strip club adventure Part 1joeysoapy, Tue Jan 27 8:17pm
    It has always been a fetish of mine to be humiliated. Ever since I was a kid, I would wrestle with the younger kids and let them beat me. As an adult, I found it hard to find girls who were into the dom and submission you find on the internet. Porn was my only outlet. That is until I found out about Strip Clubs. In... more
  • No SubjectHitchingARide, Tue Jan 27 3:23pm
    The Misadventures of Lance and Andy Part 1 Lance and Andy, 13 and 14 respectively, proudly showed their final report cards to their mother. “We did it,” Lance said. “All A’s except for one ‘B’ each. So can we camp out?” Today had been the last day of school and they were looking forward to getting summer started.... more
  • Shy Boy's "Play"ful StrippingPat0421, Sat Nov 1 8:46am
    On the surface, Ian was not your typical nerd. He was very skinny, but somehow managed to pull it off as sexy instead of weak, possibly because of his years of lacrosse before the school cut that team due to budget; he had light shaggy hair, a sharp pretty face and long neck, bony hands, stylish jeans custom ordered... more
  • Romeo & JulietBritguy, Sat Jan 17 3:02pm
    Chapter One – Romeo Paul Romeo was a fairly popular fifth year (15/16 year old) boy who got along well with almost everyone and had no real problems with the school’s few bullies, who tended to pick on the weak and the unpopular. In fact, the previous day he had rescued a borderline retarded kid from them. An... more
  • Rogerstonejulius54, Sat Jan 3 8:48pm
    A few years ago, I taught art at a small midwestern college in a fairly progressive small town. The college itself was also somewhat laid back. It was pretty much a party school. But we had some truly brilliant students. One of them was Roger Morrison. Roger played soccer, and he was an effortless star, but he was... more
  • I See It All, pt 1DioD_33, Tue Jan 13 10:39pm
    Henry sat back and crossed his arms over his chest, smirking. Hannah stood in front of him, blushing, her arms also crossed over her chest, but instead of gloating she was doing it to cover her bra. It was white, as Henry had claimed it was only a moment before. Her shirt and tank-top were on the floor, close to the... more

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