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Stripping and Humiliation

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story taken down??saucyknaves, Fri Oct 2 9:53am
There was an interesting looking story up not more than an hour ago. Did someone take it down??
  • The Downfall of A Prince (Part 1)johnborise, Sun Oct 4 7:54pm
    This story is based on the works of ben02 on Deviantart. He has drawn a piece entitled The Downfall of a Prince (Part 3) that I liked so much, I just had to write about it. Here is the link to the image: . So, without further ado, I present to you... more
  • Royal Humiliationjohnborise, Sat Oct 3 9:19pm
    It was the birthday of the 14-year old prince turning 15. He was ecstatic about it all and imagined the huge festival that would be thrown in his honor. How he would dance with the girl of his dreams and how everyone would cheer for their future king.How everyone would chant his name. "Andros! Andros!' they would... more
    Embarrassed Boysjohnborise, Sat Oct 3 8:18pm
    In a small town lived a boy named Jason. He was tall for his age which was around 15 or 14 He had blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He was the perfect guy. Or close to it. Many girls had secret crushes on him and many boys envied him. The boy, however, was oblivious of any of this. He thought of himself as an average... more
  • The Korean exchangeSaony, Mon Sep 28 8:32am
    Aaron was 17 years old and had just arrived in Seoul, Korea for an exchange program at a Korean partner school. Here he stood in the arrival hall at the airport waiting for his luggage, in Asia for the first time in his life. He hadnít slept a wink the whole flight and he was absolutely knocked but so excited! He... more
  • Iím not a little girl - Series twoSDS, Mon Sep 28 1:14pm
    Recap and previous episodes Well Iím probably as shocked as you! I canít believe itís been over four years since I posted a chapter to this story. Anyway I know everyone has been asking when the next chapter will appear so wait no longer here it is. Chapter 9 below and more to follow within the next few weeks. As... more
  • Lost Betsdisc1917, Wed Jun 17 10:07pm
    I'm a long-time fan of this site, but a first time writer. Constructive feedback is much appreciated! LOST BETS- PART 1 No cars in the driveway or garage- true to her word, Mary had gotten her parents out of the house somehow. As I step along the path through the Smith's meticulously manicured garden, I feel... more
  • Compromising Situation (Continued)caughtoflore, Sat Aug 29 2:35am
    Hi folks! Due to the unwieldy length of the thread for this story so far, Blondie has quite sensibly suggested I continue the story in a new thread. This will be that thread. If you havenít read the first part of this story, hereís a link to the first thread in which youíll find Parts 1 to 14:... more
  • The dreaded vacation-Part Onejack22harvey, Thu Sep 24 2:05pm
    When I was a 13 year old boy, I was very nervous about my body. Most guys had started puberty by now, but I had no signs of starting. So when my Aunt asked me if I wanted to go on a 3 week vacation with her, I wasn't too sure, because I didn't know what it would be like. But, I realized I had no choice, so I said yes. ... more
    Picnic and a Show (part 1)fullypantsed, Sat Sep 19 12:00pm
    Aaron, Jonny and Chris have been working in the same company for the past 8 years and over this time have become good friends. All three could easily be considered handsome. They were all in their early thirties, and managed to keep in good shape and had a workout routine in which they hit the gym together a few times ... more
  • Tim's Long Day Part 1flagship37, Sat Sep 12 10:50pm
    My father had lectured me repeatedly about the dangers of hitchhiking. He always told me that one day, if I continued to ignore his wishes and take chances, I might learn a very hard lesson. Being a normal teenager, Dad's warnings went in one ear and out the other. Older people are always so overly cautions I thought, ... more
  • Ethan Part Ipromeo, Thu Sep 10 11:35pm
    Hi everyone. I have this idea for a story, and I don't know if its going to work or fail niserably (or if its been done before). I will write the intro to the story and then you can leave a suggestion (max 20 words) in the comments on what you want to see happen next. I'll choose the best one and make that the... more
  • Swimming lessons jack12harvey, Wed Aug 26 12:12pm
    I was a 14 year old boy at the time of this story. I didn't know how to swim, and my mom signed me up for swimming lessons. I wasn't sure how to react, I would much rather learn on my own, but my mom forced me to go. On the first day of the class, my mom told me I would have to walk to the pool and back on my own. So... more
  • strip searched by former classmatemed_res, Tue Sep 1 8:26am
    Let me know if I should continue it and maybe some suggestions of what should happen next. Booking officer in jail is former high school classmate--do I really have to call him "sir"? † online question: I had several outstanding parking and road tickets and now a DUI offence. I received a five month jail sentence and... more
  • Brad: Strip searched and humiliated (Part I)athens1066, Mon Feb 23 5:36pm
    Brad was the manager of a restaurant in town. He was pretty proud of himself, because it was a successful restaurant and Brad was only thirty-two. He had put a lot of hours into his work and it had paid off. He was glad it had, because he had given up a lot for it. He had never been married, didn't even have a steady... more
  • Getting Scott Naked - part 1Sportguyny66, Sat Aug 1 9:17am
    Hopefully there's a new audience out there, but if you've read it before, you'll notice a few changes to it that hopefully make it more interesting. Bernardo. Scott - Episode 1: The Naked Beginning At 32, Scott Johnson hated having to move back into his parents house but it had been increasingly unbearable to continue ... more
  • The Breeze's Daughters Return_Brief Introkbmontrose, Tue Aug 11 1:44pm
    This set of stories is a sequel to The Breezeís Daughters (;article=1674;title=Stripping%20and%20Humiliation;pagemark=60 ) both of which are/were inspired by the Mischievous Breeze stories of Captain Quixote.
  • Bought and Soldseeerva, Wed Sep 2 7:15pm
    He bullied the neighborhood kids for years and particularly enjoyed humiliating girls by flipping up their skirts. Then one day he went too far. Now the tables are turned and it's his turn to be humiliated.
  • Team work - humiliated at the office, reposted (Part 1)fullypantsed, Sat Jun 20 12:31am
    This is a repost of my story with the same name, with paragraphs added per audience requests :) Nathan and Tony are both software developers in a big computer company, working for the same team. Both in their early thirties, and had been with that company for almost 3 years. Nathan is obviously the talented one of the ... more
  • Compromising Situation - Introductioncaughtoflore, Thu Apr 23 11:25pm
    Hey everyone. Figured I'd get started on the ol' difficult second album. This story is going to be less planned out in advance, and I probably won't get each subsequent part written as quickly as I did with my last story. Here's hoping it turns out okay! Enjoy!
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