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Stripping and Humiliation

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Team work - humiliated at the office (Part 1)fullypantsed, Sat Jul 12 12:55am
Nathan and Tony are both software developers in a big computer company, working for the same team. Both in their early thirties, and had been with that company for almost 3 years. Nathan is obviously the talented one of the two. While Nathan always strives for excellence and is highly appreciated by his managers and... more

  • The Lesson - Part OneBritguy, Sat Jul 5 2:48pm
    Alex Bagley would come to regret his actions, his friend John Stapleton decided with cold implacable fury. Alex and John had gone swimming in the public pool in the nearest town with a couple of other friends from their village, Sam Cooper and Tony Branning. As John climbed out of the pool Alex had thought it clever... more
  • I'll Do Anything Part 1flagship37, Tue Jun 24 10:59pm
    My name is Casey, I had just turned 16 when, due to my father's job, we moved to a new town. It was mid July and school would not start for weeks, I missed all my old friends who were now hundreds of miles away. I was feeling lonely and somewhat sorry for myself. One day, I saw four boys about my age tossing around a... more
  • Sizeczar.donic1, Thu Jun 26 10:05am
    Is 16k the maximum size for a single post, or just comments? I have several I'd like to post.
  • I Was Stripped By Girls At Schoolken_tucky, Fri May 23 9:57am
    My story is about an experience that happened when I was 14 at school one summer. I will try to be brief. The incident happened at lunch break on the school playing fields. My friends tried to remove my trousers, there was a gang of girls that gathered round to watch. The girls were really into it and were all... more
  • "Little Tommy Big Dick" gets PunishedTriana1616, Mon Feb 10 12:07am
    I come here and read the stories but I haven't ever posted here before. I have posted under diff names on the teen girl pantsing site but it looks like its down now. Anyway... here's my story. Funny I saw the debate over stripping stories with big dicks or little ones. Guess you know my preference :P "Little Tommy Big ... more
  • Naked in the elevatorLittle Joe, Mon May 5 4:03am
    Somebody was suggesting a naked in the elevator story. So here's mine. Rather embarrassingly this story is actually true so it is perhaps a bit tamer than most stories, but of course those things don't happen so much in real life, well not to me anyway. Well, it's grown in the telling a bit, as they say, but what... more
  • Mother's Worse NightmareThe Controverser, Sun Mar 30 3:02pm
    Note: I am no Hooked or Blondie, but they are my favorite writers on this board and I wanted to contribute. I caught an episode of Grounded For Life last night that inspired this story. I hope everyone enjoys it. Chapter One Hell Hath No Fury Emma pulled in to the motel parking lot and glanced over at her daughter who ... more
  • Science Symposium Surprisekbmontrose, Fri Feb 3 7:18pm
    Sophomore Mason stood in front of the mirror. He picked up the vial with the bluish liquid and took a sip. His grin matched that of a Cheshire cat until it, too, disappeared. ****** Starting from a very young age Mason had an unquenchable thirst to figure things out. He explored nature, took things apart, put things... more
  • Blog postKona145, Sat Apr 5 1:06am
    I've been following this site for a bit. My blog has a short entry about stripping and being naked in the presence of others. I can't believe I didn't link it sooner, but only thought I should have done it today.
    • UpdateKona145, Wed Jun 4 11:40pm
      • LinkKona145, Wed Jun 4 11:41pm
  • Mistaken Identity Part 1flagship37, Mon May 26 9:51pm
    Brad, a 17 year old high school senior, was standing on the street corner Friday night waiting for a friend who was to give him a ride to a party. I dark van pulled up to the curb and three large tough looking guys got out. They grabbed Brad, who stood 5'6 and weighed at most 120 pounds soaking wet, and literally... more
  • Encouragement for The Controverserenthusiast, Mon Apr 28 2:22pm
    Rather than clutter up the story thread, I thought I would post a message here encouraging The Controverser to please continue with Mother's Worst Nightmare. He obviously has ideas how the story is to develop and I am sure I am not the only reader who would want to see it continue.
    • Well heck..The Controverser, Tue May 6 1:55pm
      • Bump !!enthusiast, Wed May 28 2:25am
  • Pool of Ideas for Stories.tectecxp 538, Sat May 3 9:12am
    Hello. I'm a long time lurker of this forum and I love the stories of this site. Unfortunately I'm not a good writer my self. I have written a couple of stories that I will upload soon here to know your opinions. On many occasions I have a lot of crazy ideas that I would like to see come to reality, but since I'm not... more
  • Humiliating My Stepbrother Part 1rgoodwin99_99, Mon Aug 19 11:47am
    I've enjoyed this board greatly over the years, so I thought I'd finally contribute. Themes of Teasing & Denial, Manipulation, Orgasm Control, Mindf**kery, light Femdom, and especially Small/Average Penis Humiliation. If you don't enjoy those themes (again, most of all SPH), you probably won't enjoy this. If you enjoy ... more
  • Naked Tomqwertpoint1232, Sun May 4 6:10am
    (I try write something. English it is not my native language I beg you be patient with me.) How it began. It was first week of summer and all my friends were on vacation at sea or somewhere else. Because my parents must work I was home alone. I decide go swim, near our house was forest with river. I grab towel,... more
  • Tami Lynn's Surprise Vacation Part 1Hooked6, Thu Apr 24 2:48pm
    Tami Lynnís Surprise Vacation Ė Part 1 By: Hooked6 Copyright April 2014 by Hooked6 ( all rights reserved. Reproduction, redistribution, reposting on another Internet site whether or not a charge or profit is made is forbidden without the expressed written consent of the author. Copyright ownership... more
  • Stripping the Boss Again - A New Story - Part 1Little Joe, Sun May 4 4:36am
    "You did what!" "I booked the hotel." "You booked the hotel! But you know you're not allowed to do things like that." "But..." "But nothing... Hold out your hand." He did as he was told. I might have been his secretary, but I had my rules and he had just broken them. So he had to be punished. "Ow!" I had brought my... more
  • My Naked Summertopgunmaveric73, Sun Apr 27 4:02pm
    Authors Note: When I was 13 I discovered that I liked being naked in front of clothed people. I think all of my friends saw me naked and most of them more than once. It wasn't all voluntary and was sometimes embarrassing. It started when I went to the doctor for a physical exam. The next day my friends Dave and Larry... more
  • Stripping the Boss - Part 1Little Joe, Sat Apr 26 6:36pm
    I naturally went to the driver's door. "It's all right I'm driving," I turned to see Jessica standing next to me holding the car keys. A girl driving? Surely not. I mean I knew girls did drive of course, but to the shops and things, not long journeys like this. "I think I'd better," I said, trying not to sound too... more
  • Reader TotalsBlondie., Sun Apr 27 7:53am
    I get a weekly report of the amount of visitors we get here and at my story site. I'll try to remember to share these with you once in awhile. Stripping and Humiliation: 1614 visitors per day. They don't give me the exact figures, but the average pages read by each visitor is between 4 and 5. Blondie's Humiliation... more
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