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Stripping and Humiliation

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Getting Scott Naked - part 1Sportguyny66, Sat Aug 1 9:17am
Hopefully there's a new audience out there, but if you've read it before, you'll notice a few changes to it that hopefully make it more interesting. Bernardo. Scott - Episode 1: The Naked Beginning At 32, Scott Johnson hated having to move back into his parents house but it had been increasingly unbearable to continue ... more
  • Maura Spanks Bruce IIIzeich16, Sat Feb 2, 2008 12:33am
    Too bad, this may be a farewell... Maura Spanks Bruce III Bruce was standing in front of Anna Benes, naked, except for a pair of pink panties rolled up half way down his thighs. She was seated on the living room sofa with her pretty legs crossed. She was looking at Bruce with a smirk of satisfaction on her face. Bruce ... more
  • Manipulating Tami Lynn - Chapter 15AHooked6, Tue Nov 17 3:48pm
    Chapters 1 - 14 can be found here:;article=4402;title=Stripping%20and%20Humiliation Manipulating Tami Lynn By: Hooked6 Chapter 15 (Author's Note: Chapter 15 was written especially to honor Blondie's Marvelous story mentioned earlier) A freckled-face college kid... more
  • Manipulating Tami Lynn - A NovelHooked6, Sun Nov 15 3:54am
    Manipulating Tami Lynn By: Hooked6 Copyright July 2013 by Hooked6 ( all rights reserved. Reproduction, redistribution, reposting on another Internet site whether or not a charge or profit is made is forbidden without the expressed written consent of the author. Copyright ownership does not transfer ... more
  • The ExaminationBritguy, Sat Oct 10 2:00pm
    This story is inspired by an embarrassing and somewhat painful medical procedure I had recently (I’m fine thanks, nothing to worry about). Liz is a very unfair caricature of a real nurse, Dr Ingram of a real doctor. The casual attitude to patients’ dignity and the patient’s feelings about it are real, as is what... more
  • Carrie's revenge part 1med_res, Tue Nov 17 12:42pm
    Carrie's Revenge Part 1 The characters and first part of this story is from a story called “Shannon's spankings” I found on the net. I adapted it and the changed it to a Fem-dom / CFNM ending which, as you can see, makes it a very different story. I needed the beginning to set the stage for my ending. When I find... more
  • Compromising Situation (Continued)caughtoflore, Sat Aug 29 2:35am
    Hi folks! Due to the unwieldy length of the thread for this story so far, Blondie has quite sensibly suggested I continue the story in a new thread. This will be that thread. If you haven’t read the first part of this story, here’s a link to the first thread in which you’ll find Parts 1 to 14:... more
  • Board StatsBlondie., Sat Nov 7 10:33am
    Average visitors per day for the last month (unique IPs): 1303 Average pageviews per day: 7102 Average pages viewed per visitor: 5.4 I post this on occasion so that our authors won't be too discouraged when their stories aren't enticing responses. As you can see, we have many lurkers here who choose either not to sign ... more
  • Board AppearanceBlondie., Fri Nov 6 9:25am
    Have any of you noticed that sometimes the subject matter appears in light blue and sometimes in dark blue? It is not coming from me and it appears that I don't have control over this. Personally I prefer the dark blue, but the light blue seems to have taken over. A minor annoyance in the overall scheme of things, but ... more
  • The Breeze's Daughters Return_Brief Introkbmontrose, Tue Aug 11 1:44pm
    This set of stories is a sequel to The Breeze’s Daughters (;article=1674;title=Stripping%20and%20Humiliation;pagemark=60 ) both of which are/were inspired by the Mischievous Breeze stories of Captain Quixote.
  • Jack's Courtroom Displayflint44us, Sun Nov 1 6:13am
    Thirteen year old Jack was fidgeting as he sat nervously on the small wooden chair. The witness stand he was sitting in was slightly raised with the closed rail in front which continued partially to his side. There were 12 jurors setting to his right and slightly ahead of him and to his left was the judge’s bench... more
  • Corinne and Rhett - part onesaucyknaves, Tue Oct 20 9:59am
    Hey, guys. I've been enjoying the stories on this board for a long time, now, and figured I'd share a story of my own. Hope you enjoy: “I don’t know everything?” Rhett echoed. Then he added with a smile “I take that as a challenge, Corinne.” He stepped into the backstage green room after her, looking around at all the ... more
  • A Lot of Em-Bare-Ass-Mentjohnborise, Tue Oct 27 4:24pm
    The young, curly haired 15 year-old Max woke up with a loud yawn. He raised his arms in the air, stretching out his back. He yawned again, rubbing at his eyes. He yawned a third time. Max had barely slept the night before. He had stayed up until one AM, watching videos on YouTube. He had been watching epic fail... more
    Gym Class Part 1- ArrivalUMLB, Sat Oct 10 1:27am
    Gym Class Part 1- Arrival The small, blonde, blue-eyed girl shuffles into the gym with her eyes on the floor, clutching her bag tight against her chest. She can feel all of her new classmates staring at her. The teacher frowns. "You must be Jane. You're late! And on the very first day of school, no less. Damn kids... more
  • How to?jackharvey22, Sun Oct 18 8:34pm
    Hey all, I have a half question and half story(true story). When I was 16 at a family camp sort of thing, I was taking a shower in a private stall. There were a couple of showering stalls, for both genders, and I guess I didn't lock mine properly, because a guy about 17 walked in on me. I was just starting puberty,... more
  • Tommy's Debasement: The Forbidden Chapterpecs4, Mon Dec 8 9:01am
    What Blondie didn't tell you about Tommy's debasement is choice, and also quite raw. Remember the "fifteen minutes" before the dance class, after Tommy ran the spanking gauntlet? Well, there were actually thirty minutes left. Thirty minutes where Tommy remained naked. And worse. I am the principal of that school and I ... more
  • Brad: Strip searched and humiliated (Part I)athens1066, Mon Feb 23 5:36pm
    Brad was the manager of a restaurant in town. He was pretty proud of himself, because it was a successful restaurant and Brad was only thirty-two. He had put a lot of hours into his work and it had paid off. He was glad it had, because he had given up a lot for it. He had never been married, didn't even have a steady... more
  • Picnic and a Show (part 1)fullypantsed, Sat Sep 19 12:00pm
    Aaron, Jonny and Chris have been working in the same company for the past 8 years and over this time have become good friends. All three could easily be considered handsome. They were all in their early thirties, and managed to keep in good shape and had a workout routine in which they hit the gym together a few times ... more
  • story taken down??saucyknaves, Fri Oct 2 9:53am
    There was an interesting looking story up not more than an hour ago. Did someone take it down??
  • The Downfall of A Prince (Part 1)johnborise, Sun Oct 4 7:54pm
    This story is based on the works of ben02 on Deviantart. He has drawn a piece entitled The Downfall of a Prince (Part 3) that I liked so much, I just had to write about it. Here is the link to the image: . So, without further ado, I present to you... more
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