Old Blue Jeans and Flying Machines
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Free repair tips websitesSidney, Sun Aug 12 7:42am
Scott?............Griz, Thu Aug 9 12:48pm
  • Is LB still around?Larry, Tue Aug 7 8:44pm
    and yeah, I know.....Griz, Tue Jul 31 11:19pm
  • thanks B&S... ;-) (nm)Griz, Tue Jul 31 2:04pm
  • siteAnonymous, Tue Jul 31 10:03am
  • EST Magazine 1996/7Sidney, Tue Jul 24 5:49pm
    42" LG LCD TV model: 42LY340C-UASidney, Mon Jul 23 4:34pm
  • sheeze (nm)Anonymous, Fri Jun 15 2:14pm
    Helllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (nm)Captain Kangaroo, Mon Jun 11 11:46pm
    • hi (nm)Anonymous, Fri Jun 15 2:14pm
  • nothing on Facebook interests meGriz, Fri Apr 27 11:54pm
  • oldie comboGriz, Wed Apr 18 4:18pm
  • tips checkGriz, Mon Apr 16 5:59pm
  • Anyone have a service manual for a SamsungScott, Wed Apr 4 8:41pm
  • ebadu,ebuda,that's all folks !! (nm)Bugs bunny, Wed Mar 14 7:10pm
  • Hey LBLarry, Mon Mar 5 3:57pm
    Search enginesSidney, Sun Feb 18 4:28pm
    Electronic component search enginesSidney, Sun Feb 4 6:13am
    how is that?Griz, Thu Feb 1 6:58pm
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