Old Blue Jeans and Flying Machines
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brrrrr...... (nm)Griz, Thu Dec 8 5:37pm
Asus laptop model X751M deadHarry, Tue Dec 6 12:48pm
  • tips on a Mitsu?..Griz, Tue Dec 6 11:19am
  • New issue of "Speaker" availablejsopko112, Sat Dec 3 4:39pm
  • just a stuck today....Griz, Thu Dec 1 7:53pm
  • Tips for a Pana Plazma TCP42X1Larry, Thu Dec 1 9:30am
  • tips check.... anything common?...Griz, Wed Nov 30 12:47pm
    .79" (nm)Griz, Tue Nov 29 10:59am
    .70" (nm)Boots, Mon Nov 28 7:58am
  • .03" (nm)Boots, Fri Nov 25 7:52am
  • happy turkey day.. Ť (nm)Griz, Thu Nov 24 10:56am
    .13" (nm)Boots, Wed Nov 23 8:10am
  • .06" (nm)Boots, Tue Nov 22 8:09am
  • eh...Griz, Mon Nov 21 8:56pm
    anyone else still repairing computers?...Griz, Mon Nov 21 3:08pm
    wow.....Griz, Sat Nov 19 8:26pm
  • what kinda crap are you sending me LB?Griz, Fri Nov 18 6:42pm
  • and I thought finding TV parts was hard...Griz, Fri Nov 18 12:32pm

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