Old Blue Jeans and Flying Machines
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Search enginesSidney, Sun Feb 18 4:28pm
Electronic component search enginesSidney, Sun Feb 4 6:13am
how is that?Griz, Thu Feb 1 6:58pm
  • I started a facebook pageGriz, Thu Jan 18 8:47pm
    I understandGriz, Sun Jan 14 10:19pm
    a boneyard checkGriz, Fri Jan 12 5:26pm
    Free service manual &v schematics downloadsSidney, Sat Jan 6 9:06am
  • Happy new year folks...Griz, Tue Jan 2 7:51pm
  • Have a great Thanksgiving (nm)Griz, Wed Nov 22 5:19pm
  • Syst Heal virus removal from Vista 7?Sidney, Mon Nov 13 9:35pm
    tips?.... (thanks)Griz, Mon Nov 13 7:24pm
  • blockGriz, Sat Nov 4 12:51am
    back on a back burner dog SonyGriz, Fri Nov 3 12:19pm
  • you were right on the Samsung LB..Griz, Mon Oct 30 9:35pm
    LG 55LM62OO DeadHarry, Mon Oct 23 11:02pm
  • Samsung tips?Griz, Wed Oct 18 5:09pm
  • Still have this visionquest PlasmaHarry, Sat Oct 14 1:23pm
    good to see you HarryGriz, Sat Oct 14 12:46am
  • LG 50LN5700 Picture shakesHarry, Sat Oct 7 2:42pm
  • any chance of a better print?Griz, Thu Oct 5 7:33pm
  • Next...... tips?Griz, Thu Sep 28 5:38pm
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