Old Blue Jeans and Flying Machines
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LB?Griz, Tue Aug 22 1:50pm
  • How are thingsHarry, Mon Aug 21 10:29pm
  • What happened on Sept 11, 2001?Sidney, Sun Aug 13 9:37am
  • Neat new simple projectSidney, Sat Aug 5 7:25am
    thanks Sharon (LB)... very nice. (nm)Griz, Wed Aug 2 12:01pm
    Happy Birthday Griz!!!!!!!! (nm)Larry, Wed Aug 2 6:36am
  • Scott?.....Griz, Tue Aug 1 10:17am
  • tips?Griz, Tue Jul 25 12:48pm
  • HBD LSL.... ;-) (nm)Griz, Wed Jul 19 4:58pm
    need Sharp parts?Griz, Wed Jul 19 10:25am
    Philips PS print?Griz, Mon Jul 17 4:20pm
  • another Friday night alone...... (nm)Griz, Fri Jul 14 8:45pm
  • What are the odds of bad LEDsScott, Mon Jul 10 8:17pm
  • anyone have a print?Griz, Thu Jul 6 2:03pm
  • HDMI's,again twice this weekGriz, Fri Jun 23 11:52pm
    tips checkGriz, Thu Jun 22 4:36pm
  • stuck on a HisenseGriz, Thu Jun 15 5:39pm
    • update.Griz, Thu Jun 15 9:35pm
  • 4.22" (nm)Griz, Thu Jun 15 5:32pm
    big boomers after a long hot dry (nm)Griz, Tue Jun 13 2:43pm
  • car guys?Griz, Fri May 26 9:56pm
    Computer locks up every once in a whileSidney, Wed May 24 6:50pm
  • sure got quiet in here (nm)Griz, Tue May 23 4:24pm
    Tune TimeTMG, Sat May 6 2:04am
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