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Jade the Spy Hopping the Staitrs in Hose and Sock (1920 X 1080 HD) Spy Jade is still on medical leave with her permanently arched foot thanks to the foot torture she endured on different missions. She still loves her heel and hose though but can now only wear a shoe on one foot these days. Only a grey sock protects... more
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Oxana's One Bad Foot Bunion Crutching in Public (1920 X 1080 HD) Oxana's bad bunion hasn't gone away but at least its not as cold in Sweden and she can now crutch out with her one bad foot completely bare. This is great because there is nothing to irritate her painful bunion but bad because her foot can get dirty,... more
Bunny & Midnight One Shoe Bare Foot Hopping HelpAlex Pretino, Tue May 13 17:53
One Shoe Clip: Bunny & Midnight One Shoe Bare Foot Hopping Help - Bunny & Midnight One Shoe Hopping Help (1920 X 1080 HD) Coming from the foot Doctor after weeks with a bad sprain Bunny still can't wear a regular shoe on her bad foot and must wear an open flip flop even though its ... more
Swedish Crutch Clip: Oxana Big Bunion Adventure - Bare, Aircast, SLC, Cast Shoe Crutching with Foot Closeups - Oxana Big Bunion Adventure - I Finally Got a Shoe! Sort of... (1920 X 1080 HD) Oxana can finally walk on her bad foot with the aid of a special shoe - actually a half shoe ... more
Flower Sprain Out and About in Public in Hose and Huge Heel (1920 X 1080 HD) Flower in Huge Heel and Sexy Hose Crutches out in public with worms eye view of sprain bandaged foot. She also meets a friend. A crutcher's clip. [img] [/img]... more
One Shoe Clip: Stella Bare & Vanessa & Hillary Sock Hopping To the Doctor - Stella Accident, Fall Sprain and Hop Crutch to the Doc (1920 X 1080 HD) Poor Sexy Stella has just had an accident falling down the stairs. she has sprained her ankle severely and when she pulls her boot... more
One Shoe Clip: 3 One Shoe Crutching Clips (Tiiger, Elisabeth, Amanda) w/Sock and Bare Foot - Elisabeth One High Heel Hose and Sock Crutching to the Shoe Store w/light Hopping (1920 X 1080 HD) Crutching around in one very high heel to keep her vulnerable socked foot off the ground, ... more
One Shoe Clip: 3 Clips: Jade the Spy Hop, Midnight Naked Sprain, Ice Sock Gimp & Hop - Jade the Spy Sprained Hopping Get Away in One Shoe (1920 X 1080 HD) Jade the Spy is at it again, once again barely fulfilling her mission and in the process losing her hat and of course sprain... more
updated collectionAnonymous, Tue Feb 25 11:39 more
Wanna cast/bandage - L.A.Nikki, Tue Jan 28 14:50
Any guys in Los Angeles wanna get to know each other and do some role play acting? Rec. casts, back slabs, bandages, icing, sponge baths, feeding. Email me. Let's chat.
Amanda Sprain and Aircast Giomping At home and Crutching in Public [1920 X 1080 HD] Amanda hops and gimps at home in her aircast doing some chores, but realizes she has to go out to restock her cupboards. She can only wear one shoe so uses crutches to protect her bad foot which is socked and with an aircast over it.... more
No SubjectAnonymous, Sat Jan 11 08:16 more
One Shoe Clip: Jade Poor Shoe Choice One Shoe Crutching with a Frozen Achilles Tendon - Jade Poor Shoe Choice One Shoe Crutching with a Frozen Achilles Tendon Years in high and stiflingly too small heels to give her foot the appearance of small daintiness have taken its toll on... more
Stefanie's Sprain Crutching Christmas at the Mall [1920 X 1080 HD] Poor Stefanie has to do her Christmas shopping crutching around on one leg with a sprain bandage on her other foot exposing her toes. Worse yet she can only really window shop because she can't carry anything! Lots of escalator catching/riding up and... more
my vidsagent487, Fri Nov 22 06:41 more
french archive on old LILCagent487, Mon Nov 18 12:11
hi are the french archive available? i buyed her some yeras ago and my pc crashed since whjat is the price what set available and it's possible to see one pic of each wet for choose the set for buy? mail me and thanks
  • One Shoe Clip: Midnight, Stef & Magdalena One Shoe Crutching Hopping and Bare Foot Closeup Clips - Midnight Foxy in One Bare Foot Crutching in Cutout Hose (1920 X 1080 HD) Foxy though she is all dressed up in boot and sheer black hose, poor Midnight's bad foot was bothering her so ... more
    82121 picsAnonymous, Wed Oct 30 09:42 more
    One Shoe Clip: Midnight, Ice and Stephanie One Shoe Sprain & Sock Hop - Midnight One Shoe Stair Sprain Accident and Sock Hop (1920 X 1080 HD) Mdnight Sprains her poor foot so badly that she can't even straighten it out! It look like she's got permanent Balarina's foot! With her... more
    Casted Memories Clip: Kelly *MED* SLWC and Bella Sprain in "Gimme Back my shoe!" - Kelly *MED* SLWC and Bella Sprain in "Gimme Back my Damn shoe!" Sexy Redheads and real sisters Kelly and Bella are all dressed up in their little black dresses and killing some time before an evening ... more

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