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The Graduate's Stylemartocciar, Tue Oct 27 12:18
The Graduate was Mike Nichol's second film. His first was Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, an adaptation of a stage play. One gets the feeling that Nichols wanted to play with cinema's toolbox. (I could use this movie to give examples of most of our film terms.) What do you think was the most vivid or interesting... more
  • Mrs. Robinsonmartocciar, Tue Oct 27 12:00
    Do you see Mrs. Robinson as wholly evil, or does she evoke some sympathy? What are the moments when your perception of her changes?
    Ben Braddock: Sympathetic?martocciar, Tue Oct 27 12:07
    Do you find Ben to be a sympathetic character? Why or why not? Make note of the particular points that cause any shift in your perception of him.
    Marriage martocciar, Tue Oct 27 12:06
    What does the movie say about marriage? Is it significant that Ben gets to the wedding after the kiss?
    Ben's funkmartocciar, Tue Oct 27 12:08
    Why is Ben in this post-graduation funk?
    What about Carl?martocciar, Tue Oct 27 12:05
    Carl is not Ben, and that might be the primary reason Mrs. Robinson wants Elaine to marry him. Is there anything else about Carl that makes him more suitable than Ben?
    Generational Conflict martocciar, Tue Oct 27 12:03
    Note how the middle-aged characters are portrayed, compared to how Ben and Elaine are portrayed. What values are associated with Mrs. Robinson's generation? How do these values differ from those of Ben and Elaine?

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