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Mike Dee OutWahoo Willy, Wed Oct 12 13:44
Well, glad to see AJ Preller survive this. And not super surprised. I think the next question is if Ron Fowler survives. But it was clearly a he goes/I go situation with Seidler. And it's been pretty clear Seidler has AJ Preller's back. I hope Preller hasn't done anything to jeopardize that trust. Always interesting!... more
  • Ross, Renfroe & lucky endingsChase, Thu Oct 6 14:15
    Itís frustrating how quickly Tyson Ross went from being our most valuable trade asset to a non-entity. ‎Sure Iím glad they didnít sign him to the dollars I was throwing around last off-season, but now theyíre ‎probably weighing if itís even worth tendering him a contract for around 10m, if the outlook... more
    Preller suspended 30 daysMcBain, Thu Sep 15 17:21
    Poor caddying.
  • <70 winsWahoo Willy, Sun Sep 11 14:30
    Just putting some numbers and names together while thinking about today's game against the Rockies. I'm taking my kids to the yard this afternoon. Looking forward to our final "run the bases" of the 2016 season. The week of the all-star game is still going down as one of my all-time favorite baseball weeks. Aside from ... more
  • Luis, Luis, LuisChase, Mon Aug 29 03:09
    Watching Perdomo develop before our eyes might be the high point of the season. 16 innings pitched his last two starts while only giving up 1 run and never topping 99 pitches. Remarkable. Its pretty sweet that Luis Sardinas fell in their laps, he is a legit shortstop with the range, hands,and the arm you look for and... more
    Not out of woods on PomeranzWahoo Willy, Mon Aug 22 13:28
    Oh goodness. Seems like there's only one guy who takes the fall in this situation, and that's Preller. And depending on how it went down, it could very well be deserved. Even if no wrongdoing is found, it's becoming difficult to imagine the current structure persisting here for much longer. "Q. Are you satisfied that... more
  • Seriously, what is Fowlers deal? Wahoo willy , Thu Aug 4 11:34
    What a joke.
  • Cashner and Rea to MiamiMcBain, Fri Jul 29 09:43
    Naylor (1b prospect), a big leaguer, and other parts reportedly coming back. Zero problem dealing both pitchers. Wonder where we'll get innings for the rest of the year ó and 2017? I started a post yesterday about a hypothetical Kemp for Kennedy deal, which seemed better for the Royals than using Wade Davis to unload... more
  • Who Had Kemp for Olivera in the Pool?Mark, Sat Jul 30 19:06
    If you did, raise your hand.....I'll buy you a 6 pack. Leave no player standing it seems. Mark
  • Fishy BusinessWahoo Willy, Mon Aug 1 13:55
    File this one to me under the category of, "Takes one to no one?". I have told you guys before I had some questions about AJ Preller's tactics. I still do. What's happening with the Padres and the Marlins right now seems unprecedented. They seem to have basically swapped UCL tears. Rea went to Fish and immediately... more
  • MUpton to JaysMcBain, Tue Jul 26 08:36
    Initial reports: A ball prospect coming back "Very substantial" part of contract stays with us
  • Cashner tells me to F... off (nm)McBain, Thu Jul 21 22:48
  • Do we this anymore? Wahoo Willy, Sun Jul 3 01:03
    Looks like not really. But I couldn't help coming to post about Melvin Upton's 3rd walk-off homer against the Yankees. AJ Preller got duped. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Or maybe better said, in order to get the GM job nowadays, you're going to have to take a bad deal. But I think Preller has made the... more
  • Sad story on Raffy Palmeirojst25, Tue Apr 19 01:43
    Gosh, i remember talking about the hearings on this message board when they occurred, was it really that long ago?
    Is it just me?McBain, Mon Apr 4 13:51
    I've been posting on this board, in one iteration or another, since 1999. The first discussion I remember involved RC, CDank, and Ruben Rivera. Never have I been less enthused about the start of a season. The 2016 Padres are no worse than half the teams over that 17 year span. OMFG 17 years. It may not even be the... more
  • Pitchers and CatchersWahoo Willy, Tue Feb 23 13:06
    Feel the excitement??? Man. I feel silly. I did renew my tickets. And I'm excited about the season. AJ Preller and this front office has some explaining to do. What on earth was last year all about?
  • Just curiousEric, Fri Feb 5 17:20
    Is anyone here an active poster elsewhere on the padres interwebs? I just started actively posting somewhere other than here for the first time in my life, and it got me curious.
  • Looks like it's a 3 team race between the Padres, Nationals and Braves on the international bonus market this year. Dumb luck, or good timing, I'm not sure which, but it's nice that 10 teams have the hard cap on bonuses ... more
  • JUptonWahoo Willy, Tue Jan 12 13:35
    Not really sure what's going on here... but you have to figure the safest place for Upton to sign a one-year deal is San Diego. Right? They would pay him $20M on another one-year deal I have to imagine. Even better if it had a $20M player option? It's pretty strange what has happened on the market. It's a game of... more
  • Another AlexiMcBain, Thu Jan 14 15:47
    "We don't want to embarrass ourselves in 2016 but let's not be stupid."
    • DeeWhoop, Thu Jan 14 18:12
      • Re: Deejst25, Fri Jan 15 19:57
      • Re: DeeWahoo Willy, Thu Jan 14 18:13
        • 4MMark, Fri Jan 15 16:51
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