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Hosmerlongdistancefriar, Sun Feb 18 12:28
Regardless of whether it is a good idea, Hosmer is now a Padre. With Headley, Galvas, and Hosmer the in field defense should be much better which should help Perdomo especially. I like that the ownership group is willing to spend money as part of the plan. If Cordero and Renfroe develop then that has to mean Myers is... more
  • There's Your Nominal Rule 5 (ish) PickMark, Fri Feb 16 18:11
    Rowan Wick off waivers from St. Louis. Converted C to Outfield, then to RP. Evidently he throws hard, doesn't everybody these days? He does have options remaining and I'd guess, it'll be easier to sneak him through waivers closer to the end of spring training. Hope everyone's ready for spring training- Mark
    A Point Against Signing HosmerMark, Wed Jan 31 14:23
    First, some love for Cordero: Really, I think this makes up my entire argument against signing Hosmer. They're early enough in the cycle, to want more data before making any significant investments. I'd assume that signing Hosmer moves Myers to... more
  • KTMcBain, Tue Jan 30 21:35
    Damn. I honestly had no idea he was so young. He was barely older than me. Some of his gunslinging led to a bullet in his own foot, but he never stopped trying. Even when he had no money to spend and nothing to trade, he went down fighting. And he was always gracious when chatting with this particular fan over the... more
    • Re: KTjay, Wed Jan 31 01:34
      • Re: KTWahoo willy, Wed Jan 31 01:44
  • Headley? Mitchell?McBain, Tue Dec 12 11:45
    Am I just now coming out of a coma from when I drowned saving Lana's life eight months ago? I don't understand this move at all. Mitchell's not remotely interesting enough to take on Headley's payroll. There must be more happening.... more
  • Dave Cameron coming to SD Wahoo willy, Wed Jan 10 11:03
    I like it
  • GalvisMcBain, Fri Dec 15 15:36
    I do not like it, Sam I Am. Sure, any pitching prospect is a lottery ticket, and De Los Santos was in our second tier. Galvis' defense gives him a decent floor. But he's here for one year, a year in which the only thing that matters is developing / acquiring pieces for 2019 and beyond. I can't shake the fear that the... more
  • Oh well. Would have been nice to have one fall into our laps for once. Onward!
    Ohtanijay, Mon Dec 4 23:37 A man can dream, can't he?
  • BC Of Couse: Tatis Switches AgentsMark, Thu Oct 26 13:39
    To Scott Boras. Of course he did. I'm not sure there's anything that sums up the Padres experience more than having your first top 10 prospect in what 10 years, but already knowing that you might not even have him for any part of his prime. Hope everyone is doing well-
    • KTWahoo willy, Sat Oct 28 22:07
      • YupMark, Wed Nov 8 15:40
        • Re: YupWahoo Willy, Sat Nov 11 16:40
  • Draftjst25, Tue Jun 13 14:20
    So, a high school pitcher and two HS catchers. Someone tell me what to feel. Should I be angry? Excited?
  • SAVE THIS FORUMUncle Milty, Sun May 7 05:08
    Clean up the spam and keep this forum alive! Been coming here since 1998 and hate to see it fade away.
    Anyone home?Alan, Wed Apr 5 00:25
    There's no much hope for this year, but I'm more interested than I was last year. The rotation is terrible, but with Renfroe and Margot and Hedges, I'm excited to see some of the young guys.
  • Mike Dee OutWahoo Willy, Wed Oct 12, 2016 13:44
    Well, glad to see AJ Preller survive this. And not super surprised. I think the next question is if Ron Fowler survives. But it was clearly a he goes/I go situation with Seidler. And it's been pretty clear Seidler has AJ Preller's back. I hope Preller hasn't done anything to jeopardize that trust. Always interesting!... more
  • Ross, Renfroe & lucky endingsChase, Thu Oct 6, 2016 14:15
    Itís frustrating how quickly Tyson Ross went from being our most valuable trade asset to a non-entity. ‎Sure Iím glad they didnít sign him to the dollars I was throwing around last off-season, but now theyíre ‎probably weighing if itís even worth tendering him a contract for around 10m, if the outlook... more
    Preller suspended 30 daysMcBain, Thu Sep 15, 2016 17:21
    Poor caddying.
  • <70 winsWahoo Willy, Sun Sep 11, 2016 14:30
    Just putting some numbers and names together while thinking about today's game against the Rockies. I'm taking my kids to the yard this afternoon. Looking forward to our final "run the bases" of the 2016 season. The week of the all-star game is still going down as one of my all-time favorite baseball weeks. Aside from ... more
  • Luis, Luis, LuisChase, Mon Aug 29, 2016 03:09
    Watching Perdomo develop before our eyes might be the high point of the season. 16 innings pitched his last two starts while only giving up 1 run and never topping 99 pitches. Remarkable. Its pretty sweet that Luis Sardinas fell in their laps, he is a legit shortstop with the range, hands,and the arm you look for and... more
    Not out of woods on PomeranzWahoo Willy, Mon Aug 22, 2016 13:28
    Oh goodness. Seems like there's only one guy who takes the fall in this situation, and that's Preller. And depending on how it went down, it could very well be deserved. Even if no wrongdoing is found, it's becoming difficult to imagine the current structure persisting here for much longer. "Q. Are you satisfied that... more
  • Seriously, what is Fowlers deal? Wahoo willy , Thu Aug 4, 2016 11:34
    What a joke.
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