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Rear Window: The Couplemartocciar, Tue Feb 23 10:09
Why are L. B. Jeffries and Lisa Fremont together, and what is keeping their relationship from progressing?
  • View Molly McGowan , Fri Feb 26 12:14
    The view of the courtyard is similar to the view of a movie scene in an audience in many ways. LB can look out of his window and see everything in a pan view from left to right he has a visual of the whole courtyard, just like in a movie theater. It is easy for LB to potentially "spy" on his neighbors due to this view ... more
    Rear Window: The View, Part 2martocciar, Tue Feb 23 10:07
    How is the view across the courtyard similar to the view audiences have of movie screens?
    • The ViewGussie Saunders, Fri Feb 26 11:41
  • BallerinaSarah Oliver, Wed Feb 24 10:23
    What was the importance of L.B. looking into the ballerina's window with respect to his relationship with Lisa? What are their similarities?
    Rear Window: The viewmartocciar, Tue Oct 6 15:45
    Comment on how the people that Jeff is spying on relate to his situation with Lisa.
  • Make your own discussion question (nm)martocciar, Tue Feb 23 10:11
    Rear Window: The audience as voyeurmartocciar, Tue Oct 6 15:50
    All movie audiences are in voyeuristic situations, and Hitchcock is well known for emphasizing this concept. Do you see Rear Window as putting the viewers in the position as voyeurs? Which scenes stand out for emphasizing this relationship?

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