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Upcoming hunts, booked a goose hunt - Goose, Fri Dec 2 10:57
We'll be hunting out of Garwood, Texas Monday, 12 December. I'm looking forward to unleashing my 10 gauge. Been a while. It'll be my buddy from Waco and a friend of his, Brian, and his friend's father-in-law. So, last night my buddy calls. He's rounded up another hunt with a guy in... more
  • and his missus for that delightful Christmas card, thanks very much mate and I particularly appreciate the sentiments expressed therein. I'm currently up to my ears in programming and an interesting flow of correspondence from Russia, Czechoslovakia, Australia, Portugal and even Brazil, all of whom are high level... more
  • Time for the CO and alcohol exit? - Mike, Tue Nov 22 10:28
    Christ the depressing firkin bullshit is getting too much for me and its only just begun if I'm any judge. Its all very well laughing at the antics of the morons eg:- flat earthers, NASA faked the moon landings, aliens built the pyramids, etc. et bloody cetera. However its not really funny at all because its an... more
  • The holiday saga continues... - Sarge, Fri Nov 25 09:32
  • Happy Thanksgiving! - Sarge, Wed Nov 23 11:55
  • Don't give up on me please! - Mike, Thu Nov 17 06:50
    I will resume writing when the Muse returns. I think that may be soon judging by my reaction to 'Over Sea Under Stone'(Susan Cooper) this morning. I had just finished reading Tom Clancy's 'Executive Orders' and wanted a change of pace and that book is for children - Cooper's - and it instantly took me back 60 years to ... more
  • You have to love the loons! - Mike, Sat Nov 12 09:01
    Irritating though they often are, there's something lovable about those eccentrics who would seem to have built their entire lives around some artifact whether it be a real life object/machine/device or something taken from the movies. I'm amazed at the devotion given to every little detail extrapolated from the Star... more
  • I'll break the silence - Sarge, Thu Nov 10 10:43
    What a turning of the world on its arse, Brexit and now this. Iím a lucky man because I really donít have to restrain myself to political correctness since I donít work for some media outlet or another. That said, I also have to admit I might have been wrong about the notion the whole Trump campaign was a put-up job... more
  • Okay, shot my test loads today. The 20.0 grains IMR4198 behind the 62 grain Barnes bullet pushed it to 2549 for 894 ft lbs. Deviation was high and the 35 yard group strung vertically. Obviously I wasn't hot enough, the powder not burning efficiently at the low pressure level, though the gun functioned flawlessly. So,... more
    The weather has been crisp and the little cars have been cracking. It's been great driving weather. Some views from over the wheel: Meanwhile, Grrr the Ginger Manx has taken our new kitten Caledonia under her wing. The Manx girls rule!
  • Happy election day... - Goose, Tue Nov 8 09:46
    ...yawn....I'm going back to sleep now.
  • I'm 64 on the first. - Goose, Sun Oct 30 22:55
    My lovely wife got me a new AR15, actually a Bushmaster M4. I'd been wanting one before Hillary bans 'em and while they're still affordable, well, got it now. ROFL She's a keeper, the wife, not necessarily the gun, though it is a good shooter.
  • Happy birthday Goose - Mike, Tue Nov 1 07:00
    Thats all for now, need tea, just woke up
  • Just got back from the eye clinic - Goose, Tue Oct 25 18:50
    I no longer have a problem with the foggy eye, but found out I have cataracts. I googled around and average cost in the US is 3500 an eye. I simply cannot afford that. Suppose I'll wait a year. I'm be entering the medicare program on Nov 1, 2017. Obama's "affordable healthcare" is a joke. It'd cost me 700 a month and... more
  • This'll learn yer - Mike, Wed Oct 19 07:34
  • No one will give a shit but still - Mike, Sat Oct 29 07:45
    Okay here goes. I have always been a strong proponent for shareware/freeware and this arose as a direct result of learning to program the Spectrum because back in those days we all helped each other out and were happy and proud to share our various little triumphs. Secondly I have never liked or trusted The Man... more
    Raspberry Pi's - Alex, Mon Oct 24 10:24
    Hi Mike - just so you know that I do come and lurk on your blog sometimes - I see you are still into Spectrums - something I could never find any interest in I'm afraid. But I am a big RPi fan - I have bought several dozen of them, and have been incorporating most of them in music systems - I've sold about 8 music... more
  • Wondering about this eye - Goose, Sat Oct 22 21:46
    So, you know my tale of woe about the fogginess in my good eye. Well, the wife started me on this B12 supplement about a week before this condition showed up, maybe more like 4 or 5 days. She says to me, "Maybe that B12 is reacting with one of your drugs." so she says for me to get off the B12. 4 days later I've had 2 ... more
  • Autumnal tempests are refreshing - Mike, Sat Oct 22 09:30
    But best of all Tammys returning home today! I just returned from the first dog walk of the day. There's an almost gale force wind sweeping the leaves and last lawn cut of the years clippings away. The clouds are lowering and gray but somehow this seems almost cheerful with a promise of a nice warm house to be in, sat ... more
    So, the wife's off sewing with friends - Goose, Thu Oct 20 15:10
    Another day alone in the woods, but there's plenty to do. Today, I took my neighbor behind the back fence up on his offer and went fishing in the tank back there. It's not very big, a little island in the middle. He's got cows back there that drink from it, but has a bigger one near his house that his kids fish. He... more
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