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When Betty showed up yesterday to take Tammy to the bus stop and myself to carry out various errands, I noticed that her symptoms, like mine, were returning and she looked pretty tired. This 'cold' - Upper Respiratory Tract Infection - is no fun. It leaves one debilitated with no real interest in food but doesn't... more
  • High Iron daydreams - mike, Tue Dec 11 12:58
    I have a drawing board full of station canopy parts in various stages of assembly, looking at me accusingly as if to say "We know that you will end up dumping us like you did the time before and the time before that" No, no, I swear I will not run out on you this time. Okay so I have a legit reason for not working on... more
  • Arse kicking of bug in progress - mike, Mon Dec 10 11:31
    I quit smoking about ten years ago and held off for several months before succumbing to the lure once more, stupid bastard that I am. If memory serves it was a cold that initiated this decision because breathing became so difficult it was no sacrifice. Same thing this time round, terrible effort required to get enough ... more
  • Damn it! Laid low with a cold - mike, Thu Dec 6 17:14
    So no model work today partly because I don't feel up to it, partly to keep my germ laden self away from Tammy who is an absolute misery to be around when sick. Aches and pains lots of coughing and spitting could be worse. Faithful Herbert has been staying abed with me which is cheering. Found an 11 hour long... more
  • Sorry about the story telling - mike, Thu Dec 6 10:33
    As I promised myself that at the very least I would produce one unit of my station canopy which means that I must keep the impetus by not getting sidetracked into planes, computers, boats or anything else then that means no writing except the blow by blow accounts I've been doing. However I have to take a tea break... more
    The best laid plans - mike, Tue Dec 4 15:33
    Although I cannot really call today a write off, matters did work out that I made less progress than desired. I have been agonizing over the size, type, placement of reinforcement pieces whilst dreading the sheer slog of making them once I have decided upon which goes where. Well for starters I drew and cut out what... more
  • Canopy setbacks and grumbles - mike, Mon Dec 3 08:25
    What with my physical failings, lots of minor nuisances such as insufficient lighting - nowadays I need spotlighting to do fine detail work or read small print - and fatigue that turns my brain to jelly after a few hours of concentration, this canopy may well be my modelling swansong! Carefully drawing and then... more
  • Making a start on my canopy - mike, Sat Dec 1 11:35
    I have been struggling to get going, I want to but I find numerous ways of avoiding it, yesterday I said that I'd get a move on today and I began. You would think that someone with several dimensioned plans already drawn with pre-cut stencils no less, would use one of them to start cutting, right? So naturally my... more
  • Millennial/PC hilarity! - Sarge, Thu Nov 29 18:06
    Only in America! On the surface this sounds horrid, a Southwestern gate agent is in trouble because she started laughing at a mother and five-year-old daughter's boarding passes, then took a picture and posted them on social media. The daughter's name was the object of this amusement. The mother tells how the daughter ... more
  • Survivor Obsession; a Winters Tail... - Sarge, Fri Nov 30 15:57
    One of the most enduring memories moulded into my psyche is one you would never experience if you, like most "normal" enthusiasts, put your car up for the winter. You know how that works, drain and change the oil, fill it full of petrol and a dash of some sort of enzyme additive, up on stands so no flat-spots form on... more
  • The fifth day of Christmas - mike, Fri Nov 30 18:15
    Thursday November 29th 2018 - The 12 Days of Christmas Day 5- 'The fifth day of Christmas refreshed my memory of 5 OLD THINGS (4 Sailing boats, 3 Strange men, 2 fountain pens, & a West German lavatory') That was the best I could come up with! It wasn't hard to find rhymes for gold and rings but tales to fit the... more
  • Why is it that - mike, Mon Nov 26 11:51
    As soon as I start writing it seems as if everyone else quits? I dont want to read what I just wrote, I write in the profound hope of stimulating a response. After all thats what conversation is supposed to be, a back and forth exchange of information not necessarily in agreement with the views expressed. Here I am... more
  • On the 3rd day of Christmas - mike, Tue Nov 27 17:47
    Tuesday November 27th 2018 - The 12 Days of Christmas - Day 3 'The third day of Christmas refreshed my memory of 3 STRANGE MEN, (2 fountain pens, & a West German lavatory') PREAMBLE I've encountered rather more than three strange men during my long, and for the most part enjoyable, life but in keeping with the hotel... more
  • On the 4th day - mike, Wed Nov 28 14:10
    Wednesday November 28th 2018 - The 12 Days of Christmas Day 4- 'The fourth day of Christmas refreshed my memory of 4 SAILING BOATS, (3 Strange men, 2 fountain pens, & a West German lavatory') JUMBO WARD was the name of the old sailor who taught me to sail in Aldeburgh on his 18ft clinker built gaff rigger which he... more
  • Survivor Obsession # I forget: - Sarge, Tue Nov 27 09:41
    This one was called, "But What of the Future", in response to the multitude of discussions about such things as why little British cars are still so cheap compared to E-types, Porsche, and American muscle, who will want our cars after we're dead, and the perennial "Is this a good price?" the new guy will post, often... more
  • A summary of Mars rovers - Mike, Mon Nov 26 21:58
    On the 2nd day of Christmas - mike, Sun Nov 25 11:10
    Sunday November 25th 2018 - Episode Two "On the second day of Christmas a good friend sent to me Two fountain pens" (One of which I used to describe...) A West German lavatory" When I was as early as 6 years old my father had supplied me with Vere Foster copy books from which to learn copper plate handwriting and said ... more
  • I'm a dinosaur - mike, Sun Nov 25 12:48
    I hate to admit it but these modern electronic gizmos are so far beyond me that I feel well and truly obsolete. I've just been watching a slew of videos featuring all sorts of flying machines from rockets through drones to radio controlled model aircraft that I wouldn't know how to fly even if I understood the... more
  • A thought occurs - mike, Sat Nov 24 06:31
    I don't have a clue as to what you look like, either of you, Sarge or Roger (and dont mention MTJ because Rogers thumbnail picture is too small to see). It would be nice to have a face to fit to all the conversations.
  • Flighty thats what I call it! - mike, Sat Nov 24 13:27
    UP, UP AND AWAY! As a follow up to your Mosquito video link, you are probably aware that I have a penchant for flying machines, machines of all kinds come to that. My latest madcap idea is to attempt to build a flying model using heavy duty aluminum foil to cover the wings and fuselage which will need a balsa... more
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