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I'll need your help Sarge - mike, Mon Jul 24 05:32
At the end of Toad and the RFC Part 3 our lad is in school - then at the start of Part 4 he's in France with Coll (Bones) and Wilkins who has also joined up to keep an eye on the lad for his fathers sake. Wilkins having been production manager at Hall Engineering. My notes say FILLER NEEDED to explain how this... more
  • Aint life grand? - mike, Sun Jul 23 08:30
    Over at WoS a chap has undertaken to help me turn my story into a sort of game, well a choose your own ending story except it really isn't but it does allow people to try a couple of alternatives. What I found fascinating is how other folk offer help off their own bat, its almost like a snowball effect. However this... more
  • I love my dog - mike, Fri Jul 21 06:57
    When Tammy's away Herbert is like a shadow of me. She hides her light under a bushel though often behaving as if she was a dummy only to surprise me. I knew her senses were excellent but she knew something was nearby hidden in the 'jungle' and I'd already checked it out myself since I'm rather proud of my woodcraft... more
  • Windows 10 isnt what I want - mike, Wed Jul 19 08:53
    My darling daughter bought me a brand new computer. I asked her NOT to buy a Chrome machine nor touchscreen (hate them) and get one with a large hard drive and a DVD RW. She bought me a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series. Its a nice slim laptop with a large 15" display. I quickly discovered that I didnt like the touchpad or ... more
  • Long kive the Sinclair Spectrum - mike, Thu Jul 20 06:00
    I had to put this up its really rather neat!
    The definition of true love... - Sarge, Fri Jul 14 16:09
    ...for a petrolhead: Trading one's Mini in on a Subaru Outback for your wife.
  • We care about our customers - Mike, Mon Jul 17 13:10 claims:- (re their lasagna and meat sauce product) LOVE WHAT YOU EAT. We make real food with simple, easy to recognize ingredients and big taste. We care about where our ingredients come from and how they are produced' Yeah, sure you do 45% saturated fat 24% sodium. A stroke in every bite!
  • What I'm up to story wise - mike, Mon Jul 17 08:11
    I am STILL trying to experiment with taking my story - Toad in a Hole - and making it into a 'text adventure'. Here's a sample of the first episode reworked to give a reader the option of making decisions on Toads behalf.... SAMPLE Introducing Bruce Hall Bruce Hall, a slightly built youth 16 years of age, fair haired... more
  • A lap of LeMans with Hawthorn - mike, Sun Jul 16 09:26
    What a driver! "I'm having to slow down for all the activity at the pits". That's slowing down?
  • Those were the days, right Alex? - mike, Sat Jul 15 07:37
    Oh how I loved this era, any one of these could have been me.
  • Well I'm screwed - mike, Fri Jul 14 06:08
    My computer died and I can't get into my Gmail account and fricking weeks worth of work has just vanished along with my latest programming efforts. This is my original little notebook and its going to croak anyday now takes ages to load any program despite my having done everything I can to clean up the drive.... more
  • The best birthday! - Mike, Tue Jul 11 06:16
    First you chaps and then almost everyone at WoS sent me greetings which was very uplifting. Then Heather came at 11am and took me to Salisbury to go shopping. She and her husband gave me a $100 Barnes and Noble gift card so first we went there and I chose 3 Terry Pratchett books and still have half of it left for... more
  • Birthday chatter - mike, Mon Jul 10 09:52
    Okay lets celebrate my birthday with a self indulgent post! Today I watched two more videos from the same collection that I put up two examples from, namely the steam engines and the other one about land speed records. Todays were the one about the speedboats and the Harmsworth Trophy which was very interesting and... more
  • Happy Birthday Alex - mike, Sat Jul 8 05:20
    I believe I got the date right? What does that make you - 66? Well as you know I turn 70 on Monday.
  • Another dog story - mike, Sun Jul 9 08:22
    Hillary, the dog that made us welcome when we first moved here and then went on to introduce me to her family who have become our friends, is an extremely intelligent dog. She looks like a Highland collie but I think she's most likely a mutt but she certainly possesses that breeds brains. It was Hillary who brought... more
    Steams finest hour - mike, Fri Jul 7 06:33
    Sit back, get yourselves comfortable and enjoy this video of the golden days of British steam.
  • Apologies for my... - Sarge, Wed Jul 5 10:31
    ...recent streak of non-communication. A rather nasty ear infection and starting the next issue of the mag are my excuses.
  • Check this out Sarge & Roger - mike, Thu Jun 29 09:37
    Some beautifully made models especially steam locomotives, really well executed and Meccano isnt the easiest to adapt to various body outlines. This submitted by a fellow WoS member to my delight
  • You know that I love dogs and with good reason. They embody most of the principles that I espouse and look for in those I call friends (which does not mean casual acquaintances). They're loyal, generous, courageous (that terrier facing up to a Dobermann isn't bluffing, he means to give it his best) remarkably astute... more
    Organ music - mike, Fri Jun 30 09:15
    I'm pissed off! I wanted to play you some of the finest organs in the world - I LOVE pipe organs - like the Wanamaker at the Philly Macys and the Atlantic convention centre monster but the friggin videos are ruined by bullshit talk over, like the St Patricks NYC recital which sounds good as a title but who wants to... more
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