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Amasing! - Sarge, Sun Apr 23 12:27
In the civilised world it is St George's Day. Here in America it must be National Moron Day and I didn't get the memo. This morning out for a few errands and the following: 1) out from a side road under full pedal comes a cyclist, turns in front of me at about forty feet's distance, stop sign be dammed. Traffic coming ... more
  • You're part way through a design project, might be artwork, could be a computer program you're making, maybe a modelled structure, possibly a piece of carpentry, when you realize how much better it could be if only you'd realised this before you started assembling it! If I had ten bucks for every time this has... more
  • Incompetence and lies - mike, Sun Apr 23 11:10
    THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME Tin Soldiers:- I didnt know this. I did know about the obvious error of forming up 'old pals' regiments, think of the demoralizing effect upon the population of Accrington when the majority of the men from that community are all killed in a single... more
    The FUKP - Rufus T. Firefly, Thu Apr 20 18:27
  • Bad news on the home front - mike, Thu Apr 20 10:53
    I wont shame the family member responsible but one of them is behaving very badly and causing pain and distress to their nearest and dearest. This is affecting me greatly since I am really unable to help them out and my expressing my disappointment might push them over the edge as they just got admitted to hospital... more
  • In perspective - the penny dropped - mike, Thu Apr 20 10:43
    Every day I take a walk to a jetty that sits out in the back end of our creek and have a look at whats going on in the waters below and the surrounding countryside, that which is clearly visible, most of it is a distant bluish haze. Nandua Creek is quite wide and the waterfront housing isn't too dense, so one sees... more
  • A Happy Easter... - Sarge, Sun Apr 16 10:45 all here. For those who don't do Easter, no worries. For all I wish what Easter is intended to mean, without any evangelism implied (for you know evangelism really annoys me), that intention being "hope".
  • Fascinating info on plant activity - mike, Thu Apr 20 10:21
    I've been waffling on about wild flowers lately on account of my fascination with their intriguing 'mechanisms' and this morning I watched a very recent 'Nature' documentary about how plants communicate, nurture and attack or defend against insects and other plants. One species goes so far as to change its flower... more
    Thanks Sarge they arrived - mike, Wed Apr 19 13:52
    The mail man just dropped off your package, thanks mate, that's exactly what I needed. I shall be very glad to put them to work as soon as possible. Thats a beautiful set of drawing instruments and the triangles and french curves were exactly what was required.
  • The amazing Hillary saves a bunny - mike, Mon Apr 17 16:57
    No, what she does is to bring them back alive to show us. I came back from walking Herbert and saw Hillary sitting on the porch waiting to be let into the house with something in her mouth. I told her no because it would freak out Tammy and because Herbert would eat it. I thought it was a squirrel but it was a baby... more
    The drawing gear... - Sarge, Mon Apr 17 10:46
    ...should be with you on Wednesday. Let me know when it arrives?
  • Have I upset Rufus? Where's Goose? - mike, Fri Apr 14 20:02
    I do hope not. I miss his pithy and witty contributions. I hope Goose is okay too. I hope someone would let me know if anything happened to any of you.
  • Blimey artwork takes forever - mike, Tue Apr 11 18:47
    I've spent three days so far or about 8 hours outlining just one of the illustrations of the six mentioned in the story. I say outlining because its guidelines more than picture, one of the big pain in the arse problems of using perspective is the plethora of lines required for every plane surface from which limes one ... more
  • Morning thoughts - mike, Fri Apr 14 12:09
    Friday April 14th 2017 - A PAGE FROM MY NOTEBOOK (1) Do 'They' ever really LOOK at the world surrounding them? Not a day, or a dog walk, goes by that something doesn't catch my eye and/or fire my imagination. I must have taken this same walk at least a thousand times actually more like several thousand times and the... more
  • You will enjoy this - mike, Sat Apr 15 08:47 Its a BBC documentary from about 4 years ago concerning automatons. I doubt the narrators odd political views about the effects of automata upon society will interest anyone, they're implausible in my opinion.
    moment of nostalgia - mike, Thu Apr 13 20:44
    I have just been indulging myself watching Jay Leno's garage in order to hear some Italian engines, notably a 1956 straight six and 1975 V8 Maserati and a V12 Lamborghini - I have never really liked Ferrari, they've always struck me as grossly over rated. Many years ago one of my closest motorcycle friends and I used... more
    The fifth fragment - mike, Sat Apr 8 12:51
    FATHER KNOWS BEST After showing his two friends the six completed pictures and giving them the somewhat abbreviated version of the pieces of the story they each illustrated, Ali finally paused in his lengthy narration and asked John and Ralph "Well, what do you think?" It was hardly necessary given the gasps of... more
  • watching videos of ww2 - mike, Mon Apr 3 08:11
    I expect younger men might find my continued interest in watching documentaries about WW2, a bit pointless. After all, they'd point out, its ancient history so why bother? Well for one thing there's still a lot of information that I don't know, the old once secret files are still being released and used to provide... more
  • The third fragment - mike, Fri Apr 7 10:05
    WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT? John summarized all the effort that had gone into the overwhelming amount of summaries the three members of the Interplanetary Society had found themselves faced with. "The evaluators did an amazing job in the time they had to present us with these first submissions. Even so they missed naming a ... more
  • Once upon a time...4th fragment - mike, Fri Apr 7 16:56
    EVERY STORY TELLS A PICTURE DON'T IT? 1ST PICTURE Imagine a birds eye view of the ocean and in the distance a small protrusion which as the bird flies towards it can be seen as an outcropping whose sheer sides rise almost vertically presenting an unfriendly, forbidding appearance. The bird banks and descends to take a ... more
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