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A random Toad piece of schooldays - mike, Sat Sep 16 14:21
Good schools are those whose reputation is earned by the quality of the students they produce which is not necessarily a function of either their names recognition nor the amount they charge for tuition, although quality usually doesn't come cheap, which is an unfortunate fact affecting the majority of parents.... more
  • Mea Culpa! Rant pay no heed to it. - mike, Sat Sep 9 12:38
    I'm fed up with being in pain! Yes sure I can take pain killers but all that does is knock me out and you cannot sleep your life away, or shouldn't. I have zero creativity and have had this condition for weeks now, don't know what's the matter. I WANT to draw, paint, play music, just generally have the ideas... more
  • Highly recommended - mike, Sat Sep 2 13:14 Theres something for everyone in all the episodes.
  • If music be the love of food - mike, Wed Sep 6 21:05 Just be thankful you didn't get the hour and fifteen minute version
  • at last! I get to see and hear it - mike, Tue Sep 5 06:27 my comment thanking Jay explains it all
  • Garden is underwater - mike, Tue Aug 29 20:08
    Its about a foot deep in places I just had to paddle out to the higher roadway to persuade the dog to pee! I hope this rain backs off soon, I think we'll lose our phone line if it gets much deeper and that means our Internet connection which is already painfully slow. I can barely watch any YouTube.
  • Ramble on - mike, Sat Aug 26 08:18
    This may go nowhere but whatever its just a necessary way of relieving pressure. I never was the strong silent type but having nobody to let off steam with adds to the stress so its got to be here, mind you, you can ignore it. Woke up at 4am again unable to sleep any more because once awake my mind starts to run... more
  • Coming to terms with tech - Sarge, Mon Aug 28 13:18
    I find myself, like so many of my "age", being quite methodical about the acceptance of info-technology in my life. Epiphany The First: I wonder why we are so resistive as a generation. After all, we're the ones that built it all! It was the baby boomers who took the world from radio and black & white TV to iPads as... more
  • I'm not happy - mike, Mon Aug 21 12:40
    Our AC went belly up last Wednesday, well it hasn't been working very well for longer than that but the heatwave made it useless it couldn't give cool air for tn minutes. So luckily for her Tammy went to NY leaving dog and I to suffer and I've never suffered from heat like this before. I thought I was immune and that... more
  • More on music forms - Sarge, Thu Aug 17 16:01
    Since we're over our ten on the 4a thread, we continue here. Roger, I didn't include polka bands because, in all that time, I never played in a polka band. One thing I did play that you probably didn't have the chance to experience was prog rock in the mid 70s, just before I went in the Army. That really was a form... more
  • New Toad 4A - mike, Tue Aug 15 07:29
    EDITORIAL Better late than never! I'm aware that these new parts are much shorter than before for which I apologize but at the moment writing this is a bit like the task of Sysyphus! Lately I've been waking up at around 4:30am because my mind won't let me go back to sleep and if I try anyway it continually presents me ... more
  • WHERE IS ROGER? - mike, Tue Aug 15 05:34
    First Goose disappears and thats been worrying me, I'm afraid he may have died or else something bad has occurred its not like him to go AWOL without saying anything, we've been friends for years. Now Roger has disappeared off the map! Bloody hell I'm getting paranoid now.
  • Apologize for lack of posts - mike, Mon Aug 14 06:00
    Mighty struggle against the Slough of Despond in progress.
  • Don't exceed 10 messages per topic - mike, Tue Aug 8 16:46
    Once it gets past the limit of ten messages per thread you start seeing messages like - 3 more comments - and its too easy to overlook them. I'm adding to your last response about the way the pros and cons will aid in character development and if you hadn't guessed I've decided that you are Wilkins (aka the Flight).... more
  • Introduction/explanation - Mike, Sun Aug 6 14:06
    Okay I eventually just had to bite the bullet and make a start. The first installment of the new bit to go between school and the Western Front is titled NewToad 1A the next will be 2A and so on. I wasn't ever going to break the log jam if I didn't write something - anything despite numerous misgivings about the... more
  • For a smile... - Sarge, Thu Aug 3 09:37
    For those who do not or cannot comprehend the function of social media, I conducted this experiment to see if I couldn't make friends outside Facebook by applying those same principles. To that end, I have been telling anyone I meet on the street what my personal history is, my place of employ, giving them photographs ... more
  • Todays grump! Technical documentaries - mike, Mon Jul 31 10:34
    I watch a lot of these always hoping to learn a bit about how things work even when I'm already fairly up on the topic. What gets me is how anyone can make a so called documentary about - for example - the de Havilland Mosquito the most important aspect of which was its all wood construction and nowhere in the many... more
  • I haven't done anything yet - mike, Fri Jul 28 05:33
    Tammys been away for ten days and I ran out of my meds so I've been in a sort of zombie state not posting not really doing anything except talking to and walking the dog. Didnt even fancy eating either though I made the effort to do so, she's called me every day but the other folk I rely on have also been away on... more
  • I'll need your help Sarge - mike, Mon Jul 24 05:32
    At the end of Toad and the RFC Part 3 our lad is in school - then at the start of Part 4 he's in France with Coll (Bones) and Wilkins who has also joined up to keep an eye on the lad for his fathers sake. Wilkins having been production manager at Hall Engineering. My notes say FILLER NEEDED to explain how this... more
  • Aint life grand? - mike, Sun Jul 23 08:30
    Over at WoS a chap has undertaken to help me turn my story into a sort of game, well a choose your own ending story except it really isn't but it does allow people to try a couple of alternatives. What I found fascinating is how other folk offer help off their own bat, its almost like a snowball effect. However this... more
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