...to Speak of Many Things - sarge, Thu Jul 18 16:59
I really wish there was some way to intervene regarding the toll taken upon you by the bombardment of the snarl of "current events". Both camps are so toxic its very easy for me to completely ignore them; I've said before that no matter how I might agree or disagree with a point of view, if its presented with... more
  • tile 43 - mike, Tue Jul 16 19:23
    TILE 43 - First written out by hand then transcribed with a few minor alterations. Hoping to create a hand written and illustrated series of tiles in a particularly nice bound book that Tammy gave me. Although Tim knew, or had been told, that there were many Guardians stationed along the full length of the Barrier, he ... more
  • Another driving anthem... - sarge, Sun Jul 14 17:17
  • Cor! Sorry about the hiatus - mike, Sun Jul 14 16:07
    I have got about 100 various tubes, bottles and tablets of water colour paints, india inks, acrylics, water colour in tubes and hard tablet form lying in front of me as well as about fifty permanent markers and six Rotring ink pens. Despite spending a small fortune on so-called archival quality mixed media papers of... more
  • Happy Birthday - alex, Thu Jul 11 11:36
    Haven't been here for a few weeks - will read through your posts in a while... Sorry I missed your Birthday by a few days - I've been a bit busy - hope you got your helicopter! Thanks for the Birthday wishes! But I saw this on youtube - might give you a suprise about how things work in China - It features an... more
  • Sarge change your settings? - mike, Sun Jul 14 15:52
    Thats three comments I've tried to make at the new site in reply to yours and my entries dont show up! As regards the wanting to put in pictures and it locking up your scrolling? Try this. Whilst writing simply put a text label like 1.Picture of car, 2 Picture of home, then when you are quite finished with your... more
  • Birthdays and other musings - sarge, Sat Jul 13 10:48
    I can't help but observe, what with all the birthdays clustered around the first week of July with this mob, that the Autumnal Equinox and harvest fests must have held special significance back in the day. Grin! Anyway, very glad you had a Grand Day Out (no apologies whatsoever to Nick Park). A bit of a rest today,... more
  • Millennials, History, and the Beeb - Sarge, Fri Jul 12 07:20
    Posted on the new site as well. Would you prefer we continued here until some predetermined date, post our musings to both for a while, or moved to the new site forthwith? One has to wonder who vets the writers and how educationally well-rounded both writers and editors are, as the Beeb does it again. In his attempt... more
  • Ah memories... - mike, Fri Jul 12 11:22
    WHEN IN DOUBT, MAX IT OUT! Acting upon this apparently reckless advice has saved my life on several occasions, the most memorable being.... At some time in the late 70's, myself and Ann my soon to be second, now ex, wife were astride my pride and joy, the Suzuki T500 Titan (aptly named) two stroke twin, heading back... more
    The folks at WoS and other such programmers strongholds are so far ahead of me that it goes beyond the sobering realisation of ones incompetence to sheer abject surrender! Lately it seems to me that peoples advice and explanations on a whole variety of Basic programming tricks to installations of emulators and... more
  • Happy Birthday, Mike - sarge, Wed Jul 10 07:16
    Hoping it is filled with joy, love, and toys. Cheers, mate!
  • Time to lighten up - mike, Tue Jul 9 12:39
    Thatch1 (as against Tile) LET'S HAVE SOME FUN! It's all up to you, me, the rest of us as to whether we choose to steep ourselves in doom and gloom, or else get on with enjoying life as best we may. Want me to mention a few items to be depressed about? No, I thought not. Since it's my birthday tomorrow (I'll be two up... more
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAYS - Mike, Mon Jul 8 05:57
    To Madeleine and Alex from Tammy and myself! May you both enjoy today and many more. I know I will on Wednesday my daughters taking me to the nearest city to buy me a big model helicopter and the book shop to stock up on Terry Pratchett's I don't have or gave away.
  • TILE 42? - mike, Mon Jul 8 20:39
    TILE 42 Although this is titled Tile 42 it isn't quite that straight forward. It may turn into a story, I cannot say for sure but the main point of starting to write this was to try and paint a verbal picture of that damned elusive map of Brocks Barn. Alright so here goes starting with the barn that gave the village... more
  • Try this - mike, Mon Jul 8 08:36
    I have left a message, tell me if this site works okay for you https://mikedench.blogspot.com/
  • Well its been a long free ride and I suppose it had to happen eventually. In the control section the message just came up about this site being eliminated. This is a bit of a disaster as I rely on it for my backup source of almost everything I've written over the years since some time in the late 90's I believe. DON'T ... more
  • The story so far - Mike, Sun Jul 7 09:58
    I've just printed out Tiles 24 to 41 being first the brief recap that explains how Tim gets to Brocks Barn and after that concentrates on village life and mentioning a few people by name, and occupation. This amounts to 40 pages and means I need a new ink cartridge! It was freshly installed too, so much for their 50... more
    food for thought - me, Sat Jul 6 11:58
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEep67akIn4 The Kinks - Apeman 1970 I think I'm so sophisticated cos I'm living my life like a good homosapien But all around me everybodys multiplying Till theyre walking round like flies man So I'm no better than the animals sitting in their cages In the zoo man cos compared to the... more
    Its our wedding anniversay today - mike, Fri Jul 5 07:32
    Phew! Close one there. Tammy thought she was stuck in NY until the 10th because both our retirement checks come in then and she's just started getting hers and got the first payment on the 1st of last month so thought all future payments would also be on the first. Fortunately my teachers retirement check which I only ... more
  • tile 41 - mike, Fri Jul 5 10:57
    TILE 41 As Tim and Freda walked home from Gallows Hill where she had given him his first lesson in 'far seeing', he was in a mixed state of mind about the experience. Sensing this, as much from his unaccustomed silence as his alarmed reaction at perceiving a shadowed outline of a man apparently trying to perceive him, ... more
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