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Good Omens - Daniel, Tue Feb 20 18:37
Good Omens is being made into a mini-series, coming out this year.
  • Chapter 60 - mike, Mon Feb 19 08:43
    CHAPTER 60 "Earlier on this evening" the professor said to me "I remarked how amazing it seems that such a simple device as this cats cradle should be able to do what even the most sophisticated mechanisms of mine can not." It was late in the evening and we were enjoying a nightcap before bed. The two animals were... more
  • We interrupt this broadcast - mike, Sat Feb 17 23:20
    11.05 Funny how circumstances can overlap to cause chaos. I had gone to bed early because I'd had to do a big shop then pick up Tammy from her bus drop off then unload the car and then trot up and down stairs till I was dizzy and load the freezer, pantry etc. never got in a nap either and the rain plus pain meds to... more
  • The Colonels notes - Anonymous, Mon Feb 19 17:28
    FROM THE COLONELS JOURNAL January 13, 1936 I have had an interesting career in the military thanks to the benign influence of the Club. I've had a few close shaves with the brass that might have finished me were it not for them. I try not to stick my neck out more than I have to but with this latest bunch I might be... more
  • odds and sods 1 - mike, Sat Feb 17 12:38
    DESCRIPTIVE ODDS AND SODS - 1 Useful HTML codes:- Bold= [b][/b] and Italic= use capitals [I]There will be asides inclusive with the text for my own use to help keep track of things. I'm starting to index the main file to help keep track of names and specific events important to the story.[/I] At first I had thought to ... more
  • Had to go to Austin today. - Goose, Fri Feb 16 20:07
    I HATE Austin! The traffic is miserable, worse than Houston! I had to take the wife down to a clinic. Well, we had to FIND the damned clinic. All these roads are barely 2 lanes wide and morons park in the street either side, can barely get a Vespa down the road and I'm in a pickup. Hey, this is TEXAS, DAMNIT! People... more
  • I may go off the rails for a bit - mike, Sat Feb 17 08:07
    So far so good with the Otherworld. Now I really should scout it out before I commit myself, in other words try a few scenarios to see if it sits well with me or not. A bit of 'imagineering' as Walt called his designers work. BTW I feel it only fair to note that I only put so much effort into slagging off J.K.Rowling... more
  • Chapter 59 (Aye aye captain!) - Mike , Fri Feb 16 20:45
    CHAPTER 59 I spent the rest of the day getting my thoughts in order in the usual manner by writing it all down as best I could. Whilst doing so I caught the occasional brief glimpse of visions of surprising clarity one such being a man carrying what looked like a large illuminated manuscript. He held it open and I... more
  • Chapter 58 - mike, Fri Feb 16 17:46
    CHAPTER 58 I'd opened the floodgates in my mind by no longer suppressing those ideas, thoughts, messages, pictures I had previously tried to ignore with varying degrees of success. Allowing them to flow freely wasn't easy at first because I'd become quite adept at closing them out and then I was reminded why I had... more
  • Chapter 57 - mike, Fri Feb 16 09:18
    CHAPTER 57 "I know that you must have many questions you would like me to answer, Tolbert" Jones the druid began "and there is a lot you must learn if you are to make the most of this gift of yours that you have finally accepted. Had you not done so it would have been taken from you for your own safetys sake. In this... more
  • Chapter 56 - mike, Thu Feb 15 15:50
    CHAPTER 56 To say that I was alarmed would be putting it mildly. Whatever this was, it was unexpected and unwelcome and I was completely unprepared. In the usual sort of ripping yarn boys adventure the hero invariably puts a brave face on it and strides off into the unknown with or without his faithful canine... more
  • An interesting story - mike, Thu Feb 15 07:32
    • It is. - sarge, Thu Feb 15 11:12
  • Chapter 55 - mike, Wed Feb 14 19:57
    CHAPTER 55 - If I was to play a useful part in persuading these seperate men to meld their own abilities into one coherent group, as my father seemed to have suggested, then I needed to stop pretending that I wasn't aware of my talents and take stock of what they were and if possible to make the most of them if not... more
  • Happy Valentine's Day - Goose, Wed Feb 14 20:24
    I was a good boy today. We went to El Campo. Wife had to reschedule something at the quilt shop, I had to go by the news paper office and put in an ad for the church, then went to the jeweler where I'd left my grandpa's watch a year ago. They couldn't fix it, no parts. So, I just got it back from 'em 'cause it's a... more
  • This farkin magic shite - mike, Wed Feb 14 12:07
    I will NOT be defeated! Massive mental roadblock - WHY? Buggered if I'll give up, change tactics, go off and sulk its gotta be doable. Meanwhile I keep tippy toeing around the black hole instead of firing up all thrusters and going for it. Thats all the news folks!
  • Damned good thing since some malware crap corrupted my Mozilla browser, fire fox, and I had to uninstall it. Wife downloaded Google Chrome for some reason a few weeks ago so that's what I'm on, now. Had to put my bookmarks back, the ones I use all the time, and went to the TWT site to get this URL and bookmark again.... more
  • Chapter 54 - mike, Tue Feb 13 11:01
    CHAPTER 54 - BOXING DAY To my surprise I soon found out that my father was most interested in my experiences whilst in Cornwall and Wales prompted, he said, by my mothers insistence that I should make use of my inherited peculiarities. "She said that, father? I mean those were the words she used?" I said, somewhat... more
  • Today was driveway day - Goose, Mon Feb 12 18:33
    I stopped by the gravel place in Hallettsville today and got 7 yards of rock, they call it "wash rock", delivered. I just got done spreading about half of it patching holes and extending part of the driveway. I'd already had the Cub Cadet out of the shed covered with a tarp and the Johnny Bucket installed. The Johnny... more
  • Chapter 53B - mike, Sun Feb 11 23:18
    Chapter 53 B CHRISTMAS DAY Tom awoke me by kneading my chest which I took for a sign he needed to go outside. To my surprise it was past 9am, that's very late for me I am usually an early riser. Wonderful mouth watering odours were wafting out past me as I opened the kitchen door. They had previously greeted me as I... more
  • back on track - mike, Fri Feb 9 02:50
    Chapters 11 and 12 mention the little park outside Tolberts flat and chapter 21 was where I began to expand upon its origins but didnt go further. just finished a quick skim thru the story so time to start again
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