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Professor part 20 - mike, Sun Oct 22 10:44
Professor Chapter 20 "When we first met, the first evening that I began to tell you about my work, do you recall my asking you if you had heard of the term 'microphony'? When a radio volume is raised too high the vibrations from its loudspeaker can be sufficient to cause the valve filaments to vibrate in sympathy thus ... more
  • Professor part 19 - mike, Sat Oct 21 12:33
    Professor chapter 19 When I was awoken by the loudly purring Tom kneading my chest, early the next morning, it was to find three dead mice on my bedside rug. Tom jumped down when he saw I had come to life and sat possessively regarding his nights work, obviously pleased with himself. Telling him what a clever cat he... more
  • FLYING UNDER FALSE COLOURS? - mike, Fri Oct 20 10:19
    By all means feel free to lurk to your hearts content! However, if you feel it necessary to pass comments, please have the courtesy to use your own handle, not borrow someone else's.
  • Now that... - Sarge, Fri Oct 20 18:13 cleaned up the various postings on the subject, I assume it was indeed Roger and everything is squared away and back to normal?
  • Professor part 18 - mike, Fri Oct 20 10:15
    Professor Chapter 18 During the long days exposition of the labyrinthine ways and means that Professor Thistle and the Club were employing to turn tenuous threads into a network with far reaching abilities, I kept the occasional eye out for what Tom was doing. Whilst the big ginger cat minutely explored every inch of... more
  • No Subject - roger, Sat Oct 21 16:12
    The basement is here and I seem to be able to post. What else do I need to do? Can you tell me what I did and what it caused? Avoiding the cause should be a good thing to do. Remember my computer skills are very limited. Actually I don't think I have any skills. I'll post this now and hope all is well.
  • Professor part 15 - mike, Wed Oct 18 03:03
    Professor Chapter 15 I must admit that I am not usually given to kidnapping pets and even though it seemed obvious that it was the cats decision to attach itself to me, I was still slightly baffled and feeling a little guilty at having acted so impulsively. I imagined some poor soul out searching for their pet and... more
  • Professor part 17 - mike, Thu Oct 19 12:32
    Professor Chapter 17 "So when I returned to England shortly before the war ended" the Professor resumed after we'd taken a break for tea and crumpets "you can imagine my horror at hearing about the appalling loss of life in fruitless battles which were later fought with more success thanks to the latest weaponry and... more
    Professor part 16 - mike, Thu Oct 19 01:40
    Professor Chapter 16 "I was relieved to hear from Sir Thomas that you had taken matters into your own hands and gone to the Imperial Club" said the Professor "Saved me from an awkward explanation because its a bit like trying to navigate a mine field, explaining the Club mission. One is never quite sure what should or ... more
  • Professor part 14 - mike, Tue Oct 17 06:13
    Professor Chapter 14 As I left the Club noting how the demeanour of the two doormen had completely changed now that I was acceptable to them, the first thing that struck me was the beguiling aroma of fish and chips. Following the scent I came upon a van by the roadside dispensing the golden delicacies. I decided upon... more
  • Professor Part 12 - mike, Sun Oct 15 13:18
    Professor - Mind 2 The nature of Mind was that of a control system with an all encompassing instruction set consisting of self regulating concatenating feedback loops. In the event of circumstances arising outside the instruction sets provisions and depending on their nature; Mind had the options of activating either... more
  • Professor part 13 - mike, Mon Oct 16 08:33
    Professor Chapter 13 So I spent the rest of the day retyping to produce two versions of my summary of the previous two days with the Professor. The first was a straightforward account, the second an annotated version with observations and queries inset leaving space to write in references to external answers if I ever ... more
  • Professor part 11 - mike, Sat Oct 14 13:26
    Professor Chapter 11 "Well that's settled most satisfactorily, Tolbert" Professor Ronald Thistle had announced to me after a fairly long telephone conversation with the mysterious Club he had mentioned once before. "They are willing to underwrite your expenses and provide a suitable emolument if you in turn are... more
  • Disappointing little prats - mike, Mon Oct 16 10:28
    I have to concur with your assessment of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson after having done some reading and listening to them in interviews and websites. Really with all that money and Radcliffe seems quite content with his meagre educational attainments. If he had to face reality he'd be lucky to get a job at... more
    It is fatal to stop in mid flow - mike, Thu Oct 12 11:40
    I apologize that the latest entry is so short, I made the - I now realize - FATAL mistake of stopping when I should not have done. Mind you I have a valid excuse, Tammy has just returned to the City - yesterday, Wednesday - and as is usual she gets into a frenzy and to make matters worse I had just got my social... more
  • Professor part 10 - mike, Fri Oct 13 12:53
    Professor Chapter 10 Before the Professor could answer Tolbert said "Just a moment, before you say anything else, let me retrace our steps; only please if you would remain silent until I speak." Looking not so much puzzled as intrigued, the Professor obediently followed Tolbert without speaking. Eventually Tolbert... more
  • Sources of inspiartion? - mike, Fri Oct 13 10:38
    A few months ago whilst walking I spotted what looked like a broken grey wax crayon minus its paper wrapper. There was still over two inches left and when I picked it up I realized it was either stone or cement, probably the latter, perhaps a hole in wooden shuttering had been filled with the cement and when the... more
    Professor part 9 - mike, Thu Oct 12 11:12
    PROFESSOR Chapter 9 As we strolled along I found myself intrigued and so drawn into some of the implications of the Professor's work which he was continuing to talk about, that it must have shown on my face. "Penny for them, Tolbert?" said the Professor "You've been very quiet and I recognize that expression. "I feel... more
    Professor part 8 - mike, Mon Oct 9 12:18
    PROFESSOR Chapter 8 "Dear me" said Professor Thistle "I seem to have gone completely adrift from my original intention of explaining the way events unfolded so that you, Tolbert, could write an article that would help to clarify the purpose of my researches. Your own contributions have quite unsettled what was once... more
  • Professor part 7 - mike, Mon Oct 9 08:21
    PROFESSOR Chapter 7 "After my return from South America," the Professor continued almost as if there had been no hiatus "I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to locate scientists working in a variety of fields whose particular lines of enquiry might possibly be helpful to me. Hoping against hope to locate those ... more
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