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Tools are disposable - Rufus T. Firefly, Fri Jan 20 12:29
It seems tools are crossing over to the disposable.... The heavy duty Craftsman stapler that I've had for 40 years - ran out of 1/4" and 3/8" staples. Apparently they no longer support the staple standard that it meets and have sometime in the last decade shifted over to a narrower staple. So much for Craftsman and... more
  • TOAD Part 27 - Mike, Thu Jan 19 21:43
    TOAD and the RFC Part 27 One of the rare but ferocious North Sea storms was predicted to put in an appearance before the weekend and the Met Officers dire warnings led to a flurry of activity as shelters were first stuffed with equipment and then made fast in anticipation of what was to come. "It hardly seems likely... more
  • Toad and the RFC Part 26 - Mike, Wed Jan 18 06:07
    TOAD & the RFC - Part 26 When Toad arrived at the Photography section shed to request that his film be developed as soon as possible, he was greeted by the officer in charge grinning broadly. "Here's Lt. Smythes hero!" he announced to the other specialists who greeted this with ragged and obviously ironic applause... more
  • Toad & the RFC Part 25 - Mike, Mon Jan 16 17:30
    TOAD & the RFC - Part 25 The next morning found Toad up bright and early, determined to live up to the promise he'd made to himself the previous evening. As far as he was concerned, the Dawn Patrol came in two parts the most important of which was the first one that described his pre-dawn motorcycle ride to the... more
  • Toad and the RFC Part 24 - Mike, Sun Jan 15 23:24
    TOAD & the RFC - Part 24 Although neither man would ever admit to it, both Toad and Bones were secretly relieved to be back in their old quarters which had fortunately remained vacant during their brief relocation to the chateau the Colonel was using for his base of operations. Though they no longer enjoyed cordon... more
  • "They" have won again. - Sarge, Sun Jan 15 08:51
    After 146 years, Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus will shut with a final performance in May 2017. I remember their circus trains personally as they would leave Boston and pass through on the B&A to Albany. I saw them a couple times, as well as their rival, the James Strates Shows. I guess this means Strates is... more
  • 633 squadron - Mike, Mon Jan 16 08:56
    I'd never seen this movie but I'm glad I just did. It has what are without a doubt the best flying sequences of Mosquito's in action. Really were generous with them too, more of the movie is flying than anything else. The obligatory 'love interest' isn't too sloppy and mercifully short but if you must have it do at... more
    The snow has almost all gone - mike, Thu Jan 12 09:17
    Hooray! Took the dogs for their first walks in four days and they were so very happy. Why it should make all the difference to them that I be there, I do not know but it does. Went down to the back creek and out onto the jetty, a regular routine, to look around at the scenery uncluttered by humans and assess the... more
  • Toad and the RFC Part 23 - Mike, Sat Jan 14 22:46
    Part 23 NIGHT ERRAND January 14th 2017 "Those filthy Boche swine!' expostulated Toad, throwing down the newspaper responsible for triggering that outraged response. "They bloody well used a Zeppelin to drop bombs on some innocent seaside town. You know that's not right Bones, these people are mostly fishermen, by no... more
  • thanks for the memories - mike, Tue Jan 10 11:07
    WHAT'S NEW? On giving thanks where it's due. Every so often one finds oneself counting ones blessings which have been many and are all too often overlooked which is unjust compared to the lot of the majority who might well cherish any one of the smallest had it been their own. I have flown in the co-pilots seat of a... more
  • All quiet on the Western front? - Mike, Wed Dec 28 12:30
    ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT? That refers to the lack of feedback so far, hope everyones okay? I was very pleased with my grand daughters' reaction to their special present of my handwritten book on programming the Spectrum plus a chip with everything they'll need to get started. I showed them how to program 'Hello... more
  • Bloody hell, its cold - mike, Mon Jan 9 09:03
    Went out briefly yesterday only because the dogs wont go out to pee unless I look like I'm going too. Snow drifts are 3ft deep and more in some spots, will wait in the hope it diminishes by itself or unless I can find a route out that isnt going to involve shovelling. We had three heaters running for 48 hours each of... more
  • Brace yourselves - mike, Fri Jan 6 12:59
    I'M GOING TO INDULGE MYSELF WITH A RANT As I have said many times already, I'm being constantly bombarded by Tammy's outraged (and outrageous) squeaks about the doom laden Trump presidency to shortly arrive. It's easier to block it and politely reiterate that I really am not interested in the slightest at these... more
  • You have to admire the Germans - mike, Mon Jan 2 09:44
    I enjoy watching WW2 documentaries and I've been ploughing through videos about the German built jets for their last ditch stand and their seaplanes and experimental aircraft. Tammy, being Jewish, finds it hard to regard the Germans dispassionately but I don't have the same hatred because a friend of mine lives in... more
  • Toad story reawakening - mike, Thu Jan 5 10:38
    I've been soaking up more WW1 videos, watched a couple of good 'uns about the Zeppelins which has reinforced my idea of a hidden hangar in the hillside and then theres the fact that they were initially unreachable by the early aircraft and even when the BF2C was able to get underneath them even Buckingham couldn't... more
  • Oh well you've lost me now! - mike, Wed Jan 4 13:31
    I have just discovered 'abandonware' which are old games no longer sold but still good to have. The site 'Best Old Games' turned up trumps in the form of:- 1. Castle Wolfenstein 2. Discworld 3. Ultima 5 4. Lost Vikings All of these need DOSBox an emulator that takes care of everything for you, Windows can get really... more
    • Vista - Rufus T. Firefly, Wed Jan 4 18:44
  • Something to consider - mike, Tue Jan 3 13:59
    OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS Part 1 When I read fiction stories I sometimes encounter an authors invention of something that intrigues me especially if it sounds at least somewhat plausible. This is hardly a unique point of view, dozens of past engineers must have read about some fictional artifact that made them so... more
  • YouTube is pissing me off lately - mike, Sun Jan 1 20:54
    I like to watch documentaries but lately I've noticed they're getting longer and longer. 45 mins is about right for me, any longer is a commitment I wont make unless its something really riveting. Then they started running up to an hour, now its more like an hour and a half and some are even two and three hours long.... more
  • The wonderful world of morons - Mike, Sun Jan 1 10:47
    Do these prats really believe all the crap they post on YouTube - the videos I mean, not the comments? I've seen breathless warnings about:- Aliens living on the moon, under the Antarctic ice, beneath the ocean, living amongst us, undermining human society via human agencies, forming secret accords with governments,... more
  • Happy New year everyone - Bikermike, Sun Jan 1 00:50
    Flying in the face of Fate I fear but let's hope for the best. I don't do Resolutions and cannot really think of a single reason to expect 2017 to be any improvement on 2016.
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