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Musical machinery - mike, Sat May 27 18:23
Hard lessons slowly learned - mike, Sat May 27 07:00
When I was a young man tear arsing about the countryside on my beloved motorbikes I often needed to refuel myself at transport cafes. That term, Roger, means something like a truck stop diner. The food is usually cheap, plentiful & plain with a menu choice like:- Fish and chips Shepherds pie Sausage egg and chips Meat ... more
  • A young lady tried to pick me up! - Mike, Fri May 26 22:17
    I couldn't believe my ears. She came onto me in the bus that takes people to the clinic, I laughed and said "Honey I'm almost 70 I am also married" she replied "I don't mind" and asked me for my phone number! Cynicism cut in later on when I thought of some of the possible reasons behind the request none of them based... more
  • Stamp on the Smurfs - mike, Fri May 26 15:30
  • Oh this and that - mike, Fri May 26 10:18
    I've been having fun with my theramin emulators, the Windows one looks better but the SpecBAS one works better and in only 5 lines of code! The dogs howl at certain frequencies so I have to do it when they're outside as I'm afraid they may be howling because its painful. I'm busily writing a waveform generator to show ... more
  • One for Roger - mike, Tue May 23 10:43
    In twenty years of teaching I only ever encountered a couple of jerk kids, the majority were great to teach and really did their best as a rule. 'Shop' teachers have it made because its a relief from the academic stuff, so kids enter the classroom with a good attitude from the get go. I taught in inner city, rich... more
  • Should be back on track by Sunday - mike, Fri May 19 09:56
    I apologize for my absence over the last week or two especially with regard to my promise to keep up the stories and the model and drawings of same to help with which Sarge very kindly sent me the stuff I needed to do it. I got diverted and busy doing the hack and slash work which left me so drained all I've done... more
  • steam engine - mike, Fri May 19 14:16
  • Someone wrote me a program! - mike, Mon May 22 09:14
    Ask and ye shall receive, eh? A chap called Dunny (the ozzy word for bog/toilet) wrote a programming language called SpecBAS that runs on a PC and is just like Spectrum's easy to use Basic but with much more power and speed. Even a bozo like me can write a game in long hand code and it will run at high speed just like ... more
    Adaptive camouflage - mike, Tue May 16 10:20
    I'm too tired to do much web stuff because I MUST beat back the last few years worth of jungle thats been encroaching upon the house largely unnoticed. However with trees burrowing under the walls and creepers peeling off the siding and entering the roof space via the ventilation slots, something had to be done. The... more
  • Bicker bicker bicker - mike, Thu May 18 10:32
    People who complain about every bloody thing even when its what they originally asked for - really drive me nuts! Imagine you asked for a simple bicycle, no frills requested, just a pushbike nice and simple okay? Somebody decides to answer your plea and since you're not the only person asking and the numbers bring the ... more
  • Hello Alex, how's Ali? - mike, Sat May 6 07:13
    I miss her as well as you. Sounds like you're having a lovely holiday. I've always wanted to visit the Greek islands after reading Gerald Durrell's 'My family and other animals'. Of course he's describing a lifestyle thats long since departed no doubt, rather like my friend Frank from the flat in Mullion who went to... more
  • People can be so kind - mike, Sat May 13 10:23
    Here's me a pretty pathetic programmer only just barely able to manage in Sinclair Basic which is one of the easiest most user friendly versions around. I am running my 48k Spectrum via FUSE which is an emulator that runs in Windows and which you can obtain here:- more
  • A sad little tale - mike, Thu May 11 08:21
    Do dogs know when they are going to die? Answered Mar 31 (I copied this from Quora) On my 18th birthday, my dog Beau woke up at four in the morning and whimpered at the back door to go outside. Under my grandma’s blossoming crabapple tree, he laid his massive nose on the ground and he went to sleep in the same place... more
  • Modelling Antiquities - Sarge, Mon May 1 11:41
    I am having a great time building a number of kits that have been lurking in my cupboard for some time, an activity that has been on hold due to health, family, and professional priorities. When I say "antiquities", some are. Mike, you and Alex might remember seeing the old CCW range 'way back in childhood. I have two ... more
  • Still here... - Sarge, Tue May 9 10:34
    ...and still care. Up to my earballs in magazine copy, but fear not. More later!
  • Somebody somewhere dropped a massive bollock when they didn't keep Basic on the PC as perhaps an alternative O/S choice at boot up. IF you bothered to check any of my rabid rants and YouTube links extolling the Speccies virtues and I wouldnt blame you if you didnt, it must have dawned on you that its real strength lay ... more
    Meds and cats - mike, Sun May 7 17:32
    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN AMATEUR PHARMACIST The recent spate of wet weather has ben playing old Hob with my skeleton, talk about arthritis pain! Ouch even my bloody thumb hurts, all the ball joints suffer from the weather change and I'm caught between the devil and the deep blue sea with stage 3 kidney disease. Its a... more
  • Like anyone cares...sob...chuckle - mike, Sun May 7 14:08
    MAY AS WELL TALK TO MY EFFING SELF! NO OTHER BASTARD BOTHERS ACKNOWLEDGING. WHY BOTHER ? Every so often I get fed up with whatever it was I was doing and change over to something else especially when Tammy's away because I get pretty lonely, not that anybody gives a crap. Funny thing is that when she's here we often... more
  • Trains, Friends, Motorbikes & stuff - mike, Sat May 6 08:07
    TRAINS Since I don't have and won't have the funds to start a new scale of trains though I do have a box of discarded American HO mainly Life-Like which is pretty awful there's not much point in dwelling on how much I envy Alex's layout and collection! If Father Christmas was feeling generous though I'd like to have a ... more
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