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hello jason - mike, Thu Sep 29 21:38
Jason is my oldest I gave him this address because we don't talk to each other much and he said that he wished I could. I suggested this site because it is a good reflection of my views and ideas about things.
  • I can't help but comment - Sarge, Mon Sep 26 20:09
    Why is it that Hillary Clinton adverts are nothing but attacks on Trump (usually taking something stupid he has said eons ago out of context, choices for which are legion) and never does an advert say anything about her platform or what she intends to do for the USA on Day 2? The only thing she ever says is "I'm... more
  • I didn't get out there in time, but saw the dog. DAMN, guess I'm going to have to keep 'em penned up from now on.
    Good hunting Goose! - Mike, Thu Sep 29 10:59
    I moved my reply to a new post as the other one is getting too crowded! I'm glad you responded, glad you're having a good time. Heard some gunshots yesterday that puzzled me. They had that deep boom that says 'shotgun' but they went off about seven times in quick succession. A rifle which could have been discharged... more
  • Funny wife! - Mike, Wed Sep 28 10:22
    I was fast asleep the other night and half woken by Tammy shouting. This is not an unusual occurrence, she shouts at news items, facebook, often about stuff I've done and she's just discovered such as my drinking all the coffee and forcing her to make more. Other times its just her soliloquizing about politics and so... more
  • Where is you all? Hope everythings OK - Mike, Sun Sep 25 11:25
    Well after the long silence, like I am not equally guilty, I'm beginning to worry/get paranoid that either somethings up with you lot OR my usual concern that I've inadvertently upset someone! By now it should be a given that I'd never do this deliberately and that I should know nobody would take it that way. COMPUTER ... more
  • Luvverly loco - Mike, Mon Sep 26 07:06
    • Yes... - Sarge, Mon Sep 26 10:29
  • Just for my own use - mike, Mon Sep 19 09:57 The above is a direct link to the Sinclair ZXBasic manual which is an invaluable resource for coding on a Spectrum48k or Timex Sinclair 2068 and may be as good for the Spectrum Next if it gets produced, please, please, please. I want to buy Cora and Chloe one because they... more
  • My baby sitting adventures to date - mike, Sun Sep 18 11:12
    ME AGAIN, EXCITING TIMES! Well who would have thought that babysitting could be so exciting! Not perhaps in the way you think... Last night at 10pm I called Tammy only to learn she'd been very close to an explosion thought to be caused by a pipe bomb placed in a dumpster. Heather came home from work at 10:30 pm and... more
  • Nature studies - mike, Mon Sep 19 07:07
    Theres a very common creeper, I dont know its name, it has large leaves with two side lobes and a centre point. At the end of each tendril/branch are a number of wire like shoots that are long and thin and along their length or at their ends they have a coil spring like shape ending in a small hook. What's really... more
  • Don't forget it's... - mike, Mon Sep 19 07:57
    Why do I get the 4am horrors? - Mike, Thu Sep 15 04:34
    Said 'horrors' are usually a replay of an event from my life that does not do me credit, not anything really big or illegal, usually a matter of conscience. A sudden re-evaluation of what one previously thought of as a successful career, perhaps. "Be a man, try for a little remorse" says Harry Potter to Voldemort in... more
  • My next video attempt - Mike, Thu Sep 15 09:52
    I have tried to tweak the settings - thats what all those technical messages were about that I mentioned previously - but my lil' ole netbook is maxed out at 640 x 380 and 30 fps! Maybe next time I'll see if monochrome gets me a tad more speed! I'm gonna keep working away at improving my videos (and playing) until I... more
  • Programming away the 4am horrors - Mike, Thu Sep 15 06:57
    PROGRAMMING - WHAT IS REQUIRED TO REALLY GET USEFUL STUFF If your architectural experience is limited to mud bricks then you probably should not try to emulate the Empire State Building! This is what lies at the basis of the story about the Tower of Babel. Similarly if your computer programming skills begin and end at ... more
  • Interesting link - Mike, Fri Sep 16 07:54 This interesting & informative NOVA Science Now video is about 3 seperate topics. 1. The Permian extinction. It could reoccur today, thanks to us! 2. The 1918 flu virus. Its been recreated in an attempt to understand its lethality & discover antidotes. Then at 28 minutes -... more
  • Harmonica update - Mike, Mon Sep 12 09:33
    When I received your harmonicas, Sarge, I gave them a cautious test and was very pleased with the sound and playability but didnt want to do anything that might damage them until I felt they had adjusted to the temperature and humidity plus had some breaking in. Now I'm faced with a dilemma, should I try and see what... more
  • of mice and men - mike , Wed Sep 14 08:45
    We have some audacious field mice who decided the fields are not for them. I have trapped half a dozen at Tammys insistence but it bothers her to seal their fate, as it does me, to be honest. They are so damn cute and cheeky with it, nipping out to grab piece of dog food then repeating it and running over ones feet in ... more
    Raspberry Pi - Mike, Tue Sep 13 10:34
    Whilst at my sons place for the wedding, he showed me a present one of his ex-navy pals gave him. A computer about the size of a pack of cards, it does everything a computer should, you have to plug it into a screen and attach a mouse and keyboard, it uses those small chip cards for storage. Its very fast and powerful ... more
    arachnophobics beware - mike, Sun Sep 11 08:55
    Each year there's an upswing in a specific insect population, the year before last it was ticks and fleas - hardly seen any this year or last - this year its unfortunately obvious that spiders are getting their turn at being prevalent! I do not like them, although I can deal with the problem, they make my hair stand... more
  • My visit to the med centre - Mike, Fri Sep 9 09:26
    Okay, well I hope that yesterdays meeting will have a good outcome, it certainly went well but the outcome is at the mercy of some state droid and judging by the telephone 3 way conversation set up of yesterday one can only hope ones request isnt met with the same rudeness, indifference and hostility. The voice wasnt... more
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