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Alas and alackaday... - mike, Thu Feb 21 10:02
In the interests of honesty I am compelled to confess that I have resorted to smoking my pipe, mainly for blowing smoke rings and of course I do not inhale, if I did it would knock me for six, as it is it burns my tongue every time - perhaps from the the acidity of the tars? Alas for human foibles but at least there... more
  • Story telling - Part 3 - mike, Thu Feb 21 17:22
    Story telling - Part 3 AKA POP-POP's EXPLANATION ABOUT HOW THE PROCESS WORKS FOR ME That's to say, when it does. If you stop and think about it, the process of creating a make believe story or a make believe picture are exactly the same. So if you can do one, you can do the other? Well, perhaps not, because drawing... more
    A thoughtful response - mike, Thu Feb 21 09:06
    This is a somewhat delayed follow up to your eloquent posting:-;article=9212;title=BIKER%20MIKE%27S%20BASEMENT CAVE CRITICIS Over the many years of my life I have been informed by various critics that everything I believed was either wrong or undesirable for any... more
  • The path, if indeed it could be described as such, seemed to be more of an accident, a crack or fault line that traversed the sheer immensity of the mountain face, in a series of zig zagging diagonal lines that were difficult to see and promised to be even more difficult to traverse assuming anyone would be inclined... more
  • Story telling. Part One - Mike, Wed Feb 20 07:20
    EVERY STORY DRAWS A PICTURE a cornball lecture on story telling for the benefit of my grand daughters Chloe, Cora and Allison (and their mummy who is the grandest daughter of them all). This might turn into a series on the subject of writing and painting imaginative compositions. Alternative title:- A WORD IS WORTH A... more
  • Storytelling - Part Two - mike, Wed Feb 20 08:45
    THINKING ALOUD I do this a lot. It means starting to write with no end in sight, no deliberate attempt to compose something worth finishing. I think of this like my sketchbook - I must try and add some pictures - anyone who knows of a really idiot proof (IE dead easy) method of storing pictures that can be linked to... more
    Welcome Chloe, Cora, Allison - Pop pop (aka Mike), Tue Feb 19 11:14
    Hello girls and possibly Mummy too! Well this impressive multi-media establishment headed by a photograph of yours truly sitting next to a model I made of Hertford East Station entrance portal, is THE place to go to if you want to exchange words, find something to read or discover what the dinosaurs are up to! They... more
  • That map book was invaluable to me - mike, Mon Feb 18 10:06
    That map book you sent me just prevented me from tearing out any more hair! I should have thought to check it out immediately but I thought of it as a last resort (partly because it was holding my shelf full of journals up, they kept flopping over and my book end was too small and too light but the map book made a... more
  • My love of painting mountain scenery - mike, Sun Feb 17 16:25
    At whatever young age I was when Dad took me to Switzerland, I think it was maybe 10 yrs old but its a guess based on how restricted my options were, the one thing that struck me above all else was the immediate impression that this was the most beautiful country I had ever seen. I remember we stopped at various... more
  • Painting with words for the moment - mike, Sun Feb 17 17:15
    The same errant Muse that chooses to go AWOL when you need it the most, affects my artwork as much as my writing. However its even more fickle than that because I'd have preferred to have written some of todays observations by pen on the paper of my journal pages but thanks to my wonky left eye I seem unable to... more
  • DAMN! I had the answer... - mike, Sun Feb 17 14:46
    I just awoke from my usual lunchtime nap during which I'd had a wonderful dream. In the dream I was writing a program seated in a classroom and I asked a fellow student sitting across the room from me "Hey! Where the hell are the function keys?" The teacher who was a vaguely greyish middle aged lady gently upbraided... more
    Comments on many things - sarge, Sat Feb 16 19:11
    I do very much enjoy the artworks, so keep the emails coming. I'm not really a knowledgeable paintings fellow, but I did have a great-grandmother who, before she married, was one of the second generation Hudson Valley school, Romanticist influenced artists who were known for scenes and scenic renderings. Not just men, ... more
  • Hello world part 1 - mike, Sun Feb 17 09:50
    Sunday February 17th 2019 9.00AM Hello world! That hoary old catch phrase was infamous as being the first result you were likely to see on screen when you began learning to program in Basic. This is a hotch potch of bits and pieces that would be too laborious to pen and ink into my diary which has already fallen... more
    I've been saturating myself with the printed word and film versions of 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings' looking for scenes to illustrate, descriptive passages to visualize and trying my best to make sense of his maps which one suspects are not always accurate portrayals of what the text suggests as the lay of the... more
  • Scanner versus human eye - mike, Fri Feb 15 18:27
    I spent over an hour trying to achieve a balanced scan of the 'Ithilien' artwork I've been working on and is as yet unfinished. Frankly the scanning software is too clever for its own damn good, it offers a variety of filters and the difference between them is almost imperceptible. The annoying thing is that faint... more
    No worries! - mike, Fri Feb 15 09:55
  • Over the past few weeks I have been airing what little I know about programming the Spectrum with particular emphasis on the tricky nature of the graphics. One factor in particular is the peculiar nature of the low res character cells, high res pixels and never the twain shall meet because whichever mode you use, you... more
  • GRAPHIC CONVERSION - MIKE, Fri Feb 8 08:25
    I'm a reasonable graphics artist, far from top notch and I do have my Achilles heel when it comes to drawing people and animals accurately but I can manage well enough for my own use and have been able to do so for the past sixty four years (assuming a start point of approx. 8yrs old). >-: >-: RED HERRING ALERT! >-:... more
  • It is to weep! Grin! - sarge, Mon Feb 11 12:47
    It isn't just the Beeb gone after the vapid and brainless for an audience. This from the Telegraph: "Six out of Ten 'Yellow Vests' in France believe Diana, Princess of Wales, was Murdered, Survey Finds" Breaking news from what is supposed to be, along with the Times and the Guardian, one of the three "quality"... more
  • Thin rations - mike, Mon Feb 11 17:02
    Certain months of the year always hit us hard because Tam has to go up to New York three weeks before my money comes in so if I send her off then it leaves me with nothing. Its mainly because of the arbitrary second Wednesday of the month they pay out on and when that happens to fall. It really wouldn't matter when... more
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