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It comes and well doesnt exactly go, depart, leave, buggeroff (the muse I refer to) but sometimes you cant put sparkle into every bloody episode! I know its a bit like an outline rather than a story sometimes, I do my best but you'd be surprised at what can take hours to get right. Tammy is my listener she's very good ... more
It arrived - thanks Alex - mike, Thu Feb 23 06:26
I will still need help though, I'm afraid you over estimated my abilities. I tried the F8 to slow down the opening advice which said F10 for boot menu and offered the USB choice but selecting that did nothing - yes the USB was in place! I didnt know where to look for more instructions, tried the usual Computer and... more
  • ep 56 - m, Fri Feb 24 06:19
    TOAD episode 56 The four engines of the Ilya Muromets, now bearing the name and colours of his majesty the rajah, roared in unison as with Toad at the controls, the heavy aircraft lifted off gracefully and surprisingly quickly. Bones was the navigator and Wilkins the flight engineer a very necessary task as... more
    TOAD episode 55 - Mike, Thu Feb 23 06:56
    TOAD Episode 55 Baron Klaus von Ehrentraut was a very angry, bitter, disillusioned man. His instructions had been most emphatic about the importance of his mission to reach Afghanistan and convey to the Emir the Kaisers and Krupps fraternal greetings and to make it known that he had an arms shipment ready for... more
  • "They" have won again. - Sarge, Sun Jan 15 08:51
    After 146 years, Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus will shut with a final performance in May 2017. I remember their circus trains personally as they would leave Boston and pass through on the B&A to Albany. I saw them a couple times, as well as their rival, the James Strates Shows. I guess this means Strates is... more
  • Finally Back Online - daniel sahn, Tue Feb 21 10:33
    Well I finally made it on here. I ended up buying a MacBook Pro on sale for the President's Day shopping holiday because I'm gonna need the extra processing power and RAM for AutoCAD anyway. I started reading the latest episode 53 but I am going to have to find time to read the past episodes for it to make any sense.
  • TOAD episode 53 - mike, Sun Feb 19 21:55
    TOAD episode 53 Fortunately the intruders weren't interested in regrouping just getting the hell away from this completely unexpected turn of events. The horsemen had fled back to their seperate villages and it had taken the intervention of their religious leaders known as mullahs to persuade the chieftains to return... more
  • Toad episode 50 - mike, Sat Feb 18 06:55
    TOAD episode 50 Bones was sitting in the Ops room working on his portfolio, to sort through which he needed the long table often used for displaying maps and lately, the magnificent topographical models that Hele made. He spread out his assortment of sketches and water colours in order to assess which needed some more ... more
  • My daughter gave me her old computer which is a gamers Hewlett Packard, meaning fairly powerful chip and graphics card, decent sound but its running Windows Vista which Microsoft no longer supports. I've been writing and uploading using it but yesterday I got a very nasty 'hold you to ransom' type virus that looks... more
  • Toad episode 54 - Mike, Mon Feb 20 08:51
    TOAD episode 54 "This business of oneself being treated like a demigod is so tiresome my dear chap." the Rajah apologized to the Colonel for the restrictive boundaries that made visits official until he was able to conduct his guest to his private quarters where they could speak openly to each other. "I'm most... more
    TOAD episode 52 - mike, Sun Feb 19 21:54
    TOAD episode 52 He was immensely proud of the way his men had welded themselves into a unit and indeed that was how both he and they referred unofficially to their Signals post, as The Unit, capitalised. The trouble was or rather it eventually would be, that it was too large to be shuttled around in a relatively... more
    TOAD episode 51 - Mike, Sun Feb 19 06:57
    TOAD Episode 51 One did not become Mandarin if it was known that one possessed weaknesses that could make one vulnerable to temptation. The tests and training that led toward being awarded the honour of that position were specifically designed to reveal any flaws in ones character. Nevertheless, thought the Mandarin,... more
  • It's in the post - Alex, Sat Feb 18 06:57
    To your address!
  • Toad episode 49 - Mike, Fri Feb 17 09:23
    TOAD episode 49 "The Imperial Club? What has that got to do with us?" said Toad puzzled by this apparent non sequitur "Everything you silly ass!" said Bones in exasperation. They had left the Colonels Office and were back at their quarters where Toad was still grumbling about the way the show was run back in France... more
  • TOAD episode 48 - mike, Mon Feb 13 13:44
    TOAD episode 48 A FLIGHT Leader Captain Hall PILOT Lieutenant Alexander OBSERVER Lieutenant Peales PILOT Lieutenat Hele OBSERVER B FLIGHT Leader Captain Kearny PILOT Lieutenant Haplin OBSERVER Lieutenant Panze OBSERVER Lieutenant Furlong PILOT Toad and Bones decided to split the team into two flights A led by Toad and ... more
  • TOAD episode 47 - mike, Mon Feb 13 09:35
    TOAD episode 47 For the new pilots their arrival was overwhelming at first when disembarking to be greeted by the Indian experience, in all its fragrant, colourful, noisy, over crowded sensory assault. The six young Englishmen barely out of school uniform did their best to appear as blase men of the world, an... more
  • TOAD episode 46 - mike, Sun Feb 12 17:35
    TOAD Episode 46 Toad was called to the Colonels office to be informed that his new pilots would be arriving that day. There would also be other personnel, fitters and artificers for Wilkins to deal with and a few other odds and sods to deal with the official bumph and red tape, set up a Stores, take charge of the... more
    TOAD episode 45 - mike, Sat Feb 11 18:02
    TOAD episode 45 The Baron had been standing to attention ever since the Kaiser had entered the room and the All Highest had forgotten to invite him to stand at ease as he expounded his plans with dramatic gestures interspersed with rambling asides about disloyal elements daring to question his supreme authority and... more
    One of my favourite lines - mike, Fri Feb 10 23:15
    from "Those Magnificent Men" - "That's the trouble with these international affairs, they tend to attract foreigners" - Robert Morley
  • Okay here's the latest logjam - mike, Fri Feb 10 23:32
    Which I may well bypass (for now) having finally learnt THAT particular lesson! The story about the German 'circus' and its just incredibly ridiculous shenanigans (like trying to claim the Kaiser had secretly converted to Islam) as they wended their way toward Afghanistan in an attempt to convince the Afghanis to... more
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