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work in progress - mike, Sun Jun 24 10:57
SPACE CRAFT - Part 7 NOTES I'm going to have to consult an atlas or some online facility because I'm not exactly sure about this next. Assuming that the mouths of the Chunnel lie on an East/West axis...... more
  • I'm the one that's out of step - mike, Sun Jun 24 07:38
    The jury rigged faithful netbook finally died permanently. So I got up very early to use 'Tammy's' computer and since none of my usual stuff is on it, I went through old bookmarks to see what was happening at places I used to frequent. My final port of call was MTJ. How disappointing. Men I would have felt as... more
  • Part 5 - mike, Fri Jun 22 07:32
    First an apology, mind you at the very outset I warned that this was little better than the support notes accompanying my model and animation. However thats only part of the problem, all except this Win10 laptop that Tammy uses almost 24/7 have died on me. I can get some limited functionality out of one but its very... more
  • The cows are back. - Goose, Fri Jun 22 12:47
    They got out again. I shot 'em twice yesterday with bird shot, but I think I'm going to upgrade to 3 buck next time. They stomped my garden. I have a few okra plants that might make it, but they destroyed the rest of it, the cucumbers. NOW, I need to turn stuff over with the tiller and soon as I can afford it, I'm... more
    Colonoscopy tomorrow - Goose, Wed Jun 20 11:12
    Oh, joy, I get to shit all afternoon and night. Then, I have to ride in the truck for 40 miles to the hospital to get it done. It's all country roads, no place to shit, but the ditch, bud I've done THAT before. Not a town between here and there, just cotton, rice, corn, and sorghum fields, but sorghum and corn are... more
  • So far so good but...part 4 - mike, Wed Jun 20 10:15
    Wednesday June 20th With some difficulty I wrote and posted PART 3 of the SPACECRAFT story because of Sarge's obvious pleasure received from reading the first two as well as expressing the hope that there would be a reprise of the Club. I had never meant to make a proper story of what was only begun as a way of... more
  • There once was an ugly duckling - mike, Mon Jun 18 11:51
    I'm a good designer, I know I am and I've been told so even by quite curmudgeonly engineers not normally predisposed to handing out kind remarks to anyone. I think one of the reasons why my design skills are good is because I'm imaginative and don't see any reason why I shouldn't have a go at almost any sort of... more
  • Why I have been absent - mike, Wed Jun 13 11:06
    The reason for my silence over the last few days, barring the odd comment, is because I have been and still am very busy. Damn you F.Clowder from WoS for getting me started and then bloody disappearing off the face of the earth! "Let's collaborate" he said "I'll do the programming, you do the graphics." "What do you... more
  • Hallelujah! A voice from the past - mike, Fri Jun 15 10:25
    Thats aimed at you, Sarge! BIG GRIN. I trust you're cringing with guilt? Good, who else can I talk to? Hey I received my gifts from the son of Gerry Anderson today. Jolly nice, if you're me anyway. A lapel enamel badge of S.H.A.D.O the UFO organisation and a keyring with the Thunderbirds logo of International Rescue.... more
  • Expletives included - mike, Fri Jun 15 19:13
    F()CK! SH1T! T1TS! KN1CKERS! BALLS! and anything else I forgot. Bloody arseholing coprolithic computers! It only bloody froze on a ton of work most of todays efforts and it did so when I tried to Save feeling that it was a bit risky to keep going. I'd have saved it before that but it was going so well and thanks to... more
    • Yep... - Goose, Fri Jun 15 22:02
  • Some serious engineering - alex, Sun Jun 10 17:36
    The team that built Tornado in Darlington, are now working on a 2-8-2 P2 locomotive Prince Of Wales. I saw this 360 degree video and thought some of you might be interested..
  • Today's doctor visit - Goose, Tue Jun 12 14:03
    Went and got the stitches taken out of my face, basal cell carcinoma removed. Now, my hat fits better. :-D Next visit is to Edna next week where I have to shit all night drinking some sort of water crap that cost me 100 bucks and has no alcohol content and taking docolax, then they're gonna ram a camera up my ass and... more
  • The blade spindles are loose, top bearing in the right one appears to be gone. I will be lucky to finish the front yard with it. The internet is wonderful for this sort of thing. Those spindles run 60 bucks, but I found 'em for 37 bucks each from an Amazon source. Ordered a pair. I probably should get a belt, but it's ... more
  • Another gem for Goose - mike, Thu Jun 7 18:40 Episode 1 of 4 Feather Falls. Priceless
    • Hmm - Goose, Fri Jun 8 14:41
  • This is a gem - mike, Thu Jun 7 18:25 very quirky indeed, I would love to see more
    Today's torture - Goose, Thu Jun 7 17:33
    Had a EGD or something like that, where they go into your mouth with a scope all the way to the pyloric valve and into the small intestine. They took a tissue sample for biopsy. They're going into the other end in a couple of weeks. Oh, joy, drink all this crap, shit your brains out at 5AM and all night. I just can't... more
    It's D Day - Goose, Wed Jun 6 21:04
    Plus 74. It's also the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Belleau Wood....
  • What a nice correspondence - mike, Tue Jun 5 07:59
    I wrote a letter to Jamie the son of Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds fame and so many more great shows. Here it is:- Jamie, I just hope you get to see this yourself. My real name really is Michael Dench (not an internet alias - I don't use them) I'm 70 will turn 71 in July. It's impossible to understate what an... more
  • Gerry's decline from dementia - mike, Thu Jun 7 06:55
    This isn't as depressing as you might imagine. I'm saving it here to show to a friend later, daughter of Betty who's in the same situation. Don't be sad, look at what a body of work he left us. 2012 television tribute to Gerrys death showing all his work... more
  • Some golden oldies - mike, Wed Jun 6 12:29
    Chris Farlowe - Out of time Chris Farlowe - Handbags and glad rags Easybeats - Friday on my mind Status Quo - Pictures of matchstick men more
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