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On muses and... - Sarge, Mon Mar 20 11:01
...other nonsense. I have no idea why a quiet house is so inviting. Right now, I can hear at least three good solid mechanical clocks, a Seth Thomas railroad clock in the library, a 40" swing pendulum clock here in the front room, and a little Seth chiming mantle clock. I do love the sound of a house with mechanical... more
  • This is an audio tape that has had video images added to it. It was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 2 narrated by Bob Monkhouse. It tells the story of Gerry and Sylvia Andersons productions from the first - Twizzle - to the last which was Space 1999 but has since been added to though I've never seen the later ones.... more
  • About thinking - Mike, Sat Mar 18 18:47
    THINKING & HOW TO DO IT When I gave my students their introduction to my Craft, Design & Technology course I used to say "You are probably wondering what we're going to be doing in this class? Well the answer to that is a lot of interesting stuff but first and foremost I shall be trying to teach you how to think." I... more
  • On giving thanks - mike, Mon Mar 20 08:24
    THE ERRANT MUSE REFUSES TO AWAKEN Fuel tap on. Choke on. KICK! KICK! KICK! (If it won't start after 3 kicks, somethings wrong) Tickle carburettor, adjust advance setting KICK! KICK! KICK! Cough...Baroom!...Splutter... Oh shit the damn Muse won't start, there's nothing wrong that I can find, maybe its the weather? (It... more
    A book for Mike - sarge, Sat Mar 18 12:53
    I've just started a book called Churchill's Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare , by Giles Milton. No word yet on the voracity or accuracy of the book as a history, yet, but the setting and atmosphere will bring a smile to your face, shades of the Club, the Colonel, and the relationships between the directors of what... more
  • Take heart chaps, we are not alone - mike, Fri Mar 17 10:21
    CHEER UP FELLOW KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE! The important thing is to count ones blessings especially when things are looking as bleak as they are. The fact that at least 3 out of the 5 here are more or less in general agreement about the state of the nation indicates a solid majority of sympathizers. Which probably... more
  • Stella seen off, I hope... - Sarge, Tue Mar 14 15:17
    ...and all here are safe and well, after doing our appointed tasks to rid the pavements and forecourts of the white stuff. Warning! Commentary! What moron decided we should start naming snowfalls. Winter Storm Stelllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! (The Streetcar Named Desire allusion adds a further dark element) So... more
  • Ye goode olde days - Mike, Wed Mar 15 08:45
    In my opinion one might easily make a simple comparison to show how badly things have gone since the 70's. Just compare the original 'Battlestar Glactica' with the remade version shown on the sci-fi channel. Okay, yes, the original is absolutely bursting with healthy corn,you know its good for you! The remake is... more
  • I only get to write in the morning - mike, Wed Mar 15 09:15
    From 6am to about 10am then Tammy takes over. I can read any responses on the smart phone but typing in is such a pain that I wont attempt it unless I feel its really necessary. Actually reading this message base is a pain because its too small to see and if you magnify the text it means having to keep touching the... more
    Had a funny day yesterday - mike, Wed Mar 15 09:08
    Yesterday and the day before I must have slept through most of them. Sat in my chair with books and kept drifting off, only noticing this because of being awoken by various causes, dogs, phone, bad dreams, hunger. So the day seemed to take forever to pass in a series of rude awakenings! I only noticed because of "Wait ... more
    Gods little acre - mike, Wed Mar 15 08:59
    All we got yesterday was some rain and high winds, its still a bit windy today but this has always been a very windy setting because of being between the Chesapeake and the ocean, little more than a narrow sandbar no more than 30ft above sea level at its highest point. Apart from the flood and hurricane risks though,... more
    This should chuff you up a bit - Mike, Thu Mar 9 21:49
    You miserable buggers! I might as well talk to my bloody self and no I haven't written a single word in the last 5 days. So I went looking for you and see Rufus and Roger alive and well at MTJ but no sign of Sarge, I hope he's not suffering in silence somewhere? Two videos well worth watching are:- Michael Palin's... more
  • You're prepared? - Sarge, Mon Mar 13 07:48
    The pundits are squeaking loudly about the winter horror about to be unleashed upon us. Stay safe, all.
  • ALEX can you help me? - mike, Sat Mar 11 12:17
    Alex I'll be damned if I know why MINT wont accept my password to let me set up the Wi-Fi connection. I wrote it down clearly and tried entering it first as written as well as in just lower case and just upper case no luck! I tried entering the SSID and the WPA key instead but none of them worked either. So my last... more
  • about the doctors informing on patients issue. Its concealed by the label (2 more comments) which means that threads getting too long! Just yesterday I remarked about these issues to Betty and she had a lot to get off her chest too, so its not just us malcontents making these observations. There's so much that's wrong ... more
    Another disastrous day - Mike, Sat Mar 11 11:47
    Its obviously our turn for the shit shower! Where to start? Yesterday Tammy tried to get back home only to discover her bus company got sold to another fly-by-night Chinese operator and was told "We don't stop there anymore except at night and only once a week". Well that meant she had to use Greyhound and thats $110... more
    The other side of my thoughts - mike, Thu Mar 9 22:40
    I don't know what happened to me but though I had been looking forward to having six days to myself in which to write undisturbed I've actually been not exactly down in the dumps as just plain tired. Nothing caught my interest much, I did watch a few videos but half the time just for some background noise rather than... more
  • No, no, NO! Thats NOT how to do it - mike, Wed Mar 8 09:21
    USELESS BLOODY ROBOT DESIGNS In my opinion, one of the disadvantages of gathering a group of specialists together to work on a design problem, is that they are blinkered by their specialist knowledge. This is quite understandable but its more of a disadvantage than it may seem. I just watched a NOVA program about a... more
  • How does a meat temp probe work? - mike, Mon Mar 6 08:03
    I have a meat thermometer, its face is about the size of a quarter and its mechanism resides in a thickness of approximately 1/8". the metal probe to which this is attached is about 1/8" in diameter and about 6" long. An inch or so up from the tip are two very small holes of about 1/32". This rough description (all... more
  • ALEX! In case you're wondering... - Mike, Mon Mar 6 08:11
    I'm very grateful to you for sending me the disc and USB stick but I havent managed to get the software installed yet! Thanks a million, mate! I simply cannot get it to boot up from either and since I havent got a problem as long as I stay offline with that machine, I'll wait till Daniel shows up as he can probably... more
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