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Raspberry Pi's - Alex, Mon Oct 24 10:24
Hi Mike - just so you know that I do come and lurk on your blog sometimes - I see you are still into Spectrums - something I could never find any interest in I'm afraid. But I am a big RPi fan - I have bought several dozen of them, and have been incorporating most of them in music systems - I've sold about 8 music... more
  • Wondering about this eye - Goose, Sat Oct 22 21:46
    So, you know my tale of woe about the fogginess in my good eye. Well, the wife started me on this B12 supplement about a week before this condition showed up, maybe more like 4 or 5 days. She says to me, "Maybe that B12 is reacting with one of your drugs." so she says for me to get off the B12. 4 days later I've had 2 ... more
  • Autumnal tempests are refreshing - Mike, Sat Oct 22 09:30
    But best of all Tammys returning home today! I just returned from the first dog walk of the day. There's an almost gale force wind sweeping the leaves and last lawn cut of the years clippings away. The clouds are lowering and gray but somehow this seems almost cheerful with a promise of a nice warm house to be in, sat ... more
    This'll learn yer - Mike, Wed Oct 19 07:34
  • So, the wife's off sewing with friends - Goose, Thu Oct 20 15:10
    Another day alone in the woods, but there's plenty to do. Today, I took my neighbor behind the back fence up on his offer and went fishing in the tank back there. It's not very big, a little island in the middle. He's got cows back there that drink from it, but has a bigger one near his house that his kids fish. He... more
  • I'm going blind - Goose, Tue Oct 18 16:27
    I've noticed especially over the last month a decrease in visual acuity in my good eye, my left eye. My right eye is pretty worthless, but I've come to appreciate it never-the-less. I can at least read with it using a magnifying glass. Last 5 days or so, I've got this fog in my left eye rendering it pretty worthless.... more
  • Just for my own use - mike, Mon Sep 19 09:57 The above is a direct link to the Sinclair ZXBasic manual which is an invaluable resource for coding on a Spectrum48k or Timex Sinclair 2068 and may be as good for the Spectrum Next if it gets produced, please, please, please. I want to buy Cora and Chloe one because they... more
  • Violent clowns running amok - Goose, Wed Oct 5 13:45
  • Oh nothing really interesting - Mike, Mon Oct 17 05:45
    I probably spend several days of deep thought before trying to code something on my Spectrum emulator which is huge fun even though its very frustrating because to date my saves havent worked and transcribing lines of code onto a notebook and then back into the machine is time consuming and not much fun, sheer... more
  • This is for you Roger - Mike, Tue Oct 11 11:39
    Okay Roger this post is for you in answer to yours that said you didn't get all this computer stuff. I was never a techno geek however much it may sound like that, in fact the barrier that prevented my doing so much that I wanted to in school such as Physics, Electronics and the Sciences was my math scores which were... more
  • At the Jumble Sale... - Sarge, Mon Oct 10 21:37 one of the local "retirement communities", was a table run by the community woodworking club. They were selling donated tools that didn't fit the woodworker array. The deal was you made a pile and made an offer, so I picked out some car mechanics' tools and saw a lovely old toolbox just calling for a some care,... more
  • "The effing rose bushes... - Sarge, Fri Oct 7 20:44
    ...are whipping into shape nicely, sir." There are times when I miss the sense of purpose of the military life. I use that line from "Wild Geese" rather often when I find retirement to be a bit tame. Not a bad life, though. Both MG's are running well; best they've run all year. The workshop is in good shape too, all... more
    • Indeed! - Rufus T. Firefly, Sat Oct 8 12:11
  • I can't help but comment - Sarge, Mon Sep 26 20:09
    Why is it that Hillary Clinton adverts are nothing but attacks on Trump (usually taking something stupid he has said eons ago out of context, choices for which are legion) and never does an advert say anything about her platform or what she intends to do for the USA on Day 2? The only thing she ever says is "I'm... more
  • Busy, busy,busy - Mike, Wed Oct 5 09:57
    I rely on you lot for my human interactions that help to keep me going. Lacking them I have had to look elsewhere and in my search for intellectual stimulus I've rediscovered the joys and frustration of programming the Spectrum. I'm writing a big book of how to use Basic to design a game so my twin grand daughters can ... more
  • Yesterday sucked. - Goose, Sun Oct 2 16:52
    Now, you need to understand that I'm a bit of an introvert before I tell this yarn. Friday night, after coming back from our weekly eat at the local restaurant where every Friday is all you can eat fish night, wife goes to the email. Now, I had asked her if she'd heard from our prospective new minister for the church. ... more
  • hello jason - mike, Thu Sep 29 21:38
    Jason is my oldest I gave him this address because we don't talk to each other much and he said that he wished I could. I suggested this site because it is a good reflection of my views and ideas about things.
  • I didn't get out there in time, but saw the dog. DAMN, guess I'm going to have to keep 'em penned up from now on.
    Good hunting Goose! - Mike, Thu Sep 29 10:59
    I moved my reply to a new post as the other one is getting too crowded! I'm glad you responded, glad you're having a good time. Heard some gunshots yesterday that puzzled me. They had that deep boom that says 'shotgun' but they went off about seven times in quick succession. A rifle which could have been discharged... more
  • Funny wife! - Mike, Wed Sep 28 10:22
    I was fast asleep the other night and half woken by Tammy shouting. This is not an unusual occurrence, she shouts at news items, facebook, often about stuff I've done and she's just discovered such as my drinking all the coffee and forcing her to make more. Other times its just her soliloquizing about politics and so... more
  • Where is you all? Hope everythings OK - Mike, Sun Sep 25 11:25
    Well after the long silence, like I am not equally guilty, I'm beginning to worry/get paranoid that either somethings up with you lot OR my usual concern that I've inadvertently upset someone! By now it should be a given that I'd never do this deliberately and that I should know nobody would take it that way. COMPUTER ... more
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