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O.U.A.M - re Seinfeld & wankers! - Mike, Thu Oct 18 11:45
ONCE UPON A MOTORCYCLE - WANKERS! Re: That Pebble Beach interview with Seinfeld? Well I gave it my best shot, it took me three attempts to stomach the guy but by 32 minutes and 42 seconds I'd had enough. This is someone who, by my standards (!) such as they are, is a complete and utter wanker! I don't like his choice... more
  • I enjoyed this - mike, Mon Oct 15 11:36
    Donald Osbourne asks Jay Leno what he likes about a selection of cars from his collection. The event is Pebble Beach but the whole video is about Jay explaining his reason for wanting to own a very interesting sample of automobiles such as the Tatra, the Shotwell, the Advance steam tractor and Jays stories are worth... more
  • Aspects of riding - Mike, Wed Oct 17 12:27
    ONCE UPON A MOTORCYCLE - WHY DO YOU RIDE? On second thoughts perhaps a better title might be 'How do you ride?' On the face of it either question might strike the reader as 'what a bloody silly thing to ask!' but bear with me please. In England in the early 60's automobiles began to be available to the average working ... more
    Know-it-all's don't! - mike, Wed Oct 17 09:55
    ONCE UPON A MOTORCYCLE "Just whip the head off..." In my opinion the only head that should be 'whipped off' is the one belonging to the idiot who said, or says, things like that and especially when he dispenses similar advice to young and inexperienced motorcyclists. There you are, perhaps fourteen years old, your... more
  • This is fun! - Sarge, Mon Oct 15 17:35
  • You may think you know all about safety and being aware of whats around you but you can still benefit from this video
  • Tammy goes away today - mike, Sun Oct 14 09:55
    I'm a bit worried after hearing about these pseudo brown shirts called 'Proud Boys' who beat up people on the NY streets. They were acting out where she lives.
  • There is ironic humour... - Sarge, Sun Oct 14 10:36 this. I have a Faecesbook account (under a nom-de-plume for privacy; simply to avoid family adding me to their broadcast of the toilet-training toddler network and being "found" by school acquaintances I want nothing to do with) to get notices of last minute rehearsal changes &c from the theatre I worked in.... more
    another nice ride - mike, Fri Oct 12 15:05
    Here is a very pretty view from (what appears to be the riders shoulder of) a Royal Enfield Continental 535 being taken for a nice blat through some English roads I don't know. Its another one just the riders comments not a review
  • What a day - mike, Fri Oct 12 17:12
    As far as the storm was concerned, we were spared by a stand of pines that acted like a windbreak. We heard the noise of squalls last night but that was it. When I took the dog out this morning I was very surprised to see the damage done on the back creek, the jetty has lost a dozen or more planks from its walkway and ... more
  • Roger and Mike - Sarge, Wed Oct 10 11:32
    Roger, I don't know where in Georgia you might be, but I do hope this latest storm misses you both. Our best wishes to you both for escaping unscathed.
  • The best ride video I've seen - mike, Sun Oct 7 11:33
    No music just the sounds of a Triumph T140 and a very good commentary as it might be any of us talking or thinking as we rode/drove. These are the roads I grew up enjoying, its a relaxing way tp spend an hour, well worth watching for the scenery alone.
  • Home made V twin - Mike, Thu Oct 4 09:02
    I've always liked Indian men, have found them to be almost more English than some of my countrymen. Almost always well spoken, well mannered and above all, intelligent and enthusiastic about their interests. So in this Jay Lenos Garage video, he talks with an Indian man who made his own V twin based on two Bullet... more
  • Courtesy of your niece Sacha....
    Back to basic cars - mike, Sun Oct 7 19:23
    NIL DESPERANDUM Let's try and keep this cheerful and optimistic! Suffice it to say that I believe the born again back to basics car and bike WILL go through a resurgence in popularity! Just don't ask me to state why I am so sure this will happen. Horses for courses. 'Nuff said? Right, so lets look on the bright side.... more
  • (A note for those not familiar with the difference between Phillips head fasteners and "Pozidriv". Both are crosshead fasteners, but Pozi is a refinement that is a bit more complex to manufacture, but doesn't have the evil tendencies of Phillips. They fit snugly to the proper Pozi drivers, won't cam out and smear the... more
    You and me on cars and bikes... - sarge, Sun Oct 7 12:04
    Carrying forward what you had said in response to not just my Mini piece, but in several of these things, you might be surprised but I don't consider you to be on "thin ice" at all. Lets first look at your love for old American iron in America. It really is the same reason bikers here love Harleys. Before you unlimber ... more
  • Crass bikers. Beware! Cave conan? - mike, Mon Oct 8 09:39
    ARSEHOLES ARE EVERYWHERE After reading some of the crass comments made by motor cycle journalists reviewing the new Enfield singles and twins, I feel like breathing fire! They're incredibly ignorant. One bloke winging about the gearing - hey knucklehead, its got a chain drive so you don't have to worry about having an ... more
  • ONCE UPON A MOTORCYCLE - Mike, Fri Oct 5 21:33
    ONCE UPON A MOTORCYCLE - Riding in the foggy, foggy dew Riding in dense fog is something devoutly to be avoided if possible but as so often happens, when I encountered this it was both unexpected and under less than ideal circumstances. As I'm sure you all know, fog consists of droplets of water suspended in the air... more
  • Great (and not so great) cars #3 - Sarge, Thu Oct 4 06:35
    (This was called #11 in the series as published) All Tech and No Trousers It's arguable which is the greater crime, a numbmobile that can't even live up to the standard of basic transport, or what should have been a driver's car that is encumbered by a poor execution or (often German) tech for tech's sake. Taking the... more
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