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Survivors Obsession #2 - Sarge, Mon Aug 13 11:27
"Meets" vs, "Shows"; What the Hell Happened? At one point in America, car guys gathered for a day or a week, no trailers, no lawn, they raced on the beach in New Jersey, rallyes in Upstate New York, hillclimbs in Vermont, tours and parades, and fields chock full o' gascapes and blankets spread out with piles of bits... more
Survivors Obsession #1 - Sarge, Sun Aug 12 18:44
(A note. These will be posted in the form they have already appeared. Some terms might be a little mysterious, so feel free to ask if something doesn't make sense. I hope you enjoy them.) A Musing The late Alan Clark once said there are two types of car enthusiasts. There are the majority who line their cars up and... more
  • Lately, I've been writing... - Sarge, Sun Aug 12 10:40
    ...several pieces for a car enthusiasts website. The overarching theme has been the joys of the original unrestored sportscar vs. the American car culture that demands restoration, the latter at expense of the car's soul. I hold the maintenance and driving of survivors is to extend their lives whilst "restoration" is... more
  • Grump, rant, moan, bitch - mike, Fri Aug 10 11:52
    Yesterday was a right bastard thanks to this constant leg pain which frankly is beginning to worry me a bit, supposing its something really horrible like bone cancer which Tammys dad died from? On the other hand what the hell, looking at the way things are going in this country and the world in general, it wouldn't be ... more
  • odd little sketch - mike, Thu Aug 9 11:58 I won't explain what its about but I do hope if you liked it as much as I did that perhaps we could discuss it after its been viewed by you all.
  • Never heard of him - mike, Tue Aug 7 09:01
    I'm not well read on American authors of note and Tammy insisted that I read the following which is a link to an article on James Baldwin's observations about writing. Frankly I'm not impressed by his observations though they may be cogent as far as his work was concerned but they are irrelevant to mine and to the way ... more
  • My absence as of late... - sarge, Mon Aug 6 17:08
    Sorry, lads. A bit of a setback in the back saga starting yesterday morning. Suddenly a serious muscle issue at the pelvic floor and everything went super-tight to guard it. 'bout hauled the tailbone up me own arse! Grin! Pardon me if I get a little grumpy, but doing my very best to stay cheerful. No driving today... more
  • The Island Part 20 - mike, Fri Aug 3 09:33
    The Island - part 20 (from Starting Out - Prince Ali's autobiography) As hard as it was to gather together the necessary group of intellectuals, engineers, physicists, chemists and electrical engineers we needed to get started, that labour of Hercules was as nothing compared to the problems encountered in making a... more
  • The Island Part 19 - mike, Thu Aug 2 11:39
    (Apologies for the hiatus, it's the usual problem of a combination of disrupted daily routine and bad weather amplifying pain plus recovery time needed to get back on an even keel.) The Island Part 19 - Thursday August 2nd "Professor Ronald Thistle's work always tends to be overlooked, even forgotten, once the... more
    • Yay! - Sarge, Thu Aug 2 18:51
  • Roger was right after all - mike, Thu Aug 2 14:55
    I was rather taken aback and a bit disappointed to read a paragraph in 'Thief of Time' (a Terry Pratchett book I have read many times) in which a character explains how her first experience with the human action of sleep unleashed horror filled nightmares. So thats two separate reads, Clarke and Pratchett, using a... more
    Hallo, shop! - sarge, Thu Aug 2 09:13
    Checking in with all here. Still a soggy soggy last couple of weeks. 10" last week and over two more this week. Effing rain... Found some nice tools at various jumble sales over that period though. The rain stops and the sun comes out long enough to get one of the little cars out for a turn on just enough occasions to ... more
  • Sarge & Roger thanks for your input! - mike, Sun Jul 29 00:44
    Sarge the last time I stopped writing for a spell, you suggested by way of encouragement, that I remember its for fun not meant to be an exercise in masochism. Go where you want and enjoy yourself, you said (or words to that effect). Roger I know you weren't accusing me of plagiarism, or if you were hinting at that... more
  • I hope its not my fault as usual - mike, Sat Jul 28 08:13
    Suitably cryptic message heading refers to the possible implication to be drawn from your earlier comment about being absent (ostensibly because of a lack of ad blocker for I-pad). From my point of view it COULD be read as 'I don't have the time or patience enough for your bullshit to make it worthwhile seeking a... more
  • The Island - part 13 - mike, Tue Jul 17 07:35
    The Island - part 13 George's enlightenment continues It was difficult for George to follow Jules back to their starting point because it was as if he had been given an awareness that was continually increasing at each step along the trail. He couldn't find the words to describe what was happening to him, it was as if ... more
  • I found this WW2 jewel Sarge - mike, Fri Jul 27 15:46
    Most interesting detailed informational film about preparing Lancs for a raid to Berlin.
  • Why do I have to do this? - mike, Thu Jul 26 14:48
    About late last year I discovered that I couldn't watch YouTube videos anymore, got a message saying that your browser doesnt support etc. etc. My browser is Firefox running on this Dell under Win 10. I found a fix via a plugin has an icon on the toolbar like an italic F and it 'enables YouTube flash player'. The... more
  • tammy went away again - mike, Wed Jul 25 05:54
    hence my not posting.
  • info relevant to story - mike, Fri Jul 27 11:33
    In a recent episode I made an oblique reference to one of those lovable peculiarities that quantum mechanics seems to suggest could one day be implemented usefully. Quantum entanglement implies that instantaneous communication over almost infinite distance might be attainable. Heres another take on what quantum... more
    an angel returns to heaven - mike, Fri Jul 27 06:57
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