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Hello men, pardon this rant - mike, Sun Jun 25 07:09
Am I the only one that can see our societys increasing vulnerability to what will be an awful economic disaster? God knows that nobody lacks financial acumen like me but if I can spot the signs then surely others can? I wish I had the courage to turn my back on the whole computer ridden phenomenon and the strength,... more
  • You'll love this link Sarge - Mike, Tue Jun 20 12:44 You just click on a front cover and it'll take you to that issue. Then scroll down a bit and you can download it as a PDF.
  • On a more cheerful note - mike, Sat Jun 17 09:38
    Poor Sarge, I can really sympathize with your plight, so to change the subject... When the Harry Potter books first came out I was unaware of them but one day whilst at an in-laws house, bored to death whilst the women folks gossiped, I picked up the first volume and read most of it as they chattered. Later I read... more
  • What I've been up to - mike, Fri Jun 16 13:11
    Okay my friends Toad is going to return, in fact thats why I've been absent but unfortunately I bit off more than I could chew. Heres the story. As I believe I mentioned before the World of Spectrum guys have competitions one of which is for the worst program of all. Actually everyone could win because there are so... more
  • Fighting infiltration - mike, Thu Jun 15 08:00
    Yesterday I went to change a few settings in Norton to keep my wife out of some websites that invariably cause computer problems and on log in Norton informed me I was using the wrong password! Well there's a function in Norton that unusually allows you to see your password and the password that popped up isnt one of... more
    More Garden Photos, Roger - Sarge, Mon Jun 12 12:22
    The Morning Glory has presented us with the first three blossoms of the year! Meanwhile, the runners have made it to the top of the fencing itself, and the bottom has filled in nicely. It won't be long until the entire fence is invisible!
  • This is just too... - Sarge, Mon Jun 12 18:58
    ...ridiculous for me to not have some fun with, so for your amusement. The Health and Safety Wombles have outdone themselves on this one. There is some sanity in warning the idiot about dangers of products, though one could wonder how that idiot would be able to read the warning for comprehension, but we'll leave that ... more
  • Experts are amazingly useful - mike, Sat Jun 10 10:27
    ...IF you can find one who is not a social basket case with eccentricities that make him about as safe as a bottle of nitro to approach! An American neighbour of ours back when I lived in Broxbourne, worked on aero engines and also kept his beloved old Triumph sportscar running. I dont recall the model but it wasnt... more
  • Please dont give up on me chaps! - mike, Wed Jun 7 11:43
    I've been finally making some headway with machine code programming but its jolly hard work I can tell you, smoke coming out of the ears type levels of concentration and studying required. However yesterday I was delighted to be able to actually help someone else instead of being the one seeking assistance! I gave him ... more
  • The pen arrived today sarge thanks - mike, Fri Jun 9 10:36
    Which means it actually arrived yesterday late afternoon as I had checked my mailbox that midday. Thanks again mate.
  • If we should ever meet Sarge - mike, Wed Jun 7 11:32
    I do hope my absolutely hopelessly messy surrounding wont be so much anathema to you that you'll feel like re-examining our friendship! I know that some folks are really freaked out by scruffy old bastards living happily amidst chaos and confusion. At least one family member won't come to our house again so grossed... more
  • I wonder what this does? Test - mike, Tue Jun 6 19:24
    Please include attribution to with this graphic.
  • Adaptive camouflage - mike, Tue May 16 10:20
    I'm too tired to do much web stuff because I MUST beat back the last few years worth of jungle thats been encroaching upon the house largely unnoticed. However with trees burrowing under the walls and creepers peeling off the siding and entering the roof space via the ventilation slots, something had to be done. The... more
  • I made myself a quill pen - mike, Sat Jun 3 10:32
    While I wait for a handle. I superglued a steel nib to a vulture feather, suitably sinister for my wizardry work. I tried several proper quill pen nibs cut from the feather with a sharp knife but they don't produce an acceptable like, too prone to spluttering and too broad for my liking. If you cut them fine they dont ... more
  • bloody doctors - mike, Sun Jun 4 15:39
    My doctor who is a nice young chap is a Physicians Assistant. I trust him but this time I think he screwed up and its the second time. He prescribed me a different beta blocker when Atenolol was working fine for me and the new one made me feel old and decrepit and I stopped taking it and told him so. The other day he... more
    My brain hurts! - mike, Sat Jun 3 09:41
    I've been attempting to make a start on learning to program the Z80 using machine code - don't worry, I have no intention of describing it any further! The problem is that one needs to learn to use a few other software tools or specialised programs that put your code into a format acceptable to the chip. What you are... more
    Roger! Did you watch that video? - mike, Thu Jun 1 08:55
    Below I put up a link to a video about the Dambusters only perhaps you missed it amidst the other clutter of messages. Sarge responded to correct my mistaken belief about 617 squadron flying the Falklands missions and to point out that American bombers have broken that record of the longest mission ever flown that the ... more
  • Looky here - Sarge, Tue May 30 10:37
    Admittedly I've been rather remiss about checking in here over the weekend. My wife and I did some jumble sales and an estate sale. She found one of the large Keurig coffee machines near-new for $22, and I a small 4HP vacuum cleaner in like condition for about the same, the very thing for hoovering out car interiors.... more
  • Sarge you'll like this! - mike, Mon May 29 15:45
    This video is fun to watch, despite the banter its obvious this kid is no slouch at prototyping and I hadn't heard of the 'magnus effect' So what immediately came to mind was how much this effect could have affected the Lancs carrying the spinning dambuster bombs?
  • If you have enough motor - mike, Tue May 30 14:38
    You can make anything fly
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