Welcome to MARS! It is a place to relax or help the students improve their skills in various areas, as well as a distraction from everyday routines. Once you enter into the welcoming lobby area, you see couches and tables scattered about. Shelves of games line the wall. This is the perfect place to have a conversation, kick back, and have fun with your friends.

However, if you are looking for other forms of entertainment you can enter into one of the fives rooms available to the students:

The first room is dedicated to water. Here you can find any kind of body of water, from a vast ocean to a small river. Ponds, lakes, coves or bays can serve to entertain you and help with your swimming abilities.

The second room is centered on sports. The students may practice Muggle and Magical sports. The room can be used as a scale Quidditch Pitch with charmed dummies that will help you practice your skills.

The third one is for dance. Here you will find everything you need to do so, even talking portraits of ballerinas that will help in perfecting your techniques.

If you are interested in the visual arts, your place is room four. Tools and materials can be found here, as well as talking portraits. Also, if you need inspiration, the walls are charmed to portray any museum or scenery you need to find your muse.

Last but not least, the music room will provide the necessary equipment for the students to practice their voice to their instrument of choice. Like room three and four, portraits are available for guidance.

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