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Bomber Command Memorial. GreenPark. London.
Photo courtesy of Dean Sumner on the Anniversary of his Great Uncle Frank's death over Kiel. Germany.

Anyone seeking information on how to claim their Bomber Command Clasp
Click here

The Battle of Britain Camera's View. Re-Release: by Roy Asser
Click here

Click here for Battle of Britain related book list (by Ronnie Lamont)
Click here for Battle of Britain related movies
Click here for the Shoreham Aircraft Museum site

Click here to view BBC's Man Alive | The Few 1969

Click here to view article in Kent Lifestyle Magazine

List of surviving "Few" 2017

Mark Andrew invites you to share BoB photos in Flickr

New book out by Richard Stowers
Wellingtons over the Med

Good Morning Pippa
Thought you may be interested in an article (below) which appeared in our Western Australian Daily Newspaper today. I was interviewed on Thursday and although the article is not entirely true (as you know journalists sometimes get things a bit wrong) it commemorates the 15th which as a rule is forgotten over here.


BBC Interview with
Wing Commander Robert Stanford Tuck

August 24th 1913- October 21st 2012.

Guy Ritchie To Make Film on
The Few

Shoreham Aircraft museum Opening Times for 2014.

The Diary of a Hurricane Pilot by Robert Dixon.

We are over on Twitter nowadays:

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