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Don't die! by A lone wolf, Sun Jun 14, 2015 13:28
Stay alive board!

  • Aimee Hendrick's Day Off by Aimee, Tue Jan 20, 2015 23:39
    Risk levels. After a morning spent in paranoid contemplation, it seemed only natural to be balancing risk factors for a proposal while tucked into the corner of a sound booth. She didn't technically need to be there, since she wasn't a mixer or a sound tech, but the staff had no problem with her acquisition of a chair ... more

  • Get On Your Boots by Yaralista, Mon Jan 19, 2015 22:13
    Uneasiness preyed on Yara’s mind throughout the afternoon. She wasn’t in trouble, which was always a nice state of affairs, but she did need to learn to watch the time, apparently. That wasn’t a new complaint: Yara had never made much of a point of being punctual. Four hundred years did tend to teach you a few things, ... more

  • The Right Rite by Sundira, Sat Jan 17, 2015 23:14
    He'd been right about one thing: he could tell what she wanted, and it had a lot to do with him stripping. He'd also been able to locate small things she sent him after, but she hadn't tried any larger ones. Also, she seemed to have to know where it was on her own: she'd tried sending him a picture but no location,... more

  • Show of Teeth by Aimee, Sat Dec 20, 2014 02:53
    For just one moment, they were on the same page. Kaleb was speaking her language, gloriously explaining that it would be easy, that she knew how to make them work, that she didn't have anything to worry about. Then, reality smashed into the words and it was about music, and the charts, and covers. Before she could... more

  • Sleepyhead by Yaralista, Tue Dec 16, 2014 00:24
    It made perfect sense to stay over, but that wasn’t why Yaralista leaned into Ezra’s kiss. Relief coursed warmly through her, followed closely by desire and concern. She hadn’t been feeling precisely rejected by the other woman’s lack of amorous attention, but she was surprised to find the relief was nonetheless... more

  • Breathing Room by Sundira, Sun Nov 16, 2014 22:14
    By the time the Big Sur junction of highways and state roads had come and passed, Sundira had graduated from misery to murderous impulses. She'd dropped Micah off while sobbing, only barely talked out of turning back to look for Kaleb and apologize a million times. Micah's advice had been sound - strangely - and so,... more

  • We Can Work it Out by Sundira, Tue Sep 30, 2014 20:15
    "What did you say to her?" Micah held out his phone as Sundira dragged herself out of the bathroom, the worst damage from the cloudburst concealed behind fresh makeup. She didn't have to look at the tiny LCD screen to know the text was a terse message from Kaleb. She put her shoulders down and pushed past him, but he... more

  • In case... by Angela, Thu Jul 31, 2014 23:03
    ...we ever decide to start writing again, I wanna keep this board alive! So I'm posting something for activity's sake! Miss you guys. <3

  • Light Matters by Chad Two Feathers, Sun May 18, 2014 13:41
    She was gone when he awoke, which was understandable, since it was past nine and the room was only so light-proof despite the hotel’s claims. He could tell where she was if he concentrated, as he had before, and so, he did the best that he could to ignore the fact that the days were going to get to him. When he headed ... more

  • Up in the Air by Finlay, Wed May 14, 2014 14:33
    He hadn’t expected to sleep, but morning light was filtering through the glass of the skylight and he could smell coffee. Cracking open an eye, he gave in to the stretch that seized him, tightening every muscle in its own delicious paroxysm. Against him, Ashling stirred and scowled in her sleep: she wasn’t a daytime... more

  • Silk by Benjamin , Tue Apr 29, 2014 22:27
    “I don’t have to care,” he whispered back to her, but she was already gone, her mouth still curved up in a smile that said she didn’t care that much about the fate of her silk panties. Concentration invaded his mind, stripping away his other thoughts: first the recognition of the camera, silently monitoring them,... more

  • Unkind Rewind by Sundira, Fri Apr 25, 2014 22:25
    In the end, she watched the concert leaning against the bare studs of the wings, in the dark off to the side of the stage. She'd seen Kaleb on stage before, but it didn't prepare her for the change, the new posture, the feedback, the way she taunted the crowd and then satisfied them. They started out screaming at her, ... more

  • Discord and Chaos by Harmony Walker, Sun Feb 23, 2014 00:33
    “Ugh...timezit?” the blonde at the bottom of the pile of semidressed bodies inquired, gritting her eyes against the intrusion of the sun. They - they being the pile of lycanthropes coiled around her in mostly human form - were occupying a bed in a sunny room in a tower on the far side of the city. Most of the building ... more

  • Preparing For Battle (Finlay) by Ashling, Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:04
    She had thought that now he had gotten some of what he had wanted, and he had started it, he would have vanished back to his own room. But he had surprised her by taking up a towel, helping her to dry off and then after drying himself off, made noises about going to bed. Her bed. She had hidden her surprise, as was... more

  • An Unwelcome Trial Separation (Alcide!!) by Kiya, Fri Dec 27, 2013 09:42
    Kiya walked the windy streets slowly, making sure each of her steps was measured by human standards, her pace slow, her hands were grasped behind her back. Winter had come to the City, as if it was holding it hostage in the throws of the icy rain and the freezing winds that swept through the streets. Kiya knew it was... more

  • New Directions (Oriana!) by Dante, Thu Dec 26, 2013 21:05
    Dante's laugh was sudden and abrupt, but it was real. Oriana's comment, in all it's casualty and randomness had struck her at a delay, but amusement is exactly what she felt in reaction. "It's okay," she told the other woman, chest still rising and falling in her mirth and she wiped away fake tears from the corners of ... more

  • Flight of the Valkyrie by Ashling, Tue Dec 10, 2013 13:13
    She needed to leave the Sithen, she needed to get away from this freak show. If she had ever known that she needed to be away, the events of this night had proved it to her. She had said some of the worst things that had ever come out of her mouth, and she had done something she had never done before, she had drawn... more

  • The Long Way Home by Yaralista, Mon Dec 2, 2013 14:12
    She winced. She couldn't keep herself from it: the moment she heard wish, her brain threw all its panic switches at once. After a moment of nothing, she opened one eye, then the other. Ezra was turned away, but she glanced back - yeah, there was no way she hadn’t seen the face Yaralista had just made. How did you... more

  • Open Season by Finlay, Sun Dec 1, 2013 15:03
    He knew he was in for trouble from the moment the Princess stepped forward, and sometimes it really sucked being right. The room went dead quiet for a moment, then regrouped and honed in on the Princess. He could see the headlines that would shortly grace every social rag in the world: Princess Jilts King for... more

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