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looking for an older Mini Labradoodle - Gregg, Sun Mar 19, 2017 15:52
I am looking for an older mini labradoodle for my parents who do not want a puppy. We would be interested in a mini labradoodle who is under 25 pounds and is one year or older. Please let me know if you can assist me in my search. My family currently has an Australian Labradoodle and would love to get my parents an... more
    • mini - Anonymous, Mon Mar 20 07:36
  • cost -, Sat Jul 25, 2015 21:18
    what's the price of your labradoodles? I would like a light colored one this fall if available.
    Availability -, Fri Oct 24, 2014 07:13
    Sookie had 6 pups on October 22, 2014. sold litter due Dec 15th
  • Guardianship -, Sat Nov 9, 2013 07:25
    OK, Clevelanders. I am looking for a guardian for one of our female pups. A forever home and a paid stipend when we use her for breeding which is twice a year and retired young. We have many guardians currently that you can talk to as well. If interested contact us at and title the... more
  • Spookies litter cream female - Ann roberts, Wed Oct 15, 2014 16:21
    Hi I just saw a post about a cream female puppy being available and possibly a couple of puppies from another litter. I am very interested!
  • Current Availability -, Thu Oct 10, 2013 08:05
    Sookie's litter was sold out but a family situation led to them moving to a 2014 litter....In Sookie's litter their is a cream female available In Maggie's litter born Oct 6th there is one chocolate boy spoken for currently and that means availability is for a chocolate, possibly cafe, boy or a cream boy as the litter ... more
  • Addison's Disease - Linda, Thu Sep 19, 2013 05:36
    I read that Australian labradoodles have a tendancy to develop Addison's disease. It can be underdiagnosed and am wondering if any owners have had any testing done or know more about this disease.
    • Addisons - Staci Huntley, Mon Sep 23 09:15
    • Addisons -, Sun Sep 22 08:10
      • Thanks - Linda, Sun Sep 22 10:45
        • Re: Thanks -, Sun Sep 22 11:09
  • Swimming - Heather, Sun Jul 7, 2013 21:14
    I have a 1 yr old female from Molly and cooper. We love her. She is awesome, beautiful, smart and loving. We have worked very hard on her training. This weekend we found out her level of loyalty. My kids went swimming in a lake and she jumped right in after them. She whined the whole time but would not get out until... more
    eating - Stephanie, Mon May 20, 2013 08:37
    Our 10 month Australian Labradoodle is puzzling/worrying us around the issue of eating his kibble. We have him "down stay" before he eats and then we say"free". He can't scrabble up quick enough to eat. He never misses a meal! Our plan is to feed him 2/3 cup of kibble 3X per day until he is 1 year old. This all... more
  • Cobbadog - Kathy L, Thu Mar 15, 2012 18:59
    Has anyone heard that our Australian Labradoodles have been renamed by Beverly Manners @Rutland . . . they are now known as Australian Cobbadogs. . . What's with that???
  • looking for puppy - Debbie, Mon Feb 11, 2013 22:46
    Are your labradoodles for adoption/sale?
  • New litters: Guardianships -, Thu Jan 31, 2013 07:47
    Molly is having a litter on 2/13/13. We plan on retaining one male. Sookie is having a litter on 3/6/13. We plan on retaining 1 or 2 females...One of those Females will go to an existing guardian, Gale Jasko. She will replace Spencer who wil be moved here or close by....Therefore we will nee at least one if not two... more
    New litter -, Thu Nov 8, 2012 08:45
    Hannah and Bernard had 5 pups on 11/4/2012. 1 cream female, 2 chocolate males and 2 chocolate females. We did not open this litter for reservation until the Pregnancy X-Ray, done a week before the pups were born. One pup was reserved right after we opened the litter up, a chocolate male. These pups are scheduled to be ... more
    Food Allergy - Heidi, Fri Aug 3, 2012 21:50
    Our vet thinks our Australian Labradoodle has a food allergy. Are there any foods they might be particular allergic to?
  • Dog Foods - Kathy L, Tue Apr 24, 2012 14:05
    Just thought I'd toss this bit of info out there. . . check out the website There is quite a bit of info on dog foods, ratings, and recalls. I've recently been using Taste of the Wild on my boys, it's a grain free kibble with a rating of 5 stars. . . prior we were using Exclusive which is a... more
  • Molly's pups - csabers, Thu Mar 1, 2012 16:06
    I am excitedly awaiting one of Molly's pups. Any chance of hearing updates as far as what you're doing with the puppies - ie neural stimulation or psychological assessments - as you go? Candace
  • cost of puppies - DONNA STEUTERMANN, Wed Feb 22, 2012 16:51
    what is the cost for your puppies?
  • Size of new litter - DONNA STEUTERMANN, Wed Feb 22, 2012 16:52
    are these standard puppies
    No Subject - Cav13, Thu Feb 16, 2012 17:03
    Giant Schanauzers are not a problem with allergys because they do not Shead or have a cent, How does the labradoole compair
  • Crate Size - Ian Moore, Sun Feb 12, 2012 21:06
    Hello all. The family and I are getting one of Rich's newest litter from Molly and Cooper (if enough girls). The family and I can barely contain our excitement, however in preparation we would like to purchase some crates for our home. We are planning on one in our Bedroom and another in our Family room. We however... more
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