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Online Reading - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 15, 2013 23:28
Here's the place to discuss online reading issues like: What are the major differences between print-based and online reading comprehension (instruction)? What are reasons and methods to support vocabulary learning with technology? How do your experiences match the readings? What other strategies have you tried? With... more
  • Creating Professional Website (July 9) - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7, 2013 15:24
    Please post insights, questions, comments, thoughts, asnwers to others' questions about creating your website here. Provide links to great resources beyond what is already on the wiki. Talk about the headings/sections you plan to include on your site and why, to help us think about our own.
  • Letters, Sounds, & Words - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 14, 2013 20:59
    Here's the place to hold the conversation about letters, sounds, and words websites and technologies. In what ways do the sites you reviewed support what you know about teaching letter names, letter sounds, phonics, spelling, sight words? What other wonderful resources are you aware of that you can share?
  • Social Bookmarking - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8, 2013 21:26
    Discuss social bookmarking here. Consider topics like (Don't address all of them in a single entry--keep it conversational--a paragraph or two with lots of interaction): Which system do you already use or plan to use for this assignment and why? How you can use social bookmarking in your own teaching setting? If and... more
  • Questions, Comments, Suggestions... - David Koppenhaver, Sat Jul 6, 2013 18:48
    Anytime you have questions about any aspect of class, a suggestion for trying something different, a problem with some assignment, this is one place to post them. Any of you can, and should, reply to anything posted here. I will also. Help each other and this class will be a better experience for all of us.
  • Introductions - David Koppenhaver, Sat Jul 6, 2013 18:30
    Please introduce yourself here. Tell us something about who you are personally and professionally, where you are in the program, etc. You will find my introduction as a model. Reply to 3-5 classmates' introductions as you find points of similarity or have questions. Get to know folks, and then use Skype/email/any... more
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