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Spanked by Carly - Hannah, Wed Aug 26 9:16pm
I'm Hannah and I'm 16 and my stepmoms close friend Carly humiliated me also spanked me to. So this is how it started. During the summer I wanted to get so extra cash so I ask Carly if I could do stuff around her house for some money. So one day I was outside doing some yard work and Carly said my money was on the... more
Stormy Weather - Emma, Mon Aug 24 4:56pm
It was a beautiful hot summers day and we’d spent the afternoon watching Newport County’s second home game of the season against Leyton Orient. I’ve always thought our football season starts too early, I mean football is a winter sport, cold days, dark evenings and watching games wrapped up in scarves and bobble hats, ... more
  • Caught by those little girls again - Jimmy, Sat Aug 22 10:37pm
    After it was all over with the spankings from those moms and the girls I was finally free. Since a couple months past I figured all was forgotten and I could go outside again. So this is what I did I took off all if my clothes opened up my front door and locked it so I couldn't get in, the only way for me to get in... more
  • Jokester Girls - Intro - xcvbrg, Sat Aug 22 8:22am
    Nick stopped his bike right over the sidewalk. At 1:30 AM of a Saturday nobody would care, much less in a quiet neighborhood like that. Same with the cops, who would be quite tired from working at those hours. He just needed a little break; he had been driving his bike all day long, coming from a city that was 300... more
    Spanked by Carly - Jimmy, Fri Aug 21 10:16pm
    Hi I'm jimmy and I'm 13 and my stepmom Carly gave me the spanking of a lifetime. So this is how it started. It was a Saturday moring and I thought it would be funny to prank my stepmom, so what did was as soon as she came down the stairs with her hands full I pantsed her. I saw her butt and then I slapped it really... more
  • Cousin Betrayed me! - SwimKid, Thu Aug 20 6:54pm
    I went to my little cousin's house, I was supposed to be there untill shewas ready to go out to a birthday party, but what I found was worse than the original task I'd planned to do. My cousin resived me and made me sit in a chair, she told me: -I'll be right back, I just have to change clothes and I'll be ready.... more
  • garbge day - Drew., Thu Aug 20 2:33pm
    I lived with my parents out in the country. They worked and left for work around 7:30am. Since it was the middle of summer I got to sleep in as long as I wanted except on Thursdays. Thursday was garbage day and the garbage had to be outside by the road by 8:00. This Thursday morning I kinda overslept and was in the... more
    Stripped for the War Effort - JP_1814, Tue Aug 18 1:24pm
    Author's Note: While the story and characters themselves are fictional I did try to keep the historical elements as accurate as possible. The Westman family always was proud of of their long history with the United States and Tennessee. If family lore is to be believed their ancestors arrived in America on the... more
  • Blackmailing the Bride - JP_1814, Mon Aug 17 3:46pm
    Somewhat inspired by this ( http://enf-cmnf.com/2014/05/housewife-blackmailed-into-reluctant-exhibitionism/ ) video on ENF-CMNF.com. Laura and I were close friends since high school. Last year when Laura and her fiance, Bill, decided to get married I was her first choice to be the maid of honor. Unfortunately my good... more
  • Water Park Incident - Halley, Mon Aug 17 8:21am
    I went to waterworld for my friend's birthday when we were both in the 7th grade (whatever age that is). It was her, me, and another friend of hers. My friend and her other friend went to get some lunch, I decided to go in the wave pool. Now I'm not too knowledgable about the wave pool. I just thought it was a... more
  • Hospital ENF Humiliation - JP_1814, Fri Aug 14 4:01pm
    This story is based on a video ( http://enf-cmnf.com/2013/10/enf-video-severely-embarrassed-female-patient/ ) from the ENF-CMNF.com blog and a Kisekae visual story I did some time ago ( http://jp-1814.deviantart.com/art/Shaved-and-Examined-496604555?q=gallery%3AJP-1814%2F51653342&qo=9 ) Last year I was required to... more
    • Nice one! - Executionus, Fri Aug 14 5:16pm
      • Thanks - JP_1814, Fri Aug 14 9:28pm
  • Summer Camp of Playville - Intro - Executionus, Sun Aug 9 11:40pm
    Alrighty, it is finally time for some summer camp adventures. Considering that I have been planning and working on this off-and-on for three freaking years, I think "finally" is the correct word to use here. Anyway, I will release this little by little since there are many parts to it all. This story so-far is about... more
  • In my country teachers like to use shame and embarrassment to punish bad students in school. This happens more so to boys but one teacher at my school Mr. M likes to pick on girls more than boys. One time he got mad at one pretty but nerdy girl Emily for whispering in class. She wasn't whispering but he said she was... more
  • Shamed at School - Natalya, Sun Aug 9 1:53pm
    In my country teachers like to use shame and embarrassment to punish bad students in school. Our teacher Ms. M likes to pick on boys mostly. One time she got mad at one boy TJ for whispering in class. He wasn't whispering but she said he was anyway. She was in a bad mood and likes to pick on TJ, mostly because he have ... more
  • Humilliated by 10 girls in a party - SwimKid, Fri Aug 7 7:12pm
    My family was invited to a Birthday party of a friend couple, and I wa forced to go, what I didnt know is that It'd turn out so badly for me. My family and I arrived at the party, and they told me to ggo with the other kids in a hugeroom so we could play. The birthday guy (I dont know his name) thought the kids they'd ... more
  • With 13 years, and a need of money for a game I wanted, I accepted a babysitting job, what I didnt know is that I'd be babysitting two angry 12 year old sisters that thought they were to old to have a Babysitter. Neither did I know what they had planned for me. I arrived at their house and the Sister's mom told me a... more
  • Curiosity..... - NoLuckLisa, Wed Aug 5 4:45pm
    I guess I’ve always been a curious girl. I always think you should try everything at least once before dismissing it, and this applied to sexual relationships too. Unfortunately, this has occasionally led to finding myself in a spot of bother, to say the least. I was 18 at the time, about to graduate high school. I... more
  • What happened at Remus High School - AllanW, Wed Aug 5 3:10pm
    This story is pure fiction. The year was 1978. It was 4th period P.E. class at Remus High School, and I had just finished my shower. I walked back to my locker, as usual covered in nothing but a towel. My locker happened to be in the very back of the locker room, near the emergency exit door clearly marked "Do Not... more
  • Humilliated after swimming lesson - SwimKid, Fri Jul 24 12:06pm
    I got into the pool in my swimming class, the first thing that I notice is that a girl from my class, a pretty hot one for that matter (who we'll be calling "Ca" for simplicity sake) was there. As a 13 year old that isnt too good at sports that require a ball, I decided to try and Impress Ca by showing off my swimming ... more
  • My first real spanking - Emily, Wed Jul 22 8:33pm
    Hi I'm emily and I'm 15 and my neighbor Nicole gave me the spankong that I would never forget. It was an early moring and my parents already left for work. Since they were gone I usually do what ever u want. When I was 13 I always liked running outside naked and trying not to get caught. So that's what I did. I... more
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