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Strip roulette - Anonymous 2, Thu Oct 27 9:34pm
It was the hottest day of the year, 45*c, all the street kids were too hot and tired to play anything. ( there are 2 boys and 3 girls in the street gang )Then, Sophie's suggested we should play strip roulette. The rules were simple, there were 5 envelopes, in each envelope, a number was written down, and that was how... more
  • Sabrina Part 1 - This Guy, Wed Oct 26 3:26am
    Tarah was not excited for this weekend at all. Her parents were going to be out of town with their friends while she was forced to watch their friends' 15 year old daughter Sabrina. She seemed old enough to not have a baby sitter. But due to having the mind of a child, her parents didn't think so. Tarah was also only... more
  • The Tease Gets What's Coming (REPOST, READ DISCLAIMER) - The Controverser, Wed Oct 26 12:48am
    Disclaimer: This is NOT my story, I did not write this nor am I claiming that I have. This is one of my favorite stories from the old board, excellently written by XC47 (XC47@yahoo.com) and I thought that it was definitely a story worth bringing over from the old board. If Dan decides that reposting this is in... more
    Mistakes - No one in particular, Tue Oct 25 11:33pm
    18+ only My father is a man who likes to deal punishment. In one instance, I was at a party and we played spin the bottle strip. Someone took a photo of me topless and posted it on facebook. When he found out, he said, "Lucy, if you want to lose your Virginity that badly, at least lose it to us". So I was sent to my... more
  • Family punishment - Anonymous , Tue Oct 25 1:59pm
    In my family, punishment was not just pain, no , in my family, punishment is an everybody makes sure you pay. In one particular incident, I was caught smoking. When dad found out, he told me to go to my room and wait. I should just mention that I have an older brother, a twin brother, and 2 younger sisters. Then he... more
    Parts 1 + 2 can be found here: http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?id=245772;article=2877;search_term=There%92s+not+always+two+sides+to+every+coin http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=245772;article=2884;title=Girl%20Pantsing%20%26%20Stripping%20Story%20Board Part 3 I reluctantly sat down still... more
  • Initiation - Tj, Mon Oct 24 4:12pm
    The ceremonies to admit one into a society,Initiation !The girls society for the weeks past has initiated harsh problems for the newbies.Coming home to the final days the "maggots" as they were called had suffered.Now they were almost there.Or where they?The girls were told to team up and purchase a twin bed sheet.... more
  • Jimmy's Embarrassment - Bunky, Sun Oct 23 6:07pm
    **this is a boy stripping story** When I was 14 there was this boy Jimmy in our class at school who was kind of wimpy skinny boy but had a surprisingly big dick, and for this reason got depantsed, stripped and just generally picked on a lot more than any other kids. The reason we knew he had a big dick is because he... more
  • More and More -- Conclusion. - Executionus (Candy16), Sun Oct 23 3:15pm
    Ages ago I wrote up More and More parts 1-5 under the name Candy16 back when I was in high school, because the girl I was dating at the time had a massive fetish for being slowly exposed in public to boys against her will. It was the first story I posted online because I was very proud of how it came out. When that... more
  • Trick or Treat and I got tricked - oh gosh, Sat Oct 22 11:46am
    By the time I was 16 i had grown out of the halloween spirit of dressing up and acting silly just to get candy so at that point I had planned on just spending my halloween in doors with a few friends while my parents went out and left me at home with my sister. So me and my friends Zack and Erin came over to watch... more
  • Superzeroes part 4: Teleporter Troubles - Mr Somebody, Fri Oct 21 5:09pm
    -Note: This is a one-off addition to my Superzero series, I thought I would write another one as it is almost Halloween and I wanted to write a new addition to my series based around teleportation, may write more, haven't decided if this could be the start of a new trilogy, enjoy anyway, feedback please- Clara was a... more
    So despite how confusingly named the chapters in this story are this is the final chapter of the current story arc. I may get around to doing a series two some time in the future but other projects are higher on my list. As always thanks for the great responses and I'd love to hear what you thought of this whole... more
  • Alone at Last - Alex, Tue Oct 18 12:00am
    Hello, I recently found this site and this is my first time posting a story here. This story is fan-fic, I found this YA book series called Heroic and I absolutely loved it. But it involves an unusual living situation that I thought would work really well for this kind of story. Pretty much all you need to know is... more
  • girls love naked boys part 2 - Tj, Mon Oct 17 3:52pm
    Beth as you know was a scapegoat.The girls her so called friends wished to see guys nude,but they didn't want to get that way ! So,they came up with a plan and Beth was the vic.!The boys surrounded her at the love seat.She looked at there privates and shook in fear,yet a trill encased her feelings. To date she had... more
  • Monthly ENF challenge - Fantastic4, Mon Oct 17 2:03pm
    Ok. This was really scary. I thought that this was the end, but clearly it wasn't. Let me start at the beginning. My name is Logan. I'm short (about 4'9") with blonde hair and blue eyes. I have small boobs, but they are proportional with my body. I'm about a 28a. My butt is pretty nice too. So it all started at about... more
    Found and punsished - Fantasy, Sun Oct 16 5:22pm
    All of these stories will be fiction this is my first so post some feedback please. Kelly was a 15 year old girl. Black hair 5'2 100 pounds with bcup tits. She is athletic and plays basketball. So one days he was shooting alone in the gym and she was getting really horny. So she made a deal with herself. For every... more
  • Girls love naked boys - Tj, Sun Oct 16 2:27pm
    Now teen girls really like to see boys naked.Take this true story.Four girls I know well told this tale to me.We had been playing truth or dare and one girl told this story. Well me (Sam),Oreo Laney,and Sue ,we're talking about boys and we all agreed it would be nice to get to see a couple of guys in their birthday... more
  • September Contest Winners - enfstories, Sat Oct 15 3:52am
    Ladies and gentlemen, it is time! The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived and the results are in. First off, thank you all so much for all of the amazing entries. We definitely had a lot more than we had expected! First, a list to remind you who entered in the September contest: Tom Mr Somebody Benjamin... more
  • Legend of Zelda: Twilight Stripping Ilia - Booty, Fri Oct 14 11:42pm
    Part one can be found here: http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=245772;article=2953;title=Girl%20Pantsing%20%26%20Stripping%20Story%20Board I am working on this story bit by bit at writing.com. If you would like to view the work in progress or even add to it, you can find it here:... more
    A Subject to Address - enfstories, Fri Oct 14 5:51pm
    Hello, people of the board, As we are sure many of you know, there's been recent events where authors have been stealing from other authors. These contests have a ZERO tolerance for stolen stories, whether it's in the past or even a copy of a submitted story. If ANY author is found to have stolen a story that they've... more

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