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Whoosh - Drew., Wed Jul 30 4:03pm
I had just graduated and moved out of my parents house thinking I was a big shot and knew it all at 18. I had a little apartment which I loved. One day I was driving along in my little ford focus when I seen the tall black dude standing on the corner. He instantly struck me as good looking and well dressed. Too late i ... more
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Amy and Ash - KennyBee, Sat May 10 4:56pm
Amy couldn't believe her luck. She had received a text from Jack, probably the hottest boy in class, inviting her round. Amy was blonde, petite, slim but with a nice round ass. She had thought Jack was way out of her league, but a few weeks ago they had hooked up in a club, one thing led to another and they had ended... more
  • The bet - NA , Sat Jun 21 3:30pm
    One night in a chat room online I brought up the question, had any women been in a strip fight or wreslting match? It was the talk or the room for the night. No one had been in one or ever seen one. The women in the chat room where all pretty successful women. Most having 2 or 3 kids a good job a husband house owners. ... more
  • a baby sitter i will never forgot - mark, Wed Jul 16 1:45pm
    so this was a long time ago and I just remembered it recently. so here it goes one night when my parents were going on a business trip for the weekend and me being a only child my parents had a neighbor girl watch me for the weekend. (my parents and hers are really good friends and know them well) anyway im at the... more
  • Bikini Wax - Mary , Mon Jul 21 3:40pm
    School had been out a week, and I wanted to go to the beach with my friends, but over the winter my hair down there had grown like a jungle and it stuck out of all my bathing suits, I am half Italian ;) I didn't have the money to get an real bikini wax. So when I was talking to my friend Jill how she got hers, she... more
  • Boy Lust - Victoria, Thu Apr 17 2:51pm
    Neither I nor any of my girlfriends were dating boys, but we all had the hots for doing naughty sexual things with them. Most of the girls I hung out with were 16 years and boys our age were just interested in baseball or basketball. One the girls had seen her older brothers porn tapes and managed to slip one out so... more
  • Birthday Be-atch - Lexxi, Fri Jul 18 11:59pm
    It was my 17th birthday so a few of my girl friends decided to take me out to celebrate. We went to a party and everyone kept giving me birthday drinks. Needless to say I drank a bit too much. I got quite tipsy and don't remember much. We all eventually wound up at this girl Clarissa's house because her family had... more
  • Sam gets stripped - Sam , Wed Jul 16 4:39am
    To start I'm 18 with kinda big boobs and I'm skinny so they really pop out anyway I was at the mall with a friend and she dared me to pull this guys pants down I was nervous about it but did it anyway but he got really mad turned around and ran after me grabbed me took me outside pulled my pants down and then off then ... more
    a night that i will never forget - ghost, Thu Jul 10 6:58pm
    the first night i was tied. one night i went to a broadway show with my class and after it i was spit up from them with some of my girl friends libby rene and kora. we were all dressed up for it i was wearing a tux, libby was wearing a white dress with white stiletto heels, rene was wearing a red dress with black... more
    • Wow! - Janienudiepants, Mon Jul 14 5:18am
  • Short Stories From The Web - Duragon, Thu Apr 17 1:56pm
    This is a depantsing story that unfortunately involves me. I was 17 at the time, my younger sister was 15. I had driven her to the mall so that we could do some shopping. She got done and was ready to go home, but I had a couple more stores that I wanted to go to. I told her that since I drove I would dictate when we... more
  • Hung up on a fence: to Duragon: - Janienudiepants, Mon Jul 7 8:18am
    TEEN GIRL PANTSING / STRIPPING PRANKS & GAMES Janienudiepants to Duragon: (Second Story on your list) Something like this happened to me walking home from school with a new friend in the second grade. I normally wore girls jeans and a tee, but occasionally wore a dress for my mom. We had a maybe 2/3 mile walk to... more
    Spanked naked all the time - Kimberly, Sun May 11 9:46pm
    I'm ** and have 3 younger step brothers who are total terrors. Me being the oldest, and a girl, I am always being left in charge of them when my parents go out which is totally unfair because the little bastards don't listen to me and do what ever they want no matter what I say or do. Then because my step mom is an... more
  • Open Book Exam (PT 1) - Joe (Redux), Mon Jun 23 10:51pm
    My name is Jackie Johnson, and I'm a 31-year-old advertising executive with a Fortune 500 company. My husband is a college professor, but, since I was less than impressed with the health care my son was receiving on my husband's medical plan, I decided to transfer him over to my company's program. The university's... more
  • weird school physical? - Sarah, Wed Jul 2 9:52pm
    Last year, during my freshman year of the private high school I go to, everyone was required to have a physical done. What's strange is that we need a physical done at the doctors every year so having one done at the school seems a little bit excessive. Anyways, it is an all girls school with a dress code. We were... more
    • yeah - DaniL, Sun Jul 6 5:35pm
    • Good story - Tom, Sat Jul 5 10:16am
    • Creepy - Janienudiepants, Wed Jul 2 10:05pm
  • halloween in middleschool - Skyla, Wed Jul 2 12:36am
    So do you all remember how in middle school and elementary school you could wear your Halloween outfit to school for the day? Well I had bought my outfit about a month and a half in advance in eight grade.(possibly 7th. It don't remember toooo well xP) You weren't supposed to show up in your outfit, you were supposed... more
  • Dale - Janienudiepants, Sun Jun 29 2:50pm
    When I was seven (or was it six, lol?) I was playing with the older boy across the street, named Dale. His house was on a hill a little higher than ours, and he had a back bedroom hidden from the street. I was forbidden to go inside anyone's house without permission, but he invited me in.... and said it would be okay. ... more
    Bee tries but fails - Dave2000, Thu Jun 26 12:35am
    Bee was 15, dyed red hair, slim and averagely developed. She went to a school on the mainland, despite living on an island. This meant that she caught the ferry on a Sunday night and stayed on the mainland until Friday at the hostel, where all the other island kids stayed. The end of this year had an unexpected turn... more
  • Stephanie (Miss Priss) - Bobby J, Sat May 10 5:15am
    Stephanie was a popular girl. She was THE most popular in the entire Senior class. She was 5' 8" with brown hair, moderate breasts, but not large, and a shapely bottom. Stephanie wasn't a cheerleader or athlete, but kept in good shape and her body showed it. Most people liked her, because she had everything going for... more
  • Pushed Out (for KennyB) - Joshua, Tue May 27 11:54pm
    I wrote this circa 2007. It's in one of the archives. Kenny Bee was asking about it. Thanks KB! Pushed Out My sister had a slumber party with 6 hot girls from her grade that spent the night. They spent most of their time in her room with the door closed, which was extremely disappointing to me since I wanted to see... more
  • I remember some local boys playing doctor with me and my friend. They took us to a tree house and told us we had come for a checkup, It was quite fun at first as the boys pretended to be doctors examining us. They did the usual joint tests using this as a great excuse to look up our skirts etc. My friend wouldn't let... more
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