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The Judge Panel and Competition - enfstories, Sat Sep 24 9:09pm
Hey guys, So as you know we are having a competition every month for as long as people are willing to submit entries, but we also wanted to introduce you to our judge panel, to the team that is behind this, and most importantly what the winner will get out of this. So the judge panel is a group of 20 individuals who... more
  • sandals part two - Tj, Sat Sep 24 2:52pm
    After her spanking she is allowed to go to her roomOn the way up are brothers tease her that they saw her ass.Sue sister knocks on her door.Sue says go away as she is crying on her bed.It,'s me your sister.Sue says oh! come in. Her sister tries to comfort her with a hug.She tells her that years ago she. too was... more
    Sandals - Tj, Sat Sep 24 9:25am
    Early fall walking dn Kings highway,on a Sunday morn.Doc notices a classmate of his ,away ahead of him..She stops front of a shoe store ..He calls out to herSue.She pretends not to hear him.He ,a little winded,cause by his excelled pace to catch-up to her,and does.Doc,says what's up Sue? Aren't those sandals the... more
    Competition Entry: Webcam Humiliation - Marley, Sat Sep 24 9:19am
    Well here’s a quick one I figured I’d share despite the embarrassment it caused me. When I was a sophomore in high school there was this really hot senior guy that started flirting with me pretty hard on a regular basis. One afternoon after school we were talking to each other via webcam when he dared me to “show off” ... more
    Girls Stripped At School - scotty2hotty, Sat Sep 24 7:19am
    Stripped At School This actually happened back in the early 90’s when I was in the 2nd year at secondary school which is now known as year 8. During the summer months at break and lunch times they used to allow the students on to the huge grass fields that was at the school. There was 3 large fields that was shaped... more
    The Extreme Truth or Dare Collection - Anonymous, Fri Sep 23 2:32pm
    I’m doing a series of stories called “The Extreme Truth or Dare Collection”. So basically, these are the rules: The people involved choose 6 dares, 6 truths, and a penalty. They decide whether it’s going to be truth or dare by rolling a die. 1,3,5 is truth, and 2,4,6 is dare. After, they roll the die again to decide... more
    • Ideas - Executionus, Fri Sep 23 10:25pm
  • Writing and Wishing - Prologue - The Controverser, Thu Sep 22 11:23pm
    Okay, so, I was a little bored and writing the contest entry kind of got me in the mood to write. I just wrote the prologue for this idea. I hope you all enjoy it and if you want me to continue it just let me know. Writing and Wishing Prologue It isn't magic, or at least that isn't the word that I would choose to... more
  • The Fall of Beauty - CommieZeus, Thu Sep 22 10:39pm
    At first, there were just roses. Red roses, everywhere… Then, slowly, all their colour started dripping, trickling to the floor and splashing it black. With it, came a hum, which grew with every drop. It turned into a steady beat, what seemed like a march of a thousand feet. Finally, her reality came dragging in,... more
    • pt 3 - CommieZeus, Fri Sep 23 11:27pm
    • pt 2 - CommieZeus, Thu Sep 22 10:42pm
  • Leslie - Sister and I Stripped by ex boyfriend , Thu Sep 22 6:53pm
    This is a true story I was 15 and sister Katy was 17. She had recently broken up with her ex boyfriend. He was very mad about it. I was walking home with sis. When we were on a forested area her ex boyfriend met us with some of his friends. The ex boyfriend said he had shown his friends nude pictures sis had sent him. ... more
  • Competition Entry: The Night Shift - Benjamin, Thu Sep 22 6:52pm
    West Stone Hospital was a small community hospital in the middle of nowhere Georgia. The hospital consisted of only one inpatient floor and almost any patient that had anything actually wrong with them was shipped out to a larger facility. Thus, the night shifts at the hospital typically dragged on due to the patients ... more
  • Jessica's Most Embarrassing Moment - Dante, Thu Sep 22 6:37am
    The Elevator Incident - Jessica's Most Embarrassing Moment In a small university town, there was a busy Starbucks experiencing the morning rush. 7 AM on the day the company releases its yearly Pumpkin Spice Latte and filled with college students of all sorts getting ready for their early classes. In the midst of the... more
  • Lilly the Naked Girl - Katrina Kornwalus, Tue Sep 20 7:35pm
    Lilly was always the top of her class. Her teachers adored her, and she won almost every single award, receiving all As every year. She had silky smooth, long brown hair and sweet green eyes. The boys loved her for the most part and thought she was cute. Hailey was the head cheerleader captain and had an amazing... more
  • Give it up! - Part one - SwimKid, Tue Sep 20 9:20am
    -Give it up Swimkid! –Said Melissa-. You are all tied up now, I win! That was the sad truth. Melissa, the girl next door, had tricked me into going to her house. To her pool to be exact. Why had I fallen for it, you may ask yourself? Well, as a thirteen year old boy, I could only imagine Melissa in a skimpy bikini... more
  • Embarrassing - Sarah Malone, Sun Sep 18 7:37pm
    Isabella Thomas was a young and pretty girl who was about the age of 15. She had a nice body and the boys absolutely loved her. The girls absolutely hated her. The brunette young girl was picture perfect with a nice body, a perfect grade, everything was perfect. That was until one day the girls were dying to get her... more
  • Thong wedgie and my twin brother - Anonymous, Sat Sep 17 7:34am
    This is a true story that occurred to me when I was 15. My mom allowed my 17 year old sister to wear thongs but forbade me from doing so. One day my parents and sister were gone and only me, my twin brother and 2 of my bro's friends were in the house. I decided to sneak into my sister's room and try on a thong. I took ... more
    Too Small Too Big - This Guy, Fri Sep 16 3:28pm
    Kaitlin was so tired, she refused to get up when her alarm went off. She continued sleeping until it went off again. Kaitlin looked at the time. Class was starting in ten minutes. She jumped out of bed. Knowing she would have to skip showering, Kaitlin just went to put on some clothes. She took over her pajamas which... more
  • Bully in reverse part two - Tj, Fri Sep 16 11:57am
    Now we know that three eighth grade girls have taken over a boy's bathroom. Some time later six boys had already been shamed by the girls when in walked Todd their classmate. He's shocked that the girls are in the bathroom. 'What gives?' he asks. 'Dale says you have to pay to pee?' Then he says, 'and if I don't what... more
  • Sister vs Sister - The Controverser, Fri Sep 16 9:50am
    Okay, I'm a little rusty at writing but here is my contest entry. Paris sat across the table from Mia, her eyes narrowing on her sister who was happily eating her Corn Flakes, seemingly without a care in the world. Mia was obviously going to draw this out much longer than needed. Normally, Paris would welcome the mind ... more
  • Babysitter woes - Mike, Thu Sep 15 10:10pm
    Several years ago when I was 11 I had a best friend named Johnny. We had been freinds for as long as I could remember. While I was somewhat of a mild kid, Johnny was something different. Remember growing up and there was the kid down the block that your parents warned you of? (If there wasn't one you were probably him ... more
    Aunt's House 2 - Jessica, Tue Sep 13 6:27am
    My first day scared me pretty bad and I made sure not to make the same mistake twice. I was on edge for a month after that first day, I did not wanna go through that again! I was humiliated! But sure enough I stumbled. My report card came in and due to my stress, my gades had suffered. My principle even came to my... more
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