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Stripped Naked at Party in Revenge - Samantha, Sat Nov 28 12:55am
Hey, I'm Sam, this is my stripped naked story. It happened about a year ago, when I was 17. A couple of girls I kinda knew were throwing a party after their last exam. I was dragged along by my friend Emma, who knows that lot a bit better. The party itself was alright, I only half knew most of the people there. There... more
  • The Shame Experiment - Prelude - Hal, Wed Nov 25 11:01pm
    “Melissa, don’t you think that this is getting a bit outrageous?” Asked Eden Academy’s psychology teacher Ms. Amy. Melissa, a seventeen year old girl from a fairly sheltered family, was known at Eden Academy as a girl that would push the boundaries. Melissa’s parents sent her to private school when she was young and... more
  • Age/Gender/Humiliation therapy - Victor, Sat Nov 21 12:38pm
    This story is fictional and involves sexual humiliation perpetrated by teenage girls on an old man as part of his psychological therapy as he struggles, late in life, with gender identity. A Notable Applicant Miss Parkin sat at her desk reading the three sheets of paper that came in one envelope that morning from the... more
  • Forcibly Stripped at strip club - Michelle, Mon Nov 16 4:56pm
    I was 19 and made the mistake of going to a so-called gentleman's club when my boyfriend and his friends. I was not interested in watching other women strip, but it got far worse than that. One of the strippers, whose name was Katie, decided to strip a women from the crowd on stage, even if she didn't want to be... more
  • What the daughter saw Part 2 - MandyR, Sun Nov 15 12:38am
    Thank you for the replies to my last post. After the first time I saw mum and aunt I did not expect to see anything else ever. But when I was 8 I was sent home from school being poorly. The school tried to contact mum but could not. So a teacher brought me home and I went to bed. I was half a sleep and awake when I... more
  • Stacked decks - Anon, Thu Nov 12 3:17pm
    When I was 14 I had gotten my hands on a deck of marked playing cards. I had learned to recognize the markings and had gotten very good at some tricks and shuffling them in ways to stack the deck. My friends Billy and Sam had played with me and had eventually learned the secret of the deck, although they hadn't... more
    Girl Tied Up and Stripped Naked - joseph, Thu Nov 12 11:52am
    hen I was younger, on rainy summer days when we were board we used to make up silly games to play just to occupy our time. One stupid game we made up was a game we called "Torture." You needed at least 3 people to play. It started with a regular game like cards. The first person to lose was the prisoner, the second... more
  • Freshman girl wedgie hazing - Jessica, Tue Nov 10 4:11pm
    I am now a high school sophmore. This happened to me 13 months ago when I was a freshman. It was early to mid-October and I was wearing my class shirt, which gave away that I was a freshman. I was a pretty girl with bigger boobs than most of the seniors. I was going through a forested area and there were three senior... more
  • Caught by my Sis - Jack, Sat Nov 7 4:37pm
    When I was 16 I used to masturbate on a regular basis. Sometimes I would try to find different places to keep it interesting. One day I had gotten home from school hook early (skipped out of the basketball rally) and as my parents wouldn'the be home for several hours and my sister was still in school (or so I... more
  • sarahs humiliation - sarah, Sat Nov 7 5:36am
    Sarah is a 20 year old beauty skinny big tits nice round ass she could always get whatever guy she wanted and she enjoyed driving younger guys crazy and now she's in collage but on winter break so she's at her family's house visiting some extra family is there early for Christmas her moms sisters and brother with... more
    • Pease - RIP, Tue Nov 10 3:08pm
    • Language? - Janie, Tue Nov 10 1:37am
    • Sarah - Drew, Sat Nov 7 5:43am
  • Mean Gym Class Girls - Alicia, Mon Nov 2 8:14am
    This happened when I was 16. I was taking a shower in the girls locker room during gym class. None of the girls in the class really liked me because I was doing better than they were and I guess they were jealous. I have big boobs and our teacher seems to give me extra attention and I enjoyed being in class with him... more
  • Nerd boy humiliated at the gym - Kathryn, Sun Nov 1 5:42am
    I know this is a board about girls getting stripped, but some of you seem to like stories about guys getting their comeuppance too. Here's something from my diary a few weeks back you might like. - K - Finally got the chance to show that Jacob who's boss! He's been giving me the creeps for ages, hanging around me and... more
    I read the note Lea had left on my desk "Come to the woods, I found an amazing view, you may want to take a pic of it". Lea was a short, 13 year old girl, she was a bit of a late developer so she didnt have much assets to show off, and she was pretty average on everything else. About the woods, there was a small... more
  • Pam's turn to be humilliated by Jane... - Pam (SwimKid's classmate), Mon Oct 26 3:05pm
    Necessary backstory: Pam is a 14 year old Girl, well developed, tall long black hair. She's made appearence in 2 of my stories: "She told me to go early to the party to help. She lied" and "Fully embarassed by my sister and her little friends". I'd recomend reading that one to understand this one better, but if you... more
  • Squeeky - Drew., Mon Oct 26 10:45am
    Me and my boyfriend and my BFF and her boyfriend had just arrived at my house. We were supposed to be going to a football game but I had to stop at home for a hoody in case it got cold. My Mom and dad were working so we figured no one was home. We walked inside and heard some squeaking coming from the den. That's... more
  • Flesh Eaters - Intro - Executionus, Sat Oct 24 9:05am
    This is a Halloween horror story, and will therefore be creepy and scary as well as sexy. It's darker than what I tend to write here, and it centers on a single girl's point of view walking through a sexual madhouse run by a devious clown. I've worked on this for two years off-and-on, so hopefully the final product... more
  • Error of Judgement - emcarter27, Sun Oct 18 3:47pm
    **WARNING** Explicit Sexual Content. Have you ever had that moment of madness, made that really silly spur of the moment error of judgement that’s come back to haunt you? Well this is mine. I’d just qualified as a teacher and was lucky enough to land a job teaching modern Languages at an inner city school in Bristol.... more
  • Back to school - Anonymous, Sat Oct 17 10:06pm
    I had dropped out of school two years before. I decided to go back and try and gradeuate doing both my grade 11 and 12 in the same year. I didn't get along with any of the other girls in my class. I hug out with the guys and tried not to talk to any of the girls. I had friends out side of school that had all read... more
    Sirens of Gotham, Part 1 - splotch, Sat Oct 17 8:06am
    This is a fan comic using characters from the DC comic universe. I got the idea from series Gotham City Sirens, which had a lot of sexual undertones, but never goes all the way... which is where i stepped in. More parts to come soon. Selina dove, her body twisting in the warm night air. The moonlight reflected off her ... more
  • It'd been half an hour, I was still naked, tied up into a bath full of ice, and at the mercy of 3 younger curious girls who were making my worst nightmare real, and somehow getting it worse every time. I heard them open the door and get back into the bathroom I tied in, bernadette, a really close friend of my sister... more
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