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Punishment fits the crime (Pt1) - Joshua, Sat Jan 24 5:37pm
. I grew up in a very strict Christian home in a small North Carolina town. Nudity was never allowed in our home and even though I had four sisters and one brother I had never seen any of them nude. My father was the town pastor and considered nudity to be a sin. I was 14 when my mother divorced my father and we went... more
  • Stripped by the head cheerleader - anna, Mon Jan 19 11:30pm
    Iíve never been popular in school (always a nerd), but a lot of the guys secretly have the hots for me. Iím thin, but have perky b-cup tits and a cute rounded ass that the boys love. Iím shy, pale, and raven-haired and a lot of the jocks like to tease me, touching my legs or trying to flip my skirt and watching me... more
    Caught naked by cousin and her friends - Not Telling, Mon Jan 19 9:55pm
    This took place when I was a boy of 14 and my cousin was 15. I was staying there for the summer at the time. She was having a slumber party with 5 of her friends over. I did my best to stay out of the way. I decided to shower before bedtime, and the bathroom door does not lock. OK, so I finish my shower and when I got ... more
  • Cabin = Shack = Orgy - Amy, Sat Jan 17 9:12pm
    My name is Amy. This is a story about me and my two friends Dave and Eddie. They both lived right next door to me since I was a little girl. Well one week our parents all got together to go to a couples retreat and wouldnít be back till Monday. Eddie and I were 16 and Dave was 17 at the time. Well as soon as they left ... more
    Doing Laundry less - Todd, Mon Jan 5 10:30pm
    My aunt is divorced and very laid back, one time I was there with her and my cousin Darlene(17) watching a basketball match on tv. My aunt was on her second glass of wine, when Darlene asked if we could drink too. Her mom is usually cool, but said a sly "no. you didn't do the laundry today" "Please" said Darlene My... more
  • Cast Party - JoeBill, Wed Dec 31 7:04am
    When I was a freshman in college, I joined the college drama club. After our fall performance, I went to the evening cast party. By my small town, only child, home schooled standards it was pretty wild. I was kinda of shocked when a couple of the girls stripped down to just their bras and panties and jumped into our... more
    The Bet - jinx, Sun Dec 28 1:56pm
    Ok, so me and my cousin were really bored and there was a football game on TV (Iím a boy and she is a girl). She says lets pick a team who ever loses has to run around the house completely naked 2 times. My team lost by 2 points. I was embarrassed and trying my best to get out of it. She was like no way you lost now... more
  • Polly - Stripped in the playground - Polly., Sun Dec 28 3:39am
    As the saying goes kids can be cruel. My laughing classmates dragged me behind the bike shed where even the most vigilant dinner lady couldn't see. I screamed out but my voice was lost in the roar of the playground. The laughter of the girls and boys around me drove me into an even deeper terror. "Let me go" I cried,... more
  • How the Grouch stripped Christmas - Executionus, Mon Dec 22 7:10pm
    (This is a parody story I wanted to do because of a random inspiration brought on by the mindless boredom of work one day. It will be both sexy and hilarious. I apologize profusely to the memory of Dr. Seuss....) Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas Carols a lot But the Grouch who lived in downtown Whoville did... more
    • Cute - Bunky, Tue Dec 23 12:08pm
    • HAHA! - Anonymous, Tue Dec 23 5:46am
  • a long way home - jurgen, Wed Dec 17 2:55am
    Sarah (18) was a normal high school kid who lived on the countryside and went to school 10 miles further. Every day she went to school on her bike. She was a shy grey mouse in class and never offended anybody and avoided every cat fight. Eve (19) was a popular girl, who was very sexy, but also very bitchy in class. No ... more
  • I dare u to WHAT! - dani, Mon Dec 15 2:35pm
    I was in high school at the time of playing with 21 dares after school so we normally do embarrassing dare so I lost again I didn't expect a lot but boy I was wrong so the dare was strip naked and and wear a g-string and no bra and they can do anything to me for an hour. So I let them strip me and tie me to a tree so... more
    horribley stripped - dani, Mon Dec 15 1:57pm
    I had to get payback for this girl for pulling my skirt and ripping my shirt in the park tied to a park bench by covered in wee and poo. Then ants crawled in my undies then a stranger gave me a nature wedgie got my trousers and left me there tied then the branch I was broke which my face went into a pile of maggot. So ... more
    • Lacking - Anonymous, Tue Dec 16 4:12pm
  • Moons under the moonlight part 2 - jbfco, Mon Dec 15 12:10pm
    So just as I arrived in the family room I heard my friend Alex who was flirting big time with the 2 15 year old boys in the room with my other 3 13 year old friends . The Alex said so you ready for some strip poker both Brock and Alan said YES !!! . Looks like I am getting naked again however Alan has not seen me yet... more
    Moons under the moonlight - jbfco, Sun Dec 14 2:15pm
    My name is Ariel this exciting night happened last summer . At time I was barely 13 years old alone with my girl friends . I was a late bloomer I have very nice dark creamy looking skin as my Dad is part Japanese and my Mom is part Mexican so this makes my skin look very smooth with dark look to it gets the boys... more
    Stripped And Humiliated in school - danddbard, Sun Dec 7 8:36am
    My name is Collette. I am 19 years old, have brown, frizzy hair, a little overweight, and have 32 c sized boobs. During high school, I got a part time job working as a librarianís assistant at a local middle school. My job was to shelve books and help the kids find whatever books they were looking for. It was pretty... more
  • Spanked naked by Nuns - Billy M, Sat Dec 6 10:32pm
    I go to Catholic school run by nuns. Some of the nuns are perverts and like to spank boys naked on purpose just to see them cry with their naked dicks on show. This one super strict nun likes to especially pick on me and punish me most because I am a skinny wimp but have a big cock I guess. One day in class some kids... more
    Mom's spanking - Shorty, Sat Dec 6 10:13pm
    I had my best friend around and we were hanging out in my front yard practicing gymnastics. She finished a summersault and while she still had her hands in the air I snuck up behind her and pulled her top up in front of my neighbor. She wasnt wearing a bra, and ran into my house crying, and told my mum everything! My... more
    Strip search NaKeD at school - Luisiana, Sat Dec 6 4:08pm
    My name is Luisiana. I come here from Peru. I am 5'1 with long black hair, big boobs, and round ass but small body. At my new school girls are very jealous and pick on me and make fun of me. They make fun of how I talk and say I dress like slut. One mean girl is daughter of teacher, and other girl daughter of... more
  • Mel finally gets her payback - jbfco, Thu Dec 4 11:05pm
    My name is Mel You may read about how my New Year started real bad . Many crazy things have happened this year to me . All along I wanted revenge on a boy named Tyler who turned my New Years into a nightmare then later in the year saw me naked a jerked off all over my naked body . However that night I felt I found the ... more
    Grown up - Anonymous, Sun Nov 30 9:59pm
    Mom has been friends with Alice since she was a baby, my brother(15) and I see her like an Aunt. In the summer we tend to stay over her house, but when that happens Mom and Alice like to open a bottle of wine and share it together. Its normally quite innocent, its normal that we end up staying the night and Alice's... more

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