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Story posted on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/30xvvx/tifu_by_volunteering_in_class_when_no_one_else/ ***Background:*** I'm a 21/F who is doing study abroad this semester in college. The country I'm living and studying in is the Netherlands. The class I'll be talking about is called "Modern Health & ... more
Posture & Modesty Training is a one credit course that all freshmen who fail the Posture Photo must take. Originally two separate classes, the Posture and Modesty classes were combined in the 1960s when Martha Lee faced budgetary problems. Even after MLC recovered financially, the combined Posture & Modesty Training... more
Dermatologist wants to see it all at 16 - leom1133, Wed Mar 25 9:52pm
Great story I found on http://www.yourembarrassingmoments.com Dermatologist wants to see it all at 16 Because Iím blond and very fair skinned, Iíd been seeing a male dermatologist with my mother since I was 12 or 13. He zapped me with a liquid nitrogen ďgunĒ once or twice, which hurt a lot for a second or two, but... more
Life at my neighbors - Anonymous, Wed Mar 25 7:49pm
Life at my neighbors is awful. She loves embarrassing me and making me go outside naked and during the summer I will have try to not swim nude. My neighbor Lizzie loves apanking me to. Now my story begins with me outside. When she makes me go outside naked it sucks because we have a fence and if she says walk around... more
I hate my mother - Emma, Thu Mar 19 8:07pm
I'm 14 and so is my brother jimmy and we have a younger brother who gets us in trouble all the time. Our little brother justin always breaks things and does stuff to get us spanked. Our spanked are hard and long for the both of us. One time this one spanking was the worst ever. Justin broke the couch that we just... more
  • Can you get our pot of gold? - Executionus, Tue Mar 17 10:21pm
    ***Short one for the holiday. This makes use of my experience as a fantasy character writer, which is what I write when I'm not writing ENF stories*** Leprechauns are creatures that have lived for thousands of years, and yet humans almost never see us. We are brilliant, with magical powers of trickery and chance that... more
  • March Juvenescence: The Death of Innocence Preview: Brie is a nice girl who is babysits Frank regularly. Everything is great: Frank is usually well behaved, the pay is prodigious, and despite the age difference she considers him her friend. Whatís changed? Frank turned 12. This 18 year oldís life will never be the... more
  • March Madness contest 2015 - Leon, Mon Mar 16 10:12pm
    SDS's contest gave me the idea of creating a contest in honor of March Madness. The way this contest will work is you will write a story involving the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament. Stories can range from a friendly wager between friends to rivals getting down and dirty to whatever the hell you want (so... more
  • Martha Lee College: Primary Exams - JP_1814, Tue Mar 10 2:43pm
    Many women's colleges in the United States are being forced to adapt or die. Martha Lee College, on the border between Virginia and West Virginia, stands out for its unwillingness to change. The townies have come to call MLC the "last enclave of the Old South" for their rigid adherence to tradition. One of the many... more
  • summer dress code - Jim, Thu Mar 5 11:04pm
    It was a hot day, and I came inside after mowing the grass. My mom who was cleaning told me that I couldnít come inside covered in grass, she told me to go into the garage, in there had me a glass of water and told me to strip. I didnít think much of it, I pulled off my tee, then my grass statined sox. So I was about... more
  • Class War pt 1 - KennyBee, Thu Mar 5 4:38am
    Here's a story I wrote over on the OCC board. It's a long one! Tanya was nervous. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and liked what she saw, but worried that maybe she was dressing inappropriately. Her black dress clung to her firm 20 year old body, tight in all the right places. She was showing a lot of... more
  • Don't cheat on your girlfriend! - JasonX, Thu Mar 5 4:34am
    it was 3 am and I was on my way back from a night out when I bumped into Cathy, my ex-girlfriend. Now to say that we werenít on good terms was an understatement. Cathy had come home early one night and caught me and my friend Tanya in bed together. She had stormed off to stay at her sisters house that night, telling... more
  • Depantsed and Let This Be a Lesson- New Year 2015 Comp Ah 8th grade, 13 years old middle 1960ís JFK, LBJ, Astronauts, James Bond 007,Madmen, knee length skirts and dresses, first dates, first kisses, for guys Playboy magazines, yes the sixties. Like many guys I had a schoolboy crush, and had it bad. Her name was Kasey ... more
  • Hey guys this is my first story so please be kind lol. Iíll start things out with a little details. My name is Jessica, 17 years old, 5í6Ē, jet black hair, 36C Breasts, sunless tan skin, petite body, and have a bubble butt. Iím kind of a social outcast, but I do have my small clique of two girlfriends. Anna, 16 years... more
  • Caught and now spanked - Jimmy, Mon Mar 2 8:31pm
    When I was 10 I always had a thrill of going outside naked and trying not to be caught. I had to be extremely careful because my next door nieghboors were both girls who were married but now divorced with kids around the same age 18. I live with my one sister who spanks me everyday to. One day when my sister went to... more
    • Well? - Janie, Tue Mar 10 7:56pm
    • Why? - Lizi, Mon Mar 2 8:33pm
  • Sorry for the confusion. Here is the full story Lacey's Civil Forfeiture The sequel, currently titled Lacey's Civil Regression, will probably begin within a week {New Year 2015 comp} Lacey's Civil Forfeiture category: Not such a childish game afterall By Leon In case it wasn't clear before I do not condone what... more
  • We had two stories entered before the 22nd of February! The other story was: Lacey's Civil Forfeiture Sadly this was only part 1 and so didn't count. Congratulations Executionus you have the prize of: The chance for me to write a short story with a minimum word count of 2000 words. You are still in the running to have ... more
  • Hi all, Just noticed that I forgot to post the rules. Rules: - At least 500 words preferable more. - one story per category per person (This means you can enter up to 4 times!). - I will create a public survey nearer the time to see which people liked the best. however I will still have the last say on the winner.... more
    Pe in my sisterís panites! {New Year 2015 comp} - Knickers-Bocker-Glory, Wed Feb 25 10:04am
    This is for the SDS story competition. Big fan of your work and long time luker. So there I hung, sobbing like a little baby, tied to a chain linked fence wearing only a pair of girls knickers surrounded by my jeering classmates! So how did I end up in this situation? let me tell you my storyÖ The day had started out... more
  • {New Year 2015 comp} Lacey's Civil Forfeiture (Category) Not such a childish game afterall Preview Lacey is a junior in high school. She takes a break from studying for the ACT by visiting her grandparents. While there she offers to babysit the nextdoor neightbor's kids for a few days. They convince her to play a game ... more
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