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Spanked everyday - Emily, Sat Apr 18 10:12pm
If you are me a normal day isn't as good as you think. I get spanked everyday by my stepmom for no reason at all. I'm not a loud to tell him because I'll get a really long bad spanking I got last week and I don't want that. Some of these spankings are bad but the one I got yesterday was harsh. When my stepmom got home ... more
Horror of being caught wanking by sister - Billy, Thu Apr 16 10:59pm
We lived in a house where my parents bedroom was in the ground floor and my sister and I had our rooms in the upper floor. our rooms opened to a common area that my dad converted to a study place for us( he never trusted us that we would study in our rooms). When I was 13, my sister caught me humping between pillows.... more
  • Jeanette (The missing bit) - slither, Thu Apr 16 8:05pm
    They clapped, as i slowly built her up, towards another mind blowing crescendo. I had never done anything so sublime before, i kept stopping, thinking i was hurting her, but i felt her hand on mine, which helped to push me inside still further. Any further, i would have been in Australia. Soon, i had her screaming in... more
    Jeanette - Slither, Thu Apr 16 7:53pm
    If you will permit me, i would like to tell you, how i met my very first Girl Friend..........Jeanette. She was a bit older then me, and obviously i didn't know anything about her at the time. She was in the 5th year, and was a bit on the frumpy, chubby side, and not many boys, looked twice upon her. Besides, she... more
    • i give up - slither, Thu Apr 16 8:00pm
      • lost stuff - Drew., Thu Apr 16 10:26pm
        • hi Drew - slither, Fri Apr 17 4:34pm
      • ok - slither, Thu Apr 16 8:10pm
  • Splash Down - Slither, Thu Apr 16 6:55pm
    I had known this couple for a long time, they hung out with my particular circle of friends. Billy, and Jilly. They went together like chalk an cheese, even their names rhymmed poetically, and they were always in each others embrace, ie cuddling, practically having sex in front of us. They had been together since the... more
    Stripped by the Bell pt 1 of 2 - KennyBee, Tue Apr 14 1:39am
    The school bell rang, signalling the start of class. Miss Julie Bell sighed and prepared herself for her class. She had only been gym teacher at this school for 6 months, and already she had learned to dislike this particular group of students. Still, at just 22, she was the youngest teacher here, and figured she had... more
  • Caught by little girls - Jimmy, Mon Apr 13 6:42pm
    I'm 11 and I was caught naked outside by little 8 year old girls. Today I wanted to try to get around my house naked but instead I went down about 6 houses. When I got outside nude I was on my back deck, but first with my clothes on I wanted to see who was home in my neighborhood. Block was empty so I knew I was going ... more
  • Naked in school - sky, Mon Apr 13 4:23am
    Hi! This is the story of how my whole class ended up naked in school. First of all, I go to an all girls private high school. We are required to change for gym class but since our teacher said we were only doing yoga it was fine to be in our regular uniform. The only thing she asked is that we take off our shoes... more
  • doctor appointment with brother - Author, Mon Apr 13 2:24am
    Just a few weeks ago I had to go to the hospital because I bruised a lower vertebra and fractured my tailbone. It was the first warm day of the year so I wanted to go outside and stretch and run. I was doing gymnastics and fell straight down onto my ass on the concrete of the street. I am only fifteen years old so... more
  • Update on Civil Regression - Leon, Sun Apr 12 11:16pm
    I apologize for the delays in getting out Civil Regression. After the Final Four I took a few days to sulk given the refs blatantly screwing the Badgers to the point the head of officiating admitted to blatantly screwing the badgers. Anyway I sat down today and made significant progress on finishing Civil Regression... more
    Cindy - Anon, Sun Apr 12 9:44pm
    Back in the early 80's when I was 17 years old, before digital cameras, cell phones, and internet, I went to this party at a house in a "poor" area of town. It was a small two story house, with the kitchen and living room on the main floor, and the bedrooms upstairs. I didn't know the people that lived there, a young... more
  • Miller's Revenge (continued) - slither, Fri Apr 10 4:43pm
    "Take your hands off me"......."It was you who wanted to play with us boys" Her friends were knelt down beside us, giggling as he massarged her breasts, against her will. "Co, what lovely big Tit's she's got"...Miller remarked. She was laying back, now, pinned down, and at our mercy. She was on her own, but still... more
    Friday Before Lunch 2 (Miller's Revenge) - slither, Fri Apr 10 4:24pm
    Prologue. Well, as you know, we'd already seen a grown up naked adult Woman, in the shape of our gorgeous Drama teacher, and almost got in trouble for that. But, even though we had been bitten, we wasn't finished. We'd had fun doing it to her, and because of that, we'd gotten the hunger for looking at nudity. Now, we... more
    one button suit - emmily, Thu Apr 9 11:01pm
    One Button suits My younger brother isn't one to dress up, in the summer he just walks around in gym shorts. Whatever I can understand its hot. But what happened two weeks ago late one night was that I was walking the hallway to get a glass of water when out from the bathroom comes my brother naked, he quickly covered ... more
    My first spanking - Jimmy, Thu Apr 9 9:50pm
    Hi my name is jimmy and I'm 11, and I got spanked for the first time. I was spanked by my sister and her name is Nicole. I live with her she is 24 and done with school. The spanking was awful and now I'm going to get them every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Friday it's the worst she has her friends come over to... more
    As we waited for a bus, that seemed as if it would never exist, thus getting soaked through under the rain, under the none existent bus shelter, we were suddenly made aware of lots of feminine yells and laughter, that could only come from the mouths of people having fun, which was eminating from a little undiscovered... more
    Jessica's gang, part 2 - Kelsey, Thu Apr 9 3:37pm
    It was the night of our dance with the nearest all boys school, my 'friends' and I had devised a plan to get back at Jessica and her gang for stripping me in the change room. I made sure to wear tight clothes to the dance, a close fitting tank top and mini skirt. At the dance Jessica was dancing with a boy I had never ... more
  • A Rainy Night Beside the Sea-side - slither, Thu Apr 9 1:50pm
    When i was much younger, about 18, i and a few of my mates from the military had been on detachment , and after we had finished, on our last evening before going back, we decided that a lot of us, would go down to the near by sea side town, and see if we could see any members of the female fraternity, because where we ... more
    You Cheating Bitch - slither, Wed Apr 8 7:12pm
    This actually occurred a few years back, when the good wife and i were quite a few years younger, and liked a bit of fun. I had always wanted to see her naked in front of others, but it was only a fantasy, and up to then, something that would never happen. I often dared her, but she would laugh and say, "That'' be the ... more
    Friday Before Lunch. - slither, Wed Apr 8 4:22pm
    This is a story about the day, that and a few others almost got expelled from school. Most of the lads in my class, including myself, had the hots for our Drama teacher. She was young pert, beautiful, and always took the boys only lessons, whilst almost wearing, the most daring of mini skirts, and a very skimpy top,... more
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