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story - bob, Wed Feb 10 5:30am
When I get onto the story part of the site I get hit with a bunch of pop ups. Just FYI.
Tied and embarrassed in the garden - SwimKid, Tue Feb 9 9:44am
I was on a trip to a beach city, I was staying with my family in a small group of apartments. There was a garden in the back of it where I liked to read. I was having a great time reading up until a group of kids started making noise. The annoying little brats appeared to be no older than 11 years old. The three of... more
Long Story - Dylan & Ava, Mon Feb 8 8:30am
The basketball team at GHS had been surprisingly good this year. Normally overshadowed by the football team, the basketball players had received a lot of attention from not only classmates, but the town of Greenview and its local media as well. Their upcoming game was a playoff game in late February against a catholic ... more
  • Stripped on a beach - Alan, Mon Feb 8 7:58am
    My way of relaxing is taking a stroll down beaches and collect shells. That day I had walked for miles down this lonely beach in my search for rare shells. I could see the shape of a log further up but as I got closer it turn out to be two young women working on their sun tan. I took a back trail off the beach in... more
    Hairy Ex Gf Tweezed - Who Cares, Mon Feb 8 7:51am
    A big secret my girlfriend has is that hair grows around the edge of her nipples if she doesn't shave or pluck them every so often. I hardly ever see it because she is so embarrassed that she keeps up with it regularly. Whenever I tell my friends about this they gag and laugh but they don't believe me. I guess its... more
    Gf Filmed on Toilet - Who Cares, Mon Feb 8 7:43am
    I guess you'd consider my girlfriend a nerd. A lot of people kind of pick on her but we don't let it bother us. She's really cute anyway and maybe people are just jealous of her. A bunch of jock assholes snuck into the girl's bathroom after her and filmed her under the stall with out her noticing the other day. In the ... more
    Depantsing Pact Pt 1 - Who Cares, Sun Feb 7 9:20am
    This summer my buddies and I all got drunk and made a pact that this year we would each depants our girlfriends at least once during the school year. We want it to be a game really. Just the pants are a certain amount of points. The pants and panties are more. Duration down counts too. The more people see it the... more
  • Peed Panties and Thrown Out - Who Cares, Sun Feb 7 1:47am
    Back in high school I used to drink in between classes. One day I did it with my girlfriend and she got way more messed up than I did. It didn't matter to me though so I went off to my next class, leaving her to go to gym. At the end of that period I got a text from her telling me to go and meet her in the gym locker... more
  • Dumb Girl Blackmailed - Who Cares, Sun Feb 7 1:43am
    There's this really annoying dumb girl at my school. She is always asking stupid questions that make both the students and the teachers groan. She is also always typing away her notes onto her laptop. The only thing that makes her memorable is how hot she is. She has a really big pair of boobs considering how petite... more
  • A Game of S-T-R-I-P Part 1 - Nathaniel Keam, Sat Feb 6 4:20pm
    Kaitlyn and Tasha were once best friends when they were growing up. Both of them would spend hours learning to skate and how to outdo the other. High school changed all this, though. They each found separate callings and drifted into different friend groups. It was crushing for the both of them, but although they... more
  • Allison (Pt 1?) - fancyspartan, Fri Feb 5 4:52pm
    The doorbell rang. Allison's heart was nearly beating out of her chest, she had been planning this get-together with her boyfriend for weeks, but the risk was always too great of their parents walking in on them. She took a deep breath at the door. Gazing down at her outfit of choice: a white tank top through which... more
  • One simple mistake - Stacy, Fri Feb 5 2:35pm
    So this is a true story of one day that was truly an embarrassment. So my dad used to own a car garage in the middle of town and sometimes I went to work with him. Well, one day I found an old hiking trail. It was abandon and I figured no one else knew about it. I had been wanting to go outside naked lately (idk why-... more
    • Good - fancyspartan, Fri Feb 5 4:17pm
  • massage Day Part I - Anonymous, Thu Feb 4 5:14pm
    My older sister Savannah wasn't exactly the brightest, she had just turned twenty-one had already flunked out of two colleges, and was barley getting by at community college, but then she signed up for a massage therapy program. At first I just thought this was going to be another stupid phase like her acting classes, ... more
  • My father had married a new woman. She had a daughter that was my age, Sally. Sally was good looking, she had average breasts and a butt that didn't stick out enough to be notable. We got along nicely. We obviously had a lot of arguments like any other siblings would have. One night My father and his wife, I didn't... more
  • Summer Camp of Playville - Continuation - Executionus, Sun Jan 31 1:51pm
    I'm aware that there was a huge gap between part 15 and now, but that was caused by my professional and personal lives both getting far busier and crazier from about June onward. Still, I made it a goal to finish this saga up by the end of January, and I did it. The final two weeks of the summer camp will be written... more
  • Young Nurses and Embarrassed Patient - SwimKid, Fri Jan 29 8:59am
    I had been invited to go to Tina's house. She was an all-life friend of mine. Alongside me Oli and Chris would go. I presented up to my 13 year old friend's doorstep, rang the bell and saw the tall, brunette and cute Tina answer the door. She lead me to her playroom/garage thingy. It was basicly a room where she hung... more
  • true story guys - lacy;), Tue Jan 26 2:48pm
    ok so one time i was ziplining with my whole cass right? so i was all harnessed up and about to go when i realized that i had on really short shorts. I was kinda worried but no really. When i jummped off the platform, the shorts went staight up my ass and my shirt ripped so everyone could see my tits. i was like ...... more
  • The Walk of Shame - SwimKid, Mon Jan 25 7:28pm
    Hi. Im SwimKid. Obviously, thats not my name, but everyone calls me that. Im 13 years old, and this is my story. In my school, pranks are the norm. You either prank or get pranked. sticking a sign to someone's back. Pantsing or lifting a skirt, you know, normal stuff. As almost everyone in the school, I was trying the ... more
  • I was 15 and my brother was 17. My mom and dad were gone one Saturday and his friends who love to bully me were over. My brother told me to take off my clothes. I stripped to my bra and panties. He told me to take my bra and underwear off as well and threatened to take them off himself unless I complied. I obeyed and... more
  • Sam gets stripped and played with - Sammi, Thu Jan 21 1:52pm
    The first week in my all girls’ boarding school was no fun. Being the new girl in scool meant having no friends and getting rejected. That whole week was a nightmare for me and if I had a choice, I would have walked out on the third day. But I was just 16 years old and had to do what my parents said. I got the feeling ... more
    • Great job! - Jeepman89, Sat Jan 23 7:30am
    • Ok - Mo, Sat Jan 23 4:11am
      • Re: Ok - Curly, Sat Jan 23 9:47am
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