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Bee's selfie - dave2000, Fri Sep 19 4:51am
Ali came running into Bee. "Meg stole my essay and stuck it in the football fence." Ali was a good 3 inches shorter than Bee. Bee calmed Ali down and told her she would go get it before the weather changed. Bee walked out to the football field, which was fenced by a very tall chain link fence. She spotted some sheets... more
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Stephanie (Miss Priss) - Bobby J, Sat May 10 5:15am
Stephanie was a popular girl. She was THE most popular in the entire Senior class. She was 5' 8" with brown hair, moderate breasts, but not large, and a shapely bottom. Stephanie wasn't a cheerleader or athlete, but kept in good shape and her body showed it. Most people liked her, because she had everything going for... more
  • the scarriest night of my life - Anonymous, Tue Sep 16 7:48pm
    my name is Olivia and this is my story. one night when I was got home late from a party as I walked in and i am a little drunk so i stumble a little in my dress and heels. so i hear a noise and i walk in my room and something knocks my down and i look to see what it is and its a roll of duck tape and as i wondering it ... more
    The greatest pantsing I ever witnessed - Dealer777, Sat Aug 23 10:27am
    One day while I was working at a party store, there was this group of rowdy teens that were making a mess through the store. So I was told to ask them if they needed help and if they could stop making a mess. Well the first one I found was this girl who seemed about 17 with long brunette hair. She was very pretty and... more
  • MILS (Mom I'd like to Spank) Episode 1 - Zech, Wed Aug 27 12:25pm
    The Day Everything Changed My name is Zech. I was always a normal kid before that day. Before the day I became a disciplinarian. I went to school, I got good grades, and I helped people out. After that day, a whole new world of sexual experiences opened up for me. Well…not entirely sexual. I’m a little ahead of... more
  • Panties down to my knees - Shorty, Thu Sep 4 10:39pm
    I was at a sleepover and we were playing truth or dare. I had to do a dare to answer the door & pay for the pizza delivery in just my strapless bra & panties. My bra was adjusted to show a ton of cleavage & the panties were bikini cut. I figured it could have been a worse dare so I just agreed to go along with it. I... more
  • Surprise Cumshot - Shorty, Sun Sep 7 9:01pm
    So im 16 amd one day I was swimming with my best friend who happens to be a girl. We came inside and started drying off in my room and we are completely comfortable with each other but I didn't know this comfortable. Next thing I know she was totally naked toweling off and asked if she could borrow a shirt and she was ... more
    • to Shorty - Janienudiepants, Tue Sep 16 3:37pm
  • Doctor Office Nightmare - Shorty, Thu Sep 4 10:49pm
    When I was in 10th grade I fell on some stairs and hurt my tail bone. The pain lasted a good while and my mom said I needed to go to the doctor. My mom works all the time so she had my step dad take me. I thought I would get a female doctors but in walked a male doctor. He was the only doctor on duty at the time. The... more
  • Commando Carrie (A Little Explicit ) - Anonymous, Wed Sep 10 4:14am
    Carrie was a decent looking woman, B-Cups, freckles and a cute little butt. She always went without underwear, even to work. One day, Carrie approached me, her co-worker. She tells me she ripped her pants, then turns around and shows me the hole, giving me a decent view of her cheeks. I say playfully "Well, that's a... more
  • Jenna Gets Stripped XXX warning - unknown, Mon Sep 15 3:28am
    Jenna (age 18) was a bitch. She was a stuck up cheerleader who always looked down on people. She was incredibility sexy, with tan skin, huge tits and an athletic body. One day she entered the hallway of her friend’s house after being invited. Her friend's name was Nikki (age 18) and she was also a cheerleader. However ... more
  • While the Cats Away.. - Joshua, Mon Sep 15 5:09am
    One weekend my parents went away and left me and my super bratty step sister at home. Before they left she got permission from them to have some friends over for a sleepover Friday night. I was dreading it because I knew it would be hell probably since my sister's friends are just as bad as my step sister is. Later... more
  • Amy and Ash - KennyBee, Sat May 10 4:56pm
    Amy couldn't believe her luck. She had received a text from Jack, probably the hottest boy in class, inviting her round. Amy was blonde, petite, slim but with a nice round ass. She had thought Jack was way out of her league, but a few weeks ago they had hooked up in a club, one thing led to another and they had ended... more
  • Spanked naked all the time - Kimberly, Sun May 11 9:46pm
    I'm ** and have 3 younger step brothers who are total terrors. Me being the oldest, and a girl, I am always being left in charge of them when my parents go out which is totally unfair because the little bastards don't listen to me and do what ever they want no matter what I say or do. Then because my step mom is an... more
  • Sister got Spanked by school bully - Archived, Tue Sep 9 4:30pm
  • Spanked naked with a Boner pt. 2 - Other Jimmy, Wed Aug 13 11:53am
    I watched as my sister's gathered round, getting ready what would be my worst nightmare. "Awww, poor brother, naked, sitting on an Ottoman!" She then poked my cock directly on my foreskin, and it twitched accordingly. They squealed, when it did this, and I held in a moan. They kept poking it and stroking it for only a ... more
  • Bee fails... - dave2000, Wed Sep 3 4:05am
    Halloween had arrived at the hostel and as usual, the hostel were not letting the students out. But they were allowing visitors into the lower floor, that had been kitted out to look all haunted and dungeony. Meg had been allowed to oversee the more interactive side of things. She had used the movable wall partitions... more
  • Bee tries but fails - Dave2000, Thu Jun 26 12:35am
    Bee was 15, dyed red hair, slim and averagely developed. She went to a school on the mainland, despite living on an island. This meant that she caught the ferry on a Sunday night and stayed on the mainland until Friday at the hostel, where all the other island kids stayed. The end of this year had an unexpected turn... more
  • Detention for Melissa - emertis, Fri Mar 21 12:52pm
    Melissa was in a bit of a panic as she rifled through her book bag. The mid-semester assignment was due today and she had spent the past 2 weeks working on her project which was a 40 page typed report on biblical refutations of the idea of evolution. She knew it was in her book bag as she had placed it there this... more
  • Big mistake - Lisaaaaa, Thu Aug 21 2:52am
    So my name is Lisa and my friend and I (her name is Trisha) we're sophomores in college when this happened. We were eager to pull some pranks on the freshman girls and we started with a girl named Megan. She was kind of dorky and we picked her because she seemed shy and weak (we're jerks, I know). And us having been... more
  • Reform School Spankings - Amanda, Sat Aug 16 11:31pm
    For those who like boy punishment subject matter... I worked as a secretary to the principal at a Catholic junior/senior reform school in Indiana the 1970's and 80's. The principals (there were two during my tenure) were strict middle-age nuns. Spankings were given to students who committed serious or repeated... more
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