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FLAG FOOTBALL (Reposted by Janie) - Drew , Wed Nov 26 4:07pm
Here is the first of Drew's old stories, reposted Name: Drew Subject: FLAG FOOTBALL Message: It was fall, thanksgiving weekend. I was in college living in the dorm. I love to played football. These guys I know always have a Thanksgiving Day game they play in. They call it the turkey bowl. There is a park near the... more
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Barbarian Girl - Anonymous, Wed Nov 26 5:30am
I’m a Live Action Role Player and my character is a barbarian. Last summer, during an event, because of the heat, I decided for a light clothing; being barbarian could not simply wear light cloth, but fur and leather, so I decided for a bra made by leather and fur, and a short skirt of the same material. My boots were ... more
  • Geese and Ganders: The Next Vacation - Bob, Tue Nov 18 11:07am
    At school the others quickly figured out that I was a completely different guy than my brother so the next year went much smoother and didn't have much to speak of at least on my part. The following spring my sisters and I were able to convince out parents to let us return to visit out aunt and uncle for the summer... more
    No Subject - Bob, Sun Nov 16 6:58pm
    I never knew just how much of a jerk I had for a brother until I started High School. He had no common sense and not all that smart, but he seemed to think he was. Problem was he was always trying to be 'cool' and so he was constantly 'hovering' around the in crowd, but that only irritated them all the more. Again as... more
  • Forced to Jerk-Off in front of Neighbors - Billy M, Sat Nov 15 4:43pm
    I was 15 and over at my neighbor Susie's house hanging out with her in the basement den they have. Her mom was upstairs having a some kind of brunch with a small group of her friends and a few neighbor moms. They are all single moms and like to drink wine and champaign all the time and talk badly about men. Well Susie ... more
  • When I was 15 my mother sent me to go visit some cousins who lived in Oregon for the summer. My uncle had a nice place in the mountains west of Portland which was somewhat remote, but had a nice sized pond that worked as a swimming hole. I didn't know why she'd suggested that I go but I was more than happy to get away ... more
  • Pantsing Education - Bob, Fri Nov 14 4:21pm
    I had just turned 14 when this happened. I have two sisters who are younger than me. Trisha is 10 and Monica 12. We had always grown up in a close family. While we never paraded around the house we didn't have a problem walking from one room to another in our underwear or on rare occasions nude if the situation... more
  • Good for the Goose Pt. 1 - Bob, Fri Nov 14 5:07am
    Back when I was 14 my older brother was very obnoxious and constantly doing things at school which would irritate other kids. One day he'd irritated one of the popular girls in my class, Stacy. Stacy vowed revenge and planned on getting it on his way home from school. Well as usual it turned out to be me instead of... more
  • Pantsed - Anonymous, Wed Nov 12 7:45pm
    This girl called Melissa was 17 she had blonde hair and a killer body. One day she was talking to a couple of guys in school by the water fountain, she was wearing a very loose fitting blue skirt which only really came to just below her crotch area. Her ex best friend Emma had recently been humiliated by Melissa at a... more
  • Posh girls stripping - Kelly, Wed Nov 12 7:31pm
    Eve was new at Brynmor high school she was just stating her A levels, she had just moved from a fancy private school which her parents could no longer afford. Eve is an extremely attractive girl, She has medium length brown hair is quite slim with a nice round ass, C cup boobs and she stands at about 5"6. The other... more
  • Tiffs cinema pantsing - Kelly, Wed Nov 12 6:13pm
    Me and my best friend Tiff were at the cinema with two boys called Tom and Danny who were just friends from school, Tiff is 18 about 5"5 with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, the film had just finished and I saw Tom and Danny whispering to each other they had evil smirks on their faces, Tiff stood up, Danny lent... more
  • Shy Boy's "Play"ful Stripping - Pat0421, Wed Nov 5 6:06am
    On the surface, Ian was not your typical nerd. He was very skinny, but somehow managed to pull it off as sexy instead of weak, possibly because of his years of lacrosse before the school cut that team due to budget; he had light shaggy hair, a sharp pretty face and long neck, bony hands, stylish jeans custom ordered... more
  • Bee's London trip - Dave2000, Tue Nov 4 5:34am
    Bee in London Meg, Ali, Bee and Jess all walked from their B&B into Town. Meg had decided that the day would start by the girls walking past SoHo, not through, just past. So that is what they did. As they got to the top of the road that leads into SoHo, they were stopped by a man in a suit holding a microphone. “EBL!... more
  • The Park - Anonymous, Wed Oct 29 3:55am
    One night, a girl named Fiona was bored. None of her friends were available, and she had the night off work. She decided to go for a walk in the park. Eventually, Fiona found herself a little off the beaten path. She was exploring, climbing through thick bushes. Fiona found a secluded tree in the center of a circle of ... more
  • I dare you (Explicit) - Anonymous, Tue Oct 28 8:52pm
    It was about 5 minutes before the end of the school day when Kristyna went into the girls bathroom on the second floor of her high school, it was her first year since she and her family moved to the United States from the Ukraine and she was relieved that her first day was finally almost over. As she walked into the... more
  • Flesh Eaters -- A Halloween Story - Executionus, Mon Oct 20 9:45pm
    This is a story that I originally started writing LAST October and never finished. Part 1 is done. It tells the tale of the Flesh Eaters Halloween Club through the POV of a nervous little girl watching the madness. With any luck I'll be able to complete the whole story before Halloween. Unlike most Halloween stories... more
  • used to be a school bully - eeeeyyyyyy, Mon Oct 20 2:19pm
    In high school I used to be kind of a huge bully to the younger kids, particularly the younger girls. One of the worst stories I have is when me and a bunch of my friends tied up a girl after gym class. The gym class had kids of every grade in it. It was only a quarter long class, and the other quarter was health. One ... more
    • wow - anon2579, Tue Oct 21 2:40pm
    • Aftermath - Anonymous, Tue Oct 21 12:33pm
  • Miranda and Brandi get Paddled - Miranda , Fri Oct 17 8:27pm
    Miranda and Brandi get Paddled One month passed since my last encounter with Bonnie and like with everything in my life so far, things only got worse. And I really meant it this time. For about a year I was the girl every boy lusted after and now I was the butt of their jokes. Well it was my butt that was the joke.... more
  • Humiliated by Boss' Daughter - Radassat, Fri Oct 17 12:45pm
    "Come up, I need you upstairs," said Sarah and closed. When you work for rich people you have to do a lot of things to satisfy them. And the children are even more moody. Sarah, who started college just a month earlier, liked to give me a lot of things to do. I was sure that sometimes, she was doing that only to have... more
  • Swim Race Forfeit - Alex, Fri Oct 17 12:25pm
    The summer before high school a couple of friends and I spent several weeks at a lake house. One of their older brothers was supposed to be chaperoning but he spent most of his time at his girlfriend’s lake house. I think that’s the reason he volunteered in the first place. Anyway, being a bunch of teenage guys pretty ... more
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