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Pajama day - Sky, Sat Apr 30 2:51pm
I knew what wearing that onesie entailed for me but I did it anyways. It happened in the main lobby at the end of the day. Spirit week had just started on Monday and the first day was pajama day. For most people, pajama day was a fun, silly day that you get to take part in with all your friends once a year. For other... more
    • Continue - Mr Somebody, Sat Apr 30 3:11pm
  • Naked Punishment Party - Jamie, Sat Apr 30 3:32am
    When I was younger my mother used to punish us by taking away our stuff and locking us in our rooms, but when my siblings and I started to reach puberty she came up with a new punishment. Whenever we did something wrong she would make us strip. For more minor things she'd make us take half our clothes off (for my... more
  • No free rides - Sky, Fri Apr 29 6:52am
    You'd be surprised how many high school girls are itching to find a reason to take off their pants. My brother is a year older than me and when he got a car he got a bumper sticker on it that said "Gas, Grass, or Ass. No Free Rides!" Since me and my brother have a healthy sibling relationship, I never gave him any ass ... more
    Posing for art class - Damn Gina, Thu Apr 28 2:08pm
    I'm a senior in high school and I'll be graduating in June this year. I still needed a few more credits in the basic stuff like English and math but I also took an art class for the credits. I was never good with art. I'm not a heavy painter or passionate drawer but I do have a fondness for looking at other people's... more
  • Track team - Peaches, Wed Apr 27 7:00pm
    The after school track team was brutal at my school. My freshmen year in high school I learned that the senior track team members liked to humiliate anyone below them, usually the freshmen and rarely a junior but sometimes sophomores got it too. The first day when I was changing after school two girls came up behind... more
  • Iz: Part 1 - SwimKid, Sun Apr 24 12:34pm
    -Okay kids, Im going out to do some shopping -My friend's Mom said. Iz and I knew what that meant. It was time to do what she wouldnt let us do. Isabelle's mom was super strict and religious, so the things we could do were counted with the fingers of one hand, and trust me, it was really boring. Iz was my all time... more
  • Gabriella's First day of Senior Year - Miklotov, Sun Apr 24 12:07pm
    Gabriella was awakened by the sound of her alarm clock, it was Monday, the first day of school in her senior year. Though she missed the summer she was happy it was over, especially after the humiliations she had suffered at the hands of her own family the weekend before. She still couldn’t believe that her mom had... more
  • School Girl Trouble, Part 2 - Mr Somebody, Sat Apr 23 2:54pm
    It has been 3 weeks since I started at my new school. Rumours of what happened at my old school had spread and people wondered if it was true, I could hear the whispers whenever I passed. Because of this I didn't have any friends. One day I was on the school field when a group of girls came over to talk. They said... more
  • Got caught - Anonymous, Fri Apr 22 2:56pm
    My mother and father didn't like me growing up, going to parties and drinking. I'm 16 and my mother didn't like the clothes id started wearing. Saying it showed to much and I was dressing like a slut. I had to hide any new clothes I got from her. If I wanted to go to any parties I would have to sneak out after they... more
  • The Adventures of Suzie - (−_−;), Tue Apr 19 4:41am
    Every day Suzie had snuck out after her twin brother, Brian. She followed him and his friend Pete as they went off to their secret swimming hole. Sometimes other boys tagged along—the secret wasn't really a secret—but on that fateful day it was just Pete and Brian. Suzie followed the boys to the swimming hole just... more
  • Earliest Form Of Embarrassment - Portila, Tue Apr 19 1:03am
    My name is Portila.My family and I are from an Asian country where people of different backgrounds are fine with mingling with each other. We lived in an apartment and on each floor of the flat was 4 apartments and everyone knew each other. We were an Indian family with our direct opposite neighbors being... more
  • They're My Besties! - LuvOrLust, Fri Apr 15 1:10pm
    This happened shortly after my long time crush, Kyle, started going out with my ex-friend Trina. My friends had long shipped me and Kyle, so when Kyle asked out Trina it broke their hearts too. I was just forgetting about Kyle when this happened.... I was walking through the park when I received a text from my friend... more
  • A bus ride to forget - KennyBee, Mon Apr 11 5:25pm
    Joanna saw the bus coming round the corner and ran, just making it to the stop in time. She was already running late for class, and was stressed out. She had a presentation to give, and at this rate was barely going to make it in time. She liked to sit in the back seats, but they were taken by two teenage girls, and... more
  • Rounded up RA part 1 - mommaklaus, Sun Apr 10 11:35pm
    When I Was 19 I had an experience that changed my life. I am now in my 40's and still look back at that night and get emotional. I was 5'4" tall and very petite with a tomboyish figure. I had short natural blonde hair, small perky breasts, and a tiny bubble butt. I was just about to start my 4th semester of college at ... more
  • The Little Mermaid Alternate - Freddy, Tue Apr 5 1:13am
    (Note; some names might be wrong) Ariel was a beautiful red haired mermaid. But she grew tired of her undersea life and wanted to become a human after rescuing Prince Eric. Flounders and Sebastian convinced her to ask Ursula. She promised to transform Ariel into a human in exchange for her voice. But she would have... more
  • No Subject - stolen, Sat Apr 2 9:33pm
    http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=58894;article=41691;title=The%20ASN%20Story%20Board thisstoryisawsomeithink
    Brady Bunch Goes to War - Anon, Sat Apr 2 8:27am
    My dad had died in a car accident when I was 10. I had one older brother who was 13 and a younger brother who was 8. Mom tried her best to take care of us by her self and as far as me and my brothers she was doing a great job. It was three years later when she met this guy and decided to get married again. Us boys... more
  • Sister's Boyfriend (part 1) - SecretKeeper, Fri Apr 1 2:51pm
    Hi. I'm Skylar, age 17. I have a sister named Madison, who always outshines me in everything. She's in college and recently got a boyfriend named Scott, who is studying to be a doctor. One day she came home from college with Scott. My parents, of course went gaga over how "adorably cute" they looked. I was just... more
  • Bee, walking home. - Dave, Fri Apr 1 2:40am
    Bee was walking home from school, her normal route took her through the wooded area where all the school kids walk through at this time. Meg was sitting on one of the benches in the wooded area and Bee has to walk right past her. Bee suspected nothing, but Meg stuck out her foot and tripped Bee. Final revenge for the... more
  • Stripped in summer camp - Miss Anonymous, Tue Mar 29 2:36pm
    Hi, my name is Martha.I am 12 years old and have nice,full C cup boobs as well as a nice bubble butt. My family had recently moved into a neighborhood full of spoiled rotten kids. One day I was walking my dog and one of the spoiled girls (her name was Lynn) came along and "accidentally" pushed me. I don't know what... more
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