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Love to get spanked and humiliated - Emma, Thu Oct 1 8:24pm
Hi I'm emma and I'm 15 and ever since I got spanked I just loved it. I mean I just can't get over the crack and sting of the belt. So this is where my story begins. My stepmom spanks me every night and she knows that I love to get spanked to. So last night was the longest spanking I ever had, it hurt but I liked it.... more
  • Stolen Mascot Suit - Zach, Thu Oct 1 2:09pm
    I was a 15yr old boy in high school when this happened: I just transferred to a new school and it was nearing homecoming. Every year, our school football team went up against the same school (as it was a small town). And every year our school would pull a stupid prank on the other school the night before. Well, I had... more
  • What the daughter saw? - MandyR, Wed Sep 30 9:01am
    I have been persuaded by friends to write up my tales as other may be interested and this site was recommended. I'm not sure my content is quite on topic its almost reverse topic in away so if not suitable please just delete. When I was about six years old my mother took me into the city. We met up with my Aunt. My... more
    Won the bet - NA, Fri Sep 25 2:18pm
    Myself and my roommate are both big baseball fans. We both really love to different teams. I love the blue jays, she loves the Yankees. They had both just played eatch other and during one game we watch together we decided to make a bet. Who's ever team won would win the bet, the loser had to b the winners slave the... more
  • A BAD DAY - FuriousAndEmbarrased, Fri Sep 25 8:47am
    my younger sis had a slumber party with her friends from her cheerleading team over. long story short about my genes: my dad is 6'3",mom is 6' but my dads mom and brother are at or shorter than 5'2" and my mom's mom and 2sisters are at or under 5'1" so my luck i have the short end cause im 16 nd only 4'8", but my... more
    Wedgie and stripping:( - Alex, Fri Sep 25 8:45am
    Hi im Alexandra, im a girl and a tomboy so i like being called alex.When I was 15 I was at a sleepover with 15 of my friends. The parents were out of town. When I went to go get a snack my friends thought it would be fun wedging me. When I came back, I was tackled to the ground, my hands were tied, and so were my... more
  • Stupid Dog - JP_1814, Thu Sep 24 12:16pm
    A short story reminiscent of the early days of this board. In late September my alma mater had the strange yet fun tradition of Mountain Day. The President of the College will order that all classes be canceled and the student body get bused out to the local large river for a day of fun. Mountain Day at my College is... more
  • Those little girls have taken over. - Jimmy, Tue Sep 22 8:18pm
    Some time has passed since the spankings from Kelly, but it doesn't change that my sister Nicole knows about this and that everyday the little girls are in charge if me. So ever since my sister has known she decided to move out and make me live with Kelly. I have been living there for a week and the little girls have... more
  • Gutt & Snider's 100% Off Sale - JP_1814, Tue Sep 15 8:29am
    When I returned home from my first year of college, my mother decided to take me to Gutt & Snider, a large department store, in the local mall. It was their summer sale she said, I could get so many cute things for the summer she said. Little did I know what would happen once I got there. The store was packed, as it... more
  • Dressed to Please Part 1 - Emma, Sun Sep 13 6:30pm
    I managed to skip off work early last Friday, away from work by lunch time. Id put in some really long hours in an effort to make my recent promotion a success, and felt I deserved a small reward for the progress Id made so far in my attempts to improve the performance of the department. As if all the stress of the... more
  • Last day of summer vacation Part 1 - Miklotov, Wed Sep 9 9:19pm
    Gabriella was 17 years old and was about to start her senior year in high school, it was the end of August which meant that the school year would soon start. She was relaxing in the pool in her backyard to enjoy the last days of summer that were left. She knew however that her time to relax would be short, her parents ... more
  • My Train Dare - Emma, Sun Sep 6 6:18pm
    My Train Dare. Im not quite sure how we got onto the subject, but I was out drinking in Bath one evening with a group of friends and somehow we got talking about fitness. I enjoy distance running and have entered a couple of triathlons so consider myself pretty fit, but one of my other friends, who is a member of a... more
  • She took me for a ride - Victor, Sun Sep 6 1:14pm
    What I am about to tell you refers to an adult male and an adult females fantasies realized through mutual agreement. Some mild sex, bare butt switching and my complete submission to a younger woman who had a dream and saw it in me. I also talk about some strip and spank games I played in my early twenties. I trust my ... more
  • reposted as separate story - Victor, Sat Sep 5 10:39pm
    In the summer before ninth grade I tried to join a neighborhood boys' gang that met on weekends. My older brother was going into 11th grade and I was his annoying kid-brother wanting to join his group. They agreed, much to my surprise. But then came the punch line. We were in a friend's garage and I was told to get... more
  • Revenge is best served cold - Emma, Thu Sep 3 5:22pm
    Revenge is a dish best served cold. Part One I was naked and wet in the car park, humiliated and aroused, fighting back the tears as the minibus carrying the Orient supporters pulled up alongside me. Welcoming hands helped me on board, stray fingers rubbing my sex, tweaking my nipples as I passed down the bus, a... more
  • Malaysian Mud Incident - Ginger Keong, Mon Aug 31 2:42pm
    I am Ginger, I am now 26 years old, and I would like to share an incident which happened when i was 13 years old. From school i always have to walk a part through a small park, in the park most of the times there are some girls and boys hanging around, I know them, at least one of the girls. and they bother other... more
  • School Canteen Strip Incident - XueMei, Mon Aug 31 1:22pm
    This story is happened real to me, and i would like to share it with your all. I am XueMei, when it happened I was about 15 years old, i was an exchange student in an europe school, i came from china and at the school I had a great time though. Soon I was settled down and I start liking classes. In the school, there... more
  • Spanked by Carly - Hannah, Wed Aug 26 9:16pm
    I'm Hannah and I'm 16 and my stepmoms close friend Carly humiliated me also spanked me to. So this is how it started. During the summer I wanted to get so extra cash so I ask Carly if I could do stuff around her house for some money. So one day I was outside doing some yard work and Carly said my money was on the... more
  • Stormy Weather - Emma, Mon Aug 24 4:56pm
    It was a beautiful hot summers day and wed spent the afternoon watching Newport Countys second home game of the season against Leyton Orient. Ive always thought our football season starts too early, I mean football is a winter sport, cold days, dark evenings and watching games wrapped up in scarves and bobble hats, ... more
  • Caught by those little girls again - Jimmy, Sat Aug 22 10:37pm
    After it was all over with the spankings from those moms and the girls I was finally free. Since a couple months past I figured all was forgotten and I could go outside again. So this is what I did I took off all if my clothes opened up my front door and locked it so I couldn't get in, the only way for me to get in... more
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