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Naked in the office PART 2 - Spencer, Thu Jul 2 3:45pm
and i pushed her out the down by pushing her smooth nice butt into the hall yelling thsat a girl stripped in the hall and locked the door leaving her in the hall naked. I left early thast day and janice always gives me dirty looks now, but it was worth it.
Naked in the office - Spencer, Thu Jul 2 3:42pm
So one day i was in the office and i went to the room with the coffee in it. I sat down and started filing papers. One of my coworkers janice walked in and got some coffee, but little did she know the machine was broken so she bent down to wxamine it, and by the way, she is pretty cute, so i looked over at her butt... more
Series 1 - Underwear Model So I thought I'd come out of hiding for a while and share a few things I've been working on. Hope you all enjoy and you'll be happy to know I haven't totally forgotten about - I'm not a little girl. Actually this story has a similar theme so I hope it's also going to be a winner. I tried out ... more
Flashback leads to flashing some skin - Petite, Tue Jun 30 2:44pm
Petite here this story was inspired by events in my Uncles life he read some my stuff . thought I could do something with a night he got to see one his first loves go streaking .So the time was 1977 I am sure you all seen That 70's show so think of that should get you in the mood .now all will get wavey flashback time ... more
Ariel back again . This is the day . the day i will get my payback to Bobbi the one who lead the hazing of me and my friends . She brought me great pain and she hurt Alex too a girl is more than friend to me . Alex is who has driven me to do these revenge days to all involved . There has been a lot of planning into... more
Ariel back again . I am 13 had some real fun this afternoon with my stepbrother girlfriend Kelsey . I played a hand in fixing them up . Very strange how they got together but she is crazy about him . Anyway my stepbrother had to go out this afternoon so Kelsey came in my room and started asking strange questions .... more
blackmail humiliation - Lily, Sun Jun 28 6:12pm
i found this guy's snapchat somehow I don't remember but we started talking and he's really hot and I convinced him to send me nudes. He trusted me because we had been talkin for a few hours and when he sent them I screenshotted them. I told him I would send them to everyone on my contact list if he didn't send me... more
Petite revenge of kindness on the weak - jbfco, Sun Jun 28 1:12pm
Ariel I am back I am ready for my third revenge on Bobbi and her cronies who hazed me over a week ago . My older friend Mychelle has been helping me with planning . Mychelle is 18 Freshman in college . I know her many years she played for my dads softball team . I am 13 I am very petite I am half Asian and half... more
Ariel I am ready for my second revenge from my hazing . We paid back Jena you can read about it in Red Head revenge . Today will be Sarah the toughest of Bobbi's cronies . Sarah is very cold heart . So the game I have picked for her she will hate so I will love. We gave orders to Jena she is to let Mychelle and I know ... more
Ariel I am back again . I am 13 very petite . It was so hot last night I decided was time to have some risky naked fun . There was 4 of us we would head to my friends Alex house she is at camp and her parents are gone most Friday nights . I told all we will go to Alex to cool off with some naked swimming . I also told ... more
tickled and stripped - Skyler, Fri Jun 26 9:00pm
real quick side note. I was almost done typing this out and then my computer crashed and I lost all my progress. :( typing it for the second time now here we go So I just finished my junior year of high school and now the moment everyone was waiting for was finally here; summer vacation. Unfortunately I don't have any ... more
  • Petite revenge on red head can be risky - jbfco, Fri Jun 26 1:25pm
    Hello my name is Ariel I am 13 you may have read I was caught up in a hazing . I have decided I want payback and I have a 18 year old friend will help me . I am a softball player and so is my 18 year old friend Mychelle who played for my Dad who was and is my coach . My best friend Alex got caught up in this too she... more
    My name is Ariel I am 13 as I think many may know from past adventures you may have read . I am very petite I am half Asian and half Hispanic so my skin is very exotic looking . I also am a good softball player My Dad is a great coach . I am pitcher . One of the things Dad has me do is teach his new talent how to be... more
    Caught Doing My Own Dare - Kelsey, Thu Jun 25 3:08pm
    Ok so my name is Kelsey. I'm 5' 2" athletic body type and I have DD breasts... yes, they're fake, I was a B cup before 2 years ago. And first of all I have to say, this story is completely true. With that said, don't expect it to get all crazy like some of the fantasies here. I MEANT for this night to be a fantasy,... more
  • My name is Ariel I am 13 I am becoming very bi curious I know my best friend is into girls and guys both . I have felt feelings growing last couple weeks . We wanted to do something Friday just us . I had perfect fun game Alex agreed I told her bring her bikini . If you have not read any my adventures I am half... more
    Love ur stories pls message me - Jeremy, Wed Jun 24 1:11am
    Hi Ariel my name is actually Jeremiah, like I told Mychelle I would love to be included in ur strip fun and I will participate fully, pls add me on snapchat if u have it jer.dawg19 or on instagram jeremiahkent11 thank you
  • Petite and the hazing my naked nightmare - jbfco, Tue Jun 23 10:13pm
    My name is Ariel I am 13 softball is my game . I am small but tough or thought I was till today . If you have not my previous adventures I am part Asian and part Hispanic so I nave very exotic skin tone very dark hair . Today I was doing some pitching practice then hitting practice . The cage is in a gym thanks to my... more
    My name is Ariiel You may read other adventures I am 13 years old very petite size . It is summer that means cousins come to visit . My parents are divorced I live with my Dad most the time as he is my softball coach . Anyway I have a step brother Mike last week we got into a wild game of strip poker a couple weeks... more
    My name is Ariel I am 13 you may read some of my other adventures . Myself and my best friend Alex have been invited to go to a friends apartment for the day it is in a college town should be fun . The friend is Mychelle who is 18 a former softball player of my Dad . So was easy to get permission to go . Mychelle told ... more

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