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Humilliated after swimming lesson - SwimKid, Fri Jul 24 12:06pm
I got into the pool in my swimming class, the first thing that I notice is that a girl from my class, a pretty hot one for that matter (who we'll be calling "Ca" for simplicity sake) was there. As a 13 year old that isnt too good at sports that require a ball, I decided to try and Impress Ca by showing off my swimming ... more
  • My first real spanking - Emily, Wed Jul 22 8:33pm
    Hi I'm emily and I'm 15 and my neighbor Nicole gave me the spankong that I would never forget. It was an early moring and my parents already left for work. Since they were gone I usually do what ever u want. When I was 13 I always liked running outside naked and trying not to get caught. So that's what I did. I... more
  • Revenge of the Nerd (Pt 1) - Guess, Wed Jul 22 5:20pm
    It took me a few weeks to get my revenge. One thing nerds do well is plan things out in detail, however the one thing they often fail to do is follow through and execute their plans. I guess we let others intimidate us too much and don't think we can do anything about it, but Alice and Danny had embarrassed me so much ... more
    • Wow - KS, Tue Jul 28 1:52am
  • embarrassed by my older sister - Emily, Sat Jul 18 9:18am
    I don't know if this site is supposed to be made up stories or not but this happened to me a few months ago. I'm 15, and my older sis April is 18. we usually get along pretty ok, but we got into a big argument and we were both pretty pissed at each other. Well, I thought it would blow over or something but I guessed... more
  • Bath Time :-D (Part 2!) - Tyler, Thu Jul 16 1:27pm
    Okay, you guys seemed to like part 1, so here is part 2. As to posting a separate thread for it, I have a few reasons. 1) You can read this without having read the first part and enjoy it. The first part will make it better, arguably, but it is a somewhat separate story. 2) Trying to make more posts to liven up the... more
  • Bath Time :-D (?Part 1?) - Tyler, Thu Jul 9 2:29pm
    Hey, so I've been a fan of this since before it was on this site, when it was "Teen Girl Pantsing and Stripping Pranks" or something like that. Either way, I decided to try and post a story of my own (Fictional), hope you guys enjoy. :-D ~~~ When Jason was sixteen, he had a summer job of mowing lawns for a number of... more
  • Hello Ariel is back Alex is finally home from camp . Alexis my best friend and maybe more now . I set a wild game night at my house as the 4th of July approaches I want to turn it into a big naked bang!!!! . Mychelle my older friend she is 18 she is a card shark along with softball player that is how I know her . She... more
  • Naked in the office PART 2 - Spencer, Thu Jul 2 3:45pm
    and i pushed her out the down by pushing her smooth nice butt into the hall yelling thsat a girl stripped in the hall and locked the door leaving her in the hall naked. I left early thast day and janice always gives me dirty looks now, but it was worth it.
    Naked in the office - Spencer, Thu Jul 2 3:42pm
    So one day i was in the office and i went to the room with the coffee in it. I sat down and started filing papers. One of my coworkers janice walked in and got some coffee, but little did she know the machine was broken so she bent down to wxamine it, and by the way, she is pretty cute, so i looked over at her butt... more
    Series 1 - Underwear Model So I thought I'd come out of hiding for a while and share a few things I've been working on. Hope you all enjoy and you'll be happy to know I haven't totally forgotten about - I'm not a little girl. Actually this story has a similar theme so I hope it's also going to be a winner. I tried out ... more
  • Flashback leads to flashing some skin - Petite, Tue Jun 30 2:44pm
    Petite here this story was inspired by events in my Uncles life he read some my stuff . thought I could do something with a night he got to see one his first loves go streaking .So the time was 1977 I am sure you all seen That 70's show so think of that should get you in the mood .now all will get wavey flashback time ... more
    Ariel back again . This is the day . the day i will get my payback to Bobbi the one who lead the hazing of me and my friends . She brought me great pain and she hurt Alex too a girl is more than friend to me . Alex is who has driven me to do these revenge days to all involved . There has been a lot of planning into... more
    Ariel back again . I am 13 had some real fun this afternoon with my stepbrother girlfriend Kelsey . I played a hand in fixing them up . Very strange how they got together but she is crazy about him . Anyway my stepbrother had to go out this afternoon so Kelsey came in my room and started asking strange questions .... more
    Petite revenge of kindness on the weak - jbfco, Sun Jun 28 1:12pm
    Ariel I am back I am ready for my third revenge on Bobbi and her cronies who hazed me over a week ago . My older friend Mychelle has been helping me with planning . Mychelle is 18 Freshman in college . I know her many years she played for my dads softball team . I am 13 I am very petite I am half Asian and half... more
    Ariel I am ready for my second revenge from my hazing . We paid back Jena you can read about it in Red Head revenge . Today will be Sarah the toughest of Bobbi's cronies . Sarah is very cold heart . So the game I have picked for her she will hate so I will love. We gave orders to Jena she is to let Mychelle and I know ... more
    Ariel I am back again . I am 13 very petite . It was so hot last night I decided was time to have some risky naked fun . There was 4 of us we would head to my friends Alex house she is at camp and her parents are gone most Friday nights . I told all we will go to Alex to cool off with some naked swimming . I also told ... more
    tickled and stripped - Skyler, Fri Jun 26 9:00pm
    real quick side note. I was almost done typing this out and then my computer crashed and I lost all my progress. :( typing it for the second time now here we go So I just finished my junior year of high school and now the moment everyone was waiting for was finally here; summer vacation. Unfortunately I don't have any ... more
  • Petite revenge on red head can be risky - jbfco, Fri Jun 26 1:25pm
    Hello my name is Ariel I am 13 you may have read I was caught up in a hazing . I have decided I want payback and I have a 18 year old friend will help me . I am a softball player and so is my 18 year old friend Mychelle who played for my Dad who was and is my coach . My best friend Alex got caught up in this too she... more
    My name is Ariel I am 13 as I think many may know from past adventures you may have read . I am very petite I am half Asian and half Hispanic so my skin is very exotic looking . I also am a good softball player My Dad is a great coach . I am pitcher . One of the things Dad has me do is teach his new talent how to be... more

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