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School girl's life - Megan , Tue Aug 30 3:37am
Hey Im Meg and Im 18yrs old but stuck in grade 12 thanks to my parents keeping my down grrr. They think my grades are low but they don't understand that I don't care. I don't need education, ill get my self a hot doctor! So here I am wasting another year in school, I don't mind it sometimes. I have no responsibilities ... more
The Bat Cave - Harry, Mon Aug 29 7:59pm
I am the second oldest of seven kids. At the time of this experience the oldest, Amanda is 16 and only 16 months older than me. Belinda at 13 is 18 months younger than me. Clarissa and Matt are twins and 9 years old. The last set of twins are Timmy and Dolly who are 4 years old. Amanda is what most guys would call hot ... more
  • The Spanking of a Lifetime: Prologue - Jessica, Sun Aug 28 8:23pm
    Jessica was a lovely young girl who was no more than 15 years old when this series begins. In her high school years, Jessica would learn a lesson that she would never forget. Travel through Jessica's story as she experiences the most embarrassing spankings, strippings, exposings, and punishment she has ever received.... more
  • Dirty Daisy - Booty, Sat Aug 27 10:06pm
    Author's Note: I wrote this with some variations and published it on another site some time ago, so if it looks familiar, I'm not plagiarizing, I swear. Also, this is my first time writing for this site, so any feedback is appreciated. Daisy came home one sunny afternoon during the height of summer, filthy from head... more
  • The Denuding Wars - Spiderman2, Sat Aug 27 5:28pm
    My sister Sara is about a year younger than me. When we were younger, we had a sort of ongoing stripping/pantsing war that we called "denuding". The name came from the first time it happened. I was standing around talking to our mom in the kitchen, wearing only a towel, since I just come out of the shower. My sister... more
  • This happened during my senior year in high school, a few months before graduation. It was very humiliating. I had already been the butt of many jokes and teased for months after nude pics of me and two close girlfriends got passed around our campus by some jerks who hated us. It also didn't help that I had acquired a ... more
  • Sister Vacation Experiences - Matt, Tue Aug 23 2:22pm
    So this happened back when I was a sophomore in high school (about 5 years ago). At this time my sister was a freshman in college and as most sister stories go she was (and still is) considered very attractive by all my friends. Seeing as how she was my sister I never really had an opinion or paid attention to her... more
  • Naked:A True Story - Lily, Mon Aug 22 6:01am
    So, I am a 20 year old woman. I live in a prety rural town. I used to love daring myself to do stuff nude. So, I took my spare car key and loked it in on of those lockers at a mall. Then I put the key to the locker in a bag and a bunch of other keys in bag each. Now I had ten bags with key in each but I did not know... more
  • naked in front of hot girls - winner, Sun Aug 21 1:40am
    I was standing in line for the school physical. In my school we only had to remove our shirt that too inside the doctors room. When my turn came i entered the room. I was told to remove my shirt and vest. While he was observing my body he saw a mark near my genital region. So he told me he wants to check it. At that... more
    Maggie: Part 1 - Mr Somebody, Wed Aug 17 4:03pm
    Maggie was a 13 year old girl who was slightly poor. She did normal things, went to school etc. She was going through puberty like every normal girl, her breasts had developed but she hadn't grown any hair down there yet, something that she didn't see as a problem as no-one would ever see, or at least that's what she... more
  • Exposed (Part 1) - Kristina, Tue Aug 16 8:14pm
    Samantha was a young girl who had just started puberty and going through everything at age 15. Her mom was still buying all of her clothes including underwear, and unfortunately her mom loved to get the cheapest pairs of underwear which meant she was stuck wearing childish underwear ranging from Winnie the Pooh to... more
    • More! - M, Wed Aug 17 5:02am
  • Revenge (Part 1) - Raven, Mon Aug 15 11:39pm
    Jennifer Williams was the head cheerleader captain for several years and always picked on the nerds of the Greenwood High. She bragged about being put together and being with the quarterback of Greenwood High's football team. She was also one of the bitchiest and most annoying girl in the entire school, so everyone... more
  • A Burned Arm Part 1 - SwimKid, Mon Aug 15 5:56pm
    -Say it Swimkid, you know it’s the only waaaay –Singed Lucia. Lucía was a girl my age, you know, I don’t recall exactly how old we were, but I think I was fourteen or thirteen. It doesn’t matter. Now the thing with Lucia is that at when she said that, she was sitting on top of my back, holding my arms together and... more
  • Splitting the topic as adding a new chapter dosn't seem to bump the posts up anymore. Part 1 - 6 of the story here or anyone that wants to catch up - http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?id=245772;article=2114;search_term=trisha The first part of the final chapter can be found here - Trisha the terrible - The... more
  • Awkward Moment in Gym Class - Lilly, Sat Aug 13 10:06pm
    Hello, internet! I am Lilly, and as promised I'm going to tell you about an awkward moment in gym class as that was the most popular choice. Anyways, let's get started. These stories are one hundred percent true, by the way, although I'm thinking about starting a fictional series. Let me know if you guys would be... more
  • Embarressing Spanking p2 - Krystal, Sat Aug 13 2:52am
    Hey So its been a a week since my humiliating spanking and I am still mentally scared from my humiliating spanking in front of my step bro and Luke. After the punishment I ended up having to put ice on my sore asshole for a while, because of the blisters the hot sauce caused. I have made sure that I have been a good... more
  • Embarrassing Spanking - Krystal, Fri Aug 12 1:34am
    Hi my name is Krystal and I am 18yrs and I wanted to post a story of what happened to me when i was 14yrs. My dad was sentenced 8yrs for a lot of crap that he did over the years, so I live with my step mom and her son James 13yrs and her daughter Lilly who is 8yrs at that time. Lilly is pretty young and oblivious to a ... more
  • Another Awkward Moment - Lilly, Mon Aug 8 8:10am
    Hello, internet. So some of you may have read about me as a first time nude art model and finding out that my boyfriend, friend, and some others that I know were taking that class, but that's irrelevant to this story. I figured you should be able to get to know me a little more, so I'm going to share another awkward... more
    • More? - Lilly, Mon Aug 8 8:33am
    • Part 2 - Lilly, Mon Aug 8 8:26am
      • Poll - Lilly, Mon Aug 8 8:47am
  • Awkward Moment - Lilly, Sun Aug 7 10:30pm
    Hello, internet. I see you're interested in my story! Well, let me first tell you a little bit about myself. I am an 18 year old girl, so of legal age for people to see me nude and paint me nude and take pictures of me nude. So I was looking for a part time job so that I could get some money, but all of the jobs that... more
    Humiliated (Part 1) - Jennifer, Sun Aug 7 7:57pm
    Jennifer was one of those popular girls. Everyone knew her, but secretly hated her. Of course, no one would say that to her face in fear of her father's retaliation, but eventually the truth comes out, and the truth came out in a way that would be most unforgettable to Jennifer. You see, her father was out of town for ... more
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