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The Park - Anonymous, Wed Oct 29 3:55am
One night, a girl named Fiona was bored. None of her friends were available, and she had the night off work. She decided to go for a walk in the park. Eventually, Fiona found herself a little off the beaten path. She was exploring, climbing through thick bushes. Fiona found a secluded tree in the center of a circle of ... more
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I dare you (Explicit) - Anonymous, Tue Oct 28 8:52pm
It was about 5 minutes before the end of the school day when Kristyna went into the girls bathroom on the second floor of her high school, it was her first year since she and her family moved to the United States from the Ukraine and she was relieved that her first day was finally almost over. As she walked into the... more
  • Flesh Eaters -- A Halloween Story - Executionus, Mon Oct 20 9:45pm
    This is a story that I originally started writing LAST October and never finished. Part 1 is done. It tells the tale of the Flesh Eaters Halloween Club through the POV of a nervous little girl watching the madness. With any luck I'll be able to complete the whole story before Halloween. Unlike most Halloween stories... more
  • used to be a school bully - eeeeyyyyyy, Mon Oct 20 2:19pm
    In high school I used to be kind of a huge bully to the younger kids, particularly the younger girls. One of the worst stories I have is when me and a bunch of my friends tied up a girl after gym class. The gym class had kids of every grade in it. It was only a quarter long class, and the other quarter was health. One ... more
    • wow - anon2579, Tue Oct 21 2:40pm
    • Aftermath - Anonymous, Tue Oct 21 12:33pm
  • Miranda and Brandi get Paddled - Miranda , Fri Oct 17 8:27pm
    Miranda and Brandi get Paddled One month passed since my last encounter with Bonnie and like with everything in my life so far, things only got worse. And I really meant it this time. For about a year I was the girl every boy lusted after and now I was the butt of their jokes. Well it was my butt that was the joke.... more
    Humiliated by Boss' Daughter - Radassat, Fri Oct 17 12:45pm
    "Come up, I need you upstairs," said Sarah and closed. When you work for rich people you have to do a lot of things to satisfy them. And the children are even more moody. Sarah, who started college just a month earlier, liked to give me a lot of things to do. I was sure that sometimes, she was doing that only to have... more
    Swim Race Forfeit - Alex, Fri Oct 17 12:25pm
    The summer before high school a couple of friends and I spent several weeks at a lake house. One of their older brothers was supposed to be chaperoning but he spent most of his time at his girlfriend’s lake house. I think that’s the reason he volunteered in the first place. Anyway, being a bunch of teenage guys pretty ... more
    Skinny Dip - jbfco, Fri Oct 17 1:52am
    My name is Amanda this is took place week after I screwed 2 guys in same night . I am 14 and real horny I am bi curious and tonight going take walk on the bi side of life I was going out with a girl I think I have thing for her named Alex she too is 14 . She has shoulder length blonde hair and piercing in her nose I... more
    Allison trying moving on - jbfco, Fri Oct 17 1:09am
    My name is Allison . I am 14 just got my heart broke by my first boyfriend thanks to my cousin Maddie . I am a bit late bloomer my tits are still pretty flat my hips are starting to round some my ass has nice shape so i am told . Anyway been about 2 weeks since my heart was broke about a week ago a boy Brad started... more
    Sudden Death Amanda's version - jbfco, Thu Oct 16 11:46pm
    My name is Amanda I am 14 and most boys say my body is like a hot as a fire cracker what ever that means . I am 5 '2" with short blonde hair not my natural color I was inspired to dye my hair by my older friend Mel . Mel is 16 will soon be 17 I got to know her through softball and I heard of her through gossip I love... more
    Sudden Death - jbfco, Tue Oct 14 12:17am
    My name is Mel you may remember me from my very bad New Years .This story involves myself and my best friend Amy who you may know from her story sister vs sister . This story took place like 5 months after my bad New Years and about month after Amy was attacked by her sister.Amy and i have very similar appearance I am ... more
    Humiliated by roommate 2 - Tiffany, Mon Oct 13 3:44pm
    I'm back again sadly with another story. Stephanie (my 5'4", 100 lb, skinny redheaded roommate) has continued humiliating me at every turn. (I'm 5'8", 145 lbs, very fit with long blond hair.) These stories are written to the best of my recollection. I was hoping she was going to, I don't know, forget about what... more
  • Allison and her cousin - jbfco, Sat Oct 11 1:02pm
    My name is Allison I am 14 about mouth ago I was stripped naked by a bunch of boys one of them became my first boyfriend he is 13 his name is Matt last week we played strip darts on what was my first naked date . I won and made him jerk off in front me I was amazed how far he shot his load hit his chin . We slept... more
  • Lisa the pool party part 2 - jbfco, Sat Oct 11 11:42am
    So I am Lisa 15 I have dirty blonde hair very perky breast size B nice hips and ass . I been at a pool party with my friend Dawn and we were stripped by 6 boys who jerked off on us and made us cum then made dawn and i perform 69 in front all the boys . Then Matt host of party ask me to call my friends Megan and Missy... more
    Bee's Train - Dave2000, Fri Oct 10 6:37am
    Long Train journey! Bee had been invited by Ali to go with her for a trip to london shopping! Not intending on missing an opportunity like this, Bee jumped at the chance. The day came and Bee had her bag packed for the 3 day trip. 9 hours on the train there and then a day in London. Then 9 hours back. Bee met Ali at... more
    • Love em - Forgotten Echo, Mon Oct 13 4:34pm
  • Allison and her first naked date - jbfco, Thu Oct 9 7:04pm
    My name is Allison you may remember I was jumped and stripped on way home a couple weeks back I have got very horny since then . I was a bit a slow to mature I was just getting small breast were hips were a bit round now . Late on a Thursday night I got a call from a boy Matt he was one those who stripped me I was not ... more
    Lisa at the pool party - jbfco, Thu Oct 9 6:22pm
    My name is Lisa last time you heard from me was my 15th birthday party that i got more than what I wanted as i saw my first penis and so much more . Anyway it has been about month later and my friend Dawn and i were invited to a pool party my this guy named Matt he is only 14 . Our friends Megan and Missy were ask too ... more
    Humiliating Lesson - Shorty, Sat Oct 4 11:33am
    When I was in Jr High I was part of a group of girls that liked to gang up on other younger kids and humiliate them just for fun. Our favorite was to gang up on a victim (usually a boy), de-pants them, and taunt them bottomless to see how humiliated we could make them. We used to love to do it in public places like... more
    My name is Allison when I was 14 I am tall long and lean . I am 5' 7" I am what they call late bloomer just last few months things have changed with my body my hips are little more round and my breast are just starting to grow in my eyes I am still very flat . In my eyes I am nothing and no one notice . Only thing I... more
    Sister vs sister the payback - jbfco, Fri Oct 3 12:37pm
    My story is a story of my sister payback toward what I did to her . My name is Amy I am 15 I have dirty blonde hair about 5'5" with nice shape my breast are large size C my hips are shaped well . Really grew into my body the past year while my sister Sarah is 17 she is a great athlete I was till I well grew my breast... more
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