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Pantsed - Chernobyl , Fri Jun 24 1:12pm
For my friends birthday we all stayed in a hotel together. I have no idea why but that's what she wanted to do so yeah. We were going to leave early in the morning so we had gotten everything ready and we're heading out. I didn't bother to change out of my pajamas so we were waiting in the lobby when I suddenly my... more
  • School's Out PART ONE - SadieZay, Fri Jun 24 9:59am
    My name is Georgia, I'm 16 years old, and I'm in the middle of puberty. Not the best way to start a story, I know, but honestly it goes with the storyline pretty......well? Anyway I'm just going to dive right in. I have medium-length brown hair and green eyes. My breasts are medium sized, but my butt is bigger than... more
  • Piggy 02 - Pig Girl, Fri Jun 24 4:22am
    I woke up with my mother banging on my bedroom door, "Why are you always locking this door? I've been shouting up to you that your friend Tina is here, shall I send her up or are you going out on this fine summer's evening, it'd do you good, a bit of fresh air?" Friend? Tina? Those two words should not have been in... more
  • Piggy 01 - Pig Girl, Thu Jun 23 11:26am
    When I was younger it seems that I was the one that the other girls wanted to pick on. I don't know whether it was because I was a late developer or maybe because I was slightly chubby, not fat, just chubby, either way it was always me. The other girls in the class, especially the tougher ones, used to make my life... more
  • Rose's awful day - Frankie, Thu Jun 23 8:32am
    Rose's humiliating day Wednesday, an awful day for Rose. She loved the three hours of theatre studies with her friends and she loved her teacher too; what she didn't love was the enforced dress code that she had to adhere too. As an 18 year old sixth form student she had to wear business clothes to school and her... more
    Exhibitionist Girls Maria and Melinda (Pt.1) - Anonymous, Wed Jun 22 7:46am
    Maria is a 15 year old girl with a strange fetish. Public exposure. Although she liked to be exposed in public, she didn’t like others seeing her exposed because she was very undeveloped. Maria was very small for her age, with a flat chest and a vagina with no hairs on it. Maria usually either just went commando or... more
  • part 2 - Owl, Tue Jun 21 5:48pm
    PART ONE HERE http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=245772;article=2294;title=Girl%20Pantsing%20%26%20Stripping%20Story%20Board The next day at school everyone had heard rumors about what happened but I tried not to say anything. That was until I got to my biology class. My biology teacher had heard about... more
    Gf at Frat party - Who ares, Mon Jun 20 11:04am
    I am going to college next year and I went to a frat party that my friend Brad was at. They told me to bring my dumb girlfriend so I did. When we got there the place was crazy. Everyone was completely wasted. My girl was looking really hot in a tank top and short skirt. I knew if she looked slutty it would help. I... more
  • Lily's sleepover nightmare - SDS, Sat Jun 18 4:50pm
    --- “No please, I don’t want to play anymore” cried Lily as the giggling group of teens forced the dice into her hands again. “You know the rules” laughed Amber who sounded more than slightly tipsy. “The first person to wuss out or pass out gets stripped and thrown into my brothers room, naked!” Amber and the other... more
  • Amanda-Christina's Misadventures Ch. 01 - TheSparkZone, Sat Jun 18 9:35am
    Amanda Rivers and Christina Flood were both kindergarten teachers in the Midwest. The girls often ate lunch together and they really enjoyed each other's company. Amanda and Christina went out to dinner or went shopping with one another, but they were conservative girls that didn't frequent the local hot spots. There... more
  • Gym class pool - Owl, Sat Jun 18 8:05am
    Gym class was always so lame. Nobody really liked it in high school except for the boys and even at that a lot of them also didn't like gym. Since no one really liked gym, no one really put in effort to make it known that today we would be swimming and you have to participate. I had no idea and didn't bring a... more
  • Caroline: A Naughty Thought - Part one - SwimKid, Fri Jun 17 9:11am
    Today it will be a great day, Caroline thought to herself. She was about to go shopping and get herself some new clothes for her trip to Disneyland! As a girl who came from a middle class family, being gifted a ticket to go to the other part of america, and a Disneyland ticket was amazing. You see, Here in Westfall, a ... more
  • Gf ...ed in Pool Edit - Who Cares, Thu Jun 16 12:45pm
    My gf and I went on a vacation for her birthday. We were in the hot tub at the hotel pool late at night and had the place to ourselves. She had her hand down my shorts and was jerking me off and I had my hand under her bikini top feeling and squeezing her tit. She was jerking me wildly and used her other hand to play... more
  • Two girls made me strip nude and masturbate - ferret_boy1, Fri Jun 10 2:11am
    Two girls, one 13 and one 10 years old, made me strip nude and masturbate in front of them! I knew as soon as I saw them approaching that they were coming to watch me masturbate and cum. The 13 year old said, " Remember you said that you would show me your dick? Can I see it now? And can my friend see too?" So I... more
  • Snowboarding - Freddy, Thu Jun 9 9:09am
    Marissa was so excited as she and Michelle rode to the top of the mountain. All her life, she always wanted to try snowboarding and now, she was about to get to. They got to the top and walked over to look down the steep hill. "Oh boy," Marissa said. "This is going to be great!" "Yeah, I bet," she heard a voice say.... more
    Terror in the toilets - Ashley, Tue Jun 7 4:28pm
    Hello everyone, my name is Ashley and this is a story that happened to me very recently, just a couple of week after my 16th birthday. I had had a late night working on my project for history class so the next day in school I was incredibly tired and lacked the energy to do anything. I'm not unpopular with the people... more
  • Dress Code - Jamie, Tue Jun 7 3:30am
    Hello, I posted a couple of stories a while ago that happened to me, but I thought I'd write a few fictional ones just for fun. This first one is about a girl who gets transported to a parallel universe where everything's a little bit different. On her way home from school Georgia suddenly became aware that her vision ... more
  • A night with the enemy - SwimKid, Sat Jun 4 8:18pm
    The car stopped. My mum was going to enjoy a meal with my father and was about to drop me at at the house of the Seraphim's. For me it was terrible, because of their daughter. Melissa Seraphim was a pretty girl my age. We used to be friends, but that was until she found out how much fun she had at my expense. It had... more
  • Superzeroes: Story 1, Intangible Issues - Mr Somebody, Wed Jun 1 4:19pm
    Note: This is going to be the first in a few stories in a set of stories I am writing to replace my Schoolgirl trouble story. These will focus on girls with superpowers whose powers emerge and the embarrassment that follows. Charlotte was a normal 15 year old girl. Average height, breast size 34B, great ass, blonde,... more
  • Super Sweet 16 Disaster! - KennyBee, Tue May 31 3:55am
    Okay, maybe I went too far. But she started it! Honestly, if this went to a court of law, the jury would say “Not guilty! Her sister totally started it.” But I’m getting ahead of myself. You don’t know me any better than my imaginary jury, and you certainly don’t know my sister. But you know the type, right? Madison... more
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