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Flip of a coin - jbfco, Wed May 27 11:00pm
My name is Megan I am soon to be 14 . School has ended for the summer . Today is Friday and today I plan to see a long time friend Tim naked at least that is the plan . Tim is a year younger than myself I have had the hots for him about a year . He has a almost perfect body solid build with 6 pack I have seen him with ... more
Prank On New Girl - Lisaaaaa, Mon May 25 9:52pm
Ok so I have this group of friends and this new girl joined our group. I don't like her because she's always stealing the attention so I decided to play a prank on her. I let our other friends in on it and we decided Friday night would be the best time. So the plan was we were going to get her to agree to trade... more
  • Guess I'm naive.... - Luce, Sat May 23 5:16am
    I guess you could say that I’m pretty naive. Moving from the country to the big city for university was a huge deal for me. I found it hard to settle in with my classmates. They were always talking about drinking and drugs, of which I had no experience, and when the girls were alone they’d share wild stories of their... more
  • urban jungle - redsunset, Thu May 21 10:12am
    “Almost 11:00 PM,” I thought to myself as the moon shined through the scattered clouds. I was out later than I intended, especially considering I had an 8:00 AM class the following morning- just another dreadful thought that lingered in the back of my mind. However, going to bed a little later than I expected was... more
  • How I flew to Cancun in the Nude - JP_1814, Wed May 20 8:12am
    My mother promised me a proper Spring Break trip to Cancun if I could keep a high GPA my junior year of university. When I made Dean's List my mother booked the tickets to Cancun and got me a room at the party hotel of Mexico. When I reached the security line I expected a painless search, after all I did not have a... more
  • Pantsed completely in front of girls - Jack Frost, Mon May 18 2:36pm
    When I was nine I was at home with my older stepbrother and my mom was videotaping us, My stepbrother saw a group of young girls from my school walking by our house, so he picked me up and pulled my pants and undies down and knocked on the window so all the girls could see my bare butt. The window was slightly open so ... more
  • Wrong choice - Discreet reader, Wed May 13 8:24pm
    This happened to me a few years ago when I was 16 and bullet proof. I was a little rebellious and didn't care about consequences. However this being my most humiliating and embarrassing event ever quickly changed that and made me think about my decisions. As I said my most embarrassing and humiliating event but for... more
  • My Best Friend Gets Humiliated Pt. 1 - Fantasy Fix, Tue May 12 10:47pm
    My friend and I were hanging out in her living room, just watching something on tv after school. She’s lounging on the couch, wearing the red footie pajamas she had changed into after school. I’ve always noticed that they’re a little too small for her, and how they hug her curves and show off her ass, which is easily... more
  • Cheerleader Punishment - JP_1814, Mon May 11 11:53am
    It was almost the most important game of the year for Jamie Smith, a senior on the Harding Area High School cheerleading team. Harding Area was going to play their major rivals, Coolidge County High School, in the Homecoming football game. Jamie was clearly not listening to the teacher’s lecture on the French... more
  • Cursing - John, Sun May 10 12:53pm
    I remember one time my older sister got into a fight with my cousin “you ...ing bitch” screamed Nadia “shut up ...face” Mandy screamed That’s when my mother walked into the kitchen in disbelief “why do you girls think you can use such language in my house?” My Aunt came into the room and started to talk about how her... more
  • Miss N part 3 - Spice, Sun May 10 5:47am
    Miss N There was silence in the classroom as Miss N's words hung in the air. Miss J still smiled. "My...How interesting,well, that puts a whole new perspective on today's lesson". And then, addressing the class in general said "Doesn't it girls?" Miss N laid there, panting,deeply embarrassed. She couldn't process what ... more
    • MS N - Kraftty3, Mon May 11 9:10am
  • Softball Practice: Part 1 - Anonymous, Mon May 4 10:42am
    It wasn’t until the Tuesday of the next week that Rachel decided to go to softball practice again after school. Amber and her cronies had been tormenting Rachel ever since the conference with the vice principal. She tried to ignore their bullying, since every time she fought back, it only became worse. This time,... more
  • Miss N. Part two. - Spice, Mon May 4 6:43am
    Miss N. stood breathless, surrounded by her pupils and her deputy headmistress, naked from the waist down, her blouse now only just covering her behind and nether regions. She was in shock and even surprised herself by how easily she had let this happen. The deputy headmistress touch her arm, it seemed to bring her... more
    Miss N. - Spice, Sat May 2 12:36am
    Miss N stood in the playground watching the girls play and mill around. It was very warm and she wished she had not put on so many clothes, it was far too warm for knickers and thick tights no matter how fashionable they looked under that short skirt but thick coloured tights with a short skirt was school uniform... more
  • I Really Hate Bets, part 1. - Alex, Thu Apr 30 11:14pm
    Ok, so awhile back, I made a bet with my friends who are girls, (I'm male), and the bet was, if I was able to make a three-pointer in gym class, they would have to buy me a brand new PS4. If they won, I would have to do whatever they said for an entire day. I was their slave, essentially. Anyway, the bet was three... more
  • Caught Jacking off too - Jack, Fri Apr 24 10:38am
    I was 14 years old when I first go caught by my sisters. Anniston was 12 and Leslie was 9. I had gotten home from school and didn't expect anyone to get home for a while. My folks both worked and wouldn't be home for hours. I expected my sisters to stop off at a friends home as they normally did. I had been watching a ... more
    • Payback - Jack, Fri Apr 24 10:53am
  • Taking a Gander - John, Fri Apr 24 9:47am
    Hi, I am Bob's cousin John. Bob has been nice enough to let me tell my own experience. My family didn't have much to do with Bob and his family or any of the other cousins for that matter through most of our lives. My parents were ultra religious and looked at most of the rest of the family as heathens. My mother was... more
  • Caught by little girls again - Jimmy, Mon Apr 20 8:02pm
    I couldn't believe it I was caught by the same little girls again. After that lady forgot all about it I was finally free of spankings. I wanted to got outside again but apparently the little girls were spying on me to see if I was going to do it again. When I took my first step out side I didn't see anyone, but then... more
  • Birthday Suit's - slither, Sun Apr 19 1:07am
    There is a saying, and i think it goes something like so....keep you enemies close, but your friends, even closer still. Thinking of stories for this site, has taken me back , making me remember one or Two unsavoury moments, this being one of them At first i wasn't going to write it, but hell it is a story, which may... more
  • Spanked everyday - Emily, Sat Apr 18 10:12pm
    If you are me a normal day isn't as good as you think. I get spanked everyday by my stepmom for no reason at all. I'm not a loud to tell him because I'll get a really long bad spanking I got last week and I don't want that. Some of these spankings are bad but the one I got yesterday was harsh. When my stepmom got home ... more

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