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Johnny: Tied n' Stripped by the Babysitter - SwimKid, Sun May 29 3:15pm
Where I live, babysitting is a normal job for girls, even at the young age of 14, I had quite a good brand of babysitting. But, boy, this time was much, much better. The jackpot of babysitting presented to my face. I'd be sitting two kids, just a bit younger than me, a girl two years younger and a boy just 1 year... more
  • New school - Freddy, Fri May 27 12:13am
    The following school year, Emily's mom switched her to a private school. She could take it at the old school anymore. Everyone humiliating her. Emily liked this new school better. The only problem she had was that she had to wear a uniform everyday. It was a plaided skirt and a black jacket with a white undershirt and ... more
    • Sequel - Mr Somebody, Fri May 27 1:28pm
  • P.E. - Freddy, Thu May 26 2:51am
    P.E. was always one of Emily's favorite classes in high school. Unfortunately for her, today would prove to be one the worst days of her life. To start off, Emily woke up very late. She was rushing to get ready and discovered that she had no clean underwear. No bra or panties. Emily decided she would just have to go... more
  • Basketball With The Seniors TRYOUT - SadieZay, Mon May 23 2:27pm
    Hey guys so quick little message, I'm going to be writing the final/fifth chapter for Surprised At Ballet Class tonight or tomorrow. Also this story is in a boy's POV. As you can see I've named it "Basketball With The Seniors TRYOUT." Next after the tryout will be (story name) Practice #1, just in case you get... more
    • Part 2 - Samuel , Wed May 25 12:43pm
    • love it! - Jeepman89, Tue May 24 10:32am
      • Thanks! - SadieZay, Tue May 24 3:07pm
        • Sequel - Mr Somebody, Fri May 27 5:04pm
  • Schoolgirl trouble: Part 3 - Mr Somebody, Sun May 22 2:50pm
    -Quick note: This idea was given by Anonymous so shout out to him/her, another note is that I might do a 4th part, unsure yet, but my next story will be different as I will focus on a boy being humiliated to show that not only girls get humiliated in my stories, that might go up straight after this one, unsure yet,... more
    Telar vs Cycle: School Wars - SwimKid, Fri May 20 9:38pm
    The two schools of my city are in war. Its cycle Vs Telar. The students cant fight with punches, because that got the police involved, so they instead thought of another, much much embarrasing way. In this compilation of short stories I promise to show you how the students from the Telar High school embarras the... more
  • Surprised At Ballet Class - SadieZay, Fri May 20 3:35pm
    I was just a normal 14 year old girl with long, brunette hair, blue eyes, and fairly average sized breasts. I guess you could consider me pretty-ish. I had nice grades, a nice house, nice clothes, and definitely nice popularity. One day I was getting dressed for my after school, 3 hour ballet class when a my phone lit ... more
  • Acting is dangerous - Caleb123, Fri May 20 2:48pm
    Alex thought he was a talented actor. He always got the best role in his youth at his school, now as a rich actor he had every mans dream. Unfortunatly he wasn't that talented and only got where he was because of his stunning good looks. Despite being an actor he was very shy about his body and it took the director... more
  • I was asked recently what other stories I've got “In the vaults” or in progress / hidden away to speak plainly. I’ve looked through my on-line drive and USBs and have put together a list of nearly everything I've stated long ago or the things I'm currently working on. This ranges from barely started ideas to almost... more
  • Stripped by boys in truth or dare - Samantha, Tue May 17 9:27am
    I was at a friend’s party as a junior in HS and we were playing truth or dare.I was the only girl.One of the boys dared me to strip so I started,but I was going very slowly.Another boy,called Tim,said that I was going too slowly and he rushed over and took off all my clothes.I thought he was going to stop there but he ... more
  • My Confession: The Dark Corner of the Pool - SwimKid, Tue May 17 5:45am
    As you can tell by my name, I'm an avid swimmer. I try to go to my town's pool on every chance I get. Not only swimming is nice, but often times I get to see girls from other schools in swimsuits. Win win, right? But there was this one time where a group of girls I saw when entering the lockers were teasing a young... more
  • Desert Island - Freddy, Tue May 17 2:09am
    Kira tried everything she could to keep the boat under control. But the storm was too rough. A very large wave was approaching. She and her friends Allison and Julia screamed. The boat flipped over and everything went black for the girls. Kira later woke up the next morning on a beach. She stood up and looked around.... more
  • True Confession (Shower spy) - Executionus, Mon May 16 11:46pm
    (Unlike my normal stories, this one is fully true. Figured it would be enjoyed as a confession.) A few years ago I let one of my best friends, who happens to be a stunningly sexy girl that keeps getting evicted by ex boyfriends, stay with me for a few months while she got herself together. She had a b/f, but he... more
  • My confession - Girl on our estate - Rather not say, Sat May 14 1:26pm
    Growing up there was a girl on our estate with some kind of learning difficulties. I’m not sure what it was maybe some form of Autism but we didn’t know about these things in them days. We used to always get her to buy us sweets or give us her pocket money pretending to be her friends but really taking advantage of... more
  • Confessions - Things we did ‘back in the day’ that we now feel bad about. I just wanted to share a horrible thing me and my friends did years ago. I’ve felt bad about it ever since but finally thought i’d share my story. I hope this encourages a few others to come forward with confessions. When we were growing up the... more
  • my anniversary suprise - Cuda, Tue May 10 6:23pm
    My sexy wife called me at work said she was dressed in a sexy baby doll out fit with stockings and heels. ...she said lose my clothes at the front door and to make sure I was raging hard when i got to the bedroom door....not a hard thing to do i was raging cock in hand the whole drive home ...slipped out of my clothes ... more
  • Lari "The manipulative" Ferrrecil - SwimKid, Tue May 10 4:20pm
    Oh god, how have I ended here, I thought to myself while waiting for Lari, a classmate of mine to open the door of the Music room in school. Now, that doesnt sound so bad, right? Just meeting with a girl in school. Most of us do it every day. Well, dear readers, THAT isnt really bad, but the reason WHY I was there was ... more
  • My experience - Layla, Tue May 10 2:23pm
    I would like to share an experience I had from when I was young. I must have tried to black this out of my mind for years but I was watching something the other day on TV that made me remember. Looking back I’ve been hit by a sudden realisation that events aren’t probably as I remember them. This happened in what I... more
  • A Bus Ride to Forget Part 2 - KennyBee, Tue May 10 12:40pm
    1. “Oh my god” gasped Natasha, wide-eyed. “What happened next?” Joanna’s bottom lip trembled as she recounted her humiliating story. “I didn’t know what to do…I was n-n-n-naked” she said. “And all these students got on. They spotted me and crowded round, laughing at me. I think some of them took photos, and then a... more
  • Another story from the vaults! I found this one 90% complete on an OLD USB and decided to finish it off tonight. --- Terror chilled my blood, I was like prey, hunted and afraid. I was all my mom's fault, she was best friends since childhood with Trisha's Mum, Trisha the terrible that is. Trisha who had been my... more
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