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Not too many comments now - Janie, Sat Jan 16 06:50
I miss the old board.... ;)-
  • New To The Board - Yuri-San, Wed Jan 27 14:58
    Hello everyone im new here an enjoying all of the stories so far. Not much the guys being stripped but hey everyone has their taste i won't complain. Keep up the good work guys. I enjoy reading everyone
    Old Story? - Alex, Mon Dec 7 17:53
    Its a story where this girl made a bet about Basketball, and if she lost she would have to masturbate in front of her classmates in the gym after school. She almost makes it but it bounces off and she responds with "No...." Would be grateful if you could find this story.
  • Playville plus others - conflict , Thu Jan 14 07:22
    Is it ever ok to write your own chapter or to continue another author work? Executions writes well but leaves it in cliff hanger sometimes for over a year is it ever ok to write it your way?
  • Old stories - Brido, Thu Dec 24 08:04
    Hey guys. I was just wondering. A long time ago, when this site was hosted on books.dreambook.com, it was possible to find old stories fairly easily, if you had the story number. Now it is troublesome,if not entirely impossible to locate old stories. Does anyone have a solution for this??? Brido
  • Lost old story? - Anonymous, Mon Nov 23 07:12
    Hey guys - I'm trying to find a story on the old site about a young couple who live in Washington, DC - I recall the story indicating they work at IMF or World Bank or some place like that - and they photograph each other undressed and ended up becoming a couple. It struck me as a very real story, likely not fiction.... more
  • Stories - Alex, Tue Dec 8 20:17
    Maybe a story where a guy bets against girls and the loser of the bet gets stripped and gets a forced orgasm, obviously the guy is a bit unwilling, but with a bit of restraint, he comes to terms with the inevitable. There are a lot of stories on here but none where the bet is literally if he loses he is forced to cum. ... more
    Deletion. - lmind, Sun Dec 6 23:59
    Could someone delete part 4 of Three on One, there must have been a glitch and I can't post the entire 4th part. Granted, it is a BIIIIIGGGG part. But still.
  • This seems right up our ally... - Bucky, Fri Jun 19 06:44
    Found this Questionaire, Seems like something we can have fun with... 1. Are you easily embarrassed in general? Would a situation involving you being naked be very embarrassing for you or not? 2. For those who consider themselves exhibitionists: Why do you like to show your body to other people (either in public or on ... more
  • Can someone write this story please - Humanitiesvanity, Thu Nov 12 21:47
    can someone write a story about a high school girl who kept wearing her uniform skirt too short so eventually the teacher took it and cut it up leaving her to walk around all day without it leaving her bottomless besides a thong panties possible names to use could include melissa Sophie cailin kaylyn Amy features the... more
    Is anyone else getting these endless banners? - Executionus, Sat Oct 24 09:09
    I'm having significant trouble browsing or posting to this site right now because it starts loading a wall of banner ads that never stops, and then never actually loads the rest of the site. I have to hit refresh a bunch of times until the endless banners fail to load. I'll try to post up Flesh Eaters sometime later,... more
  • Illegal? - Alex, Sat Oct 17 07:56
    So, not that I'm planning on getting the site taken down, but its clear most of us are over the age limit for minors and other such things. Now I'm sure none of us are straight up pedophiles rapists, stalking young girls and waiting for the chance to strike. But IF the police saw this, would any of us have a chance of ... more
  • Embarrassed teacher - Chris Chapman, Sat Jun 6 05:02
    I'm starting to wonder if there is going to be a finally for the "embarrassed teacher" cronical bc its one of my favorite stories on this site and I really wanna know what all the circumstances are that she so unwittingly but yet desperately agreed to.
  • Jogging Story?? - Anonymous, Wed Jun 10 03:09
    I could have sworn I read a story on hear maybe 2 days ago about a girl who went for a jog in just a shirt and pants only to end up taking them off because she heard a rip when climbing a fence and then someone caught her and tied her up, any ideas where it went?
  • Sexyandfunny roleplay - Jonnyembarrassment , Thu Oct 22 23:20
    Hey! I'm looking for someone to roleplay/make up stories with. I like enf (embarrassed naked female) and cfnm (clothes female nude male) stories. The stories I like are involving one guy or girl being stripped in public either by accident or magic. They happen in public places like the news or a theme park etc. And... more
    Video - Peter, Sun Oct 11 10:11
    I found this video yesterday on youtube, and in it, a girl is seduced by a guy to strip naked and then he leads her into a dark area and leaves her there. He tells her to close her eyes for a surprise, I imagine. Then the guy leaves the seen, and the girl is surprised when curtains in front of her open, and she finds... more
    • Snap - jimmythehand, Tue Oct 13 11:06
      • Video - Peter, Wed Oct 14 11:11
    • Re: Video - Leom1133, Mon Oct 12 15:36
  • Older Sister Spanked - Crabby, Wed May 27 07:53
    Does anyone else enjoy seeing their older sister getting spanked? Panties down, maybe nude?
  • iniatition stories - Andrew, Fri Oct 2 18:33
    I think it was on the old pantsed site Anyone remember a women telling her workplace initiation stories One included cock bottling?
  • What the daughter saw? - MandyR, Tue Sep 22 10:19
    I have been persuaded by friends to write up my tales has other may be interested and this site was recommended. I'm not sure my content is quite on topic its almost reverse topic in away so if not suitable please just delete. When I was about six years old my mother took me into the city. We met up with my Aunt. My... more
    Ha. Dailymotion! - ddandemann, Fri Mar 27 19:09
    "We are sorry to inform you that your "ddandemann" account on Dailymotion has been deactivated because you have violated the terms of use: http://www.dailymotion.com/legal/terms " I've had this Dailymotion account for at least 7 years. Funny I had uploaded about 30 videos and I notice over time one disappearing after... more
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