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Survey - Austin , Thu Mar 22 19:05
What led you to getting into this kink? Were you always like this? Just curious
Coudld we fund this? - Austin, Thu Mar 22 19:05
Why is finding content for this kink so difficult. Most of it is either terrible acting, real but violent, long slow pauses in between(sharking) or if youre lucky maybe a real stripping here and there but usually terrible quality. I was just thinking how amazing it would be to see some of thesis sites best stories but ... more
story idea - Anonymous, Thu Mar 22 13:37
Ok so I have an interesting idea that I want someone to write about. It's about a girl who's been a nudist her whole life, but now she's forced to go to a boarding school because she is placed under the care of a strict relative. Because of this, she has to wear a uniform all the time, and she frequently gets naked... more
No Subject - Anonymous, Thu Feb 15 16:55
anyone know any stories about girls being punished for wearing wrong underwear or too short skirt and maked to take them off
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Mon Mar 12 06:27
    What is going with this board? So many stories now involving diapers and wetting themselves, etc.. What happened to the old story topics that made this board great. I wish some of the original writers would come back. Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing people's writing styles. It's just seems like this board is... more
  • Looking for story - Anonymous, Thu Mar 8 04:32
    I am looking for a story about a reporter or a sportscaster who is stripped then run up a flagpole at a baseball game.
    Favorite Subject - Anonymous, Wed Jan 24 23:39
    Can yíall post all your favorite ďgirl in chargeĒ getting stripped stories? Things like teachers, babysitters, lifeguards, older sisters, boss, etc.
  • Reverse puberty - Anonymous, Tue Feb 20 03:36
    I read a story of a girl getting stripped and getting a needle that reversed her puberty
  • 2 storys - Anonymous, Sat Feb 24 22:24
    I reameber 2 storyís I canít find 1 itís about a girl whoís goes to school with pants to big and a shirt to small with our panties and she falls asleep and 2 boys strip her and rub her pussy 2 itís about a girls who goes to a sleepover and one of her friends say that nothing can wake her up and so they start to do... more
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Sat Feb 24 23:39
    Would any girl want to do a certain pantsing scene/video? All it is if you have a dog get the dog to try to pull your pants off or down and that's all please anyone
    Pantsing - Anonymous, Sat Jan 13 16:38
    Would any girl be interested in doing a pantsing video for me it's a certain scene I've always wanted a girl to do
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Sat Feb 17 15:02
    Somebody please do a story about a shy young girl (either in high school or elementary school) having attend school naked because her parents registered her as a nudist.
  • Story request - John, Fri Feb 16 23:54
    Could anyone write a story about a waitress being stripped and humiliated in a restaurant? Or know of any stories in this genre? She could maybe be serving a fellow waitress boyfriend and flirting for tips without realizing it's her boyfriend and be punished or the other waitresses could just have a personal grudge... more
    • Ideas - John, Sat Feb 17 22:38
  • Any suggestions? - Anonymous, Sun Nov 19 18:24
    So this board is quite dead. Thereís barely any stories posted here, but I want to find more boards similar to this one. I know Blondieís and ASSTR but thatís pretty much it. I would love suggestions for other boards relating to: ENF/CFNF/CMNF ENM/CFNM Pantsing/Stripping and other similar places. Thank you in advance... more
  • On the topic of re-writes - Viredae, Mon Feb 12 16:05
    So, something I do for my own amusements every now and then is take a story by another author and slightly re-write it, it's not always a lot of differences, some times it's just me changing the dialogue a bit and adding some of my own preferred kinks to it, sometimes I double the length of the story with how much I... more
  • Janie and Emma - mzklopyu, Fri Feb 9 17:04
    Janie and Emma pls can you tell more of ur adventures pls.......
    searching for a story - a reeder , Sun Jan 14 01:58
    I'm looking for a story I'm not sure if I saw it on here or not but it's about a girl who didn't want to wear a skirt so her mom made her go to school bottomless
  • Canít find story - Anonymous, Thu Feb 1 02:27
    I remember reading about a story of a girl getting stripped at church or Sunday school but I canít find it can someone help pls
  • Grandpa's House - Jess, Wed Dec 20 05:01
    Hey I am jess, I am 16yrs old and I have 2 brothers Sam who is 12yrs old and Luke who is 10yrs old. Their both my step bro's , my mum remarried last year to Bill. My mum divorsed my real dad, I don't know the exact reason but I miss him heaps. My mum only lets me see him rarely and its always in group hangs. I am... more
  • Mr Nelson's Games - Lydia , Mon Jan 15 05:55
    Hey, So I am Lydia, I am 16yrs old. I live with my mum and dad and I have 2 twin brothers James and Peter. I love earning money through chores, I am a great saver and a hard worker. My dad lets me work next door for extra cash and thats where I met Mr Nelson. He is a 70 yrs old man who lives alone and his too old to... more
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