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Testing the Water - The Groover, Thu Feb 23 01:49
Thank god for this site, i have been looking for something like this for a while, and finally horray i have found a real stripping story site, so Hi all of you readers, i have been quickly reading through your collective tales off an on, when i can for a while. And it is all about people getting stripped. Christ where ... more
  • How to continue on the same thread - Bob Canton, Mon Feb 20 12:32
    Yesterday I posted a story on the main board and was wondering if I just reply in my main story to continue it? Please let me know thank you!!
    • Yes - Nigma, Mon Feb 20 14:44
  • This is a true story. I was 13, my sister was 14, my big brother was 17 and my little brother was 7. We were on a summer vacation with my mother. We ate at a steakhouse about 20 minutes away from the hotel and my sister became unbelievably sick. About 2 or 3 minutes after we left the restaurant my sister had to throw... more
  • From truth or - Tj, Wed Jan 18 16:12
    Just leaving house,heard phone go off thought to answer it but decided not, Was invited over a sophomore house her parents where away.By the way junior 6'1 131 am I,called Tone by my friends. Arrived at Jill's house just as Sam also a soph arrived.Sam has big boobs and is small @ 52/3.Tess let us in,she said Baliey... more
  • Story Request - Not mine, Fri Feb 3 17:11
    I recently posted "Regretful Revenge" which is a story I've loved since I first read it, the original author never followed up with it, would anyone "preferably with decent writing talent" care to write "a not so regretful revenge" entailing the victims revenge on her attackers, her roommate, and or the people... more
  • Looking for a old series - M, Sun Jan 29 05:05
    It's about a submissive girl that I think gets stripped first a water park but then as the series went in she spent more and more time getting stripped and got very turned on by it.
  • No Subject - Anonymus, Sat Jan 28 13:25
    L and her Friends were on a trip together in Europe. L was a quiet girl, shy and always wore clothes that cover most of her skin. That was one of the reason why her Friends John and Elliot always wanted to see more of her, they always tickle her trying to touch her boobs or snap her bra. One day they were talking and... more
  • Any recommendations? I want a story specifically involving a girl being naked in school and humiliated in school, preferably in front of boys or something like that? It's my kink
  • To the writer of Julia’s Naked Adventure - Mr Somebody, Wed Jan 18 15:58
    I was wondering when part 2 of Julia’s Naked Adventures: Julia Late For School would be posted as it had a strong start and I would love to see what happens next
    Porn - Anonymous, Sat Nov 26 18:19
    Does anyone know where i can find porn that is like these stories?
  • Executionus - Andrew, Fri Jan 13 05:09
    when is strip wars of playville part 1 coming?
  • Stories gone? - Mr Somebody , Fri Dec 30 17:52
    I was searching for my old School girl trouble series and couldn't find it when I searched it, is there a reason for it vanishing and ishe there a way to find it as I would really like to read it again
  • Detention for Melissa - Anonymous, Wed Jan 4 09:58
    Does anyone have the full story available? What we have on the site seems to be cut off at the end of part 4
  • Where? - Fantastic4, Sun Dec 11 12:18
    Hey guys I just have a question. What country is this board written from? Is it the USA England or Australia? I can never tell.
  • Don't mind me, I want to test formatting - Formater, Fri Dec 23 19:15
    Hi, I just wanted to try out the formatting thing for my new stories (coming out soon..) *** /body
    To SDS - Mr Somebody, Tue Dec 13 13:08
    Hey, could you finish your 'I'm not a little girl' story. I found it earlier and would love to know how it ends
  • Jimmy getting spanked by little girls - Emma, Mon Nov 21 12:31
    I feel like im the only one that wants another story of jimmy getting spanked by the little girls. If anyone knows where that would be please tell me, because i know there's more than one story. I really want him to have another one and maybe this time the little girls got to spank him. Lastly I have a true story... more
  • ENF November Announcement - Anonymous, Sat Dec 10 21:32
    When will the winner be announced?
    Story request - Alex, Fri Nov 25 13:02
    Ok, so there was this story on the old board where this one girl got mad at this other girl, so she stripped her naked, and massaged her crotch in front of all her friends. After that, she took the girl back to her house to stay for a few days, and then touched her again while watching a video tape of her being played ... more
  • Request - Jannie, Sat Nov 5 21:49
    Hiya, ;first time post :) Could I request any depantsing of girls (preferably by girls) stories ?
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