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Who do I ask? - Miklotov, Sun Jun 25 08:26
Who do I contact to request all of my stories be removed from the site?
SDS will you do an AMA? - ENFusiast, Wed Jun 21 04:07
SDS you rock my and world! Will you do an Ask Me Anything so we can all ask the questions we want to know??
  • Other ENF story sites - Topher cross, Sun Apr 16 12:47
    Hey I think I've seen pretty much all the great enf stories. I've been searching forever for new sites and stories. I know This site and asn storyboard Beach club Enfcmnf Choya Writing.com Oneclick chick Jenny story board Tracey story board And some deviant art enfs Anyone know any I haven't mentioned? I really need a ... more
  • Greenview Spinoff - Anon, Wed May 10 15:28
    Great ending Jonathan. Any plans for a spinoff? Can't get enough lol plus having a variety of established characters to choose from should make things easier.
  • School bully - Tj, Thu May 25 11:53
    Why would any kid pull, or try to pull something on the school bully? Here's what took place. Roy a 14 year old dared Vivian to trip the school bully. After school Sue pushed her way from the back of the bus to the front in order to be first, as she did everyday. On this day however Viv pushed forward with her... more
    Greenview ending- Jonathan you are the man - Anonymoose, Fri May 12 12:09
    Wow. Just wow. If I knew I'd get that quick of a response I'd have reposted this series years ago. I feel like I can die happy now. The prom chapter is magnificent, and the post-grad finale near perfect (would've liked more naked girls there, but I'm just greedy that way). The epilogue is cute, although I have a hard... more
    Thank You - Anonymous, Sun May 7 18:38
    Thank you Jonathan for that incredible finish to such an amazing series. Never thought we'd see the end of it. Wish someone would make it into a Netflix type tv show. One can dream lol
  • College wars? - Calling out to johnathan and kennyb, Sat May 6 03:38
    Two of some of my all time favorite stories are johnathans green view stories, and kennybs Amy and ash. Both loosely based around high school stripping wars but what if somehow they could come together? Ada and Amy vs ash and tina(with supporters of course ) or ada and Tina vs Amy and ash, college wars? Idk just... more
  • Johnathan - Everyone, Fri May 5 23:56
    Welcome back man
    Mr Somebody - Nigma, Sun Apr 30 14:20
    I've been looking through some old stories and came across some by Mr Somebody, but then he stopped, anyone got any idea why?
  • Greenview - Anonymous, Thu Apr 27 14:33
    Thank you for posting the remaining chapters. Been waiting a while for these
    The Board - ddandemann, Fri Apr 21 21:44
    My apologies for the poor management of the board. I will try to do better. I started the original dreambook many many years ago and during that time obviously life changes a lot. I do not have the same time to dedicate to managing the board as I used too. When dreambook pulled the plug a long time ago and my boards... more
  • pantsed - Anonymous, Sat Apr 22 14:17
    I'm a girl and i forgot my panties. I was going to a crowded shop at the mall and my brother pantsed me and pointed it out to everyone. ;'(
    Looking for an old story - Anonymous, Wed Apr 19 21:18
    Looking for a story about a girl who gets stripped in Walmart by her mother, someone posted part of it here but it was incomplete, anyone know where to find it?
    • Here - Nigma, Fri Apr 21 10:45
  • Hi all Happy to discuss and bounce ideas off each other. This is my suggestion for the board, given the model isn't quite working. I feel like if you want the board to flourish some active management of 1. Posts and 2. Stories (esp. quality, child porn etc) 3. Brand Need to be undertaken. If a story is poor quality or ... more
    Greenview stories - Anonymous, Wed Apr 19 17:12
    Who ever has the remaining green view stories, anyway we can get an update on when they will be posted. The sooner the better but I would love to know when the n xt one will come out
    • Yes - Topher cross, Sun Apr 16 12:54
  • Life - Bxjx, Fri Apr 7 20:09
    I was tricked into sending nudes online and then my life was taken away by cops for being naked
    • sorry. - sinfulstories, Fri Apr 7 21:10
  • Location - Anonymous, Wed Apr 5 21:09
    Would love to know from where each author comes. It would also help in stories if we know where the event is taking place
    Greenview Stripping Wars - Anonymous, Sat Mar 4 05:42
    Long shot but does anyone have the full Greenview stripping wars series that they can post? I found a few of them at the old archive but I remember there being a lot more. Can't find them anywhere else on the internet.
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