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Link to old original Dreambook

Jedi - Fantastic4, Sun Jan 20 06:54
Whatever happened to that series about the young jedi who stripped people with his powers? I remembered it being really good and disappointed that it stopped being added to. If the author sees this, maybe they can add more chapters?
  • Bare in the bleaches pt 2? - Requestor, Sun Nov 18 21:52
    There was a story posted awhile back anonymously called "bare in the bleachers" it is one of my personal favorites and the author said it was his/her first story. Would love to see more from this author or a revenge story. If you're out there anon. Tell me what you think
  • PhoenixENF? - Anonymous, Thu Jan 17 15:54
    Just wondering where you've been? You had wrote some amazing stories and they caught fire, but then you vanished? Just from a sincere fan I hope you're well
    Page recommendations - Miklotov, Wed Jan 16 10:04
    Iím looking to start a page that I can put all of my stories, does anyone have any suggestions
  • Lost Story - Anonymous, Tue Jan 15 13:46
    Girl is babysitting and for some reason allows the kid to hide her clothes. As each clothing item isnít found in the designated time she has to remove another until she ends up naked.
    No Subject - Anonymous, Sun Jan 13 02:51
    Part one of Lisa birthday suit I can only find part 2
    • link - XP, Mon Jan 14 01:34
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Thu Jan 10 15:51
    Would love to see a story of a girl is a late bloomer but is like in year 9 and one day in gym the other girls finds out and tell the principal and the agree to treat her like the age she looks Could be she 15 and looks like a toddler so they treat her like a baby all year and her phone and every thing gets taken off... more
    Looking for a story - Anonymous, Wed Jan 9 02:56
    It's a multi part story that has Girl 1 house sitting so she masturbates in every room, but it turns out they had security cameras set up all over. So girl 2 blackmails her at school into handing over her panties and shoes.
  • Canít decide - Miklotov, Wed Dec 26 08:34
    Iím trying to decide what to write, Iím considering continuing the Gabriella stories or expanding the Casey story further. I am also working on a story based on the night of the living dummy book from goosebumps, curious what people would like to see more
    • Casey - XP, Fri Jan 4 20:48
      • OK - Miklotov, Mon Jan 7 08:14
    • Casey - Anonymous, Wed Jan 2 09:19
    • Gabriella - Anonymous, Wed Dec 26 12:44
  • Please delete - Miklotov, Thu Dec 27 08:41
    Could admin please delete this story? I realize I made a location mistake and I want to repost with the changes to make sure I all the stories make sense http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?id=245772;article=3387;search_term=Gabriella
  • Keep'em Coming - PhoenixENF, Mon Dec 3 13:34
    With Busty the Snowman coming to its final chapter tomorrow. I am once again looking for more Holiday suggestions. Know that i don't use every suggestion, but that I do borrow often from reader's ideas :) And I will also share with you my TOP 3 Holiday ideas for feedback and suggestions on them as well. 1) Girlfriend... more
  • Looking for old stories - Aussie, Mon Dec 24 15:57
    I was a fan of the old stripping board, before this new one started. Just spent a lot of time reviewing it looking for a couple of old stories. However, can't find them and require assistance (if possible). 1) Think the author was "Brian Lorenzo" or similar, was about a bully who stripped a guy's sister naked at a... more
  • Where is everyone - Where, Tue Dec 18 05:48
    Where is everyone? I feel like the site was busy for a few days now been dead a week
  • Very embarrassed - Anonymous, Wed Dec 19 19:19
    One day when I was walking to school from home this girl, Scarlet asked me for all the money I had. I told her I didn't have any. She simply said she'll check herself. She took me down easily because of our size and weight differences and found out I did have 20 dollars and 40 cents. In my sweater pocket. "Lying... more
    Favorite Topic - Anonymous, Mon Dec 17 13:18
    Anything about older girl getting stripped by younger boy/boys. Babysitters, teachers, lifeguards, older sisters stripped by brothers, brotherís friends, etc. Post your favorites or write a new one please. This is my all time favorite category.
  • I am in the process of writing part 3 but I am having some trouble coming up with idea, any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated
  • Tumblr blog = toast! - ddandemann, Wed Nov 21 17:23
    Well after 2+ years and 45,000 followers my TGP/SP&G blog and account was terminated by tumblr. 2200 awesome stripping pictures, gifs, and vids. Oh well I've been waiting for this as I notice tumblr randomly deletes blogs as they please. I am sad but I will be back. I will rebuild!
  • Feedback - CallieMay, Fri Dec 7 11:54
    I just started my first story, Thanksgiving Mishap!! and I was just wondering if anyone had any feedback or ideas they wanted to see happen as the story progressed. I was very nervous to start, but I was wondering if you guys wanted me to continue. Thank you in advance! !! CallieMay
    • Feedback - Executionus, Sun Dec 9 22:04
  • Feedback - Perfect Stranger, Mon Nov 26 02:33
    Hello everybody I recently published my 2nd ever story called Mollie gets catfished. Nobody has written any feedback at all and as an author its quiet demoralising. I will certainly start to provide feedback for others now as this is something I didnt realise. I am worried we will lose some good others if they felt... more
  • Christmas Ideas. (nm) - PhoenixENF, Thu Nov 29 11:48
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