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old story - Anonymous, Fri May 18 08:03
I'm looking for a very old story about a reporter whose clothes disintergrate whilst she's at a big social gathering. I believe she's wearing a suit that has accidentally been stitched together with water soluble thread and during the event it begins to fall apart eventlly leaving naked except for her heels.
The old Teen girl stripping dreambook - Anonymous, Mon May 14 06:05
Hey guys, I used to visit the old teen girl stripping dreambook and there was a story based on Cindarella where the 15 year old girl was going to leave home, and her wicked step-mother told her "not with my property you're not". She made Cinders take off her clothes, burn her favorite boots in the fire and the story... more
  • Survey - Austin , Thu Mar 22 19:05
    What led you to getting into this kink? Were you always like this? Just curious
  • Story search - Spice, Tue May 1 18:19
    Can someone point me in the direction of an old story? A business woman goes to her sons college to get insurance papers and ends up being stripped and humiliated in a medical exam. Many thanks
  • New Tumblr site - nachtmuziek, Wed May 2 16:14
    Hey everyone, I decided to use my tumblr to start posting captioned ENF images, similar to nakedenfcaptions.tumblr.com and fanofenf.tumblr.com. However, mine will focus primarily on punishment scenarios, where a girl is forced to be naked by her parents or the school or something like that. Link:... more
  • Other Sites - The guy that wrote the first few 'Girls Trip' stor, Thu Apr 5 04:30
    Hey guys, Just want to say, love this site, but are there any others like it that just allow users to post straight sex stories, because I've got some stuff I want to write that isn't specific to this niche and I feel like there might be quite a bit of backlash posting it here. What do you think?
    • Re: Other Sites - Anonymous, Thu Apr 26 15:19
    • NO - Austin, Fri Apr 6 09:50
      • Re: NO - that guy again, Mon Apr 9 10:15
  • story - thenaked1, Thu Mar 29 07:19
    There are a lot of stories if guys stripped by female and cfnm. I'm going to start a cmnf enf female stripped by guy story It will begin soon Everyone is welcome to chip in ideas No insulting
  • Hi everyone, long time reader, first time poster. This story is my submission to Claire the Prefect’s School Story Contest. Hopefully I can get part 2 out before the end of the contest. If you like my story, you may be interested in my tumblr of similarly-themed reposted images and gifs:... more
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Thu Feb 15 16:55
    anyone know any stories about girls being punished for wearing wrong underwear or too short skirt and maked to take them off
  • Sister vs. Sequel - nachtmuziek, Fri Apr 6 09:19
    Being a fan of stories about school nudity, family rivalries, and crazy dares, I was a huge fan of this story, and hoped to see a sequel at some point. But alas, the author left it a standalone story. I was wondering if it would be acceptable to continue this story on my own. I would prefer to hear from the original... more
    Other sites? - Zeke, Sun Apr 1 22:49
    What other websites can we find stories like this? And on vague websites what tags can we use?
  • Lost Story - Anonymous, Mon Apr 2 00:07
    Anybody know about a story where a girl got caught and taken advantage of by loss prevention officers for stealing? I don’t remember if they turned out to be legit or not.
    Coudld we fund this? - Austin, Thu Mar 22 19:05
    Why is finding content for this kink so difficult. Most of it is either terrible acting, real but violent, long slow pauses in between(sharking) or if youre lucky maybe a real stripping here and there but usually terrible quality. I was just thinking how amazing it would be to see some of thesis sites best stories but ... more
  • Public Pantsing Video I Commissioned - Cozume, Mon Mar 26 14:41
    Hey guys I've recently had a video commissioned by one of the lovely cam models over at manyvids, wherein a girl gets pantsed 12 times in public, with no underwear on. The video itself can be found here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/677112/The-Pantsing-video/ Manyvids has actually been a pretty good resource for... more
  • 2 storys - Anonymous, Sat Feb 24 22:24
    I reameber 2 story’s I can’t find 1 it’s about a girl who’s goes to school with pants to big and a shirt to small with our panties and she falls asleep and 2 boys strip her and rub her pussy 2 it’s about a girls who goes to a sleepover and one of her friends say that nothing can wake her up and so they start to do... more
  • Favorite Subject - Anonymous, Wed Jan 24 23:39
    Can y’all post all your favorite “girl in charge” getting stripped stories? Things like teachers, babysitters, lifeguards, older sisters, boss, etc.
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Mon Mar 12 06:27
    What is going with this board? So many stories now involving diapers and wetting themselves, etc.. What happened to the old story topics that made this board great. I wish some of the original writers would come back. Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing people's writing styles. It's just seems like this board is... more
  • story idea - Anonymous, Thu Mar 22 13:37
    Ok so I have an interesting idea that I want someone to write about. It's about a girl who's been a nudist her whole life, but now she's forced to go to a boarding school because she is placed under the care of a strict relative. Because of this, she has to wear a uniform all the time, and she frequently gets naked... more
  • Improvisational storytelling - LBS, Tue Mar 27 20:02
    Anyone ever tried this? Or to be more specific, telling a fictional story in a multi-chapter way with interaction from people who may-or-may-not know it's fiction? If you google for words and phrases about embarrassing situations over the years, often you come across people's stories in one snippet or another. The... more
    Looking for story - Anonymous, Thu Mar 8 04:32
    I am looking for a story about a reporter or a sportscaster who is stripped then run up a flagpole at a baseball game.

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