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Ha. Dailymotion! - ddandemann, Fri Mar 27 19:09
"We are sorry to inform you that your "ddandemann" account on Dailymotion has been deactivated because you have violated the terms of use: http://www.dailymotion.com/legal/terms " I've had this Dailymotion account for at least 7 years. Funny I had uploaded about 30 videos and I notice over time one disappearing after... more
  • Are rape stories ok? - Alex, Sun Mar 22 20:52
    I've always thought, in the stories, forcing a girl to cum and raping her are two different things. Rape is dark, and horrible. Forcing a girl to cum is just humiliating.
  • Executionus - Andrew, Wed Mar 18 06:53
    Executionus I am just wondering how the camp embarrassing story is coming along?
  • Favorite Links - Executionus, Wed Mar 11 17:11
    Sorry, I had to post SOMETHING here. This section had not moved since Groundhog's Day, and I was beginning to feel like Bill Murray. So anyway, just to end Murray's torment, I decided that I'd post a couple of my favorite ENF-related links, and everyone could add to this list with their own. http://enf-cmnf.com/... more
  • DreamBook has finally closed for good - jimmythehand, Tue Jan 13 10:28
    The message you get on attempting to access any DreamBook page is as follows: We're sad today to say farewell to an old and dear friend. DreamBook was one of the first projects created by the founders of DreamHost and was part of the original New Dream Network of sites. At one time hosting over a half million... more
  • Are we? - Alex, Tue Jan 27 13:39
    Are we all just pervert's? Nothing better to do then look up stories on the internet about teenagers getting stripped and sometimes even masturbated against their will? Which wouldn't matter, because a lot of us are. But my question is, are some of the stories too far?
  • I am trying something new - Unknown or Am I, Fri Jan 30 05:56
    This is a group pantsing story rules are as followed girls must be embarrassed hence name of site I will start It was a dark and stormy night and when the pizza came it was one to many lol Seriously I will start At North College Rena was waiting in her room for her online class to begin. Everyone had to be on webcam... more
    A Board less active - Forgotten Echo, Wed Dec 17 09:16
    I miss the old Site.. it had way more stories a week than this new one.. I also miss alot of the veteran authors. These authors aren't bad but just a long wait for new stories... Keep up the good work though.. I also miss Janie :*
  • Executionus - Andrew H, Sat Nov 29 06:53
    Executionus did you get my email answering your questions?
  • I remember when I was younger some bully girls telling me I had to play house with them. In summer we had the run of the whole school field which was rarely properly supervised by the couple of old lunchtime supervisors who were supposed to watch us. They took me to the other side of the field behind a slight hill... more
  • To JanieNP - Naughty G, Thu May 8 13:17
    I'm glad you feel flattered. Did you enjoy the story so far?
  • Janie - you make comments about the story board being confusing but you are among the ones continuing to bump old stories to the top by making useless comments so you are helping to create the confusion. Every time you do that you bump the new stories down. Learn board etiquette. Unless you have something real to add... more
  • to Dan: Question - Janie, Mon Apr 21 10:29
    Dan, did you perhaps post some of the old backlogged stories that would have made up Archives 15, 16, 17.... when you moved to this net web hosting site? Can we see those now? I don't remember Emma's stories ever being up before on the old TGP site, or Drew's either, for that matter. Several are now!!! Woww!!! they... more
  • Drew s Stories for Christmas - Janie, Mon Nov 24 19:49
    By way of old Nick, and with approval from Drew, I will post a few of the stories she wrote over the past few years on the old Dreambooks site. A number I love, including one about a being a prepubescent girl masturbating out In a field of corn in a middle western farm. My second best love is being an adolescent teen... more
    We need more Halloween stories! - Executionus, Mon Oct 20 21:50
    I posted up part one of a Halloween story I've had half-written since last year. I'm gonna try to complete it by the end of the month. Meanwhile, we need more stories for this most wicked and sexy time of the year!
  • No Subject - Spike, Sun Nov 23 05:36
    Trying to trace the .." Bus slut " story..and others like it .can anyone help please?
  • stories - Andrew2X, Sat Nov 22 07:23
    I purpose so that this thread does not die Stories new created ones You can use me Im going to start on mine on monday
    No Subject - hmm, Wed Nov 12 10:47
    Can someone post the stories from one click chicks to hear
  • Works better on the story side - Janie NP, Sun Nov 16 10:34
    The linked chain comment format works far better commenting on stories, on the story side. Keeping a running dialogue of random thoughts, would work better here.... I think! Just something to think about, as I get caught up over there. Janie
    Just back on for the first time in three months - Janienudiepants, Sun Nov 16 10:22
    I just went through the discussion board, and it looks like there are fewer comments. I know my friends and I, who met here, talk more on a chat site. Still, I miss the running dialogue on the old site. This ones better for tracking comments, but the old Dreambooks site was better for an ongoing dialogue. Is there a... more
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