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story length? - Anonymous, Fri May 24 00:49
New here, just wanted to ask how long (words) can a story be on here? I am asking because i want to post some stories soon and a lot of the ones i have read here are only short.
So without sounding like I'm just fishing for ideas, I was just thinking and came up with something that I thought could work for this board to help content. I originally was thinking maybe I'd make a post asking for prompt suggestions choose the best and write it but then I thought maybe there would be good ideas... more
  • Concert ENF - Anonymous, Sun Apr 28 23:58
    Any ENF stories old or new related girlís being exposed/groped in crowds? Preferably while crowd surfing. Please post your favorites.
  • Discord - PhoenixENF, Tue May 14 22:29
    My ENF channels! so other than expanding into Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ENF_EUF/ I decided to give Discord a try, so if you have a discord join up :) https://discord.gg/HEzbQZ
  • Warmer Weather (Question) - PhoenixENF, Tue May 14 08:18
    As it gets warmer outside girls tend to wear less. My 2 part question is, what is everybodys favorite summer attire to see a girl in? -Bikini? -Dress? -Booty Shorts? -Light top, no bra? -ect. And What attire do you think leaves a girl most vulnerable to exposure unwanted or otherwise?
  • What is the ultimate ENF scenario? - The Controverser, Thu Feb 21 21:23
    This is not fishing for story ideas or anything like that. This is just a genuine Discussion Board topic. I don't see too many people using this board for what I can only guess Dan created it for. So, I figured I'd start trying something new. For me, I think the ultimate ENF scene would be for a woman to be out in... more
  • Summer Saga - PhoenixENF, Mon May 13 13:04
    Just posted part 2 go check it out! let me know what you think, how i can improve, ect. Feedback is always welcomed just don't be rude lol
  • Haleys First Teaching Job - Anonymous, Sat May 11 08:47
    First time trying to write a story. Would appreciate helpful feed back. Haley was a new teacher at Appleton high school, she had just graduated from college and was looking forward to her new career as a math teacher. She was a good-looking blond young lady at the age of 22, was about five foot seven, weighed a... more
  • Temporary solution - Anonymous, Wed Apr 3 14:02
    I'm not sure how (or even if) Dan is planning to migrate this board, so for the time being, I made this message board as an emergency measure: http://teengirlspands.freeforums.net/ Feel free to completely disregard the board, for the time being, this is only here in case we need it, so maybe bookmark it, but that's... more
  • contact authors? - alsosprachzar, Fri Apr 19 09:59
    is there a way to contact the author of a story on here (swimkid)
  • Lost Story - Anonymous, Tue Jan 15 13:46
    Girl is babysitting and for some reason allows the kid to hide her clothes. As each clothing item isnít found in the designated time she has to remove another until she ends up naked.
  • Part 4 of after school brawl - Nikolai, Wed Apr 10 16:17
    In case anyone misses it I posted the fourth part to After school brawl. If you guys would like I can split up the stories into their own parts on the board but for now they've all been on one post, I just don't want it to get buried and nobody notice. Would love your feedback go check it out!
  • Looking for some - Dme, Sat Apr 6 00:58
    I'm looking for any story where a girl gets tied up and left on display. I have a couple in mind but not certain it was written on here originally. One has a girl get tied and left outside at a party. Think she gets tied to the mailbox. Any suggestions. Loop
  • New board - yeet, Sun Apr 7 14:07
    Why cant we make a subreddit after this board gets taken down?
  • I would love to see another stripping war series. Similar to "Amy and Ash" and "Greenview High Stripping Wars" two different groups of girls constantly trying to avenge their humiliated friend by humiliating one of the other groups girls. With escalating humiliations. It could be started with one girl being humiliated ... more
  • What's the plan Dan? - Suggestor, Mon Apr 1 07:44
    Where are we going from here? With Web Apps shutting down I hope the board can survive somewhere. And awhile back you were talking about maybe coming up with another site or something after the tumble shutdown. Maybe we could have both in one site? Some kind of forum for stories but also pictures/videos/links of... more
  • Real Life ENF? - The Controverser, Wed Feb 27 18:59
    Okay, so here is a golden question. Has anyone here witnessed a real life ENF situation? The only thing close to it for me, I guess, was as a teenager. My friends and I had been invited to pool party at a friend's house and it was absolutely nothing like what you read about on some of these ENF sites. Just a standard, ... more
  • Some bad news. - The Controverser, Sun Mar 31 09:37
    I just read this on another board I go to and since this board uses the same service, I thought I should let everyone know, including you DAN, that the boards we are all using are going offline as of October 31st, 2019. This is not an early April Fools prank. Check disc.yourwebapps.com for the full message.
  • Story idea - Anonymous, Fri Mar 29 11:22
    Found this on tumblr https://66.media.tumblr.com/7c31cc832d9f4143a60a616758b9566b/tumblr_ocfh40SJL11tvl0kio1_1280.gifv
  • Any links? - Just wondering, Tue Feb 26 18:00
    Has anyone found any new enf websites, stories, videos, etc. Been kinda dry since tumblr shut down
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