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Older Sister Spanked - Crabby, Wed May 27, 2015 07:53
Does anyone else enjoy seeing their older sister getting spanked? Panties down, maybe nude?
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Sun Oct 28 09:55
    Very frustrating! I can NOT get logged in. Keeps tossing me back to the login screen all over again. Anyone else seeing this. Thanks, Dazed.
  • Looking for an old Daily motion video - Anonymous, Thu Oct 25 22:19
    There used to be an account on dailymotion named mr roshi, and he had a bunch of anime enf videos. One video that I'm particularly looking for is a video of an anime swimsuit competition where they are all stripping eachother. At the end the show host gets stripped of her swimsuit. Anyone have any idea what happened... more
  • Favorite ENF in Media? - PhoenixENF, Tue Oct 16 11:25
    Let's talk about ENF in media :) What are your favorite ENFs in media? TV Movies Cartoons It's all fair game! Personally I love a clip from a mexican soap opera in which the girl is seduced by a guy into stripping back stage then told to close her eyes...he then opens the stage curtain on her exposing her to a crowded ... more
  • Suggestion to dan - To ddandemann, Sun Oct 21 06:41
    Saw that you had 40 thousand on your tumblr. Congrats! If it wouldn't be to much to ask it'd be amazing if you'd throw shoutouts to this page on there on occasion. Would love to see more traffic and in turn maybe more stories
  • Haunted house humiliation - Suggestor, Sun Oct 21 07:36
    Would love to read some stories about girls humiliated at a haunted house. Maybe her enemies work there she goes and they capture and strip her to put her on show to all the guests. She could be spanked wedgied (maybe even hanging ) and tied up. Also any stories already written to fit this theme? Just an idea
  • Status and a Question - PhoenixENF, Mon Oct 15 10:43
    ------------Status----------- I have been busy moving but, I have had time to write here and there. I have 3 stories in the pipeline 1 is my Halloween story and then 2 short stories. So stay tuned!! ----------Question--------- Clothing for me is a big part of the ENF genre, a flowy dress, a lacy bra, stockings and... more
  • No Halloween Contest this Year? - Faith, Thu Oct 18 20:09
    I'd love to see some more Halloween stories. Some of my favorites have been stories around this time every year, but I've only seen one posted so far this month!
    Bambi Humiliates Laura Again - dazed, Sun Oct 14 19:49
    Being a short girl all but guarantees you will be picked on in school. For Laura, this certainly rang true. Her main nemesis was Bambi. Laura was 15 and stood 5'1' in shoes. A short girl with shoulder length auburn hair, B-cup tits, and a shapely tight ass. Bambi was 16, but the girl was amazingly built. She had long... more
  • STORY IDEA - Anonymous, Tue Sep 4 07:22
    Could someone write a story based on my idea? A shy, undeveloped girl somehow wanders into an alternate universe where everybody is naked at all times, and she has to be naked too. Over time, she learns to be more brave with her body, and even has sex with some of the other children. Right before she orgasms, she... more
  • Looking For A Story - Anonymous, Tue Jul 31 12:22
    There was a story years ago about some girl that went to a bar (or a party) in a costume made entirely out of cotton balls. As she was dancing with people, more and more cotton balls came off until eventually she was naked. Does anyone know where this story is?
  • Looking for a story - ABC, Sat Oct 13 15:49
    Looking for a story that was added not too long ago but seems to have vanished. It was about a girl who had a curse that caused her to loose her clothes whenever she looked at her reflection
  • Post your favorites from this topic please!!! - Anonymous, Sat Oct 13 18:46
    Anything older girl getting stripped by younger boy/boys. Babysitters, teachers, lifeguards, older sisters stripped by brothers, brotherís friends, etc. Post your favorites or write a new one please.
    Serching for a story - Anonymous, Sat Oct 13 14:47
    I'm searching for a story about a girl who got a punishment that her hand and head are restraind and she needed to clean the board in class and her clasmates tied a string to her clit ring, anyone knows?
    Looking for an old story - Curious, Mon Aug 7, 2017 10:35
    I'm looking for a story that used to be posted somewhere. It was called "King of Corn" or something like that. Some girl was at a party in a place that celebrated corn and they made her the "sacrifice," stripped her, and used a buttered up corn on the cob to do stuff to her. Can't find it anywhere.
  • looking for wii sports story - Anonymous, Mon Oct 8 23:30
    story about middle school-early high school teens. two guys (maybe just the one, dont remember) went over to this super hot girl from their class's house to play wii sports and they ended up pulling her cotton shorts down and tossing them around the room and she probably got stripped further or something idk please... more
  • Old story - Noone, Fri Oct 5 20:55
    Iíll looking for an old story were two girls hitch hike on a motorcycle and get taken to a bikers club and one gets gang banged.
  • Request - Request, Mon Oct 1 23:45
    Could someone do a sequel to this story? Was posted years ago on different forums but no sequel ever made.(there's a part 2 in the post but it's same story) http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?id=245772;article=3514;search_term=Regretful+revenge
    An idea... - Masta, Sun Sep 16 23:10
    The other night after browsing the various places, from OneClick and other places related... I settled in for then night, to help me sleep I usually have a list of videos on Youtube which feature people narrating interesting stories either from Reddit's creepypasta or just stories submitted from their viewers (Most... more
  • looking for old story from around 1999 - looking, Sat Sep 8 11:18
    Hello, I'm looking for a story about a girl who would sneak out and wander the neighborhood nude. The girl get caught by a older woman who starts mentoring her on publuc nudity. One night the older woman drops the girl off nude across town and the nude girl needs to find her way home nude. I think the story was on... more
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