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Mr Nelson's Games - Lydia , Mon Jan 15 05:55
Hey, So I am Lydia, I am 16yrs old. I live with my mum and dad and I have 2 twin brothers James and Peter. I love earning money through chores, I am a great saver and a hard worker. My dad lets me work next door for extra cash and thats where I met Mr Nelson. He is a 70 yrs old man who lives alone and his too old to... more
  • No Subject - humanitiesvanity, Sun Jan 14 02:05
    can someone write a story about a high school girl who kept wearing her uniform skirt too short so eventually the teacher took it and cut it up leaving her to walk around all day without it leaving her bottomless besides a thong panties possible names to use could include melissa Sophie gemma kaylyn Amy features the... more
    searching for a story - a reeder , Sun Jan 14 01:58
    I'm looking for a story I'm not sure if I saw it on here or not but it's about a girl who didn't want to wear a skirt so her mom made her go to school bottomless
    Pantsing - Anonymous, Sat Jan 13 16:38
    Would any girl be interested in doing a pantsing video for me it's a certain scene I've always wanted a girl to do
    Grandpa's House - Jess, Wed Dec 20 05:01
    Hey I am jess, I am 16yrs old and I have 2 brothers Sam who is 12yrs old and Luke who is 10yrs old. Their both my step bro's , my mum remarried last year to Bill. My mum divorsed my real dad, I don't know the exact reason but I miss him heaps. My mum only lets me see him rarely and its always in group hangs. I am... more
  • Question - Anonymous, Tue Nov 14 21:30
    Isnít this meant to be a girl pantsing and stripped website but Iím seeing storyís about boys being stripped and that
  • How do I post stories on the board - Ko~Chan, Mon Jan 8 16:38
    So I happened to notice that my first story did not go on the board but instead on the discussion board. How do I post my stories to the board?
  • Looking for a literotica story - Anonymous, Wed Jan 3 03:08
    Itís almost impossible to find a story on Literotica but Iím looking for one where a guy invites an ex gf to hang out with his current gf, leading to the ex dominating and embarrassing the current one? If it helps, the sequel had the current gf in a bunny suit.
  • Sad ken - Bob, Wed Jan 3 04:00
    Great story,well written. Looking forward to a follow up. Perhaps Marie will find a tingle between her legs when she thinks about it and poses in front of her mirror to see what the audience saw......
    This goes way way back to I believe the original Blondie board or perhaps elsewhere. It revolves around an older sister who came back from college and found the younger brother with his girlfriend in the pool swimming. She convinces them to both strip and do stuff as they are shy and not very experienced. She... more
    Older Sister Spanked - Crabby, Wed May 27, 2015 07:53
    Does anyone else enjoy seeing their older sister getting spanked? Panties down, maybe nude?
  • Girls night out Part 1 - Ko~Chan, Thu Dec 28 21:04
    Hi, my name is Korra and I'm 18 years old. This is a fictional story so I hope you enjoy. This is also my first I was walking to my girlfriends house for her birthday party. When I got to the door I knocked and lacy answered the door. She was standing butt naked in front of me with her big H sized tits and her... more
    Story Ideas - That Guy, Mon Dec 25 12:28
    Willing to write a story! Comment below what you would like that story to be about
  • STORY IDEA - Anonymous, Wed Dec 6 18:49
    I don't know if any has heard of the concept "Nude World Order" if you haven't, here is the URL to the website so you can have an understanding of the concept: http://www.nudeworldorder.net/blog/ So I was wondering if someone could do a series of stories where the laws from NWO are implemented into the school program... more
  • Any suggestions? - Anonymous, Sun Nov 19 18:24
    So this board is quite dead. Thereís barely any stories posted here, but I want to find more boards similar to this one. I know Blondieís and ASSTR but thatís pretty much it. I would love suggestions for other boards relating to: ENF/CFNF/CMNF ENM/CFNM Pantsing/Stripping and other similar places. Thank you in advance... more
  • Specific story - Alice, Thu Nov 23 14:48
    Hey guys Has anyone come across a story where the big sister is controlled by the little sister and she's made to do random things? Like 'Bellas little sister' by princess Alice?? I think I'm searching wrong cause I can't find anything. I want something where she's humiliated by her little sister but I'm not having... more
  • Female stripping and pantsing - Anonymous, Fri Nov 17 23:38
    Can some one make a story of a female superhero being stripped and embarrassed bye a female villain pls
    No Subject - Anonymous, Mon Nov 6 06:19
    Can you guys copy and paste or post links to your favorite stories of this genre for me?
  • Fetish - Dakota Matthews, Sun Sep 24 01:21
    Hello I'm new here and I was wondering if a girl is willing to make a certain pantsing fetish video for me or if they know any awesome girls being pantsed websites
  • Babysitters, Teachers. Lifeguards etc - Anonymous, Sat Nov 4 00:21
    Stories of ladies getting stripped by people theyíre supposed to be in charge of
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