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Revenge a Decade in the Making pt1 - KennyBee, Mon Mar 27 11:57
I recognised her the moment she walked in. You just donít forget a face like that. Or a body like that. Amy Park, confident looking as ever, her blonde hair fashionably short, her clothes smart, business like, black pants and a white blouse. It was semi see through, I noticed. Yeah, I recognised Amy Park alright, but... more
  • I remember when I was younger some bully girls telling me I had to play house with them. In summer we had the run of the whole school field which was rarely properly supervised by the couple of old lunchtime supervisors who were supposed to watch us. They took me to the other side of the field behind a slight hill... more
  • Looking for an old series - M, Wed Mar 22 20:50
    Probably early 2000's. about an Asian girl in college who was always ending up naked? May have actually been two Asian friends. Does this ring a bell?
    Looking for a continued story? - Anonymous , Wed Mar 22 01:11
    Hello everyone! I am a long time lurker on this webite for about 10 years now and I just cannot get enough of this board. It's so erotic and pleasing at the same time. Anyways, I'm looking for a story on here. It's called Double Trouble for Alexis. I know the story is TO Be continued as it so far has 5 parts to the... more
    Story - Andrew, Wed Mar 15 08:28
    Can someone do a story about me? I want to be humiliated cfnm teased pantsed stuff like that pranked Message me for any questions
    • Right here! - Bob Canton, Mon Mar 20 23:51
      • Story - Andrew, Tue Mar 21 04:07
        • Here - Bob Canton, Tue Mar 21 23:08
  • Recently stories. - ENFusiast, Tue Mar 7 13:34
    Anyone else been a bit underwhelmed by the boards content recently? Where has SDS, Swimkid and other great authors gone to? :(
  • No Subject - Cele Peter , Sun Mar 5 00:36
    When I was in grade 7 there was a girl named Elsa in my class she used to bullie me every time One day she did some thing and blamed me for That . My teacher mr . John told me that I have To get punished and the punishment was stripping And he will do it in front of my class on Wednesday It was mourning and I decide... more
    • Part 2 - Cele Peter , Sun Mar 5 03:44
  • Greenview Stripping Wars - Anonymous, Sat Mar 4 05:42
    Long shot but does anyone have the full Greenview stripping wars series that they can post? I found a few of them at the old archive but I remember there being a lot more. Can't find them anywhere else on the internet.
    Question!! - The Groover, Wed Mar 1 08:24
    Is it OK to make them up? I'm the Groover Honey!!
  • This is a true story. I was 13, my sister was 14, my big brother was 17 and my little brother was 7. We were on a summer vacation with my mother. We ate at a steakhouse about 20 minutes away from the hotel and my sister became unbelievably sick. About 2 or 3 minutes after we left the restaurant my sister had to throw... more
  • Story Request - Anonymous, Mon Feb 27 14:38
    Subject: Girl gets stuck in something bent over. Whether it be a doggy door, pipe, stockade, etc however she gets stuck, then stripped/groped or both. Character: Not too picky. Preferably babysitter, teacher, or just random teen
    No Subject - Timothy, Sun Feb 26 17:44
    Will someone please make a regretful revenge 2 as not mine requested I loved the first one and would like to see more
    school punishment - interested , Sun Feb 26 03:27
    can someone finished "The Shame Experiment" or write other stories about teachers confiscating uniform for being inappropriate like skirts being confiscated for being to short or underwear being confiscated and girls forced to to spend the day without
    Any recommendations? I want a story specifically involving a girl being naked in school and humiliated in school, preferably in front of boys or something like that? It's my kink
  • Teen Girl Stripping Tumblr blog - ddandemann, Sat Feb 25 09:37
    Hi All - I started a tumblr blog several months ago and have been posting a lot of great ENF material. Its starting to take off. Check it out: https://teengirlstripping.tumblr.com Good stuff! Thanks, Dan
    Testing the Water - The Groover, Thu Feb 23 01:49
    Thank god for this site, i have been looking for something like this for a while, and finally horray i have found a real stripping story site, so Hi all of you readers, i have been quickly reading through your collective tales off an on, when i can for a while. And it is all about people getting stripped. Christ where ... more
  • To Brido - The Groover, Thu Feb 23 10:41
    Thanks for that, now i think i can feel free in my writings, as i don't care whom gets stripped, as us lads have now and again, had to suffer such indignities, myself included. So i hope you like my first attempt, and if i can recall my past 70 years, i am sure i can find a few more stories for you. I'm the Groover... more
    How to continue on the same thread - Bob Canton, Mon Feb 20 12:32
    Yesterday I posted a story on the main board and was wondering if I just reply in my main story to continue it? Please let me know thank you!!
    • Yes - Nigma, Mon Feb 20 14:44
  • Story Request - Not mine, Fri Feb 3 17:11
    I recently posted "Regretful Revenge" which is a story I've loved since I first read it, the original author never followed up with it, would anyone "preferably with decent writing talent" care to write "a not so regretful revenge" entailing the victims revenge on her attackers, her roommate, and or the people... more
  • Looking for a old series - M, Sun Jan 29 05:05
    It's about a submissive girl that I think gets stripped first a water park but then as the series went in she spent more and more time getting stripped and got very turned on by it.
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