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Jimmy getting spanked by little girls - Emma, Mon Nov 21 12:31
I feel like im the only one that wants another story of jimmy getting spanked by the little girls. If anyone knows where that would be please tell me, because i know there's more than one story. I really want him to have another one and maybe this time the little girls got to spank him. Lastly I have a true story... more
  • Story request - Alex, Fri Nov 25 13:02
    Ok, so there was this story on the old board where this one girl got mad at this other girl, so she stripped her naked, and massaged her crotch in front of all her friends. After that, she took the girl back to her house to stay for a few days, and then touched her again while watching a video tape of her being played ... more
  • Porn - Anonymous, Sat Nov 26 18:19
    Does anyone know where i can find porn that is like these stories?
  • Request - Jannie, Sat Nov 5 21:49
    Hiya, ;first time post :) Could I request any depantsing of girls (preferably by girls) stories ?
  • All the inner family stories? - Caleb123, Mon Nov 14 11:11
    Is it just me that thinks it's gross with all the stories that are about stuff like dads perving on stepdaughters. There's even a story about a dad who rapes his daughter (might have been removed now). I genuinely don't see the point in these is it just me that thinks that?
    Story thieves... what's the point? - The Controverser, Tue Oct 18 12:00
    I'm not going to address this on the story board because I think enough discussion goes on there as it is. What is the point of you guys stealing other people's stories? What do you even get out of it? Even if no one calls you on it and you were to win the monthly contest, are you really going to take pride in knowing ... more
    • Credit - Janie, Fri Nov 11 10:12
    • Trolls - Executionus, Sun Oct 23 00:53
  • No Subject - BlueDragon , Sun Nov 6 01:47
    Is there anywhere where I can watch videos similar to this site? Coz on pornhub it's all just sex and so on
  • Story request - Anonymous, Sat Nov 5 07:15
    I remember reading one story about how this older girl blackmailed both this guy and another girl into playing some dare game with cards. The ending of it had the guy bathing the girl. Any idea where this is at?
    Story requests from the past - M, Sat Oct 15 10:34
    Looking for a story from a few years back about a girl and her female friends. The girl was a tease who liked to wear short skirts and flash her panties but her friends got her to take them off and flash herself in a store to get free stuff. From there she basically became their little slave/plaything. Anyone remember ... more
  • Any recommendations? I want a story specifically involving a girl being naked in school and humiliated in school, preferably in front of boys or something like that? It's my kink
  • Diapers? - Anonymous, Fri Aug 19 01:47
    I've noticed a lot more stories are involving either diapers or little kid's underwear... and while I'm not personally into it, you know, whatever floats your boat and doesn't mentally scar anyone, go crazy. But I'm just really curious what the thinking behind it is? Can someone explain why that turns you on? Really,... more
  • No Subject - Nikolai, Thu Oct 13 21:59
    Could everyone check out my newest story on the board it's my first and I want to continue from there for the competition. I've been a reader along time. Any writer advice, as long as constructive is great, and any suggestions on where to take this story are cool too.
    Pop ups? - Mr Somebody , Tue Oct 4 16:25
    Am I the only one getting pop up ads appearing when trying to get on the storyboard
    • AdBlock - Anon, Tue Oct 11 19:48
    • same - Katrina Korwallus, Wed Oct 5 04:24
  • Story Request - Anonymous, Tue Sep 27 01:40
    can somebody write a new story with this base line? teacher, babysitter, librarian, or coach, etc. gets blackmailed into doing stuff that gets worse for her as the story goes on? I really like escalating humiliation. i enjoy when it gets explicit but you're the author so that's up to you how far it goes. hope this... more
  • Jessica's Most Embarrassing Moment - Dante, Thu Sep 22 06:39
    The Elevator Incident - Jessica's Most Embarrassing Moment In a small university town, there was a busy Starbucks experiencing the morning rush. 7 AM on the day the company releases its yearly Pumpkin Spice Latte and filled with college students of all sorts getting ready for their early classes. In the midst of the... more
    Sexyandfunny roleplay - Jonnyembarrassment , Thu Oct 22, 2015 23:20
    Hey! I'm looking for someone to roleplay/make up stories with. I like enf (embarrassed naked female) and cfnm (clothes female nude male) stories. The stories I like are involving one guy or girl being stripped in public either by accident or magic. They happen in public places like the news or a theme park etc. And... more
  • Maggie: Part 4 - Mr Somebody, Tue Aug 30 16:44
    Can I have some feedback on part 4 as I'm wondering about a part 5 but need feedback first
  • Story Recommendations - Anonymous, Fri Sep 2 21:53
    Can anyone recommend good stories about girls getting punished in school?
    EMAIL!!! - Mr Somebody, Tue Aug 30 16:56
    I now have an email address so if you have an idea for a story you want me to write or something else just email: mrsomebody475@gmail.com Thanks
    Links - NICK, Sun Aug 7 13:29
    Does anyone know where to find more visual(pictures, videos) things to go with this category we know and love? I search often because this is the biggest thing I've ever been into and I don't really know why. But if anyone has any links with more stories/videos/pictures for our little fetishes please let me know
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