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Naughty Halloween Costume suggestion? - Samantha, Sun Sep 16 16:48
I am going to an Adult Halloween party that is a month-and-a-half away(at this time of writing), and I need ideas for a sexy costume.... with a twist! I want it to be something easily removed so I could pretend I got stripped naked by, say, getting it snagged in a door or something. Now, there is plenty of nudity at... more
  • An idea... - Masta, Sun Sep 16 23:10
    The other night after browsing the various places, from OneClick and other places related... I settled in for then night, to help me sleep I usually have a list of videos on Youtube which feature people narrating interesting stories either from Reddit's creepypasta or just stories submitted from their viewers (Most... more
    New Series idea - Suggestor, Thu Sep 13 08:13
    How about a new stripping war series? Some of my favorites were "Amy and Ash" by KennyB and "Greenview High Stripping Wars" by Jonathan. Stories were two different cliques of girls competing to humiliate the other. Starting with one event, then the revenge triggers the war. Could start slow and by the finale the... more
  • Looking for Topic - Anonymous, Sun Sep 9 11:17
    Anything older girl getting stripped by younger boy/boys. Babysitters, older sisters stripped by brothers, brotherís friends, etc. Post your favorites or write a new one please.
  • looking for old story from around 1999 - looking, Sat Sep 8 11:18
    Hello, I'm looking for a story about a girl who would sneak out and wander the neighborhood nude. The girl get caught by a older woman who starts mentoring her on publuc nudity. One night the older woman drops the girl off nude across town and the nude girl needs to find her way home nude. I think the story was on... more
    • Hmm... - The Controverser, Sun Sep 9 07:15
  • STORY IDEA - Anonymous, Tue Sep 4 07:22
    Could someone write a story based on my idea? A shy, undeveloped girl somehow wanders into an alternate universe where everybody is naked at all times, and she has to be naked too. Over time, she learns to be more brave with her body, and even has sex with some of the other children. Right before she orgasms, she... more
  • story request - Andrew, Sat Sep 1 09:37
    Story bout a small town and on kids birthday I think 15 the people get together prank person in room walks in lights go on everyone takes pictures they have contest who took better then everything is uploaded to a private site that the new one memorized site and pass and he was new background Anyone know?
    No Subject - Anonymous, Mon Aug 27 06:00
    Jorgina was the hottest girl in the school, She was popular, well liked, and a cheerleader. Jorgina just had her birthday and was 16. Jorgina dyed her hair blonde, she had blue eyes, but only had A-cup breasts, so she always wore padded out bras, or bikini tops. Her bottom was small too and if she was naked she would... more
  • No Subject - Anon, Wed Jul 4 00:18
    Discussion question! Which do you think is more humiliating: being forced to remove your own clothes piece by piece, or being held down and stripped by someone else? Does it depend on who you are? Is there a different answer for a college girl, a college guy, a powerful female CEO, a dignified male academic? Dying to... more
  • Story where a guy bets his penis? - Cindy, Sat Aug 25 21:18
    Its not what you think, lol, no castration. But is there a story where if a guy loses he has to let the girl give him a handjob till he cums? sorry for being so vulgar with that but yeah. Maybe he hesitates and is shy or something, but she says "No, you lost, you have to let me do it." I forget which story it was, but ... more
    Story request - Anonymous, Fri Aug 24 22:56
    There is a story about a girl who is stripped outside of her school on her way home by a bunch of guys who give her wedgies and other various humiliating things.
    No Subject - Anonymous, Thu Aug 23 13:18
    I'm trying to find an old story, I've searched a number of other places but come up with nothing. I can't remember the name of the story but I do remember the plot. It was about a pushy reporter woman who is attending a major gathering in a new suit, unknown to her however her tailor accidentally stitched her suit... more
  • Looking for story - Anonymous , Wed Aug 22 19:47
    There was a story years ago about a new school teacher who has sex with two of her students on a train and then at the end sees them in class afterwards. Help finding?
    Wanted to introduce myself - GWhitefield15, Wed Aug 22 02:18
    Haven't written here as of yet, but was flirting with the idea of posting some stories. Not sure how good I'd be at it yet, but I still want to give it a try. I apologize in advance if my stories and related kinks aren't something you are into. Thanks.
    Looking For A Story - Anonymous, Tue Jul 31 12:22
    There was a story years ago about some girl that went to a bar (or a party) in a costume made entirely out of cotton balls. As she was dancing with people, more and more cotton balls came off until eventually she was naked. Does anyone know where this story is?
  • No Subject - someone do a sequel to this:, Sat Aug 18 22:28
    do a sequel to the last story on this page: http://web.archive.org/web/20130726220215/http://books.dreambook.com:80/ddandemann/gp_archive3.html
    Story - Andrew, Sat Aug 18 19:34
    Story bout a small town and on kids birthday I think 15 the people get together prank person in room walks in lights go on everyone takes pictures they have contest who took better then everything is uploaded to a private site that the new one memorized site and pass and he was new background Anyone know?
    Shameless Self-Promotion :) - sinfulstories, Mon Aug 13 00:02
    I haven't posted a story here in a long time, but have enjoyed the reading here very much. I have been writing some stories on my blog. If you'd like to check it out, and do some reading, I'd love to hear from you what you think. You can find my blog here: https://redderthancherries.blogspot.com/ Thanks & spanks, Adam ... more
    Sometimes I fantasize about my wife being stripped naked in front of people she'd never want to be seen in the nude in front of. It's because she's such a haughty bitch. I love her and we've been married 3 years now but there's an aspect to her that's a total bitch to some of the people she works with and interacts... more
  • Erica Chronicles - Anonymous, Thu Aug 2 01:31
    Seems like the Erica stories have been scrubbed. Anyone have archives?
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