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Calling to Dan - Matt, Tue Oct 24 01:20
Ive been following your tumblr and you are gaining subscribers pretty quick you should promote this board more, try to keep traffic and maybe new people, new writers, etc. I just feel like itd be good for the board which has gone through its dry times but has survived for years and years. Long time fan since the... more
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Mon Oct 23 19:19
    There’s a story called “Julia’s naked adventures: Julia Late for school “ that was posted a while back. It had a really good start for Part 1 and the author didn’t give us a part 2. If you are the author of the story, than pleas continue it. Or if someone’s willing to continue it, please do so. It has a such an... more
    No Subject - Anonymous, Mon Oct 23 13:14
    Someone should do a story about 2 girls in the Victorian era. They are both like 16-18. The older one is engaged to a count and they meet at a party for the first time and realize that they’re in love. The party is on a boat and the two girls end up on an island both naked and realize they’re lesbians and fall in love.
    Fetish - Dakota Matthews, Sun Sep 24 01:21
    Hello I'm new here and I was wondering if a girl is willing to make a certain pantsing fetish video for me or if they know any awesome girls being pantsed websites
  • Looking for a story - Neverborn, Sun Sep 10 21:59
    Hi all, I am new to the site. I have been looking for a story for a few years now and it may have been posted to this site a long time ago. The story is about a junior high or high school that does not have a full time nurse and needs to complete the required physicals for all the boys athletic teams. So they decide... more
  • hi - mr random , Sun Jul 23 21:07
    can someone write a story about losting a bet
    Better moderation of comments needed - Anonymous, Tue Aug 22 05:07
    I see too many stories being hijacked by commenters complaining about the morality of a given story and where the story is headed, this needs to be stopped and comments in the main story page should be restricted to continuiing chapters of those stories, any comments positive or negative should be kept in this... more
  • BOARD GUIDELINES - ddandemann, Sat Feb 15, 2014 15:38
    BOARD GUIDELINES 1) This site is for mature adults 18 or older ONLY 2) The Story Board is for real or fictional stories involving girls being pantsed, stripped, tricked, caught naked, embarrassed, punished and/or humiliated, as well as stories of girls tricking, catching, or stripping others. Any subject matter in... more
  • Help finding story - Jillybean, Fri Jun 10, 2016 19:49
    Hello all you happy peppy people! I'm looking for a story that was on the old board and was wondering if any could help me. It was called More and more. It was about a teenage girl who is super self conscious and goes swimming in a lake with her friends. Her friends strip her naked and handcuff her to a tree only... more
  • Derelict's old stories - Roebuck101, Mon Sep 4 14:03
    Does anyone have links or possibly saved some of Derelict's old stories? Some of the old stories that come to mind are: -a schoolgirl named Simone being caught cheating on a test and her teacher being ruthless and exposing Simone's panties to the class then its full on nudity after her "so called" friends make it... more
    Looking for an old story - Curious, Mon Aug 7 10:43
    I'm looking for a story that used to be posted somewhere. It was called "King of Corn" or something like that. Some girl was at a party in a place that celebrated corn and they made her the "sacrifice," stripped her, and used a buttered up corn on the cob to do stuff to her. Can't find it anywhere. I think it used to... more
  • Looking for Story - chrisvalec96, Fri Aug 4 18:54
    I remember a story where students get revenge on a teacher by kidnapping her. I believe they put her in a van and drug her or force her to drink. They then leave her in the car and some guys come along and she ends up having sex with them.
  • Looking for an old story - Curious, Mon Aug 7 10:35
    I'm looking for a story that used to be posted somewhere. It was called "King of Corn" or something like that. Some girl was at a party in a place that celebrated corn and they made her the "sacrifice," stripped her, and used a buttered up corn on the cob to do stuff to her. Can't find it anywhere.
    No Subject - Anonymous, Tue Aug 1 18:50
    One of matt's other friends (Jake) asked me "ok I dare you to strip one piece of clothing off" I should've expected that. I looked around to see if they were serious. "Really?" I asked. "Yea" Justin and Matt said nodding. I was wearing a comfy light blue sweater and black leggings. I was also wearing a tight fitting... more
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Tue Aug 1 14:32
    So one day I went to this party and my friend was hosting it (Matt) I thought that it was gonna be girls and boys, but when I got there, I was the only girl. So anyway, the party was going great and it was fun and all, but a little bit boring. But just then, Matt decided that it would be a good idea to play a game. We ... more
    Other ENF story sites - Topher cross, Sun Apr 16 12:47
    Hey I think I've seen pretty much all the great enf stories. I've been searching forever for new sites and stories. I know This site and asn storyboard Beach club Enfcmnf Choya Writing.com Oneclick chick Jenny story board Tracey story board And some deviant art enfs Anyone know any I haven't mentioned? I really need a ... more
  • SDS will you do an AMA? - ENFusiast, Wed Jun 21 04:07
    SDS you rock my and world! Will you do an Ask Me Anything so we can all ask the questions we want to know??
  • Boy & girl first - TJ, Sun Jul 2 16:08
    Summer holiday week,most friend s away! Amy a 14 year old neighbor calls out ...hi! where is everyone?Away I guess. Hey! Want to hear a new tune I got?Sure answers Amy. Inside my home both of us place our shoes at the door.Mom asks us if we want a drink,she exits on the way to the store,only to enter again with the... more
    Initiation - It's me, Fri Jun 30 17:11
    I'm looking for the internet database some initiations About guys being stripped naked at work by females It was on the old bkard
    Who do I ask? - Miklotov, Sun Jun 25 08:26
    Who do I contact to request all of my stories be removed from the site?
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