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No Subject - Anon, Wed Jul 4 00:18
Discussion question! Which do you think is more humiliating: being forced to remove your own clothes piece by piece, or being held down and stripped by someone else? Does it depend on who you are? Is there a different answer for a college girl, a college guy, a powerful female CEO, a dignified male academic? Dying to... more
  • Contest - Nikolai, Wed Jun 20 17:07
    The announcement is almost off the front page but anyone interested in entering the contest the rules are here http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=245772;article=5357;title=Girl%20Pantsing%20%26%20Stripping%20Story%20Board anyone is welcome and theres still plenty of time
  • Archives? - JFK01, Tue Jul 10 20:58
    The old site used to have Archive pages for a comprehensive compilation of the stories posted for easy finding. Is this site ever going to get something like that?
    Finding stories to read - Anonymous, Sun Jul 8 22:24
    I'm looking for good stories featuring a girls naked photos being held over her as blackmail, bonus points if the pics get leaked anyway
  • Stripped After School (old dreambook) - Anonymous, Sat Jun 23 01:07
    Hey guys! This board is wonderful. There was a story on the old board about a girl who get's stripped naked after school under a bridge where the students hang out. It was called "Stripped After School" or "Stripped In School" or "Stripped At School" or something like that. A group of girls who don't like the narrator ... more
  • No Subject - swinks, Wed Jun 20 06:39
    New Stories When???????
    The old Teen girl stripping dreambook - Anonymous, Mon May 14 06:05
    Hey guys, I used to visit the old teen girl stripping dreambook and there was a story based on Cindarella where the 15 year old girl was going to leave home, and her wicked step-mother told her "not with my property you're not". She made Cinders take off her clothes, burn her favorite boots in the fire and the story... more
  • Summer days story contest - Nikolai, Sun May 27 17:33
    Was tossing around ideas in my head and was wondering what you guys would think about a summer contest? The prompt could be very broad and welcome to creativity. The only requirement would be the setting to be something along the lines of a: waterpark, beach, public pool, backyard pool, pool party etc etc etc. The... more
  • Survey - Austin , Thu Mar 22 19:05
    What led you to getting into this kink? Were you always like this? Just curious
  • Spanking Older Sister - SpanksALot, Wed May 23 01:32
    https://ankasp.deviantart.com/art/Spanking-the-Girl-110824211 Just wanted to thank you for your amazing work! I keep coming back to your art work called Spanking The Girl. It is my very favorite. Seeing all her clothes strewn about the floor makes me think she lost a game she was playing with her little brother or... more
    old story - Anonymous, Fri May 18 08:03
    I'm looking for a very old story about a reporter whose clothes disintergrate whilst she's at a big social gathering. I believe she's wearing a suit that has accidentally been stitched together with water soluble thread and during the event it begins to fall apart eventlly leaving naked except for her heels.
    Story search - Spice, Tue May 1 18:19
    Can someone point me in the direction of an old story? A business woman goes to her sons college to get insurance papers and ends up being stripped and humiliated in a medical exam. Many thanks
  • New Tumblr site - nachtmuziek, Wed May 2 16:14
    Hey everyone, I decided to use my tumblr to start posting captioned ENF images, similar to nakedenfcaptions.tumblr.com and fanofenf.tumblr.com. However, mine will focus primarily on punishment scenarios, where a girl is forced to be naked by her parents or the school or something like that. Link:... more
  • Other Sites - The guy that wrote the first few 'Girls Trip' stor, Thu Apr 5 04:30
    Hey guys, Just want to say, love this site, but are there any others like it that just allow users to post straight sex stories, because I've got some stuff I want to write that isn't specific to this niche and I feel like there might be quite a bit of backlash posting it here. What do you think?
    • Re: Other Sites - Anonymous, Thu Apr 26 15:19
    • NO - Austin, Fri Apr 6 09:50
      • Re: NO - that guy again, Mon Apr 9 10:15
  • story - thenaked1, Thu Mar 29 07:19
    There are a lot of stories if guys stripped by female and cfnm. I'm going to start a cmnf enf female stripped by guy story It will begin soon Everyone is welcome to chip in ideas No insulting
  • Hi everyone, long time reader, first time poster. This story is my submission to Claire the Prefectís School Story Contest. Hopefully I can get part 2 out before the end of the contest. If you like my story, you may be interested in my tumblr of similarly-themed reposted images and gifs:... more
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Thu Feb 15 16:55
    anyone know any stories about girls being punished for wearing wrong underwear or too short skirt and maked to take them off
  • Sister vs. Sequel - nachtmuziek, Fri Apr 6 09:19
    Being a fan of stories about school nudity, family rivalries, and crazy dares, I was a huge fan of this story, and hoped to see a sequel at some point. But alas, the author left it a standalone story. I was wondering if it would be acceptable to continue this story on my own. I would prefer to hear from the original... more
    Other sites? - Zeke, Sun Apr 1 22:49
    What other websites can we find stories like this? And on vague websites what tags can we use?
  • Lost Story - Anonymous, Mon Apr 2 00:07
    Anybody know about a story where a girl got caught and taken advantage of by loss prevention officers for stealing? I donít remember if they turned out to be legit or not.

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