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Story Request - Anonymous, Tue Sep 27 01:40
can somebody write a new story with this base line? teacher, babysitter, librarian, or coach, etc. gets blackmailed into doing stuff that gets worse for her as the story goes on? I really like escalating humiliation. i enjoy when it gets explicit but you're the author so that's up to you how far it goes. hope this... more
  • Jessica's Most Embarrassing Moment - Dante, Thu Sep 22 06:39
    The Elevator Incident - Jessica's Most Embarrassing Moment In a small university town, there was a busy Starbucks experiencing the morning rush. 7 AM on the day the company releases its yearly Pumpkin Spice Latte and filled with college students of all sorts getting ready for their early classes. In the midst of the... more
    Sexyandfunny roleplay - Jonnyembarrassment , Thu Oct 22 23:20
    Hey! I'm looking for someone to roleplay/make up stories with. I like enf (embarrassed naked female) and cfnm (clothes female nude male) stories. The stories I like are involving one guy or girl being stripped in public either by accident or magic. They happen in public places like the news or a theme park etc. And... more
  • Maggie: Part 4 - Mr Somebody, Tue Aug 30 16:44
    Can I have some feedback on part 4 as I'm wondering about a part 5 but need feedback first
  • Story Recommendations - Anonymous, Fri Sep 2 21:53
    Can anyone recommend good stories about girls getting punished in school?
    EMAIL!!! - Mr Somebody, Tue Aug 30 16:56
    I now have an email address so if you have an idea for a story you want me to write or something else just email: mrsomebody475@gmail.com Thanks
    Links - NICK, Sun Aug 7 13:29
    Does anyone know where to find more visual(pictures, videos) things to go with this category we know and love? I search often because this is the biggest thing I've ever been into and I don't really know why. But if anyone has any links with more stories/videos/pictures for our little fetishes please let me know
  • Diapers? - Anonymous, Fri Aug 19 01:47
    I've noticed a lot more stories are involving either diapers or little kid's underwear... and while I'm not personally into it, you know, whatever floats your boat and doesn't mentally scar anyone, go crazy. But I'm just really curious what the thinking behind it is? Can someone explain why that turns you on? Really,... more
  • For real - TJ, Fri Aug 12 07:42
    Have in past built speaker doorbell that played different tunes intercoms that's how this came about?Week before 4th all guys away.Two girls from school live around block.They were also bored I would soon fond out.They were two grades above me but I knew them they knew me.Said hi,they also did!They looked hot asked... more
    FAO: SDS - MFSBDB, Mon Aug 1 16:22
    Hi SDS, I don't know if you remember any of my Sibling Rivalry series from many years ago? Having read your excellent stories I feel that we have a relatively similar style but both find it difficult to find time or motivation to write. Therefore it might be fun to collaborate. Maybe write a chapter of one another's... more
  • Brashy becky - Andrew, Fri Jul 29 13:07
    I'm looking for two stories Libby marr baseball camp regarding letting female campers see males naked And Revenge the male campers seeing her naked Please help
    2 Requests Find Story/Idea for New One - Anonymous, Tue Jul 19 07:32
    1. anybody remember the story that used to be here on the new site called "Humiliated at School" or something similar? girl was working as a library aid and some students blackmailed her. got progressively worse as the story went on from showing panties, to spanking and eventually naked. story went on to getting... more
  • Best paysites for ENF videos? - Anonymous, Sun Jul 17 14:55
    Does anyone know any good paysites for ENF videos? Aside from the obvious clips4sale and skirtripping.com sites?
  • Mr Somebody? - Nigma, Wed Jun 22 17:08
    I've recently started reading stories by Mr Somebody, would like to hear some opinions on his work as I enjoy some of his stories but feel like he could do with some improvements, am I the only one who thinks this, would like to hear other opinions
  • Emptiness - Mr Somebody, Sat May 28 12:40
    Is it me or does it seem as if the board is dead and empty???
  • For my friends - Janie, Thu Jul 14 13:32
    Emma, Drew I survived! lol One more operation on my lipstick case... talk with you soon. In the meantime, I finally wrote another story. Trust me, it's entirely fiction! luv you in the meantime, lol
    I remember when I was younger some bully girls telling me I had to play house with them. In summer we had the run of the whole school field which was rarely properly supervised by the couple of old lunchtime supervisors who were supposed to watch us. They took me to the other side of the field behind a slight hill... more
  • Maybe I missed it but what ever became of the next chapter of Trish the terrible from SDS? Wasn't there a poll regarding what comes next? What about the ballet class story? How about the soccer one with the girl who's ass looked like a peach? And also the sleepover SDS story? Anything more in that area? I love reading ... more
  • Executionus - Andrew, Mon Jun 27 11:33
    Any new stories?
    • Nope - Executionus, Mon Jul 4 13:12
  • I lost my work :( - Sky, Fri Jun 24 17:20
    I had just finished writing a new story when I accidentally closed it and now it's gone forever :( I'm sorry everyone I failed you.
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