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To Joshua - Nicholas, Sat Jul 12 22:28
Do you plan on writing a Pushed Out 3? I`d love to find out what further happens to Jesse.
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    No Subject - Anonymous, Fri May 9 12:30
    could u change settings 4 this site to go with the original date someone posts as opposed to date of latest comment cause it move the original stories around and can sometimes b confusing (2 me) or not just sayin
  • Best Spanking Story Ever - IMHO - Emertis, Sat Jun 21 22:59
    Hi folks, Not sure about the rules of referencing outside websites, but I think I have found the best spanking story ever told. It is lengthy but worth the read. Disciplining Young Ladies - by Charles Petersunn http://www.literotica.com/s/disciplining-young-ladies
  • Bee tries but fails. - Dave2000, Wed Jun 25 14:18
    Bee was 15, dyed red hair, slim and averagely developed. She went to a school on the mainland, despite living on an island. This meant that she caught the ferry on a Sunday night and stayed on the mainland until Friday at the hostel, where all the other island kids stayed. The end of this year had an unexpected turn... more
    Playing doctor - Naked Patient, Sun Jun 22 14:00
    Just posted as story about playing doctor as a kid / teen. anyone have an experience with this? what happend?
    • Dale - Janienudiepants, Tue Jun 24 10:56
  • Janie - you make comments about the story board being confusing but you are among the ones continuing to bump old stories to the top by making useless comments so you are helping to create the confusion. Every time you do that you bump the new stories down. Learn board etiquette. Unless you have something real to add... more
  • 2 stories - james, Thu Jun 5 17:36
    what happened to the the story involving a girl who signed up for a martial arts class and got stripped,the other one was the professors wife who got stripped and humiliated by medical students for her sons medicare
  • request? - KennyBee, Wed May 21 15:36
    Hey guys, no problem if no one can help, but I was also looking for 2 stories that I can't seem to find. I'm sure they were both on the original Dreambook page, though I may be incorrect. One was a long story, where a guy was having a party and the class bully was there. The guys big sister, who was in college, tried... more
  • Can anyone help? - Snowbody Important, Mon May 19 18:29
    I'm looking for a story that I remember seeing on the dreambook site. It was about a girl named Melissa (I think) who forgot her homework and was sent to detention. That's all I remember. I would much appreciate the help.
  • lost story - Anonymous, Wed Jun 18 15:39
    i read on old dreambook some story where a girl was tied up in basement her humiliator was charging cash to put cups of ice down her panties idk sound familiar to anyone
    No Subject - Anonymous, Wed Jun 18 15:35
    the board is really slow lately. anyway we can change that?
    Need more discussion - Janienudiepants, Wed Jun 4 07:29
    The way this site is laid out makes it hard to have a running dialogue. Any ideas? Janie
  • To JanieNP - Naughty G, Thu May 8 13:17
    I'm glad you feel flattered. Did you enjoy the story so far?
  • I remember when I was younger some bully girls telling me I had to play house with them. In summer we had the run of the whole school field which was rarely properly supervised by the couple of old lunchtime supervisors who were supposed to watch us. They took me to the other side of the field behind a slight hill... more
    • Wow! - Janienudiepants, Thu May 22 08:14
  • Dreambooks gone - Janie, Tue Apr 1 23:35
    I think I'm gonna cry my heart out......
  • but you're a guy!!! lol So it IS different!!!! lmao (to a very smooth -- but nice -- poker player) luv, Janie
  • No Subject - Janienudiepants, Thu May 8 15:49
    Ten ways to get attention from someone, immediately: wear panties outside wear no panties outside, making it clear that you don't wear sheer leggings or hose while you go shopping without panties wear either leggings or hose with white cotton panties with a repeat pattern that shows more wear cartoon panties when you... more
    LOL... - Janienudiepants, Thu May 8 14:25
    http://youaretearingmeapartlisa.tumblr.com/post/52083371444 ;)- nuff said lol
    Okay I'm gonna post what I just posted to the story here too. From "first time playing strip poker": "We talked for a bit and agreed to double or nothing the next round. She lost again, but, blushing furiously, refused to take anything else off. I laughed and told her that if she won she'd expect me to get naked. She... more
    What I like about the new board - Janienudiepants, Thu May 8 07:26
    One thing I like about the new board is that I still don't have to register and disclose ten gazillion things about myself, like my age (thirty-something), political affiliation (democrat) or wealth (stone-ass broke-- hell imma democrat lol). What other personal information? bra size (aint telling) piercings (ya gotta ... more

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