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Kind of upset here - Carol (BCR), Sun Feb 18 3:15pm
My cousin (60 yrs old) died of a heart attack. He lived alone with his 5 dogs out in the country. The family is now searching desperately for people to take his dogs. My sister in AZ is going to take one. She's flying a friend in to get her, turn around and return back to Phoenix the same day. They can't seem to find... more
  • Sue, did you get a mirrorless camera? - Carol (BCR), Thu Feb 15 12:34pm
    I think I'm going to upgrade. I need more pixels and Idk if I should go Canon (all my lenses are Canon) or start over with Sony. UGH
  • God bless those poor victims in that horrible - Peggy(Rocky), Thu Feb 15 6:14am
    Florida high school shooting.
  • Happy Valentine's Day friends! (nm) - Carol (BCR), Wed Feb 14 10:56am
  • Devoted to Doodles - Carol (BCR), Mon Feb 12 4:23pm
    Is stealing my pictures for their business. This was sent out in an email to doodle ppl. I can see she is trying to do a Doodle Kisses thing and selling doodle items also. I threatened her ass and she took down the picture on her website & Facebook. I'm told her name is Heather Lynne Foster. Anyone know her?
  • Can you believe he's had this over a year!!!!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Sat Feb 10 8:46pm
  • It figures we're getting snow mid morning when - Peggy(Rocky), Wed Feb 7 6:32am
    we're in school!!!!!
  • Yesterday was Barney's birthday! - SD&B, Tue Feb 6 6:59pm
    Yay, my sweet boy is 12 years old. He has brought us yet another year of Barney love. He got a birthday lunch and a very nice hike on a local trail. He met up with a couple from Florida who fawned over him and adored him. He also get to meet a few dogs. All in all, a very happy birthday for my special boy. We are... more
  • snow. Unfortunately, like us we start to age and our bones get stiff.
  • Rocky got his Valentine's Day haircut !!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Sat Jan 27 9:56am
  • Carol, did you ever get a mirrorless camera? - Sue(Kramer&Chip), Thu Jan 25 8:46pm
    My cameraís card reader broke, and I need to make a decision about a new one.
  • Doro's Tater is no longer with us - Carol (BCR), Tue Jan 23 7:28pm
    Hemangiosarcoma (age 12) strikes again. Both of her Labradoodles got it. This dreaded disease is killing all our doodles. So so sad.
  • Attention Carol! - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Mon Jan 22 7:13pm
    Ozzie wants to eat kibble in the morning now! I have Orijen Sr. Dog. The feeding instructions say 2 1/2 cups per day for Sr. inactive. How much do you give your pups? He still eats raw in evening....7-8 oz.
  • No Subject - Anonymous, Thu Jan 18 3:54pm
    On Monday, we went on a road trip. It was a wonderful and eventful day. As far as wildlife, we saw a wolf running in the grass. Maybe 1/2 - 1 mile away, but it had a canine lope that was moving quickly yet efficiently and was way too large for a coyote. Plus, we found what we think were wolf tracks. And the distance... more
  • So much for indestructible doggy toys!! - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Jan 16 4:56pm
    It took Rocky 1 hour to rip it up. Grrrrr!!!!!!!
  • Tell me about goat's milk - Carol (BCR), Tue Jan 16 11:02am
    I think it will help Rocco if I give some to him. Do you give them a certain amount? Pretty sure I saw it at the pet store.
  • Rocco has had some pretty bad indigestion. The Vet put him on Prilosec and it made things worse and remember the GAS? I looked it up and found that Prilosec could cause more gas in dogs. We put him on Pepcid 20mg 2x a day and everything is gone. I also started giving all of them a few spoons of canned New Zealand... more
  • I took Barney on a PS walk today. - SD&B, Thu Jan 11 10:01pm
    A Pee and Sniff walk around the neighborhood. First time in a long time. He really enjoyed it.
  • Wednesday is Sundog's birthday (1/10). - SD&B, Tue Jan 9 11:56pm
    She would have been 12 years old. We miss her so very much. I usually post pictures for her birthday. I had quite a few pictures picked out, but I didn't want to spend a lot of pain trying to pick and choose just a few. Here is an album with pictures of my girl over the last year. You might have to cut and paste.... more

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