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Happy Mother's Day to all our doodle Moms!!! (nm) - Peggy (Rocky), Sun May 12 7:01am
  • Surgery done - lucyr (Ozzie'smom), Thu May 9 9:25pm
    Was able to go home last night after accomplishing a pee of at least 100 cc!! Hardest part of day! Drank 5 sport bottles of water and 2 cups of hot tea to achieve my goal. Anyway, all went well. Samples sent to path but they are confident cysts were benign. I now have 4 little holes poked in my belly! Feel pretty... more
  • Lucy how is Ozzie doing???? (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Tue May 7 6:23am
  • Secret of getting Ozzie to eat! - Anonymous, Tue Apr 30 11:21pm
    Take him out to lunch. Met a friend for lunch today and of course Ozzie came along. I ordered a hamburger patty for him with a piece of Monterey jack cheese on the side. He was stamping his feet to put the dish down when they brought it out. The food disappeard almost the moment the dish touched the ground. Then he... more
  • Has anyone ever bought a 1.5 inch collar? - Doodle Mom Carol, Sat Apr 27 10:38pm
    I've always bought 1 inch collars even for Rocco. But I love this one (same colors/same stones) from California collars and it only comes in 1.5. I think 1.5 is a bit much. :(
  • just posted video on FB - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Thu Apr 25 4:49pm
    Turning eating into a game seems to work!!!
  • Looking for an Ozzie update Lucy - Doodle Mom Carol, Thu Apr 25 9:29am
    How is your boy doing?
  • Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all! (nm) - Doodle Mom Carol, Sun Apr 21 4:29pm
  • Well now I know why Chico was so fussy with food - Doodle Mom Carol, Wed Apr 17 5:02pm
    All those tumors. :(
  • Thinking of you, Carol.... (nm) - SD&B, Wed Apr 17 4:55pm
  • A bit of rearranging of the pack here - Doodle Mom Carol, Tue Apr 16 10:45pm
    Rocco just corrected Romeo big time. I don't know what it was about but Rocco showed him a thing or two. I had to stop them. :o
  • Giving you only strength my friend after saying - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Apr 16 7:45am
    goodbye to Chico.
  • Please look at my FB page for Chico update - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Apr 15 6:46pm
    They did a necropsy. Unreal.
  • I told Chico that he was going to see - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Apr 15 2:12pm
    Archie & Bruno. He had the strength to lift his head and look at me. He understood. I will never forget it.
  • It's time - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Apr 15 9:10am
    I'm bringing Chico in to be put down at 9:40am. It's not right to let him go on like this. I know he is suffering.
  • Being Mom to older dog is not such fun - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Mon Apr 8 8:46pm
    Poor little Ozzie. I can hardly believe I am writing this but he does have canine dementia. His "poop" accidents in house are getting more frequent. He has been potty trained since he was 16 weeks old with an almost perfect history. Sometimes he just stares into space wondering where he is. We were at a friend's house ... more
  • Frosty turned 1 year old! - SD&B, Sat Apr 6 4:44am
    Her birthday is April 5th. She is now 1 year old. She was born a much darker color but has lightened up to a lavender. She loves her pine cones. She loves to play. She loves snow. She enjoys the wilds of Arizona. She's a beautiful girl.
  • Chico update - Doodle Mom Carol, Fri Mar 29 10:40pm
    I must be doing something right because he seems to be doing better. He's off his pain meds and I've been giving him 1.5ml appetite medicine instead of 2ml. Tomorrow I'm going to try every other day. I've been giving him a huge variety of food. Canned chicken, lamb, and beef, chicken kibble, sardines, eggs, carrots,... more
  • What a night with all this heavy rain my - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Mar 22 9:09am
    family room leaked right over my flat screen tv and some of the sheet rock fell down!!!! Grrrrr
  • Sring is here!!! Let the sun shine and dry up - Peggy(Rocky), Wed Mar 20 4:58am
    the mud in my yard!!!

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