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Rocky because I decided to take him with Bryan for a long walk in the park. Plus it's suppose to rain here the next 3 days.
this afternoon. I hope no one admires him because he jumps out of the tub. LOL
  • Good Morning!!!!! Going to be in the 80's - Peggy(NJ), Mon Oct 17 6:09am
    this week. I'd love to be back at the beach!!!!
  • My Rocky checking out the back yard !!! - Peggy(NJ), Sat Oct 15 5:32pm
  • Iím always looking for little pumpkin treats for this time of year (and great pumpkin sweets for Thanksgiving Day!). I made some traditional cake balls and pumpkin-ed them up for a yummy little dessert your friends and family will love! Enjoy! This should make at least 2 dozen cake balls. Shopping List 1 box spice... more
  • Good Morning!!!!!Wishing everyone a great - Peggy(NJ), Fri Oct 14 6:01am
  • friend's biopsy!!!!
  • prayers today. She had breast cancer 6 years ago and now they found a mass in her chest. She is going for a biopsy today and the poor thing is a mess. I've been very close to her and helped her through her last episode and all I can do now is pray.
  • Good Morning !!!!! Happy Columbus Day - Peggy(NJ), Mon Oct 10 9:02am
  • Good Morning !!!!! Burrrrrr (nm) - Peggy(NJ), Sat Oct 8 12:37pm
  • hurricane.
  • Happy Birthday Vicky (Jamaica) - Miss Piggy, Fri Oct 7 2:18am
    Vicky, We all love to celebrate, thanks for having a birthday and giving us a reason. On your birthday, be sure to keep in mind, age is simply the number of years the world has enjoyed you. Now be sure to celebrate all the wonderful things that make you special. Happy Birthday!
  • hurricane Matthew. I spoke to my brother he put up all the storm metal window protectors on his house. He lives in Hollywood right next to Fort Lauderdale.
  • Good Morning!!!! Need some advice Rocky - Peggy(NJ), Mon Oct 3 5:48am
    Is very active and I notice now he his chasing his tail . He gets plenty of exercise but with this rain it's be tough to keep him outside and play . Advice needed he definitely is hyper.
  • Ugh had all three groomed last week - Carol (BCR), Sun Oct 2 10:33am
    I just checked all of their ears. Crusty blood in ALL of their ears. She must have plucked hair out. Poor babies, I just cleaned ears all morning.

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