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Well I think it's time to start shopping - Doodle Mom Carol, Wed Feb 20 4:33pm
for a big boy collar for Romeo. This may take 6 months or so. Lori, here I go again. LOL!
  • Bitey Face - SD&B, Mon Feb 11 10:54pm
    Frosty and Icy playing bitey face. I wouldn't want to hear that in the dark, lol. https://youtu.be/2972niqATMo
  • Happy Birthday, Barney! - SD&B, Tue Feb 5 3:15pm
    Barney turns 13 years old today. He's still a great little guy who we love with all our hearts.
  • Barney and the Cardiologist - SD&B, Sat Feb 2 11:16pm
    Barney had his cardiology appointment yesterday. One number increased, but was so small as to be insignificant. Another number decreased. The cardiologist had to rerun the test several times to ensure he was seeing it right. Yay for our little guy! He's doing great. Instead of the usual 9 month recheck, the... more
  • Ozzie is an old boy! - LuxyR(Ozzie's Mom), Wed Jan 30 4:22pm
    My heart is breaking over this.We have been "fired" by our second groomer! She was very nice but said that Ozzie is so fragile that she doesn't feel comfortable grooming him again. His back legs are very weak and and pressure while brushing tends to make him collapse from the rear. I am not sure what to do now. I can... more
  • Enjoy your weekend !!!! (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Jan 25 6:12am
  • Burrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Please hurry up spring (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Mon Jan 21 5:04am
  • Today is Sundog's birthday. - SD&B, Thu Jan 10 11:41am
    She would have been 13. I still miss her so much.
  • Well I tried a "low" grain dog food - Doodle Mom Carol, Wed Jan 9 9:39pm
    I usually feed Farmina Lamb no grain. I found out that Farmina makes a lamb low grain with spelt and oats in it (just 20%) and $30 cheaper. The doods love it but Romeo started chewing his paws off practically. It must be the spelt or oats. I swear, you just can't get away with a cheaper deal. lol
  • Carol how did Romeo do with the snip???? (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Sat Jan 5 7:57am
  • for the past 3-4 weeks almost like a nervous habit. With all this rain I must say he hasn't been able to run. He's eating fine and going BM regularly . I checked his mouth and it looks fine. Any advice would help.
  • Happy Birthday, Debbie!! - Doodle Mom Carol, Thu Jan 3 10:07am
    Hope you have a wonderful day. We are all so grateful you are here with us sharing your experiences and your beautiful pups!
  • My latest pet peeve - Doodle Mom Carol, Sun Dec 30 8:50am
    Someone in a FB group just posted that her SEVEN WEEK old new puppy is too nippy. She said she heard that this is a "Doodle thing" OMG---
  • Romeo is getting fixed on Jan 4th - Doodle Mom Carol, Wed Dec 26 8:43pm
    What can I expect? I heard it's no big deal for male dogs and if that is true this guy can take anything. Remember how he yanked his tooth out as a puppy? He's got BALLS I tell ya. lol
  • Merry Christmas!!!! (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Dec 25 5:52am
  • Merry Christmas! (nm) - SD&B, Mon Dec 24 4:21pm
  • Well-- - Doodle Mom Carol, Wed Dec 19 6:51pm
    I think it's time to get Romeo fixed. He started MARKING in the house. OMG-- I caught him lifting his leg on my dining room chair. The Vet said we should do it around 1 yr. He's 10 months--close enough!! I checked his pet insurance and they don't cover neutering. Is this like most insurance?
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEGGY!! (nm) - Doodle Mom Carol, Tue Dec 18 1:54pm

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