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Frosty Fetching! - SD&B, Thu Dec 6 11:33pm
We had Frosty's first real game of fetch today. I would say it lasted for 10-15 minutes. Of course, the video shows the worst fetches of the game. (Because, you know, that's how it goes when you want to show off something, lol.) She was actually more enthusiastic for most of the game. But she would bring the ball back ... more
  • Cautiously optimistic about eating! - LucyR (Ozzie's Mom), Tue Dec 4 5:21pm
    Ozzie's eating saga may have a solution. After playing kibble roulette and mixing kibble with various meats over the last month or so, I was ready to throw my hands up in the air. He would only eat baked chicken or beef. If I added ANYTHING, he turned up his nose. I went to the premium doggie store in our area and got ... more
  • Rocky is already for Christmas !!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Dec 2 8:22pm
  • Just checking in I'm sure everyone is busy - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Dec 2 5:50am
    already getting ready for the holidays. I've never put my outside decorations up this early but my whole neighborhood was done the day after Thanksgiving. So we put ours up yesterday.
    • Wow! (nm) - Doodle Mom Carol, Sat Dec 8 11:16am
  • Snow Pictures - SD&B, Fri Nov 30 6:12pm
    We got a couple of inches of snow today. Frosty and Icy had a great time. Here is a Shutterfly album, if you with to spend some time viewing them. Lots of action shots. https://qq0u.app.link/e/e2LpBpoihS My favorite picture from today.
  • It was a spectacular day in the wilds of Arizona. All had a great time. Frosty and Icy loved the trip, but Barney may have loved it even more. Here are more pictures. https://qq0u.app.link/e/uqjH5sjl9R Videos to view https://youtu.be/3Q3wG2eZQpU https://youtu.be/gXIzh9Pu9mE https://youtu.be/rBKuftUhRZ8... more
  • Another Video Just for Kicks - SD&B, Sat Nov 24 9:27pm
    Similar to previous ones, but they're just so darn fun. https://youtu.be/KRJlQD2WjFw
  • Living High on the Hog - SD&B, Sat Nov 24 9:18pm
    Yep, I think my dogs are truffle dogs. They have found about a billion in the yard. I found one myself that was bigger than my fist. If only I had a market to sell them, they could pay for their own food, lol. Truffle torn in half. And other yard fun.... All three The Barney Frosty running by Frosty all aglow Happy... more
  • Happy Thanksgiving from Rocky !!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Wed Nov 21 9:14am
  • Hear the Thunder! - SD&B, Tue Nov 20 12:12am
    A couple of videos of Frosty and Icy running in the yard. You can hear their paws thundering as they pass by, lol. https://youtu.be/FVFE40YHyFU https://youtu.be/dC8HzTKMkvk
  • but remember he'll always be with you in spirit.
  • Neuter question - Doodle Mom Carol, Wed Nov 7 6:47pm
    All my other dogs were neutered when I got them at 8 weeks. Romeo isn't so I'm kind of new to this. Does it stop bullheadedness? I'm not worried about humping or roaming but this guy is BULLHEADED. We can tell him to stop doing something and he could care less. I'm hoping neutering calms down the testosterone a bit.... more
  • Chico's full day meal plan yesterday - Doodle Mom Carol, Tue Nov 6 11:58am
    1/2 cup plain yogurt. That is all he had (period) This morning I got him to eat some kibble/eggs. If this continues, I'm going to bring him into the vet. Maybe they can do some lab work. I can't take a dog that won't eat. UGH
  • Well this never happened to me before... - Doodle Mom Carol, Sun Nov 4 6:42pm
    I made our dinner salads and put them on the table. My husband came in and put some Ranch dressing on his and walked away. I walked away until the food was ready. From the other room I hear crunching... Mr Romeo ATE MY HUSBANDS SALAD. Ranch dressing, lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper, cheese and all. The chairs were... more
  • Want to see some fun? - SD&B, Sun Nov 4 12:10am
    Frosty and Icy running and enjoying the yard. https://youtu.be/-mbmmqBu59w
  • Doodle Kisses Calendar - SD&B, Sat Nov 3 12:24pm
    Frosty and Barney made the Doodle Kisses Labradoodles 2019 calendar. Sundog made the Doodles 2019 calendar. So exciting! https://doodlekisses.com/forum/topics/2019-calendars-are-ready?fbclid=IwAR1nP0wO1s7rXJWTizUixHNmGEOcmKjeaIJncFjWke384kFM4k96aCM3Yds Of course, I made my own calendar so I could have my gang every... more
  • Frosty's First Groom and More - SD&B, Sat Nov 3 1:56am
    Frosty had her first groom on Wednesday. I gave "no trauma" as the highest priority to the groomer. The only thing she couldn't do was use clippers on her head. Otherwise, she was fantastic. Nails, ears, scissors on the head, etc.... I am very pleased with how well she did and how nice she looks. She changed color... more
  • Rocco - Doodle Mom Carol, Sun Oct 28 11:15am
    Rocco was limping this morning. I found a 1 inch hard as a rock wad of fur balled up between his pads. Took me forever to cut it out. It was so close to the skin. OUCH but much better now. This is the second time it's happened. None of my other dogs have had this.
  • Sundog has been gone one year. - SD&B, Sat Oct 27 11:45pm
    It has been one year today (Saturday, 10/27) since our beloved Sundog left us. We still miss her every single day. Today we chose to go on a short hike in the forest behind our subdivision in honor of Sundog. She loved hiking there. We left Icy and Frosty at home and took only Barney as a special treat for him. Barney ... more
  • Rocky is all ready for Halloween !!! - Peggy(Rocky), Sat Oct 27 3:58pm

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