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Goldendoodle for the Police Dept :) - Carol (BCR), Fri Jun 23 8:30am
Look how cute my friends doodle is getting she's - Peggy(Rocky), Wed Jun 21 7:27am
the girl who lost Moose 18 months ago. Meet Norman!!!!
  • Took Rocky for his yearly check up he's - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Jun 16 5:02pm
    66lbs. I really thought he was more but it's just that he is real stocky!!!!!!!
  • Taking Bruno in for shot #4. All is well here (nm) - Carol (BCR), Fri Jun 16 10:29am
  • bitter sweet I will miss the kids and I love working with my teacher but am looking forward not to rush Bryan out the door and meet Rocky's needs before work. It will be nice not to be on a schedule.
  • Nick and Ozzie and a birthday trip to Carmel - Karan, Mom to Goldendoodle Nick, Mon Jun 12 2:38am
    Lucy and Ozzie and Nick and I had a short vacation in Carmel.Monterey/Pacific Grove in May to celebrate Nick's 12th and Ozzie's 13th birthdays. I am just getting around to uploading photos so I can post. Of course it was a great trip - went to beaches in both Carmel and Pacific Grove; ate great food and played with... more
  • Adequan = Amazing! - Carol (BCR), Sat Jun 10 3:48pm
    My gosh, Bruno has only had 2 shots (left and right side) and he's jumping up on the couch like Superman. I really see the difference. We will continue on with 2 more next week and see where we are at. :) BTW, you know those joint chews he finally liked? Well, he decided he doesn't like them anymore OMG, he won't... more
  • Just for fun! - SD&B, Fri Jun 9 5:26pm
    Yesterday we drove 3 hours for dog food. In the pictures, we are driving on a divided highway. What is wrong with these pictures? (Hint - It's even freakier at night.)
  • I had my very first tick experience last night! - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Thu Jun 8 7:32am
    I have never pulled a tick off myself or my dogs. in the 10 and 7 years I have had them. I am actually naive enough to believe that ticks wouldn't likely get my dogs because 1) their coats provide protection 2) they are very healthy and raw fed 3) they are low risk and 4) although the package doesn't say it, Sentinel... more
  • Bruno did great. - Carol (BCR), Wed Jun 7 11:34am
    Didn't even flinch from the shot. Vet tech will give him the shots. Next one up is Saturday morning. Cost was $43.00. Not bad.
  • Bruno starts his Adequan shots tomorrow - Carol (BCR), Tue Jun 6 12:24pm
    Vet took him off Gabapentin. It was making him stoned out of his mind. That's not helping him imo. I have great hopes for these Adequan shots. He gets 2 shots per week for UP to 4 weeks. Vet said we have to go on how he is feeling. Could be only 2 weeks.
    My dear friend lost her Dudley on Saturday. - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Jun 6 9:35am
    He was my Sam's best buddy and they had the same Dad. Dudley was 12.
  • Sundog update. - SD&B, Mon Jun 5 6:02pm
    Well, she seems to be perfectly fine this morning. Yesterday morning she was incapable of standing up on her own. This morning? You would never know she had a problem yesterday. I would say she is at least at 90%. (I don't want to test for 100% for a day or two.) She gradually improved through the day yesterday. Late... more
  • Just found a chew that Bruno will eat! - Carol (BCR), Mon Jun 5 12:26pm
    Hallelujah!!! Can you hear me singing it?!?! I bought this one and it looks like it's cheaper and better than Dasuquin. So I'm going with it. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B004OA5XNG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  • Sundog woke up lame this morning. - SD&B, Sun Jun 4 8:07pm
    She could weight bear, but she couldn't get her hind end up. I gave her a rimadyl and tramadol a few hours ago. She's improving and can actually get up when she feels the need. (The need to bark at things!) Hoping it's just a strain or sore muscles and that she's back to her old self soon.
  • I am going to call the vet Monday and ask for - Carol (BCR), Sun Jun 4 7:27pm
    Adequan shots for Bruno. This Gabapentin is making him drugged/sleepy/dazed and does nothing for his knee joints. He's nothing but spaced out. Not going to happen to my Bruno. The Vet said they have had VERY good results with the Adequan shots. I don't care how much they cost, it's going to happen.
  • Rocky loving the sunshine !!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Jun 2 2:29pm
  • Chico is a big non-drinker and it kind of worries me. Some days he has nothing, other days he will drink once. Maybe it's me overreacting.
  • Good morning - Carol (BCR), Wed May 31 8:41am
    Snuck Bruno's pill in his ground raw this morning. He ate everything but the pill. Grrrrr Had to stick it down his throat--and that took 3x. He's a POOP I tell ya! lol

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