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Hey !!!!! Where is everyone these days???? (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Oct 22 7:49am
Wanted to share Soogee"s new baby Wally !!!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Sat Oct 14 3:50pm
  • Carol how are things working out for Bruno???? (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Oct 10 5:20pm
  • Well, it's NOT the food - Carol (BCR), Sat Oct 7 12:22pm
    Rocco started up with diarrhea again. So I asked the vet to run a much more detailed poop test. It's called a Diarrhea Real PCR Comprehensive ($203) He's got clostridium. He was given Amoxicillin 1000mg 2x a day. Starting today for 14 days. No clue how this happened. He doesn't eat poop, could be in the soil. I just... more
  • Studio Fritz and Davis Smith - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Fri Oct 6 11:32am
    Does anyone know if Davis still has his photography studio and how to get in touch with him? He has an old Facebook page that hasn't been updated since 2012.
  • We've moved onto Sardines... - Izzy and foster's mom, Wed Sep 27 9:52pm
    Foster decided he didn't like ANY of his many foods today and refused to eat. He kept eyeing me while I tried to wait him out. I blinked... Tonight we ran to the store and bought some Sardines. He LOVED them. it will only last a week, but it's a week of calories until he refuses food again. I can't believe how picky... more
  • Carol how is Rocco doing??? When I first got - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Sep 22 6:46am
    Rocky I put him on Merrick because Sam(rip) loved it and he was picky eater. Well Rocky got such diarrhea from it so I switched to Natural Balance and only lamb & rice . Thank God it worked when I asked Wayne Mueller( my breeder) he said sometimes these high quality foods are just to rich for some dogs. Right now so... more
  • Progress in canine caner treatment - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Thu Sep 21 10:39am
    Received this message this AM from our specialty vet where Ozzie gets his PT. There is a lot of activity now in the area of canine cancer research and treatment. Not to sound too cynical about this, but business people are beginning to realize that it is a profitable area. However I think that there is also a... more
  • Pooping and farts - Carol (BCR), Wed Sep 20 9:56pm
    How do you like that subject? lol Well, here is the story. I always give the doods a raw ground mix in the morning (I've done that for years) At night I give them kibble. I changed kibble to Orijen and noticed Rocco started to have some deadly gas. I thought it was the high protein. So I slowly switched to Acana (less ... more
  • Lots of our older doodles getting sick or passing - Carol (BCR), Tue Sep 19 12:04pm
    I don't like this one bit. Laurie's Rufus (mouth cancer) 12 yrs Cindy's Raider (passed) 13.5 yrs
  • Just ran across a FB page for cancer in dogs - Carol (BCR), Sat Sep 16 11:54am
    They posted that a keto diet (high protein/high fat) will CURE hemangiosarcoma. I had to get my 2 cents in. Idiots.
    Lucy! - Carol (BCR), Fri Sep 15 10:44pm
    Do you know anything about this? http://vdilab.com/page.php?id=57
  • First funny story of the school year!!! - PeggyRocky), Fri Sep 15 6:20am
    I'm with 3rd graders this year and the teacher was telling the kids all the great books she has for them. So I said yes and look how nicely Mrs.H put them in baskets for you . They are so neat let's hope they stay that way. Well the teacher says yes I wouldn't go to your house and mess up your things. One boy raises... more
  • Foster liked Orijen Senior for a week, then he got sick - Izzy and foster's mom, Thu Sep 14 8:49pm
    and refused to eat it again. This afternoon I offered him Orijen Regional Red and he ate it. I guess he forgot he didn't like it three weeks ago. DH brought home two bags of Elm Pet Food. https://elmpetfoods.com/ Of course Foster smelled it and had to have it. ...who knows what he'll want tomorrow
  • Today DH asked me if - SD&B, Thu Sep 14 2:08am
    I know that we have the best dogs in the world. I replied that I, of course, know that. He told me that he had fixed lunch (raw meat with cheese sprinkles) for Sundog and Barney and had put it on the floor when the phone rang. Off he went into another room to answer the phone. A few minutes later, he returned to find... more
  • BOW Weekend - SD&B, Tue Sep 12 12:29am
    Last weekend I attended a workshop to encourage ladies to embrace the outdoors. This workshop is called BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman). I had a terrific time and loved every minute of it. I took pictures with both my phone and my camera, so there is definitely some duplication. Check out my pictures. (You may need... more
  • I might be crazy, but I am considering a - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Mon Sep 11 3:35pm
    cannabidiol (CBD) product for both of these dogs! I have been doing some research and think it might help with Woody's aches and pains. After seeing the vet and giving Rimadyl for 12 days, he was better.....but his gut couldn't take it. (Just like your boy, Carol) So now his gut is feeling better, but I know he is in... more
  • Praying all are safe from Irma !!!!! (nm) - Peggyx(Rocky), Mon Sep 11 5:51am
  • Orijen Regional Red is out....Nutro Lamb is out....moving - Izzy and foster's mom, Sat Sep 9 5:10pm
    on to Orijen Original. Foster ate some of the original formula for dinner, but I had to add some of the Orijen treats about halfway through. As our NC vet says..."He's spoilt" but what doodle isn't spoiled
  • Going to take a break from Facebook for - Peggy(Rocky), Wed Sep 6 6:53am
    awhile need to clear my head!!!

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