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Carol - checking in - how are you doing? (nm) - Izzy and foster's mom, Fri Jun 22 2:19pm
  • Stay strong Carol - Sue(Kramer&Chip), Tue Jun 19 4:49pm
    I had cancer last fall. YOU GOT THIS #tough as nails too
  • So sorry to hear this Carol but - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Jun 19 9:44am
    it's a good thing they caught it early. My neighbor had the same thing 8 years ago and it was stage 4 and she is fine. They will tell you your options has far as removing it. Praying for you !!!!
    It's breast cancer - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Jun 18 6:20pm
    Waiting to hear more from the report because it's still pending. I'm very upset.
  • Thinking about you, Carol. - SD&B, Mon Jun 18 3:38am
    Any news yet?
  • Frosty! - SD&B, Mon Jun 18 12:43am
    Frosty is settling in. Normal half angel, half devil puppy stuff. She hasn't been here a week, but she's already grown. She continues to lighten in color. She can fetch for a few throws. She likes to play tug and play with squeaky toys. She likes the outdoors. Here are a couple of videos. Frosty playing.... more
  • We need some Girly Girl pictures of Ms Frosty (nm) - Izzy and foster's mom, Sun Jun 17 9:37pm
    Praying for you and hoping the biopsy is normal. - Peggy(Rocky), Sat Jun 16 9:53am
    I'm a real worrier so I can totally relate to your anxiety. They do have to be very cautious now a days for Drs. to cover themselves.
  • Not doodle related - Doodle Mom Carol, Fri Jun 15 9:31am
    but asking my doodle friends for prayers today. I'm going in for a breast biopsy and I'm frightened to death. I've never had one before. Anyone here?
  • More Frosty pics! - SD&B, Thu Jun 14 12:16am
    Frosty loves the new yard. It has natural landscaping with trees and dirt and pine needles and such. Look at that nose. Nothing like a good stick. Once in a while, she reminds us of Sundog.
  • A few pictures of Frosty! - SD&B, Wed Jun 13 6:09pm
    Hi, All! Here is my gorgeous Frosty! Pick up at the breeders. http://annabelledoodles.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-charlotte-x-wyatt-litter-have-all.html These pictures were taken today. Landscaper Taking a break. Taking a break on my shoe. Taking a break on a toy bigger than she is. She has already been to the vet and... more
  • Okay, Guys! - SD&B, Wed Jun 13 12:11am
    Yes, Frosty is home now. Because of flight delays, we ended up coming home yesterday. That was a 14 hour trip. She did a magnificent job of traveling. Whew! I'm tired already. Anyway, I will post pictures soon. But we are all good. Puppies are time consuming, lol!
  • OK Debbie where are the pictures ?????? (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Jun 12 4:56am
  • One more day Debbie!! (nm) - Doodle Mom Carol, Sat Jun 9 8:54am
    SD&B or is it B&F now :) . did the breeder - Izzy and foster's mom, Thu Jun 7 7:38pm
    say if Frosty will change color? Foster started off brown but turned to cafe when he was about 14 weeks old
  • tap tap tap.....patiently waiting to see puppy pictures! (nm) - Izzy and foster's mom, Thu Jun 7 7:36pm
    1 more week Debbie!!! - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Jun 4 8:23am
    Start getting your sleep now! LOL!!
  • Frosty 8 week picture - SD&B, Thu May 31 5:45pm
    Frosty's 8 week picture. Pick up day is June 9th. Frosty and her litter mates went for their surgeries and microchips yesterday. All went well. For some fun litter pictures: http://annabelledoodles.blogspot.com/2018/05/charlotte-x-wyatt-8-weeks.html... more
  • Things are better today - Doodle Mom Carol, Thu May 31 10:55am
    It must have been the drugs they gave him (and the hurt) This morning they wanted to play. We gave them a little time outside to play while husband refereeing. I'm taking him into our vet this morning to have the stitches checked. They look super red. Why don't they just put them on antibiotic?? Thanks my friends.

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