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Well Carol it's not much longer and your new - Peggy((Rocky), Thu Apr 19 6:07am
baby will be there. You know we're all excited for you!!!!!!!
  • Carol - did you send a blanket for Romeo's Mom - Izzy and foster's mom, Mon Apr 16 6:40pm
    to sleep on so he has a familiar smell when you take him home?
  • Carol, another 10 days, more or less! - SD&B, Fri Apr 13 6:02pm
    It's getting close. Has F gotten the crate out yet?
  • New Puppy Pictures - SD&B, Thu Apr 12 5:22pm
    Since we don't know which puppy will be ours, you'll have to look at pictures of 5 adorable pups. Hope you don't mind. http://annabelledoodles.blogspot.com/2018/04/charlotte-x-wyatt-week-1-pics.html
  • Chico is extremely depressed.... - Doodle Mom Carol, Wed Apr 11 8:38am
    I thought it would be over but it seems to be getting worse. He eats about 1/2 of what he used to. I can't stand this.
  • hope!!!!!
  • I had to subscribe to this forum again I - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Apr 8 7:34am
    wasn't getting the updates!!!!! Grrrrr
  • What do you do for teeth cleaning? - Doodle Mom Carol, Sat Apr 7 4:09pm
    With all my doodles, I have always offered raw marrow bones and they have never had tooth problems. The other day I thought I'd be adventurous and try doggie toothpaste on Chico. He RAN out the door like I was about to kill him. Rocco thought it was yummy tasting. That guy will eat anything. haha!
  • New Puppy is on the ground! - SD&B, Thu Apr 5 6:12pm
    There are 5 puppies in the litter. Charlotte delivered during the day with no drama, for which the breeder was happy. Three boys and two girls. Joyce, the breeder, will choose which puppy is best for us at 7 weeks. Until then, I will be watching their growth from afar.
  • Article about early spay and neuter - Sue(Kramer&Chip), Tue Apr 3 1:27pm
    My golden retriever breeder told me this stuff way back in 2003. I did wait until 8 months to nueter Kramer. http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/three-reasons-to-reconsider-spayneuter/
  • Just got new 5 week pics of Romeo - Doodle Mom Carol, Mon Apr 2 2:02pm
    Am I seeing blue eye/'s (?) Cannot wait to get this little guy!
  • Trying to remember all I need for a puppy - Doodle Mom Carol, Sun Apr 1 10:32pm
    Got bitter apple, chewy toys, will get a collar, Snuggle Puppy, will order pet insurance soon and make an appointment for the first vet visit. I have to make my house puppy proof again, I have 2 crates. My mind is constantly going over what I need. lol Debbie, are you doing this or am I just nuts?
  • Happy Easter Everyone! (nm) - Izzy and foster's mom, Sun Apr 1 11:44am
  • Happy Easter to all who celebrate !!! - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Mar 30 9:01am
  • Question about dog food - Doodle Mom Carol, Tue Mar 27 9:16am
    What is considered best for sensitive tummies? Lamb? Fish? I can't remember.
  • How do your doodles react to the smoke alarm? - Izzy and foster's mom, Sat Mar 24 7:07pm
    Ours went off while I was cooking The doodles freaked out. The smoke detector battery compartment was open, so it kept chirping. Foster wanted OUT of the house! Izzy jumped on the sofa and peed, then went to the office and pooped...UGH On a bright side, Foster didn't get sick from it :)
  • Bruno is home - Doodle Mom Carol, Fri Mar 23 7:40pm
  • Foster Update... - Izzy and foster's mom, Thu Mar 22 9:46pm
    Knock on wood....he's like a puppy again! He's jumping around, playing, eating his food and pooping like a champ. No ill effects from his cheese burger yesterday. We're still working through his dry skin, but we have medicated shampoo. It's starting to look better. I'm going to Las Vegas for a few days, so we'll see... more

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