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Welll, what now? - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Wed Dec 13 12:32am
Ozzie has decided he will no longer be a raw food eater. He won't touch the food that we have used for over 2 years. He wants kibble....so he gets it because I don't want his stomach to be empty. I have a freezer full of his raw food! What to do? I hate to switch him over to kibble completely.
  • How much fish can doodles have a week? - Carol (BCR), Sun Dec 10 11:02pm
    I've been feeding Orijen and the boys seemed kind of bored with it. I bought a can of wild caught pink salmon. I only used 1/2 can for the three of them and put it on top of the Orijen. They really loved it. Is it ok to feed every day? I'd rather give that than a can of dog food that makes Rocco fart like mad. lol lol ... more
  • First Road Trip without Sundog - SD&B, Sun Dec 10 10:54pm
    It was bittersweet. We missed her so much. But Barney had a great time. His happy spirit has been such a help to us in these last few weeks. Sundog would have loved this trip. She loved this place, but then again, she loved anywhere she could run out in the woods and fields. Barney chasing Dad. Barney talking to Dad.... more
  • Have you ever tried to connect your Airport Extreme to a wireless printer? OMG- we've been trying for 2 days straight. I want to throw out my Brother printer. It worked using the old Airport but when we switched to the Extreme it went dead.
  • I got a Christmas card from Chewy.com. - SD&B, Fri Dec 8 10:20pm
    It was very cute. How nice of them.
  • I was asked by my friend to post about that Sheepadoodle. I posted everything I was told. Well, the owner got wind of it and told my friend off because she didn't want people to know she was told to put the dog down by her breeder. I was asked to take the post down. NEVER again! So now the dog ends up suffering (and... more
  • My Christmas card this year !!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Wed Dec 6 8:41pm
  • Barney and Santa - SD&B, Mon Dec 4 9:29pm
    I took Barney to the vet's office to take a picture of him with Santa. It was hard for me, but I managed and got some delightful pictures. (Pictures taken by the vet's husband, Mr. Ellis. Donations help sick/injured animals in need.) They sent me these three pictures. My favorite. Barney did this on his own, looking... more
  • Idog won't take the Sheepadoodle :( - Carol (BCR), Mon Dec 4 7:17pm
    The family is very upset. Idk what they are going to do.
  • Barney Pictures - SD&B, Sun Dec 3 11:36pm
    I walked around the new builds on my block today with Barney. He really enjoyed sniffing everything. My poser. Barney in the bulldozer scoop. Barney driving a bobcat. Barney in a future garage. Barney on a log. The new yard from the outside looking in. It goes on for quite a ways to the right.
  • Need some help friends - Carol (BCR), Fri Dec 1 12:41pm
    A friend of a friend has a Sheepadoodle that needs rehoming. I don't know if it would be considered a rescue because the dog has a resource guarding issue. Where can I post the info?
  • A couple of pics. - SD&B, Sat Nov 25 10:24pm
    Here is Barney in his new yard. The pine needles seem to prick him when he tries to sit or lay, so we bought him a coolaroo (elevated dog bed). He seems to like it. You can see the fence in the background. Sundog would have loved the new yard. Our sit spot Love his cute black nose. He sees Dad at the bottom of the... more
  • Sweet Barney - SD&B, Sat Nov 25 1:25am
    We were putting up our Christmas tree. We looked up at the loft railing. There sat Barney in the same spot that Sundog sat a thousand times and that Barney has never sat in. Looking at us through the railing, just as Sundog used to do. She loved to sit there and drop her toy for someone to throw back up. I think he... more
  • Wishing all my Doodles friends - Carol (BCR), Wed Nov 22 4:05pm
    a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful to have all of you as friends. This group has been together for a long time and you are just like family to me. Happy feasting tomorrow!
  • My own calendar - SD&B, Sun Nov 19 11:12pm
    Even though Sundog and Barney have the honor of being chosen to be in calendars available for public purchase, I like to make my own calendar. That way, every day of the year is dedicated to them. This is the last year that I will have new pictures of Sundog available for a calendar. God, I miss her so much. Anyway,... more
  • Kramer would of turned 13 today - Sue(Kramer&Chip), Thu Nov 16 11:15pm
    This is one of my favorites of him I miss him so much
  • Some good things.... - SD&B, Tue Nov 14 11:10pm
    Sundog and Barney both made the Doodle Kisses Labradoodle 2018 calendar. Check it out. (One picture of Sundog and another picture of both Sundog and Barney together.) I'm so proud of them both. http://www.cafepress.com/doodlekisses.150300897 Sundog also made the 2018 365 Dogs calendar. I think I posted that earlier. I ... more
  • Blue text in message posts - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Mon Nov 13 7:59pm
    I am on my new computer and the blue words in the text of messages is back. I remember there was a simple way to get rid of them, but can't remember what it was. Can anyone jog my memory?
  • Missing Sundog so much today. - SD&B, Sat Nov 11 7:19pm
    We were doing yard work today. She would have been tossing her ball at us the whole time. Even when we were outside the fence, she would toss the ball from the inside. Of course, we'd have to throw it. The work always took twice as long, but we loved working that way. We miss our helper dog.
  • Another sad story !!!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Sat Nov 11 9:00am
    laurie rufus and stella Rufus RIP 11/4/2005-11/8/2017 Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:23pm It is with a heavy heart that I want to share my beloved Rufus passed over to the Rainbow Bridge this past Wednesday. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive oral melanoma which was under his tongue and throat. It was... more

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