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  • My friend who lost Moose about 2 years ago is - Peggy(Rocky), Thu May 25 5:30am
    getting a Labradoodle next week. I will send you pictures of him he's a party and adorable. She lost Moose to cancer he was only 6 years old.
  • Meloxicam - Carol (BCR), Tue May 23 1:49pm
    Vet gave Bruno Meloxicam for pain/anti inflammatory but 1 whole 7.5mg is too much for him. He won't eat because it bothers his gut when I give it to him. I'm going to try it again but 1/2 dose. Idk what I'm going to do, his back legs are having a hard time getting up on the couch and getting in the car. I just picked... more
  • Good Morning!!!! Only 22 days left until school - Peggy(Rocky), Mon May 22 5:32am
    is out for summer!!!!!!
    Look who got a total make over !!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Wed May 17 7:10am
  • Dog Mom Song. - SD&B, Sun May 14 4:21pm
    Check it out. So true! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCITCn7A3Mc
    • LOL (nm) - Carol (BCR), Tue May 16 1:13pm
  • Good morning all. Thinking of Sue this morning - Carol (BCR), Sat May 13 8:30am
    So so heartbreaking when our doodles pass. We are here for you Sue. <3
  • Kramer is gone - Sue(Kramer &Chip), Thu May 11 10:11am
    No words right now Not dealing with it so good What a very special heart dog for me Just trying to get through 5 minutes without tears I know life goes on but it's real hard right now
  • He's just "spoil't"... - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Tue May 9 10:23am
    Foster wasn't looking very good on Friday, so I took him in to see the vet. Our new vet is away so we saw her stand-in. She told us to stop the chicken, give him a pepcid ad, feed him the prescription food, and call on Monday. I called yesterday to tell her that Foster stopped eating! We gave him a little chicken to... more
  • PetPlan - LucyR (Ozzie's Mom), Tue May 9 9:38am
    PSI: Am withdrawing my recommendations for PetPlan. My renewal premium for Ozzie at 13 years of age jumped from $770 to $1800 annually. Deductible increased to $500 from $200. Coverage paid decreased from 80% to 70%. Have written to California Insurance Board and also sent letter of protest! Whatever....one is stuck... more
  • Just read on the other forum that Skip from - Peggy(Rocky), Tue May 9 6:51am
    Almost Heaven is at it again with sick dogs. Why can't they stop this so- called breeder who has been caught many times in the past!!!!It''s horrible!!!!
  • LOL LOL !!! For sure - Peggy(Rocky), Sun May 7 9:32am
  • Good morning everyone! (nm) - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Fri May 5 12:10pm
  • Need some advice I noticed Rocky has been - Peggy(Rocky), Thu May 4 6:39am
    snorting and sneezing the past 2 weeks. It's not constant but he is also scratching. The pollen here has been horrible. Should I try to give him some Benadryl ???? He's acting ok and eating fine.
  • Happy Happy! - Carol (BCR), Wed May 3 6:34pm
    Happy to announce Quincy found a new family outside of Tacoma WA. He will have a great family that loves the outdoors!!!!
  • Sheepadoodle looking for a home - Carol (BCR), Tue May 2 10:03am
    Doodle friends, I was asked to post this from a friend. They live outside of Seattle. Please contact this person if interested. Information below. Please share. The owner has 2 boys 9 & 11 who are into a lot of sports. They are never home for the dog. This dog is a beauty! Please pass it on. After much, much... more
  • knock on wood....Foster is having a good week... - Izzy and foster's mom, Mon May 1 9:06pm
    He LOVES his chicken! He's been pooping once a day for the past few days but today we had two poops. (We celebrated!) He's looking happier! We have to patiently wait to see if this is his normal monthly cycle or if his antibiotic and diet changes have helped. wish us luck! Thanks for all the suggestions!
  • Tick repelant - Carol (BCR), Fri Apr 28 9:14am
    I am hearing really good reviews about this for humans and dogs. People are just putting this on shoes/socks and lower areas of dogs legs. Has anyone tried this? Read the reviews here.... more
  • Good Morning !!!My Dad worked construction - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Apr 28 7:48am
    and he would bring my Mom lilacs all the time because they grew wild in the fields. Now I love them and my house smells so nice. Those were wonderful memories !!!!!!
  • Back from the vet...she gave us another prescription food - Izzy and foster's mom, Wed Apr 26 1:17pm
    to try. ....he loves it, but we'll see how long that lasts. She gave us a prescription for his skin -- he has really dry skin and gets a lot of rashes, so we'll see if his allergies are tied to the vomiting. She also gave the thumbs up to try the chicken/rice or chicken/sweet potato. He pooped this morning (yay) .... more

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