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The top pink pig pic may be deleted soon - Carol (BCR), Tue Jul 25 11:05am
Emptying out my Photoshop. When I refigure out how to replace, you'll see another pic...hopefully. lol
  • Barney's Cardiology Appointment - SD&B, Tue Jul 25 1:57am
    Barney's cardiology appointment went well. He has an issue with his mitral valve and his heart is slightly enlarged. But it's not enlarged enough for treatment. Recheck in 9 months. Yay! It was fascinating watching the recording of the ultrasound of his heart on the computer screen.
  • Just an fyi - Carol (BCR), Mon Jul 24 11:03pm
    Photobucket starting charging huge fees now. I tried to download an album of mine. I intended to download all my pics and cancel. Well guess what, they won't download. I went to their FB page and ppl are commenting like crazy, saying this is extortion and we want our pictures back. I am soooo pissed right now. They... more
  • Talked to the vet today - Carol (BCR), Tue Jul 18 7:19pm
    Bruno is doing excellent. No side effects at all. He wants me to lower the Pred. now. Going from 5mg 2x a day to 5mg 1x a day. He wants me to observe for another few weeks. If it doesn't work, go back to 2x a day. If he's still doing ok, then 5mg every other day. Mom is observing for sure. :)
  • Carol, how did it go with B's acupuncture? (nm) - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sun Jul 16 10:43am
  • and today it's raining!!!!! Rocky loves to relax !!!!! LOL LOL
  • If you are so inclined, here are quite a few of the pictures from Sunday's road trip. https://photos.shutterfly.com/story/id/110150092817 If the above link doesn't work, copy and paste this one. pix.sfly.com/fHaAJpeK -------------- We checked out Winn Campground, where there was a fire truck and another fire vehicle... more
  • Look who's in another Petsmart ad! - SD&B, Tue Jul 11 4:58pm
    Sundog was in a Canada flyer. Thanks to Laurie (Laurie+Tru) for a shout out. I am just tickled pink with this photo. https://www.petsmart.ca/local-ad/#page_name=global&link_section=footer&link_name=local_ad Also, bonus picture. This is a picture of a sign in a Petsmart. If your Petsmart has a Pinnacle Nutrition shop,... more
  • Appointment made for Bruno on the 15th - Carol (BCR), Sun Jul 9 7:46pm
    for acupuncture. Can't wait. Fingers crossed.
  • Just and fyi - Carol (BCR), Fri Jul 7 10:29pm
    Bruno was doing great at shot #5. He had shot #6 and got sick so I stopped after that. Vet had suggested 8 shots total. Suddenly he's back to having joint pain. He's slowing down at walk time. He can't keep up with the other two but really wants to go for that walk. I think we'll try walking him (very short walk)... more
  • Thank you for your prayers and comments friends - Carol (BCR), Sun Jul 2 10:27pm
    Bruno is feeling much better.
  • WE HAVE POOPAGE! - Carol (BCR), Sun Jul 2 11:09am
    Took 6 days. OMG so happy.
  • When is the poop coming? - Carol (BCR), Sat Jul 1 1:41pm
    Ok so the last time Bruno pooped was Tuesday. After that he got sick and didn't eat until Friday. Still waiting for the poopage here. FYI, he'll never touch pumpkin if I need to give it to him. ugh!
  • She gets Proin for her incontinence and the vet runs bloodwork every 6 months. Unfortunately, she detected the smallest of heart murmurs in Sundog but only in one spot. Now both Sundog and Barney have heart murmurs. I hate that they're getting old. Otherwise, she is in fantastic shape. Her weight is ideal at 28.6... more
  • OMG Carol I'm praying for Bruno and hoping it's - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Jun 30 7:02am
    nothing serious. I can only imagine your fears and I will pray for you to my friend.
  • tests are in - Carol (BCR), Thu Jun 29 10:48am
    Ok lab work in, WBC high (neutrophil's) which he said is inflammation. Liver values are high also. He's going to test for pancreatitis. Could be one of 3 things: gallbladder, pancreatitis or liver cancer. Will get the pancreatitis lab work results tomorrow.
  • Husband got him to eat and drink this morning! - Carol (BCR), Thu Jun 29 8:39am
    He used the powdery dried live treats (bottom of the container stuff) and put it on his canned dog food. :) Will take temp in a few.
  • Good morning all - Carol (BCR), Wed Jun 28 9:46am
    Here is my update. Bruno had his 6th Adequan shot yesterday. The Vet wanted him to get 8 total but I'm stopping. It has helped his joint pain but his gut can't take it anymore. Diarrhea and he won't eat this morning. I know they can get GI upset so that is the end of that. Now to get him to eat. I can take just about... more
  • to hot. Going to Cape May tonight. Missing my Rocky.:0(
  • Rocky waitng to see his girlfriend - Peggy(Rocky), Mon Jun 26 6:55am
    she's a 4lb. Yorkie !!!! He can only play with her through the fence because he's just to big!!!!!

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