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Looks like a gloomy week ahead!!!!!! Poor - Peggy(Rocky), Sat Apr 22 8:21pm
Rocky I can't let him run around the yard it's just to muddy!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr
  • Carol - need cooking instructions if you're around :) - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Fri Apr 21 10:45am
    We bought some chicken breasts, sweet potatoes and carrots - how long should we cook it for --- Thanks!
  • Barney is looking good. - SD&B, Tue Apr 18 6:46pm
    I'd say Barney is at least 95% recovered after his run-in with the wild stallion in late February. https://youtu.be/HmtZbAAhvxM
  • Happy Easter to all our doodle friends !!! - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Apr 16 10:03am
  • Pictures from our therapy dog visit today - Karan, Mom to Goldendoodle Nick, Thu Apr 13 8:54pm
    One of the most rewarding visits we do is the annual family retreat at Wonder Valley, put on by Joni and Friends ( a organization that provides support for families of children with special needs.) It was a rainy day but 8 teams drove up there (it's in the foothills about an hour from Fresno.) Nick and Chase, a border ... more
  • Took a ride to Avon by the sea yesterday with - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Apr 11 6:52am
    the Bryan sunny but cold. We both got wind burn!!!!! LOL I felt really sad after leaving wishing we could have kept my in laws house right on the Shark River and 2 blocks from the ocean. My kids loved it when they were growing up!! What a beautiful town!!!!!
  • Happy Passover to our Jewish doodles!!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Mon Apr 10 8:01am
  • Good Morning !!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Apr 9 7:52am
  • the weather will be nice. Yesterday it was so windy and freezing here.
  • Sensitive Stomach / picky eater - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Thu Apr 6 2:38pm
    does anyone else have a dood with a sensitive stomach? curious what you might be feeding your doodle... Foster is supposed to be on prescription food, but he won't eat it. And when he does, he still gets sick just as often (minimum of once a month). He's getting very thin, so I'm willing to try expanding his menu. I... more
  • I just see big puddles...... (nm) - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Thu Apr 6 2:34pm
  • Good morning all. I think I see SUN! (nm) - Carol (BCR), Thu Apr 6 9:22am
    FYI...canine longevity project - LucyR (Ozzie's Mom), Tue Apr 4 12:05pm
  • Good Morning!!!! Enjoy your Monday (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Mon Apr 3 5:58am
  • Hooray !!!!! I see sunshine !!!!!! (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Apr 2 10:04am
  • Best Buddies !!! I think Rocky knows that - Peggy(Rocky), Sat Apr 1 12:04pm
    Bryan gives him tons of doggy treats!!!!!
  • Happy Birthday Lori!! - Carol (BCR), Fri Mar 31 2:13pm
    Since we no longer have a Birthday Fairy.... I noticed it was your Birthday today. Wishing you the best. Thank you for being a good Doodle friend to us all here on Pigs Fly! And BTW, I saw those pictures of you on FB. What a pretty lady you are. :)
  • Taking Rocky to be groomed today what a crap day - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Mar 31 7:19am
    to get him all beautified!!!!! Heavy rain here again!!!!!!!!!!
  • and she said my vet doesn't give a vaccine for the Leptospirosis Vaccine Immunizes that is affecting dogs in North Jersey. My vet is very cautious about putting a vaccine into a dog because of the harmful side effects. Any information about this would be appreciated!!!!!!!!I do keep Rocky close to home and he plays... more

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