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Pretty cool test for dogs - Doodle Mom Carol, Tue Oct 16 8:12pm
I don't know what most of these are but pretty cool that they can do this now. https://embarkvet.com/health-list/
  • here everyday. My Rocky hasn't been able to run his tail off in my yard for weeks.
  • I fixed Romeo's poops and Rocco's farts - Doodle Mom Carol, Tue Oct 9 4:17pm
    Great subject right? LOL I gave them both slippery elm. Everything stopped in 2 days. I just opened the capsule and added water to make a thick slurry then added it to their food. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B000TQLNRO/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  • A non doodle post - Doodle Mom Carol, Wed Oct 3 5:37pm
    Just want to say that I got my new boobs today (prosthesis) I'll be wearing my new ta-tas when I bring Rocco in for his checkup. He's a wild man on a leash. I hope I don't drop a boob. It has crossed my mind...lol
  • Kibble questions - Doodle Mom Carol, Tue Oct 2 5:11pm
    Ok I started Romeo on a lamb formula when he came and he had mushy poops. So I swithched over to Fromm puppy chicken. I still can't get a totally normal solid poops out of him. It seems like in the AM it's ok but by the end of the day we have mush. I remember I had him tested when he was a puppy and no worms or bugs... more
  • Icy is doing very well. - SD&B, Mon Oct 1 9:24pm
    We are deep in the trials and tribulations of the puppy stuff - potty training and chewing. She grew 2 pounds in less than a week. She's already been on a couple of road trips and is loving it. Barney and Frosty are also doing well.
  • How is Icy making out - we haven't seen a recent picture! (nm) - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Sun Sep 30 11:13pm
  • I'm so done with this rain!!!!!!Grrrrr (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Sep 28 7:06am
    Carol is everything alright???? - Peggy(ROCKY), Mon Sep 24 5:07pm
    We haven't seen you on here lately!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi Carol...just sayin' hi - Rasmussen, Mon Sep 24 4:35pm
    Hope you are doing OK! Give us an update on your status. I did go last week again to Ortho vet and she said to put Ozzie on gabapentin but bring him up slowly. So we started with 2 pills per day and after 1 week, we're up to 3. He seems to be OK and wants to go out for walks. His appetite is fantastic. He is eating... more
  • Introducing Icy! - SD&B, Fri Sep 21 12:10am
    We liked that Sundog and Barney were only a month apart and grew up as friends. We decided that Frosty needs a companion too. I figure that we will just get all of the puppy stuff done at once, especially since we knew we would be getting another puppy sooner or later. So now we have Icy. Icy is a half sister to... more
  • The Dood Squad - Linda & Teddy, Sat Sep 15 1:40pm
    "The squad’s starting lineup is Packer, Lola, Addie, Sheldon, Charlie, Charlie and Cedar. It’s a toss-up as to what’s most impressive about That Dood Squad’s Packers photo — that somehow they got seven dogs to pose perfectly together on a convertible or that two women in Atlanta had all the green-and-gold gear to... more
  • happy one.
  • Lucy - how is Ozzie doing? (nm) - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Thu Sep 6 11:39pm
  • Feeding Ozzie! - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sun Sep 2 11:20pm
    48 hour food fast by Mr. Oz was broken this morning when I made him a breakfast of 2 strips maple sugar bacon, 2 egg yolks, and 1/4 c Fromm Senior Dog kibble. This evening he ate his boiled chicken and kibble. Wonder how long this will go on? I did start him on CBD oil on Monday. The gabapentin was turning him into a... more
  • Another Road Trip! - SD&B, Fri Aug 31 4:10pm
    We went to East Baldy Trail last Monday which features the East Fork of the Little Colorado River. We all had a great time. Frosty is doing well out in the wilds. Frosty running on the trail. Barney enjoying the cool shade. Frosty and Dad Big Bro and Little Sis Here is the shutterfly album, if you have some time....... more
  • Another milestone for Frosty! - SD&B, Wed Aug 29 3:43am
    Frosty jumped up on the bed tonight (30 inches). That was Barney's last place that she couldn't get to, lol.
  • Crate Video - SD&B, Tue Aug 28 11:39pm
    First a picture of Frosty and Barney sitting in a box together. Just because it's cute. A couple of videos showing Frosty learning to open her crate door from the outside. https://youtu.be/1-_2e-vEntg https://youtu.be/1_7so9bGYVM
  • Road Trip - 08/19-21/2018 - SD&B, Tue Aug 28 11:30pm
    We went to Luna, NM for a few days and explored the AZ/NM border area. In the photos, you see us exploring the Blue River area. Check out the pictures. (You may have to copy and paste.) https://pix.sfly.com/q1s8cv I think the river was a bit low and fairly warm. But a good time was had by all.

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