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Raining....pouring! Vet bills, that is. - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Aug 22 7:47am
Geez. We have had the week. Wilson was at MSU last week. Woody had his appointment yesterday. And over the weekend, Wilson was chewing at his bum. I don't take that lightly given what we've been through. So he went to the vet yesterday as well. Two separate vets; two separate locations (same clinic)! Sure enough - he... more
Wilson's report from MSU - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Sun Aug 20 11:34am
We were at Michigan State University this week, visiting Wilson's cardiologist (who is very cute BTW). He had a good visit. The echo showed progression and his heart is slightly larger than it was two years ago. But he has no signs of congestive heart failure. The doctor was happy with his body condition, activity,... more
  • I think we are at a point where we need to address - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Sun Aug 20 9:44am
    some arthritis in Woody. We've known he has some degeneration in his lower back (from an xray a few years ago). But I am noticing he is slower to get up in the morning (only) and he can't keep up on our walks. He LOVES to go for a walk and we've been walking regularly for 7 years. It just seems he doesn't tolerate it... more
  • Leaving for vacation to Virgina Beach on Thursday - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Aug 15 7:18am
    it's a family get together with my son and his family along with my niece and her hubby from Georgia. My niece from Florida may come too. They can't wait to see my grandsons. Bryan has been packing for weeks. LOL I'm excited but not looking forward to that drive from New Jersey. Rocky is going to the kennel. :0(
  • She was focused intently on the movie which is already very unusual. When Shere Khan (the tiger) killed Akela (the wolf pack leader), Sundog totally lost it. I mean totally. She was barking her head off at the TV and was extremely "pissed". Oh my goodness! Don't mess with Sundog's "people". She's watching.
  • Holy cow!! Just tried Orijen on the boys - Carol (BCR), Mon Aug 7 7:46pm
    Talk about chowing down. They really loved it. Have you seen the ingredients? Look at all this meat! Switching over as of tonight.
  • Another Road Trip - SD&B, Mon Aug 7 7:45pm
    We drove partway down a road we had previously traveled and turned down another road off of that one. We started hiking and recognized a huge valley that we had seen before. We hiked through that and then returned from the backside on the road we drove down. It made my heart sing to see my 11.5 years old dogs with... more
  • when they enter my house is really bothering my husband and he can be over powering with his strength. My grandkids come over and I crate him but he'll bark until he comes out. He is the most lovable dog but that's his only problem. I've tried stepping on his leash but he still pulls over to greet people. Help!!!!!!
  • there was no damage but I took Bryan to the dentist which is about 25 minutes from my house and it took me 2 1/2 hours to get home. We had no power most of the day. All the way home Bryan had me laughing my butt off saying"I'm sick of this damn rain" I can't imagine where he heard that. LOL LOL
  • Sunday's Road Trip! - SD&B, Tue Aug 1 3:57am
    We went on a road trip Sunday. Lots of rain, but we found a place where it had stopped for a bit. The dogs had a great time. (And so did we!) Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. pix.sfly.com/1seJibtF If the above link doesn't work, try this one. https://photos.shutterfly.com/folder/110039164727 I was so happy... more
  • So I had Chip in for a checkup, and the vet - Sue(Kramer&Chip), Mon Jul 31 5:29pm
    says he's way too skinny. His bloodwork is all normal range. She still thinks something else is wrong. He lost 5 pounds since Kramer died. He really has lost his appetite. I've been trying a lot of different foods. He's only mildly interested in most. He seems to like the Stella and Chewy raw frozen medallions. She... more
  • Look who loves being outside !!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Jul 30 8:14am
  • Bruno down to 5mg every other day now - Carol (BCR), Sat Jul 29 10:29pm
    and still doing great. DH said he's even pulling on the leash when he walks and wanting to chase bunnies. Very happy here. He is a changed dog.
  • The top pink pig pic may be deleted soon - Carol (BCR), Tue Jul 25 11:05am
    Emptying out my Photoshop. When I refigure out how to replace, you'll see another pic...hopefully. lol
  • Barney's Cardiology Appointment - SD&B, Tue Jul 25 1:57am
    Barney's cardiology appointment went well. He has an issue with his mitral valve and his heart is slightly enlarged. But it's not enlarged enough for treatment. Recheck in 9 months. Yay! It was fascinating watching the recording of the ultrasound of his heart on the computer screen.
  • Just an fyi - Carol (BCR), Mon Jul 24 11:03pm
    Photobucket starting charging huge fees now. I tried to download an album of mine. I intended to download all my pics and cancel. Well guess what, they won't download. I went to their FB page and ppl are commenting like crazy, saying this is extortion and we want our pictures back. I am soooo pissed right now. They... more
  • Talked to the vet today - Carol (BCR), Tue Jul 18 7:19pm
    Bruno is doing excellent. No side effects at all. He wants me to lower the Pred. now. Going from 5mg 2x a day to 5mg 1x a day. He wants me to observe for another few weeks. If it doesn't work, go back to 2x a day. If he's still doing ok, then 5mg every other day. Mom is observing for sure. :)
  • Carol, how did it go with B's acupuncture? (nm) - LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sun Jul 16 10:43am
  • and today it's raining!!!!! Rocky loves to relax !!!!! LOL LOL

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