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yard is a mess all mud. We walk to the school behind my house and there were 2 golden doodles on the play ground . I never saw them before but it was crazy they all looked alike. One was super friendly but one was a little bit aggressive. I bet if I came home with one instead of Rocky my husband wouldn't have noticed... more
  • Look whose watching the Dog Whisperer !!! LOL - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Feb 19 12:59pm
  • Gotta love this face !!!!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Feb 17 4:33pm
  • Hate watching our doodles grow old - LucyR (Ozzie's Mom), Fri Feb 17 4:12pm
    but it is better than the sad alternative. Ozzie scared the bee-jeezus out of me this morning. I got up to make coffee. I guess he must have jumped off the bed to follow me into the kitchen. I heard a thump then silence. Headed back to the bedroom and saw a black lump on the floor, unmoving! I bent down to help him... more
  • Thinking of Sher and her family today - Carol (BCR), Fri Feb 17 2:04pm
    RIP sweet MacKenzie girl. Run free and say hello to all our beautiful doodles in heaven.
  • congestion but thank God no more fever. Now the hubby came home last night with the chills. Yep you got it 101.5 here we go !!!!!!
  • A post from Nancy (Doodlesville's husband) - Carol (BCR), Thu Feb 16 12:46pm
    Some of us "old timers" remember Nancy. Please pray for her. A Long Rough Road. It is with a Heavy, and Sad Heart, that I write this Post. Even though it has been a Long Rough Road for Nancy Smallwood, and I. We still feel very Blessed. It all started a little over two years ago, and has finally come to the point in... more
  • Happy Valentines Day !!! Love & miss my Sam - Peggy(Rocky), Tue Feb 14 12:46pm
  • Has anyone had luck with the soft collars for dogs? - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Mon Feb 13 9:00pm
    Wilson is having surgery on March 7th. He will have to wear a cone for at least a week. I am already worried about that. He will be absolutely paralyzed and scared out of his mind. He may tolerate those soft ones, but I'd love to know if they actually work. He tends to become obsessed with stuff so if given the... more
  • Wasn't Adele great!!! Love her music (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Mon Feb 13 7:22am
  • Good Morning !!!! Mother Nature is not happy first - Peggy(Rocky), Mon Feb 13 7:21am
    the snow , then the ice and now the wind!!!!!! Delayed opening in school !!!
    Chico is a once a day drinker. He's like a camel - Carol (BCR), Sun Feb 12 10:30pm
    How about your pups?
  • Has anyone heard of this one? - Carol (BCR), Sat Feb 11 7:37pm
    My holistic pet store says it works wonders. Bruno is impossible when it comes to chewable's/pills. Idk about the cherry flavor. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B004P0NRA6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2KHQ2EV8AE2SE
  • out today. It's been snowing and all the schools are closed today. Yesterday I was out with just a sweater go figure!!!!!
  • Enjoy this crazy weather ! Have a good day (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Wed Feb 8 6:50am
  • Wilson's anal sac is infected AGAIN! - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Feb 7 7:49am
    The poor boy. He started chewing and scooting a few days ago. We were so optimistic because he had been doing great for the past 7 weeks. Unfortunately, we are headed to surgery. It has been determined that the right duct has so much scar tissue that it just can't empty on its own. So even the tiniest amount of... more
  • yesterday? Barney, my Joy Boy, is now 11 years old. I'm so lucky to have him. Each day with my little bundle of joy is a treasure. I have so many pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Here he is just a few days ago out snowshoeing. He decided it was treat time and sat on his Dad's snowshoes. No one was... more
  • Just reading some of the FB Doodle groups - Carol (BCR), Mon Feb 6 4:48pm
    They are all pretty much newbies (not like us) Someone asked how old Doodles live. Many of them said they were told 15-16 yrs. One said her breeder told her that. Pleez... I wish!

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