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LOL LOL - Peggy(Rocky), Mon Jan 16 7:57am
Love this Doctor! Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true? A: Heart only good for so many beats, and that it... Don't waste on exercise. Everything wear out eventually. Speeding up heart not make you live longer; it like saying you extend life of car by driving faster. Want to ... more
Rocky is doing fine but had to stick with that - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Jan 15 10:19am
plastic collar. He seems like his out self hyper and crazy !!!!!!! LOL LOL
  • Took Rocky to be neutered this morning !! - Peggy(Rocky), Thu Jan 12 8:41am
    I am going to try and buy that soft collar for his neck. I can't stand those plastic cones that bang into everything !!!!!!
  • That's true. Today we took them for a little ride and a bit of a hike in the woods. We found an elk skeleton that still had a bit of hair and gristle on it. As we were standing there looking at it, mind you that we were standing right there, Sundog nonchalantly strolls up to it and proceeds to shoulder dive right into ... more
  • Wow, how time flies when you're having fun. I was just letting her drag me around the office in my office chair while tugging on her toy. What a fun girl she is. Anyway, I have way too many pictures, so here are a few. (A few too many, lol!) No way can I show you even barely enough to represent Sundog in all her... more
  • Good Morning !!!!! Burrrrrrrr - Peggy(Rocky), Mon Jan 9 7:12am
  • Happy 1st birthday to my Rocky !!!!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Sat Jan 7 9:25am
  • Serious food talk - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Sat Jan 7 8:32am
    I apologize for the length of this in advance. The bottom line question is "Am I being a bad pet parent?" Here is the back story... I have always fed at least one raw meal in the AM. For many years, I fed kibble for the PM meal. When Woody's allergies were at their worst, although environmental (proven by dermal... more
  • This is great news! - Carol (BCR), Fri Jan 6 10:22pm
  • Good Morning for the new year I'll be dropping - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Jan 6 6:01am
    the NJ after my name and replacing it with ( Rocky) LOL
  • Good Morning !!!!!! burrrrrrr - Peggy(NJ), Thu Jan 5 7:24am
  • VPI just sent me the claim info for Foster's surgery - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Wed Jan 4 11:14pm
    He had pre-testing due to his age, anesthesia, surgery to remove 3 lumps, 2 of which were sent for resting, and we got some meds for his ears and a belly rash... The bill was $845 - we are getting back $635 -- I'm pleasantly surprised
  • Happy New Year! It's just me, Wilson, being - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Jan 4 8:40am
    cute and enjoying Florida (with lambie, of course!).
  • Hope everyone has a great New Year - Carol (BCR), Tue Jan 3 1:31pm
    Peggy, did you go back to work? Missing your morning greetings :)
  • To all my doodle friends !!!!!!! - Peggy(NJ), Sat Dec 31 9:51am
  • Wishing everyone a Happy 2017 !!!! - Peggy(NJ), Fri Dec 30 10:01am
  • Good Morning everyone! (nm) - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Fri Dec 30 9:20am
  • Good Morning !!!!! LOL LOL - Peggy(NJ), Wed Dec 28 9:02am
  • Sundog's toy hat! - SD&B, Mon Dec 26 11:41pm
    Author SD&B login Email dstaud99@hotmail.com Show email address? Subject Sundog and her toy hat. Message (16 KB max) Well, we try to get good use out of all of the dogs' toys, lol. I made a hat out of a toy soccer ball for Sundog. (That was the last bit of use. It's now in the trash.) Check here to get daily updates... more

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