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Saw Beauty And The Beast !!!!Great movie (nm) - Peggy(Rocky), Wed Mar 22 6:22am
    • :) (nm) - Carol (BCR), Wed Mar 22 7:34pm
  • Puppy boot camp - Tina (3M) or is it 4 now?, Mon Mar 20 1:57pm
    So have you heard that we have joined the ranks of the three doodles bunch? Moses came home 2 weeks ago now. He is 14 weeks old today. :-) On most things, he is coming along quickly and smoothly... but this housebreaking thing is hard! He understands that peeing and pooping SHOULD be outside. When he's outside, he... more
  • Happy Spring !!!!!!!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Mon Mar 20 1:30pm
  • Ad that came up on my phone for anal glands - Carol (BCR), Sun Mar 19 9:31am
  • Guess who wanted me to hurry lunch.... - SD&B, Sun Mar 19 6:41am
    I turned around and she was offering one of the tricks in her repertoire, lol. (For a size reference, she is holding a ladies 8.5 size shoe.)
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!!!!!! - Peggy(Rocky), Fri Mar 17 6:14am
  • Good Morning !!!!Spring is right around the corner - Peggy(Rocky), Thu Mar 16 6:09am
    I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lucky 13111 - LucyR (Ozzie's Mom), Wed Mar 15 11:20pm
    My Ozzie boy is 13 tomorrow! Where have the years gone? He's having a lazy birthday because of a tweak in his right hind leg. Hiking is out of the picture for a week or so. We'll go out to eat....maybe he'll get his favorite grilled fish. His birthday present was a series of massages from canine physical therapist!!... more
  • 8 days report on UC-II - Carol (BCR), Wed Mar 15 5:16pm
    Bruno started jumping up on the couch and bed with no problems. My knees feel better but still room for improvement. Will definitely continue to use it. Will report in another week. :)
  • Off to the vet -- Izzy is going in for a pre-op - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Wed Mar 15 12:06pm
    She has a couple lumps that need to be removed, a butt that needs some antibiotic and teeth that need to be cleaned. Hopefully we can get her issues worked out before we move.
  • Very good article (if you missed it on my FB page) - Carol (BCR), Tue Mar 14 11:53am
  • Gas!! - Carol (BCR), Mon Mar 13 9:48am
    Holy cow! I ran out of raw dog food and can't get out because of a snow storm. I gave the boys canned dog food this morning and WHOA! Rocco is farting nonstop...and I mean a LOT of air. Can dogs have GasX? I feel bad for him.
  • Enjoy your Monday !!!!!!!! (nm) - Peggy(NJ), Mon Mar 13 7:18am
  • Good Morning!!!! Well looks like some more - Peggy(Rocky), Sun Mar 12 8:02am
    of that white stuff is headed our way!!!!!:0(
  • Ozzie still not eating his raw food! - LucyR (Ozzie's Mom), Sat Mar 11 12:17am
    He had about 1/4 cup yesterday morning, then turned his nose up lsst night and again this morning. I am torn between anger and fear! Tonight I gave in and put some cottage cheese out for him, which he ate. Then I made him ham and a scrambled egg, which he ate! I have talked to the people at FeedThis and they say that... more
  • Barney - SD&B, Fri Mar 10 11:54pm
    Barney had his second follow up today. It's been almost two weeks since he had his run-in with the wild stallion. He is now walking on four legs, but when he gets to a certain speed, he goes to three legs. I am working on walking him at a speed below the three legged threshold. He continues to improve. The vet found... more
  • In all my doodle years, I have never asked this. - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Fri Mar 10 8:22am
    Wilson's stool is pretty firm (YAY!) but given the trauma his bum has suffered, I'd like to soften it a bit. Is it true pumpkin will help with that also??? I have only ever used pumpkin to firm stool. I've only ever asked and researched how to get a firm stool, so this is all new to me. I'd like to stay away from a... more
  • Wilson is home from surgery and all went well - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Wed Mar 8 3:45pm
    according to the surgeon. But I wasn't prepared...at all! His butt looks like a lawnmower was involved. It is so swollen and bruised. He was doing well and leaving it alone, but I just caught him licking at it, so the cone is back on. (Bad momma!) My dogs have never had surgery so I didn't realize. OMG. Poor, poor... more
  • Lori, how is Wilson doing? (nm) - Carol (BCR), Wed Mar 8 3:43pm
  • Nancy Doodlesville has passed :( - Carol (BCR), Wed Mar 8 8:31am

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