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Heated doggie blanket? - LucyR (Ozzie's Mom), Wed Dec 7 10:59pm
My poor little 12 year old boy has lower back problems. He would benefit from heat on his back and I am looking for a heated doggie blanket. He sleeps in the bed with me so heated bed not needed. Anybody got advice?
  • How very exciting. Looks like a red one too! Love it!
  • Foster's results came back... - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Wed Dec 7 11:30am
    DH took the call, so I got the "high level summary" Three lumps were removed One was just a fatty cyst so it wasn't sent for testing The other two went for testing. One was benign the other wasn't quite so good -- DH didn't have all the technical terms, but he said the cells didn't split so they should have gotten... more
  • his best buddy is my husband ????????????? LOL LOL
  • I love the pictures that the photographer got. (For once, it wasn't me, lol.) The proceeds from the picture sales go to a local charity to help animals in need of vet care. Mrs. Claus said that Sundog and Barney behave better than a lot of children, lol. A great picture of the Dynamic Duo. Look at that Barney smile!... more
  • Good morning all. Lori, how are the pups? (nm) - Carol (BCR), Tue Dec 6 8:57am
  • swamp !!!!!
  • And now Woody's update...all went well! - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Sat Dec 3 9:08am
    It was decided to completely remove the black spot, rather than do a punch biopsy, which is only 8 mm. Doing just the biopsy would have likely required additional surgery later, so he decided to be proactive. He also aspirated two other lumps and removed another small one that had grown back after being removed... more
  • Another Sundog Petsmart Picture - SD&B, Fri Dec 2 5:49pm
    It looks like she is a Petsmart shipping mascot, lol. She sure does love boxes.
  • Good Morning !!!!!!I have to tell you - Peggy(NJ), Fri Dec 2 7:32am
    a funny story about school yesterday. I do the teacher's calendar every month and try to make it festive to the occasion and always include EVERY holiday the kids celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Well the one little girl I'm with never talks but only once in awhile. Last week I really made strides she told me she... more
  • Sundog did well! - SD&B, Thu Dec 1 3:00pm
    She had a painful infection behind the tooth stump. (The vet probed it while she was under and she started breathing hard. This girl is very stoic.) She also had a slight infection starting close by. So the timing was actually quite good. She only lost the stump and all her other teeth are in good shape. She is doing... more
  • If it isn't one dog, it's the other! - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Thu Dec 1 8:59am
    A few weeks ago, I found a very unusual black spot on Woody's skin. The only way I found it is because there was a tiny scab on it that I had to investigate. The spot is very black, about the size of a thumb nail, and has irregular borders with a tiny lump in the center (kind of like a small insect bite). At some... more
  • Good Morning all !!!!!! - Peggy(NJ), Thu Dec 1 7:28am
  • She has her tooth extraction tomorrow (Thursday). I hope that it is a totally uneventful surgery. I also hope that her other teeth are okay and only the one stump has to come out.
  • On Foster watch today. He had three lumps removed - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Wed Nov 30 2:49pm
    yesterday. The poor baby has been really good but DH made me put his cone on, so he's not happy. Two of the three lumps have been sent in for a biopsy. We'll have results in about 5 days.
  • Good Morning !!!!! - Peggy(NJ), Wed Nov 30 7:26am
  • Anal gland issues - Lori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Nov 29 8:46am
    How's that for a subject??? Poor Wilson cannot shake the infection in his right gland. He has had it infused with an antibiotic three times, flushed with an antiseptic, he is on oral antibiotics, and now because there is so much inflammation, prednisone. UGH! He had it expressed last Tuesday. Yesterday it was so... more
  • it was the perfect weather. I haven't been getting notices from here so I put my email in subscribe once again.
  • Carol, a picture for you - Karan, Mom to Goldendoodle Nick, Mon Nov 28 7:59pm
    Took this last week in Cambria....we were walking along Moonstone Drive.

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