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Good Morning !!!! - Peggy(NJ), Sun Sep 25 10:14am
  • crazy or Mother Nature should make up her mind. One day 90 the next 60 degrees. Phew!!!!
  • my groomer!!!!!!
  • Izzy doesn't like having her picture taken any more - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Fri Sep 23 7:51pm
    She won't look at the camera and moves her head back and forth so it's tough to get a sharp picture
  • Sundog pinned by Petsmart on Pinterest - SD&B, Thu Sep 22 11:59pm
    Look what a friend found and sent to me. Petsmart pinned Sundog on Pinterest using this picture. She is "Wicked Cute" according to Petsmart, lol. Pinterest Link https://www.pinterest.com/pin/8725793007719604/sent/?sender=224476500085179061&invite_code=abbc3125a6a2194c56ff0c98b9de2fd8
  • Good Morning !!!! Have a good day - Peggy(NJ), Thu Sep 22 7:03am
  • on Friday. His coat is so different than Sam's was I just don't want her to cut him to short. He definitely has more retriever in him .
  • Good Morning!!!!! I guess I should say be safe - Peggy(NJ), Tue Sep 20 6:00am
    with all that is happening in this country. It's just getting to close and scary!!!!!
  • Happy Monday!!!!! Rainy and yucky !!!! (nm) - Peggy(NJ), Mon Sep 19 6:47am
  • Thought I'd share 1 vacation photo...hope to go back some - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Sat Sep 17 2:27pm
    day. This is Canal Cannaregio in Venice
  • Good Morning !!! To cute not to share - Peggy(NJ), Sat Sep 17 8:09am
  • Last week - Izzy and Foster's Mom, Fri Sep 16 2:34pm
  • Good Morning!!!! Wishing everyone a - Peggy(NJ), Fri Sep 16 6:55am
    great weekend.
  • it will be a lot of laughs !!!!!!
  • beach!!!!! :0(
  • I rappelled down a 65 foot cliff. - SD&B, Wed Sep 14 2:36am
    I went to Arizona BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) over the weekend. While there we took various classes in the outdoors. I took Rappelling 101 and Rapelling 102. I am scared of heights, but I wasn't scared of rappelling, since I feel as if I am secured by rope. I also took Stand Up Paddleboarding and Camping 102.... more
  • to get rid of it. Rocky is eating and seems to be somewhat better but that cough pops up every so often!!!! The meds do make him tired.
  • I was running late this morning so HELLO from me - Peggy(NJ), Mon Sep 12 12:40pm

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