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4/24 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Apr 23 9:59am
This is the 11th discussion. In order to fully appreciate the magnitude, go to the following link: Be honest, there is no expectation of brown-nosing. Describe your experience in this class. How has this been different from previous English classes you've taken? What (if... more
  • 4/17 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Apr 16 8:52pm
    Now that the argument paper is handed in, describe your process for writing your paper. What was the greatest challenge in writing it for you? What do you feel are the strong points of your paper? What are you most concerned about with your paper?
  • 4/10 Discussion - Andy Bates, Wed Apr 8 7:39pm
    What is your final topic for the argument paper? What are the two sides? Which did you pick and why? What kinds of sources have you found to be useful?
  • 4/10 - Ben Masius, Fri Apr 10 10:53am
    The topic I picked for the research paper is gun control; enforcing the second amendment and the current laws that are in place. The counter argument to this is that a group of people believe that we should have stricter gun control laws. Or even take away guns in general. I picked the side against making stricter... more
    3/27 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Mar 26 9:10pm
    What topic(s) are you considering for your argument paper? Which side interests you? What is/are the counter arguments(s)?
  • 3/20 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Mar 19 4:35pm
    How did writing your Boyle paper differ from writing your personal narrative? Which one did you find easier to write? What do you feel were the strengths of your Boyle paper? Weaknesses?
  • 3/20/15 - Ben Masius, Fri Mar 20 4:05pm
    Writing the Boyle paper had many different aspects than the personal narrative. The Boyle paper was more difficult and took longer as well as having to think more having to connect the points back to the story. The personal narrative was easier to write and seemed to flow better. I personally enjoyed writing the... more
    3/6 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Mar 5 5:40pm
    What stories are you writing your Boyle paper on? What theme or difference in comparison/contrast are you writing about? What parts of the stories best support your claims about the characters and your analysis of the author's views? Have a fun and safe Spring Break.
  • 2/27 Discussion - Andy Bates, Wed Feb 25 9:11am
    Which option for the Boyle paper assigment are you choosing, compare/contrast or theme? Which stories do you want to write your paper on and why? What do you think those stories tell us about Boyle's opinions?
  • 2/27 - Ben Masius, Fri Feb 27 4:59pm
    For this next paper I am going to compare and contrast two of T.C. Boyle stories that we have read. I am going to use the story Little Fur People and Carnal Knowledge to identify the theme that Boyle puts into these two stories. I pick these two stories because they were my favorite ones we read. They both go along... more
    2/27 Discussion - Natalie Del Gallo, Fri Feb 27 4:24pm
    I think the Boyle paper will be entertaining to write. Although I wouldn’t go out of the way to read these stories, they really are not that bad. My favorite ones come from the death section because you know some one is going to die so it is like a mystery trying to solve it. The stories I really didn’t like fell... more
    2/20 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Feb 19 6:04pm
    What has been your reaction to the TC Boyle Stories? Which one(s) did you like (if any) so far and why? Which one(s) have you disliked and why? How do the Boyle stories and discussions compare to previous works you've read in English classes?
  • Discussion 4 - Colton Oliver, Fri Feb 20 12:11pm
    So far I like the short stories out of the TC Boyle book, except for maybe one. I have always been a very big fan of short stories, mainly because my attention span does not let me stay focused throughout a full novel. Not very discipline, maybe, but it allows me to enjoy the short stories even more. I liked the big... more
    2/13 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Feb 12 6:26pm
    Now that you have submitted your personal narrative papers, what are your thoughts on your paper? What do you feel are the strengths of your paper? What are you most apprehensive about in your paper? What was your writing process for the paper?
  • Narrative Paper - Erica Bonner, Fri Feb 13 3:58pm
    Writing this paper, I feel that the reader will get a better view on why I am the way I am. I feel that writing about the event, was a way of healing for me since it played a huge part in my life. Since it had a big impact on my life, I believe sharing this story will help me become a much better and stronger writer.... more
    2/6 Discussion - Andy Bates, Fri Feb 6 6:53am
    Choose one of the following quotes to identify with and explain why you chose it. "Two road diverged in a wood, and I, I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." -Robert Frost "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." -Friedrich Nietszche
  • Quote Discussion - Bailey Johnson, Fri Feb 6 4:43pm
    The quote I chose to discuss is, “That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” I chose this quote because this quote is something I was constantly reminded of throughout my life. Before I moved to North Carolina in 2008, I lived in Detroit, Michigan. I was involved in at least three fights that I can remember. I... more
    2/6 - Ben Masius, Fri Feb 6 4:43pm
    Both of these are great quotes in my opinion. However, the quote by Friedrich Nietszche “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” applies to my life the best. I swam competitively for 7 years and some of the times are hard and you just want to give up but you know that in end it will only make you better and... more
    2/6 discussion - Grant Bronson, Fri Feb 6 4:12pm
    ​I can strongly identify with Friedrich Nietszche’s quote “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” in many aspects of my life. The most obvious and relevant to this quote being the need to undergo heart surgery. ​I was born with a heart defect. The day after I was born, my father noticed that I was... more
    1/30 Discussion - Andy Bates, Thu Jan 29 6:05pm
    Describe your experiences in previous English classes. What have you found most beneficial? Least beneficial? What kinds of writing assignments did you complete? How do you think this semester may be different than previous experiences?
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