Not Dreamfire's Chrono Trigger and Zelda Message Board

After nearly 17 years of continuous availability, Dreamfire's Chrono Trigger and Zelda Message Board, DiscussionApp id 20707, was finally purged for inactivity in mid-2015.

Originally created by Dreamfire to serve as a haven for AllAboutGames visitors who were fed up with the spam on that long-gone site's Chrono Trigger discussion board, the focus expanded, at poster Mega Man X's suggestion, to include the Legend of Zelda series around the release of Ocarina of Time. For a year or two, the board was active with discussions and games (e.g., "name that tune" threads with embedded MIDI files) pertaining to these and related titles. Then, for another few years, the variety of topics grew broader and there was banter of all sorts among those who stuck around. The maturation of search and the explosion in popularity of sites like GameFAQs had severely curtailed the number of people finding their way to boards like this one and wanting to post there. From about the mid-2000s to the end of the board's life in 2015, it received only the occasional post, mostly from past regulars who marveled that it still existed. I, Crono, did my part to keep it around for several years, often submitting replies to old, unlisted items; eventually, the Server folks increased the period of time that a board may lie dormant before becoming a candidate for removal, and I abandoned my self-imposed duty. After a while, I began to consider that some people, for privacy reasons, might be less willing to post with a publicly visible IP address than they were in the late '90s, or might have preferred that their old posts finally disappear from the Web. If I'm not mistaken, the final post was by Link in reply to a rare piece of spam in 2014.

In addition to Dreamfire and the aforementioned Mega Man X, Link, and me, regular visitors, if only for a time, were BattleLord, Shiva, Emik of the Sun, Janus, Shadowcloak, JD Cyr, Jenny, Erin, Archaeopteryx, Epimetheus, and no doubt numerous others whose names do not immediately spring to mind. I'd also like to include here a shoutout to Mr. Kank from the Secret of Mana board on AAG, my first ICQ contact.

This board will probably disappear in a matter of weeks or months, but I felt compelled to create it anyway. If any of you regulars at the previous board find your way here, I hope you're doing well.

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! - Erin, Sun Aug 5 10:06
Itís an honor to be mentioned here. Thank you. Please feel free to reach out.
How is everyone? - MMX, Wed Feb 7 23:53
Wow, three years since my last post? Geez. I'll be 35 in a couple of months. I just got my first ever comic book published. I'm thinking about taking up a martial arts class, which I haven't done since I was like 13? I also can't stop eating digestive cookies lately. The kind with like the chocolate on the back. So... more
  • Has it really been 17 years? - MMX, Tue Sep 1, 2015 02:54
    Crono, you wouldn't believe how amazing it is to see this place. The urge struck me again to travel back to the old Dreamfire board, only to find - as you did - that it had finally been terminated. Frankly the old thing lived much longer than I think any of us anticipated and in a half-baked moment, just to see if it... more
  • Wow! - Shiva, Thu Dec 31, 2015 14:59
    I have such fond memories of the fun we had on Dreamfire's. So sad to see it finally closed down for good, hard to believe its been 17 years! Its nice to have a place for a final goodbye! :) Sheeve
    End of an era - Emik, Thu Dec 31, 2015 09:21
    I saw a post on Reddit that reminded me of Angelfire and this board and I'm sad to see it gone after all this time. I sincerely and honestly salute you Crono for your self imposed stewardship of this little corner of the Internet. If any of you frequent Reddit I can sorta be reached there under the name Unca_Monk.... more
    Farewell - Link, Sun Oct 18, 2015 21:16
    I'll miss this board, if it indeed does go away. I was shocked (but not shocked, I suppose) to see it close up shop. It's been a great experience to have it here all these years. Thanks for all you did, Dreamfire and Crono! May we meet again at "End of Time." - Link
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